'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Council Chambers

A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.

When there’s a kerfuffle to sort out, Fort’s - ahem - finest gather in the Council Chambers to remedy the situation. And such is the gathering now, with a meeting of Weyrleader, Weyrwoman and goldriders alike called to replace the typical morning sessions (even if it is not quuuite morning yet). In light of the incident surrounding the latest flight, even though it’s barely past 4 am and Rukbat has yet to even begin paling the eastern sky, with riders likely still flight hungover (or simply hungover), the summons has come and presences required. The table, at least, is set comfortably, thoughtfully, even, with klah and tea in pitchers available for those who will occupy the seats to fill the teacups and mugs left by each, but the sombre atmosphere, even if there’s no-one sitting yet, is not quite that of your typical tea-party and there has, apparently, been somewhat of a delay to the start of the meeting.

Why is there such an hour as four in the morning? Th’ero can feel it in his aching body… and not just because of the hangover he has. The Weyrleader is spotting a black eye and a few (unseen) bruises from his skirmish with Alister. Toss in some drinking and an already late night spent with Kimmila and now a pre-dawn meeting summons? Oh, you bet he’s feeling it and it’s put him in a rotten mood (surprise, surprise?). It’s a wonder some of those teacups or mugs don’t just crack under the dark glowering stare they receive from Th’ero as he sits slouched in his chair (after stumbling towards it), head propped gingerly in one hand with his fingers occasionally kneading against the brow bone. Ow. Ow, ow ow. “Sharding better be a good reason for this…” he can be heard growling under his breath. That delay? Best not take forever or the Weyrleader’s temper is just going to get Oh So Pleasant!

Nyalle is, by contrast, fresh and put together, and she even looks relaxed despite the concern for the summons. Stepping into the room she glances around and gets herself some tea before settling in her usual seat, eying Th’ero for a long moment. “Rough Flight?” she asks quietly, pushing hair away from her face with a frown of concern.

Not long after Nyalle’s seated herself, Thys appears, dragging the cold of between with her on her flight leathers. Even without the helmet-ruffling of her short hair it looks like it hasn’t been touched yet this morning, and she helps herself to klah after greeting both Th’ero and Nyalle. “Dear Faranth, but it’s early, even over at the Hall.” Someone was playing dirty stop-out. Then she notices Th’ero’s bruising, and she winces. “Hardly need the lights on in here, Weyrleader, with that shiner lighting the way…” She winks at him, settles into her chair, and holds her mug up between her hands, just by her chin. “So… what’s happened now?”

What happened is hopefully going to be explained in some detail, though the party entering last-but-not-that-late initially look too worse for wear to immediately begin talking. Inri has the lead by a few steps, with D'ani and Ha'ze behind her (Ha'ze is probably not as immediately behind her, to be real). She's wearing flight leathers from the waist down and a loose blouse that has now gained some dirt from their exciting morning expedition from the waist up, and her hair's falling out of its braid, which was obviously hastily done. "I am so," she says, and flops into her usual seat, "sorry. Ma'am. Sir. We're here now." So is Ha'ze. It was also apparent to anyone paying attention that while Kouzevelth and Kainaesyth recently departed the Weyr, Dremkoth stayed behind.

That brief stop at his desk cost D’ani a few steps, but he’ll catch up to Inri in a few moments. He didn’t find what he’d been looking for and so upon entering the council chambers, gives as proper a salute as he can – whiiiiiich under the circumstances, is far too casually executed. He hasn’t a headache yet because he’s not hung-over. Not yet anyway. No, he’s still drunk. He’s still wearing jeans and his rough cloth shirt is as yet unbuttoned, leaving his chest bare. One cheek is either smudged with dirt or bruised. And there may be tea on the table? (he could actually use several mugs of strongly brewed klah) but he bypasses that in favor of brewed something else. The sideboard, cabinet or wherever the liquors are kept is his goal and once there, he gathers a few bottles of ale, wine, whiskey and some glasses. While not exactly staggering or reeling, his movements are far too loose and unplanned. He fumbles a touch as he clunks the lot down on the table where people – especially Th’ero - can reach them if they wish. Now where’d Inri- ahh! His owlish squint clears and he wanders in her direction, ale bottle in hand. Once there, he flops down in a chair beside her and casually throws an arm over her shoulders. Though he doesn’t have an apology for being late, he does tack on, “Finally,” before leaning to drop a kiss on her ear. Totally. Inappropriate.

