Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Early morning has passed and so with it the first rush of waking folk as they wander in to find breakfast or a hot mug of klah. The caverns are steadily emptying, but one lone soul lingers by the hearths. Ever since that basket was left there, Kyzen has been hovering by it like a wherry waiting to strike. Not that the boy is looking to harm any of the eggs. He's just very hopeful, as any nine Turn old boy would be, in being there at the right time. So he sits on the edge of the hearth, mindful of the low crackling fire, eyes never straying long from the eggs in that basket. Maybe he's never heard the term 'a watched pot never boils?'

Dawn breaks into day, in the usual manner, finding Beyrl heading in from the nearest bowl. Against the human and dragon tide, slowly ebbing, he fights (though push and prod may be the perception of others) through toward foodstuffs and a place to plant yet another tome of wisdom and memory that he may indulge in. The room scanned, and a time waited for others to pass by and out, upon a chance he spots a boy, near a lonely hearth. And so meandering he leaves behind, and a straight line he choses, leading to he-who-waits with such patience, though it seems to Beyrl that impatience is somehow at the matter's center. Or, perhaps, ancitipation is the more accurate. He says not a word, though takes a seat himself, and peers at the collection of orbs replacing the otherwise emptiness in the basket.

Anticipation is definitely the right word to describe Kyzen right now. The boy hardly notices Beyrl's approach or the fact that the Apprentice has seated himself nearby. All his focus is on that basket… and he just about tumbles off the hearth when one of the eggs finally twitches. Just a minute little movement but the boy goes from anticipating to down right excited. "One moved!" he exclaims but his voice is otherwise drowned out by the murmured conversations going on about the cavern. Most folks are used to firelizard eggs and their hatching but for Kyzen he is at that age where almost everything is still fresh and new. "Did you see it move?" NOW Beyrl is noticed, mostly because Kyzen seeks someone to indulge him in some reassurance.

Beyrl gives a smile, though not too broadly to distract the excitment of the lad of earlier turns. Upon his presence noticed, he gives a nod of agreement to the youth. "A marvelous motion to ready the emergence of new life, and a new story." is his answer. "Perchance your hope is in a blue? Or perhaps a green is what you might prefer?" his own curiousity is asked.

Kyzen is young and so much of Beyrl's words don't sink in though the boy is trying to listen when he isn't darting an eager glance back at the basket. He chews at his lower lip and then shrugs his shoulder, "I dunno! Guess I'll take whichever comes to me but I'd not mind a bronze. My dad is a bronzerider! But blue is pretty awesome too. Blue is what my mother rides. Dunno if I'd want a green." His nose wrinkles a bit before his expression smooths and brightens again. "What about you? Do you have a firelizard?"

The lone egg wobbles again, much more animated this time. Pages of Parchment Egg begins to rock in its little niche, rolling a little towards the edge of the bucket and whether the tap against the side is coincidence or not but cracks appear on the once unblemished shell.

Beyrl gives a shake of his head just slight enough to notice, when the attention of Kyzen is upon him for but a moment. "I do not, and have not." he answers the boy. "Mine is not a family of riders, but storytells of lore and yore. Though grand are the ones that ride the giant winged lizards." There's a motion to catch, and turns his eyes toward it. A curious egg, his attention it grabs, like paper blank, awaiting a new story to be written upon it. A pecular connection, he considers, between that and the new life story about to set new virgin eyes upon the world.

Kyzen's brows knit when he's done staring down that egg and he peers at Beyrl, head cocked to the side in youthful curiosity. "What's lore and yore mean?" It's followed with a snickered giggle. "Don't let any rider hear you call the dragons 'lizards'." Naughty Harper! But Kyzen seems to warm a little to the young man for that. "Doesn't matter if you're not from a family in the Weyr. Anyone can Impress a firelizard if you do it right and aren't nasty. You know how to?" Now it'll be Kyzen teaching the Harpers for once! HA.

Again the egg taps against the side of the basket and the cracks along its shell broaden, pieces of it gradually flaking away. Something within is definitely moving but has yet to break free.

To teach and to learn, a Harper's true motive, and a time for both presents itself. Such wonder, such joy, to witness the arrival of the new, to teach something to the young, and to give opportunity to another to teach, to experience fulfillment in the giving. To Kyzen's clarification on the nature of 'not lizards', he gives a grin, a connection made, however thin, between he and the other. To the queries, he answers them both. "Lore is of belief and tradition, a knowledge common to those of higher turns. Yore is of the stories long ago. Knowledge now known, and past knowledge passed on." As for the Impression, he answers thus, "I know not the ways of lizard Impression. Perchance you could explain?" A door to open, a path to take, for the young to learn the ways of the teacher, to give knowledge, and gain satisfaction. These thoughts, in concept, roam about his mind as he gives the boy another possible reason to smile. Another glance is given, that egg with hidden life, to the shell that cracks and falls. A peek, ever brief, gives imagination room to wander, like finding fur beasts in nature's shaping of clouds. He awaits with light heart the emergence of this one.

Comprehension dawns on Kyzen's features and he grins, pleased to have learned something new (which he'll promptly try to use on others and probably butcher it). "I get it now!" Or so he assumes. "So is that what you teach or are studying? You're only an Apprentice… so I guess you'd not be teaching yet." The boy is prone to rambling and when Beyrl admits to not having experience or knowledge in trying to lure a firelizard he, of course, jumps all over that opportunity. "It's very simple! You got food, yeah? Raw meat is usually best but if you only got what you have usually they're so hungry they'll take anything. Well… meat, mostly. When the egg hatches, the hatchling will be hungry so you gotta get its attention and when you do, you just think good things. Talk to it. Try to get it to feel comfortable and then should you not scare it off or hurt it it'll Impress you!" Kyzen makes it seem so easy! He smirks, "They're not quite like the dragons though. The bond is loyal and stays until you die but they don't 'talk' like the dragons do. They can understand you if you train 'em right and sometimes they can share emotions or memories. Some folk say there's not much use to them but I think they're great!" Of course he would. He's a child!

