Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

"Shhhhhh." Lianri, master of not-quite-sneaking, peaks around the corner to the sands. Expert spying reveals that the weyrwoman has GONE, as has the weird smelling bronzerider who sometimes sits grumpy out there too. Only the two adult dragons are there on the sands. And they just have to be careful, right? "I mean, we're not going to touch, but stupid Zhirayr pulled me up before I could get a good look at it and I can't see from on top!" Hush-hush tone, she's still trying to get Kyzen to agree with this.

Kyzen is just that much more of a sneak-master and rolls his eyes when Lianri shushes him. Like he doesn't know how to creep around the Weyr! Pfft. She's the newcomer! The fact that he's here with her is his agreement but he'll bob his head. "So long as we don't make Kouzevelth mad." Even he knows better than that. He scoffs in a hushed way. "I'd touch them!" he boasts (quietly). "But they're not hard enough yet." See how much he knows? Peering as far as he can around where they're crouched down and hiding, the boy jerks his chin. They going to do this or not?

It is actually pretty difficult to make Kozuevelth mad when she's got eggs on the sands; she is presently the chillest chill she ever is. So long as nobody threatens them — the only real way to make her mad — she'd rather have humans fawning all over 'em. At the moment the gold is about two-thirds asleep, wrapped up around one of the egg collections in a C shape that eventually forms a full circle, tip of tail resting over her nose. At the sound of INTRUDERS, she … opens one eye.

"No you wouldn't!" A bold challange from said newcomer. "Even if they were hard enough. If you're so brave, you go first." Lianri hisses her words in whisperwhisper, and turns to put her gaze squarely on Kyzen. It's a dare now, and he'll just have to prove to her that he's not al talk.

Kyzen snorts. "I would too! It's not like the eggs bite!" And apparently Kouzevelth won't either. Ooh, it's SO a dare and he's not about to be called a coward for this too! Puffing up his chest, he almost sticks out his tongue at Lianri as he slowly steps out from hiding. Step. Pause. Step. Shuffle. Pause. No one shrieks or yells and no one is chasing them down yet! He's so caught up with the thrill of being ON the Sands that he doesn't notice the gold's open eye. Nope. He's too busy turning his head around to give her his best "I told you so" look! See?

Nobody should be so sure about these eggs. They're bumpy and ridged and one of them is upside down. Their dam, though, is — apparently largely unconcerned, simply keeping that open eye focused on the children just in case. The other one stays closed.

Lianri casts nervous looks over her shoulder but she is not about to be outdone by Kyzen. "Boys are so stupid." The words get whispered under-her-breath and WAY too quietly for Kyzen to hear. Head held high and braided red hair swinging Lianri steps confidently onto the sand. Well, she kinda keeps to the wall, but MOSTLY. "It's over here." She scoots along the edge of the wall till she can look upwards at what she was going to grab before Zhirayr had snagged her. "That's… really high." Hum. Sudden realization of poor choices. Maybe the man in black wasn't so bad.

Kyzen would have protested that comment and said something (unwise) about girls. Instead he'll tag along behind Lianri. "What is?" he hisses under his breath and then looks up. He gives her an incredulous look. Uh, duh? "Yeah. It's weird being so low. Only ever seen eggs from up there." This is SO COOL! Give it time, he'll notice Kouzevelth is watching them. Now his eyes are drawn to one of the nearest eggs and he nervously begins to edge closer, trying not to wince for the heat of the sands. His friend? Momentarily forgotten.

Kouzevelth isn't exactly rushing them. Her tail-tip taps once or twice on her snout, but otherwise nothing. For meddling kids they are impressively uninteresting; she hasn't even bothered to comment to Kainaesyth so far, though she assumes that as they're children the bronze is at least peripherally aware. Inri is busy, and there's no trouble here. None at all.

Kainaesyth is telling a story to his children at the moment. If Lianri and Kyzen get closer maybe he'll tell them too. Maybe.

"Kyzen….." Lianri turns to see the boy edging his way towards the eggs. That wasn't part of the challenge! Being not-weyr-born there is some understandable hesitation around the larger beasts that is well rooted in the fact that THEY ARE BIG. "What if she bites you?" Snap snap arms and all.