Ha’ze is… not drunk. Nor actually particularly hung over at this point. Something about jail just helps someone sober up really quickly. He’s been informed that he is to be here, even though the size of the knot (or lack there of, he should probably go find his knot at some point and put it back on) doesn’t really warrant inclusion here. Rather than the others Ha’ze stands, hands folded behind his back. There’s a muleish set to his features, and Ha’ze is probably going to be MOST STUBBORN for a bit.

“You could say that,” Th’ero doesn’t quite growl at Nyalle but his voice is rough around the edges and yet strangely gentle in a way. The Weyrwoman isn’t the source of his ire and he’s no reason to snap at her (since it will likely make her cry and that’s the LAST thing he needs is a crying Weyrwoman on his hands). “You look well.” Curse her and her ability to escape! As Thys arrives, Th’ero makes an effort to sit up but soon slouches back in his chair. Nope. That won’t be happening for awhile. “Wasn’t entirely MY idea to get this meeting started so damn early,” Maybe he wasn’t specific enough? Thys’ teasing earns her a look. Ha ha, funny? Forgive the Weyrleader for his lack of humor right now. So they wait and when Inri arrives, Th’ero just quirks a brow at her apology. His response is silence but partly because D’ani is… quite distracting for his behavior — and offering more alcohol? “Great.” he mutters under his breath. It’s going to be THAT SORT of report, isn’t it? He doesn’t reach for the glasses yet but he does consider it. Last but not least, Ha’ze arrives and now the “party” can start. “Look who finally decided to show up…” Okay, probably not the best way to start but Th’ero’s not about to start with tact. This better be good!

Ha’ze is making a gesture under the table. Those close by (Hi Inri and D’ani) will probably be able to see that it is a middle finger. Just for Th’ero.

Nyalle watches the arrival of the rest of leadership with furrowed brows and finally a soft, long suffering sigh. “Please, someone fill me in?” she requests, her eyes traveling from person to person and trying to piece events together based on current behaviors. And failing. Hence her question. “Was anyone injured?” First things first.

Unfortunately there’s nothing Thys can say to give Nyalle more information, because she knows as much as the Senior. She gives her a little ‘I don’t know’-shrug and shake of her head, before looking at each of the three in turn. At least D’ani’s behaviour seems to amuse her, as she can’t help but softly smirk at his display of affection.

“Mildly bruised dragons,” Inri says first, where injuries are concerned; at least that’s the only thing she can remember. Kouzevelth hit someone in the face with her tail, as usual. Velokraeth and Tisjadath might have collided, or something …? It’s hazy. She is polite enough to not smack Ha’ze. “I’m not aware of any other injuries, and it wasn’t as bad as some of her others in terms of what happened to the dragons, even. Kainaesyth caught,” in case Kayeth hadn’t relayed that part, “and then after a long dragon-nap he and Kouzevelth and D’ani and I went to get Ha’ze.” Who wasn’t at Fort at the time, implied. Also implied, that D’ani couldn’t take Dremkoth.

