Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr

If weather could be surly, it would definitely be that on this particular day. It’s just one of those normal, dark days in the middle of spring, with clouds hanging thick and dark overhead and more with the threat of thunder and lightning than any rain. With dawn barely past, the air is still cool and clammy and anyone who goes outdoors makes quick business of it. So it may explain why Kyzen arrives so swiftly for his usual and occasional ‘breakfast with his parents’. Th’ero has already been up and out to his patrols and back home again, only to be called away again much to his displeasure. The Weyrleader’s mood is as surly as the weather and it’s anyone’s guess as to why. So it will be left to Kimmila to entertain Kyzen and hopefully she’s already awake (Th’ero would have tried to coax her before he had to rush out!) when the knock comes to the door…

Kimmila is awake, yes, and dressed, and prepared to entertain their son. With her belly bulge showing even behind the thick sweater she wears, she prepares herself for the conversation she knows she has to have today. She shouldn’t put it off any longer. Kyzen will hear from others if he doesn’t hear from her. So she opens the door and welcomes their child into the warm and dry weyr, with Boo curling around her legs and meowing. “Morning, Kyzen.”

“Morning!” Kyzen chimes in a far too cheery voice. Someone’s in a good mood at least? He’ll step through the door and then push it shut before he’s clumsily kicking off his boots and setting his shoulder bag down (lessons must be later that morning!) and wriggling out of his jacket. “Boo!” he calls delightedly to the kitten, who has likely grown considerably now. He’ll be distracted for a moment, trying to coax the feline over to pet her or pick her up briefly to be hugged. Which she may tolerate with a sort of annoyed patience. Sigh. “How’s you?” he asks, peering up at Kimmila and then down at that noticeable change. He frowns. “You look different. You hiding something in your sweater?” Not quite ‘hey mother, you look fat’ but it’s close?

Sigh indeed. Well that didn’t take long, did it? Bending, Kimmila tries to lift their son up into her arms, giving him a tight hug. “I’m good, Kyzen, but I have something to tell you. Let’s go sit at the table okay? And I’ll tell you about it.” The table is set with simple breakfast fare, and once more Kimmila silently thanks her lucky stars to find a man as thoughtful as Th’ero. « Varmiroth, will you tell Velokraeth to tell Th’ero that I love him? » A bit confused, the blue nevertheless complies in passing the message along. “Have a seat. Juice?” she asks, pouring some for both of them.

Of course it didn’t take long! Kyzen is a perceptive child and not yet of age to have learned that sometimes it’s best not to say everything that is on his mind. He’s curious and so stated his curiosity. When she bends to lift him, he’ll hug tightly to her before wiggling free. He’s almost too big for that now but his attention span is also… short. There’s food, after all! And… a surprise? That has him peering intently at Kimmila as he climbs up into his chair. “Yeah, juice please!” he tells her with an impish looking grin. “What’s you got to tell me? Is it… a surprise? Is it what’s in your sweater? That’s an odd place to put a surprise, you know.” Sage knowledge from a close to five Turn old. While Kyzen waits patiently (for now) for both his juice and what Kimmila has to share to him, Velokraeth will answer Varmiroth distractedly but amused. « He sends his love back and his regrets that he cannot be there with her this morning. Everything is well? »

Kimmila sets him down, gets him juice, gets him food. “It’s kind of a surprise,” she says, rubbing a hand over her belly. “Kyzen…you’re going to be a brother. I’m pregnant.” Surprise? « Everything is well. She is telling the little one that he will be a brother. »

Kyzen reaches forwards with slightly clumsy hands for his glass, gripping with both to either side as he takes a sip. Somehow he manages not to spill it all over the place. He’s not touched his food yet and his wide blue eyes will watch as Kimmila rubs a hand over her belly. Brows lift in surprise and his grin broadens in that same impish way. “I’m going to be a brother? I’m gonna be a brother!” he chortles in delighted excitement. He’s about to wiggle himself down off his chair when he pauses and excitement turns to puzzlement. “… what’s pregnant?” He stumbles over the last word, drawling it out bit by bit. Frowning, he stares at Kimmila’s belly and then scoffs incredulously. “In there?” he says, pointing to her stomach. Noooo, that’s impossible and he gives her a look like she’s yanking his chain. Ha ha, mother. Good one! « Let us know how that goes. » Velokraeth bespeaks Varmiroth again and… is that laughter in his tone? Probably.

