Fort Weyr - Various Locations
Th'ero's Weyr, Kyzen's foster parents room and back again…

It’s late evening now and word has spread as sure as any wildfire: something (or someone) caused an explosion that has destroyed half the smith forges. Injuries are reported, one Journeyman by the name of Aaron having receive his fair share but then there are rumors that he was shielding two children from the worst of the blast. Worst of that gossip is that those children are from rank-holding people within the Weyr. Some even say there was a Xanadu rider involved… In a nutshell? It’s a mess.

And sadly true. Kyzen was involved but not the direct cause. Mirinda’s neice, Lianri, was also involved (and kind of the driving influence as to WHY Kyzen was tampering with blasting powder). Kiena was there on business but supposedly stuck with watching her nephew due to an emergency and FAILED miserably. So miserably in fact that she’s been kicked out of the Infirmary (probably by her own brother) and told to go to the Weyrleader’s personal weyr while Ujinath is monitored to be sure the blue doesn’t try to make an escape with his rider.

So here Kiena sits, tense and rigid on the couch, hands gripping her thighs as she grimly waits for what she knows won’t be a sunny or happy meeting. Never mind she smells of smoke and looks a bit singed herself… or that her head and ears are still ringing.

Kimmila was, of course, out of the weyr. And with Varmiroth’s limited range, it’s not an instantanious jump home. When they are reached, they return in a flash, and Kimmila heads first for Th’ero’s weyr. Not the infirmary, which is maybe where she /should/ go first. No, she goes home first, leaving Varmiroth’s straps on as she bursts into the weyr. “Th’ero?” she calls. “Kyzen?”

“Th’ero’s at the scene,” Kiena’s voice replies, tight and tensely. Oh goody! It’s Kimmila. The bluerider isn’t sure who she is more afraid of at the moment. “Kyzen is with…” Hold on a moment. “Tlazio?” She got that name right, did she? And is this when the yelling starts?

Kimmila is rather surprised to see Kiena here, of all people. Perhaps Varmiroth didn’t give her all the details. The bluerider stares at the other bluerider and blinks. “What /happened/?” she finally says, looking aroud the weyr as if Th’ero or Kyzen might just be hiding out, ready to say “Surprise!”

Velokraeth will fill Varmiroth in when he’s aware of the blue’s return. Smith forge explosion. Journeyman injured, Kyzen and another girl his age involved (but unharmed). Kiena also involved. All before Kiena can even so much as open her mouth to talk. “It was an accident.” Famous last words and so ominous sounding!

Kimmila gets the info from Varmiroth and her eyes narrow slightly in on Kiena. “What.” Period. “Was Kyzen doing in the forges?”

Kiena doesn’t cower but that doesn’t mean she’s a little worried right now. She swallows, “He was with me. I had business there…” Figured it wouldn’t hurt to just pick up some supplies! She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Kimmila still hasn’t moved from where she’s standing, staring at Kiena. “What happened.” Another period, there. Angry questions need periods.

Likewise, Kiena is firmly stuck on the couch. Her cheeks begin to flush as her anxiety makes her temper rise. “Shards if I know!” she snaps at Kimmila. Dumb move. “I was negotiating materials and prices with the Journeyman on duty and… and I guess Kyzen wandered away and found a friend…” And they found some blasting powder.

Kimmila continues to eye the other bluerider. “And…then what happened…?” she trails off, gesturing condescendingly with a hand for her to continue - as if she’s simply forgotten that Kimm wants the entire story.

Kiena’s eyes narrow and part of her just wants to tell Kimmila where she can stick it… but she’ll bite her tongue. “Don’t know. Aaron and I were just finishing with payment and then he’s rushing off to grab them. They’d, for whatever sharding reason, had taken the covers off of blasting powder…” She shakes her head and grimaces, her still ringing ears a reminder of the resultant explosion. “We’d just got behind cover when the first barrel exploded. There were four total.” BOOM. Sorry about your forge?

Kimmila’s face slackens with shock. “They…got…blasting powder…how is that even pOSSIBLE?! How is that not locked up? How did two kids get into the blasting powder and IGNITE IT?!” Hello, safety protocols? She’s yelling now.