Right? Bruised dragons are no big – and not all that unusual for any of the goldflights. It can get rough up there. And don’t riders turn up missing from time to time? While others are… unfit to fly? Uhhh. No. But that’s besides the point in D’ani’s current inebriated mind. “I’m fiiiiiiiine,” says D’ani, a bit slurred of speech and with somewhat of a giddy grin at Nyalle as he catches the smirk Thys has and returns it. He’s leaning on Inri a touch more than he should but hey. “Ha’ze was… indisposed. So we made… do (Or love. Details!)” Nyalle can put two and two together right? Speaking of Ha’ze, the weyrsecond catches that under-the-table gesture out of the corner of his eye and snoooooooorts. That was not stifled laughter – honest! Or… well, it might’ve been? Why the hell are they here? He… has forgotten to ask. Somehow in the chaos of flight confusion, a missing rider and dragon-anxiety the thought went out that the crucial people needed to get together and sort things out. Whiiiich is likely why they’re all here at this ungodly hour. His disjointed, rambling thoughts are vocalized, “Meetings this early should be banned. Whoever’s responsible… just…please don’t do it again?” He flashes Th’ero a look glinting with manly appeal. Right? He’s addled enough that he blurts out inelegantly, “But while we’re all here… Ha’ze had…something.” He swings towards Ha’ze, reeling a bit, “Hey Jailbait, what was it you were telling us?”

“I could seriously start to hate you.” Ha’ze tosses this off more than a little off handedly, throwing a dark glower at D’ani. That flick of a finger has disappeared back into a curled fist, “There was exactly shit I could do about Kainaesyth flying when I wasn’t there. You got your happy ending.” Ha’ze takes the rather strong opinion that no one is going to tell him off for getting snarky to the OBVIOUSLY three sheets to the wind man. “How in sharding hell have you gone between TWICE and are still out of it?” But he did ask a question and so Ha’ze is obligated to answer. “I had one of the search riders drop me off by a tavern near the Northern Sea holds. Found some chatty locals spinning time and bought some drinks. Somewhere between the second ale and a question about the missing ships a group suddenly surged in and started throwing punches. No build up. They weren’t even drunk, just started it. And seeing as I’m the only one that ended up behind bars? I think they got wise and didn’t like my questions.” His cover was BLOWN. And the irritated look on his face shows that Ha’ze is none too happy about it.

“Velokraeth is fine. Just his pride but he’ll forget about it soon enough,” Th’ero mutters grimly. Sometimes dragon memory is a blessing? “Not uncommon for minor injuries to happen in any flight.” Which may be one way for him to reassure Inri that it’s not her or Kouzevelth’s fault really. He’ll miss Ha’ze’s little gesture under the table but focus on D’ani instead. “No guarantees…” Not that he isn’t in agreement! Only he’s too aware that bad things happen no matter what time it is but he’s beginning to suspect that this could have waited a few hours. Th’ero starts to reach for that glass but only to pull it closer to him. The contents, so far, are untouched. He smirks, “Leave it for later Ha’ze.” he grumbles irritably. Just get on with it? Which finally they get to the point. Glancing sidelong to Nyalle, the Weyrleader will (gingerly) sit up a little straighter in his chair. Silent for a moment to absorb the report (or quell the throbbing headache he’s sporting), Th’ero’s answer is oddly quiet spoken. Which generally is not a GOOD thing. “Did I not warn you?” Surely he had a brief conversation with Ha’ze about the dangers of undercover work?

Nyalle listens with a small frown, her eyes traveling around the table to focus on each person as they speak. “Ha’ze missed the flight but Kainaesyth won?” That’s so…unnatural! She frowns deeply, turning to focus on D’ani, then on Inri. “Inri, are you okay?” Since she clearly didn’t end up with Ha’ze. Surely that’s wrong. “I hope the eggs are okay and not…” Damaged. “Ha’ze, why were you at the Northern Sea holds?”

And there it is, the situation clarified… and Thys’s light expression shifts to more of a frown as the details become clear. She doesn’t say anything, but her posture becomes a little stiffer as she sits more upright in her chair, halting the drumming of her fingertips against the table by curling both hands around her mug of klah, while fixing D’ani and Ha’ze with a narrowed-eye look. When Nyalle asks if they eggs are alright, she frowns, looking from the Senior to Inri - while it’s not a frown necessarily directed at her friend, it is one that won’t ease up until there’s clarification that the goldrider and her dragon are fine.

