Fort Weyr - Smithy Repairs
Off the tunnel leading to the inner sections of Fort Weyr is this small smith shop. The entry area has been separated off from the forge in the back by a U-shaped counter, forming a nice little waiting area for customers. There are a few chairs there for sitting. The counter in front is covered in piles of papers: receipts mostly, standards paperwork, signed copies of things, and other bits of this and that. A plaque on the counter reads: In Living Memory of Jedrek, original owner/operator.
The forge itself is off to the right of the shop, carved right into the stone and has several anvils around it that the smiths uses to shape the metal against. There are a few different workbenches each with their own tools for different jobs, the one that stands out the most is the long one closest to the door. This one is covered in small metal parts and where the smiths usually sit to repair items. The left side of the shop's wall has many machinery parts hanging on it and some larger tools.
Towards the back of the left side of the shop is a staircase leading up into a private living area.

Aaron is manning the counter today at the smith's shop. The huge man looks like he's settled right into the new posting, half-slumped on a stool behind the counter and enjoying the current lack of customers. The smithy beyond is a bit of a mess, though a trained eye would be able to discern that there is an inventory going on. Looking here and there, one might spot spare tools, raw metals, a small barrel full of runner shoes, and even, way towards the back, a (presumably?) empty barrel or two of blasting powder….

Kiena is no customer and certainly not a regular here but Smith related necessities bring her here and the bluerider will stride inside as though she has been here before on a steady basis. That mess is eyed but even for an Apprentice such as herself she knows it means inventory and not just a lack of smarts on Fortian Smiths. "Slow day?" she drawls to Aaron with a crooked half-smirk, only to quickly look down beside her where Kyzen is already straining to see the more curious of things. "Stay out of trouble." she mutters at the boy before her attention refocuses on Aaron. Probably not wise to bring a child in here but Kiena's had to improvise since being handed her nephew in a sort of "family emergency" — and they wonder why she doesn't visit that often!

Aaron looks up at the words and smiles, pulling himself up off the stool and offering a hand in greeting. "You could say that. I'm Aaron, Journeyman around these parts, pleased to meet you." Kyzen gets an /eye/, but since he's with his… mother?, Aaron presumes that he'll listen to the woman. "Slow day, and I ran out of apprentices to help with inventory. Funny how they think they deserve time off," he says with a chuckle. "So, what can I do for you?" Kyzen? Totally ignored for now.

Kyzen is fine with being ignored. Used to it, actually. Which is why he's a Master in sneaking away. There were REASONS his parents harnessed him folks as a toddler. So while the adults are busy being boring with the talking, the boy will quietly slip away and into the more EXCITING parts of a Smith forge! He's careful too not to touch anything (yet) and avoid Apprentices. Kiena will take Aaron's hand and clasp it briefly. "Kiena, Apprentice and rider of blue Ujinath from Xanadu. Well met," she says with a dry chuckle. "Doesn't surprise me. I'd offer to help if I wasn't sort of short on time myself. Though perhaps asking you about materials mid inventory will be… difficult?"

Aaron is good at ignoring things that he probably shouldn't… "Well met, Kiena, and the same to your lifemate, and welcome to our… humble abode," he says with a wink. "How long have you been at Xanadu? I did a stint down there Turns and Turns ago. And, depending on what you're needing, I should still be able to help you out. We have Lists!" he says, pointing to a stack of papers. The L is very obviously capitalized, and only a little sarcastic.

Kiena likewise is ignoring someone she shouldn't be ignoring (and will get in later from her brother who happens to be the Weyrleader in Fort). "Oh, several Turns now. Started in Half Moon Bay and even had a stint in Ierne. Didja now? What made you come up north then? Or did the Hall send you here?" Oh the joys of being a Crafter? Her nose wrinkles a bit as those stacks of paper are pointed out. "Funny you should mention lists…" Because the bluerider has her own and she'll slip it out of her jacket and hand the piece of scrap paper to Aaron. "Just a bit of this 'n that. Mostly for a project of mine. Jewelry work… fickle things." Which require specific metals. "And some stuff we're short on and I heard Fort could possibly spare."

Aaron chuckles and nods. "The hall sent me here. Not that I mind, though. A few Turns in a new place is always interesting." He takes the list and peers at it, nodding for a few moments. "Well, I oughta be able to help you with most of these. Nothing too exotic, not that we really /have/ exotic here. Give me a moment and I'll have you help me look." And with that, he goes diving through the lists, looking for the things on the Other list…

Kyzen , meanwhile, is enjoying his freedom while it lasts. Skulking about, he'll eventually get a little bold with his explorations when the coast is clear. Poking this, peeking at that. He'll avoid going too close to the actual forges. Even he knows better than THAT! The more he explores though, the farther he is from Kiena and Aaron. "Figured you'd be able to get most of that list. Definitely nothing exotic…" Not this time! Kiena hates those errands the most and probably ends up with them more often than not since she rides a dragon and can travel far more easily. The bluerider will follow Aaron, figuring the Journeyman won't mind. "So you don't mind being transferred?"