“I don’t KNOW! Ask your own damn Smith’s!” Kiena snaps back and is just adding fuel to the fire. Granted, she’s never kept a level head in confrontations. “The Journeyman said they were doing Inventory but Faranth if I know who was the genius who left barrels of blasting powder within range of sparks! It wasn’t Kyzen or the little girl who ignited it! They’d just opened them and started to wander off again.” Curiosity got the better of them.

Kimmila waves her hands around. “Well SOMEONE is responsible for this!” She doesn’t think it’s Kiena, though. “Kyzen is not allowed in the forges.” Little too late for /that/ rule. Finally though, she asks, “Was anyone hurt? Was Th’ero there?”

Kiena IS the guilty one and while Kimmla hasn’t made the connection, SHE has in all the time spent in quiet. She’s at least partially to blame. “It wasn’t like I meant to bring Kyzen in there! I wasn’t even expecting to have him WITH me!” she counters and then flinches. “Journeyman Aaron took the brunt of the explosion protecting the children. Th’ero wasn’t.” He is now though and likely FURIOUS.

Kimmila scowls. “If you couldn’t watch him you should have said so!” And then changed her plans to avoid dangerous places. Not that Kimmila is one to talk. “Is Aaron going to be okay?” There’s a small nod. Good. Th’ero didn’t almost die. Again. Small victory?

“Faranth’s sake Kimmila, he’s nine and my girls know better than to touch anything in a forge!” Kiena growls and is unaware of just how that might sound to the other bluerider. “Aaron should be fine. I think. I don’t know.” She didn’t really check and now there’s THAT guilt weighing on her too.

Kimmila bristles. “Are you saying this is Kyzen’s fault?” Okay it kind of is, maybe a little, but he’s a kid and it’s a lot of grown ups’ fault too.

Kiena’s not thinking straight. There’s a lot on her shoulders right now and she’s always been piss poor at handling stress. “I told him not to wander off and touch things and he didn’t listen!” Yeah, she IS saying it’s (somewhat) Kyzen’s fault.

“He’s EIGHT!” (Right?) “He doesn’t know everything yet. He’s a curious kid. Your girls weren’t curious?”

Kyzen is actually nine or just about to turn nine. Not exactly a good way to show he's matured in anyway. Now Kiena bristles and her cheeks flush hotly. "My girls are curious but they know sharding better than to play with forge materials! What was I supposed to do? Hold his hand or leash him? He needs to learn!" Apparently by exploding things and almost killing himself.

Kimmila wisely does not share that this is why Kyzen /does/ have a leash. “This isn’t how you teach him!” she argues back.

“I’m not his mother, it’s not up to me to teach him how to behave!” Kiena fires back and with a sweep of her hand in a sharp cutting motion she’ll try to delay any retort that Kimmila has. “And it’s besides the point anyways!”

Kimmila bristles. “Are you suggesting this is /my/ fault for not taking him into the Smithy and saying, ‘By the way, Kyzen, don’t play with blasting powder?’.” He should KNOW that. Besides the point or not, Kimm is insulted. “What /is/ the point, then, Kiena?”

Kiena snorts, “Yeah that’s kind of what I meant!” she drawls. Uh, DUH, Kimmila? “Point is is that Fort’s without a forge right now and…” What is the point? She seems to struggle and with it the anger deflates out of her as her hands come down to her lap and between her knees as she leans forwards. “Kyzen caught flak from that Steward of yours. So did the other little girl. Just saying… and I’ve to answer to him later.” Th’ero too but she doesn’t say that outloud.

Kimmila scowls. Truth be told, the forge was the last thing on her mind. But now that Kiena mentions it…she swears under her breath, and sits heavily in the chair, flopping there with her legs outstretched and her hands over her belly with fingers laced.

Kiena grimaces and then lowers her head down to her hands as she scrubs at her face and runs them over her hair. “If I knew he wouldn’t have listened I’d had paid closer attention,” she mutters. “I’m too used to my girls. Never, EVER, would I’ve thought he’d be…” Stupid? “…curious enough to open the barrels. MARKED barrels.” Ahh yes. But does a child know symbols?

“How were they marked?” Kimmila asks, more curious than defensive. “I don’t think he’s ever been in the forges before, he might not have known what they meant…” There’s a pause. “He knows how to handle a knife, and a bow…” Sullen, defensive. Huff.

“Symbols. Coding. Lettering,” Kiena explains but what she doesn’t say is that the lettering could have been turned away or hidden or the children in their curiosity failed to pay attention and saw only the unfamiliar symbols. “Knife and bow aren’t the same as flammables and explosives.” she snorts and grimaces. “We’re just all sharding lucky he didn’t pay for this lesson.” Others will be paying for it!

