Fort Weyr - Storage Room

This room is filled with shelves, crates and boxes of dried goods, material, and other necessities of weyr life. The shelves are kept neat and tidy at all times and the floor has been swept clean recently. Occasionally a candidate or fosterling can be found in here cleaning and tidying, or checking for signs of tunnel snake or other pest infestations.

It's one of those sleepy summer afternoons, the air silky-thick with humidity that might make some folks sluggish. Overheard, the clouds, pregnant with rain have threatened, but not delivered. The skies are beginning to clear, so it looks like it's going to be a nice evening. D'ani has grabbed some time in all his busy comings and goings between his wing and crafter duties and made his way to the storage cavern, now perusing the shelves thoughtfully as he moves up and down the aisles slowly.

Ezra is here for a slightly different reason - delivery. Backing into the room, the boy has one half of a dresser, while another young caverns kid has the other half. "Just, no, to your left. Left. Other left. Fine, your right, there, now wait, there's steps behind me, you have to warn me!" And at that point the other kid puts his end down with a glower. "Move it the rest of the way on your own, then." As he turns to leave Ezra bristles, and then exhales heavily. "Well shit." Such language!

D'ani is the only other person in here at the moment, so of course voices are going to draw his attention. And oh hey! A dresser! He steps that way, eying first the furniture and then the exasperated Ezra. "Don't lug it down here, eh?" And he weasels up the stairs around it and disappears behind it, probably inspecting it.

Ezra blinks and then blushes a bit, that someone - especially his friend - caught him swearing. His mother would be mortified. "Hey. What, you need a dresser?" he asks. It's a fine dresser, made of heavy dark wood. It's simple, without any extra carvings or ornaments, other than the polished brass handles on the drawers.

Nahhh. Swearing doesn't seem to faze D'ani - he hangs out with cattlemen half the time. "This is perfect!" D'ani's head pops up from behind the dresser and he grins down at Ezra. Even if it isn't - it could have nicks, dents and scratches, not that it matters - this will do nicely. "I sure do. My clothes are all still in boxes," he tells Ezra conversationally. "All I've got in my weyr is a mattress, a pillow and a blanket." The violins are playing - weep for him!

Ezra blinks. "Still? You've had the weyr for…a while. That's…jeez. Even I had furniture when I moved in." Though it was all brought to him. He didn't have to go and get anything. "So, want help taking it up?"

"Uh huh. Still, yep. Been too busy to… decorate." Decorate, D'ani says when he knows nothing about such matters. He dips his head to peer at one of the handles, run an admiring finger over the wood and smile, well-pleased. The dresser is simple, and it doesn't take much to replace cardboard boxes but this is made by a craftsman who knew wood. "Sure, if you have the time. Let's just…" he grasps the end nearest him, grunts, "…move it where… no one will trip over it… while I get some other stuff…" His attempt to tug it out into the hall fails, the thing barely moves. "Shards this thing is heavy!"

Ezra nods, "Yeah, it is," the boy says with a little proud grin. He lifts his end again, trying to make it look like it's easy for him to lug it about. It's hard, but, well. Appearances and all. "What else do you need?"

D'ani grins back as he settles his end against the wall. "You'll be feeling that tomorrow," he says knowlingly. "Let's see… a large rug or two, couple of chairs, couch, glow lamps, maybe an end table or two?" He says nothing of pictures, pillows or doo-dads to pretty up the place though. Taking the steps in one leap, he lands back down in the storage cavern and strides back to the shelves, peering at them vaguely. Where to find… "Some towels, a bathrug, a firescreen, a poker…" He needs ever so many things!

Ezra blinks a few times. "How have you lived without all that stuff?" he asks as he trots along after. Too bad the caverns don't have shopping carts. "You don't even have towels?" Ew.

D'ani hasn't exactly lived. He's… existed. Running busy sunup to sundown, snatching a quick bite in the chow hall and falling into bed late at night. He laughs, "Haven't bathed in weeks," he quips with a wicked smirk over his shoulder at Ezra, then chuckles and relents. "Used the bathing caverns - they have towels there. I'm ready for some privacy though." AND for life to slow down a bit. He picks up a glowlamp from one of the shelves, blows the dust off of it and the shade sways precariously. "What do you think of this?" It's bright orange ceramic with a pasty green shade that originally went with some other lamp and looks browned on one side from too much exposure.

