Who I'am, Kassala, Kezresan, Xerosaeth, Toskavath
What I'am was injured and then drunk. Kassala checks on Toskavath while Kezresan checks on I'am. All of them discuss the dangers inherent with life.
When Summer - Month 7 of Turn 2716
Where Dragon Infirmary, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.

Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

I'am and Toskavath practically stumbled into the dragon caverns a couple of nights ago. The human with a dislocated right arm and the dragon with some injuries to his right wing. Toskavath has not been the best patient at least. Oh he has listened to instructions and followed them but has been grumpy about it all the same. Anything that would keep him from doing his duty! For his part I'am has been sleeping on a cot next to the dragon, his arm in a sling and abrasians healing on his face. Between friends, his weyrmate and his mother, he has more than a few people fussing after him. Right now it is Kravitz sitting next to the sleeping bluerider, reading a book as he sits watch.

Tonight, Kassala has needed a little space, and knowing that I'am and Toskavath are in the infirmary, the redhead comes down to check in on them. No doubt, Xerosaeth has poked her nose in, even if just mentally, to check in on Tosk, making sure he's obeying whatever dragonhealer was on duty. « If you don't listen, the sail will not heal right and will tear again as soon as you take to the sky again. You want to fly again, right? » Spying Kravitz there, Kass smiles, voice soft, "All going well?"

« I will not move, but I don't have to like it. » Comes Toskavath's ascerbic response and he lays his head down on the ground with a sigh. The movement catches Kravitz's attention and he looks to see Kassala. He rises to his feet in greeting, glancing between rider and dragon. "Yeah, he is just sleeping off a hangover thanks to the gang." He says in a low voice to the gold rider. No doubt given to who he refers to as 'the gang'.

« No, you do not have to like it. But the better you are, the faster it heals, and the quicker you are out of there. » Xerosaeth answers quick enough, her mental tones full of colors in an attempt to make him somewhat happy. The gold would be here checking up on him herself, if not for those eggs on the sands. « I will send Wiliyeth to keep you company. »

"Ah, I see.." Kassala murmurs, laughing softly, "At least they didn't get him into further trouble.." She can hope, right? "I'm going to check on Toskavath's wing. Xero wants me to make sure it has been handled up to her standards." Let's not have the head Dragonhealer hear that, hmm? She'll tiptoe away, moving off with a quiet word to the blue, "I am just checking on your wing.." If he would allow, she will touch his head, scritching him before stepping over to the injured wing to examine it.

There is a mental sigh from the blue and he raises his head to look at the gold rider as the represenative to the voice. « Who will protect the weyr if I am here? » As if there was noone else to do so. There is another sigh at the head scratch, at least acquiescing to that touch before nodding. « Why not another. His dam has been checking on us both very often. » Kravitz shakes his head, "No, not any further trouble.." He comments and he reaches down to touch a hand upon I'am's brow. The rider murmurs in his sleep reaching to the touch.

« You will have to trust the others to keep an eye on things while you are down. Wiliyeth and Roth will carry on and see to things until you can once more join them. » Surely the blue will trust his brothers to handle the weyr's protection until he is healed? At least it is the play that Xerosaeth will take on soothing his worries. Beyond the usual soothing that a gold might offer to another dragon.

"That's good to hear. Otherwise, I might have to smack Rio.." Kassala is heard to say before she goes on to do her exam of the blue. Studying what has been done for Toskavath so far. A quick mental question is put forth, and her gold will speak to the blue, « Mine wishes to know if you feel pain? She can add some numbweed to it, if you do, to make you comfortable. » Depending on the answer, Kass will prepare for that.

True to his words, Kezresan has been diligently checking in on his patient throughout the days. Once or twice while he is on duty, and at least once per day when he's not. Tonight, he seems to have pulled the graveyard shift and, after getting caught up on the day from the journeyman he's relieving, slips from the "human" infirmary into the dragon infirmary to check on I'am. Is he surprised to find Kravitz there? Hardly; likely a common sight. Kassala? Maybe a little more surprised. The journeyman is absent his (two! Because he is unlucky like that) baby firelizards at least, so there is no angry, shrieking demands for food to disturb the silence. "Kravtiz," offered in greeting to his fellow Healer. "Ma'am," to Kassala. A glance for the blue, long and steady. "Toskavath." He may not have a dragon to relay messages, but he's certainly heard through the grapevine how unhappy this particular blue is about being grounded.

