Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Summer is gradually shifting into autumn, though the weather still remains comfortable during the day and only dropping once the sun has set. It's the time of Turn that the forests around Fort are at their best for autumn colors and it's also the time of harvesting, both for the Holds and the Weyr itself. Which may explain the commotion in the kitchens and lower caverns as more and more of this Turn's bounty are brought in, crate by crate (or even baskets, given the method of transport) and being carefully supervised and stored appropriately by those in charge of such things.

A few weyrfolk and riders lounge in the living caverns themselves, either having finished their duties for the day or about to begin and enjoying a few moments of peace. One of the larger tables is drawing an ever rotating crowd. On one side of it, Th'ero sits, though from his laid back posture the Weyrleader isn't entirely here on business. Or is he? There appears to be a small map pinned down, as well as a few papers here and there within reach of his hand. Either it's not private information or he's up to something! Wouldn't be the first time he's laid a trap like this.

It's always a trap. A trap well set, as Kimmila drifts over to peer at what he's laid out on the table, whiel taking a sip from her mug of cider. "Trying to lure innocent riders into some nefarious scheme?" she drawls, amused.

K'yan has been one of those helping with the harvesting - or, more specifically, the part where those crates and baskets, once they're gathered up, are carried by dragon from more distant spots and into the bowl of the Weyr, there to be unloaded and carried by hand the final distance. He enters the caverns on the heels of a gaggle of crate-carriers, then pauses to ask a silent question of Khaneth before he nods and starts over to snag some klah! He only starts, though, because he's drawn in by the lure of… nefarious schemes? Just a trap, he might have avoided, but nefarious schemes make his steps slow by that table to take a closer look.

"How else would we get volunteers?" Th'ero quips back without pause to Kimmila, his eyes focused on the small map before him. He appears to be in an overall good mood, but it could be too that the Weyrleader is still shaking off that late summer cold that had hit a few of the Weyr residents. He's not even drinking! Gasp. Every season has its bug, despite the efforts of the posted Healers and no matter how they augment the food with preventative herbal additions. So many crate-carriers have come and gone that the arrival of more do not gain his attention, but K'yan's approach does. "Afternoon," he greets warmly enough. See? Nothing to fear. "K'yan, isn't it? Care to join us?" No mention of nefarious schemes, but it could be that Th'ero prefers his vict—- err, volunteers comfortable before the trap is sprung. If there is one!

Kimmila chuckles, beginning to sit but then being called off by one of her own cothold riders. "Be right back," she promises, heading over to speak to the waving brownrider.

"Afternoon," K'yan replies, casting his gaze over papers and people alike. He nods that Th'ero has the name right, then glances to Kimmila as she's called away. He waves as she departs - leaving him alone in what's probably a trap - and takes a step closer. "I could for a few, at that…" He's taking the bait, poor fool! So he sits.
You paged K'yan with ‘Are you okay with me having Th'ero know Khaneth's name too? I'm assuming he handled their transfer papers ICly and all that fun stuff. Plus they met before once?’

Is that the sound of metal springing shut? No, not exactly. But from the curses traveling up from the lower caverns, someone has dropped something! Th'ero will dip his head to Kimmila as she excuses herself, not the least bit surprised that she is drawn away. It happens enough to him! "You and Khaneth have been well? Settling in okay?" he asks of the brownrider as he sits at the table.

"Aye, we're well," K'yan replies. "We, er, knew most of what we were getting into already… and the bits that we didn't aren't so much Fort, exactly." He smiles. "It's good, though. I hope things are good with you? And, well, the Weyr?"

Th'ero quirks a brow as he gives K'yan a lingering, if not curious look. "Nothing too nasty by the way of surprises, I hope? Though good to hear you're are well." he muses, before giving a slight shrug of his own shoulders. "Well enough, despite the reminder that even Weyrleaders can catch the common cold?" Just a bit of humour there, even if his smile is small. As for the Weyr? "Surprisingly it has remained a quiet Turn. At least we have the water issue resolved…" But? "… there's another matter though that we need addressing. You've heard of the wild canine issue?"

