Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

As it basically always is before some kind of disaster — the Healers are at least aware of the concern inherent in the way that works, and never allow anyone to use the word 'quiet' within the infirmary's walls — Fort's Infirmary is not really doing much. Most of the patient bays are empty. Mirinda is there as she always is, currently sorting through the stock in a pharmacy cabinet; a tall blonde girl in flight leather pants and a white tank-top is adjusting pillows on cots and straightening sheets (and muttering to herself about how she hates doing up cots). It's the kind of place that is just ripe for an interruption, especially considering they only have two patients, both of whom are managing themselves well at the moment. It's a bad omen.

NOT FOR LONG will silence last here. The BOOM of the explosion rocks most of the weyr and will bring people running from all over. Eventually though, most of the people will end up here. Exactly how is going to be left totally wide open, but right now, there's a red-haired freckle-faced girl with dirt all over her once-clean dress getting escorted into the infirmary by those helpful people. She doesn't look hurt, but there are still lots and lots of tears. "MIRINDA." It's half yell and half sob as the nine-year-old runs to clutch at her aunt and foster-mother.

Kyzen doesn't look hurt either but his face is streaked with tears too though he keeps his crying to more subdued sniffles and hiccuped coughs than actual sobbing (he'll save that for his mother, kthnx). So while Lianri goes running to her aunt, the boy will sort of awkwardly shuffle forwards until Kiena catches up. THIS time the bluerider isn't letting her nephew out of sight and will place a gentle (but firm) hand to his shoulder. "Come on." she mutters to him. Time to triple check he's all in one piece! It'll be a distraction for the major fallout that the bluerider knows is hanging over her head.

Well, Tiye's time adjusting cots is over. There are, in fact, now a bunch of more interesting things to do, and it is definitely not the dreaded q-word. When the seriously injured Smith journeyman is brought in, it takes the attention of whatever other staff is hovering at the time; Mirinda is a little distracted. Mirinda is distracted by the fact that Lianri is crying out and is covered in dirt and is that blood on her and what is going on. She's quick to turn around and gather the girl against her, pressing both hands behind the back of her head for a moment and just hanging on. "Shh," she murmurs, "what happened. You're not hurt." A question disguised as a statement lined in hope that the statement is true. Yes, she has to see to the major injury. She'll … get there. She's noticed Kyzen and Kiena, and makes eye contact with the bluerider in a welcoming sort of 'I see you and you will have my attention as soon as my child is done fretting' way.

Safe in her aunt's arms Lianri can just fall completely apart as she sobs and tries to talk. "Therewerebarrelsandwejustwantedtoseeand" sob, lots of sobs, "andthen, then," she has to stop to take a breath, but it's one of those small-not-really-a-breath kind of ones that makes you more anxious not less, "thisreallybigguygrabbedmeanditexplodedand," SOB. All the sob. Words finally fail her and she stops trying to explain, and just clings. Until she sees Kyzen, still there, trying to be all man-ly. WIth little hicups of breath she finally pulls away and tries to settle herself. "I'm.. okay. It's… the big smith. He's hurt." That's where all the blood is from.

Kyzen is totally trying to be a BIG BOY and not go into drama sobbing like Lianri is. He's learned that such theatrics are best for Kimmila (there's a fifty-fifty chance it'll work in his favour). Still, hearing her bring up the events has him crying all anew and sort've pressing himself into Kiena as though he could just… disappear into the bluerider. Kiena nods to Mirinda with a grim expression, both to confirm she saw her acknowledge them and to back up Lianri's story. "Journeyman took the worst of it, trying to get them out in time." Oops?

"Okay." Mirinda actually says that word more than once, though a lot of it is more soft comforting murmur for Lianri while she speaks and cries rather than actually talking to everyone involved. Otherwise, she is … processing. "I should go help them," she says, and it's stated in a way that's more gentle than it might be, because that means she has to actually leave Lianri and go do her job. "And I'll come back to check over you all once he's stable, or — no, I won't send an apprentice, we don't have — help yourselves to a cot or two, get comfortable and I'll be back in a couple of minutes?" It's mostly for Kiena, with a smile for Lianri, who knows her way around; Kyzen doesn't seem to want to be present and so Mirinda won't force him to engage directly.

