Fort Weyr - Varmiroth's Ledge

NOTE: Mature Themes hinted.

Finally, a break in all the rain! The skies are clear, the sun is up… or was up. Now it's beginning to dip towards the horizon as evening draws closer and closer. Cool outside, but comfortable, most of the Weyr is winding down now as the last of the day's work wraps up and many go off to seek warmth and food inside. The living caverns and even Shenanigan's seem to be filled more than usual on this day but spirits and the atmosphere are good. Light, almost joyous. No whisperings, no undercurrents of tension. A welcomed change but even so the chaos of so many voices is too much for one. Th'ero has made his brief appearance, spoke briefly to a few at random and when the timing was good he slipped away. Not without a stop at the kitchens though. Dinner needs to be sought but he plans to enjoy it elsewhere. Namely: his weyr and with hopes that Kimmila is within to share it with him.

Kimmila …is not within. Nor is Varmiroth on the ledge, or anywhere visible. HMM. Where could they beeee?

Where oh where could they be? Th'ero is asking himself that very question when he steps inside and finds the weyr empty. Leaving the food and drink in the kitchenette, he'll peek into the wallows. No one. Hmm. "Velokraeth? You mind?" The pale bronze has returned from hunting in the grounds and with a satisfied groan as he settles himself to stretch out, he expands his mind outwards to seek for Varmiroth. Sluggish and almost lazy will he reach for the blue. « Oh Varmiroth! Where are you, little brother? » he calls in a rolling, almost sweetly purred voice.
Varmiroth is quick to reply, the blue's thoughts close. « We are up here! » Which isn't helpful at all, like when someone asks 'who is it?' and the person replies 'me'. Thankfully, Varmiroth offers an image to go with it - his ledge. His original ledge, the one with the mosaic stretched out along the stone floor and now creeping up the walls. « Come see! »

Velokraeth lurches to his feet and waddles out onto the ledge again to crane his head in the direction of Varmiroth's ledge. No, that wasn't helpful but the pale bronze is pretty clever. He figures 'up' meant a ledge and the image just confirms his suspicions. « Ahh! I should've known. Mine has brought dinner! He wants to know if yours is hungry and if she wishes for it to be brought along too? Assuming, of course, that you call both of us to see. » he teases lightly. Meanwhile, Th'ero is slowly beginning to prepare to have the basket readied for transport and himself as well.

Varmiroth is amused, his night sky streaked with falling stars. « Please, join us! »

Well then! Velokraeth whuffles to Th'ero, mentally nudging his rider to hurry up! The pale bronze is drowsy from his meal but his interest in what surprise Varmiroth wishes to share is keeping him alert. Th'ero will mount up, foregoing straps in a moment of either laziness or just sheer stupidity but they don't have far to go and he'll have his firelizards mind transporting the basket of food. He needs his hands free! Up the bronze soars to Varmiroth's ledge and carefully will he land, trying very hard not to disrupt anything (or land where it's safe) while Th'ero slides down to dismount.

The ledge itself is still clear, as the mosaic has not stretched to the edge. There is room to land, and enough for Velokraeth to settle comfortably without trouble. The blue is inside the cavern, along with Kimmila, and both greet the bronze pair when they arrive. "Decided to be artsy," Kimm calls, moving towards the ledge with a slow and careful waddle. Yup, the waddle is there. She is DOING things.

Velokraeth settles in comfortably then, craning his head a bit to study what of the mosaic that he can see curiously. Th'ero too is looking at the work, while his firelizards arrive with that basket and he's quick to relieve them of it before it's dropped. Stepping forwards as Kimmila walks… or rather waddles … to him, he will smile (and not say anything about that waddle) lovingly to her and slip his arm around her. "Artsy? So is that what you two have been up to, while I was away? Varmiroth told Velokraeth to 'come see' and so here we are! And both quite curious…" he muses, nuzzling her neck briefly as he lifts the basket in his other hand. "Brought some dinner too, if you are hungry. Now. What is this project of yours?" Lead on!

