Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Fort is caught between the cusp of spring and summer, but on this particular day it would have felt more like the latter if not for the drizzling rain. When the sun does peek through though for it's brief moments between showers, it's comfortably warm. The Weyr is bustling with the normal activity and noting really seems amiss. The infirmary is quiet and very few patients grace either the human or dragon side. Tucked away in one corner, one cot still has the privacy curtain pulled around it. Not far but within sight, a makeshift desk (more a long table, really) has been set up and that's where Th'ero sits, several sheets of paper spread out in front of him and completely lost to his own thoughts. The Weyrleader looks unchanged for the most part and is dressed in his usual somber clothing. He does look tired though and perhaps a little stressed. As he shuffles through some of the paperwork, it's obvious he's favoring his right arm.

Zi'on was hoping to surprise Th'ero with a visit, but he can't find him at the office, or in his weyr, or even in the living caverns. So at the end of the day Suldith has to ask Velo where his rider has been cooped up all this time. Zi'on is a little surprised that he's in the infirmary, but for all he knows maybe the weyrleader is getting a check up. Zi'on heads down to see what's what, asking the staff and acting like it's very important that he chat with the weyrleader right away! After all, how often did one weyrleader visit another? Well, with these two it might end up being often. "Knock knock!" He calls out when he spots Th'ero at the table. "What's happened to you, then? Your lady get a little rough?"

Zi'on isn't likely to get too many questioning looks to his inquiry over Th'ero's whereabouts. Clearly he's not the first (or the last) to be seeking out the Fortian Weyrleader. Velokraeth must have kept his conversation with Suldith private, because when Zi'on calls out, Th'ero looks up from his work with evident surprise. "Zi'on!" he calls back, though is careful not to raise his voice too much. "Well, well. Western's Weyrleader now?" he muses as he sets the paper work down. The smile he had falters a little at Zi'on's next question, but he still gestures for the other bronzerider to sit. There is bound to be an extra chair or two kicking around within reach. "If only it were something that simple." Th'ero smirks a bit before sobering slightly. "It's a long story." And he gives Zi'on a slightly questioning look. How much does the Western Weyrleader know? Surely some news has trickled down.

Zi'on finds himself a chair and slides it over so he can sit down next to Th'ero. That way he doesn't have to tower over him. "You know what they say. Be careful what you wish for and all. Of course in my case I wished for it turns ago, and only now just got it. Though I guess maybe Suldith wasn't ready." Zi'on grins. "That simple, or that fun, I'm guessing." The younger bronzer peers at Th'ero for a long while. "This doesn't have something to do with all those people you found dead, does it? Did… someone try to murder you!?" Zi'on blinks. "If they did, you should post guards outside!" He peers at Th'ero, then blinks. "Oh. Speaking of murdering, I'm guessing Kimmila told you your sister is at Western?"

"Sound advice." Th'ero muses again with another slight smirk as he settles himself comfortably. Leaning back in his chair, the Fortian Weyrleader folds his arms into his lap, though the right is still slightly awkward. "Could be that Suldith wasn't ready until now or luck just favored you both. Either way — much belated congratulations. Miraneith must have clutched by now?" Th'ero doesn't flinch under Zi'on's peering gaze, his expression neutral if not a touch amused. He does look a little surprised that the other Weyrleader knows the actual start of it all. "It does. And … no, not quite like that and there's no need of the guards either. Trust me." Lifting his left hand up, he scrubs along his jaw, frowning. "Turns out it was some desperate bunch of holdless or some of the men from the group, at least. One went turncloak and came to us. We cornered the camp with the men responsible, thanks to the turncloak's information. Supposed to be handled by the guards and a Holder's representative. Talk, mostly." Th'ero pauses to snort, shaking his head. "Some fool shot an arrow and then chaos. The "leader", charged me and caught me in the shoulder with his sword." There is more to it, but he must feel that he's rambled on long enough. That and Zi'on's dropped another delightful shred of news into his lap. "Oh yes, she did. So Kaliena did return to Western after all?" And there's no mistaking the annoyed tone to his voice. "I take it she's well then?"

