Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

On the cusp of spring and summer, this particular mid-afternoon day could not be any closer to near perfect. The winds are low and cool and the sky is a brilliant spring blue, the sun actually carrying some warmth to it. Enough that most of the lake has now thawed and several dragons are currently making use of the opportunity to enjoy the water. It's still quite chilly though for human tastes but that is what the shoreline is for. Several have come out to sit and enjoy the sun and respite from all the rain.
Th'ero has found a large and smooth rock on which to sit and true to his nature it is off a bit to the side, away from the crowds and closest to where the old rockfall still remains. The Weyrleader is dressed in his casual clothing, nothing more than a short sleeved tunic and pants, with his riding jacket folded at his side. Back bent and head lowered, there is the glimmer of metal in his hands and it would not be hard to see that the bronzerider is lost in his thoughts while sharpening his dagger. A small bronze firelizard is curled up by his knee, but alert while Velokraeth is off in the shallow waters, stretched out on his belly with his stunted forelimbs crossed and his mismatched eyes watching the antics of the other dragons with curious and studious amusement.

Niumdreoth is one of the other dragons about, his off within the cool waters, just creeping along with just his head barely poked out from the waters. His whirling eyes there checking the place out it seems, or perhaps following after someone. Abigail is walking on the shore; she knows where her dear dragon a faint glance is sent towards him at times to make sure he hasn't creeped closer, or perhaps thought of splashing water towards her, he is tricky like that at times. "Don't do it.." Is offered out towards the dragon as there is a flutter of wings, and the brown seems about to do something that involves getting his rider wet. A moment passes, wings flutter and then he sinks back into the water seeming to pout.

Velokraeth turns his attention away from a particular green who is cavorting through the waters with grace in time to see Niumdreoth settling back into the water with an almost dragon-like pout. The pale bronze whuffles and then chuffs, amused and seeming to grin to the young brown. « They grow wise fast to pranks like those. » he tells him, his voice rich and honeyed. Th'ero's hands hesitate for a moment with his sharpening and then stop entirely as the Weyrleader looks up just enough to confirm that the voice he faintly ovearhears is, in fact, the correct one. "Afternoon," he greets, forgoing a salute for now. He's got a valid excuse, after all!

Abigail keeps a steady glance on Niumdreoth, just in case he changes his mind, as if she could /really/ stop him from doing something like that. Though for the moment she seems to have 'won' the unsplashing battle. A soft snort escapes Niumdreoth while his swirling bright gaze turns over to Velokraeth, he seems to grin a moment before a rumble escapes him. « True But I bet I can catch her later. » A warble greeting is sent towards the bronze while he shifts forward, making his way from the water until he settles down upon the damp ground around the lake. Abbey glances over towards the voice, a smile seen along with a nod before she does salute to Th'ero. "Afternoon Weyrleader How have ye been?" This questions while she wanders on a bit closer in order to talk.

« Now that's the spirit! I'm sure you will. » Velokraeth chuckles heartily through the mental link shared with Niumdreoth, but out loud he chuffs and rumbles to show his mirth. Stretching his wings for a moment, the pale bronze then hauls up his awkward bulk from the shallows and waddles on his short limbs over to the shore. He keeps quite the respectful distance between himself and the brown though as he settles in to bask in the spring sun. Th'ero's eyes dart sidelong when he spies Velokraeth on the move, but he relaxes when the bronze sprawls out on his belly again. Glancing back to Abigail, the Weyrleader straightens and pockets his whetting stone, while the dagger he sheaths back into it's scabbard at his hip. "Busy, as always. Between duties, patrols, reports and checking in when I can on the newest batch of Weyrlings it has left little time for simpler things." Like enjoying a bit of sun and quiet outside. Th'ero smiles faintly, "And yourself?"

With graduation passed, and her first flight under her belt, well Eirwyn took some time to explore Pern a bit, namely its crafthalls. Perhaps a bit late at the gate, but better late than never right? She visited a few halls starting with beastcraft and each time came back to the weyr without seeming to commit to a single one. Today she has taken time to come out and enjoy one of the first truely nice days in a long time. Xucieth walks casually alongside her as they make their way to the beach. "So what do you think Xucieth, I think it will work for us." «Us? I did not think you wished me to study as well.» Comes a sardonic reply from the green dragon who departs from her rider as the water is near and wades out until her hide is nearly covered in the gloriously cool water. Eirwyn just shakes her head as she watches her green before noticing the other riders here. She offers a Salute to the weyrleader and a wave to Abigail.

Niumdreoth rumbles out, which sounds like he is chuckling. Once settled upon a mostly dry spot the young brown is stretching himself out, wings lowered just a bit to allow the warm sun to hit them and work on drying them out. "Nothing wrong with the simpler things." Abigail offers with a smile as she casts a glance up towards the sky a moment. "At least the weather is getting better which will allow more free time outside at least." Her attention turns back to Th'ero a slight nod seen. "I've been well, no complaints." Which is good, yes? Her pale gaze turns over towards the approach of another and she smiles seeing Erwyn, whom gets a wave. "Hello Eirwyn." It's been some time since she's spoken with her friend. Niumdreoth shifts, head lifting and he looks towards Xucieth, a soft warble escaping him. « Hello hello. »

Velokraeth begins to relax, already looking drowsy under the sun when Xuceith arrives with Eirwyn at her side. The pale bronze croons sweetly and his jaw seems to drop in a bit of a wry grin before he's resting his oversized head on his twisted forelegs. "Nothing wrong with them at all," Th'ero drawls with a smirk, "Save for when they're rare and hard to come by." When she glances upwards, the Weyrleader does the same though only mildly from curiosity. He chuckles dryly then, "Indeed, it seems we're finally well into spring and on to summer at this rate. The warmth will be welcomed. I've enough of the cold." Who hasn't? Nodding his head, Th'ero smiles faintly again as he gives Abigail a curious look. "That is good to hear. Duties with Thunderbird haven't been too stressful?" he asks in a polite inquiring tone. His eyes dart past the brownrider then for a moment, as Eirwyn's approach and salute are glimpsed and Th'ero returns the gesture. "Afternoon, Eirwyn."