Kimmila leans against him, returning his hold with a laugh. "This. This is our project." The mosaic. Which is growing. By a small amount, but still it's growing, with new things set into grout. "It's taking shape. We've been working up here for a few candlemarks. See? I think you helped us find these shells," she says, moving towards an outward facing spiral, coiling around itself with pale, shimmering colors of cream and subtle rainbow hues.

"The mosaic?" Th'ero echoes with a laugh of his own. "Here I thought you had begun a new project!" he muses and he will follow her to where the new designs have been laid in the grout. His dark eyes travel over the shells and other gathered odds and ends that make the mosaic. Something that never ceases to amaze him and awe him with the dedication put to it by Kimmila and Varmiroth both. "I do see and I think you're right! Had I known you'd have been working on this today I'd have gathered some shells from the visit to Ista that Nyalle and I recently took." he murmurs, his arm still held loosely around her and the basket of food held against his other side.

Kimmila leans against his side and frowns a bit. "Is…what else would I be doing?" She seems a bit disappointed. "No, this is it. You and Nyalle went to Ista?" She must've been sleeping that day. She has days like that now. "What was in Ista that required both of your attention?" Peering around him, she eyes the food and tries to tug him suggestively towards the couch. Come. Sit. Eat. All said with that tug.

Th'ero blinks when she looks disappointed and kisses the top of her head. "You said you were being artsy? I didn't mean to misunderstand, Wingmate. But the mosaic is looking great. Amazing, as always! I'm awed with the dedication you and Varmiroth have shown towards it." he murmurs and then laughs softly. "Yes, we did. I'll explain in a moment." She could have been asleep and maybe Th'ero has been waiting for the right time to tell her of what was discussed there. Right now though, he is heeding her suggestive tugging and with a grin he will follow her inside and to that couch. He gesture for her to sit first, while he unpacks that basket which is filled with servings of fresh stew and fresh chowder (he didn't know which she'd prefer and so erred on the side of caution and brought both), fresh and still warm bread, butter and some steamed vegetables seasoned with herbs. Delicious! Th'ero will play his role as gentleman and serve her whichever she desires first before taking his own share and coming to sit beside her, nestling close to her side. "How long have you and Varmiroth been up here? Feeling pretty well today?"

Kimmila sits carefully, leaning back and then propping her legs up on the klah table with a groan. She was more tired than she thought, having gotten sucked into the project - and happily so. "It's coming along," she says with a soft chuckle. "Though I'm wondering if we really shouldn't just finish this one and do another one somewhere /public/. In the weyr, where people could see it…" To this idea, Varmiroth snorts, the blue moving daintily among his mosaic and finding a spot to lay down, right on top of it, like a dragon with his hoard of gems. Kimmila rolls her eyes, but her focus is then taken by the food. "Goodness, wingmate…cook know it's twins?" she asks teasingly, taking a little bit of everything. "Few candlemarks I think? I'm feeling pretty well." That talk with Kiena has her /doing/ instead of just sitting. Which…might be good and might be bad, in the end.

Th'ero chuckles between bites of food when Varmiroth seems to disapprove of the idea of leaving this (or his?) mosaic in favour of another one. Reaching over, he will rest a hand briefly against her thigh. "I'd not be against that idea? I'm sure the weyrfolk would love it. Shards, you'd probably have folks wanting to add their own personal touch to it!" he drawls and then snorts. "No, cook doesn't know but you know the woman is in regards to our meals." No doubt they'll have leftovers from this! Which he may just send away with the drudges. Smiling, he returns to his meal, his appetite in full force. "Good!" he mumbles between mouthfuls. "I'm glad." Has he noted the difference? Linked it to Kiena's visit? Hard to say, but Th'ero does look relaxed, finding Kimmila here and reasonably active.

