Who Carellos Leia Reksler V'sri
What Identical twins V'sri and Reksler are reunited and introductions are made
When Spring
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

With the cave-in thankfully a thing of the past, Reksler can relax for now, and concentrate on his book learning rather than the current condition of his brother's thick skull. Having gotten himself a mug of tea this afternoon, the harper has settled himself at a table but was paying more attention to the ridiculously attractive baker busy there in the kitchen as he appears, disappears, and appears again in the rush, rush, rush of the everyday workings of his vocation then the contents of the book open before him on the table. It was a…new…thing…and just maybe Reks hadn't quite decided on exactly what he thought about it just yet. A frown etched on his face, he scrunches his shoulders and drops his eyes back to the many many many small printed words, brows sinking down into a deep furrow.

DOOP DOOP DOOP. V'sri? He is DOOPing around, little DOOPs escaping his lips musically as he fills a plate to brimming. Each item earns its own DOOP as it hits the platter. Finally done, he spins on the ball of his foot with a longer doOOOOOP and, blissfully ignorant of his surroundings, quietly DOOPs his way to a table to set up. Plate put down? "A-doop!" Cup? "A-doop!" Silverware? "Aaaaa-doop-doop-doop." And he sits, inordinately pleased with himself.

Twitch. Twitch. Cornflower blues are yanked up from the book he couldn't concentrate on no matter what he tried and shoots a very irritated glance back the way of the kitchens, only this time he's distracted from sending the death of his glare towards that poor baker so its redirected towards the weyrling instead. Oh. Really? Book slammed closed, Reksler slides out of his seat and collects the literary work as well as his tea and marches himself straight over to V'sri as the poor guy settles himself. Book is tossed down, mug slammed sloshing its contents, and he drops heavily into the place across from him. Back, to the kitchens. Out of sight, out of mind. Propping his elbows up on the table, fingers are laced together and he darkly observes the chipper bronzerider. Wordlessly.

"Dooph?" V'sri questions around a mouthful of pie, then lights up and sprays crumbs just ALL UP IN THIS PIECE. "REKFTSH!" Propelling himself out of his chair, the bronzerider flings his arms around his twin and crushes Reks's head against his torso, curling protectively around him and emitting hearts. "You're HERE! When did you GET HERE! I MISSED you, bro! Oh man oh man oh jeez oh man you're HERE!" Thumping pats on the Harper's back serve to punctuate Voss's enthusiasm.

It was like Reksler knew it was coming and braces for the impact, going quite rigid when the bronzerider gets up and flings his affectionate arms around him and threatens to snuff him out. While not always so, standoffish, with his twin; V'sri knew him well enough that when he was in one of his 'moods' what to expect. He doesn't do much more then lightly pat one of the stupidly muscular arms of his sibling while his face remained unchanged from its rather baize and mildly irritated expression. "I came back when you got yourself trapped in a sharding cave-in." he replies dryly, growling lightly when he's slapped on the back so enthusiastically, eyes darting upwards as he calmly (for him okay?) pointing back to the seat that the weyrling has recently vacated. "Sit back down would you, Faranth." A deep sigh later and V'sri hopefully done manhandling him for now from his position across from him, Reks picks up his tea noting with growing annoyance that he spilled some in all of his own recklessness. Narrowing his gaze suspiciously, "So…" A deadly pause, sipping at his tea. "I went down to the Infirmary and was accosted by very enthusiastic baby brownrider about sevenday ago. What's that about?"

"NOPE! Because I LOOOOOOVE YEEWWWWWW!" The smushing gets doubled up on in a great aunt at Christmas sort of way, obviously for effect, and V'sri plonks about fifty smooches down on his doppelgangers head before flinging himself back into his chair. "Ohhhh, yeahhhh, that was probably X'fyr. He's my dude. At least it wasn't Leia. That's our lady. She's a bluerider and a leeetle scarier. But good. SERIOUSLY though, I'm glad you're here! And you met Xhan already so that's out of the way, eh? Eh?" BEAMING SMILE. "And I'm not under a ton of rock which is pretty good. You remember our turnday when we got up and found our cake and ate the whole thing? All we had to eat for awhile was CAKE in that cave-in. I almost yorked every time, just chunks everywhere. Cake and, like, mini sandwiches."