"Dragons won't ever hurt people," Kyzen confidently states and sensing she's afraid, that only makes him all the more daring. FINALLY he has the upper hand (in bad ideas)! "I'm not gonna touch the egg. I just wanna get closer." Isn't that the same thing? He carefully edges closer and gets as close to crawling as he can with minimal contact to that sand (it IS hot!). "Aren't you curious?" he whispers. "You wanted to see them." Now's her chance! HE'S making the best of it! If he's going to get caught and skinned for this, he's making it WORTH IT.

If she keeps standing here Kyzen is going to think she's a coward. No. Way. Straightening herself up Lianri decides to be more like great-aunt Lady Holder. Since the dragons don't seem to be moving towards them Lianri sets out towards the eggs looking confident. "Are they suppose to be all bumpy like that?" She points to a partially uncovered egg.

Moving closer to the eggs is at least going to get a closer look from the clutchparents — that is to say, Kouzevelth now has both eyes open. So intimidating, this one. For all that she might very well be the largest dragon on the Northern Continent by at least a couple of inches, Kouzevelth doesn't live up to her size when curled up and silent. Much. If you've never seen something alive that big before …

Kyzen peers at the egg Lianri's pointing to and shrugs, "Dunno? I heard they could be different with each clutch. Maybe Kouzevelth has bumpy eggs. Colourful too." In their own way. That seems to fascinate the boy the most. The DETAILS! "They look so different up close!" he whispers and… yes, that's his hand creeping up. Just a little touch? Couldn't hurt, right? You'd THINK he'd notice a queen like Kouzevelth STARING at him or at least be extremely cautious that the gold isn't awake (or you know… wait until she was GONE before they did this!). Kyzen doesn't think any of those things though! He's too comfortable around dragons and fears more the scolding he'll get from their riders.

"KYZEN." Because if she hiss-whispers, Kouzevelth can't hear them, right? "She is LOOKING AT US." Lianri reaches forward to tug on Kyzen's not reaching arm, attempting to get him to TURN AROUND AND LOOK ONMYGOSHSHEISSOBIG, "P….please don't bite us." That burble there, fear, no matter what Kyzen says about no-harm.

Kouzevelth is indeed looking at them. And she is not actually going to bite them, but she is going to sit up now in a single fluid motion that would freak out just about anyone considering how tall she gets almost instantly, letting out an unhappy noise that sort of resembles Kainaesyth's off-key flute sounds, but it's definitely more of a tenor noise and it's also a really displeased noise. That egg is not ready for hands. Somewhere, Velokraeth is getting an irritable mental door-knock. Problem, sir.

Broken from his story Kainaesyth pulls himself upwards gently, soothing the great queen. « Perhaps it would be best to not involve Velokraeth. The boy is well known to my Ha'ze, I am sure they mean no harm. » Kainaesyth guys, covering for Kyzen.

She's what… OHSHI— "I didn't touch it!" Kyzen exclaims hurriedly and while he doesn't exactly yell, he does sort of yelp it from a combination of Lianri tugging on him and how FAST Kouzeveleth moves. Not fair! Something that big shouldn't be so quick in moving! To his credit, the boy doesn't run for it though he does cower a bit. Can he be blamed? "Sorry Kouzevelth! We didn't mean anything bad." Wait. WE? Here, Lianri. Get tossed under the proverbial BUS (if Pern had them)! It's too late for not letting Velokraeth know. Somewhere the bronze's wine-ladened thoughts come flowing in, warm and comforting and mildly intoxicating. « What'd he do now? » He sounds almost amused by the irritable "knock" from Kouzevelth but then the 'he' is implied that the bronze thinks it's Th'ero she's come to gripe about.

"We're really sorry, please don't tell anyone, we'll go RIGHT NOW." Which is why Lianri is tugging on Kyzen's arm hard hard hard as ANOTHER dragon lifts up and omygoshgoingtodie, well, until she falls on her butt in the sand because it's not the best pulling environment. At least she's pretty far back from the eggs, right?