There's more than a few sniffles left from Lianri, and hopefully Mirinda is okay with children trying to sleep with her, because the nine-year old will probably try that tonight. The patting does what it is suppose to do, because she calms down enough to be able to wipe a dirty hand across her eyes. "I'll take care of him." Big words for the girl, but she's going to march RIGHT over to Kyzen and try to grab his hand. "You have to sit here." And hopefully he doesn't fight too much if she tries to drag him over to the cot where Mirinda said they should sit.

Kyzen fight? Hardly. He'll hesitate and sort of dig his heels in as he looks up at Kiena. The bluerider just makes a shoo'ing motion and, resigned, Kyzen will follow Lianri. "We're in big trouble, aren't we." he mutters to her while wiping the back of his sleeve across his eyes and under his nose. Gross? Right now, Kyzen assumes that it's THEIR fault and not his aunt who is hovering close by and trying not to look too uneasy.

Mirinda does glance over again to give a sort of 'good' kind of nod, figuring that things like bedside manner are entirely secondary at the moment, and Lianri is doing a good job for her age and role. But the Weyrhealer is now distracted by stopping bleeding and all manner of other things with a seriously injured Journeyman; that leaves Kyzen, Kiena and Lianri in the custody of Tiye. "I," the greenrider-apprentice says, coming over with cups and a bowl and some towels on a tray, "brought you all water to drink and also some water to wipe your faces off with." Whoever these people are. The Weyrleader's son and some other people.

It's not that the sniffles are gone. They aren't. But Lianri has decided to pay attention to KYZEN at the moment. Another rub across her eyes only smears the dirt more. "We didn't do nothing." It's… not totally confident though, when Kyzen whispers at her. "You shouldn't rub your nose with your sleeve. It's rude." Someone has has her Lady Holder great aunt give a lecture. When the apprentice appears Linari makes grabby hands for the water. She's still all drama queen, but is going to put it into being BOSSY for a moment. A towel gets up and she starts washing her face off, though it's a little hard to tell, since her freckles are as thick as the dirt. "It's not our fault they left those barrels there. I can read."

"It's not rude. Where else am I suppose to rub it?" Kyzen grouses at Lianri, not really in the mood to be arguing with her over his bad manners. He sniffles, "We did so do something! We opened those barrels…" Whatever it was. He wipes at his eyes again but with his hand this time and plunks himself down on that cot. As Tiye approaches, Kyzen turns quiet but mutters a thank you to the Apprentice before taking a towel and glass for himself. He's mid wash when he scowls at Lianri. "How come you didn't read the barrels?" he grumbles at her from under his breath.

Meanwhile, Kiena is taking some water as well though she forgoes the towel. She keeps watching the entrance when she isn't (FINALLY) keeping an eye on her nephew.

Zhirayr is, naturally, completely furious. And remarkably well-informed. Someone blew up the smithy, in the middle of inventory, and that means that not only are all those supplies destroyed, but the Lists were destroyed, and so now nobody knows what's gone and everything's going to have to be ordered again from scratch. Somehow. (Kyzen's aunt had better be really glad she got those supplies at a discount and out of the room before everything went kaboom, because she surely won't be getting a repeat performance any time soon.) One stalking step into the infirmary, and the Steward's gaze sweeps the room. The Smith in surgery is not the one responsible, and he is the one who got everyone out and took the only major injuries himself as a result. He'll probably get a tiny prize, possibly made from all the shrapnel removed from him, welded together into a medal. Who knows. The kids, though? The foreign bluerider who's looking right at him as he comes in? Cue Zhirayr Death-Glare, Level Four. "You," he hisses. And points. His finger might be loaded with more explosives, considering the way it's vibrating in rage. Is it scarier that he isn't shouting yet? "What in Faranth's name — no, what the fuck do you kids think you were doing?"

"Um, sir," Tiye starts to warn Zhirayr — she is still just hanging out sorting trays and supervising these patients while Mirinda finishes a suture, and is not actualy showing Zhirayr that much respect, but he is technically outside her chain of command now, "You probably don't want to —" Tiye is, in fact, right. Zhirayr probably does not want to. Because Mirinda absolutely noticed that entrance; her ears have a particular attunation to his voice, and a tendency to walk away when it sounds like that. As soon as she's finished her suture, she is turning on a heel and stalking over to interrupt the apprentice's attempt at warning him. And really, he should have known. "Do not," she tells him sharply, "use such language on children in a place of healing and if you want to snap about payment you can do it later. These people have been traumatized."