Kimmila rolls her eyes. “I know it’s not the same. I’m just saying. He knows /some/ things.” He’s not helpless. Kimmila has taught him what /she/ knows. Forges? She knows nothing about. Kiena’s last words have Kimmila shivering a bit, shaking her head. Worst nightmare, losing Kyzen or Th’ero.

Kiena opens her mouth to protest again about how Kyzen should KNOW not to touch things but she’ll sigh heavily and shake her head as her hands fall back to her lap. She’s no idea she touched on Kimmila’s worst nightmare. She’s trying to stomach the thought that she was partially responsible for the near death of her nephew (not to mention everyone else in the forge). There’s a lengthy stretch of silence that is broken by the dry but shaky remark of: “Th’ero’s going to skin me alive.” It’s meant as a joke but it rings too true and so falls flat.

“Probably,” is Kimmila’s dry reply. No sympathy here, harsh as it may be. “Kyzen is with Tlazio you said?”

Kiena wouldn’t want sympathy. She’s probably a little wary with how easily Kimmila backed down. If anyone had a reason to throttle her good it would be Kyzen’s mother. “Yeah. Figured… it be the quietest and best place he could go.”

Kimmila stands with a nod. “Alright. I’m going to go check in on him then…”

Kiena exhales heavily and then grimaces. “Right. Probably should…” Go check on her son. Kimmila wouldn’t want to be here, would she, when Th’ero gets back. Somehow the brother-sister reunion won’t be sunshine and rainbows. The bluerider will get up from the couch though and start to raid her brother’s liquor supplies. Deja vu, anyone?

Are they ever sunshine and rainbows, even under the best of circumstances? While Kiena goes to raid Th’ero’s liquor, “The black damnation is in the bottom cabinet,” Kimmila will head through the weyr to Tlazio’s place and knock on the door.

Kiena just tips her hand in a sort of ‘I heard you’ salute and maybe a wave of thanks. Black damnation… always so perfect for these situations! While the bluerider gets herself comfortably drunk (that seems the theme for Fort of late), over and across the Weyr where most families make their homes, Kimmila’s knock will be answered promptly and she must have been expected because she’s ushered in without question. “He’s in his room.” Busted.

Kimmila squeezes her brother’s arm (he’s a Smith, after all) and moves into Kyzen’s room with a soft knock. She doesn’t wait to be let in though. The knock was just a warning, not a reœuest. “Kyzen?”

No sign of Kyzen but his bed looks to have been recently slept in… and one of the pillows are missing and half the blanket is — under the bed. They really should look into getting him one that doesn’t leave a gap large enough for him to squirm under.

Kimmila eyes the half blanket and she can’t help but smirk. “Kyzen,” she says quietly, moving forward and kneeling beside the bed, leaning to peek underneath. “There’s no need to hide.” Well, maybe there is a need, but…it won’t help.

She’ll see him easily enough. He hasn’t gone that far under the bed and Kyzen’s curled himself up as comfortable as he can be wedged between it and the floor with his pillow tucked under him and the blanket for warmth. He wipes at his nose, “Everyone’s really mad.” Duh, kid. With good reason! “You going to yell too?”

Kimmila sits and leans, laying on her side to peer at her son. “No, I’m not going to yell.” Not right now, anyway. “Why don’t you tell me what happened.”

Kyzen doesn’t know that. All he needs is reassurance that she’s not going to start tearing into him. Satisfied, he crawls out from under his bed (it wasn’t very comfortable to begin with) and sits himself down beside her. “Aunt Kiena brought me in to the smithy…” he begins. “I got curious and wandered away and met another girl — she was delivering something I think. She’s my age. She wanted to see what was in the barrels. We didn’t mean for them to explode!” he explains, stressing that last part fervently. “We didn’t know!”

Kimmila sits upright and leans back against his bed. “Another girl? Who?” Kyzen and his girl friends who get him into trouble! “Did you see what was on the barrels, Kyzen? Symbols?”

“… her name is Lianri. I think… Healer Mirinda is her aunt?” Kyzen is trying to remember and is hesitant because he’s not certain (don’t worry, he’s right!). So much was happening and Zhirayr was really mad. He shakes his head. “Nuh huh. Didn’t see anything.” Then again he didn’t really look.