Zi'on also settles in comfortably as well. He's far less awkward. Also his clothes fit him! So that's an improvement. They're not baggy or too short. There's a shrug to Th'ero about why Weyrleader now instead of earlier. "Yeah, she's clutched. That's why Suldith is cranky." Though the bronze isn't very. Since he's likely found Velokraeth by now and is off bothering him. "Kimmila at least alerted me to the fact." He listens to Th'ero's story and blinks. "Sheesh. Holdless? I didn't even know there were such people anymore. Not renegades? Though… I guess renegades now. Unless you've taken care of them." Zi'on peers at Th'ero. "What were -you- doing there, then? At least on the ground? That just seems… crazy. I'm surprised Neyuni allowed it." Zi'on sighs a bit and shakes his head. "I guess I can't much blame you. I find my own fingers in every pie it seems these days." There's a nod about his sister. "Wait, return? She was there before? Heh, she's fine. Pretty mad at me right now though. She can't stand me, but I keep an eye on her."

"Why would Suldith be cranky?" Th'ero asks, sounding genuinely curious. Velokraeth is likely welcoming to Suldith's arrival and company, the odd pale bronze always up for conversation among old friends. "Ahh, I hadn't known Kimmila mentioned it to you." He admits and then grimaces, nodding his head. "So long as there are holds, there will be holdless? I figured it was the renegades who were a thing of the past." Th'ero's expression turns serious and grim now, glancing down at the makeshift desk rather then peer back at Zi'on. "We were there only as backup and mostly for transport and supplies. Then the situation went bad fast. And well… no one was truly pleased I was there but I wasn't about to sit back. Not after what Dtirae and I found…" There's a disturbed look to his eyes and then he blinks and shakes himself out of it, half smirking, half smiling as he glances back up to the other Weyrleader. "Still getting into trouble then, despite the rank change?" Th'ero teases mildly. "No, Kaliena disappeared on me. Wasn't figuring she'd return to Western of all places." There's a pause and now Zi'on receives a long, searching look from the Fortian Weyrleader. "Is she now…? What did you do to earn her wrath?"

"Because he wants to be back at home. Obsessing over the eggs. You'd think he'd laid them, the way he's been," Zi'on explains. "You'd think there'd be enough holds where as you don't like one you just move to the next or something. There's always people that -nobody- wants though. After all that I would guess that some of these people fall into the category." He peers at Th'ero. "What did you find? Other than the pile of dead bodies or whatever? Or is that what you're talking about?" The younger bronzer grins smugly when Th'ero asks if he's still getting into trouble. "Some. Not as much as before, but you can't expect me just to sit around and do -nothing- in my free time. Whether there be precious little of it or not." Zi'on raises a brow at Th'ero then. "What do you mean disappeared on you? She said you abandoned her. Knowing her, she thought it'd be the last place you's look." He chuckles a bit at Th'ero's last question. "You want all the reasons? Or just the latest one?"

Kimmila is sleeping on her cot. Yup. Sleeping quietly away on her stomach, a hair a mess, her empty glass of fellis-laced juice still on the bedside table where the Healer left it.

Th'ero only gives a knowing nod of his head to Zi'on's explanation. "Sounds much like how Velokraeth was. It's good to get him away though, despite the protests." Because what fun is it to stay by the sands day in and day out? He would have shrugged and still tries, though it's awkward at best to the other bronzerider's comments. "I don't think there will ever be a lack of holdless. But usually they're not a murderous lot." Th'ero grimaces again and glances away, frowning heavily in thought. "Dead bodies, mostly. It was disturbing. Just as much as the leader's lack of remorse. He's on the loose, by the way. I'm sure word has spread to the other Holds beyond Fort's reach, so I might as well tell you." Another pause and then Th'ero is glancing towards the curtained off section and guilt crosses his features for a brief second. "Kimmila was injured as well. We only just had her transferred here, since she can't Between. So I'm afraid you'll be down a Wingrider…" And Th'ero may have forgotten to send that report to Western. Oops? Despite the grim and serious talk, Th'ero chuckles dryly to Zi'on's next statement and some of the tension from discussing such dark topics eases off. "No, I can't really. Even I like to escape now and again. Only way to stay sane." Frowning heavily again, Th'ero regards Zi'on with a puzzled look and then his jaw sets slightly in frustration. "Abandonned her? Isn't like Kaliena to be so melodramatic. But she was correct." Silence and then poor Zi'on is given a narrowed and suspicious look as he leans forwards a little in his chair. "What did you do?" he asks again - which means all of it.