Varmiroth is both very possessive of his art, and very self-critical of it. The idea of his work being available for everyone to see, before he's decided it is good enough…the blue does not like this idea. "A community mosaic?" Kimm asks, brows lifting. "Hmm. That's not a bad idea. Something in the bowl, perhaps? Or in the cavern?" Watching when he tucks into his food, (lol, typo, foot) she smiles warmly. He's eating. This is always a good sign.

Ahh, the life of an artist! So few can ever understand its nuances. Th'ero frowns thoughtfully while he eats and soon he has finished his bowl, mopping the last of the stew with a heel of bread. He'll probably devour a few more slices along with that before finally being satisfied. It is a good sign when he eats! Always a good sign. "I'd say the caverns? The bowl would be too exposed. Though… you know what could use some touching up? That stairwell leading to the covered ridge." The perilous spire, one used not too frequently and most often by those seeking somewhere "public" to go but still wishing for some semblance of privacy. Right now, it's all worn and drab stone. "Something to consider, either way." he muses, his hand patting her thigh and then trying to reach for one of her hands should one be free. Seeking that contact, that connection with her. "Though, to be honest, Wingmate, I do not know if time will allow for it. These later months… are looking to be potentially busy." And he's not alluding to her pregnancy and the birth of their children! Could it be his earlier mention of Ista?

Kimmila is eating more slowly - lots of small meals these days as her belly grows and pushes against her internal organs. She does free one hand to take his though, giving him a curious little smirk. "What else am I going to be doing?" she draws, teasingly. Already he's taking her one project idea away? Bad Th'ero!

Th'ero takes her hand and squeezes it gently. Oh, he's no fool! He won't take away her projects! Only… give her more. Selection! That's it! "Aside from the mosaics? Well…" he drawls back, snuggling a little closer to her side. His hand will slip from hers and instead will rest over the curve of her belly, fingers splayed and then idly drifting in a sort of soothing, distracted caress. "… when Nyalle and I went to Ista, we met briefly with Weyrwoman Cenlia. She brought up an old tradition that had been started between Fort and Ista in the Turns when Kessa was Weyrwoman of Fort and Ysa was for Ista. They brought back the Weyr Games and Cenlia has expressed her interest in starting them again. Ista would host for Summer, while Fort would host for Winter. Nyalle and I agreed to consider it. I am certainly excited over the idea! Just THINK of it, Wingmate!"

Kimmila laughs softly, leaning against his shoulder when he moves, looking down at his hand on her rounded belly. “Oh really? Weyr games, huh? Kessa…she was Weyrwoman after Mother. What do they entail, exactly? Sounds like a lot of fun.”

“Was she?” Th’ero murmurs, giving Kimmila a brief look. He never knew Kessa, save for her previous run of Fort Weyr as Weyrwoman. Even then the details he knows may be vague. “I’m… not sure? Nyalle and I requested more information from Cenlia, though I think we’re to speak with a rider named B’ky? He’s a former Fortian bluerider and was present when the Games occurred before.” Go right to the source of information? Who needs records! “It does, doesn’t it? Something, at least, for Wingriders and weyrfolk alike to look forwards too.”

Kimm nods. “Yeah, Mom liked her. Trusted her to run things while she took time off with Dad.” And, in the end, with Kimmila as well. Then she grins. “B’ky? Shards. I remember him, I think. Vaguely…yeah. I think I do. That sounds like a wonderful idea, wingmate. Something fun something challenging. A way for Fort to show off a bit and strut its stuff.”

Th’ero nods his head and smiles, his hand caressing along her belly again as he listens. “Ahh, so you might know him too? Maybe I should send him to you to discuss things, while Nyalle and I work with the Leadership.” he muses, chuckling dryly. “Exactly. Not just Fort though. Ista, Western, Xanadu, Eastern… All the Weyrs, Wingmate! A chance for all of us to show off.” And that certainly brings forwards some competitiveness in him! “Would you like to help with this?” he asks softly. “With the Games?”

