Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
The chilly lake waters are an invigorating draw to weyrfolk and dragons alike as summer's heat bears down upon the Weyr. The calm jewel blue waters offer a pleasant respite upon which to bath, relax, or play. The shoreline buzzes with activity and at the peak of the day it can be hard to find a spot to stretch out. At night, like a great mirror the lake reflects the multitude of stars overhead with the occasionally shadow of a passing dragon breaking the serene visage.

Its mid day over Fort and the Weyr is bustling with activity from one bowl to the other and likely even into the caverns themselves. The atmosphere is charged with a festive feel and the weather helps lighten everyone's moods. Skies are clear and the sun shines bright, but the air remains relatively cool. It's the perfect late summer day and one that folks always hope for with festivals. Most of the bowls seem to teem with Craft-related stalls and a few trader caravans, with a few Harpers about for some musical entertainment. The living caverns are jostling with folks coming and going, some lingering and there is, of course, a bountiful amount of food. Even Shenanigan's hasn't been spared from the festive mood, though the lounge tailors to a… specific and rather bawdy, rowdy sort of celebration.

Another location sporting a few changes is the lake. While most of the shore remains it's familiar self, a certain section has been roped off and it's not hard to miss the morass of mud churned up there. It's obvious the good sized pit has already been used, to judge by the weyrbrats and children streaking by to the waters caked in mud, their shrieks and calls and laughter just adding more to the atmosphere. Th'ero is not among the group of children, but by the mud pit. The Weyrleader seems relaxed as he discusses a few idle topics with the riders surrounding him. Dressed in his finer clothing, the bronzerider is even smiling, though it's still slight and no where near as broad as some of the others around him. "So we're in agreement then? One on one matches and then a free-for-all of sorts." He can be heard suggesting, being met with a chorus of agreement.

Kimmila did not come down to the lake when Th'ero did, the bluerider sleeping in and meandering down to the Infirmary for her scheduled checkup. Only after all of that is complete does she walk down towards the lake, Varmiroth's shadow crossing over her as he finds a spot out in the water to settle. The Western bluerider is dressed in a short sleeved red tunic with embroidery around the hem lines and down the V-neck, which displays her necklaces against pale skin. She is slow to regain her tan, it seems. Walking with a careful, measured tread, Kimmila steps up to the group of riders and murmurs a soft, "Excuse me," to the one standing to Th'ero's right, hoping she can slip in and join the conversation.

Even with the conversation around him, the passing shadow of Varmiroth flying overhead catches Th'ero's attention and a quick glance towards the blue brings a broader smile to the Weyrleader's features. Kimmila will find that she can easily reach his side, the riders shifting to allow her room. A few nod, some murmur a cheery greeting or two but it seems the bluerider is just as welcomed. Turning his head, Th'ero slips his arm loosely behind Kimmila and not entirely for support. "What's the verdict?" he asks softly, while two riders discuss some matter loud enough to mask his question. The Weyrleader has to intervene at one point though, "Don't matter… males and females can wrestle against each other. Just mind the weight class. It's all in fun, not some competition." That seems to placate the two arguing riders and they stride off to join another group gathering at the other end of the pit where a Harper is standing with a clipboard. Other spectators are gathering as well, but Th'ero doesn't pay them any attention for now. "You're just in time for the mud wrestling." He informs her, not bothering to mask all the distaste from his tone. "Didn't think it would be so popular…"

Kimmila returns the smiles of those present, nodding and saying a few quiet greetings. When his arm slips around her, she reaches out with her left hand to gently and briefly put it against the small of his back, before it returns to her side. "Healing," she answers, as she always does when he asks her that question. She winks at him though, and actually elaborates. "Time to start doing some light work with it. Therapy and all that." Her nose wrinkles, as she has very mixed feelings about her physical therapy. Green eyes travel to the mud pit and brighten, before she laughs and nudges him in the side. "What's wrong with mud wrestling? I think it's a blast. Too bad I can't get in there myself. It's fun."

Th'ero relaxes a little from Kimmila's brief touch to his back and from her reply. "Glad to hear it." He murmurs to her, though he likely shares her dislike on the idea of therapy. The Weyrleader has been going through his own, grudigly, but he's all but completed it now. When the bluerider brightens, the bronzerider chuckles heartily, as do a few of the surrounding riders who overhear her comments and his reply, "It's dirty?" A young rider turns then, a brown wingrider to judge from his knot. "That's the whole point," the nameless rider almost seems to taunt to Th'ero, grinning a wide, feature-splitting grin. Th'ero only grunts and waves his free hand in a dismissive gesture. "I'll leave the … fun … to you riders." He muses, which earns a few disappointed looks. Maybe some had hoped to take on a Weyrleader? Turning back to Kimmila, his hold on her tightens for a moment. "I wish you could too, Wingmate." He says quietly.

Kimmila grins crookedly at the brownrider, nodding her head. "Exactly. And slippery. Quite the challenging sport, actually," she says with an exaggerated sigh that she won't be able to participate. Glancing up at Th'ero, her eyes twinkle merrily. "You're not going to give it a go?" she says softly, her look teasing.