“I’m still a little —” Inri makes a tilty-gesture with her hand, trying to make ‘eh’ and ‘iffy’ into something a bit more complex and gestureable, which may or may not completely fail. “Confused, sort of. Out of sorts. Balancing out, time helps.” Shaken might also have been a good word for it, and it’s a good thing nobody else except the ever-tolerant D’ani saw her a few hours ago. “Kouzevelth seems unconcerned as to the fate of the clutch, though. And she does tend to be paranoid. Thank you for asking, though, ma’am,” Inri isn’t exactly optimistic, but she’s not more than a touch concerned (and is very appreciative that others were concerned for her, really). Now that she’s hopefully assuaged any concerns in her direction, all eyes on Ha’ze.

Yeah, yeah, D'ani knows there are no guarantees regarding these meetings. It was worth a try? "Feel free," the Weyrsecond shrugs, unconcerned whether he's on Ha'ze's shitlist or not. Or being narrow-eyed at by Thys. She gets a flicker of a wink from one brown eye. And why is he still drunk? "It might have something to do with the whiskey I downed while convincing that guard we were your inebriated relatives come to bail your ass out of the clink," he says and though his tongue stumbles over the words, they're spoken with amusement rather than ire. At least he and Inri didn't blow Ha'ze's cover! His (relatively) good mood evaporates somewhat as Nyalle speaks. "He did." That covers both dragon and rider, right? And he's now wearing a heavy frown at Nyalle's suggestion that Inri might've been hurt. Fixing Ha'ze with a level stare, he notes sourly, "I'd rather you were where you were supposed to have been, actually." For reasons he doesn't go into. It's complicated! "You're fortunate she wasn't hurt. That was my Happy ending!"

Excuse them for just a moment, Ha’ze and the weyrleader are going to have a private conversation in the middle of a group. Eyes dark enough to almost be black, and holding back a controlled anger he hasn’t had to pull on in… over a turn, Ha’ze meets Th’ero’s gaze. “It had to be done.” And even if going WITHOUT after winning a goldflight had been PAINFUL (seriously, I hear blue balls isn’t fun) and degrading, it was over. Done. “And Kainaesyth deserves to chase whenever he wants.” He’ll hold the weyrleader’s gaze for a long moment before breaking it. If Th’ero wanted to hunt him down for another lecture, so be it. So long as it doesn’t end with a restriction in place they both know Ha’ze will destroy. Like getting confined to the weyr. “Someone is trying to actively suppress information coming from the Sea Holds. Whatever is going on, the missing ships, the stalled sea crops, everything is connected and they’re hiding it. I don’t think my cover was blown- but someone didn’t want questions getting asked and took steps to stop it. If they had known who I was the guard wouldn’t have been able to be bribed into letting me go.” Ha’ze gives Inri and D’ani’s performance a 7. At best. Room for improvement.

Th’ero doesn’t flinch from that dark gaze. He’s earned it before from Ha’ze, hasn’t he? And he can meet it stride per stride though when the Weyrleader is really in a mood he seems to radiate that anger outwards. His expression darkens but when he does speak his voice is surprisingly level. Too level and too calm. “No, it didn’t and it better not happen again! Only good thing that came out of this is that you landed your ass in a cell. Otherwise, given you’re obvious lack of judgement, we’d have a bigger problem on our hand, wouldn’t we?” Did he just imply that Ha’ze might have caused an incident with a holder woman? Yes. Yes, he did. No restrictions are thrown down but the Weyrleader is definitely angry. He might lecture Ha’ze later or he figures this meeting is sufficient enough. Eventually he’ll take his focus away to gaze at the others, starting first with Nyalle, then Thys, D’ani and Inri but for them his features subside to a more neutral, grim look. No anger for them. He’ll lapse silent long enough for Ha’ze to give his report as well and silent after as he frowns heavily. “They’ll have marked you for sure by now, Ha’ze.” Cover blown. “But what you discovered opens many possibilities. Something is wrong, but the Holds haven’t approached us with it. Either it’s a massive cover up or they’re in the dark as much as we are. How far can we meddle?” This is asked in general, to everyone as his gaze sweeps those seated at the table again.