« I am just going to let him know where the weyrling is, » Kouzevelth tells Kainaesyth, relatively calm now that she's being fussed over by multiple bronzes and because the touching has stopped. She doesn't seem angry. She just wants to make sure everyone is safe. THey can come touch the eggs later! She opens up that communication to include the Weyrleader's dragon again, though she is complaining about the wrong human: « Th'ero's weyrling, the larger one. He is on my sands and almost squished an egg. He may touch them later but right now it is too soon and he needs to have the appropriate hardness for touching explained to him. » The kids are, after all, leaving of their own volition and so Kouzevelth is not demanding their retrieval, just … explaining. « He apologized, so of course is welcome to return when they are hard enough. » See? Totally not mad. She's not even sitting up anymore, moving much more slowly and in a less scary fashion to return to her lying down.

Kyzen topples over with Lianri though he goes splat on the sands beside her and then promptly scrabbles back to his feet. Kainaesyth is moving now too? Poor boy. His eyes are wide wide wide and for a moment he's speechless until Kouzevelth starts to settle again. Swallowing nervously, he'll turn and now it's his turn to tug at his friend. "We better go!" Get up! "Sorry… for disturbing you. We won't do it again. Promise!" First he couldn't WAIT to get on the Sands. Now he'll probably have to be dragged back on. Velokraeth's thoughts ripple, musing and thoughtful before stalling. Wait. What? « His heir is on the sands? Well. » Huh. That changes things. « Cocky little bast—- brat, isn't he? » Cough. The wines turn golden and sweet, almost as honeyed as his voice as it murmurs as smooth as silk. Laying it on thick. « He wouldn't have squished your eggs, my dear lady. He is a child and… eager but I agree. Later he can touch and he will be properly corrected on this. » Read: he's SO going to get it from Th'ero — IF the bronze tattles.

He SQUISHED HER. "Kyzen!" Chastisement from the older nine-year-old as she gathers her skirts in hand and pulls herself onto her feet. "Come on." Another 'stupid-boy-' comes from her lips as he tries to tug HER. That's what she was doing. Puttin on an AIR of I-am-so-better-than-you she flounces out of the sands. As for Kainaesyth, he's all about not getting the younglings in trouble. Gentle his mind slips into the conversation, soothing. « Perhaps it would be best if his father were to remain… unknowledgable about this. My Ha'ze will explain about the eggs, and invite him back at a proper time. »

There's no objection from Kouzevelth on that matter: « That is fine with me, if Ha'ze wishes to. I merely thought he should be properly informed. » And thus, is said mentaly but not verbally, she figured Velokraeth should be too. Because the dragon is responsible for the human's offspring, right? She will be, for certain. « And he and Inri will supervise another introduction to our eggs. Later. When they are harder. »

What'd he do now? Kyzen doesn't quite flounce off the sands but he'll trudge after Lianri, all while muttering: "…told you she wouldn't bite us." She was so scared (and so was he!)! Off the sands they go and the boy has half a mind to go hide somewhere for a few hours. First things first though! "Don't. Tell." That was promised before they did this thing, right? Velokraeth is quiet again as he considers the options. « If there has been no grievance or offence given to Kouzevelth and she is of agreement then I see no reason why to tell mine of the little one's lack of judgement. He's learned and Kainaesyth's can complete the lesson whenever he sees fit. The Weyrleader need not know. » EVER. « Agreed? »

"Well duh, I'm not stupid." Lianri sticks her tongue out at Kyzen and then they are GONG - probably to some petty bickering that ends up in another Bad. Idea. But, that's how things work, right? « Agreed. » Kainaesyth settles down upon the sands again, offering a wing for Kouzevelth if she wishes it.

There are no objections from the dam's corner — Kouzevelth insinuates herself comfortably underneath Kainaesyth's wing, returning to her circle-shaped nap position. That was an interrupted sleep that now must be resumed, especially if she can catch the tail end of the story. « Certainly, » she concurs, and puts her head down on her paws to drift off again.

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