The brownrider gives Kimmila an amused, lingering look as he bobs his head in agreement. "I see you're quite the enthusiast to the sport! Pity. I'd challenge you, otherwise." And if it weren't for his youth and the goofy grin on his face, one might think he's flirting with the bluerider. But it must be harmless and nothing but good old fun, since Th'ero doesn't react. The Weyrleader is also distracted though, staring at the mud pit with a slight frown before glancing back to Kimmila. "I don't think so. It's not… my idea of fun." Meaning he's too hidebound to even have fun at a festival in his own Weyr. That earns a snort from the nameless brownrider and a mocking glare from Th'ero for it.

The sun is out and the skies are still clear, a perfect late summer day as the Weyr bustles with activity all through the bowls and caverns. Craft stalls, trader caravans, music, food … it's all there and there's a little of something for everyone. The lake has had part of the shore roped off and a makeshift mud pit setup. The weyrbrats and young children have already made use of it, their shrieks and laughter still carrying up from the water where most are now cleaning the mud from their clothes and skin under the watchful eyes of a few caretakers. Now it's the adult's turn and riders, crafters and weyrfolk alike are gathering, some approaching a Harper boasting a clipboard to put their name in the pool for the one on one matches. Th'ero, with Kimmila at his side, stand just off to the side.

Kimmila laughs, grinning crookedly at the brownrider - thusly dubbed F'ian - and winking. "You should be grateful I'm not participating. I'd wipe the pit with you." Tilting her head up slightly, she grins playfully at Th'ero. "That's a shame. Though truthfully it's not the getting dirty part that I enjoy the most. It's the cleaning up afterwards." Now /that/ was flirting, but thankfully it was to Th'ero, and not F'ian.

F'ian straightens his shoulders then, obviously playing around in his obvious overacting of an affronted male. "Oh? Is that a /challenge/, bluerider?" he taunts, likely not knowing of her injury but deciding to play along with the teasing. Th'ero only quirks a brow for Kimmila comment, but his smile curves into a ghost of a grin, "I'll take your word for it," he murmurs. Spoil-sport! The Harper with the clipboard suddenly calls out, his voice carrying over most of the noise. "Any others? We've got a few spots left!" His call brings forth a few more participants and Th'ero's attention drifts towards that group again, his frown thoughtful. Yet he doesn't move.

Kimmila laughs, nodding at F'ian, "It would be, if I were wrestling today." She doesn't make mention of her injury either, and F'ian's head turns at the Harper's call. Giving both Th'ero and Kimmila a tilted grin, the brownrider takes his leave and wanders off to talk quietly to the Harper. Kimmila watches him go with an amused grin. "Will you at least participate in the eating and drinking?" she asks with a teasing little nudge.

"You. Can't. Stop. ME!" Miki's strained voice carries across the area, several octaves higher than usual. A quick glance is all it takes to understand the greenrider's frustration, and it all comes down to one word….Aniki. Swathed in an ice blue tunic with long sleeves and matching pants, he's unusually lacking in narcissim. Or rather, he's too busy pulling at Miki's wrist to even think about his supposed 'amazingness'. "That's disgusting! You don't need to wrestly in the mud…Sohnyu thinks so too! And put on some better clothes." Because the greenie's certainly dressed for mud wrestling with a largely oversized shirt and a pair of shorts, both of which have seen better days. Despite Aniki's opposition, Miki seems to be making steady progress, walking backwards with eyes squeezed shut as she pulls with all her might. "Let go…or I'll….throw YOU…in!" With a final huff she makes it over to the Harper, looking up at him with bright blue eyes, "Miki. Put down the name. Hurry. Make it official before he drags me off!" Cue groan from Aniki.

Th'ero doesn't nudge Kimmila back, but he does give her a slightly pointed look and a bemused smile. "Of course. In fact… they should be here soon with the refreshments." As if right on cue, servers do arrive with tables and promptly begin setting up a few platters of food and some casks of wine, ale, beer and other non-alcoholic drinks. Only a few remain behind, to help with serving to avoid mud getting into the food. The Weyrleader is eyeing the alcohol and when a server looks his way, signals for two mugs.
The Harper looks up and over to where Miki is having her battle of wills with Aniki, his lips pursing into an amused but thin smile. At her request, he jots her name down and then turns to F'ian when the brownrider approaches. More names are added and then the Harper gives a sharp nod of his head. "Right, that'll do it. Entry is closed now!" he calls out, then turns to consult his clipboard.

As their drinks arrive, Th'ero takes his and offers the other to Kimmila, though his gaze has fixated to where the entrants are now gathering. "Isn't that Miki?" he asks, sounding and looking a little surprised. But then the Harper is calling for attention and the first names are called. "Miki and Iarohana first round. F'ian and Kimmila, second round…" And the list goes on. Th'ero smirks, taking a sip of his beer. "Poor luck for Miki. A guard private?" But then his eyes widen at the next name and there's a barely muffled curse. "Stay here." He tells Kimmila and then begins to stride towards the Harper and a smug looking F'ian, while others open the ring for Miki and Iarohana.

Kimmila, it might be noted, is wearing one of the tunics that Aniki made for her, all those months ago. Taking the mug of whatever-it-is from the server, she smiles thankfully up at Th'ero and takes a long pull, exhaling in satisfaction. "Good choice," she murmurs, also watching as the matches are called. When her name is announced, the bluerider laughs outright and looks rather amused, chuckling as Th'ero curses and strides off. Then she idly flips F'ian the bird, and takes another sip of her drink. Miki is eyed, the bluerider frowning slightly, lips pursed, and then she makes her slow way closer to the pit. This she has to see.