“If it wasn’t for the cell I would have been back.” Catch 22. Kainaesyth is oblivious to all of the angst he caused. Some little plant is getting some extra care from a really big dragon who has nice happy music skipping about in his head. ~~ Grow little plant, be free, be joyful ~~ This is all sorts of anger here. Ha’ze needs to bite his tongue and stop being angry but he ~~is angry. ALL THE ANGRY. But no, see, he’s going to fall silent now, biting his tongue.

Nyalle frowns, tapping her index finger lightly on the table. “We can’t meddle at all,” she says, quiet but firm. “Weyrs are not to meddle in Hold affairs. If they haven’t asked for our aid, what we’re doing is inexcusable.” And she blames Th’ero for that, turning to give him a /look/.

Thys gently clears her throat, nodding in agreement with Nyalle before looking to Th’ero, then back at the Weyrwoman for her approval. “Perhaps the right thing to do in this instance would be to raise a concern regarding a lack of sea produce to the Holds that would typically supply it? A direct approach, rather than covert… and there’s less likelihood of putting our riders in danger,” Her dark eyes turn pointedly to Ha’ze, “or having them miss things. At least if it was a friendly visit, formal or informal, the rider attending would not be forcefully separated from his - or her - dragon, and could return home as required.” She leans back in her chair, gently drumming her fingers against the tabletop before reaching for her klah mug. It’s raised to her lips, but she doesn’t drink from it - she just glowers disapprovingly over its rim at her clutchmate.

Pose order aside, this is where Ha’ze is going to jump in, and probably get kicked out of the meeting. At least he doesn’t flip Thys off too for that particular quip of hers? “The weyr has waited before. And fucked everything up. Not doing anything or not knowing gets people hurt and killed.” Glare glare glare.

Inri is still not on the top of her game, here — she is most definitely a lot of out of sorts, and it’s been a long day and change for her. She presses her eyes closed, then open again, and then makes a quiet suggestion practically simultaneously to when Ha’ze speaks: “I’m willing to make a social call or two, make a few inquiries, since I have the reputation for just dropping by the Holds to say hi and see if they need anything already,” though that’s only the case with holds actually in Fort’s coverage area. So she’s got those seaholds covered — out by Tillek? That will be a little harder, especially considering how High Reaches just adores Fort … Her contribution was quiet, but hopefully at least Nyalle heard her, as Nyalle’s opinion of Inri’s suggestion to act is the only one that really matters to her. It’s Nyalle’s word she will or won’t move on.

“I’ll remember that when Rhenesath keens for Kainaesyth,” Thys replies to Ha’ze, returning his glare and sitting up straight in her chair. “There are guards who can do that work. Harpers. Whose deaths would be regrettable but would not affect a whole Weyr.” And then she falls silent, a surly sort of silence, staring broodily down into her mug.

