Ista Weyr - Gather Meadow
Rough and amorphous, this clearing has been constructed to give optimum space while still keeping it relatively sheltered from the plateau and weyr beyond. The treeline has been trimmed back to give a clear view of the skies above, but daintily-cared-for saplings have been planted here and there throughout, one day promising plenty of shade. Pebble pathways wind amongst them from the forest's edge and have been formed betwixt skeletal stalls that are almost completely occupied on market and gather days.
Each path eventually leads to a huge, circular patch of gravel. Tables and food carts ring its edge, wine and alcohol predictably given a few of the choice spots. A large, recently-erected stage has replaced the gazebo at the far end, for the duration of the Summer Games. Tables are situated nearby, and a large wooden platform seems perfect for dancing. Otherwise, grassy meadowland prevails.
The area has been recently renovated, with wood and weaver crafts working together to setup arches and pillars along the entire perimeter of the clearing - they are flying the colors of Ista Weyr, as well as those of all its beholden areas. One of the most prominent is the device of Ista Hold, set proudly beside the smoking mountain insignia of its weyr. An inner ring of poles bear the standards of all the attending weyrs, and their holds, amongst them most notably are the colors of Fort, Telgar, and High Reaches.

The night continues, the drinks are poured, food is consumed, and the Harpers are still in fine form as they play for the Istan opening ceremonies. Nyalle has danced a few dances with various partners, and now the young Weyrwoman is standing at the drink table, sipping a glass of red wine and watching folks move around.

Having vanished for a while during the festivities, R'en's disappearance wasn't likely noticed by many at all. Returning, he decides another drink is in order and makes his way to the drink table to pick through the variety of alcohol that is contained on it. However, the one he wants - and he apparently is picky - is behind where Nyalle is standing. He clears his throat and asks with a smile, "Ah.. Would you mind if I just reached around you to get that rum?"

Nyalle blinks back from her distant thoughts, swiftly stepping aside with a small blush. "My apologies," she murmurs, pulling her skirts aside as well as she moves. "Sorry. Is that a good rum?" she asks, peering over to try and guess which bottle he'll reach for, before she looks at her glass of wine.

"The best in all of Ista. In my humble opinion." R'en says with a warm tone, waiting for her to step aside so he can reach for one of the glass decanters that holds what he's looking for. It's a light toned rum, rather than some of the more rich dark coloured ones. Pouring some for himself, he sets it back where he got it, then takes a step back so she can slide back to her spot if she chooses to. "You prefer wine?" He asks, as his gaze falls to her hands which hold the wine glass.

Nyalle glances down at the wine, then over at the rum, curious for a moment before she smiles and tucks a stray strand of dark hair behind an ear. "I've never tried rum before," she admitted. "And not wanting to bother anyone asking for a recommendation, I've stuck with wine this evening. You prefer rum? I'm Nyalle," she adds hastily, a moment later. "Of Fort."

Gerazal has an empty glass and he is looking for some more rum. He nods politely to the riders as he passes them by to get some more rum. "It's very good Weyrwoman Nyalle you should try some." He comments as he met the Weyrwoman. He moves up to get one of the rich dark colored rums and he carefully pours himself a little bit.

"Since you like wine, I think mixing some of the lighter rum with some fruit juice would appeal to your taste more than having it straight. Especially, if you're not one to drink harder liquors." R'en suggests, stepping aside so that Gerazal can get where he wants to go, and get some of the rum on the table. He grins a little at Gerazal and nods, "Yeah, you should try some." Agreement made, he then adds, "I'm R'en, from Eastern Weyr but a born and raised Istan."

Nyalle steps aside once more, minding where she moves and where her skirts swish, not wanting to bump into anyone. "Ah, should I?" she asks quietly, glancing between both men. "Well, if you recommend it…" That's kind of a yes? "R'en. Well met," she says with a smile. "What took you to Eastern, away from Ista?"

Gerazal looks at R'en, "I thought you looked familiar I'm Gerazal, apprentice Weaver from Eastern too. Here to enjoy the games, they look to be something else. I'm hoping to sign up for some of them."

R'en takes the opportunity to mix Nyalle a drink using some of the light rum on the table along with some fruit juice to take the edge off it. "I'm no bartender, but it should give you an idea of how rum is. I got snagged away for a search and walked off the sands with my Sindrieth." He offers it to her by nudging it closer, and then nods to Gerazal. "Yeah, I'm usually in the infirmary working. Better not to see me much." He says with a grin, and adds, "They're having a sand sculpting event, I might try that…"

Nyalle sets her wine aside and accepts the drink that R'en offers her. Is this a good idea? Kayeth says yes, so Nyalle takes a small sip. "Oh," she murmurs, brows lifting in surprise. "I can hardly taste anything other than the juice…that's quite delicious, actually." And another sip. Danger, danger. Glancing between the two Easterners, she laughs lightly. "Yes, it's a good thing to avoid the Infirmary as much as you can. Sand sculpting? That sounds lovely. I think the only one I'll compete in is the goldrider flamethrower event…" And she blushes a bit, being here more for moral support than any natural competitive edge.