"HA!" Miki swats off Aniki's hand as the entry is jotted down. "Too late now. Go…" Blue eyes wander the area then, landing on the arriving tables before finding Kimmila and Th'ero. "Go hang out with them or something." Chin is jerked in their direction and as the greenrider's name is called, Aniki really has no choice but to do just that. With an elaborate sigh, he shakes his head at his sister before heading over to the bluerider. "Well kitten, I must say that your choice of clothing today is absolutely impeccable."

Luckily, Miki's not close enough to hear that comment otherwise he'd be getting a thwap on the head right about now. Instead, she stands just on the edge of the mudpit, twisting this way and that for a quick stretch before letting out a tiny whoop and jumping right in. It's only a few seconds later that Iarohana follows and the two meet in the center of the pit. Reaching up, Miki quickly ties her hair up in a runner's tail before tilting her head backwards to grin up at the guard. With the greenrider's 4'10 height, the effect is really more comical than anything else. "Guard huh? I have to say, you guys seem to have been getting a bit weaker lately. Don't cry if you lose, yeah?" Miki's impish grin is met with raised eyebrows, and Iarohana's features soon shape themselves into blatant amusement. "Hmmm, we'll see…shorty."

F'ian's response to Kimmila's gesture? Is to return it and with a huge grin plastered on his youthful face while he's at it and that earns some good-natured laughter from those close enough to witness the exchange. He's no idea what he's done, until the Harper comes to speak with him. But the brownrider's grin never truly falters, even with Th'ero glaring at him disapprovingly - how was he to know? Just before Miki's round starts, the Harper calls out, "Second round will have Th'ero substituting for Kimmila." That brings on a few whistles and calls, most directed to F'ian. The Weyrleader only snorts and shakes his head, stalking back to Kimmila's side. "Seems you'll get your wish." He tells her and then promptly reclaims his beer and drains half of it before he even notices Aniki there. There's a long look given to him and then a faint smile that could also be called wary. Back at the entrance to the ring, another steps in, but is only there to make sure things stay civil and fun - a referee of sorts. "Keep it clean," he'll warn both Miki and Iarohana, then makes the signal. "Start!" Several eyes turn to watch and there's a stillness as most conversation dies down as the first match begins.

Kimmila stands near the edge of the pit, but glances over her shoulder to make sure no one is behind her as Miki and Iarohana square off. When Aniki approaches, the bluerider smirks a touch, shaking her head. "Don't call me kitten, but thank you." Watching Th'ero's approach, the bluerider's brows arch up in genuine surprise. "You're going in for me? I thought you'd just gone to cancel it." Surprised though she might be, she also looks just a *tad* amused. And a bit concerned, brows furrowing. "You sure?" she asks, glancing meaningfully at his arm.

As the Weyrleader arrives, Aniki gives him a nod and faint smile, which is soon ruined as lips twitch downward once Th'ero's attire has been given a once over. Wisely, the weaver refrains from commenting however, instead reaching into a pocket and snapping out his wooden fan, gaze shifting towards Kimmila. "Will you threaten to punch me again if I do?" Conversation is paused then as the call for wrestling to start goes out, and Aniki looks into the pit with a small pout. "Disgusting…."

However nasty Aniki might think it, his older sister certainly doesn't share in the opinion. At the go ahead, both women spring apart instantly, backing away to opposite ends of the pit. "You're tiny, so I'll let you attack first!" This from Iarohana as she smiles in an almost feral fashion at the greenrideer. And Miki? She smiles back as well, one of her sickeningly sweet expressions often saved for the littles. Without warning, the tiny woman runs forward, leaping with arms outstretched as she lets out what seems to be a high-pitched and slightly amused….giggle. Guard that she is Iarohana doesn't simply stand still as the attack is launched, twisting away, but not quickly enough. What Miki lacks in height, she appears to make up for in speed. With the guard turned around, the greenrider latches onto her back, pulling herself up and warpping her legs around the standing woman's waist. "Gotcha!"

"Easier for me to just step in. Otherwise the matches would be at odds and rather then delay things…" Th'ero only shrugs then, a faint grimace set on his features as he stares at the mud pit with a heavy frown. To his logical mind, it seemed the best way. "I'm sure," he says, though it falls flat of being reassuring towards Kimmila. Aniki is given another sideways glance, having missed the one over by the weaver. His comment has the Weyrleader smirking though, as he sticks close to the bluerider's side. "Agreed. But if it's fun for some…" Who's he to deny it? Th'ero's attention then turns to the ring as the match between Miki and Iarohana begins. He snorts at the greenrider's tactics, focused now to see how the guard will react, waiting to see what tricks the first class private knows. It could end up with Iarohana simply dropping and rolling in a fashion to dislodge or loosen Miki's grip. But from the calls from the spectators, it could be anything from the suggestions they hurl. Even F'ian is chiming in with a few colorful suggestions that have a few men (and maybe women) snickering. Charming.

Kimmila arches a brow at Th'ero, but the bluerider doesn't press him on the issue, taking another sip of her alcohol instead. She smirks at Aniki and shakes her head. "No." Pause. "I'd push you into the mud pit." Surely a fate worse than death, yes?