Suldith is normally cute and cuddly for a dragon. But on the sands things were a different story. Zi'on has to remind the bronze that their job wasn't just to babysit all day. That was Mir's job. While she eggsits they had to make sure the weyr didn't fall to pieces. Zi'on nods to Th'ero and shrugs. "Can't say I've met any holdless, personally. Though you don't hear about too many murders in general. Eh? The leader is on the loose? Shards and shells! Do you think he got far?" He nods. "I heard she was going to be absent. But I assumed it was for personal reasons." Wink wink. "It's best that she gets herself all healed up. Betweening can be bad for wounds I hear. Unless you're getting Threadscored. But that's not like to happen anymore." Zi'on lifts his shoulders into a shrug about Th'ero's sister. Then laughs. "Well, those might be my words, not hers." Zi'on leans back and laces his fingers behind his head. "Oh you know. Nothing -horrible- even though she might think so. Just annoyed her threatening to tell you where she was. Teasing her about her clothes… Then we made a bet about climbing some rock wall she found…"

"I've dealt with holdless in the Emerald Isles, but most of it was harmless. Usually just peacefully routing them out when some cotholder or holder complained on their occupying their land. But murder? No. I held that to something akin to a renegades touch. Which Fort has none." Th'ero points out with another of his smirks and then does his best to lift his shoulders up in a helpless shrug. "Hard to tell. My sweep riders report nothing and no word is in from the Holds. Laris is his name and he escaped with a few others of his men. He's cunning and was able to elude us. No surprise he still is now. Could still be in Fort or he could be half way to the South by now." Neither of which seems like an appealing thought to the Weyrleader. Th'ero doesn't wink back, but his smirk falters and he clears his throat slightly, giving a quick sideglance towards the curtains before regarding Zi'on again. "Her wounds are bad, but she will recover in time. I'll do my best to have you and her Wingleader kept informed." Back to the topic of his sister once again, Th'ero listens intently though he does little to reassure him. In fact, his eyes just narrow a little more. "No wonder she's lashing out at you. She's prickly enough on a good day." Interested though, he pries Zi'on for more. "A bet?" he snorts, not sounding entirely convinced.

Zi'on snorts. "Well, it sounds like this leader guy is either desperate or a psychopath. My guess is the latter if he just left the people there instead of getting rid of the evidence or something. Sounds more like a renegade to me." Zi'on tugs on his beard in thought. "Put out the alert for him then, offer up some marks as a reward. Someone is bound to spot him eventually. Alive or dead." The Western bronzer doesn't look too thrilled at the thought of him running around either. There's a nod to Th'ero about keeping him informed of Kimmila's condition. "She still won't move to Fort, hm? Or are you liking the separation?" He laughs a bit. "I've dealt with her type before. One day she'll warm up to me. You'll see." Zi'on grins then at Th'ero. "Yep. If she won the race up the wall I was going to give her some marks. Maybe five marks or something, I don't know. If I won though… she had to go on a date with me." Zi'on starts laughing again then. "She lost."

