Fort Weyr - Stonehaven Cothold
This cothold is nesteled high up in one of the valleys of Fort's mountain ranges. It has seen much heartbreak in its history, but it is currently going through a rebirth. Construction abounds as the cothold is cleared and readied for inhabitation once more. The main courtyard has been freshly cleaned and the stone walls repaired, new brick paths laid and gardens dug. The tree in the corner still stands but it has been pruned and now sports fresh, new growth, a small, round stone table beneath it being a memorial to those who lost their lives here on that fateful winter's night. Inside things are being cleaned and repaired, new furniture brought in and some of the older pieces being repaired. It is a place of renewal.

It's been three days since the avalanche, and Stonehaven is back down to minimal staff. Gerald has been keeping things moving, making sure everyone who has been in and out of the hold is warm, fed, and has the supplies they need, even though it meant depleting Stonehaven's supplies a bit. Ezra has been steadily improving, and now there is only one Journeyman Healer here to see to the last of the heir's recovery and make sure his concussion doesn't turn into anything more serious. Ezra has spent most of the last three days sleeping, but now his awake moments are stretching into the candlemarks instead of the minutes. This afternoon he's sitting up in the large bed that used to belong to his parents, but is now his in the large master suite, with the heart fires burning. He's dressed and washed, bandage still around his head and still moving gingerly, but his eyes are bright and he looks alert as he flips through paperwork. At long last Zoi is by her master's side once more, the massive canine resting by the side of his bed while her pups frolic and play in the barn during the afternoon feeding.

D'ani'd been present when they'd located Ezra and Lana but busy with things Th'ero had delegated to him and thus, while not able to rush immediately to the side of his best friend, he'd known he was unearthed and requested through Dremkoth to know how the young man fared. Having tried to see him as soon as possible, getting at least near enough to see with his own eyes that he was breathing and in excellent hands, assured that the heir was being made comfortable, the Weyrsecond returned to his duties, albeit reluctantly. In those three days, D'ani has been checking in a few times daily but thus far he hasn't been permitted in by the healers. Now, however, it's a different story. The journeyman gives him a brief report, sternly warns him not to tire the young heir to Stonehaven and permits him to pass. He pauses at the door, then knocks an upbeat rat-t-tat on the doorframe. "Haven't got a secretary yet I see," he drawls by way of greeting. He's also bracing because Zoi is there and her greetings aren't exactly gentle ones.

Ezra looks up with a smile blooming across his still slightly pale face, while Zoi bounds forward to greet D'ani with pressure against his legs and a tongue eagerly seeking his hand. "Yeah, well. Still waiting on one that's pretty /and/ smart," he replies, after a brief hesitation to formulate the comeback. "It's good to see you. C'mon in, how's Lana?"

"Good luck with that one," D'ani smirks, only to be greeted Zoi-style. He tucks something between his upper arm and rib cage, then gives her his very tasty fingers to lick for a moment, withdrawing them to give her ears a good scritching. Finishing that, he pulls out the rawhide chew he's brought for her and leaves her to it to stride to Ezra's side, hooking one of the chairs with a booted toe, hauling it closer to that massive bed and sinking into it all in one move. "It's good to see you too - finally," he says dryly, adding with a chuckle, "I tried telling them your head was harder than they thought, but they wouldn't buy it." Casual, but oh, he's intently studying Ezra behind that, brown eyes taking in his color and posture. "Lana?" He… heh… hasn't personally checked on her. A hasty check with Dremkoth confirms that, "From what I've heard she's recovering." And from where he's clamped it under his arm he produces a book, leans to offer it to Ezra. "I thought you might like something to read while you're stuck in bed." It's a book of the fish native to the mountains of Fort, complete with pictures, feeding habits and fishing tips.