Xucieth looks towards the lads for a moment before deigning to give them a low warble of a greeting. «The water feels nice today.» She says as she goes a bit deeper, slinking a bit further in. Eirwyn shakes her head at her dragon before going over to join Abigail and Th'ero. "Hey there." She says and turns a patch over in her hands. "Just came back from Ierne and well I decided to become a Dragonhealer." She declares to her friend and Weyrleader. Well she did seem comfortable with the Healer craft visits and has an affinity for animals.

Abigail keeps her smile and nods. "Indeed." This is offered as she hears Th'ero. Anything is possible to happen around these parts, crazy weather, crazy people and so forth after all. "I'll agree with that on the cold weather. I'll be sure to enjoy the summer that comes, though like always it'll never last long." She blinks hearing Eirwyn and tilts her head looking interesting at this from her friend. "Oh really?" This questioned with a curious tone. Niumdreoth shifts, wings pulling close to his sides with a soft croon escaping him. « Oh yes, the water is indeed very nice. Getting warmer with each passing day. »

« Indeed it does, fair lady! I was enjoying it moments ago but now I am taking in the sun while it lasts. » Velokraeth answers in kind to Xuceith, though for all appearances the pale bronze looks to be sleeping. Th'ero leans forwards a bit to rest his elbows on his thighs as he peers a little closer at the badge that Eirwyn is turning over in her hands. Her news has his brows lifting in surprise, though he keeps his expression reserved. "A Dragonhealer? What spurred on that decision?" he asks, curious now before he adds in a lower tone. "Though I suppose it is fitting, given that Thunderbird is always in need of Dragonhealers." Comes with the territory, right? Glancing back to Abigail, the Weyrleader chuckles dryly again. "Not here in Fort it doesn't. At least we do not get the worst of winter like our more northern neighbours. The warm seasons are even shorter there!" So perhaps they should not complain so much here?

Eirwyn grins at the talk of the weather. "Definately colder here then where I grew up. Southern coastline…well we never saw snow and can practically swim year around." She comments before looking up to the pair as she notes their reserved reactions to her news. "I felt like I needed to do…more. Never got a chance to look into crafts before I got searched. I thought beastcraft at first but…" Eirwyn glances towards the dragon in the water, "Hard to deal with a craft where your dragon wants to eat your charges. We looked around a few more places and well, I figured with her personality, it best I learn how to heal dragons properly." Her lips twitch a bit with amusement at that.

Abigail lets her arms fold loosely in front of her at the thought of Xucieth around the beastcraft animals. "It wouldn't end well if she chased after the herd." It wouldn't end well at all. A nod is seen at the talk of the weather. Her pale gaze turns back to Eirwyn as she hears the bit on the different crafts that she was looking into. Dragonhealers would be nice to have on the wing that is for sure. "I should be use to the weather by now I suppose, not that I am. Just work can finding new ways to try and keep warm in the long run."

Th'ero nods in understanding to Eirwyn's remark in growing up in the southern coasts. He smiles crookedly, "Much the same for me as well. I was born and lived most of my life on the Emerald Isles to the west of here and over the seas. Never saw snow until I ventured here…" That wasn't his only first encounter either — a first winter lead to his installment as Fort's Weyrleader and he's been there ever since. "I hear Beastcraft can be a lot more intense then it seems." Th'ero murmurs thoughtfully, though he glances towards Xucieth briefly. No, perhaps it's best not to let the green near to livestock? "In the end though, what matters most is that this new path makes you happy. Is it official then, Eirwyn?" He asks. "Do you wish to remain in Thunderbird while you pursue it?" Turning back to Abigail, Th'ero chuckles and leans back a bit to glance up to the brownrider. "Too true. At least with your drills, it wouldn't be too hard to remain warm."

"They reckon I can do much of the training here under another Dragonhealer, but I would need to make visits up to Ierne and Xanadu for other stuff. Yeah, I really enjoyed the healer stuff we did in training, but really have no desire to heal humans." It seems Eirwyn is still processing this decision herself. "I suppose I should go meet up with the local Dragonhealer…" She starts before looking out to her dragon contently swimming in the crisp water. "I rather think she won't miss me just now." She says with amusement in her tone and offers salutes to the riders and heads on up the beach again, back in the direction of the weyr proper.

Abigail chuckles at the pair on the drills. "Aye, that is true. No complains in the least on the drills when the days are cold." Though this shouldn't be a real surprise, she doesn't tend to complain about much when it comes to work. "I'm glad for ye Eirwyn, an good luck." This said after her friend with a smile. Niumdreoth is on the move, the brown done with the sunbathing it seems, meal time. Abbey is quiet for a moment eyeing her dragon before a soft sigh escapes her. "If ye would excuse me. He still likes me to follow along when he grabs a meal at times." Now being one of them. "Have a good day sir." His said with a smile and salute before she is off following Niumdreoth towards the feeding grounds.

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