Aniki literally balks at the reply from Kimmila. "I'll save the name calling for another day perhaps…" Trailing off he fans himself lightly. For the weaver, it certainly is a fate worse than death. "Though I doubt anyone could look as well covered in mud as I could." Not that the ego's gone. Attention goes to the ring then where Iarohana stands stock still for a moment, twisting her head aound to glance back at the greenrider. "Really? That's it?" And before Miki can answer, the guardis falling backwards, slamming the greenrider into the mud and effectively jarring Miki into letting go. There's a muffled yelp from her before the guard rolls over and away, crouching a foot or so away and lifting her head to see whether the smaller woman gets up. And for a few seconds, Miki doesn't followed by silence and then a few sounds that sound suspiciously like….sobbing? Brows furrowed Iarohana looks towards the women, stretching her neck slightly to check from afar. That's when Miki pounces again, taking advantage of that slight moment of hesitation she leaps, this time tackling the guard onto the ground and landing on her, all while laughing. Seems those sounds weren't sobs after all!

Th'ero winces when Iarohana falls back and slams the tiny greenrider into the mud. He had half expected that and he makes a low noise in his throat when Miki doesn't quite rise up. In fact, the crowd goes into a tensed sort of silence that only anticipation can bring. Is she down? Hurt? That'd be a bad start for sure. Even the makeshift referee is edging forwards … and then the trap is sprung and a few cheers go up as Iarohana goes on the defence again and the guard and greenrider being to wrestle in earnest. Seems to be an even match! The Weyrleader has a ghost of a smile on his lips, but it's ruined by the continued frown on his features. Second thoughts? "Tough call who'll get the upper hand." He murmurs out loud, finishing the last of his drink and then signaling for more.

Kimmila laughs quietly, giving her head a shake. "Miki plays dirty," she mutters to Th'ero. And from the twist to her grin, it's pretty clear that the pun was intended. "Not surprised, really," the bluerider adds, lips pursed in a slight frown. Downing the rest of her drink, she hands off her mug to a nearby drudge and casually loops her arm through Th'ero's. It's for support, honest, as she shifts her weight a bit and holds her posture straighter.

"Still standing right here you know? Brother and all?" Aniki purses his lips slightly in the pair's direction, clearly unamused, and even less amused by what's going on in the ring. "Oh just get off of her Miki. This is ridiculous." There's a huff as he snaps his fan shut, but the greenie certainly isn't listening. Instead she and Iarohana are putting up quite the match, Miki's hands latched onto the guard's wrist, trying her best to pin them down. But there's no such luck for the greenie, the taller woman giving a loud grunt and quite literally sending her flying as she pushes Miki away. There's no waiting for a trick this time, Iarohana quickly moving in to sit atop the other woman, which she does successfully. For a good few seconds, Miki is pinned down, but she certainly isn't out. There's a sudden whoop that escapes her mouth as she suddenly surges upwards, shifting Iarohana just enough to wrap her legs around the other woman's waist, using the momentum to roll them over. And now it's the greenie's turn to drape across the guard's body, bearing down with all of her tiny weight while one arm moves to lightly pin down the women's neck. "Yield?" A good natured 'growl' from Miki to which the reply is a nod.

"No kidding," Th'ero drawls with a smirk, before giving Kimmila a curious look. "Oh? Not surprised… how so?" Even though he seems curious the match and the arrival of his second drink distract the Weyrleader enough, but not to the point that he doesn't draw the bluerider closer to him. For support of course. Aniki's comments earn a chuckle from Th'ero, "She's allowed to have some fun," he tells him with the briefest of glances and with a light, but crooked smile. More cheers erupt from the small crowd as Miki and Iarohana got at it, the referee circling them like a hawk to be sure neither get out of hand.

Then the guard is pinned and with a gesture and call, the referee declares the greenrider as the winner. That earns a few more cheers and perhaps some disappointed looks as those who did a bit of side betting may have lost out. Guard and greenrider are given time to shake hands and exit before the Harper is calling out over the din of voices, "Round two… F'ian and Th'ero." F'ian is already there of course and grinning his wide grin as he lounges casually against the post just to the side of the entrance and exit. Th'ero however sighs and drains his second beer. Reluctantly, he slips his arm from Kimmila, "Wish me luck." He grumbles and leaving his mug and the bluerider behind, strides over to join the brownrider as they wait for the ring to clear.

Kimmila glances at Aniki and gives him a slightly feral grin, lips curling up over teeth. Then she's shaking her head at Th'ero, declining to answer because now it's his turn to enter the ring. "Good luck Wingmate," she says with a faint smile as he walks away. "He's going to kick your ass!" she hollers over at F'ian, taking over the trash talk side of the bout, since Th'ero probably wouldn't do that sort of thing.

Miki isn't boastful about her victory, giving a good natured handshake and pat on the back to the women. A bit of mud is scraped out as she makes her way out of the ring, passing Th'ero and shooting him a grin. "Good luck. Show that brownrider our Weyrleader's a badass!" A wink, her final encouragement before she's heading off towards Aniki and Kimmila. "Heya Kimmila!" Muddy-faced the greenie shoots the woman a grin. "And oh, Aniki! Such a supportful brother? I just love you SOOOOO much!" Unfortunately for Aniki, it isn't the bluerider's feral grin he needs to be worrying about, it's his sister because with her words and grin she grabs him into the biggest hug her tiny self can manage. "MIKI!" It really is only his sister than can break Aniki's cool and he wriggles out of the hug, gazing woefully at ruined clothes. "Oh….oh this is horrid. I'm going to clean up. Just wait and see if I let you do this again…" And off he goes. A final glance is given to her departing brother, but blue eyes are soon turned to the ring however, Miki far too obviously enjoying herself.

