Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Late morning sees a frost covered Weyr as Fort gradually settles from autumn into winter. Harvests are coming in and the Candidates are kept busy with days of chores (mostly harvesting or working in the stores!), excursions and wing shadowing. A few lucky souls are pulled aside by M'icha and their morning will be spent touching Kouzevelth and Kainaesyth's eggs. The gold is calm and welcoming to the Candidates coming to view her eggs, though by now there is plenty of gossip going around about Candidate Ingan's stupidity but it would seem that so long as HE isn't on the Sands, all is well. "Remember the rules and you'll be fine." M'icha gruffly intones to the group he's gathered. "No pushing or shoving. Plenty of eggs to go around. And for Faranth's sake, don't smack any of 'em, no matter what they do inside your heads." Got it? Good. The Weyrlingmaster shoos them out while limping heavily behind the group.

Senira follows the line of her fellow candidates at a sedate pace. She steps heavily, as always, and winces as her clumsiness causes hot sands to fill up her shoe. She gives her foot an ineffective shake, then winces again at the Weyrlingmaster's gruff words. /Smack/ the eggs? Senira intends to learn from Ingan's poor example—not that she needed to be told not to /smack/ the eggs, but she is well aware of her own tendency toward literal heavy-handedness. She follows behind another female candidate and slowly circles a plain, gray-colored egg. She waits for the candidate ahead of her, but the other, younger girl shakes her head and steps quickly away from the egg. Senira walks carefully toward it, practically on her tip-toes, and ever-so gently runs one index finger down the sleek, smooth curve of its side.

Senira touches egg 1 - Paraskevidekatriaphobia Egg

Senira's eyebrows shoot up in surprise at the sensations, both physical and not, she is receiving from that egg. After a moment she calms, idly tracing circular lines across the egg's surface with her fingers. Her surprised expression is quickly replaced by a particularly beatific smile. She lays her palm gently, fondly, across the slightly pointed top of the gray egg as a farewell touch, gives a quick, almost imperceptible curtsey, and then carefully steps away.

M'icha makes his rounds in slow steps and not entirely because his bad leg is bothering him. Stupid cold weather! No, he's making sure that no one is up to any funny business this time. Not that he has that big of a concern… most of these Candidates he knows are not trouble makers.

Senira leaves egg 1 - Paraskevidekatriaphobia Egg

Senira continues her careful, almost mincing steps across the sands. She is trying /so/ hard not to stomp about as she normally does that she almost appears to be limping. Another wince as she realizes, and glances carefully at M'icha through the corner of her silvery eyes. It wouldn't do to have the Weyrlingmaster think she was making fun of him, after all. She stops cold in front of another egg, her eyes widening as she takes in its inexplicable hairiness. She reaches out a shaking hand to touch the shell, relieved that the hairy-looking markings aren't, in fact, hair.

Senira touches egg 9 - Not Your Typical Scapegoat Egg

A faint sigh escapes Senira as her right hand settles easily on the striated egg, relieved at its reassuring warmth. She carefully places her left hand beside the right, flexing her fingers gently to cover as much of the egg's pebbly shell as she can. Her expression changes to one of incredulity. Somehow she seems simultaneously comforted and discomfitted, enjoying the comfortable warmth of the egg's shell but feeling vaguely self-conscious about some of the feelings it brings up in her.

Senira takes a deep breath and holds it. She closes her eyes and concentrates on her palms, flat against teh shell of the egg before her. As she slowly exhales her eyes open, a new brightness shining in their icy-blue depth. She raises her palms ever so slightly, keeping her ten fingertips to the egg's surface and brushes them across its surface with decidedly more confidence.

Senira emits an audible gasp as she stumbles slightly from the egg she had been touching, tripping over her own feet as she steps back. She manages to hold onto her equilibrium, but only just. She takes another steadying breath before walking carefully over to another egg, this one as mottled and bumpy as that first one was smooth and sleek. She is less hesitant this time—right palm comes to rest quickly and firmly (but still gently) against the bright, cheery copper streak of color along the egg's top.

Senira leaves egg 9 - Not Your Typical Scapegoat Egg
Senira touches egg 5 - Cuprum Curse Egg

Senira startles, visibly, her hand quickly pulling away from the bumpy copper egg. She takes a careful step back, eyeing the egg with distinct wariness. She gives her a head a slight shake, seemingly to clear her mind of troubling thoughts, and walks away.

Senira leaves egg 5 - Cuprum Curse Egg
Senira touches egg 10 - Eggsplosive at Best Egg

M'icha will watch as Senira startles, his gaze narrowing but as she handles it calmly and picks another egg easily enough the Weyrlingmaster doesn't go hunting her down. Instead he'll focus on her peers again for sometime and likely making some of the younger ones a bit nervous with his hovering (though he's really no where near them, really!).