Kimmila returns and slides into a chair beside Th'ero, leaning forward to peer at the maps but otherwise, for now, just listening to any Plans.

K'yan shakes his head vigorously. "Nothing nasty, no! Just a lot of figuring things out for Logan." He grins as he explains, "My son." And likely the cause of some late nights and missed sleep! Not that K'yan seems to mind. He nods about that cold, offering, "At least it wasn't something worse." He smiles, though that expression fades a bit as the Weyrleader continues. "Aye… I've heard some, at least. There's too many of them and they're causing trouble."

Th'ero looks surprised. Genuinely! It doesn't take him long to put the pieces together. "Congratulations, K'yan! I hadn't heard word…" Not that he blames anyone for that. He's the Weyrleader, but he cannot know everything! Though it might be a bad thing if he can't even keep changes in his Weyrsecond's condition straight. "Don't jinx us," he drawls and that could be taken as a joke and a bit of mild teasing too. There's a side glance given to Kimmila, an unspoken 'is everything alright?' when she returns. As K'yan supplies the correct information, Th'ero nods and promptly grimaces. "To say the least. The Holds want us to lead the solution…" Which is keyword for: do it for us and we'll help. Maybe. A little? "Only we can't seem to find an agreeable solution. So, here we are? Most want them hunted and cleared out." He taps one list, which up close shows a scrawled list of suggestions, reasons (pros and cons!) and then a tally of numbers. "Then," Another paper is tapped. "I've those who want to see only the dangerous animals destroyed, but any that can be spared to be spared." Now this is when the trap may be slowly sprung. Offering opinion can't be THAT dangerous, can it? "Which do you think would be best?"

Kimmila lifts her brows in surprise. Not because of the situation, but because Th'ero is out here soliciting opinions from, well…everyone. She's proud of him!

"Thank you," K'yan says with a grin for those congratulations. He certainly seems proud! And not particularly concerned that it's a surprise, for whatever that may actually mean. Maybe he's just glad to be a bearer of good news! And also the hearer of not-so-good news. He nods, listening to Th'ero explain the situation with the canines and looking to each of the pages in turn and then blinking up at the Weyrleader. "Me?" he asks, and shrugs. "I don't know much about such things. I mean… are there just too many of them? Is there one who's starting trouble? Why do wild canines do things like that in the first place?"

There is no reason not to be proud of the birth of a child! Th'ero always appreciates hearing that sort of good news. Who doesn't? Even if it's swiftly followed by not-so good news — or in this case? A difficult scenario with two opposing sides. "Doesn't matter. We're taking in all opinions or comments." For once. It's not Th'ero's usual approach and he may be glad that Kimmila isn't too vocal about her approval. "Too many and from what few reports we've received it could be more than one pack. As for why…" He glances to Kimmila next to him, to see if she'll have anything to add after he chimes in. "… BeastCrafters tell me it's because of lack of food or that the livestock just present easier hunting. What makes it dangerous is that if they're desperate enough to go for livestock, within human habitats, what's to keep them from attacking a human?"

Kimmila nods her head slightly. "My vote is they do it because it's easy. Plump, slow, penned beasts? That's worth the risk of an irate holder who probably won't catch you anyway."

K'yan nods slowly, and listens to the explanation from Th'ero and Kimmila both. "Seems like… either way you do it, you're still going to have problems. I mean, if you go and hunt them… you're going to catch the dumbest ones first. The really smart ones are the least likely to get caught… and they're the ones you really have to watch out for. If you want to really stop them… you're going to have to make it so hunting the penned beasts isn't easy anymore… or isn't good. If the canines that hunt them got sick, say…"

"It's true, the Holders have tried with mixed result. Which brings in your point, K'yan, about the dumbest being caught first. Or the young who don't know any better," Th'ero remarks dryly as he glances between the two of them. There's a moment then, after he listens respectfully to the brown rider's input, that his brows knit thoughtfully. "Are you suggesting poison bait? Or something to deter them? That… could be a method to consider." But what of the risks? He's already scribbling it down though, along with the rest. He exhales heavily, "Truly? I'm not for or against hunting them. I agree that a few may be too dangerous. I don't like the idea of culling the pups though or the young who could be, perhaps, rehabilitated as suggested by some. But that leads to more problems… Such as, who would do the training? Not to mention where they would be housed or even transported."