There comes a streak of darkness on which the gold softly speaks, « I would dare anyone to come onto the sands that shouldn't be here. » There's a reason to be scared of golds, especially those prepared to guard their eggs with their life. No worries on who would protect them! As for the blue's comment as to pain, the gold but hmmphs lightly, « Mine will take care of it. » Soft assurances backed by a certain pride in her lifemate's abilities is shown in the warmth of her mindvoice.

Hearing the reply from her lifemate, Kassala turns to begin the preparations for applying the numbweed, coating her hands several times in oil to keep it's affects away from her own hands. Only once ready will she crouch down on a small stool to begin her work. Hearing another speak up, she looks up, offering Kezrean a smile, "Evening to you, Healer." Softly does she humm then, the sound something pleasing enough to the ear, as if she was trying to croon like her lifemate to the blue.

The dark skinned healer looks up at the arrival of the other healer and nods in greeting, "I don't think I had a chance to say thank you for looking after him. So thank you." There is a squeeze of those sleepy fingers and I'am yawns sleepily, "Thank you Kezzy…" He mutters tired as he rolls from his good side to his back, eyes still closed for now. Kravitz mouths an apology at the nickname, "His mates got him drunk and I reckon some of the fellis was still in his system." Yep, sleeping the day afternoon away. « Of course not queen. Noone would dare touch your eggs. My apologies. » Comes the rueful sound from the blue.

This is the part of the exchange where most people would say something polite and conversational like, 'how are you and your queen?' to Kassala or 'how are you doing this evening' to Kravtiz. Kezresan? Nope. Straight into, "how's his pain level?" which is either aimed at Toskavath, or I'am; unclear which, though his brown eyes are looking more intently at his sleeping patient than the dragon attached to him. The thanks that comes from his peer is shrugged off, not intentionally dismissive so much as uncomfortable with being thanked for something that is his job, which is displayed aptly when he says as much. "It was my job." Beat. "You're welcome." It's added hastily, as though just now considering that social convention dictates such a response. His gaze zeros in on I'am at that shift, and then there's that name that has him… twitching? Yes. That eyebrow is twitching, and his back goes rather ramrod straight. "It's Kezresan," delivered succinctly, though he seems to realize the futility of correcting someone who is MOSTLY asleep, sighing in resignation soon after.

Don't mind the redhead doing her work. While Kassala seems quite intent on spreading the numbweed on the wingsail, she is listening to the conversation going on between the others. When the nickname slips out, she smiles, though at least she doesn't giggle. Not that the two men could hear! Cough. Ahem. Quick work is made, and soon the blue should be feeling some relief from the pain he'd been feeling. "There you go, Toskavath. Did I miss anywhere's?" The question is asked softly as she looks up to the blue's head, waiting to see what might be relayed to her before she goes cleaning up her hands. A glance to the guys, and she murmurs, "I should get on to Rio for dragging him out drinking so soon after being hurt…"

"Yeah, I know…but still." Kravitz acknowledges of his fellow healer and looks down to his weyrmate at the muttered name. There is a twitch of Kravitz's lips as he looks back to the serious healer, "Sorry…" He says though really is trying to contain his amusement, "Wake up dear before you embaress yourself further." He says to I'am who of course moves to roll onto his bad shoulder which wakes him up with a yelp of pain. "Well that answer's that." Is the comment from the nonrider. "Could you grab him something? Nothing too strong though." I'am looks around blearily, eyes focusing first on his weyrmate then over to the gold as he mentions Rio, "I didn't drink that much.." He says and lets Kravitz get him to sitting. Despite his grizzle, Toskavath clearly starts to relax as the numbweed is applied.