D'ani has been following the words ping-ponging back and forth between (mostly Ha'ze and The'ro) everyone albeit a touch more slowly than he normally would as the alcohol begins to wear off leaving a nasty headache in its wake. He's opened his mouth several times, only to have someone speak before he could and forestall whatever he was going to say. He has a point to make, leans forward to make it and in the process removes his arm from where its draped across Inri's shoulder, folds them in front of him on the table and eyes Ha'ze darkly. However, his voice is level when he speaks, "They could have simply beat you senseless and left you dead," he points out reasonably, on the heels of Thys' comment, which he nods agreement to - all of it, in fact. The only concern here isn't a goldrider left to fend for herself while lost in the throes of her dragon's flight, as evidenced by his continuation. "Kainaesyth is your first concern, not the holds." And with a glance at Th'ero first to answer his question, "We can share information, assist as asked." He reaches a hand to offer a supportive touch to Inri's forearm, glances between her, Nyalle and Thys, and adds quietly, "I can help with these visits." Back to Ha'ze he says bluntly, "You are out of line, rider. The Weyr could have messed up worse rushing thoughtlessly headlong into numerous situations in the past." Implication of guilt to yon bronzerider doing so? You betcha!

Hear that sound? That’s the sound of the Weyrleader’s temper snapping or it could be the sound of the mug that is close to crushed between his hands as he resists the urge to whip it at Ha’ze’s ungrateful head. It’d be a waste of alcohol though. “Get out.” It’s the two words the bronzerider has likely been hoping for. An icy dismissal but one that best be heeded before the Weyrleader really DOES lose it and personally evict Ha’ze himself (or try to). No yelling (his head hurts too much for that) but he’s furious. One look at his features and the darkened depths of his eyes and it’s there. Lurking. Barely held in check. What were they discussing? Nyalle’s look is met with a glare. NOT getting into that argument now. The Weyrwoman can come find him later and give him a piece of her mind if she wants. “We’ll share information for now. Assist as needed, as D’ani said. Visit… gather what we can.” For now. That much is implied in his voice because for all his anger at Ha’ze at the moment, Th’ero is currently furious with the idea that he finds himself agreeing with the bronzerider’s point.

Ha’ze didn’t really need Th’ero’s order get out. His eyes snap to Thys’ and hold for a long moment, anger curling in his eyes and reflected in the stiffness of his muscles. Low and controlled, “Nothing will happen to Kainaesyth.” People tend to dismiss the bond between Ha’ze and Kainaesyth, assuming that their ability to be apart for large distances and time bespeaks a thin bond. Nothing could be further from the truth. Distance cannot dampen the deepness between dragon and rider. Time cannot even touch it. They’re one. (Just imagine what would happen if Kainaesyth did die. Someone would have to be right there to prevent suicide. And probably stay there for a long. long. long. time. Maybe forever.) Too angry to even flip off the assembled weyr leaders Ha’ze pivots on one heel and stalks out of the room.

Nyalle sighs, holding up a hand in a very small attempt to calm the room. It fails, clearly, and as Ha’ze storms out the Senior exhales again and takes a long, slow sip of tea. “That’s fine, Inri,” she finally says. “Tomorrow though, take today to recover.” She looks then to Thys with a small nod, and then to D’ani. “Feel free to go with Inri, but…social visits, remember. Perhaps as tourists…” And how is this not covert? She doesn’t speak to Th’ero. Nope. That will come later, behind closed doors. She’s still too well trained to contradict her Weyrleader so openly in front of other people.

“He misunderstood me,” Thys says quietly after Ha’ze leaves in such a huff. She sips from her tea, sighs softly, and shakes her head. “By putting himself in danger he risks Kainaesyth’s life. How can he not see that?” Her nose wrinkles contemplatively, and she shakes her head again. “I can’t even begin to understand their bond, but Ha’ze is too reckless about it for my comfort. Perhaps it’s Rhenesath’s influence,” in terms of the protective, mother hen-like way she’s speaking about her clutchmate, “but… I just don’t understand it. And I’m so sorry he wasn’t there for you, Inri - though I’m also rather glad, at the same time.” Because the goldrider and her man are absolutely cute over there, aren’t they? “I’m sure we can find reasons to visit the Holds, socially.” Once more she relaxes in her chair, raising her cup to her lips to finally drink properly from it, for the first time since they settled around the table.