Kimmila shakes her head. "I'm not sure why this isn't being handled by the Beastcraft," she mutters. Clearly a statement she's made before, if her look to Th'ero is any indication. "We can help, certainly, but wouldn't they know best the ways of handling these wild canines?"

"Something in the wool of the ovines, maybe," K'yan says with a nod. "Or put some guard canines in with the beasts, just to make it harder. Though…" He frowns. "That would make the wild ones more desperate, and maybe they'd attack someone instead of, well, starving quietly." K'yan sighs, shaking his head a bit. His expression twitches at the mention of someone to do the training, but then he looks to Kimmila and nods. "Aye, it does seem like they'd be better suited. Surely this isn't the first time it's come up! And it's not like the Weyr has done anything to cause it… right?"

Th'ero grimaces and while his answer may not be the solution, his tone says enough. He agrees with them both. "The BeastCraft will be involved. In fact, they're the ones asking for this information, since they've only so many of their people posted here and through the Holds. They also want us for help — depending on the option they go with. If it's purely to cull? We can leave that to the hunters, Holders and whoever else wants part in it. I don't doubt they'll try to gain the services of a few willing riders to provide aerial support…" His shoulders shrug. "But if it's relocation or even rehabilitation? That requires transport… and I bet they'll want us for that too. Quicker — or so they seem to assume." There's a look given to K'yan and another grimace, "Seems to always go around and around in a circle, doesn't it? No method is an ideal solution. I suppose it'll be a case of the lesser evil."

Kimmila sips at her ale, studying the papers on the table. "It's a complicated process. Makes me wonder what's going on in the mountains that the canines are only now coming down into the holdings."

K'yan nods about the beastcraft's involvement. "Can we just… I mean, some of the dragons like to hunt. We could… see if they wanted to hunt canines? It'd get some of them, and it might make the rest scared enough to go elsewhere." Which wouldn't exactly solve the problem, but it /would/ make it belong to someone else. He hmms to Kimmila's question, and nods. "Yeah… that is a good one." A moment's consideration, and then he looks to Th'ero. "Didn't you say something about a water issue?" Streams come from mountains! ..assuming that's even the shape of the issue, anyhow.

Th'ero taps the writing tool he was using idly against the table, quiet as he absorbs both suggestions and insight. "You know? I hadn't considered using a flight of dragons to spook the pack. Doesn't solve any pups left behind in the dens, but we could always have them located and taken in. Easier to domesticate the pups. Some of the dragons would go for the hunt. If they'd hunt those large felines in the south, I don't see why wild canine would turn them off…" Food is food? Even if it'd make a few people squirm. "The water issue, I'm afraid, had to do with our pipes. Wasn't that the report?" He turns to Kimmila for this, before glancing back to K'yan. "Though it's a good point. Why come out of the mountains? But it could be something as simple as no food. Maybe the latest Turns have been kind to the canines and they've overbred in numbers. Not enough hunting ground, not enough game…" His hands spread. There's your problem?

Kimmila nods. "Right, the hot water issue. It's mostly resolved." Knock on wood. She presses her lips together a bit. "I'm curious though, to see what issues the mountains have. If there's not enough game or if there's a larger threat that has the canines moving."

K'yan nods as far as the dragons go - the one in his head certainly isn't objecting to the premise - then ahs about those pipes. "Well, then that's probably not related." Still… the larger question does remain. "Or else they came by chance and found out it was easier down here," he adds as another option, just to keep things complicated. "Is there someone up in the mountains who could talk to us about that side of things?"

