Aaron has found himself a nice, quiet little nook in the library, and has taken it upon himself to make it comfy! An oversized chair, a footstool, and lots of pillows have turned the space into a retreat for the convalescing Smith. Anyone who had been watching for a while would've seen him moving just fine, thought slowly and rather deliberately. Right now he seems to be absorbed in a book, rather happily ignoring his surroundings.

Mirinda has gotten a lot better at keeping tabs on Lianri. But she can't keep the active young-ling cooped up in the infirmary all the time, and right now, Lianri is at liberty. Why she has chosen to come to the library is anyone's guess, but Fort's newest redhead is here, poking at shelves in bored contemplation. Everything here is for ADULTS. Ugh. Hey, who is that? Sliding over she peeks around the corner of the shelf. Oh, that smith. What was his name? She totally knows this, squint squint.. A… Arice, no, Aroth, no that's a dragon name… Aaron. That's right. Aaron.

Aaron catches movement out of the corner of his eye, and looks up to catch a glimpse of Lianri. He's startled for a moment as he recognizes her face, but then a slow grin curls his lips. "Lianri, right?" he asks, very distinctly /not/ screaming like he did the last time she probably heard anything from him. "Come over here, child. How're you doing?"

Nose wrinkle. CHILD. That word alone puts a bit of mulish set to Lianri's features as she allows her red hair to fall over her face and half hide it. Better to not let AUTHORITY know when irked is happening. But she did almost kill this particular AUTHORITY, so she isn't going to flounce away. Instead she steps out boldly, shoulders squared, the GREAT NIECE of Lady Fort Sea Hold. (More like great-great, but who is counting?) "Yeah. You're Aaron." A beat, "Journeyman Aaron." Another beat… and she seems to miss his second question. "We really didn't mean to blow up your smithy."

Aaron watches this suddenly-irkless transformation, and actually manages a chuckle at her words. "You have the advantage of me, I'm afraid. No one ever saw fit to tell me your name, just that you were fairly unscathed in the explosion." At her last statement, he just shrugs. "I never for a second thought that you did. If anything, I'm a fault for not paying better attention and letting you and that boy wander around in there. Smithy's can be rebuilt, but they're always dangerous places."

"You just said my name." She's got spunk in SPADES. And attitude. Just watch how she fiddles with the edge of her back-length hair, twisting and tugging. "You probably heard it in the infirmary. Because that's where my aunt works. You were hurt really bad. I got to change your bandages at least once." When he was in the infirmary. And most likely unconscious. "You're huge."

Aaron laughs aloud at this, grinning broadly. "I said it, but I never had it confirmed, my dear," he says, mirth still riding his voice. "Miri's your aunt then, is she? I'm still trying to get a handle on who's who here. And yeah, I wasn't doing too good there for a while. Funny how that happens around explosions, isn't it?" He's joking, so it can't be that bad, right? Right. "I'm not huge, you're just really tiny. When you're all grown up, I'll just look normal to you." Alright, maybe not, but it's not illegal to screw with kids' heads yet, is it?

"I am not TINY." This time Lianri flips her head back her hazel eyes fixing RIGHT on Aaron. What someone sees is what someone GETS with Lia. "Aunt Miri isn't that much bigger than I am, and I know you're big compared to HER. Like, EVERYWHERE BIG."

Aaron blinks a couple times, then just chuckles. Nope, he's not even going to go there. "Your Aunt Miri is a wonderful woman, and I hope you're minding her better now." He pauses a moment, then moves his feet from the stool onto the floor and sighs happily. "So what brings you down here today? Just exploring, or were you looking for a book?"

"I was totally minding her! She told me to bring you that package and I was doing that!" An excuse for every occasion! "I don't know if you got it though. I hope you did." That random thought is thrown out before Lianri shrugs her shoulders. "I was bored and I haven't been here yet. So I came to look."

Aaron thinks back, trying to remember… and failing. "I honestly don't know what happened to the package… Probably gone blown up along with everything else." He shrugs, and then pulls himself up to his feet, offering his hand to the little girl. "I think I saw a section with some less-boring books over this way. Why don't we go take a look?"