"We'll see who's ass gets kicked, sweetheart!" F'ian fires right back over the mud pit to Kimmila, his grin taking on a wolfish sort of turn and doesn't even falter when Th'ero glares at him. The bluerider's guess is right though. He doesn't rise to the brownrider's baiting or taunts, save for a snort or clipped remarks. Miki is given a vague smile as the greenrider strides past, though he grimaces in the end. "Thanks." The Weyrleader drawls back. He thinks? The exchange between Miki, Kimmila and Aniki is missed as Th'ero steps into the ring, with F'ian sauntering in after him. Silence settles tensely as the two riders square off, both eyeing each other and sizing each other up. Th'ero seems oddly calm, save for his ever-constant smirk. F'ian on the other hand, looks overly confident and a touch too cocky.

The referee glances between the two and then signals. "Start!" Instantly, the two circle each other and the crowd begins to stir, a few comments and shouts ringing out. Seconds tick by, but it's F'ian who falters first as his footing slips and gives Th'ero the opening he needs. The brownrider is quick though and dances away from his grip, then hooks his leg out and already off balance, the bronzerider goes down. But Th'ero is just as quick to recover and before F'ian can gain the upper hand, the Weyrleader is surging up to tackle him. And it goes on like that, both evenly matched despite the gap in size, weight and age. One will go down or they both will, but neither can quite keep the other pinned long enough. Eventually, they'll break apart, circling again and now covered in mud. "That all you got?" F'ian taunts and Th'ero makes a half hidden rude gesture with his hand, which sets the brownrider to laughing.

Kimmila's grin twists into something with a bit more bite to it. "Don't call me sweetheart," she says, her voice low but carrying, and firm. The bluerider edges away from Miki and Aniki, a faint smile for them both but her attention is on the ring. "I'll wash down the winner," she suddenly shouts. … what?

With Aniki gone, Miki's fully into the match now, shouting and whooping along with all the rest. Getting up onto her tiptoes, the greenie flashes a broad grinning, letting out a loud whistle to add to all the rest of the noise. At Kimmila's shout however, the greenie raises an eyebrow, soon giving into a giggle.

The match is all but won once Kimmila shouts her comment. F'ian is instantly distracted, wolfish grin intact as he turns his gaze away, "How kind of you, sweetling! I do love a goo…" The rest is never voiced as Th'ero tackles the brownrider again, and hard. Then the two really go at it, wrestling right in the mud and each struggling to gain the upper hand and fed by the crowd's cheers and likely their own personal agendas. Eventually, it's the Weyrleader who snares the brownrider into a hold, pinning him into the mud with a knee to the back and his grip twisting his arm back. F'ian struggles at first and then rolls his eyes up at Th'ero, "Yield. I yield!" Satisfied, the bronzerider smirks and for a heartbeat looks smug before he resumes his usual neutral mask. The referee calls the match, his words all but lost in the din of the crowd. Helping F'ian to his feet, Th'ero murmurs a few things to the brownrider and then shakes his hand. Both riders seem subdued as they leave, parting ways as F'ian turns to his group and Th'ero strides off to rejoin Kimmila and Miki. Already the next matches are being called, but the Weyrleader's attention is elsewhere now.

Kimmila grins all the wider when Th'ero wins out, the bluerider walking carefully to the mud pit's exit so she can attempt a little PDA. If Th'ero will let her, she'll take a fist full of his tunic and pull him down for a kiss that's not entirely appropriate for the public. But it's difficult to tell if the kiss is meant more to please Th'ero, or to piss off F'ian. He makes it so easy, after all. Once the kiss is finished, Kimmila tosses F'ian a saucy little wink. She's so mean.

Miki lets out a cheer with all the other gunning for the Weyrleader's winning once it's finished. Gaze shifts as she watches Kimmila head over, a tiny giggle-smirk coming from the greenie before fingers are brought to lips. And what follows is an extremely loud wolfwhistle for the pair.

Th'ero doesn't seem to complain or resist when Kimmila pulls him into that not-entirely appropriate kiss as he returns it without hesitation. It doesn't piss F'ian off, though his grin does falter a bit and he's quick to return the saucy wink from the bluerider with a repeat of their previously shared rude gesture. The Weyrleader looks a bit sheepish when the crowd whistles and cheers its approval, though a few probably give the pair a questioning look. Slipping his very muddied arm around Kimmila, Th'ero gets some payback in sharing that at least whether she wants it or not. "So did I hear something about a bath?" he teases her in a low voice as he pulls her close to his also muddied side. Striding back to Miki and leading Kimmila with him, Th'ero grins vaguely. "Good match. Didn't think you stood a chance against a trained Guard. No offence."

Back in the ring, the matches progress though the next one's finish quick enough. The Harper calls off more names and soon there's more and more muddied folk outside the ring and mingled in with the crowds. Drinks are being served and some have even ventured for food, but the atmosphere remains laid back despite the charged atmosphere any competition, fun or not, can bring.