Naturally, the tables find themselves running low on sweet rolls and other confections so the baker is once again making his way to the tables. In a quick motion, well practice from turns of repetition, the baked goods are consolidated with fresh batches and Carellos gathers up all the empties so they can be washed and used again in quick order. He takes a moment to sneak in a breath of air before turning bac- Mid turn, he almost hits the kitchen hand that assisted him with that stack of baking dishes but manages to catch himself at the last second. The young man winces, offering an apologetic smile as the trays are carefully removed from his hands and taken back into the kitchens. He licks his lips in concentration, side stepping out of the active path of residents to just… /stare/. "Hours can't be that long," he murmurs, with suspicious eyes darting back and forth between Reksler and his clear double. Hesitantly, he makes his way over since it'll be a few minutes before he's needed again. Still staring. Alot. Confused. Very.

Reksler suffers through it all, though about the time that his head gets showered in a little under half of those kisses to the top of his head, he's about at his limit. That's when he struggles, grunts, and physically pushes V'sri away so that he can give him the look of instant death that never works but he just keeps on trying anyway. Fractionally disgusted but in that begrudging accepting way one does with family, the harper tries to school his expression back down to mild maiming instead of outright sibling-murder. "Your…dude?" he echoes, one brow quirked while the other remains quite stuck in its lowest position. A second later though they're both up in an expression of absolute surprise, "Wait. Wait." Needing a moment to process this, Reksler waves a hand in the air, dismissively, in order to collect his thoughts. "You're…" No, he just can't even right now, pinching the bridge of his nose between two fingers and releasing another suffering sigh. "Two. A girl and a guy. You…with both of them?" Unable to even look at the reflection of what it would be like to be happy and carefree, Reks takes more time to just work this through all of his many filters until he can maybe start to understand the concept. He'll just set aside the fact that one of them was apparently scary, and the other one…well…a guy. "Congratulations, I guess." He doesn't sound convinced though, setting his mug back down because he no longer had any interest in it. He's completely focused on his brother at the moment, so he misses Ridiculously Attractive Guy emerging from the kitchens to walk over and stare between them, at least right away. "I remember. I was sick for what felt like forever, and I swore off sweets." Well, until recently. He listens to Voss explain the trials and tribulations of those stuck in a cave-in, but is soon drawn away by it as Carellos standing there at the end of their table suddenly becomes quite clear. He glances upwards, looks back at V'sri, and then stiffens completely. Oh. Crap. Eyes widen just a bit, and he's suddenly looking for an exit. Any exit. Mug is picked back up and he promptly attempts to hide behind it as little by little, his face, turns red. This isn't the Reks you're looking for, move along baker man.

"Well I mean, we haven't…" And V'sri makes some sort of vague-ish gesture. "We're weyrlings so, like, we ain't supposed to, y'know. THAT. Because it'd make Diqth — OH he's my dragon! You've GOTTA meet Diqth! — anyway it'd supposedly confuse him. But we're all sweet on each other and, y'know. It works?" Dipping his head down, Voss scrubs at the back of his head, grinning doofily (DOOPily?). Finally, he looks up, one brow shooting up in amusement and, dropping his voice to a stage whisper that fails to not carry, asks, "Broooo. Who are you hiding froooom?"

Two. Two of 'em. "There's two of you?" he says in complete disbelief. Arms are crossed over his chest and he taps his lower lip as emerald eyes dart back and forth between the two. There might have been a little bit of powdered sugar there and on his apron. Wait. Which was which? The books hint him in a little bit and maybe the blushing of the face but there's no telling for sure. The last thing he wants to do is invoke a particular persons wrath if he gets this oh so very wrong. Carellos didn't quite catch the whisper to know what was said. He's still wrapping his brain around this enigma that is going to continue to plague him. "I didn't think I hit my head that hard," he says to himself, rubbing the back of his head and looking around the room. Everything seems to be in focus clearly except that THERE'S TWO OF THEM.