Kimmila nods, “I might, at least the name sounds familiar. From when I was a kid.” Obiously. “Sure, I can speak with him if you’d like.” Then her smile grows, a touch wicked. “Ahh. All the weyrs. Well then. Time for Fort to /really/ shine. Of course I would! How can I help? This sounds wonderful.” And already she’s sinking her teeth into it. “Lots of organization, I’d imagine…” Which she’s good at. And, better yet…can do right now.

Th’ero’s smile broadens into a grin for the touch wicked smile she gives him and laughs soft and low in his throat. “Definitely the time for Fort to really shine.” Seeing her so eager boosts his spirits too and he will nestle up close to her side, taking her hand in his again as he relaxes. “Oh yes. Lots and lots of organization. Too much for myself, Nyalle, Inri and D’ani to handle on our own.” Notice he didn’t mention Jajen’s name? He still doesn’t trust that girl fully. “So if you’d like, I’d be willing to make it official that you’re an assistant in this… if not lead… in organizing things. At least on the end of which riders or weyrfolk go to what and…” He smirks. “… all the details in between?” So many details. Too many for his head to keep in line, what with his regular duties already taking up most of the space there.

Kimmila smiles, nodding. “How convenient,” she teases, grinning up at him. “Of course I’ll help, wingmate. I’d love to help. Probably not lead, but help organizing, I can do that for sure. Even man a table in the caverns for sign ups. Yes. Yes!” Yay, project! Mosaic what, now? Forget it. “Do we know the events? We should get riders training.”

Th’ero chuckles again at her teasing and grins back. To say he doesn’t look pleased is an understatement. He’s thrilled when Kimmila seems to leap upon his suggestions and he is swiftly gathering her into a hug. Fierce and yet so gentle and loving. “I knew that you’d be the best suited for this. Thank you, Wingmate. And not yet… not officially. Could you think of any that’d be considered for Games? There is so much potential. Which is why I was hoping we could speak more with Cenlia and T’eo and B’ky. There must be riders here too who participated in the last Games!”

Kimmila erphs in surprise and then laughs when he hugs her. “What is it, wingmate?” she asks, surprised and teasing as she nips his neck playfully. “You thought I wouldn’t do it?” Leaning back, she reaches up to playfully ruffle his hair. “You should send out a call for anyone who remembers the Games, and wants to talk about them. Shards. Winter things? Well there’s skiing, skating, sledding, ice carving…we could have cooking contests, eating contests…snow sculpting…oh, the kids could have a snowball fight, or a massive game of capture the flag in the woods…”

Th’ero growls at her playful nip and will try to sneak in a good nibble or two before she’s out of reach. “There was always a chance you’d say no?” he drawls, smirking as she ruffles his hair but not trying to duck away. Instead his arms remain around her, keeping her held as close to him as possible and still be comfortable. Both for her and for him! “Hmm. That would be an idea to start?” he murmurs, smirking crookedly. Not to mention a time saver! Brows lifting as she goes on to list various events, he begins to laugh and slips his fingers beneath her chin to lift it as he leans in again to kiss her. “And this is why I am glad to have you at my side and as one of my Wingriders.” he muses. “All of those sound good and entertaining. Could… always make a big list and then half folks… hmm. Vote? Select a top amount as I doubt we will have that much time. Which brings up another question. How long do these Games even go for? Sevendays? Months?”

Laughing, Kimmila leans comfortably into his embrace, her hand moving to caress his chest gently. Closing her eyes at his kiss, she blushes slightly. “I’m good,” she says, only half joking. “We could do that, sure, or have folks come up with their own events. Really make it /Fort’s/. And…that I do not know. I’d imagine at least two sevendays, wouldn’t ou think?”