Angry black-clad man coming and yelling? That is going to send the young redhead right back into tears again. "We didn't DO ANYTHING." SNIFF, and Lianri retreats behind the cot so that she can cower behind Kyzen. Because angry black man is yelling. Stop yelling. "Mirinda, we didn't do anything!" She's going to prod at Kyzen, start denying now, "The barrels were just THERE and no one SAID to not touch just to be CAREFUL and we were CAREFUL so it's NOT OUR FAULT."

Kyzen is a shield now? He didn't sign up for that! At least he doesn't throw Lianri back into things? She may find that she'll be sought out though as he seeks her as a shield or… someone to cower against. He's seen Th'ero in a fit of rage when he was younger and it terrified him. Zhirayr is no different. When he's prodded, the boy twitches and adds his own choked denial to having ANYTHING to do with the explosion. "We didn't MEAN it!" Uh… not the best of defences but the less Kyzen says the BETTER. The boy sucks at lying.

Kiena's relief at seeing the Steward in place of her brother is short lived. Yelling she can usually handle. Swearing and just getting right into things? Not so much. The bluerider bristles, hands clenching into loose fists at her sides as she glares right back at him. "Don't drag the kids into this." she fires back, though her voice remains more of a growl than actual yelling. "It was an accident." For which she is to blame — partially?

Zhirayr is taking deep breaths, because Mirinda has a point, and he probably shouldn't be yelling in a place of healing. That's why he isn't yelling… right? Except that then, well, everybody else replies, and those are … not good or convincing replies. At all. Sorry, kids, but no. It's about to get a lot worse, because in the place of Cold Rage we now have Crushing Disappointment. "I expected better of you," he says quietly and coldly, gaze crossing from Lianri (girlfriend's niece) to Kyzen (Weyrleader's son), flicking briefly to Unknown Bluerider Who Thinks She Has A Point.

That totally counted as yelling. It was very quiet yelling, but especially to children, snapping and yelling are pretty much equivalent. With the children basically defending themselves and Kiena having a point that's actualy pretty solid — technically one could argue the bluerider is partly to blame but Mirinda is going to stick to 'accident,' — she just Looks at Zhirayr, tight-lipped, before cutting in with, "Were any of you in the actual blast radius?" Remember that these people haven't been medically cleared to be scolded yet?

With all the looking-for-shielding-stuff going on, it's probably going to happen that Lianri is going to end up clutching Kyzen as Zhirayr keeps on yelling. His icy disappointment completely undoes the young girl and she'll bury her head into Kyzen's shoulder and cry cry cry. "Aunt Mirinda, I want to go home." Where stuff doesn't blow up. Though if bad stuff keeps going on in the Northern Sea Holds (maybe another reason why Lianri has been sent to the hold?), that might not last much longer either. But it doesn't matter, because the redhead is crying again.

Kyzen is just peachy with being clutched at because he'll likewise cling to Lianri. When all else fails, right? He doesn't even cringe when he's cried upon by the girl. Yelling terrifies him. Disappointment? THAT hits a cord and the tears start up again. "Wasn't our fault!" he protests again with a hiccuped breath. "Didn't mean to hurt anyone or make stuff explode!" Seriously. How many times will he have to repeat that? Lianri wants to go home and Kyzen wants: "…want my mother…" Because adding Kimmila to this mess would be, well, not good? Given her absence and Th'ero's… they're probably at the scene of the explosion right now.

Kiena continues to scowl at Zhirayr but her attention is drawn away by Mirinda's query and whether or not it was for her to answer, the bluerider speaks up. "Journeyman Aaron warned us just in time. He grabbed them," She nods to the cowering children. "And I was with them. Only he got the brunt." She only seems singed.