Kimmila nods a little bit. “So. What did you learn?” Always with the lessons, he is.

Kyzen is silent as he looks down at his lap where his fingers idly pluck and tug at the blanket. Yeah, he totally understands he did WRONG! “Not to touch barrels?” Cheeky.

Kimmila smirks ever so slightly. “More than that, Kyzen. Big picture.”

Big picture? Kyzen frowns. “Don’t touch barrels and… don’t wander away in a smithy?” Is he getting closer now? He peers up at Kimmila for confirmation. Just how much of a confession does she want?

Kimmila nods slightly. “Good start. How about not wandering away ever? Not touching things you don’t know about? Asking someone if you’re curious about something?”

Kyzen seems to sink in on himself with each point Kimmila ticks off. “Okay.” he says meekly, knowing full well he knew better. The guilt is there and maybe even a form of remorse. “I didn’t mean for bad things to happen…” he says sadly, fingers still toying with that blanket, wringing it now. “You believe me?” No one else seems to.

Kimmila nods. “I know you didn’t mean for bad things to happen. No one ever /means/ for them to happen. But that doesn’t mean you didn’t make a mistake or that you can’t learn from it and avoid things like this in the future.”

Kyzen sighs sadly, “I’m trying to be better and learn but it always seems like I get it wrong!” he complains and sounds confused and frustrated. “It’s hard to know what’s good and bad.” Pout. Why does the world suck (and boy, does he not even know the half of it!)?

Kimmila can’t help but smile a it at that. “You ask someone, Kyzen. That’s how you learn. You don’t guess, you don’t assume. You ask.”

“I asked that girl — Lianri. She seemed to think it was okay,” Kyzen grumbles miserably but he understands the lesson. He’s just struggling to absorb everything. He wipes at his eyes again, looking tired. “I feel really bad about the Journeyman. He was hurt.” That’s his fault too?

Kimmila sighs. “Ask a grown up, Kyzen. Someone we trust.” NOT Ha’ze. “Yes, he was hurt…” But she doesn’t know how bad, so she can’t reassure him. “You should go visit him. Apologize.”

Oh-ho! Kimmila didn’t actually SAY Ha’ze and so Kyzen will ask him. How is he to know they don’t actually trust him? He just nods his head and then squirms a bit, uncomfortable and uncertain. “… do I have to?”

Kimmila nods. “Yes. Of course you have to. Don’t you want to see how he’s doing?”

Kyzen squirms uncomfortably again. “Dunno. Won’t he be mad too? He’s hurt because of us.” And the boy has had quiet enough of disapproving adults staring down at him. He peeks up at his mother. “Is father going to be mad…?”

Kimmila shrugs. “I don’t know if he will be or not, I don’t know him. As for your father…probably a little mad, but mostly relieved that you’re okay.”

“Guess I’ll go see him,” Kyzen hesitantly agrees and then looks downright skeptical. “Father is never ‘a little mad’,” he snorts and then sighs as he turns to climb back into his bed. “‘M tired… “ he mumbles. Tired and just emotionally shaken up.

Kimmila nods, standing and tucking him in gently. “I know. Sleep, and then you can go see Aaron, and talk with your father, okay?” Then she bends to try and kiss his forehead in a rare display of motherly affection. “I love you, Kyzen. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Kyzen nods his head against the pillow as he wriggles down under the blankets. “Okay.” he mumbles sleepily and doesn’t even protest to her rare display of motherly affection. “Love you too.” he answers in what is seemingly automatic but he means it. His eyes begin to droop and then he’s out like a light. Now they can all just hope he doesn’t have nightmares?

Kimmila lingers for a few moments more, watching him sleep before she leaves, bidding her brother a quiet farewell. Now she’s off to try and find Th’ero, as Varmiroth reaches for Velokraeth to try and determine where the weyrleader is.

Th’ero will be, of course, at the scene and Velokraeth tells Varmiroth that much as well as cheekily warning the blue that the Weyrleader is in A MOOD. No surprise there, right? The smithy is rubble and there are people rushing all about and a few trained riders overseeing that nothing is at risk of exploding or burning further.