"If it was important Aunt Miri'd send it again." PACKAGE DISMISSED. The hand is given an eye before Lianri tucks her hands into her pockets. Aaron is still totally a stranger, even if they do have the I-almost-killed-you link. And she's just old enough to think she is BASICALLY grown up. "I guess. If you want to show me I could look."

Aaron arches at eyebrow at the hands in the pockets, but shrugs, and turns his outstretched hand into a gesture. "I think it was over here," he says, leading the way towards a new part of the stacks, and some of the books that had been printed out from AIVAS's archives. "You're what? 10? 11?" he asks, knowing that she's probably not quite that old. "I'll show you what I was reading when I was your age." That's right folks: sci-fi. At least the more philosophical variations of it.

"Nine." Not quite old enough for the ATTITUDE but it comes from being the oldest of a lot of children. Without attitude sometimes you just didn't get the ATTENTION needed. Her nose wrinkles when he points out some of the books. "Those are boy books. I'm a girl. You should show those to Kyzen. He might like them."

"So you've read these already, then?" Aaron asks, completely innocently. For some reason, really, people always give him the kind of attention that he thinks he deserves. Not really sure why /that/ might be! "I'm quite aware that you're a girl, Lianri, though I can't say that these are only for boys. My sister is the one that got me reading them."

"Your sister is weird then. I like books that deal with girl things." She's very FIRM ON THIS. There's probably a tomboy hiding somewhere under all of the girl that really wants to be Lady Fort Sea (it'll never happen, she's got this son who will inherit and he's probably WAY too old to want to marry a second cousin who won't be marriageable for another seven turns.) "Like, with girl stuff." Okay, so Lia doesn't quite know what girl stuff is. "I mean, I guess your sister is okay. I don't know her. But she should read things like what girls read."

"My sister isn't weird at all, Lia, and she's a picture of femininity. That doesn't mean that she doesn't have an imagination," Aaron says with a chuckle. And hey, who knows, maybe that second cousin's a bit of a perv and would like that kind of thing. "Why should she limit herself like that? Shards, why would you limit yourself like that? There's nothing saying that you can only like girly things. I mean, unless you think that women should only sew, cook, clean, and bear children." Yeah, he'd never actually espouse those ideas, but sometimes little girls need to think!

Lianri grinds her toe into the ground, totally listening to Aaron. Just not, you know, completely agreeing. "I'm suppose to be a healer some day. Like my Aunt. That's why my parents made me come here, so maybe I could learn from her first. I can already put numbweed on and clean stuff with redwart."

Aaron mmmmms and shrugs. "Well, that's all well and good for some folks, I imagine. I couldn't imagine following the family craft. Ma and Da are both Fishers. I'd had enough of fishing boats by the time I was 10, and started hanging around the hold's Smith way too much," he says with a grin. "Anyways, I'd better get going. I have an appointment with your aunt in a little bit. Care to walk with me, or are you going to explore some more?"

"Do I have to read your books if I walk with you?" Lianri eyes the books up on the shelves again, then UP at the tall smith. "I should probably go back to the infirmary… Aunt Miri seems to think I'll break something if I'm gone to long now. I don't know why, I mean, it was just the once." And then there was the almost falling off the gallery wall, and she doesn't even know about the almost-touching-the-eggs. Or heaven help the rest of the stuff Lianri's probably gotten into when not WATCHED. "No, you'd better walk with me." Decision made. "You might fall down and then at least I could go find someone else huge to get you the rest of the way." This time, because SHE has decided to be in charge, Lianri holds out a hand to the huge smith.

"You don't have to read any books at all, as long as you know that they're available if you change your mind." Hey, can't blame Aaron for trying, can you? "I'm sure she'll relax in a little bit if you can manage to stay out of trouble," he says, stifling a laugh because he can just tell that's not going to happen. "I appreciate your forethought, Lia," he says, letting out a bit of a chuckle as he gently takes the offered hand and lets her lead him off to the infirmary.

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