Senira stops before a medium egg with a dark shell. She stares curiously at the pops of red color, one index finger tentatively coming to rest against that pop of color. She jumps, startled, her feet actually leaving the sands, though her finger continues to touch a red spot on the egg before her. She calms quickly, a slow smile actually curling her lips, replacing her earlier expression of trepidation. She splays her palm out, getting more contact with the egg's surface, while her other hand gently caresses some of those red spots ever-so slightly. Senira has gone from frightened to calm and comforting quite quickly. She even hums a bit under her breath, just a gentle, simple tune meant to pacify.

Senira's smile brightens, visibly. Those icy-blue eyes close and reopen again, slowly, multiple times. The air of pacifity leaves her suddenly, and instead she seems filled with a new confidence. She puffs up her chest, gives a slow, subtle nodas if deciding somethingand waits, both palms now lying flat against the egg's surface.

Senira's hands slowly leave the black-and-red egg's shell. She moves away slowly, glancing back at the egg with palpable regret. Another slight shake of her head before she surveys the remaining eggs. She sidesteps to avoid running into a fellow candidate, and behind his back she spies the creamy, pink, upside down egg. She stifles a giggle at the sight of it, then walks over to it, stopping before it and brushing her fingertips gently against the filigree stripes along its top—err, bottom.

Senira touches egg 7 - Upside Down Egg

M'icha had been quietly talking with one young Candidate who seems to have had enough with the eggs for one go around when he catches sight of Senira moving towards THAT egg. Straightening with a grimace, he'll dismiss the young Candidate before keeping a sharp eye on her. That egg has been… well, it's brought down even the toughest of Candidates. Now he waits too see if it'll claim yet another.

If Senira had been startled by the feelings evoked in her by the other eggs, that is nothing compared to what happens as the upside down egg warms beneath her fingertips. "Oh!" she exclaims, those bright, silvery blue eyes widen in shock, her fingers abruptly come away from the egg's surface and her knees begin knocking together violently. A deep, crimson blush colors her cheeks, that flush darkening as she catches sight of the weyrlingmaster watching her carefully. She takes another steadying deep breath, then tentatively places her hand back on the egg's surface. She's heard about this egg, all right, and she's far too tenacious to let it scare her off!

Touch 2 Sent - Upside Down Egg to Senira

Over there, bronze Kainaesyth awakens. He likes to watch the candidates touch the eggs, but he and Ha'ze went out today, and with the slow encroachment of winter, he's starting to lose that brilliant shine of spring and summer. More time sleeping. Longer stories, their weaving more complicated than before. Maybe it's that particular egg that wakes the bronze up, and he arches his neck to watch in interest. It's one of his favorites. (They're all his favorites.)

Senira's knees keep knocking together, rapidly, her eyes growing ever wider. Her shoulders slump, not in disappointment but in relaxation, as the joy emitted by the egg fills her with a content bliss. Of course, as time wears on, her legs shudder beneath her from the now-unpleasant sensations. The simultaneous joy and unpleasantness ends in pain, and she cries out in reaction. Her hands come away from the egg, slapping quickly against her mouth to stifle anymore cries. Her entire face and neck are a bright crimson, her blue eyes downcast as Senira becomes the very picture of embarassment.

Senira leaves egg 7 - Upside Down Egg >

M'icha is over there doing something, but Kainaesyth's eyes are all for the candidate touching his eggs. There's laughter there, in the way he sets his wings against his back. Every candidate man. Every. Single. One. His gaze will follow her to the next one.

Senira steps away from the upside down egg, her legs still shaking slightly. She spies Kainaesyth out of the corner of her eye and blushes yet again. She tentatively approaches another egg, this one resting thoroughly on its bottom and a deep caramel in color. Fingers reach out to gently trace the parts where the light catches across uneven-looking shell.

---—< Senira touches egg 2 - Owe Me An Egg >---

Kainaesyth is way too big to ghost, but that's the movement anyway, as he steps around the eggs, circling so that he is behind Senira. A good storyteller always watches first, and so that's what Kainaesyth is going to do. Behind him though, there is a noise as a NEW person comes onto the sands. "Shard it all, candidates." Ha'ze has his angry voice on. Or maybe it's his grumpy voice.

Senira might be startled by the sudden bustling business this egg makes her feel, but after that last egg, this is a decidedly more pleasant startled feeling. She smiles and nods along as she traces circles across the egg's surface, her demeanor rapidly changing from shock and embarrassment to curiosity and playfulness. She seems oblivious to the bronze dragon's approach, but at that exclamation from his rider she emits an audible gasp and whirls around quickly, lowering her eyes as she gives a quick half-curtsey in the bronzerider's general direction.

Ha'ze stomps right up to M'icha and words are exchanged. Low and not-so-happy words, and at the end of it things probably aren't the best. But for once in his life Ha'ze actually does have the power to throw people out, and that's exactly what he's going to do. Whirling from the Weyrlingmaster (he'll pay for this later,) his hands cup around his mouth as he shouts, "Everyone out. Now. Especially you." A finger finds a rather jumpy boy near the back that was about to touch another egg.

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