“Shards and shells,” Kimmila mutters as she steps up beside her weyrmate, frowning deeply at the scene spread out before them. “I leave for a few candlemarks…”

“Can’t go a full Turn without some sort of catastrophe,” Th’ero growls under his breath as he tilts his head just enough to make brief eye contact with Kimmila. He’s scowling and furious looking but it’s not directed at her. Judging by how everyone is working so quickly (and at a wide berth of the Weyrleader), he’s already had WORDS. “Is Kyzen alright?”

Kimmila nods, briefly touching her hand to Th’ero’s back. “He’s fine. Shaken, scared, nervous you’re mad at him, but he’s fine. I told him he needed to go apologize to Aaron in the infirmary. He’ll go tomorrow.” So she told Tlazio anyway. “You okay? How bad is the damage?”

Th’ero doesn’t shrug off her touch and maybe even subtly leans towards it. “I’m not mad at him.” Liar. “I’m disappointed.” Isn’t that the same thing? He grimaces, “Right. The Journeyman Smith? Good. Sharding lucky he wasn’t killed. Any of them killed.” He doesn’t even want to think about it. He shakes his head, “I’m not exactly in the best of moods. And you can see yourself! It’s destroyed. Useless.” Just what the Weyr needs! He’ll gesture towards the rubble as though it wasn’t obvious enough.

Kimmila nods. “Very lucky no one was killed…or injured worse.” Kyzen could have lost a limb or something. She looks around with a small frown. “We’ll rebuild it,” she says with quiet reassurance. “Until then, perhaps we can work something out with the Hold. Use their smithy…”

“Perhaps. If we can convince them nothing will happen to their smithy.” Th’ero mutters darkly but some of his temper is fading with Kimmila’s logical answers. This is why he needs her here to balance him out. “Come with me. There’s little else we can do at this point,” So why linger? He’ll turn and begin to (slowly!) stride towards their home weyr in the north bowl. “So you spoke with our son?”

Kimmila smirks slightly. “Just tell them that no one who isn’t a knotted Smith will be allowed in.” Meaning no kids. Ever again. She casts her gaze over the ruins one last time before turning to walk alongside Th’ero. “I did. He was hiding under his bed. He’s shaken by it…”

Th’ero snorts. “I already thought that was a restriction.” Apparently he was WRONG. He frowns, glancing at Kimmila for a moment before sighing. “Didn’t think he’d get out of this unscathed in some way. He’s with Tlazio for now then? Good.” Let her brother deal with the boy’s likely nightmares tonight. The Weyrleader has bigger concerns. “And Kiena?”

Kimmila’s steps falter slightly. “Ah. She was in our weyr…probably still is?” She totally forgot about Kiena. Good thing Th’ero brought her up before they got home, right?

Oh right. Th’ero stops mid-step and then swears under his breath. “Shards. I’d… It may be best if I speak to her tomorrow. Early tomorrow. Do you know if any of the guest weyrs are available? Acceptable even…” Furious as he may be with his sister, he’s not about to toss her into a hole or something. All he knows is he does NOT want the bluerider in his weyr — even though it was him who ordered her there (via Velokraeth).

Kimmila grimaces slightly. “I can find out,” she murmurs, turning towards the caverns. “And I’ll get us some food?” She’ll leave Th’ero to deal with Kiena, even if it’s just to tell her to go stay in a guest weyr.

Th’ero nods his head briskly. “Do it.” he tells her, already setting his jaw and squaring his shoulders in preparation to square off with Kiena. It won’t take him long. He has a purpose and he’ll see it through to the end, even though it ends up with a bit of a shouting match between siblings and a not-so sober Kiena storming her way across the Weyr.

At least no punches were thrown? After making sure Ujinath knows where the free guest weyr is, Kimmila gets a simple meal from the living caverns and heads back to their weyr. “How did it go?”

Ujinath knows where to go and he’ll settle sentinel like outside of it while Kiena is within the guest weyr. Th’ero has already begun to unwind now that their home weyr is empty and so far no one has come knocking or calling for him. “Not well.” What else did she expect?

Kimmila expected it to not go well. So she just nods as she puts their food down on the table. “Tomorrow,” she says quietly. “Tonight, we’ll relax.” So he can recover and not be /too/ crazy tomorrow when talking to Kiena and Kyzen.

“Tomorrow.” Th’ero agrees and sighs heavily as he strides to her and without a word he attempts to pull her into his embrace. “Are you alright? Velokraeth told me he had to inform Varmiroth of the events…” Meaning she probably got a good shock coming home, didn’t she?