While his attention is definitely on the human patient, brown eyes flash to Kassala and the blue, Kezresan obviously interested in the dragonhealer and her charge. He lingers there, watching the tending of that wing until the redhead is climbing down and murmuring something about drinking, and hurting, and he must be close enough to catch some of that (or he has really, really good hearing?) because his gaze flashes right back to Kravtiz with disapproval. "He's been drinking?" peer. "You've been drinking?" directed at the bleary-eyed bluerider. Yeah, no, that's not a happy look. Frown. Scowl, really. But a moment later there's a sharp "Sure," and a turn on his heel. Technically he *IS* on the clock. He's quick about it at least, returning with a steaming mug of (probably foul tasting) tea that is meant to alleviate pain (think asprin? Maybe? I'M MAKING THINGS UP OKAY JUST GO WITH IT) which he hands off to either Kravitz or I'am. Whoever wants it, really. "Numbweed will help too, but I'd like to take a look before applying it." Or, you know. His weyrmate can apply it and Kez can keep his hands from going numb. "How is the dragon?" this, directed to Kassala.

Whoops. Kassala let the cat out of the bag. Sorta. Amusement is seen upon her face before she winces when I'am attempts to roll over onto his bad shoulder. With assurance given that all is taken care of with the blue, she steps over to a sink to give her hands a good scrubbing before the numbweed goes through the oil coating. With a towel in hand used to dry them off, she approaches the men, and when questioned, offers, "Toskavath will be fine once the tear heals. It'll take a good sevenday or so. Hopefully we can manage to keep him from grumbling about being grounded for that long." The last likely directed to I'am since he'll be the one really hearing the grubles.

Once seated, I'am looks around at the faces directed at him, trying to focus his eyes. "Only a little…" Well it probably didn't take much in his condition, "You didn't say I couldn't.." He draws a finger up and points at BOTH healers on that point. Kravitz just rolls his eyes, "I didn't think I had to, but well at least they distracted you from grumpy pants." The cup of tea is sniffed as it is passed over and I'am gives an arched brow at Kezresan. "Is this a punishment?" He asks before grimacing and setting to to drink it. The blue dragon looks back down at his wing as he gently settles it back to his side. «It is fine queen rider.» A pause, a glance to his rider who gives him a look before the blue head sags again. «Thank you.»

There is a very flat, level look directed at I'am. "I would have thought— nevermind. You are correct. I apologize for the oversight." Because yeah, he didn't think he had to tell him, either. Cause seriously. Drinking? DRINKING?! And Toska let him? Hm. "Only another sevenday?" asks Kez of Kassala, glancing curiously toward Toskavath's injury. "How interesting…" but he's got a human patient to attend too, so his focus returns to I'am. Dragonhealing-questions later, human-attending now. "It's a pain-reducer," comes in reply to the tea, as if that was a legitimate question being directed at him. As the tea is drunk, Kez moves around to start doing all those healer-things, though he does try to keep the poking and prodding to a minimum. Whatever he finds seems to satisfy him that additional attention is not needed. "Do you want numbweed for it?" asked as he steps back, arms crossed thoughtfully.

Such amusement is shown as Kassala listens to the healer deal with the drinking, laughing softly to herself as she washes her hands. Once done and closer to them, she nods to Kez, "Yes, about that. As long as he does nothing to bother the wing, then it should be good to go. There will be some things that will need tending to it - oiling the scar to make sure it remains pliable until it's fully healed, but otherwise…" Looking from healers to rider, she smirks at I'am, "Could be worse? At least it's only a teacup worth?"

Kravitz grins at Kez and gives him that look of, 'Now you see what I have to deal with.'. Still he leaves the other healer to the tending of his weyrmate. He is here as partner not healer this time. I'am at least finishes the cup before handing it over, "Thank you Journeyman Healer Kezrasan." He offers formally. Kravitz at least helps with the sling and helping to get the shirt off for the inspection. His right side is quite a story of colourful bruising. There is a frown from Kravitz and he rises from his seat to walk over to Toskavath, clearly troubled to see his weyrmate in such a state. « He pains also. He can have the stinky stuff as well. » Toska passes through the queen, giving his view of numbweed. If he must suffer it, so must his lifemate. I'am looks up to the goldrider as she gives her instructions to him, "Yes Ma'am, I will make sure to take care of it once both arms working."