"Most of his band was just desperate and foolish enough to follow him. Laris though, is not right in his head. Don't know if that was his nature to start or if the rough winter warped him." Th'ero murmurs before taking on a thoughtful look as he considers Zi'on's option. Nodding his head, the Fortian Weyrleader is in agreement to it. "I'm hesitant to involve the Weyr any further then I already have. But I may have a Harper put the notion to the Holders. Honestly, I'm surprised they haven't." Th'ero goes silent again and glances down to his hands for a moment, a slightly crooked smile on his features. "It's her choice if she wishes to move. I've not really felt the need to push it on her. The distance has worked so far." He admits and then leans back in his chair to regard Zi'on with a long, almost blank look as he absorbs all that the Western Weyrleader is informing him on his sister's activities. "Not if you keep teasing her." The laughter is met with smirk, Th'ero looking not quite as amused. "A date?" he echoes slowly, "And she agreed to that? Huh. Five marks is a generous prize. I'd almost say it was cruel to taunt her with it." Because obviously in his mind, Kaliena stood no chance in beating Zi'on, which he then confirms. "So… you dated my sister?" Th'ero asks rather flatly and bluntly.

Zi'on shrugs a bit. "My bet? He was always like that. If it was the rough winter… he would have ate the people he murdered or something else like that. At least took over their hold." Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "A lot of times the hold leaders need a kick in the pants a bit. Plus they look to the weyr as soon as things start going bad." Zi'on peers at Th'ero for a moment then nods. "I guess I shouldn't talk. I haven't even brought the notion up to Xanshalla even though I've though about it. We don't see much of each other these days really. As much as I'd love to keep things going with her.. I don't know how much longer it's really going to be feasible." The Western Weyrleader grins to Fort's Weyrleader then. "Yep. Well, it's not like she didn't get anything out of it. Er, nothing like -that-. But I had a weaver make her a dress. And we had a fancy dinner. And a little too much wine." Zi'on tugs at his beard then laughs. "Uh. One date. If you can even call it that really. I haven't even seen her since."

Th'ero makes a disgusted look at the mention of cannibalism. "Shards, I don't think anyone is as twisted as that, hungry or not. But that's the strange thing. He murdered the Stonehaven cothold, looted it for what meager possessions they had and then left." He points out, making something close to a frustrated noise in his throat. "Eh, I suppose you're right. I still don't want the Weyr involved much further, but neither should we be entirely in the dark." Th'ero stares back at Zi'on and then gives a slight smile. "Ah, so you've been after Xanshalla, have you? Pity it doesn't seem to be working. She is an assistant headwoman though. Could just be as simple as a conflict of schedules." It's meant to be reassuring, really! Th'ero listens carefully to Zi'on's tale and it does little to improve his mood. But at least he's not going into some fit of anger? "You got her a formal dress?" And wine and dinner too, it seems. That has the Fortian Weyrleader blinking and then giving the other Weyrleader another long and narrowed look. "I'd hope nothing like /that/. You sure this was a bet and not some attempt to lure her?" Ouch. "Hmm. Usually Kaliena only hides when she's upset or conflicted. Or so I remember." Another pause and then again, Th'ero asks. "Sure you didn't do something to really push her?"

"I hope to never be that hungry. I think I'd rather hack off my own leg and eat it than eat someone else's leg," Zi'on says. What a pretty picture that paints! He's content to leave the subject of the crazy man on the loose alone for now though. Th'ero didn't seem like he needed more stress about it. And Zi'on's head is going in a million terrible directions. The younger bronzer nods about Xanshalla, pouting. "I dunno. I'm going to give it a little more time. The thought of breaking her heart now is nauseating to me. I don't think I could do it. But it's not fair of me to keep her pining after someone who can't be with her all the time." There's a nod about Kaliena's dress. "Mmhm. She needed some new clothes anyways. So I sent her to the stores and figured I'd get her something nice. In case she wants to go to a Gather or something." Zi'on grins. "Well… we did have a lot of wine… And I may have kissed her without permission." Zi'on holds up his hands defensively. "It was only for a second and she slapped me afterwards. But she let me walk her home, so she wasn't too put out I guess."