Zhirayr just keeps on in that same Quietly Disappointed voice. "Nearly every craft entails a great deal of incredibly dangerous equipment or chemicals," he points out. "One of the first things that apprentices do is learn how to safely interact with those items and substances. Which is why you aren't supposed to touch anything if you don't know what it is, or what it does, or how it interacts with its surroundings." He crosses his arms and looks down at them, using his height and imposingly-always-in-black-on-black form to dismaying advantage. (He's so not getting laid tonight.)

No, Mirinda is going to have the kids in her bed tonight. Well, not Kyzen. But Lianri and Taimri, most definitely. "If you're trying to talk to children," she tells him, with an almost patronizing touch to the arm, "looming disturbingly over them is not a good way to start." Okay, back to Kiena, and in turn the pair of kids. With people's faces cleaned off she's better able to see. It's such a chaotic situation that doing a look test makes a lot more sense than a full exam. "You'll all need skin creams for the next week or so just to make sure there's no damage, but it doesn't seem like anyone was really injured and you've all got your eyebrows …"

Kyzen and Lianri are pretty much guarenteed to be friends now. Because the have been through an explosion together. So no matter what happens they can go back to that moment when they were united against the scary black-man. Sniffling, Lianri rubs her eyes on Kyzen's shirt, which, uh, isn't too clean either. "Aunt Mirinda, we didn't mean to. We didn't know. We're," er, hopefully Kyzen isn't magically older than he looks, or Lianri will look stupid at her next, "not apprentices. We didn't know. It was just a barrel. Why did they have it near the FIRE?" POINTED look. SEE? not their fault.

No, that was actually a pretty stupid place to put blasting powder, it's a good point.

Nothing like an explosion to form a friendship! It'll be a story for them to share as they get older and laugh about it. Right now? Kyzen is far from laughter and looks just downright miserable and uncomfortable and upset. Zhirayr is looming and he's all confused and mixed feeling about this whole situation. Maybe he's starting to wonder if he isn't at fault. GUILT. "I'm only nine…" he mumbles between sniffles as he continues to stick close to Lianri, nodding his head to back up her claim. SEE? Not their fault! Will that get the Steward to ease up?

"They're too young to have known better, Steward." Kiena mutters not long after Kyzen admits his age and Lianri also protests the same. So WHY were they there? To Mirinda, the bluerider just grimaces and nods. Oh yay, creams! "We're fortunate enough they were carried out of harms way." Shame Aaron got the worst of it for his efforts.

Technically speaking, the main problem those barrels had was that breeze, since whoever had put them down had at least been intelligent enough to store them on the opposite side of the room from the actual sources of fire — just, failure by putting them in the same room at all? Check. Double check, even. Zhirayr lets out a sigh, and scrubs a hand back through his hair, and hates everyone and everything in a distant, fatigued sort of way. (Thys isn't alone.) "As for you," he says to Kyzen more dryly, "I really thought you would have had enough of being near fires by now. Don't become a Smith." The gaze he flicks at Lianri basically says he isn't buying a word of it. Sorry, kid.

Mirinda, on the other hand? Is absolutely buying it. While everyone else was talking she was aggressively eyeballing, assessing the skin and hair and hands and — everything that could've been affected by flashover of the people in front of her. That done, she's moved to a nearby counter to work on mixing the creams in question. "The kids don't have any proper training. It isn't on them, I agree," because someone asked her opinion? Also we're dealing with two children and their aunts, as opposed to people who are not inherently biased. "And they have to deal with first degree burns, as well as having learned a very good lesson. Also, Lianri does not actually get to go home right now, and I'm sure Kyzenviro's parents," look she remembered his name, "will have their own opinions, but let's go easy on kids being kids? They learned." And Lianri will get to go visit home, it just won't be until Mirinda can get a few days off. It's not like she's banning her permanently.

If Mirinda was hoping that he words would make up for the sads, it's not working. Because she says exactly what scared sad Lianri doesn't want to hear. "I HATE this place." The scant protection of Kyzen is left as Lianri pushes herself away, up off the cot, and is just going to RUN to the far side of the room. Totally going to brush by Zhirayr in the process as she cries and goes to curl herself into a little ball.

Uh oh. Kyzen had his FULL name used! Cue him trying to sink down into the cot and disappear. "…sorry." he mutters feebly. Apologies usually work on his parents! Will it work on Zhirayr? Then Lianri is flouncing off and he's alone on the cot… and doesn't want to be. Excuse him as he just, y'know… slinks away and back to his aunt's side. SAVE him? Never mind that Kiena's partly to blame for them all being here!