Kimmila laughs, looking genuinely pleased at her banter with F'ian, flipping him off once more before she leans against Th'ero's side a touch, not minding the mud in the least. "Yes," she says, grinning crookedly up at him. "A bath is certainly in order." As they walk back towards Miki, Kimmila's demeanor frosties slightly, but she does manage to give the greenrider a small smile. "Nice job."

Miki grins, "Hey, you don't deal with over a dozen siblings by being nice all the time. And you clearly weren't around during my candidacy. Would've heard of Miki the Tunnelsnake Hunter then! And Ice Monster slayer too." Expression fades slightly as she catches the change in Kimmila, greenrider now eyeing the woman with a raised eyebrow and small smile in return.

Th'ero isn't too addled from two mugs of beer and a tiring round of mud wrestling not to sense the change in Kimmila and Miki. So he gives the bluerider a slight squeeze, a silent warning to behave. The Weyrleader quirks a brow at the smaller greenrider, "Clearly. I haven't been that long Impressed and I was from Western originally… so I'm afraid I didn't know of your fearsome reputation till now." He drawls, chuckling.

The next match comes to a close and with the first round of competitors gone and half eliminated the next round begins. The Harper in charge spends only a few moments on his clipboard before the names are sorted and with a cheery call, announces the next line up. Names go by, until… "… and lastly, Miki versus Th'ero. If you'll all gather around…" And does the Weyrleader ever look surprised at that, giving the tiny greenrider a long look. "Well… damn." This is why he doesn't DO fun things. It always ends up awkward for everyone.

Kimmila glances up at Th'ero and gives Miki another little smile. "Tunnelsnake Hunter?" she asks, her tone a touch interested. Then the next round is announced and Kimmila blinks in surprise, then laughs outright. "If you win I'm not giving you a bath," she tells Miki, eyes gleaming.

"Clearly!" There's a giggle followed by a slight baring of teeth before attention is shifted over towards the harper. A quick look of surprise crosses her features at the last announcement. "Eyyy, don't think you can just go easy on me and win. Act like I'm….like I'm Aniki or something!" When she receives another smile, Miki returns it, though this time it's a bit sheepish. "Well, it /may/ have been my flit that did the actual killing. But I made a lunge for it!" There's a snicker at the last comment however, Miki shaking her head with an impish grin, "How about if I win you give Aniki a bath…by chucking him in the lake?" Good older sister? Perhaps. She does begin making her way over towards the pit after a minute or so though, hopping in.

Th'ero's frown only deepens when Kimmila beings to laugh, but a slight smile does curve the corners of his mouth up. He slips his arm from the bluerider to lift his hands up and spread them slightly outwards as he shrugs. "Who said I'd go easy?" he drawls, but the Weyrleader probably won't use his full strength - or try not too. As Miki moves off, Th'ero turns to Kimmila and smirks, "So much for staying out of the ring," he grumbles but his mood is hardly as dark as he's letting on. "Shouldn't be long… you're holding up okay?" The last is said quietly, or as quietly as he can. He'll linger long enough to be reassured Kimmila is fine before an impatient call from the Harper draws his focus back to the ring. Oh right. With a parting glance given to the bluerider, he strides briskly back into the mud and promptly faces off against the tiny greenrider. The referee waits a few seconds before giving the start and the crowd gathered watches, cheers already breaking out.

Kimmila snorts at Miki, shaking her head. "No, he makes good clothes." Way to fan his ego. As Th'ero asks her his quiet question, she gives him a reassuring smile and nod. "I'm fine." But once he goes to enter the ring, Kimmila is waving F'ian over. "Be a dear and bring me a chair?" she asks. "All your manliness has me weak in the knees."

"Yeah…good clothes for everyone but me!" Is called over towards the bluerider. Once the call to start has gone up however, attention is brought back to the ring and Miki retreats towards the edges. Steps are slow at first, in side-step fashion, soon quickening so that she's shuffling around the edges. Circling. Or at least that's what she /seems/ to be trying to do. Not that it's particularly intimidating with her child-like figure.

One would think after the words Th'ero had with F'ian, the brownrider would have toned it back. But no, he's there moments after Kimmila waves him over, grin in place and his playful teasing in full swing. "Of course, m'lady," he says, while giving a little bow. The chair is sought and found and F'ian presents it to her with a flourish that's almost embarrassing. "Your seat," he gestures, features still set as he hovers close behind the chair. Th'ero is oblivious to the exchange, watching as Miki begins to circle around the edges. The Weyrleader remains where he is, only pivoting on his feet slightly to follow her movements. It's the waiting game, to see who makes the first move. The crowd goes restless with the anticipation, a few "suggestions" being called out, some tame and others… not so much. Those one's have Th'ero smirking and shaking his head, distracted for a heartbeat or two.

Kimmila slowly and carefully settles into the chair with a soft exhale of relief at being off her feet. Her road to recovery is going to be a long one, for even though her wounds are healing, the muscle tone and strength she lost during her convalescence is going to take some time to get back. Turning her head, she looks back at him and wiggles her fingers. "Thanks, bye." Ever blunt, as she turns to watch the mud pit, a faint smile on her lips.

