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It's a rustic kind of jail, set in a modest sized holding. Just one cell, the one which a rather worse-for-the-weyr Ha'ze sits in. A beautiful purple eye hints at there being a less-than-friendly reason why the bronzerider is sitting in here. The guard, an older and rather much fatter man, sits on a desk. "You sure your family is going to come get you out?" There's doubt int he man's voice. CLEARLY he doesn't think the rather pathetic scrap of a man behind the bars has family that would come claim him.

It's somewhat far off — nearby enough that the walk isn't difficult for her passengers, but far away enough she isn't abruptly noticed — where Kouzevelth lands, and she's operating entirely on Kainaesyth's instructions; it's entirely possible (probable) that neither she nor Inri are actually aware of where, exactly, they are. That's okay: they know which direction to walk, alongside D'ani, in order to find Ha'ze. Do they really need to know precisely where they are? Inri's quiet griping that she wishes the sun would finish coming up, or even start, or why is it still dark, has been the soundtrack of the walk over to the tiny prison, but once they get to the doorway she straightens up and is all polite smiles. "Um," she says, grinning, "I think my — oh, good, he is here." She's kept what Ha'ze is to her exactly vague, because as good as it was for Dremkoth to coordinate, D'ani was too intoxicated to remind her of whether she was his wife or Ha'ze's wife, so is he her husband or brother in law? Doesn't matter yet. Someone else can establish that! The guard gets a charming beam, deliberately a bit naive. "Can we take him home now?" No question to what he did.

The pair that walks into the jailhouse (wherever it is, D'ani hasn't thought to ask - yet) look… mussed. And reek of booze. Um, Inri? D'ani may have baptized your flight leathers with some of that whiskey after dismounting. And played with your hair a bit. There's a smudge of dirt on one of D'ani's cheeks and his hands are looking none too clean. Oh and his shirt is still unbuttoned. The (knotless) Weyrsecond has one bottle open, holding it by the neck, an arm around Inri and now that they've entered the hold, takes an occasional swallow. Having loudly asked for directions, they are here and the guard is greeted with an intentionally overdone grin before Ha'ze is eyed with reproach. "So this is why you weren't at the party." And by appearances, they've brought the party to Ha'ze. To the guard, "What'd my brother do and what's it take to spring him?" Asked in a sort of weary patience that implies he's done this one too many times.

The guard looks at the pair who have entered, back at Ha'ze, to the pair… A mutter comes from under his breath, "sharding alcoholics…." The guard rises from his place and looks at the pair, first D'ani, then Inri… and decides the woman is probably the person that needs talking to. "Not sure if the likes of you want to. I think he might be touched, he was all feverish last night, and claiming he had to be let go, but wouldn't give no reason why." Ha'ze is glaring at Inri and D'ani. This is THEIR FAULT. (Not Kainaesyth's. He's perfect.)

"Oh no," Inri gushes, careful to clearly steady D'ani as if she thinks he's going to fall over. Whether or not she actually does (she probably doesn't, the trip surely sobered him up a bit). "Well then of course we want to, we need to get him to Healers! What did he mean by what do we have to do, though, did we have to do something? Why can't we just bring him home?" She's not over the top or waily, but she is certainly playing Confused Damsel. She isn't making eye contact with Ha'ze, but Kainaesyth may be able to inform him that she's not actually mad at him, either, just … frustrated. Kouzevelth isn't promising D'ani isn't mad. Or that Th'ero isn't. But Inri isn't.

Alcoholic-schmalcohic. "It was a party (boy-howdy was it ever!)," D'ani, assertive but slightly slurred of speech, reiterates to the guard, "that you (this to Ha'ze) MISSED." He's glowering right back and the look is less drunk than would first appear (yeah that freezing slap to the face of *Between* definitely helped…somewhat). They'll talk later, Ha'ze. He keeps the arm around Inri as if for balance and returns his attention to the guard. "I'll bet he did." He's managing to keep too much innuendo out of the tone, though Ha'ze might pick up on it. "He did that a lot as a kid. Haven't seen him do it in turns though." And he nods agreement with Inri's comment about the healer. "He needs his medicine." A pause. Two of those unopened bottles are plunked down on the desk as a deal sweetener. "How much is his bail then?" And uh, Inri that subtle elbow in your side says he hopes you have some marks on you.

First he bargains with her expensive whiskey and then expects her to pay. Well. Fine then.