Aaron doesn't mind in the least, and has in fact forgotten that there was ever a small child in here. "Here we are," the big man says, gesturing towards the lists. "Section C, boxes 2 and 4, and bag 14…" Off the go, a little deeper into the smithy, but not quite as far as Kyzen. "I don't mind being transferred in the least, as long as it's not back to the hall. I'm a journeyman, I'm supposed to journey, right?" he asks with a teasing wink.
Trouble is just going to waltz in in sensible brown shoes and a flurry of red hair. A new addition to the weyr, Lianri is still huffy about the abrupt UP ROOTING she has gone through, though her aunt Mirinda isn't that bad. She's been sent on a carrying-stuff errand, with awesome foreshadowing, BURN OINTMENT. Seeing that the adults are engaged her attention will fix on the BOY in the room. "Hey, you." Her tone is light and faintly melodic, and her dresses swish as she edges closer.

"Section C… Jays, how much inventory do you have?" Kiena drawls in a teasing manner as a Smith can with another Smith. She'll follow along behind Aaron, unaware that her nephew is ignoring her previous warning of 'staying out of trouble'. "Suppose so but I know plenty of Journeymen who've never left their home area. Funny how that works, huh?"

Kyzen starts when that light voice speaks out and for a moment he cowers, expecting it to be an Apprentice calling him out. When he does get a better look of Lianri, he relaxes. Oh… it's just a girl! Girls are harmless. "Hey! What're you doing here?" he says in a low whisper. "You a Smith?" Or belong to one of them.

EYE ROLL. "Of course I'm not a Smith. Do I look like a smith?" The hand not holding the burn ointment gestures down at her DRESS. "I," and she's all imperious self-righteousness, here, "delivering this. What are you doing here?" Clearly, she hasn't been here long enough to know who Kyzen is.

Aaron chuckles a little, shaking his head. "C's just the general metal section. A was wood, but it's been cleared out, and B was tools. And yeah, I can't say I'm completely surprised by that. There are a few like that back at the Hall…" And Aaron obviously doesn't much care for them. Now rider-crafters are an exception in his book… Little voices get his attention, though, and he calls out without looking, "Hey, you kids stay away from the dangerous stuff!" Yeah, because that'll help…

Kyzen doesn't quite pout but he does look slightly put off by Lianri's imperious attitude. Not that it bothers him for long and he just shrugs his shoulders. "Dunno. Why else would you be here unless you were?" Geez, sorry for assuming? "What is that?" he asks while pointing at the ointment. Her question? Brings a grimace. "My aunt is a Smith and is doing Smith stuff. I'm bored so I figured I'd explore a bit. How come I haven't ever seen you at lessons?" No suspicion there but general curiosity.

Kiena blinks and then whistles low and soft, "Talk about organized." Wait, who's Aaron calling out to? "Kyzen, I swear I'll flay you good if you're getting into things!" The bluerider adds to the Journeyman's warning. Does she go an hunt down her wayward nephew? Nope. She's this close to getting what she needs and she's not about to quit now!

Lianri's just use to getting her way. Maybe it'll rub off as she gets socialized to not being the OLDEST of ALL THE KIDS. "My aunt's a healer. Mirinda." Name dropped just in case the boy knows her. When Aaron calls out about being careful she'll turn on ALL the charm, and beam. "No sir!" Like a little angelic angel, that smile says she would never-ever-ever do something bad. Before turning back to Kyzen and dropping her tone down, "what do you think they're talking about?" that they shouldn't touch. Because now Lia wants to. Badly.

Aaron is busy in the crates and whatnot, gathering the supplies that Kiena asked for and putting them all in a bag for her. "Hey, I've been doing this since I was 12. I have a bit of a system," he says with a joking tone. "Besides, it does make things a bit easier when we get orders like this," he says with a wave of Kiena's list. The tiny voices are again out of his mind, being ignored as he concentrates on his task. As to things they shouldn't touch? Probably the HOT things over there, across the room from the mostly-empty barrels of explosives right THERE!

Kyzen tilts his head and there seems to be a flicker of recognition for the name. He's not been in the Infirmary much and the last time he was it was, ironically, for the smoke inhalation he suffered from when the Galleries caught fire. At this rate… they're going to whisper he's cursed or something. "So you do things for her then? That's neat!" And probably more than Kyzen ever does. Not that he can shadow his parents and even though he IS with his aunt right now… he wandered off! He'll flinch a bit when they're yelled at but grin when Lianri covers with that angelic pitch. Niiiice! Kyzen doesn't scurry off and lowers his voice, "Dunno. Probably lots of stuff they don't want us seeing. Maybe the stuff that's in there?" How convenient that he'll point to those mostly-empty barrels!