Th'ero only wrinkles his nose in distaste and doesn't comment on Zi'on's colorful image and remark. He doesn't need more stress, but it's unlikely he'll escape it for some time. Distractions work though, even if brief. "That may be wise to give it some more time." But there's a sympathetic look given to Zi'on then. The Weyrleader has had the unfortunate experience in breaking hearts. "Was she lacking that much?" Th'ero asks, sounding shocked for the first time their entire discussion. So perhaps Zi'on is off the hook for helping his sister. "I suppose then you have my thanks for that." Which he'll regret having said soon enough. "You /what/?" Th'ero exclaims loud enough that a nearby Healer apprentice gives him a cool look before shuffling off to whatever task they have. "Shards, Zi'on. I said /watch/ over my sister. Not kiss her and get into her skirt." He growls, muttering the words and obviously upset but not in a rage. He snorts, "You're lucky she just slapped you." Th'ero grumbles and then waves his hand in a dismissive way. "I suppose not. But really, Zi'on? My /sister/?" And then he starts to chuckle dryly to take the edge off the sudden tense mood.

Zi'on often wonders why Th'ero puts up with him. He's got a track record for rubbing the other bronzer the wrong way, or getting him to do things he doesn't want to do… and other things similar. It was never a pleasant experience, ending a relationship. Even if you want it to be over. "Eh? Well, every time I saw her she was wearing the same old clothes. Like she ran out and forgot to take anything with her, basically." Zi'on blinks then. "Hey now! It was the wine! Also I didn't even get -close- to her skirt. A harmless peck and bedding someone are two very far away things. Do you sleep with every girl you kiss? I -wish- I had that kind of power. Anyways, I am watching over her." Zi'on grumps a bit. "You asked, anyways. Hey man, I dunno. She's cute in an… angry disheveled kind of way. Or something. She's sixteen or something, ain't she? Old enough to date."

Despite it all, Th'ero does respect Zi'on and does like the other bronzerider. If ever asked, it's likely he'd not be able to explain why. He just does, even if it doesn't seem that way. And besides, Th'ero has always been easy to rile, what with this short temper and all. Th'ero broods a little on the tidbit of information Zi'on gives concerning his sister's choice of clothing. "It's likely she did or packed very little. If she would just answer my letters, I could help her too." But that is something to rant about another day, as he cuts off that discussion with another half shrug of his shoulders and a sharp wave of his hand. "I don't /kiss/ other girls." Th'ero remarks with a smirk, "But I'll take your word for it. That it was wine and harmless." He tries not to grimace when Zi'on calls his sister cute, but the other Weyrleader does have a logical point. "True. So if she does end up choosing you then so be it. I don't like it, but who am I to rule over her?" He's just being a concerned big brother, that's all! Giving Zi'on another level look, Th'ero does finally smile faintly. "I trust you. I just… wasn't expecting /that/ as an update to my sisters whereabouts and health." More might have been said, but then a Healer is approaching and Th'ero groans a little. "Damn. I'm afraid we'll have to catch up more later." He tells Zi'on with an apologetic look. By what the Healer is carrying, it looks like bandages and salves, though Th'ero makes it seem like it's a bundle of torture devices. "It was nice to catch up. Do send my regards to everyone in Western. Kaliena as well, though you may get a verbal lashing for it." He warns with a smirk, before slowly rising and leaning just enough to clasp Zi'on on the shoulder should he be able to reach with his good arm and hand. "And maybe I'll be by Western sometime soon, before Suldith and Miraneith's eggs hatch. Take care of yourself and good luck!" And with that, Th'ero reluctantly parts ways and heads to what must be "his" cot, since the Healer meets him there and promptly pulls the curtain closed for privacy.

Zi'on frowns and nods. "Well, she's got clothes now. And a place to sleep and all at the weyr. She didn't want her own room or anything, so I didn't force it on her." In other words, she's safe and when she's not around Zi'on probably mostly happy. "Eh… If you don't like it then I won't pursue her or anything. I got enough girl trouble as it is." Zi'on looks to the approaching healer and sighs. "Ah well. We can catch up more later. Sorry about… well, everything. Your shoulder, the holdless, kissing your sister…" Not a happy visit really! "I'll be there. Good luck getting back on the mend." Zi'on excuses himself while the healer goes about Th'ero's business.

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