Kimmila nods as she leans into and returns his embrace. “I’m fine. Since no one was killed.” She wouldn’t be fine otherwise.

Th’ero holds her against him, his hand gently stroking her back. He grimaces, “Came sharding close. Could’ve been anyone in that smithy.” It could have been their eldest son. Resting his cheek against Kimmila’s head, he exhales. “What’re we going to do about Kyzen?”

Kimmila returns his embace with a low sigh. “Could/ve been,” she agrees quietly. Another sigh. “I don’t know, wingmate…I really don’t.”

“We can correct him and try to teach him but I’m at a loss of how to make it stick. Could be he’s just… too curious. Well meaning but just… It worries me.” Th’ero admits as he hugs her tightly and then eases up on the embrace to bring her to the couch. May as well get dinner while it’s still warm? “The boy’s luck is going to run out.”

Kimmila actually smiles a little bit, leaning up to kiss him gently and move to the couch, pausing to bring their food with them from the table. “He is very curious and energetic. Good qualities, just…not controlled.”

Th’ero kisses back and will settle heavily into the couch, sitting close enough to her for comfort but not crowding her either. “Yet when we seem to try to control them, he just gets more out of hand. Beginning to wonder if we shouldn’t just… back off.” he mutters.

Kimmila pauses, turning to look at him with her brows lifted. “Back off? How…how much?”

Th’ero can only shrug his shoulders, “I’m not sure, Wingmate? Only it seems the more we scold him and lecture him, the more likely he’s just going to go on and do it regardless. It’s almost like… he has to puzzle it out for himself.” He doesn’t LIKE the idea though. Given that Kyzen being left to his own devices as almost got himself (and others!) killed.

Pressing her lips together, Kimmila sighs. “But puzzling it out for himself is so dangerous.” Like what he done so far hasn’t been?

“I know. It seems either way he’s just bound to be mischievous or get into situations…” Th’ero just shakes his head and tries to gently take her hand or rest it on her thigh. “We’ll make it work somehow. Maybe if we back off, he won’t feel the need to prove himself.”

“Do you think he’s proving himself to us?” Kimmila asks. “Or to his so-called friends? Because we can’t control them.”

Th’ero frowns. He hadn’t thought of that! “Could be a bit of both? He’s at that age that showing off to his friends is… a thing, I guess.” He smirks. “No, we can’t control his friends. We can try to keep telling him right from wrong but it’ll be his choice in the end. Not like we can keep him locked up.”

Kimmila sighs. “Be easier if we could,” she mutters, half kidding - only half. “I don’t know, wingmate. Giving him more freedom after this…wouldn’t that seem like a reward?”

“I don’t think we should give him more freedom. He has enough of it for now at his age. I meant more… that I wasn’t going to take any of it away for what he did tonight. Just remind him of… previous lessons.” Th’ero explains and then smirks. “We’re not going to control his friends, wingmate.”

Kimmila smirks at him. “I meant it’d be easier if we could keep him locked up.” Nibbling some of their dinner she finally nods. “I think you’re right though…he has to learn on his own sometime…”

Th’ero smirks back and then can’t help but chuckle dryly. “I bet if we tried, he’d find a way out. He’s too clever sometimes. Stubborn. Willful. He’s either going to finally understand or we’ve the beginning to a wild child on our hands. Shards. And to think he’ll be ten in another Turn.”

Kimmila grins wryly. “Wonder where he gets those qualities from…” Then she blinks. “He’s almost ten?” How time flies!

“I’m not all to blame for those qualities.” Th’ero drawls in a dry tone while giving her a level look. Don’t pin all the blame on him! He smirks, “He’s nine and a bit now. The twins are four.” Time flies indeed. “At least they don’t seem to be taking after their older brother.”

Kimmila grins more. “I didn’t say you were,” she drawls slowly. “Mmm. The twins get into enough mischief with each other. Perhaps that’s why they’re in less trouble - they’re limited by what they can come up with on their own…” Or they’re easier to keep track of, since there’s two of them.

Th’ero chuckles. “I suppose you’re right. You’d think Kyzen would play with them…” He shakes his head. That’d be wishful thinking, wouldn’t it, that Kyzen’s younger siblings would rub off on him! Finally, he reaches for some of the food Kimmila brought in from the kitchens. At least he’s eating now? And not ignoring it.