"I didn't want to be at the party." Ha'ze's voice rises up from his cell, gruff and with a slight lick of anger in it. Just get on with getting him out of here please thanks. The guard is not sure about this pair. He's staring, more than a little at the two of them. Are they for serious? But…. "Three marks." LOTS OF MARKS.

Inri frowns, though she's trying to play it off as confusion. She will be able to replace the whiskey easily enough, and maybe Ha'ze will pay her back as far as the three marks go, but that doesn't stop her from asking: "For that much," whether or not she considers it that much, "I'd like to know why you arrested him?" Still confused, not the sort of demanding that Inri-as-Inri might deliver.

"Tough, because there's going to be plenty more to come," D'ani frowns heavily at Ha'ze before spluttering as if incredulous, "Thr-!!" He side-glances at Inri. SOMEone has enough sense to ask what Ha'ze did. "Didn't kill anyone, did he? Ma always said he would someday." Yeah, he's laying it on thick. Hopefully Ha'ze will appreciate it later. Anyway, he is apparently dry and so raises that open bottle and takes a swallow while awaiting the answer to that.

See the daggers of glares Ha'ze is giving from his position over there? They could kill D'ani if they could. Also, fat chance of getting paid back marks. Ha'ze doesn't own much…. probably because every time he's gone Kainaesyth ends up giving it away, so he's constantly replacing any clothing he doesn't bring with him. Or hides from Kainaesyth. The guard huffs slightly at the question, and picks up a clipboard (because pern has those) to read off the charges. "Drunk and disorderly, broke a few tables and chairs in a bar fight, as well as some aged liquor that was getting saved for a special occasion. Then, of course, his time here." And something to grease the guard's palm.

"Well, how convenient is it that we brought liquor?" Inri's smiling charmingly at the guard again. Look, you can have her expensive whiskey. And you can have her … two marks that she pulls out of her pants pocket. "And, um, this. I'm not sure I have more —" The more she talks the more shaky and distressed she sounds, as if maybe she's going to cry. Because her loved one cannot get his medicine and she doesn't have that much money. (She actually does. There's more in her bag. But seriously.)

For the time being, D'ani is ignoring those glares he's getting. He grunts at the guard, grimaces and simply begins putting Inri's hard liquor down on that desk one bottle at a time. There's eight of them altogether and they're not tiny little ones, either. He makes a shhhhing noise as though to comfort Inri and adds, "He can work for the hold to make up for the rest of it, yeah?" A glance leveled at Ha'ze warningly and then he muses as if just remembered, "But after we get him seen by a healer. So he'll be fit for labor. Okay?"

EXCUSE ME. Ha'ze knocks on the bars, LOOK OVER HERE. "It's not like you ain't flush bro." At least he's willing to say it. "You can TOTALLY pay that. 'n make it back. You always was a penny pincher." Not helping his case here… The guard arches an eyebrow at THAT. But, ooh… the liquor is getting his attention now. All of it. A low HUM from the guard. "Suppose if you were willing to donate that to the innkeep. He might forgive some." Greedy guard is reaching out to make grabby hands at teh bottle.

Inri at least seems amused if anything by Ha'ze's contribution — just so long as he is at least at some level grateful for the fact they've come to free him and she's losing a bunch of her booze. Not that she drinks as much of it as she simply collects, but her cabinet certainly has taken a hit in the last day. "I think we could agree to make that exchange," she says, and that might come out a little more weyrwoman-y than she meant, or perhaps she's just a holder wife with a lot of financial sense. "Because I just. I don't want him to die in a jail cell, and I can't imagine you would either —" Because that would be really bad press for their tiny jail.

"I'm tired of paying, baby brother," drawls D'ani. "Time for you to grow up." In fact, "You can keep him until he pays for his destruction." He does look over there when he says that, aiming the kind of smirk that pushes all the right buttons when you're actually related and deflects Inri's hand that holds the marks from actually handing them over. He also begins recollecting those bottles, slowly but surely as if he means it.

"Dannnnnnyyyyyyy." Ha'ze's voice has an edge to it. He wouldn't dare. "Common man, you know I don't mean it. They totally threw the first punch." Ha'ze is playing the part of spoiled rich kid pretty well. The guard snaches up the bottles before D'ani can take them all. "No, it's fine. I'm sure the 'keep will be satisfied."

"Satisfied with what you've got there?" Inri chirps; she is glaring at D'ani in a way that's obviously acting if you know her and really isn't if you don't, and seems to be teetering on crying. "I think that'd be about fair, as opposed to all our bottles and marks when he's sick and you never got him any care and I could tell people, you know." There's a comely gossipy woman about to start bawling here. "We can't leave him here."