“I’ve got family I can use as an excuse,” Inri says with a small smile, and manages to rein in the instinct to glance at her now be-ringed hand to further extend the explanation behind an excuse. “And getting a chance to stop in and see places and people I normally stop in and see anyway before I can’t go anywhere for a while.” Between gravid dragon and brooding dragon it will be a while. So she’s able to perfectly follow Nyalle’s instructions without issue, there! Thys’ comment – the last one, the one about her and not Ha’ze – gets a quiet appreciative smile. She is going to let Weyrleader and Weyrsecond handle the matter of her wayward clutch-sire without interjecting her opinion. At least for now.

"Maybe not, but something might happen to you!" The Weyrsecond snaps with a deep frown at Ha'ze's departing back, his brown eyes dark as they follow the rider's progress from the room. Even his patience has its limits! It's not about the strength of the bond between Ha'ze and Kainaesyth - at all. It's about the frailty of human life and the stupidity of putting oneself in danger without backup. But Ha'ze isn't listening to reason right now and thus D'ani simply throws his hands ceiling-wards before slapping them down on the table in utter exasperation before lifting them to close his eyes and massage his temples as he grinds out, "He totally doesn't…get it. How is it after the turns of weyrlinghood the kid puts his own importance before his dragon?" It's meant to be a rhetorical question, but he asks it just as Thys speaks. His eyes open blearily and he shoots her a crooked, somewhat abashed grin. Deep down, he might just be a wee bit glad Ha'ze wasn't there himself. He seeks Th'ero's eyes, then Nyalle's, "If he wasn't so damn stubborn, I'd say maybe what he needs is a few refresher courses from M'icha…"

“Talking to him right now will serve no purpose.” Th’ero growls from his chair and he’s back to using his knuckles to massage just above his brow. Headache is back with a vengeance! Which means his temper with everyone is likely to be rapidly shortening. Yet he’ll grit his teeth and force himself to keep calm so that he doesn’t lash out against those who hardly deserve it. “M’icha’s got his hands full with Weyrlings and more to come, D’ani. Shoving Ha’ze among them will probably do nothing… and we’ve more pressing matters to look into. We’ll deal with him later.” Always later. Glancing to Nyalle, then to Thys and Inri, the Weyrleader grimaces. “Is there anything more we need to discuss?” Or can they all call this meeting to an end?

Nyalle nods her head. “I leave it in your capable hands then, Inri. Keep me informed.” As for Ha’ze, the Senior is silent, though her brows are creased in concern. Or is that judgement? Hard to tell. At Th’ero’s question she pushes to her feet. “I don’t believe there is, Weyrleader. Excuse me.” And she takes her leave, heading back to her office.

When Nyalle gets up to leave, Thys also stands. “For the record,” she says quietly as she picks up her cup, intent on taking it with her, “I’m in agreement with D’ani.” She looks to the Weyrsecond, giving him a half-quirked smile. “Enjoy the rest of your morning… I’m going back to bed for an hour.” With a bob of her head to each person present, she heads out.

“And I’m,” Inri starts, pulling herself to her feet, and trying to come up with something better to say than what first crosses her mind — but in the end completely fails, concluding with, “taking a nap.” She stretches, yawns, and is absolutely doing that as she takes her leave, whether or not D’ani comes with her to actually make up the rest of the post-flight sleeping.

D’ani’s lids open fractionally when Th’ero negates his recommendation and he absorbs his leader’s decision before simply nodding a neutral acceptance. “Right after a flight might not be the best time to deal with it,” he’ll agree with that at least. Then why are they here? Hell if he knows! Nyalle is on her feet then and out of respect, the Weyrsecond rises, gives her then Thys a slight bow as they pass by him. “Nothing further here,” he says, using as few words as he can because y’see Inri is leaving. Tossing Th’ero a hasty salute, he does what a smart man ought and follows her. Napping with Inri sounds great and hopefully she won’t mind the company.