That brow is back to being arched, "I beat you to it?" Reksler says automatically without thinking, and two heartbeats later is hrming and hawing his way right out of the inevitable series of inquiry that was typical of his brother. What did he say? He doesn't know. You must be dreaming. He hadn't said a word. He nearly chokes though on the name of V'sri's dragon, "What?" No, no, he's going to focus on that right now. "His name is…" But, before he can get into that he finds himself quite…trapped. If Reskler had thought for a moment that he'd get caught between Carellos and V'sri at the same time, both with very obvious questions that needed some serious answers he might have stayed in his room instead. Shifting, uncomfortably, in his chair and with thoughts still very focused on getting the shell out of here and very somewhere else, the harper scrunches down a bit. He shoots his brother a long, very dark, look. The tension was building to a head and sure enough… POP! Growling, the mug is slammed down again, with more sloshing. Luckily his book wasn't saturated at this point. "We're twins." he snaps at Carellos, who was a saint really to put up with…all that…as much as he did. "Vossrik, Ridiculously Attractive Guy, Ridiculously Attractive Guy, Vossrik." There, now he'll just sink down in his chair, folding his arms over his chest and grumple at the wall there across the way. Dagger eyes are tossed unhappily at V'sri, "He's my…." Teeth are ground together, "…dude." Hiss. Spit. Growl. And with that, he goes boiled in oil red and ignores them both.

V'sri's face takes on the same red, having been 'beaten to it'. "Yeah yeah yeah I owe you a whole mess of marks. Hi, Ridiculously Attractive Guy-slash-Reks's dude. I'm V'sri. And, uh, watch out 'cause I think Reks is about to get a brain vein again." He juts a hand towards the gobsmacked, green-eyed Carellos, putting on his best Eddie Haskellesque smile. "If you want, I can tell you how to irritate my brother REAL good. I am an EXPERT."

Carellos uncrosses his arms, moving his hands onto his hips as the issue at hand had finally straightened itself out. "Twins. Well, at least now I can tell the two of you apart. I think." Naturally, he turns to the one that should be Reksler and peers at him expectantly. He's gotten good at doing that, locking eyes as he tilts his head to the side. "Aw, it's sweet that you want to call me that but don't you think my name is a little bit less of a mouthful?" The baker glances over his shoulder towards the kitchens and checks for someone hunting for him. Safe for now. He smirks, glancing back at V'sri and listening intently at the overly generous offer but… "Well, now, I can't have you do that. You'll ruin the all the fun. I like to be surprised."

Reksler only goes redder, somehow, when V'sri brings up the whole marks thing. "Keep them!" he barks back at his sibling, bristling despite the embarrassment. It was true that they were identical, but their personalities were so different spending a few seconds just observing them would clue in the observer as to who was who. "You're an idiot." This directed at Carellos, "Call him that." This directed at Voss. Impossible to sink any lower in his seat without being on the floor beneath the table (which was very tempting at this juncture), the harper manages to go statue-like when his twin offers Carellos more ways to irritate him, "He does perfectly fine on his own he does NOT need your help." he hisses across the table, blue eyes rocketing up at Carellos which are already narrowed to the point of slits, tightening his arms where they were crossed over his chest. "How about you use those stupidly green eyes of yours and look?" Growl. Spit. He points at V'sri, "Riding leathers, weyrling knot with bronze thread, stupidly optimistic goofball grin." Then he points to himself, "Me." Brows furrowing upon his reddened forehead, "That seem difficult to you, Carellos?" Whoops. Said his name anyway, ah well.

Oh, it's totally true. V'sri is making an iconic :V face right now, practically panting in his doggy-like glee. "Carellos, yes, that is a better name. Please ignore my brother, he's, uh, not so good at bein' caught unawares, y'know? Good to know that you got him in hand, er, so to speak. He needs messin' with in order to survive, of this I am hella certain." To illustrate, the bronzer leans over and thoroughly ruffles Reksler's hair. "Good to meet you, though. Did you both come to Fort at the same time, or was this something what occurred while I was dining on cake and doling out fellis?"

There's a sudden grip onto Carellos' shoulder and he stiffens up defensively for a moment til an elder man whispers in his ear and gives him a nice pat on the shoulder before vanishing back into the kitchens. The baker takes this moment to settle down next to the irate Reksler and he rests his forearms onto the table. "What if he comes in here not up to talking and not wearing his knot and leathers?" All said in jest of course, Reksler is already mad so there's no worry about him getting mad a second time and madder he can handle. He'll just pay for it later. "Aside from that, only your faces look alike. I don't know about the rest of you." Carellos gives Reks a sly smile and he turns all sweet, friendly and innocent like back to V'sri. It would be rude to ignore everyone at the table. "I think it was about the time of your accident. It was all I was hearing about when I first posted here. Glad to uh, see you're doing well and back on your feet." Beamkles.