Kimmila smirks. “Do we really want him influencing them?” Because she’s afraid of Kyzen rubing off on /them/. She watches him eat closely, gauging his mood b how he eats the food she brought for them both to share.

Th’ero mutters something around a mouthful of food that sounds awfully close to an oath. “He better not. Kyzen’s difficult enough on his own. Doubled…” The Weyr would be in for it. He continues to eat steadily and will polish off his plate of any scraps before setting it aside. “Don’t get me wrong. I love our children… and I still think Kyzen will calm with age.” Yeah, like when he’s in his forties (and maybe not even then!).

Kimmila laughs with that. “You think? If he’s anything like us he’ll never calm down…he’ll just get smarter at his mischief and trouble making.” More sophisticated. More dangerous.

“That’s a frightening thought.” Th’ero can’t help but imagine what kind of man Kyzen will grow up to be. He smirks and his tone is teasing. “I bet he’ll master his abilities at starting or finding trouble. So long as he doesn’t start doing it on purpose…” Or becomes anything like him when he was Kyzen’s age.

Kyzen won’t. His family life is so different from Th’ero’s upbringing, there’s no way he’d become the same or even close. Kimmila grins with a smirk. “I’d say he’s already mastered starting and finding trouble…now he just needs to master getting /out/ of trouble.”

So very true. Th’ero snorts, “Yeah. Then we’ll really be in trouble!” Little do they know, Kyzen’s first taste of “getting away with it” will happen soon enough when he sneaks onto the Sands to peek at Kouzevelth’s eggs (and then get chased off by the gold when he stupidly dares to try and touch one).

Maybe he needs to be fostered to some remote holding. Maybe Stonehaven for a winter. Snuggling in close against his side, Kimmila gets comfortable with a low exhale of breath. “We’ll just have to keep doing the best we can,” she murmurs.

Th’ero had been thinking of something along those lines and they had planned to put Kyzen in the family hold outside of Southern Boll. Only that never came to be… They’re busy parents! “Agreed. Perhaps this will be the last of it… Maybe he’s scared himself enough to behave.” Or at least keep his daring to minimal.

Perhaps now’s the time? “Maybe…for a little while until something else comes up.” Kimmila knows Kyzen won’t stay out of trouble for long. Because where’s the fun in that?

No fun at all and what child doesn’t get into trouble now and again? “Do you think there’s anything more he could possibly do? I think this may curb his… enthusiasm for a bit.” Let Th’ero have SOME hope that Kyzen will calm down — even if just for the next few months.

Kimmila laughs. “That’s tempting fate, to even ask that question, wingmate. Of course there’s more he could do…” Kimmila doesn’t think Kyzen is going to change. “Maybe we need to focus more on survival skills…”

Th’ero frowns, “Are you saying I just jinxed our son?” he mutters and then sighs heavily, reaching over to slide his arm around her shoulders and draw her close as he leans in to kiss the top of her head. “You’ll continue with his hunting then? I suppose I could… see about teaching him other skills.” Maybe.

Kimmila smirks. “He was jinxed when he was born to us, wingmate,” she teases. She snuggles in close again. “Of couse I will…”

“Hey now. I don’t think we’re that terrible as parents?” They’re mediocre, right? Th’ero chuckles dryly and exhales. “Alright then. Maybe if we keep him busy… “ If Kyzen’s too busy he won’t find trouble right? Right.

Kimmila laughs. “We’re great parents, wingmate. I just meant that he gets his curious and stubborn nature from both of us. Kid didn’t stand a chance to /not/ get in trouble.”

Th’ero shakes his head and kisses the top of her head again while hugging her close against his side. “We’ll just have to do our best to see he doesn’t end up seriously hurt… or others for that matter.” Which brings him back to realizing their smithy is nothing but a pile of ruins and there’s an injured Journeyman in the Infirmary and he’s yet to speak to his sister… The list goes on and doesn’t even begin to touch the politics and meetings to follow. It’s no wonder he almost groans warily. “… should sleep.” Or try to.

Kimmila leans up to kiss his cheek softly. “We should,” she agrees quietly. “Tomorrow will be busy…”

“Understatement.” Th’ero mutters but smiles softly at her kiss. Slowly he stands and pulls her with him, intent on wasting more of their time by lingering on the couch. It’s off to the bedroom for them!

Kimmila is more than happy to go with him to the bedroom and hopefully forget - for a time - the chaos that is their lives.

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