Kiena scowls at Zhirayr, "He can be whatever he want's to be!" she snaps, less Kyzen actually take the Steward's word to heart. "Accidents happen! Even to the most experienced."

Uh oh. Kyzen had his FULL name used! Cue him trying to sink down into the cot and disappear. "…sorry." he mutters feebly. Apologies usually work on his parents! Will it work on Zhirayr? Then Lianri is flouncing off and he's alone on the cot… and doesn't want to be. Excuse him as he just, y'know… slinks away and back to his aunt's side. SAVE him? Never mind that Kiena's partly to blame for them all being here!

Kiena scowls at Zhirayr, "He can be whatever he want's to be!" she snaps, less Kyzen actually take the Steward's word to heart. "Accidents happen! Even to the most experienced."

"Yes. Accidents happen." And Zhirayr is just tired of the fact that they always seem to happen AT FORT, to the stuff that his office has to deal with. "That doesn't mean that he needs to grow up daring fate for more explosions," but at least that's quieter, and dryer, and less… icy-cold-death-glare. He sighs. "I hope you realize," he tells Kyzen more quietly, even a tiny bit gently — apparently the apology counts for something — "just how dangerous what you did today was, and how lucky everyone is that nobody was hurt worse, or killed outright." Always assuming Aaron doesn't croak as a result of his injuries, anyway. Of course, if he does, the kids get charged with involuntary manslaughter, right? That means Zhirayr won't be the only one hanging around thought of as a murderer! Sweet!

No, they're stil under 12 and can't be charged with anything. Didn't that get covered in the meta already? No? Mirinda is — softening slightly, or she was, but now she's ignoring the debate between Kiena and Zhirayr in which actually they're both right and since she's finished mixing everyone's prescriptions, follows after Lianri. She knows better than to argue with a petulant child, but she does say, "If you go ask Tiye over there, the apprentice," gently, "if her Naisanith wants to take you to visit your parents tomorrow, and she has time, that's fine. Otherwise we can go in a few days." Tiye being one of three riders Mirinda is going to trust alone with a child of her responsibility and the only one actually there.

With mean Zhirayr over there, Lianri can start to pull herself together again. First, getting the sobbing under control, and then gathering up her shattered dignity. (Kids totally have it. It's just a lot smaller.) The tears now are not the scared-reactive tears of the post-explosion, but of self-pity. "We didn't mean to. I promise Aunt. We really really really didn't mean to." Her hazel eyes, a tear streaking down one cheek, look upwards from her curl. "You promise?"

Oh good one Zhirayr. Just traumatize Kyzen further! At this rate, he's going to have nightmares for days to come. Not that he wouldn't have regardless. "I just wanna go home." Is all the answer Zhirayr is going to get and unlike Lianri, Kyzen is STUCK HERE as his home is either with his real parents or his foster parents. NO escape! Kiena exhales softly and rests her hand against Kyzen's shoulder. "We'll see that you go to your foster parents tonight, okay?" Where he should have been all along! There's another glare spared for Zhirayr.

"And who are you, again?" mean-Zhirayr asks the foreign bluerider. Finally. At least he isn't shouting at the kids anymore, right…?

"I promise I didn't think you meant to blow up the smithy on purpose," Mirinda offers, extending an arm just in case Lianri wants a hug, or a backrub, or something comforting. Forcing contact is definitely not her style, but the offer's always open. "And I wouldn't say I was going to do something if I weren't, okay? If I need to use that phrase — yes, I promise." Because within that timeframe, she has to be able to get a couple of days off. She's keeping an eye on the exchange between Zhirayr and the others, now, finally.

Lianri totally wants the hug and she uncurls herself from that ball to wrap her arms tightly around Mirinda. For long moments the girl will bury her face in the smelling-of-herbs clothing of her only relation (and really, the only person she knows WELL here), taking comfort in the touch. "Is he going to keep yelling at us?"

Kyzen just nods his head where he rests it against his aunt's side, content to just wait there with her for now until he's either sent away or picked up. Funny thing, surviving such an experience! The boy looks almost drowsy, as if he could just sleep right now if they'd let him. At least he's quiet and not crying? Or is that a bad thing.