Reksler was always mad, well, mostly. Probably. At least the blush across his face was dying down and his ire was calming to something much closer to irritation than ready to flatten everyone and shove them into an oven. He shoots V'sri a particularly nasty look though, kicking the poor weyrling beneath the table as he flushes in earnest. "Such a way with words." he hisses, but for some reason when Carllos takes a seat beside him at the table he calms, ashen-hued lashes lowering over the brilliant blue of his eyes. He may not be leaning or draping himself all over the baker, but its suggestive enough to plant the idea that the harper was not all piss and vinegar when it came to his 'dude'. "Then he's probably naked." Another soft round of grumbling beneath his breath, which ceases when whether or not they were identical everywhere comes up, because he's sitting up straight in his chair and now openly glaring at the poor guy. "And you won't. Ever. Know. That." Each word is emphasized pointedly, seconds before his hair is ruffled and he hisses once again at V'sri. "The fu…" Yes, he knows all the bad words, and he uses them occasionally, but this time not yet. Reks fixes his hair with a sweep of long fingers through dark blond locks, looking like he was about to bite his sibling right then and there. He lets Carellos answer the question, letting a drudge clean up his spill and bring him a fresh mug of tea.

V'sri is in his beaming, waggy element. "Oh, I don't come through here in no clothes. It's dangerous around here to be nude, hand to heart." And he does, indeed, put hand to heart. "At least it was during my candidacy, so I make a habit of checkin' my surroundings before gettin' all naked and stuff. Granted it was mostly the women who kept tryin' to sit on my lap or, like, put tunnelsnakes in my cot, though that's how I met Leia. The snake bit, not the lap … well not NOT." He clears his throat and, looking abashed, takes a moment to stuff his mouth full of MORE PIE.

"Well, I don't think you have to worry about finding me in your lap so long as I can tell the two of you apart. I'm sure I can think of a way to do it without fail. It'll take a little bit of work on my part but I think it'll turn out rather nicely." So nice that Carellos weaves his fingers together all sweet, innocent and well, can't say pure because that's out of the bag. He glances over to Reksler with those emerald eyes, batting soot colored lashes at the poor Harper. He licks his lips, then moves his hands to wipe the powdered sugar away from the edges of his mouth. Getting a handful tossed in your face by coworkers is only fun when it can't be mistaken for other things. Like flour. The baker clears his throat and nods his head to the deliverer of tea before he departs. Still have some break time left.

"That's best." Reks suggests, about V'sri NOT strutting about naked. One should always wear clothes, unless they were bathing. He will not entertain the idea of other things because that was his brother and he does not think about his brother and other things. Even if the dynamic of having two people instead of the one did tickle at his own morbid curiosity enough to bring a scowl to his face. Though, he does stare at his brother as he just keeps on going, "That pie will go perfectly with the foot you just inserted." Mean and sarcastic comment successfully if not dryly delivered, the harper picks up his mug and brings it to his lips, blowing lightly at the contents before taking a careful sip. V'sri was right though, in that Reksler did not handle being caught off guard well, but now that the reality of the situation has set in he was adjusting and in turn calming down to his usual prickly self. For now. Taking another sip of his tea, he chokes, soon sputtering and hacking. Now he was glaring at Carellos again, well, between coughs to clear his lungs of hot tea.

"Mmmm, foot piiiiiiie," V'sri murmurs around a mouthful of deliciousness, filling dripping into his short-trimmed face foliage (gotta keep it from being stolen). "I'll be the one with the pie and Reks will be the one eyebanging you like you were made of candy." There. That should help.