When Th'ero doesn't move, Miki quite clearly /pouts/. "You're making it so boring! It's supposed to be FUN!" And with that last word the greenrider breaks into a sudden sprint, making a mad dash towards the Weyrleader. But rather than trying to tackle him, she runs right past, sticking out one arm to give him a light thwack. "Tag….you're it!" Laughing gleefully she stops just a foot or so away, head then tilting towards the crowd, eyes growing wide at some suggestion or another. "Ohhhh, that's a good one. So trying that…"

If F'ian is disappointed, he masks it well behind his ever present grinning and humor. The brownrider is certainly a quirky one, he is. "Glad to be of service," he says with just a hint of a mocking tone, bowing again and then striding off to rejoin his friends. Th'ero only snorts at Miki, "Boring? More like wise. I saw what you did with Iarohana…" And then the greenrider is charging him and he drops his stance, braced and ready. Only instead he gets thwacked to his side as she breezes by. "Faranth, you got to be kidding me…" he groans while Miki laughs. Her interest in the comments earns a narrowed look from the Weyrleader. "No, you're not." And then Th'ero takes on his role as "it" and charges for Miki, barreling straight for her. He'll wait until she moves before he changes course, aiming to eventually cut off her paths and back her into a corner. He'll force the greenrider to challenge him, it seems, unless she slips from him. Which is entirely possible!

Kimmila orders herself another ale as she watches, her grin amused and perhaps a bit pleased. Th'ero's getting out and having some fun! This is a good thing. Even if he is about to grapple with Miki, mud-slicked bodies pressed against each other as they wrestle for dominance… That's when Kimmila starts to frown.

"What'd I do?" The greenie grins, "Can't help it if y'all can't tell what's a laugh and what's a cry, yeah?" At the lack of enthusiasm for the move she wants to test out, Miki pouts again. "Awwww, it sounds so fun though!" But it seems the Weyrleader isn't as boring as she's talking about. "Oh!" With a wide smile, the greenie begins to run, only to be cut off in every direction she decides to choose. She remains backed into the corner for several seconds, the smile never leaving her face. "Well…if you want to play it /that/ way…" A sudden, and rather girly, whoop escapes from her lips as she dives towards the ground, light body sliding across the mud as she aims to knock one of his legs out from beneath.

Well that is certainly unexpected and Th'ero's dumfounded look is as clear as day when Miki suddenly dives at the ground. That has the Weyrleader trying to awkwardly dodge her "attack" and having boxed himself in, he can only try to leap over the tiny greenrider. Normally it'd be an easy move, but the mud proves slippery and while he clears Miki, the bronzerider is off balanced. With a grunt, he lands awkwardly and with his back turned to her. Scrabbling for purchase in the slick mud, Th'ero reaches out to clasp either her shoulder or ankle in a firm grip. He's not about to let her get up and back to her tricks. If he can succeed in grabbing her and holding, he'll try to drag her closer and move in to pin Miki down. Platonically, of course. More comments rain down from the crowd, along with a few cheers and laughter.

Kimmila watches the match with a smile that stays fixed, though the expression in her eyes tightens somewhat. Who knows if it's jealousy, or possessiveness over Th'ero, or just the irritation that /she/ can not join in the fun and play, and can't even stand up for long periods of time without growing tired. Maybe it's all of those. But the bluerider is quiet for once, not offering any suggestions or encouragement. She takes her ale and drinks it.

Miki can't help but grin as she hears the Weyrleader go down, stomach to the grown and bright blue eyes glancing over her shoulder. Smile flaters slightly, turning into surprise as she feels the hand on her ankle. And as much as she might be trying to stay in place, she's dragged over towards Th'ero. Deftly propping herself up on elbows, she pushes off the ground just enough so that she's turned around and on her back. Hands move up then, fingers curling into his shirt as she pushes at his shoulders. Her movements aren't anything scandalous either, strictly platonic. For a moment, there are no other moves however, the little greenie attempting to catch her breathe.

Th'ero only braces his weight when Miki begins to push at his shoulders, smirking at the greenrider. His other arm comes up to try and break her hold on him and deflect her hands. His goal? To flip her over again and pin her down, much like he did to F'ian. Worked once, after all? "You don't stand a chance," The Weyrleader mutters through his concentration. "Ready to yield?" Because clearly he's not and unless she has a trick up her sleeve, it's looking like Miki is well and truly finished. The crowd cheers on all the same, some for her and some for Th'ero and the referee hovers near by, tensed and ready for a possible end of the round.

Kimmila leans forward slightly, mug balanced on her knee as she awaits the end of the match.

Miki frowns, wrinkling her nose, "Hell no!" Not that her mood's fouled any, but she's not going to go down without a fight. A tiny smile touches her lips, "But if this next move doesn't work? Well…I totally yield." With the mud making everything slippery and Miki having tiny limbs, the greenie manages to wiggle free just enough to bring one foot up and press it against his chest. Flexible the little woman is. Using the weight he's bearing down with, she pulls downwards while pushing up with her foot at the same time, grunting and attempting to flip him over her head and clear. Unfortunately….their weights don't exactly match up, and she's already bracing herself in case there's a splat.