Th'ero's frown is immediate, "What could possibly be a larger threat that wild canines would move? Aside from humans?" he wonders. Surely there's not some boogie monstrous creature up in those ranges? He nods towards K'yan, "I'm thinking it's chance. Too many numbers means seeking new territories to claim and they find a few easily plundered cotholds and grow bolder…" He's no BeastCrafter, but it's not too difficult to figure out — or at least build a plausible theory. "Hmm, good question, K'yan. Usually Stonehaven is good in reporting anything to us or Fort Hold. We've heard nothing of the other more northern cotholds. Have we, Kimmila?" That's her speciality, not his!

Kimmila pushes to her feet. "Let me double check my records. I haven't /heard/ anything, but…I'll double check." And off she goes!

"Could be escaped whers?" K'yan suggests as far as monstrous creatures in the mountains. "I've heard they can be pretty nasty… and there's sure to be mines up there." He shrugs a bit, then nods to Th'ero. "All it really takes is one getting a bright idea, I suppose." He hmms, considering on that, and looks to Kimmila with the question on the holds… then nods as she goes off to check, remaining sitting here and thinking on it.

Th'ero will dip his head again as Kimmila hurries off again and then his gaze will linger on K'yan for the suggestion offered. There's another grimace, but only because the thought of escaped whers doesn't put this situation in any better light. "Whers are usually bonded, or so I've always assumed? I'd have to speak to some wherhandlers… if it's possible that some could go wild. I've heard of whersport but they're so rare this north and no match for a pack of canines." So that limits the options again! "Go where the resources are best. It's all a matter of survival. Which is a shame that some will have to be culled. I don't see it being feasible any other way. Some will die, some could be spared. In the end, the Beastcraft may decide just to go for what is easiest to quiet the Holds."

K'yan shrugs a bit. "I don't really know?" he says of those whers. "When I was a weyrling, they told us some horror stories… but those could have been anywhere from mostly true to entirely exaggeration. I never really looked into it…" Another shrug, and then he nods. "I know… well. Abbey's worked with canines. She'd probably have some ideas how to tell which ones are trouble." His expression is torn between smile and frown, for that one. "Though I suppose it does come down to the beastcrafters, mostly."

Th'ero shakes his head, "While I usually find most stories amusing, in times like this? Horror stories do little to help." Yet he's still scribbling down the details. Roughly. Mostly a note to find the nearest Minecrafter or wherhandler and quiz them mercilessly — or send someone to do it for him. "I do plan to have Abigail look over all of this. See if she can present a confident enough case to turn the minds of some of those stubbornly set on a "simple" cull." He seems oblivious to K'yan's torn expression or it could be he doesn't want to pry, too much, into the man's personal life. "It does and doesn't? We can still sway them. Part of why I am putting the time into this. It affects us all, in a way."

"Aye, like I say. I don't know whether to put any trust in them." K'yan shrugs. Maybe he'll go find an actual wherhandler himself! Or maybe he'll just leave that the head (er, shoulder) on whom the heavy knot rests. He nods about Th'ero's plan to talk to Abigail - unsurprising though it is, then hmms, thoughtful at the rest of what he says. "I suppose it does, aye. And you think they'll listen?"

Abigail has been off doing things, like work things, mommy things and those sort of things, though for the moment she is done with those things and is making her way on into the Caverns, and babyless at that. Plus side of having a nursery is that parents can get a bit of a moment to do the work things, and the eating things. Abbey does get a mug of klah, because who doesn't need that, and also a plate of some food things before she is moving off to find a seat, and catching sight of both K'yan and Th'ero well she heads that way. A smile is offered as she just moves to sit next to K'yan, for why not? "Afternoon Th'ero." As for K'yan well she just leans close to him. "Hey there." There is a slight pause at the conversation she has wander in on, oh yes them pesky canines that she keeps hearing about of course.