IT'S THE SOUND OF FEET, IT'S THE WONDER OF FREEDOM, IT'S THE PROMISE OF CHAOS AS LEIA COMES IN FULL-TILT AND READY TO ROCK. Listen, she's been a little off-kilter since the cave-in (can you blame her?), and perhaps a little distant in the face of having been sedated when she screamed and screamed about the possibility of losing her cousins and her men-loves and a couple of other OKAY PEOPLE too. SO HERE SHE IS NOW, looking VERY LEIA (or Padme, probably) in her trade-off of Th'ero-wear for a tight-fitting white suit that shows she's VERY MUCH A WOMAN AND NOT AT ALL A FRUMPY WEYRLEADER MAN; even the hair has been allowed to grow out slightly: red roots are starting to come in and take over and explain ALL THOSE FRECKLES THAT AREN'T IMPORTANT BECAUSE REASONS LIKE BLACK HAIR NOT FITTING THE BILL. WHAT IS IMPORTANT is the blue rider's hop-skip-stumble-pause as she dances right over to V'sridee and V'sridum, and Stranger Doodle Doo, LOOMING BEHIND THE TWINS LIKE A LOOM-Y THING. Blue eyes blink once, twice, and she looks between the two before popping a pleasantly giggled, "Well this is awkward," with a pretty pout of her lips and a hip-cock to suggest she's a badass when she's SO VERY CLEARLY NOT. The blue-affliated weyrling seems to be thinking a little too hard (possibly about Reksler's twin, and THINGS, and what she could do with TWO OF THEM) when she rolls her shoulders and leans forward to kiss V'sri first, and then Reks second, because WHO IS WHO? SHE DOESN'T KNOW (she probably totally should; X'FYR WOULD PROBABLY KNOW)- and then she's making a considering little hum in her throat before arms go around V'sri from behind and she nuzzles her face into the back of his head because that's HOW SHE DO. "Found you," she breathes into an awaiting ear, nibbling the tip because she's the most terrible thing to ever WALK PERN, and then she's drawing back enough to finger-waggle a HELLO THERE to Carellos because STRANGER DANGER, THAT'S WHY. "You should have some babies," she informs the newer face (BECAUSE SHE'S SEEN YOUR FACE A LOT REKS, EVEN IF… NOT EXACTLY YOUR FACE) around a daydream-smile and a sigh. "Name them all Th'ero." And then there's another kiss to the side of V'sri's head this time and off she goes, DISAPPEARING INTO THE… UH… okay, so she doesn't disappear, but she CROWD BLENDS AND WHO KNOWS WHERE SHE GOES.

"Candy, huh?" Aw, ain't that sweet? Well, the man is a baker so coming home tasting like ten different types of sweets wouldn't already be out of the norm. Even if Reksler doesn't particularly care to enjoy it in excess. Or at all. Though he did swear he thought he'd seen him eating… Never mind. Carellos reaches into his pocket and pulls out a neat and crisp handkerchief, handing it over to Reksler so he can take care of himself after nearly experiencing death by tea. He knows better than to try and clean the Harper off in public. Leia's appearance? He was no prepared. Not when she entered the room and not only kissed her man, but kissed his and still knew which was which. Wait. Does she know because she's already known ahead of time or was she seriously testing a way to find out which? The harper just shakes his head from the multitudes of questions generating out of thin air. He offers a nervous chuckle and waves his fingers to her as he departs, pressing his lips into a fine line as he turns his gaze directly onto he Harper. "I'll uh, figure out something that doesn't require kissing."

Still hacking away there for a bit, the harper can only manage a scathing look across the table for his brother as the guy enjoys his foot-pie, hand poised over his mouth because he has manners unlike the dribbler over yonder. But V'sri just keeps talking, that scathing look blossoming effortlessly into the danger zone. Oh yes, poking the bear always helps. Reksler has barely recovered from nearly drowning himself when the bronzerider brings up 'eyebanging' of all things and it takes all of his willpower not to slam his tea down again. Drudges and their tasks require respect too! "I will do no such thing!" he vehemently denies, now appearing at the very depths of appalled, and he's bristling again. Which was probably what Voss was going for when he said it. Enter, The Leia. Now, Reks had heard tales and not just from V'sri. All his bronzeriding twin had said was that she was scary, but the rumor mill was always turning in a weyr and so when the red-rooted mostly blacked haired weyrling with the blue thread in her weyrling knot arrives, well, the harper quickly puts one and one together to get two. Exactly the number of kisses that Leia brings to the table. Reks only has enough time to blink once and open his mouth before he's got weyrling all over it. Instantly he goes rigid (and not the way you are thinking you pack of perverts) inhaling sharply through his nostrils to become statue man. Anyone else think that looks awfully familiar? Maybe why V'sri was initially attracted to X'fyr might very well come into stark clarity just then. Reksler remains thus through the rest of Leia's drive by, just staring forward with wide eyes and shocked expression. He might see all the attention the sort of redhead gives to his brother, but that's really debatable. It's only when she turns and saunters off that the ice begins to thaw and the harper's expression morphs to one of absolute revoltion. He might need to explain that to his brother in a second, but for now, he grabs the front of Carellos' tunic and forgoing offered hankie, kisses him right then and there. Yep, full out, non-chaste with all the good stuff and the things that make it passionate and palate cleansing. Did Care just say something about kissing? Don't mind him if he does. A few moments later though he lets the Ridiculously Attractive Guy at his side go, and now V'sri was the object of his destruction. "Leia…I take it?" he growls, now taking the handkerchief wherever it had gone and uses it to wipe at his mouth. Those be dagger eyes pointed at you, bro.