Ezra sniffs the air and snorts, covering his lower face with his hand, though his grin is easily noticed in the crinkling around his eyes. "Do you have a bath in your weyr?" That's so cool. He looks at the lamp and blinks a few times. "That's really, really ugly. You won't get girls with that lamp." And he's the expert?

"I do, yeah," says D'ani with a little grin, because it is cool. "It's a sunken tub, but it's empty yet. I just need to open the valve that lets the water flow through." It seems he's been… camping more than actually living up there. He looks back down at the lamp after Ezra pronounces it ugly, pats it and says soothingly to it, "Don't feel bad, Lamp, I'm sure he doesn't mean it." And he rubs the side of it with his sleeve, closes his eyes and says, "I get three wishes, right Genie?" Someone's read a few too many Old Earth stories from the Aivas files. "I wish for-" He peeks out from under a sliver of lash and says, "Three girls. One for Ezra, one for Rayathess and one for… me." He even keeps a straight face and manages to infuse his tone with one of great longing and hope. He opens his eyes. Nothing happens. With a dramatic sigh he says, "Maybe you're right." He places the lamp back on the shelf. Sorry Lamp.

Ezra looks at D'ani with a mixture of envy and awe. "That's so awesome. Your own bathing area. No one else barging in or…anything." And when D'ani is rubbing the lamp the boy looks baffled. "What are you doing? Wishes? What's a genie?" Someone has never even seen Aivas.

"A… magical being that… gives you whatever you ask for," explains D'ani with a dance to his brown eyes. He just wished aloud for a girl for Ezra and there was no explosion from the other boy? "It's… make believe," he adds a touch sheepishly. That's it. SOMEone is getting a book for his next turnday. He leans to peer at the collection of lamps cluttering the shelf, reaches for another glowlight, this one is formed of stone in the shape of a conch shell with a lid cleverly made from the curve that curls down over it when closed. "This reminds me of Maiona," he murmurs to himself.

Ezra blinks. "That's…and will it happen? Because…you know. I'd like to have a girl." No, no explosion. Just a quiet, almost desperate hope. Then he sighs. "Oh. Make believe." Sorry, D'ani, that flight of fancy was /totally/ lost on the boy. "Is that a good thing?" he asks of the new basket.

"Eventually," D'ani says seriously, though his eyes are merry. "Make believe or not, it will one day happen." Maybe they can double-date sometime! Even if the girl D'ani just 'wished' for turns out to be Anrila or his mom, back from the nebulous 'out there' they've been searching. Of the glow shield, he nods firmly, tucking it under his arm, "Yes. Maiona has mostly good memories; I miss it. Help me find couple of carpets?" Because he'll probably find something hideous.

Ezra nods. "It's good it's got good memories," he says, before he grins. "Carpets are over here," he says confidently. "What's your favorite color? Blue?" He guesses.

"Bluegreen," says D'ani without hesitation, "like the waters of Maiona." Do they have things like that in here? He would be so surprised if someone discarded something so nice. He follows Ezra, keeping a sharp eye out for things he might need like… "Oh hey! These." He stops beside a pair of stuffed chairs, the leather upholstery somewhat worse for wear, but in a softly-aged sort of look. Comfortable.

Ezra oohs softly. "That's a good find," he says. But he's on a mission. Carpet, carpet, carpet. Delving into those rolls of fabric, he tugs one out. "This one is kind of like that color?" Not really, it's more green, but there's still /some/ blue in the pattern.

D'ani brushes off the tablecloth draped on those chairs to have a better look, albeit a quick one. Chairs down, only tables, towels and a bunch of other stuff left to find. Carpets though. That's paramount. Stone is darn cold on bare feet. He follows after Ezra's voice, poking his head down a few aisles until he finds his friend in the correct shadowy one. He bends to see the thick fabric in the dim light, fingers the nap and pronounces, "I like it! Let's load the dresser and stuff on it and fly it up to my weyr!" Because it's a magic carpet, doncha know. (Dremkoth will have to help D'ani's imagination here). And there the stuff will likely sit in a jumbled pile of unpacked mess until necessity dictates he use something. Life is just that busy!

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