Th'ero wouldn't stop K'yan doing his own investigation! The more, the merrier? There's a smirk and despite the serious set to his expression, his tone sounds amused. "We've our ways of making them listen, so they very well may! It's worth a try." For what little good it'll do the Weyr. "Afternoon, Abigail. Your timing couldn't have been any better," he murmurs, welcoming her to the table though she's already picked her seat. There's a small map pinned down to the table and a few papers. Most of them are filled with the Weyrleader's scrawling script. "We were just discussing the issue of the canines. Been collecting insight from just about anyone who is willing to share. See if we cannot sway a full cull of the packs."

K'yan nods, then hehs. "It's… rather different than Ierne, that way. I'm still getting used to it." He shrugs a bit, smiling, then looks up to Abigail as she comes over and grins. "Hey." He slips his arm in around her as she settles down next to him, hugging her as a part of that lean she does and keeping his arm there while Th'ero explains the situation.

Abigail smiles to K'yan and will stay there inthat one arm hug while glancing back to the map. "Oh I have me moments of appearing when I need to." She's joking really. She is quiet though while Th'ero goes over the map and what is going on as she sips at her mug. A slight nod is seen. "I've heard several things going on dealing with the canines." All know how she feels about them wild or not she does have a soft place for the four legged fuzzy animals. "Depending on what is going on, and which pack is the cause it could be hard to figure out. I'm not a Beastcrafter, but of packs of them to cause issues there may be a decline in prey for them."

Th'ero might have forgot already that K'yan is from Ierne originally. There is much he's heard of the Weyrhold, though he so rarely visits it. "There's few horror stories floating around here too," he admits with a half-smirk. "Most areas have their own." With so much history? Bound to happen. There's a low chuckle to Abigail, "Or you just felt your ears burning?" So the Weyrleader does have a sense of humour! Kind of. "That's what we're theorizing. What many have… that their numbers are just out of control. But if we can save a few? I'd prefer that outcome. Some wild canines are no threat and if they keep the wherry population down too? It benefits us all. I think we may have enough to convince them to cull only the most dangerous — if it can be proven they are the culprits. Any young adults or pups, we could try to redomesticate. Guard animals, perhaps. Or relocate them to areas where they could survive but not end up becoming a problem again." Lots of time and resources behind that! With a sigh, he'll gather his papers and hand them to Abigail. She's Weyrsecond now, it's just part of the rank. "Have a look yourself, Abigail and perhaps we'll come to a decision by morning and be able to move forwards with the Beastcraft by mid-day tomorrow. Thank you for your input, K'yan. If you wish to remain involved, well…" He need only ask… and Abigail at that! "I best find where Kimmila is. If you two will excuse me?"

"Also of doing it when least expected," K'yan adds of Abbey's appearances. His tone is teasing, and he follows it with a grin. As for Fort's horror stories? He hehs. "I'll be sure to not believe them," he assures Th'ero. "Except for the true ones, that is." Whichever those are. But… all joking aside, there's a serious matter of wild canines gone wild, and he listens quietly as the two of them discuss it again, thinking to see if he can come up with any bits or pieces he hadn't before… but not really getting anywhere, to judge from the slight shake of his head at the end. There's a faint smile as Abigail gets handed those papers, but he doesn't exactly look surprised. He nods to Th'ero. "If I think of anything else, I'll say so." He does have the ear of the Weyrsecond! And he nods as Th'ero prepares to leave, lifting his other hand in a wave.

Abigail nods slightly as Th'ero goes on. "Aye… The young ones can be trained so they will be fine. Perhaps finding the problem ones will be enough to make everyone happy." Though from the sound of it she isn't thrilled at the idea of actually hunting canines. She frowns a moment even before she is getting handed those papers an she takes hold of them. "Aye, I'll give 'em a look over and go from there." As for K'yan she sends him a slight amused look, why yes he does indeed have her ear so to speak. "Of course, speak ta ye later over all this." An more for certain.

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