V'sri nods, grinning lopsidedly and dabbing at his spittley and pie-covered chin. "That's my girl," he announces, watching her departure with a giggle. "She's kinda like that. Like, when she was a candidate, she stole my beautiful, fledgling beard so she could dress up like Th'ero… y'all almost done there, Reks? Ooh, is that what they call a 'palate cleanser'?"

There's something he had no idea coming. The poor little (but not so) baker man was sitting there all nice with his not so nice harper when the next thing he knows, there's gripping of clothing and his mouth is a little occupied. Well, there would be some witty remark but right now its lost on the kiss given to him by Reksler and while he would love to just reciprocate on the rare public display of affection, he's too busy trying to remember how to breathe. As soon as it's broken off, Carellos also sits there rather dumbfounded with his mouth hanging open in complete surprise. Slowly, his hand rises to his mouth, covering it until he can remember how to close it. His face? Burning the brightest shade of red imaginable. So red, that he can almost see it on his nose when those bright emerald eyes decide the table is something so beautiful that he needed to seek out every little bit of wear and tear from turns of use. After a moment, he clears his throat, folding his hands neatly into his lap and he does his best to combat the bright color fighting with his face. "She uh, seems… nice."

"Well tell her to keep her sharing mouth to herself," Reksler spits, clearly not as happy about having his mouth claimed by his brother's, whatever she was to him as they were still weyrlings. Girlfriend? Sure, he'll go with girlfriend. "In fact, tell your little boyfriend to do the same." Oh ho ho. Seems Leia wasn't the only Voss mate to make lippy claims, considering all the fuming and growling that was going on across the table from the bronzerider. He wasn't so much red faced from embarrassment as from being pissed off, shooting Carellos a decidedly chilly look considering the liplock from seconds ago. Brilliant cornflower blue eyes narrow to tiny slits, but soon that is redirected to V'sri. "She sounds like a delight." Sarcasm, and flat sarcasm at that. Though, the whole palate cleanser thing does return a considerable amount of color to the harper's cheeks and he looks away, finding that spot on the wall that was so inspiring it warranted a return visit. "Yes." He did not want anyone's lips on his except Carellos, but good luck getting him to admit it.

"Eh, you get used to it," V'sri shrugs gamely. "We've all had a long however many days, so I don't expect them to be thinkin' you're here, especially since *I* didn't even know you were here until just now!" The delight returns. "You're heeeeeeeere. Reks, you're heeeeeeeeere! And you've already met my sweethearts and I've met yours — and yeah, you are kind of like really pretty, dude. How do you even handle that? Is going in public, like, a total crapshoot on whether people can even speak around you? I mean shit, I am THREATENED by you."

Carellos just laughs nervously at the mention of his appearance and all he can do is offer an innocent shrug. "Well, I think working in the depths of the kitchens just lets me manage with the general populace." He just rubs the side of his face and makes sure this time his eyes don't look at Reksler, surely there's death incarnate in just an eyelash alone. By now he should be used to it but that doesn't mean it's good for his health to ignore his man's wrath all the time.

Blue eyes that identically match V'sri's dart instantly to him, "I don't want to get used to it, Vossrik!" Let's just throw honorifics out the window now to emphasize, shall we? Reksler huffs and picks his tea up, disappearing behind his mug instead of listening to his brother try to explain away why it was okay for both his girlfriend and his boyfriend to be smooching on his brother. The harper recoils even from the implication of it, sipping deeply from the mug contents now that they had cooled enough to not burn his tongue off. "Yes, yes. I'm here." The harper begins, rolling a shoulder both awkwardly and irritably at the reminder of sweetheart meetings, glancing sideways to Carellos before his attention returns to V'sri. "Hands off. This one is mine, you already have two." he growls low, hissing this across the table with another well placed kick beneath the table. Possessive Reks is possessive.