Th’ero leans into her caressing and grins for her half joking comment. Lowering his head until his forehead rests lightly against hers, his hands will slip down along her sides, fingers gently brushing and caressing over her clothing as they roam towards her hips and then around further to her lower back. “Let everyone have a say.” he agrees. “And then everyone can feel involved. It couldn’t hurt? Perhaps I will bring this up to Nyalle later. Cenlia and T’eo as well. I’m curious to see how they will go about organizing and preparing their Weyr. And for time… yes. Two sevendays at minimum. Could not see it running longer. Could you image the drain on resources?”

Kimmila shifts against his touch, nibbling his neck again with soft nibbles as her hand caresses his chest gently. “I think so,” she agrees. Then a chuckle. “Yes, we’ll have to plan ahead for sure. But imagine all the visitors, all the revenue it’ll bring to the weyr. Fostering weyr relations, too. All the crafts will come, sell…but yes. That’s a lot of food and drink to start with, for that long of a party.”

Th’ero’s eyes drift closed and he exhales low and heavily as he lifts his chin to her nibbling, encouraging her for more. His hands, likewise, continue to caress her. “I am beginning to see the larger picture. Revenue… that’ll please Nyalle I’m sure.” Since it was a hot topic between them concerning the Runner Races. “I am far more keen on the Weyr relations.” Of course he is! That’s the Weyrleader in him talking. “On all relations. Weyr, Craft and even Hold. I doubt the holders will keep away from this.” Food and drink? That thought only strikes him now and he grimaces. “Shards! I hadn’t even thought that far yet… We can hope that the crops are bountiful this Turn?”

Kimmila nods, “We should plant more, just to…prepare for the winter. Or strike up deals with some farms in the south. Trade, purchase, give them a free booth up here…whatever. This is a big undertaking, wingmate, but we can do it.” Smiling, she nips his throat again with a soft growl. Rawr.

“We’ll have to take that up with the holders and farmcrafters. See if it’s even feasible or doable without causing unnecessary strain.” Th’ero murmurs, though he does seem to mull over the idea of southern farms. “What about Drake’s Lake?” he says, smiling back for her reassurance. “I know.” he says softly, only to inhale sharply when she nips at his throat. Growling low, he will lower his head a bit to give her a heated look as his fingers curl to press firm into her back, kneading now as well as caressing and slowly drawing her closer.

Kimmila lifts a brow. “Talk to Dei. Perhaps we can raise extra animals for the slaughter down there. And fields, and other things. Hmm. Yes.” But she’s distracted by other things now, nipping his neck again. Heated look is returned with a smirk and a lift of her brows, though when he starts to kneed against her lower back…she melts with a satisfied groan. Just…melts against him, all foreplay forgotten. Just…keep doing that.

“Yes, perhaps I will.” Th’ero, equally distracted, murmurs. Forgive him if he does smile smugly when she melts with a satisfied groan. Because he does and he’s not ashamed to whisper by her ear as he supports her against him and his hands continue to knead and massage into her lower back. Slow, deep strokes too. “Feels good?” Duh?

Kimmila groans. “Faranth. Yes…” The pregnancy weight does a number on her poor back, and…she’s just a puddle of goo slumped against his shoulder right now. “Uhhhhhh.”

Does Th’ero know this? Probably. Something he remembered, perhaps, from her pregnancy with Kyzen. So his hands will continue to work away while he supports her as she slumps against him, laughing deep in his chest and throat. “Do you ache anywhere else, love?” he whispers by her ear, grinning as well. Double entendre?

Kimmila snickers. “Is that…was that a dirty joke, Wingmate? Because I /do/ ache elsewhere, and I’m sure you know where, /and/ how to rub that ache away…” she teases. Shifting, she nibbles his neck and then bites him, swift, surprising, with a kiss afterwards to soothe.

It was a dirty joke and purposely so by Th'ero and he will make good on it. Yes, he knows some things and one of them is how to see to his weyrmate's… "aches" and that they can spend the rest of the night together in each others arms…