Kiena laughs softly, "Right. I forget I became an Apprentice rather late in the game as far as age goes. So you reorganized this place yourself?" She's forgotten those voices too or the fact that she never heard Kyzen answer or that the boy is anywhere BUT beside her right now.

Aaron grins, shaking his head. "Hey, never too late to start. And I only reorganized it in that I directed the erstwhile efforts of our local apprentice population." And, possibly, moved a few of the heavier things with them. The last item from the list god into the bag, and he offers it to Kiena. "Did you have an account set up for billing your weyr, or are you paying in marks today?"

"Eh, I guess. Mother thinks it would be good if I was a healer, but…" Lianri is young, she doesn't know what she wants to do with herself. For NOW though… She's already shifting towards the barrels. She's not stupid enough to go towards the hot stuff. A swift glance over at the large smith and Apprentice rider-person there. Not looking? Pry, pry, pry….

Kiena rolls her eyes and while she smirks again, it's in a good natured and joking manner. "You Journeymen always do find such interesting tasks for all us Apprentices." All the nasty jobs no one else wants to do! Again, she digs into her jacket pocket but this time it takes her a little longer to find what she's looking for. "Marks. Just a second here… How much do I owe you?"

Kyzen's nose wrinkles. "What would you be other than a Healer? I'm thinking of being a Guard… but I dunno yet either." Who cares? He's nine. He's got… what, three Turns left to decide? Right now all he's thinking about is that Lianri is prying into things. Eyes widen and he scurries after her. "What're you doing?" he hisses low under his breath. "What if it's something bad?" Or… maybe it isn't!

At that moment, there's a gust somewhere above the Weyr, a small part of which makes it's way down the shaft that vents the forge, blowing some sparks into the air from the carefully-banked fire therein. Can't have the forge cooling down to fast, it might crack! "Well, /someone/ has to keep you out of trouble, Apprentice Kiena," he says with a smirk of his own. There's a moment's pause while he adds everything up, then shrugs. "Call it two marks even, with the in-craft discount." Because he wouldn't dream of charging a fellow Smith full retail. Unless they had upset him, anways.

With the barrel open Lianri peers inwards at… black dust. "Well that isn't interesting." Her eyes catch on the sparks that float through the air, their brightness the same tint as her hair. "Maybe the others are cooler?" The barrel is left open, and Lianri nods to another one, "You open it."

He might be upset shortly when Kiena's nephew manages to blow up part of the forges? Kiena's oblivious for now or perhaps there's a slight trickle of unease. That little voice nagging her to hurry up and grab Kyzen. "Sadly it won't be you, Journeyman Aaron. It'd take more than one to keep me from trouble." she jokes while fishing out the two marks needed to pay him. They're handed over and then she'll double check the sack of goodies she just paid for. "Fair enough price, given what I've asked for."

Kyzen peers into the barrel and looks equally as disappointed. "Wonder what it is?" he mutters, peering at any markings on the barrel but none will likely make sense to him. The sparks are missed but when Lianri prompts him to open the next barrel, well… he hesitates for a moment. This is a Bad Thing! Something that gets him into trouble. Yet… he's curious! And doesn't want to seem like he's scared or something. Just a quick peek! It takes a bit of struggling but he'll pry the lid loose just enough for them to peer inside. "Same stuff?"

Lianri is looking OH SO INTERESTED but… her expression falls when it shows up to be the same nameless black powder as in the other barrel. A huffy exhale of breath. "I guess there really isn't anything interesting. That totally bites. Hey… I'm Lianri. What's your name?" She turns her back to the barrels, still open now, and puts bold hazel eyes on the other boy.

Aaron pockets the marks with a smile and a nod. "Good on you, Kiena," he says, mirth in his voice. "Anything else I can get for you, or that charming little son of yours?" Where is that kid anyways? A quick scan of the smithy follows, and the sparks in the air catch his eye… Which is then caught by the two kids, and the barrels that they're playing with… The big man takes off with a surprising speed for his size, running towards them as a forge-trained voice rises up. "Get out, NOW!" Aaron reaches for the kids, trying to grab them and pull them with him as he's already turning and heading for the entrance…

"Maybe there's more somewhere else? Oh," Right! Names. "I'm Kyzen. Nice to meet you Lia—-" He'll never finish that because suddenly they're being charged at by Aaron and his first reaction is to RUN AWAY from the Journeyman (hey, they were doing Bad Things so of course he thinks this is when they get caught!) but he's suddenly snared with a yelp of surprise and dragged along. "We didn't mean to!" Kyzen protests, figuring Aaron is grabbing them for their prying into Smith supplies.