Th'ero's smirk turns to a bit of a grimace, but he chuckles dryly. "Figured." He remarks sarcastically just before Miki wriggles free and plants her foot on her chest. It takes the Weyrleader only a moment before he realizes what she's about to do and for a moment he is lifted upwards and it seems like the tiny greenrider will get away with it. But then he puts his weight into the mixture and he rocks back until his feet touch the muddy ground again. "Nice try," Th'ero drawls and then pushes himself away from her. Seems like he appreciates the attempt though, because as he stands, flicking some of the mud from his hands, he turns to the referee. "I yield." Blinking, the referee only falters for a second before he points to Miki and then calls out, "Winner! Miki." There's a bit of a disappointed murmur from the crowd, but the cheering and applause still come through too. Extending his hand, Th'ero offers to help Miki to her feet.

While that happens, F'ian has begun to saunter over towards Kimmila again, sneaking up behind the bluerider's chair as silently as he can. "Jealous, my dear?" he muses, ever grinning. "Pity. I was expecting more from this round." And the brownrider gives an obviously acted disappointed sigh. "Is he always so boorish?"

Kimmila is already not in the best of moods. And the combination of F'ian sneaking up behind her, startling her, calling her 'dear', and then insulting Th'ero kiiiiind of tips the scales for the bluerider. Ever so slowly, she sets her mug aside and gets to her feet, turning to face him. And then, in a move that's probably too fast for her own good, she reaches out with her left hand and grabs a fistful of his tunic. Hauling him close, she whispers something at him before she turns and shoves him into the mud pit. Then she brushes off her hands and sits once again, picks up her mug, and takes another sip. Her mood seems much improved!

"Wait, WHAT?" Miki looks up with mouth popped open. There's a moments pause before she takes his hand and scrambles to her feet. "No way! I said if my move didn't work I'd yield…and it didn't work." It seems there's a case of injured pride in the mudpit. And when the ref calls it, bright blue eyes send a rather chilling glare in his direction. "You and I need to have a little ta—WHA?" As F'ian lands in the mud, Miki jumps aside. For a few seconds she blinks down at him before moving to crouch in the mud next to the brownrider, "You should really learn how to use a filter…can't imagine what you said to make that happen. You alright though? No injuries or anything?" She eventually offers hands to help him up, but she's still doing a a visual check.

F'ian's grin turns wolfish again when Kimmila slowly gets to her feet and sets aside her mug to turn and face him. The brownrider's posture almost becomes smug when she grabs his tunic and hauls him close. But then his expression falters by a tic, the whisper unexpected, though it's her shoving him into the ring that truly catches him off guard. Landing heavily onto his back, F'ian can only blink up at her, mouth dropped open slightly and for once the young rider isn't grinning. Then Miki is there and instantly his charm is back and he turns his focus to her. "Nah, I'm fine, sweetheart. Takes more then that to wound me. But it's sweet of you to ask." The offered hand is politely grasped and once straightened, the brownrider laughs. "Seems only nice of me to return the favor… how are you? Survive a match against our esteemed Weyrleader unscathed?" He muses.

Before Miki wanders off to help F'ian, Th'ero only shrugs when the greenrider exclaims over his choice. "How'd I know you were telling the truth?" he says in his defence, still smirking. He's saved from having to deal with injured pride with the arrival of F'ian into the ring and that has the Weyrleader glancing up to where Kimmila now stands. He gives her a silent but questioning look and then he's on the move. Passing by F'ian and Miki, he gives the brownrider a lingering glance. "I warned you." Th'ero drawls and then gives a nod to Miki. "No hard feelings. You deserved to win." And then he's off! With F'ian having been tossed into the ring, most of the crowd is now jostling to enter and turn the pit into a free-for-all. Which is well beyond Th'ero's taste. So he quietly retreats to Kimmila's side and to safety.

Kimmila gets to her feet once more when Th'ero returns to her side, reaching out to slip her arm through his. "Warned him what?" she asks in an undertone, and no doubt his reply is lost as the crowd gathers and the free-for-all begins. "Let's go," she says quietly, with a little smile. "I'm getting tired." Ahh, the eternal excuse for fleeing a social situation! With one brief look over her shoulder to the pit, Kimmila nods to Miki before trying to steer Th'ero away from the lake and - presumably - back to his weyr.

"Fine? You sure?" Miki's still a bit concerned, but another once-over appeases her worry filled nanny side. Grinning back up at him she gives herself a bit of a once-ver too, turning this way and that. "Perfectly fine." As Th'ero passes by, she turns towards him with a grin, letting out a tiny sigh. "Well, thanks. And yeah, no hard feelings!" Nod is given in return to Kimmila, followed by a tiny wave and smile. But then, there's the flood of the crowd, and Miki's /definitely/ staying to play. Her targets? The flirty brownrider….and that one ref. She has a bone to pick with that one!

There's a whoop from F'ian as the ring turns into a free for all and it seems Miki has chosen him for a target. His laughter rings out with the crush of other voices adding in, along with good natured yells and cursing. Maybe he'll even help in the payback against the poor referee. It's the gentlemanly thing to do, after all! Th'ero on the other hand is quietly slipping away with Kimmila, not resisting against the bluerider. "Not to push you too hard." he drawls in reply, his smirk finally shifting to a light smile. They'll head back to his weyr, where the Weyrleader will clean up and change. But it won't be until nightfall until Th'ero is spotted down at the feasts again, with Kimmila at his side once more.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.