Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Evening has come at last, but there is no respite from the muggy and unpleasantly hot weather outside. Even as the sun dips lower on the horizon, the summer weather has its grip tight on the Weyr. Night falls swifter, but not because of an early sunset: lurking overhead are the bruised purple-gray of ominous clouds, hanging low and swollen with rain that refuses to come as though nature is taunting everyone. Thunder rolls, but it is still far in the distance yet.

So it is no surprise that most weyrfolk have ventured inside both for the slightly cooler stone interior and for shelter should that storm unleash its fury. The living caverns remain sparsely populated, with the main crush of folks having already passed through for an early dinner. Now a few people remain in tight clusters, murmuring among themselves. The atmosphere seems light, but there is a tense undercurrent to it as well. Could be the storm? Or is there some unsettling gossip going about again? Rayathess has chosen a table by one of the furthest walls, well away from any of the other groups. Whether by choice or not, he sits alone and a plate of food rests in front of him of which he is currently listlessly poking at. His brows are knitted together and it's clear that the young man is lost to his own thoughts, unaware for the moment of his surroundings.

Abandoning the form fitting grey pants she usually prefers, even Angelique has been feeling the effects of such muggy weather as it settles into Fort to stay for a while it seems. Despite being used to warmer weather since she hails from Southern Boll region, she's settled into a baggy pair of shorts and a short sleeved tunic that stops short of touching her belly button. Someone's not going for a fashion statement but rather the simplicity of staying cool; especially while working outdoors. And working outdoors was what the assistant head women was doing earlier, despite the hot afternoon sun. So now she's finally came indoor, grabbed a glass of juice and is venturing to the furtherest table away from anyone simply to have some quiet.

However she can't help but notice the blond haired man roughly about her age poking at the food on his plate. Teasing she comments. "Won't get inside of you if you're just poking it?" she says as she slips into a seat across from him.

Rayathess starts, abruptly snapped from his deep thoughts by Angelique's teasing voice and commentary. Hazel eyes dart up to peer at the young woman, suspicious and guarded at first before he relaxes enough to simply come off as reserved and uncertain. He snorts, pulling his plate a little closer to himself as she takes a seat across from him and letting his fork rest against the edge of the plate he scrubs his hand through his hair for a moment as if trying to get his head to shift into gear. "Wasn't really focused on eating," he mutters. Obviously? Rayathess is dressed casually, though in clothing that looks to be borrowed from the stores rather than specifically tailored to him. His tunic is woven from a light fabric, dyed an off-white grayish hue and his pants are similarly of a more lightweight material as well. But despite the heat, he still wears his boots. Leaning back in his chair, Rayathess gives Angelique another once over with his eyes, a brow quirking slightly for her taste in summer clothing but the youth keeps his comments to himself. "So…" This is awkward? Eyes dart quickly to her shoulder, if she's wearing her knot. "Ah. An assistant Headwoman?" It's not a true question and he smirks lightly. "Must be a busy and trying position."

Did she remember to remove the knot from her other shirt? Rayathess' gaze to her shoulder causes her to imitate the look. Aha, yes. She's wearing it. Good. Looking back to Ray, Angelique simple offers a quick grin along with a shrug of the shoulder adorned by the knot of this weyr. "Still learning my way around actually. So far 'tis a simple position though I suspect once Talica gets more comfortable shifting more duties to myself then I'll be a bit busier than I am now." settling back in her seat some more she seems not to notice that there's a chance she is intruding upon his quiet time and thoughts. "I'm Angelique." she eventually thinks to supply her name.

Rayathess quickly averts his eyes when he catches Angelique mimicking the same action and suddenly his interest returns to his food, if just to stare at it. Reaching for his fork, he pokes again at the roast wherry and finally takes a small bite of it though if he enjoys the flavorful dish it's hard to say. Her quick grin is met by a very light smile, a touch strained but not meant to be insulting. The young man is clearly not overly social, but is making an effort. "So you're new then?" he asks, giving her a curious look. "How'd you come by just getting the position then?" Rather odd question, but it will become evident enough that he's not weyrbred, let alone fully aware of Weyr lifestyles, rank system or hierarchy. A vague idea, but not aware of the subtler nuiances. He blinks when she supplies her name and he looks a touch uncomfortable before supplying his own. "I'm Rayathess." As in the Stonehaven heir? Ezra's older brother and the two living survivors of Laris' work up in the Fortian cotholds? It would be so and explains his peculiar behavior. He stares at her then, as if half expecting her to abruptly dismiss herself now that he's given away who he is.