Gerazal takes a sip of his rum as he doesn't want to get drunk just enjoy the drink. "Ah yah I'm only in there once a turn for my check up, other then that I'm pretty healthy." He smiles, "Yah I heard about that and the mud wrestling, I'm hoping to get in on the foot and swim races as well. I'm pretty good at both of them. I hope I don't get worn out." He chuckles, 'Well I'm sure at least Cenlia will be there to defend Ista Weyr's honor.

R'en quirks a smile as Nyalle seems to enjoy the drink that he mixed for her, and takes a drink of his own. "Just don't drink too much. It can be easy when it's mixed like that, and it's stronger than you think." He offers a word of advice, considering he is a healer. "I'm not the most athletic, so I'm going to keep my nose out of those. I'd just make a fool of myself." He suggests, since he seems pretty set on just doing the sculpting. "What do they do for the flamethrower event? I can't say I've really paid much attention when these games were here before… I was usually holed up in my room reading instead." Yep, not your typical bronze rider.

Nyalle clears her throat with another blush, nodding to R'en's advice. "I believe Th'ero will be in the mudwrestling event." And the expression on her face is difficult to read. Is she pleased? Or uncomfortable about that? "I am not sure…it has been many turns since the Games were run. Before my time as a rider, and I never heard about them where I was raised. I do know Fort will host the winter games though."

Gerazal smiles, "Well it's all about having fun. I'm just going to try my best that's what really counts." He ohs, "Really a winter games, those sound fun too. Although I haven't had much chance to play in the snow, we don't get a lot of snow in Eastern."

Nyalle nods slightly, "Yes, having fun…" And she takes another sip, and then giggles softly. "You should come visit Fort sometime," she encourages. "When there's snow, of course. Or when there isn't, I mean, you'd be welcome whenever you chose to visit. Your'e a Weaver, you said?" Sip.

"Is Th'ero your weyrmate?" R'en asks belatedly, not entirely sure what kind of relationship she might have with the person, but because a name was brought up - perhaps? He doesn't seem to mind one way or the other, and takes a drink from his glass as he listens to the two chat. "I'd prefer not to play in the snow at all. I'm much more of a summer guy than a winter one." He comments idly, watching the festivities around with a quiet contemplation.

Gerazal smiles, "Oh I'd like to sometime if I can get away. I'm just lucky the weavers were coming here and I managed to get signed up for it. I almost didn't go." He nods, "Yep, I'm just starting to think about what I'd like to do for my journeyman project I'd like to go into making clothes for both men and women. Thank you though I'll have to take you up on it."

Nyalle blinks at R'en, coughing and almost spluttering. "My weyrmate? No, no. He is Fort's Weyrleader, he is not my weyrmate. I don't have…" And she trails off, a small frown creasing her brows before it clears. "No, he is not." She smiles at R'en then. "You might like it. It's cozy." Looking at Gerazal next, the young weyrwoman nods. "So what sort of project are you thinking of?"

"Oh.. Yeah. Shows how much I know about Fort.. or, well, just about anything really. Sorry.." R'en says with a shrug of his shoulders, giving her a sheepish grin. "What kind of clothes for men and women? Fancy ones, or just every day ones?" He asks, not entirely sure about clothes - what he wears is just practical, not really very fancy at all, even for coming here to a gather of sorts.

Gerazal smiles, "I've heard stories about it. I'd be interesting to go see what the first weyr on Pern looks like. I'm thinking of making a beautiful dress or a set of clothing one for a man and one for a woman." He smiles, "Both, nothing says that the every day clothes you wear can't be both durable and fashionable. Although I'd love to make some of the gather dresses that I've seen so far tonight."

Nyalle glances down at her own gown, which while simple, is impeccably made. Fort's weavers /insisted/, despite her very, very modest and simple tastes. It's the embroidery that gives away the level of skill involved, and the way it fits her flawlessly, hugging every small curve. "It's fine," she's quick to reassure R'en, with a swift smile and a little blush, another sip taken. "So a matched set, then?"

"Women definitely wear a lot more interesting clothes than men, and if men wear something too.. fancy.. they usually get ribbed for it." R'en says, though he hasn't been involved in any ribbing of fancy dressed men. But, obviously, there are men's men who would probably do such a thing. He finishes off his rum and sets the glass down on the table, while pondering if he should get some more. "Got anyone in mind to make the matched set for? Maybe Nyalle here could be a model for you if you just make a fancy dress. She's got a nice figure, don't you think?" He asks Gerazal, who would know better than him - trying to foist off the fact he just offered someone he barely knows as a model for someone else he barely knows.