Ezra chuckles. "Let me know if you know anyone," he replies dryly, watching with a smile as Zoi happily takes the rawhide off to gnaw on, and D'ani approaches. He snorts a bit. "Hard, yes, but not as hard as the rocks that make up these mountains. Nearly cut down to the bone, so they said," he says, reaching up to gently touch his bandage. Something flickers in his eyes, then clears. "Glad she's doing alright. I owe her something for getting her hurt." Like it's his fault the mountain came down around them. Reaching out for the book, his expression brightens. "Hey, this is great, thanks D'ani. I appreciate it. Still can't get up and do much so, this'll be perfect. We'll have to try these out sometime."

"Sadly, I do not, but if I find someone, I'll sweep her away to be interviewed by you," promises D'ani - and if she's Ezra's age, of appropriate rank and bloodline that'll be coincidence, right? Right! His brown eyes flick to that bandage and the friend of Ezra winces. There's a nod regarding Lana. Far be it from D'ani to argue a holder's duty to people. "I'd enjoy fishing with you," he says, although his attention is not on the book. Not… really. "How'd you and Lana, of all people wind up buried together in an avalanche anyway?" And come out sane? would be the next question, most likely.

Oh, how Ezra wishes for that! As for how they wound up in the cave…it's all Th'ero's fault, really. "I requested a rider to help me scout caves, and they sent Lana. We went into that one, which…if the avalanche clears, I still think would be a good spot to store winter feed, and as we went deeper the mountain suddenly gave way. I thought it was a cave-in, being raised near the mines, so ran for the exit. Lana, she knew it was an avalanche, and tried to haul me back." He got the brunt of all the snow, ice and rock hurling into the cave as the mass hit the ground outside.

Oh, so Th'ero is the culprit! D'ani smirks at Ezra's wording. Okay, so it's not all that far-fetched that that particular brownrider, of all people, was trapped here with him then. The tease about how he'd been able to remain sane dies on D'ani's lips as Ezra accounts what happened; he nods gravely instead. "Good thing she knew and acted quickly," he says. He'll have to commend her when he sees her next. Or… go out of his way to stop avoiding her and do it. "Cala was nearly hysterical. She, ah, wanted me to get Rayathess, so I did that and brought him here. We were all very worried." That's putting it mildly!

Ezra reaches out a hand towards his friend, his skin a bit sunken with some mild weight loss. "I owe her," he says quietly. "And you. Thank you for getting Raya. I.." There's a long pause, a furrowing of brows. "I needed him." Understatement. "I'm sorry I worried you. I…it was a bad accident. We were lucky." Another frown, deeper this time. "The Harpers came." Just one, but he spoke for all.

D'ani takes Ezra's hand and squeezes it warmly, though gently before releasing it, his frown entirely for the fragility of the hand rather than the apology. "Don't be," he says roughly. "You have done the same about me. It's what friends do." He nods solemnly both about Lana and the accident being bad. "You certainly were!" Lucky! Let's not think about what might've happened otherwise. "The… harpers?" His frown deepens. "Why?"

Ezra returns the squeeze firmly, sharing his building strength despite his looks. "I would've," he says, a solemn promise should D'ani ever find himself in peril. "Knew you were out there." And it helped. He clears his throat. "I guess…my condition was uncertain. Fort Hold sent a Harper with paperwork. For Stonehaven. For succession."

For being a help, that's brushed aside with almost a sheepish shrug; D'ani didn't feel like he was all that much help. He does nod though, never doubting for a moment that were Ezra in his shoes, he'd have done - been - the same. Stonehaven's…succession? That would mean… It's impossible for D'ani's frown to get any more severe. Now he's looking an awful lot like Th'ero? "Waste of paper," he says rising abruptly and it's at the same time the healer appears in the door, hovering like he'd said he would when time's up. "You're not allowed to die, Holder Ezra, until you marry, have ten kids, name an heir and see his first heir born." Sothere! And he stalks out without another word, throws himself upon Dremkoth and directs him to fly hard and fast over the crags of the Fort Mountains until he's calmed down. That'll be awhile. Oh well, the paperwork can wait, just like it has been for the past three days.

Ezra looks downright /startled/, but D'ani is gone before Ezra can explain any more. And then he's alone again. Sinking glumly into the pillows, he submits to the Healer's check-up, tries to read, fails, and ends up just sitting. Thinking. And fidgeting.