Were this a social visit, it is likely that Kezresan would be inquiring further as to the care and tending of dragons (dragonhealer in the making? Is he allowed to have two careers? Hm). But at the moment, he is very much acting as 'healer' and his patient's health comes before his own interests. The formality used is met with a raised eyebrow, and there's a look that passes over his face. As if he's not sure whether I'am is being honest or teasing him. Narrowed eyes. Frown. And he decides to ignore it altogether, accepting the empty cup and then setting it aside elsewhere to be collected by an apprentice or taken back later. "Alright then." For the numbweed. Followed quickly by "Ma'am?" and he glances to the redhead. "Is there numbweed I can use here?" rather than going back into the infirmary. Because apparently he came UNPREPARED (bad Kez).

See, that look made by Kravitz towards the other healer, is one that Kassala can SO sypathize with. Have you met her mate, R'hra? She'll move closer to Kravitz, offering him a pat on the shoulder while I'am shows off his injuries and gets checked out. As the message is passed, she grins, then turns to Kezresan, "IT would seem that Toskavath knows that his lifemate is hurting more than he lets on, and says that he should have the numbweed as well." Aside to Kravitz, she murmurs, "He seems to think if he had to have the stinky stuff, then I'am gets itas well." Hahahaha! Ahem. "Yes, there's numbweed you can use that isn't quite as strong as what I was using." Different levels of dosage, no doubt. She'll dig out a jar of stuff that is good to use on a human, and offer it with oil, and cloths.

For all his petite size, it seems I'am at least has worked out to make up for his size. Bruised muscles, lean and not an ounce of fat. Given the training regime his dragon and weyrlingmasters put him through it is no surprise. A look is given to his dragon as he gets 'dobbed in' but he just sighs as he looks around. He is going to be outnumbered either way. "Yeah yeah, stinky me up. Kravitz will never want to share a bed with me again at this rate." Kravitz nearly winces at that open admission and looks back to his weyrmate, "I prefer a less colourful canvas my love, I would hate to injure you further." He offers before looking back to Kassala, "I don't know how you do it sometimes, from my understanding R'hra has always been a thrill seeker? He comes in with bruises all the time…" The downside to the life of being with a rider, especially once who has chosen the search and rescue wing when he could have had a quiet life in the craft wing!

Kezresan may not be privy to the conversation between dragon and rider (or dragon-dragon as the case may be) but it seemed clear enough that those bruises were painful and numbweed would help. As Kassala offers up the items, there's a murmured but sincere, "Thank you," as the healer accepts them, pausing only to favor Kravitz with a fleeting glance as he goes to stand by the redheaded weyrwoman. He's quiet as he prepares himself, unscrewing the jar of salve before coating his hands with the oil. I'am gets a long look, brown eyes assessing the state of things once more before skillful hands work at slathering the numbing agent over his shoulder and across the more prominent bruises "The smell will dissipate," is all he offers, a murmur half-distracted. Though he is attentive to his work, an ear is cocked in the direction of the pair discussing bruises and thrill-seeking, jaw briefly tightening at the mention of 'all the time'. But his thoughts are his own, and in short order he's reaching for the towel to wipe his hands clean. "I will return," offered loud enough for the group, though his gaze is directed elsewhere as he gathers up the items used to return to where they belong. Numbweed and oil stashed away, and then off to wash his hands.

Dissipate or simply burn the nose enough you can't smell it anymore? It's a toss up, truth be told. Kassala laughs softly, "I have gotten used to it in some ways, though there are times he still worries me. But…" There is a lift of shoulders given, "To change him, would change the man I love. He is a little more careful these days, knowing that not only would I mourn him, but his death would mean that Wiliyeth would also go away." A pause, and she adds, "And Wiliyeth is a grounding influence as well. He helps." Thank Faraneth! An eye is turned to watch as Kezresan goes about his healing duties, and is quick to say aloud for I'am, "Kravitz isn't the only one who would give pause at such bruising. Ask Rio how often I have slept on the couch after he came home looking like you?" See, Kravitz isn't the only one doing it!