Gerazal shrugs, "Depends on your tastes, clothing makes the man after all. There are clothes that you can wear that are fancy, but make a man look suave and sophisticated rather than ridiculous. A man might get ribbed by other men for dressing up, but I'm sure that women have a much different opinion." He says with a shrug and he drinks his rum a little bit. "Oh the Weyrwoman here has a wonderful form, but making a dress to make her look more lovely is going to be tough since she's all ready very lovely. My compliments to those that made your dress, it's wonderfully done, it compliments you very well, letting your nature beauty flow."

Nyalle looks downright startled, giving R'en a rather shocked look. Her? Model? /Model/? She can't quite seem to comprehend it, rather gaping at his talk of her figure. Yet her feet seem rooted to the spot as she blushes crimson, and Gerazal doesn't help matters either. "Ah. I. Well. That's very flattering. Ah. Thank you." Reaching down, she smoothes a hand down the front of her dress and over her hip, and then grasps her mug once more, taking another sip. "You're too kind," she murmurs, quite flustered.

"Of course. I would prefer to look sophisticated rather than just outlandish. I've never really dressed up though." R'en admits, though he doesn't seem overly concerned about it - not like he's anyone important that should. He pauses in his thoughts when Nyalle gets all flustered, and then can't help but snicker a little himself. He tries to stop himself, really, he does. "Sorry. I'm not laughing at you, it's just cute." He admits to Nyalle, then reaches to get the decanter and pour himself another glass of rum.

Gerazal smiles, "You are welcome. I didn't mean to embarrass you I tend to forget when I'm in mixed company when I start to talk about clothing. My mouth just runs away with me." He looks at R'en, "You should it's fun to dress up every once and a while, having special clothing that makes you look good. It's quiet a self esteem boost."

Cute? Again, Nyalle gives R'en a surprised look, clearing her throat, and taking yet another sip of that drink. She's tipsy now, congratulations gentlemen. "I think you'd look good dressed up," she remarks with a little giggle. Dipping her head to Gerazal, she turns briefly to watch as the Harpers strike up another dance.

R'en scrunches his nose in denial, giving a quick shake of his head. "It's impractical to dress up, and it's not like I got anyone to impress. What about you, Gerazal? Do you dress up to get the attention of people?" You know, ladies, or whatever a person is interested in getting attention for. He does give a little blush when Nyalle suggests he'd look good dressed up, but still seems to stick to his casual is best demeanour. "Maybe.. I'd probably pick clothes I thought looked good, and it's probably something that doesn't look good. I'd have to ask a weaver's opinion on what to get, maybe."

Gerazal smiles, 'Sure I'm wearing my gather best right not. It doesn't have to be showy, just of a better quality that I would normally wear. It's something you put away and save for a once and a while occasion. I'd be happy to help but so would most any weaver. It's what we study after all, although not the only thing. We want everyone to look their best."

Nyalle turns her gaze back to the men she's standing with and away from the dance, sipping her drink again. "I enjoy dressing up," she admits quietly. "But not too fancy. I like to blend in."

"Next time, maybe I'll ask for help. But, I like blending in too." R'en admits, looking down at himself and sighing. Yeah, he's pretty drab looking - normal rider wear for the most part rather than anything fancy at all. Just practical for getting over to Ista. He can't help but smirk a little at Nyalle, though he doesn't say anything aloud about whatever it is he might be thinking.

Gerazal takes a drink of the rest of his rum. "Well the best way to blend in at a fancy dress party is to blend in. If everyone else is wearing their nice clothes you are going to stick out and not in the good way. Besides you both have Weyr's to represent right?"

Nyalle notices R'en looking at her, and when he doesn't say what he's thinking, she blushes, but she also boldly asks, "What?" Looking back at Gerazal, the Senior dips her head in a nod. "Yes, I do. Which is why the Weavers insisted I have a gown made for me, rather than using something from the store caverns." Oh, those poor Weavers, having such a reluctant dresser! "I hope I'm representing Fort well."

"You like dressing up, yet you seem reluctant to do so unless encouraged?" R'en asks, since it was what was on his mind at the time. It's a bit of a boggle, perhaps, to him. He drinks the end of the glass he poured himself and sets it on the table, already feeling inebriated from what he's drank the whole night. "You represent Fort just wonderfully." He admits, and then looks at Gerazal, "You represent Eastern better than me."