"Kiena, blue Ujinath's rider. Apprentice Smithcrafter from Xanadu Weyr." Satisfied, Zhirayr? At least she doesn't tack on 'and the Weyrleader's sister'. Instead she simply waits to see if Zhirayr will give his name in return or if this is when the questioning starts.

"Kiena of blue Ujinath," Zhirayr repeats, and memorizes, and believe me, Kiena, he's going to interrogate you… later. For now, his gaze flicks from one recalcitrant youth to another, and recognizes the post-apocalyptic exhaustion inherent to both, and — well, they still need treatment. And neither of them is actually all that likely to be able to help replace all those lost goods. "Steward Zhirayr," he manages to mention. "I'll be in touch." He glances at Mirinda, and almost says something, but — doesn't. And leaves, substantially more quietly and less vibrationally than he'd entered.

Technically, what they need is to take treatment and leave with it — which Mirinda really needs to swoop in and hand over. "No," she tells Lianri, and just like that, her prediction is — sort of — correct. "He is proably off to go assess damage. Figure out exactly how much money the Weyr needs to come up with to make up for this one." There's a little bit of a laugh there, because she's seen some of the other … interesting and eclectic large expenses. She is sort of instinctively herding Lianri back to the others, now, because she has to make sure everyone gets their little tubs. "He does that," she tells Kiena. "Just makes delcaratory statements and leaves. Don't worry about it. I have medicine for all three of you — topical, nothing to taste."

Mirinda has probably gained a little shadow for the rest of the day (who would totally be helpful until she passes out in some corner). When they come even with Kyzen again Lianri will finally look at the other boy. A little sniff, "I'm sorry…" It's an olive branch. Please don't judge her and make everyone not be friends with her because of this.

Kiena is expecting to be interrogated and looks genuinely surprised when Zhirayr excuses himself instead. "Of course." she mutters back in reply and will watch him leave through narrowed eyes. Mirinda's explanation to the Steward's behaviour just has her snorting. "They're all the same." Stewards. Clearly, she does not have a good track record in dealing with them! She does, however, wince at the mention of cost of repairs. "Hopefully the damage can be undone without too much cost." Yeah. Right. WISHFUL thinking! Or Kiena's clumsy attempt to bring light to a rather grim situation. "Thank you," She can say that much to Mirinda at least! She'll take her tub of medicine and make sure Kyzen has his.
He's distracted though by Lianri's return and her apology is met with a faint, faint smile. "I'm sorry too…" No judgement since, well… he's used to it. He fidgets awkwardly, unsure of what to say next and so fumbles his way into a farewell. "See you later…" He assumes?

"It … has to be done so it will be," Mirinda says with a shrug. A good-natured one; she doesn't seem at all irritated with Kiena. It's actually very hard to irritate her, and she both expects some level of disaster from Fort and … blasting powder, fire and young children. Her sigh is entirely over the costs, as she hands out the little tubs with instructions. Written ones, even, so no one misremembers. "Thank you. For taking care of her," the arm reconnects to wrap around Lianri a little, "and bringing everyone here." She smiles, even! Genuinely! Apparently she's become inured to all forms of chaos.

Clinging to her aunt, Lianri nods at Kyzen's quiet 'see you later'. And since they're leaving, it's her aunt that the red-head is going to turn her attention to. "Can… Is the smith going to be okay? I didn't like him grabbing me but… I guess I'd be really hurt if he didn't…" See, kids. Risiliant (spelling optional here folks). Just wait till she blows something else up. (because let's be honest, this is all her fault.) She'll cling to her aunt, asking questions and talking quietly till sleep, and someone takes her off to bed.

"Don't thank me," No, really. Don't! Kiena was the reason Kyzen was there! "It was the Journeyman… Aaron who saved them." Her bringing them here was just instinct but she'll take that much of the credit. At least there's a small smile returned and then Kiena is leading Kyzen out of the Infirmary and off to his foster family where he'll stay for awhile. Since the Weyrleader's weyr is where she'll be going and likely cornered by Kimmila and later Th'ero for a far more personal interrogation (with lots of yelling).

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