“Twice, Kyzen,” Kimmila says, reaching out to try and gently brush curls away from his face. “We’re going to have twins. Two babies at once. You’re going to be a big brother to /two/ babies.” Reaching out again, she tries to take his hand and guide it to her belly. “Feel. The babies are in here. Growing. They’re in here, yes, in mommy’s tummy.” Please don’t ask how they got there, pleeeease. « I will. »

Kyzen continues to stare at her in disbelief, brows knit into a puzzled frown as he stares up at her while she brushes the curls away from his face. “Twins?” he says slowly, unsure. “Two?” Poor Kyzen is struggling with that concept. “So I am brother to both?” He’ll let her take his hand though he’s a bit apprehensive at first to be touching her belly but he’ll gently press his hand there. It does feel different! Comprehension begins to dawn… somewhat. His hand will press a bit more firmly and he may even poke her, still undecided. “Inside… and growing…” Kyzen blinks and looks up at her, eyes searching. Oh, did she really think it’d be so simple? He’s got a ton of questions and they come out in an excited sort of babbled rush. “But how’d they get in there? And… how do they get out? Was I grown there too? Are all babies grown? Does it hurt? How come there’s two but only one of me?” And on and on and on…

“Two, yes.” No worries, Kimmila is struggling with it too. “Yes, you are a brother to both.” How silly. She lets his hand go and lets him feel, explore. “Inside and growing.” Then the questions begin. She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “When a man and a woman want a baby, they spend some special time together and make the baby, so it grows in the mommy’s tummy. Yes, you were grown here too. They’re born. You’ve seen puppies and kitties be born, right?” A slight wince. “Yes, it hurts when they’re born. But it’s worth it.” She ruffles his hair fondly. “Ah…I don’t know. I don’t know why there’s two this time, but you were just one. You were special.” So are twins. But she doesn’t want this to be traumatic for him.

Of course some of his answers are silly! Kyzen is still so young and a lot of this is a bit over his head. Reassured, he'll explore the curve of her belly and his frown gradually eases. Unaware of the awkward he's caused, Kyzen wrinkles his nose and looks up again. Oh, he remembers being shoo'ed from the room! "Is that why you guys chased me away when you had special time?" So innocent. His features scrunch up a bit. "Noooo…? Boo came from a tummy too? Can you have kittens?" Kyzen laughs and ducks away playfully from Kimmila's hand. Spending a few more moments touching, he'll be satisfied and return to his chair to pick at his breakfast. "I was special?" He mumbled around a mouthful of bread. Not traumatized yet!

Kimmila laughs, and nods. “Boo came from /her/ mommy’s tummy. People can’t have kittens.” Faranth. Claws. OW. That thought makes her flinch. “Yes, special time is just for Mommy and Daddy.” When he returns to his chair, she’ll sip at her juice. This is going well! “Of course you’re special! You’re Daddy’s first child, and my first boy. Our first baby, and you will always be our first baby.”

Kyzen looks almost disappointed. No kittens? “So… if Boo came from her mommy’s tummy, does that mean Boo can have kittens too? Do boys do the same? Or is it only girls? And how come you don’t lay eggs like the dragons? ‘Cause dragons grow in the eggs, right? That’d be much easier!” He mumbles around more of his food and bobs his head. So NOW he knows what Special Time means! Special Time = Making BABIES. Wait till he tells the other kids in his lessons! That… poor Harper. And don’t jinx the moment! “Really? I’m first?” Kyzen says, brightening, only to look a little crestfallen. “But… I won’t be when the new twins are, right?” Apparently he missed ‘you will always be’.

Kimmila waits for his questions to all tumble out before she attempts to answer (and remember) them all. “Only girls have babies. And…I don’t know why we don’t lay eggs. Most animals on Pern don’t lay eggs…so I’m not sure. Ask your Harper.” Ha. /YOU/ deal with that one, Harper lady. Plus the whole making babies part. Cough. Sorry. “You are first, and you’ll always be first. You’re first and you’re oldest. They’re second. And third. And youngest. You’re the big brother.”

Kyzen frowns. “Why?” Uh oh. He’s in that stage, is he? “Why only girls? And that’s just silly. Eggs are fun! You see them hatch!” Maybe Kimmila will get a letter from said Harper? Won’t that be fun. “Okaaay.” he says, bobbing his head again and pushing his hair back from his eyes before finishing off a few more bites of toast. “But… what if I dun wanna be big brother?” he says with a slight pout. Wait, what? That sounds like it has responsibility tacked to it. “What if I dun like them and dun wanna play with them?” Then what, huh?