The shin kicks get returned, V'sri's head the only thing left above the table's surface as he slinks low in his seat to return the ferocious sibling kung-fu. "Yeah and I got two feets too, bitch, see how you like it!" Everything on the table dances around in the ensuing flailing commotion, cups falling, pie collapsing, sandwiches losing their structural integrity. "Fuckin'… get… over here…I got you, don't even… stop wiggling around!"

It's likely the word 'bitch' that gets the harper's hackles up more then the double kick to his shins, picking up his book and thrusting it at Carellos before sure enough in brotherly fashion Reksler too is sliding down in his seat to flail his legs at V'sri. "Oh, fuck you asshole." There goes his the tea, falling over and spilling over the pie and the sandwiches and the twins. "Fuck no! Oh, you dick." There goes another kick, and then another, along with more than a few gasps and sharp intakes of breath that denote pain.


"Your stupid muscles maybe!" Reksler growls. FWACK. THUNK. AWOOGA. "Your head is still as empty as ever!" CRACK!

Don't mind Carellos, he just takes a step back, pushing a chair back with his legs and he simply takes a set, placing Reksler's book behind his back. You never know when splashing is going to happen. "You know," he begins, hands on knees as he leans over to peer under the table. "I'm sure you're both very formidable and all, but here probably isn't the best place to prove it." Oh well. He does grab a sandwich off of the table that is left unscathed so far, best not to let good food go to waste.

V'sri is breathless and full of BLITHE GLEE, flapping around up until his bum slides off the chair and, with MIGHTY THUNK, he ends up laying on the floor. "Ow ow ow time out, time out. My lack of butt did me in. I lose. You win." He wiggles his fingers at Carellos in a small wave. "Hi. So I'm his brother, yeah?"

Reksler rises from the ashes of his brother's cold floor lay out, victorious. "Please, ass size has nothing to do with your failure to ever beat me." Righting himself in his chair once more, he leaves V'sri where he lay with little to no care about it. "You might be older, big brother, but clearly I'm the superior twin." Yes, he's going to go ahead and rub his win right in his bronzeriding brother's face and be hauty about it. Eyes are flicked up at Carellos though, ignoring the mess on the table from all that flapping around (HA!). "Yeah, that's my brother. You lucked out buddy."

Carellos breaks into laughter and he takes in a deep breath to compose himself. Only, the snickering picks back up again. It's been a while since he's seen siblings get along on any level, regardless of age and his own is missed. Only for a second, maybe. "Ah, Faranth. Clearly, it looks like I'm the winner in all this. Now I know my heart belongs to the superior twin." Well, he's superior in comparison to his twin. To other things? That'll be left to the imagination.

"Hooraayyyyyy!" croaks out V'sri from his new home on the sticky cavern floor, twirling his finger above him with HEAVILY IMPLIED SARCASM. "I never pay attention to the edge of the chair. Also he always starts it, and so when I go to retaliate, I gotta meet him on his playin' field. Gets me every damn time, no matter how much buffer I am."

Rolling his eyes cavern celingward, Reks tosses them upon return the way of his sibling, even if he couldn't really see him laying out across the grossness of the living cavern floor with the table in the way. Oh. The table. What a mess. Sighing quite heavily, the harper pushes back his chair and circles around, leaving his book in the safety of Carellos' grasp in order to offer his twin a hand up. Otherwise, V'sri might very well stay down there all day. "Would you get up. You're a sharding dragonrider, kind of, get off the floor." A withering look is spared the baker with all that 'my heart belongs' nonsense. Really? Pulling the bronzerider up, he brushes him off in an affectionate and yet mildly agitated way. Much like a parent who's at their wit's end but still loves their kid. Begrudgingly. "Yes, yes. So buff. So many muscles." Sigh.