Angelique gives him a hard double take a moment as he finally supplies his name. His question on how she came by her current position is momentarily forgotten as she simply stares. Finally realizing that perhaps she's being rude she takes a drink of her until now forgotten drink. "Huh." is her first word in response to the introduction. "Well met then." she drawls with a quick smile. She leaves that at that and replies finally to the inquiry. "I'm from Southern Boll Hold. Didn't want to stay there so I came here and discovered a position was open with Talica. So I took it." simple as that her tone says. A brow arches up curiously at Rayathess. "So what are you doing in these parts?"

Rayathess does not miss that doubletake and shrinks down a bit in his chair. Oh Faranth, here we go? Her staring has him bristling though and he stares right back at Angelique, eyes narrowing slightly in suspicion. What? Once she looks away though, he snorts softly and likewise focuses back on his food and in taking another half-interested bite of it. "Well met." he mutters around a mouthful (who needs manners!) but he no longer smiles. "Southern Boll Hold?" Rayathess echoes, only to peer at her thoughtfully again. "Why'd you leave a good major hold like that for this place?" This place? Apparently the young man shares no love or very little for the Weyr. But who could blame him? Nothing is so simple and Rayathess gives her a doubtful look. "Have you ever done work like this before?" he asks, only to give her a rather dumbfounded look for her question. Tilting his head, his eyes flash with a 'are you serious?' sort of look and he laughs, though it's brief and not entirely amused. "You're kidding, right?" Rayathess smirks. "Visiting." he replies, which is… not exactly the truth. But saying: 'I was wrongfully mistaken as a holdless fugitive and traitor in the raid of Gold Hill Hold, bound and arrested, incarcerated and heavily questioned by the Weyrleaders before being let go but am bound and guarded to the Weyr' is not exactly a good introductory piece.

A delicate brow arches briefly at Rayathess. "My parents aren't at 'this place'." she mimics his tone before letting amusement slip into her own tone. "Why're you so curious on how I got my position anyway? Interested in applying for Steward?" she ignores any other questions on the matter, such as if she's done this work before. Maybe she has and maybe she hasn't! "Visiting. Hmm. Lovely weather isn't it?" if she has any other thoughts on his just visiting status she certainly does well enough to mask her thoughts and keep them to herself.

Rayathess frowns, not looking too pleased at being mimicked and his eyes darken slightly but fix on her with keen interest. It's as though he's accepted a challenge that may not even be there, but he snorts again at Angelique, lips drawing into a thin and rather grim line. "So you fled Southern Boll because of your parents?" he drawls, sounding not at all impressed with her reasoning. He smirks then and now there IS amusement there, vague and perhaps a bit bitter. "Shards, no. Not like I'd just be handed to me either." Ouch. Was that a jab? Maybe. Rayathess gives her another long, hard look and then with an exhale, his posture and features relax. Be nice, be sociable! Now he seems to hurriedly take more of his food in quick bites and murmurs around them again. "Suppose it is, though I don't mind the heat. So I don't know what folks are grumbling about. Storm is coming though." Literally or figuratively?

Angelique takes the not-so-sublte jab in stride, her gaze never turning any less pleasant though certainly there's a flash of amusement as she notes his none too pleased look at her mimic of his tone. Ha! Let him sulk quietly or something. "Didn't say fled, darling." she again matches his tone with her own words, eyes flashing brightly. Challenge accepted? "Yeah..looking forward to the storm though. Cool things down around here." change of subject to the weather will be safer. Right?

Oh, Rayathess is sulking alright. But that's him on a regular basis and he has his reasons! He fixes her with another narrowed look, bristling again and his smirk now stuck in place for good. Darling? "So, what? You disagreed and then stormed off in a fit of rebellion?" he scoffs, tone now edged with sarcasm. There is a strange look in his eyes though, almost akin to anger… or is it envy? His mouth works, as though he's ready to snap something else to Angelique but hastily bites his tongue. Weather topics are usually safer, but Rayathess is abruptly cleaning the rest of his plate of food and then pushing back his chair. Was it something she said? His mood has certainly changed, he seems restless and fidgeting, as if suddenly on edge. "If the storm hits." he remarks dryly as he turns his head to glance towards the entrance leading out into the bowls. "I need to go… somewhere." Rayathess hastily supplies, awkward and distracted again. "Sorry." he tosses in at the last second, before he begins to back away, eyes casting nervously towards the other groups of folk, some of which who are now not so subtly looking at him. No farewell, no 'nice meeting you!'. How… awkwardly rude? Rayathess is gone then, slipping outside despite the looming threat of the storms.

Angelique has no time to offer rebuttal to his accusations of departing in a fit of rebellion. Wouldm't that make a wonderful story?! Nope, she's left alone and quite suddenly with little to no words of farewell as he slips outside into the impending doom of storms. Or perhaps other impending dooms await him. "See ya visitor Ray.." she remarks after him. Discovering her drink completely gone she moves to remedy that and perhaps find something indoors to do for the evening.

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