Gerazal nods, "I would say that you are representing Fort Weyr and Fort Weyr's Weaver very well." He shrugs, "I'm just an apprentice as long as I'm not working mud covered clothes I'm representing the Weyr and the Craft just fine. It's the riders and masters that everyone really pays attention to."

Nyalle clears her throat softly. "I meant that most of my everyday outfits are fancy, when compared with others'. I like wearing skirts and dresses, while most other ladies in Fort wear pants. For me it's normal and they're simple outfits, but for others, it might seem dressed up, compared to pants and shirts." Does that make sense? She's tipsy. "Thank you," she murmurs, dipping her head and tucking hair behind an ear before she fidgets with her dress again, making the skirts swish about her legs.

"Some riders more than others, of course." R'en adds to Gerazal, though he doesn't mind being able to fly under the radar himself - he's not even a wingleader - just a simple craft wing rider. "It's more practical to wear pants if you're going to be working, so I understand a lot of women wear pants." He muses, and then looks out to the distance for a moment before idly commenting. "I kind of feel like going for a swim."

Gerazal hmms, "Nothing wrong with either skirts or pants, if they are made correctly they won't get in the way, skirts that is and pants can be just as formal as a skirt for women. Really it's up to personal preference. Men don't have it so lucky, but once you find something that works you stick with it."

Nyalle follows R'en's gaze, and then she looks a bit startled. "A swim?" She looks down at herself, at her fine, fancy gown, and sighs softly. "That does sound good…" Alas. She did not bring a suit. She nods at Gerazal and finishes her rum, setting the glass aside. Hesitating, she decides against picking up her wine again, instead ordering herself a water.

"Some girls I know won't wear a dress even if they were begged to." R'en admits, he knows a couple like that anyways - not that he was the one asking them to do so. He arches a brow at Nyalle, and then offers, "Do you want to come along? I know where all the good spots are." He suggests, since he doesn't know who came prepared to swim and who didn't. "I don't really like large groups, but I don't want to be rude either. I think I spent enough time tonight." He says with a grin, and then adds, "Gerazal, you're welcome to come too if you want."

Gerazal smiles, "A swim sounds good to me. Ista has beautiful beaches, not like anywhere else." He ohs, "I'd like to as well. Maybe we can take some rum and even have a small fire on the beach."

Nyalle shakes her head with a small giggle. "I feel uncomfortable in pants." To each their own, right? Then she looks a bit surprised, glancing around at the party. "I should stay…" she says, but she hardly sounds convinced. Quiet certainly sounds good right now. Very, very good. "I don't have a suit though…" But, again, that's not a 'no'. The idea of more rum has her shaking her head slightly though. No…no more rum for her! But the thought of being alone in a strange place with two different men… "I don't need a suit, I can just sit on the beach and watch."

"Taking some rum sounds great." R'en suggests, though he probably shouldn't drink too much more himself - especially if he's going to go out for a swim. "A fire is great, there's probably a few already out there even." He suggests, since with the number of people around, there's bound to be a fair number along the beaches too. "I could probably get my friend to lend you one, you look about the same size as her." He suggests, since - well, he did live here before, after all. "Even a Weyrwoman needs a little fun for herself, no? But, if you want to stay here, there's no pressure." He reaches to take the bottle of rum he was pouring from, it's nearly empty anyways.

Gerazal ahs, "Well I have some extra clothes a shirt and some shorts if you want to wear those instead of a normal bathing suit. I brought extras of everything with me. I didn't know what games they would have going on and who knows what the weather would be like." He looks around, "I'm sure no one is going to miss you and if they need you they just have to have a rider ask your dragon to ask you right?"

Nyalle blushes a little bit, shaking her head. "Thank you for the offers, but I will just watch. I would like to find a quiet place though." But she's a bit too prudish and proper to just hop into someone else's clothes and go for a swim. "Please, lead the way?"

R'en can't help but suggest, "Or, you could just go swimming in the buff. It's not that uncommon here." Yep, he totally just said that. He thumbs off in the direction of the beaches, still carrying his bottle of rum with him. "Over this way to the best beaches in all of Pern." He says, and then adds, "I have to go see Sindrieth for a bit after I get you guys over there though. He claims he needs some help with something." Whatever that is. Dragons can be weird.

Gerazal looks over at R'en and he coughs a little bit. He didn't want to say it in front of a Senior Weyrwoman. He smiles and nods, 'Yes they do have some of the greatest beaches." He ahs, "Understandable I hope everything is okay."

Nyalle is, once again, startled by R'en's suggestion. "I would never!" she gasps. Even /baths/ are difficult for this Fortian Senior. But, alas, before she can be led off to Ista's fabulous beaches, Benden's Weyrleader is asking her to dance. And she can't turn /him/ down, so with an apologetic look to R'en and Gerazal, she's swept back onto the dance floor.