Carellos just sits there, brushing his hand over his mouth to dislodge any crumbs that might've lingered there. He glances over to Reksler, leaning back carefully in his seat so he doesn't do any damage to the book he's been protecting and he crosses his arms. The baker might or might or might not have been flexing his shoulders as he moved his head from side to side. "Who, me? You couldn't possibly be talking about little old me." He stretches his arms overhead, completely shameless as his muscles get a tiny flex, then he's relaxing once more. Of course, with the roll of his eyes, it's clear that this little display is all in jest. Maybe.

With several grunts and many 'ow ow ow dangit ow's, V'sri finally rights himself, re-settling his knot. "You're darn right I'm so buff. I'm a bronzerider now, duder!" Holding up a finger, his eyes go distant for a moment, though his expression shifts over the course of the silence that ensues. Then: Laughter. "Pfffff. Diqth says hi. He would've said it to you but he was 'afraid of getting confused'. Like there ain't been enough confusion around here anyway. We're too pretty for one weyr. So, Carellos, you're a baker, yeah? The cakes around here are top notch. Good job on that one! You do good work!"

Reksler pauses in his brother dusting, sliding heavily lidded eyes the way of Carellos, with probably the least impressed of expressions on his face. Two more pats of weyrling riding leathers. "I wasn't." he replies flatly, certainly not about to inflate the ego even of the guy who just professed to be in love with him. Cold unfeeling bastard that he is. Why is the sweet baker man even with someone like Reks? How did that even happen? All these questions and more, news at eleven. The younger of the twins circles back around the table, waiting for the drudge to finishing cleaning the table before he drops himself back in his seat, heavily. "As much as I appreciate wanting to say hello, please keep your Diqth out of my head." Yes, he just said that on purpose, crossing his arms over his own chest and grumbling to himself under his breath. "There would be no confusion, my head isn't a marshmallow farm." Another mean and sarcastic comment, how brotherly. He just stares as V'sri joins Carellos in fluffing their own egos, a single brow lifting slightly. A scoff later, "I hate you both." Dry as the Igen sand dunes that was. He'll go quiet now, fingers itching some against the edge of the table now that his tea was gone and the drudge hadn't brought him a refill.

Carellos snorts, pushing himself to his feet but not without placing that protected book back into Reksler's lap. He makes his way back over to the tables for a moment, lost in the crowds and then he returns with a small tray that's carefully placed on the clean table. What was it? Just more tea for Reksler along with small dishes of condiments for it. There's no telling exactly how the harper likes his tea but it's fresh and he'll be colored surprised if he missed something. "Well, I had good instructors and lots of experience in the kitchens before I joined the craft. I'm still just a Senior Apprentice with a lot of room for improvement. Still got a ways to go." That's right, V'sri. He's just a sweet and modest baker. Completely harmless.

"Still, good stuff! We approve!" V'sri pats his stomach, indicating the other of this 'we' he speaks of. "Awww, you brought him more TEA! Wookit Weksy, he bwought you TEA! So cute!" There's that :V smile again, glee sparkling from him in almost visible clouds. "Seriously though, I'm glad you're good to my bro here. He needs reasons to smile. And speaking of, he should have one more 'cause I! Have got to run. But I'll see you around, Reks, okay? I am sincerely superduper happy you've decided to come here. Best present ever! But Diqth needs me. I'll be back later."

Hello book! Fancy meeting you here. The harper looks down at that which now occupies his lap, turning a questioning look upon Carellos as he marches off only Faranth knows where. Although, notably, his expression softens when he sees that its to fetch him a fresh cup of tea and for a moment V'sri ceases to exist. While Reks took his tea as black as his heart, there might be a thread of red wrapped around it for the ridiculously attractive baker boy. Enjoy it while it lasts, because a second later he's back to being grumple-faced again, muttering the vaguest grunt of thanks ever. A very stabby look is tossed V'sri's way. Yes, now might be a very good time to leave Mr. Weyrling, because you're about to be murdered. "Later, man." he tosses as if he couldn't care less, busy applying teabag to hot water. It's hard work! Carellos though, gets another death stare with very careful tea sipping between.

Carellos nods his head to V'sri as he departs. "Nice meeting you!" he calls back all nice and cheerful like before returning those emerald eyes back to the adorable little spitfire that was Reksler. Isn't he so adorable with his widdle tea cup? A tea filled Reks is a happy Reks, so he just sits here and enjoys the company of the harper in silence. The tea tastes better when he's quiet and not making stupid faces, so he's been told.

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