Kimmila shrugs. “I don’t know why, that’s just how it is. And eggs are fun, yes.” But that’s not how she’ll be carrying these babies. Then she blinks, a bit surprised at his next words. “You’re going to be a big brother.” So deal with it? Then she chuckles. “You’ll love them, Kyzen, because they’re family. But if you don’t want to play with them you won’t have to. They’re younger than you are. They won’t be able to play for a while anyway.” And if he really doesn’t like them, well…they’ll deal with that later.

Kyzen pouts. That’s not a fun answer! He peers at Kimmila but gives up when she doesn’t elaborate. “Well. I think it should be eggs.” he exclaims haughtily and stubbornly. His frown deepens and he juts out his lower jaw a bit. “But what if I dun wanna be a big brother?” he growls in protest. Deal with it? He’s five! Being told they’ll be too little to play at first, he snorts. “Oh.” Some of that scowling eases. “So… what makes ‘em special then if they can’t play? What’re they gonna do?” Done with breakfast, he’ll slide from his chair again and come around to where Kimmila is sitting and press his hands to her belly. “How much longer till they come out? Is it soon?” His hands smooth out over her sweater and he stands a bit on the tips of his toes. “Hellooo in there!” Kyzen suddenly calls, as if they could hear. Can they answer?

Kimmila nods. “I think it should be too.” She lifts a brow at his pouting, and puts a sweetroll on his plate. Here. Stop pouting. “They’re going to eat, and sleep, and poop until they grow up enough to be interesting. Same as you.” When he moves over to her belly, she tries to lift him into her lap. “It’s a few months yet, Kyzen. Go ahead and talk to them if you want.”

“You do?” Kyzen perks up considerably when Kimmila agrees with him about the whole egg business. Awesome! His grin says it all. She just won some points there! Bonus ones too with the sweetroll, which is grabbed and devoured with alarming swiftness. Om nom nom! His nose wrinkles and he giggles. Hehe, she said poop! “Gross. That’s all they do? Sounds boring. Does that mean that’s all I did when a baby?” His brows knit again. Eew? He doesn’t remember this! Kyzen will go up onto her lap but wriggle more to her side with his one hand still pressed to her belly. “Oh. That’s long.” Months are forever, don’t you know? “…talk? Really? Why? Can they hear me?”

Kimmila chuckles. “And cry. Sorry.” He’ll be liiiiving with them. Muahahaha. “Maybe you can come live with Th’ero and I for a bit.” Oh. Wait. Whoops. Maybe she should’ve checked with Th’ero first. “Yes, that’s all any babies do. You pooped on your father once. Alllll down his chest.” And she /laughed/. “Sure! I don’t kow if they can hear you or not, but if they can, it’d be nice for them to get to know your voice.”

Kyzen wrinkles his nose, “Cry all the time?” Nuuu! Not such torture! He brightens a bit, looking up with big, wide hopeful eyes. “CAN I?” he asks, almost bouncing in place if he had the room to do so. So he’ll settle for wiggling. Too late now! Th’ero… won’t have much of a say. “I promise I’ll be good and… and not cry or break things or or… interrupt special time!” He’ll be a GOOD boy! “Eeew!” he almost shrieks with laughter! “All over him? That’s gross! Babies are gross.” He’s such a boy. Tilting his head, he’ll peer down at Kimmila’s belly again and leaning forwards he’ll talk again. “Hi babies! I guess I’m your brother. Kyzen!” Who then giggles because this feels silly, even to him!

Shards. Whoops. Too late now. She..will have to break this news to Th’ero /gently/. Damnit. She rubs her hand against Kyzen’s back though, just smiling as he rambles on. “I know you’ll be good,” she murmurs. And she’ll be horribly depressed and out of sorts with her post pardum, and Th’ero…will have to deal with her /and/ Kyzen. Damnit. She just smiles, listening to him talk to her belly, and strokes his hair.

