Cave - Stonehaven Area

His head was ringing. It was all fuzzy, hazy, like his thoughts were being blown about by the wind. He was dimly aware of pain, but it had settled to the back of his mind and he couldn’t be bothered by it anymore. His shoulder? Something about his shoulder wasn’t right. It was broken, or something. He couldn’t remember. Shifting a bit under the blanket, he bumped up against someone. Who was it? His mind sought for an answer. Was it Laurali? Wait, why would Laurali be here?

Where was he again? Shards and shells it was cold. He opened his eyes to blackness, shivered, and closed them again. Nope. Closing his eyes was better. He’d keep them closed.

Where was he?

The thought of Stonehaven flickered through his mind, and he was suddenly filled with dread and fear. An old fear. A well worn, well explored fear.
He was back in Stonehaven. The massacre. Even his sudden, deep breath gave him the smell of blood, of cold snow, of ice, and did nothing to remind him that that winter night was turns past. His father was dead, his mother and siblings were missing. He was alone. Alone again. Except for this person beside him.

That confused him. Someone was next to him. No one was next to him on that night. He shifted. His body felt different. Weird. Sluggishly his mind tried to connect the feelings with what it thought was reality. Wait, it…there were other things. Memories. Rayathess. He remembered Rayathess. Older. At the Harper Hall. Rayathess hadn’t been a Harper. Why was Rayathess a Harper?

He muttered a curse at his befuddled mind. Work, damn you.

There was a bronzerider, someone…someone like him. Someone he loved. He loved a bronzerider? He felt a sudden and inexplicable yearning. And a canine. He remembered a canine, with a weird name. A goldrider, he remembered that too. The weyr…and dragons. He knew dragons. Why did he know dragons?

His thoughts swirled through his mind and refused to connect with anything. He shifted again, and his shoulder moved. Biting his lip, he held back a whimper, instinctively keeping the silence. Silence was safe. His head throbbed with the movement and the pain, and with a soft exhale he blacked out again.

He wasn’t out for long. Seconds, in reality, though his brain couldn’t identify that. There was this person beside him. Rather than speak, rather than open his mouth and break that safe, sacred silence, he prodded his thoughts again. Work.

Stonehaven. He was in Stonehaven, but…not. Damnit, what had happened to him? Don’t panic, don’t panic. Okay. It was cold. Dark. Someone was beside him. He dimly remembered…a dragon. Was it a brown? He was…he’s heir!

That realization came to him with a sudden relief. He remembered who he was, at least. Heir. He was heir. Not Rayathess. /Him/. So if he was heir, he was older. This wasn’t that night. THis wasn’t the night of the massacre. That realization brought him so much relief he almost fainted again, sinking low into the pool of emotions. Heir. He was heir. Rayathess was alive. So was Anrila. Okay. He was older. A teen. He was…he knew who he was. Good, good. Now. What happened?

They were flying. He was…with a brownrider. A brownrider he didn’t really like. Is that who was next to him? He was snuggling with a brownrider he didn’t like? Male or female? Female. Definitely female. And…some link to Rayathess… His brain couldn’t work it out. Couldn’t remember those little nuances of relationships between people.

D’ani. He remembered that name suddenly, the pieces clicking together in his mind. D’ani. His best friend. A bronzerider. Was he here? Was he out there, digging him out? He had to be. Ezra knew he was, with a deep, solid certainty. D’ani would be there. D’ani was helping, he knew it. Rayathess would be there too. Maybe. Probably. He would be if the Hall let him go and he could get a ride. Out there, just beyond that mass of snow and ice. His friends were there.

That link relaxed him even more. There was no need to panic. This time, unlike the last, he had friends. He had people who would do everything they could to get him out. Him and this brownrider beside him, whose name he still couldn’t remember. But he knew, with a calm, settling certainty, that his friends would be out there and he would be rescued. The love he felt for that warmed him, but it didn’t last long and he shivered with a little twitch. What was wrong with his shoulder?

His thoughts began to slip again, swirling, the connections so recently made drifting apart as the pain from his shoulder and the sheer effort of simply remaining conscious took their toll. He struggled against it, trying to think of everything at once, to remember, to keep those thoughts in his mind, but it was useless. Names, connections, locations all drifted away from him, leaving him once more frightened, scared and cold in the dark.