Likewise, Kiena's got just enough time to shoulder the sack with her materials before she makes the connection a second behind Aaron. Oh hell no! "Damn it, Kyzen what'd I say about TOUCHING THINGS!" she exclaims while taking Aaron's advice of getting OUT to heart (and maybe shoving a few plodding Apprentices while she's at it). Really, if there is ANYONE to blame, it's Kiena's lack of judgement in bringing a young child in here.

"HEY DON'T TOUCH ME." Lianri's voice is that high squeak of girl-who-knows-what-touching-is-good-and-what-is-not. Never mind that there is FEAR behind the forge-man's words. Lianri is going to fight and kick his hold because this is NOT OKAY.

Aaron is bodily, and easily, dragging the two children with him, and continues to do so as he makes it to the entrance of the smithy. Attempts at fighting out of that grip would likely be useless and just result in bruises. They're pushed ahead of him, towards the relative safety of the thick stone wall, and Aaron dives after them. A half second after that, a massive, deep <krump> sounds from within the smithy as one of the open barrels explodes, the dust within having already mixed with the air from being opened. This causes a too-rapid-too-follow chain reaction, setting off the other four barrels, one of which was almost a quarter full of powder. The resulting explosion make just about everything in the Smithy an airborne projectile, and the pressure wave squeezes the air out of everyone's lungs. There's a massive flash of heat, along with the expected smoke, noise, and generalized destruction.

This is why Kyzen can't go anywhere. BAD THINGS happen! How was he supposed to know that opening barrels of unknown black powder would have him being hauled and likely tossed behind a stonewall and then crushed under the weight of Kiena as she dives in after Aaron and Lianri just as they first barrel explodes. Too late he tries to clamp his hands over his ears and his startled scream is likely drowned out. Even in the heart of danger, Kyzen squirms and wants to GET AWAY but is luckily pinned down by Kiena, who is waiting until the explosions stop before shouting at Aaron after a rather colourful string of swearing and oaths. "Why wasn't that in a secured area!?"

Big fat tears of scared-upset-angry are flowing down Lianri's face when the barrels explode. At least she's not screaming though! It shows some measure of spine on her part. Once the BIG BOOMS finish she's going to try to pull herself away from the big man who is holding her down, crying all the harder for it.

Aaron hears…. nothing. Well, not for a while, anyways. Except for the ringing. Yeah, there's bells going off somewhere. Aaron was the last one out of there, and caught a goodly bit of the brunt of the explosion. Yelling isn't quite going to get through to him. And hey, the area was /perfectly/ secure before Kiena brought a kid down and didn't keep a eye on him… Of course, Aaron probably shouldn't have assumed that anyone that wasn't one of his apprentices would listen to him, or even know what /was/ dangerous in there. As it is, except for a few million sharp bits of metal, stone and wood, there's not really much left that could pose a danger to anyone. Slowly, he gets up, releasing his grip on the kid(s), and standing, making motions to pop his ears and try to flex his back to get rid of some of the pain… Of course, anyone standing behind him might notice the blood quickly soaking through his shirt and pants.

Kyzen is so crying right now too but quietly. He's done with the screaming and now it's more just of a shock response. That and his ears are ringing too and he's disturbed by that sensation. At least he doesn't panic? That is until Aaron stands and starts bleeding. "…blood, lots of blood…!" he says while pointing frantically around Kiena as the bluerider roughly inspects her nephew for damage. Bad enough she's going to get it for this but if he's hurt she may as well start RUNNING before Th'ero catches wind (though it's Kimmila she fears the most). "F—- aranth…" Okay, that's NOT what Kiena was going to say. "Infirmary!" Does she have to spell that out to Aaron. "You and these two. Who're you?" Lianri, speak! "Come on! Before anything more explodes…" The forge will have to be left to the others and probably a slew of Thunderbird Wingriders.

Lianri is a girl. She doesn't have any compulsion to be strong or brave or anything. The only mark in her favor right now is that she doesn't back off from all the blood flowing from the Smith, and the fact that he totally left blood all over her. (She'll grow up to be a healer some day!) "M', my, my aunt's Journeywoman," sniff, cry, tears here, "Mirinda."

Speaking of medics and riders, a crowd consisting of both comes running down the hallway, along with a smattering of other weyrfolk. Aaron, still rather obviously in shock at his close escape sinks slowly to his knees, and then topples forward, though it's likely from blood loss. Shortly, all four of them are carried off to the infirmary, Aaron with rather more bearers than the other three, along with a couple of wayward apprentices that ran as soon as they heard the bellowed warning from their journeyman. Oh, the Healers are going to have a busy, interesting afternoon…

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