Again the egg rocks and more of the shell cracks and finally with a splintering sound the occupant breaks free in a tumble of limbs, tail and wings.

----* Teacher of Wisdom Brown Hatchling *---
Holding himself with a sense of discipline, this brown is not typical for those of his colour. Where most are stocky, he is long limbed and lean though still built more for stamina and strength than agility. Fawn brown makes up the most of his colouring, spreading out over his smooth hide and untouched save for the wide strip of darker fallow brown that masks his broad shaped face and tapered head knobs and runs the length of his back to the very tip of his long, whip-like tail. Long tapered wings boast sails that fade to a near wheat colour along the edges, a hue that is only seen again in the sharp curve of his talons.

Beyrl interrupts not the youth as he rambles about the current subject, for interest in such was his intention. Some sausage he takes out, for the confirmation of Kyzen's question, to show his readiness in this new adventure of lizard Impressing (though in truth, it's merely a snack to settle the hunger between meals). Once the hatchling emerges, uncertainty creeps across his mind as to indulge or sustain for sake of the boy, though meat he puts not away.

Kyzen scuttles back when the brown firelizard hatches and while he was eager for this moment to snare a hatchling for himself, he seems now wrapped up in using this brown as a lesson. "Oh wow, don't see many browns that colour! If you want him, I'd start waggling that sausage at him!" The boy begins to demonstrate using his fingers and that seems to draw the hatchling's attention until the boy shoos him away. Disappointed, the newly hatched firelizard creels piteously for food, shaking his damp wings free of any lingering shell. Eyes, whirling red with his hunger, begins to scan the wide world he finds himself in and his nose flares to catch the scent of food. Carefully he will climb from that basket, not quite graceful but he does not fall and he begins to weave his way towards Beyrl as the closest source. "Go on if you want him!" Kyzen encourages again with an excited whisper and broad grin.

Hesitation is met with an exuberant encouragement for the gain of his own firelizard, and the (not so) secret indulgence of a boy teaching an elder. An enthused grin crosses his mouth, and a nod of understanding is given, only to follow the demonstration recieved, with sasuage he waggles and wiggles. Meaty aroma catches the air, pulling attention toward movement of meal and man. His thoughts go to fields, of creatures and flowers, of happy times shared with loved ones, and warms days of youth playing in nature's showers.

Kyzen will be quiet (which is a huge battle of will for him!) while Beyrl works on trying to draw the brown to him. The boy will watch on pins and needles, the rest of the eggs forgotten though none seem to be hatching. The brown firelizard is very interested in Beyrl now or more so the sausage he holds. Talons clicking on the stone floor, he approaches the young Apprentice, creeling again as the food remains out of reach. Will he wait to be fed? Of course not. With a flap of his wings, he'll make his awkward first glide up and he may scrabble up Beyrl's leg if he doesn't quite make it to the young man's lap. His head tilts, whirling eyes considering the offerings both of food and curious thoughts of happy times and warm days but it will be food that wins out and so long as Beyrl will indulge his needs, the brown does not seem keen on leaving.

Beyrl awaits the lizard's arrival (though for comfort's sake as the creature ascends his pants, a bit of shifting to leave more fabric, and less leg), and offers the meat for the trouble given, to clamber up to the lap made ready, and feast upon life's first meal. A smile, honest and youthful, betraying an age that has not yet fully left, fills his expression, a joy not felt in a good long while. The emotion it brings not quite expected, a simple phrase (to him a bit childish) is uttered from his lips: "I Impressed a firelizard!" He does not excuse his outburst, nor notices yet that it passed his tongue, for the firelizard caught not just the meat, but his attention fully.

The brown firelizard makes short work of the offering of sausage and will promptly ask for more, vocally and mentally though emotion of hunger and desire and need. There is also more to it. Affection and loyalty, perhaps even a form of love as, yes, Beyrl does Impress the brown. No where near as intense or as consuming as that of a bond to a dragon but similar in a small way — like a sampling taste. Kyzen can no longer contain his excitement and grins wildly. "You did it! See? Not so hard is it. I'm gonna wait and see what else hatches… though it may take awhile. Silly eggs! You might wanna see some rider folk on how to tend to it but really you just gotta feed him and oil him to keep his hide from cracking and then train him so he isn't a downright pest."

Beyrl gives a glances to the boy, and a bright smile and nod to follow. His gaze is given once again to the lizard, and his last sausage as well to satisfy the need of his new pet. "I shall call him King, for he shall rule my time and heart and take my affection and food." he states, giving the firelizard its name and purpose.

"King? Is that like a Lord Holder?" Kyzen asks brightly but approves of the name even if he doesn't quite understand the context. There are no 'kings' on Pern but the boy is fascinated all the same. He would have lingered too in poor Beyrl's company, likely to pepper him with questions or impart more "wisdom" on him but it wasn't meant to be. Kyzen startles as he realizes the emptiness of the caverns and the lightness outside. "I gotta go!" he informs the Apprentice with a sheepish grin. "I've already missed most of morning lessons…" But it was worth it! "Good luck with your new firelizard!"

Beyrl gives a nod, for the question does deserve an answer. "It is, of terran times long since past, and a world far from this, before First Landing occured." The answer is nearly cut short as the boy realizes his plight, and a wave of his hand and a "Good learning." is given before the exit of Kyzen is taken.

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