Who’s to say it’s not a blessing in disguise? Once Kimmila has recovered, the twins could be tended by Tlazio or a wet nurse if she needed to escape and Th’ero, so long as he’s not off doing Weyrleader-things, can watch Kyzen (or take him with him, depending). Or he’ll send all their offspring away and tend to Kimmila. For now though, Kyzen is just chattering away about this and that and nothing while she strokes his hair and then he jerks and recoils a bit, clinging to her shoulder and side. “Something kicked me!” he squeals, startled and caught completely by surprise. He stares at his mother then. “… I felt it move!” And it’s SO creeped him out right now. Did he do it? Is it a bad thing?

Kimmila twitches too, because if Kyzen felt it, then /she/ did too. She laughs, smiling at him and nodding. “Yes, yes one of them is just saying hello to you. It’s fine, Kyzen. Talk to them. They’re awake now.” And moving. She shifts but keeps mostly still to let him explore this new and, yes, creepy thing.

Kyzen relaxes when Kimmila laughs and smiles at him, his smile tentative to start and then more at ease. “Oh. So they sleep while in your tummy? That’s not nice that they kick you. I don’t kick you.” he mutters. They going to be scolded? Kyzen might do that next when he “talks” to his unborn siblings. “Don’t kick mom so much. Not nice things to do.” His hand will pat Kimmila’s stomach and then he’ll nestle against her side. “Do they have names yet? Do we get to name them?”

Kimmila listens, and she laughs softly. “Thank you, Kyzen. You are a good big brother already, teaching them things. I know you’re going to be a great big brother.” Then she pauses, holding him close with both arms. “We have two name ideas, but we don’t know if it’s going to be two girls, two boys, or one of each. Aranthi for a girl though, and Elladyr for a boy. What do you think?”

“That’s what a big brother does?” Kyzen asks, glancing up to Kimmila for clarification. Oh, so that’s all he has to do? Heeeey, maybe being a big brother won’t be so bad! “Teach them.” He’s the boss! Mwahaha. Leaning in close, he’ll slip his arm around her neck and rest his head against her shoulder. “So it can be any of those? Two sisters or two new brothers or one each? All of them?” Geez, she’s not having a litter! Kyzen makes a thoughtful sound as Kimmila shares the names. “I like them. They’re good names.” Easy to remember for him! “Those’ll do! Aranthi and Elladyr.” he echoes, repeating the names in a sing-song voice.

Kimmila smiles. “Yes, that’s what a big brother does. Teaches and helps, you’ll protect them and look out for them. You’ll show them all the best things, and play with them.” Yup, he’s the boss. Wait. Maybe this isn’t so good. Gently, her arms wrap around her son and she hugs him gently. “It could be any of those, yes. Two of each or one of each.” Then she smiles. “Good. I’m glad you approve of them.” Then she zerberts his cheek. Pbbbbttttt!

Kyzen seems to think all this big brother nonsense over. “That’s a lot.” he says, giving her a sidelong glance. “But… guess I’ll try to be a good big brother.” he sighs. He makes it seem like it’s an actual chore! No, don’t tell him he’s boss! He’ll… figure that out on his own and they’ll have to deal with it later (and so will Tlazio). Hugging Kimmila back, he will smile at her when she’s pleased by his approval, only to shriek with laughter and giggling when she zerberts his cheek! “Hey!” he exclaims between giggles and will try to return the favor!

Kimmila grins, kissing his curls, and then she laughs too when he…slobbers all over her. Groooos. But she welcomes it, hugging him tightly and then giving his bottom a pat. “There, now let’s get breakfast cleaned up and then maybe we can do some reading, okay?”

Hey, he’s a kid! What’d she expect? At least he didn’t poop all down the front of her chest? Kyzen hugs back and then laughs again at the pat. “Okay! I can help! And can we read my favorite book? Pleeeease?” he begs as he squirms his way back down to his feet and starts to (carefully) gather his empty glass and plate. See? He’s a big boy!

Kimmila smiles lovingly at her son, taking a slow breath as she rubs her stomach. “You’re such a big helper. Yes, we can read your favorite book. Go put those dishes in the sink and you can get it, alright? We’ll read on the couch.” Where she can lean back and put her feet up. Relax.

Kyzen beams up at his mother. “I am a big helper!” he agrees in delight and childish pride as he takes his dishes to the sink. So what if he has to stand on tiptoe to get them in? He manages! Then he’s off, racing out to the living area and finding his book and climbing up onto the couch. “Read with me, read with me!” he calls until she settles herself and he can hand her the book and snuggle up against her side.