I'am closes his eyes as Kez rubs in the numbweed, the colourful bruising clearly a bit painful. Toskavath warbles and extends his head over to I'am in a loving gesture rarely seen outwardly with the two. « They will heal us and We will fly again soon. » I'am looks up to the conversation about thrill seeking, "Just part of the job…not like we go out of the way to find problems." Only volunteering for the tough assignments is all. « We find problems and deal with them. » Toskavath says in counter to his rider who just shoots him a look before shaking his head. Kravitz at least got to hear that part of the conversation and he just shakes his head, "That's what I thought." There is a look to Kassala then to I'am and Toskavath before he sighs, "Yeah they are who they are." He crosses over to I'am once more as Kez finishes with him and helps to get his shirt and sling back in place giving him a quick kiss. "Just hope next time isn't worse."

The healer takes longer than might be necessary at that sink, moving laboriously to thoroughly clean his hands (or is he procrastinating?). Eventually, Kezresan dries his hands and returns, looking more like the professional that he is, if a bit strained. He really has nothing to contribute in regards to the bruises sustained by overzealous dragonriders, though there's a look about him that says perhaps he is not as out of touch with this conversation as he might appear. A fleeting glance is cast toward the weyrbowl before he catches himself, turning back and schooling his expression into something guarded and neutral. "Life is dangerous," he offers. "We may live in a time without Thread, but there are threats all the same," in a tone that says he may know a thing or two about that. "It takes courage to be able to meet those dangers," which is to support I'am, though he follows it with, "But that doesn't make it easy on those who have to… deal with the aftermath, and worry about those who face them." Which is, you know. For Kravtiz. And Kassala. And maybe himself as well. A shrug, and he sinks himself into a nearby chair, apparently content to remain here rather than retreat to the infirmary (certainly there are no pressing duties for him, if he feels comfortable enough to stay rather than go).

Kassala nods slowly, then once more, offers a quick touch to Kravitz's arm, a show of solidarity from someone who totally understands the worrying that must be done with their mates. She may wish to say it gets easier, but she'd be lying. It would be noted that Kezresan's words gain her attention, her gaze to linger on the healer for a moment as she slowly nods her head a few times, "Truth." She'll gladly second those words of his. Finding herself a chair, she will turn the conversation to something a little more happier, "I heard tell there's going to be some sort of fishing contest at the lake later this sevenday…" Or maybe nothing official, just a few oldtimers who want to prove who can catch the biggest fish.

Kravitz settles on the cot next to I'am , a glance given to Kezresan as he returns and offers his advice. "Yeah. It doesn't make it easier, but like Kassala says…this is a part of our men." He slips an arm around I'am's waist and the rider nods, "Yeah, life is dangerous. My grandfather died of a heart attack before I was even born, weren't old either or doing anything dangerous. Anything can happen anytime…we just try to prevent it happening to other people if we can." He offers with a one shouldered shrug. The change of subject gets a curious look at Kass, "Well that should be funny to watch at least and I imagine we will be eating seafood in all its forms for a good sevenday after, eh?"

Kezresan seems to have said all he is going to on the challenges of loving someone who has a dangerous job. But his gaze hang heavily on Kravitz for a moment longer than necessary, his expression unreadable. A simple nod of his head will have to suffice (agreement, clearly) and then he's turning away to frown curiously at Kassala. "Fishing…?" Hm. "I don't mind fish," he decides. His attention is stolen by movement, an apprentice walking his direction from the infirmary. He's already moving to stand when the young lass confirms that he is needed. "I will be right there," he assures her, turning to address the other three with a curt, "If you will excuse me. I'am, no more drinking," stated firmly, with a flicker of a glance to Kravitz (as if he can somehow enforce this rule) and then Kassala. "Enjoy your evening." It's probably meant for all of them, even if it seems funny to tell a bruised-and-beaten dragonrider to enjoy himself. And then he is gone, turning and following the impatient apprentice back to the infirmary.

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