D'ani pauses to eye Ha'ze. He's re-collected three of the bottles, he can keep going and wrest the lot from the guard, if need be. Apparently hanging onto nearly-exhausted patience he grunts, then seems to note Inri's teary glare. He sighs, exchanging a look with the guard and his shoulders roll in a 'what can ya do' sort of shrug. "Fine, fine, just get the key in that lock so we can all go home. I want to get back to that party, if you know what I mean." And he leans over and kisses Inri full on the mouth, lingeringly while keeping those bottles as if he really wants to take them back with him.

Whiiiich I'm sure is oh-so-pleasant with his booze-breath and all.

"Now just be calm there little miss." Mrs? Whatever. The guard makes magic with the bottles and whatever marks Inri has produced, and they're gone from sight. The key comes out and the guard shuffles over to the door and opens up the door. Ha'ze darts out, not waiting for the guard to change his mind. "Come on Iri, let's go." Ha'ze is going to grab Inri's arm and tug her out.

Inri and her persona are both wholeheartedly okay with everything that is going on here: with putting on a show of her kissing a drunkard (which she's actually done enough times she can stand the odors!) and conveniently also protecting some of those expensive bottles, while the others are sacrificed — and fleeing. Fleeing is okay too. It's a string of pulling, because Ha'ze has Inri by one arm and Inri still has her other one flung over D'ani's shoulder, so unless he pulls out of the chain EVERYONE is now going outside. "Bye now!" she calls to the guard, not able to offer a hand to wave as she hasn't got any free.

Once Ha'ze is free, the half emptied bottle D'ani had been drinking from is deposited on the desk as a token tip in parting. And it is indeed a train of three people being tugged out because y'see, D'ani's other arm (the one not cradling those bottles) is still around Inri as well and he's not about to let go, never mind how foolish they all look doing it. He doesn't bother saying goodbye or playacting big brother further, he just gets while the getting is good. Nor does he hiss questions at Ha'ze along that trail about what was he thinking. No, he merely says firmly, "We're expected in the council room for report when we arrive back at the Weyr - all of us." And when they arrive at the point where they left Kouzevelth, he'll be looking for the sight of Kainaesyth because he's fairly certain that cudding as a second passenger isn't something Ha'ze will want. Nor does he.

Once they're out of hearing range Ha'ze drops his persona and drops Inri's hand like it's on fire. D'ani won't have to look far for Kainaesyth, he's there. "What the sharding hell were you thinking?" The angry words for Kainaesyth as Ha'ze storms up to his dragon's side. For all of the ire though, Ha'ze is wrapping his arms around the bronze like a starving man looking presented with a tall glass of water. "Fine. I'm not totally sure my being in that jail was totally an accident. There's something real strange going on at the sea holds." Something FISHY.

At least it's not because something's wrong with Inri's hand; any amusement at the hilariously odd exit they made has been swept completely off her by the time Ha'ze finishes thinking. She's going to let him yell at Kainaesyth, though Kouzevelth, hovering near the bronze's side with one wing halfway above him, doesn't look too happy about it. It's what he says after that that has her almost-amused expression turning stonier. "They locked you up for, what, existing? I can't actually imagine you doing everything they said you did unless it was some kind of act to get information, which is obviously what I would've done, so —" Either there was information he knew would be useful (possibly even to her!) or it was, uh, some kind of conspiracy. Inri's favorite. "You can make sure to bring it up, apparently, since Th'ero wanted to hear from you, I'm pretty sure." And possibly yell at him about missing the flight, but she'll stay out of that as much as she can get away with.

D'ani merely grunts (he's been doing a lot of that tonight, hasn't he?) as Ha'ze berates his bronze then clings to him. "When is there not," he says tiredly about hold and strange goings on. Inri will know well of what he speaks. Forgive him, but he's still half-drunk and he's unable to follow Inri's commentary (or was that a question? Oh well). He's still pissed with Ha'ze and isn't really wanting to chit chat here. "Let's get back and you can tell all of us exactly what went on and whatever else you've found out then." Let's flee before something else happens and they all get thrown in the clink together, please.

Their combined comments get a grunt. Ha'ze isn't actually upset at Kainaesyth. More with sexual frustration that came with the flight he wasn't there for. UGH KAINEASYTH. Keep your… tail to yourself? Uh, that doesn't work as well. No straps on Kainaesyth, but Ha'ze doesn't care. He pulls himself up and settles on the bronze's back. They'll just have to fly carefully. Into the air, up, up and away!

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