Outside of Stonehaven Cothold

Inside: Ezra murmurs a few words that are impossible to understand as he scoots closer to the brownrider. Snuggling. He's snuggling, instinctively searching for warmth in the growing cold of the cave and his dropping body temperature.

This is the kind of thing that will happen and then must never be spoken of again. Lana herself moves closer to Ezra as Opal continues to deliver supplies. Searching for heat is instinctive and really should be nothing to be ashamed of. However, once the brownrider and heir have been freed and warmed up some it may not be seen that wait. At least they might like each other a little better after this whole experience? It might just be a possibility.

Outside: Oh, Rayathess is probably thinking about the volatility and rather… okay, so maybe his thoughts ARE on the same page as D'ani's but there's more to it there too. The young Harper actually gets along with Lana, somehow and may have begun to consider her a (rare and few) friend. So there is genuine concern for her, though sadly the concern and anxiety for his brother outweighs all. "Shards and shells!" he curses under his breath for D'ani's report on Lana's injuries now too. Now his mind is playing through all sorts of scenarios and worrying for how bad Ezra must be. Cala DID share considerable pain. Rayathess snorts, giving the Weyrsecond a look concerning Ezra's choice of doing a Minecrafter's work. Yeah, he knows. He'd have done the same. But that still won't keep him from venting frustration and anger about the whole situation! All of which he bites back. Time to fly. Talk later. He'll hang on, gripping in a death-like grip to those straps as he hunches his shoulders and braces… Blackness. Then sky. HIGH up and the land so far below. Rayathess takes one look and then decides to focus on D'ani's back instead, swallowing. "Right!" he calls back and maybe on a different day and different circumstances he'd have enjoyed such a steep and fast plummet. As it is, his stomach is in his throat and if he wasn't already rattled enough… that certainly did it.

On both flanks of the avalanche, the miners and their whers have begun to chip away at the mass, scooping snow and ice carefully back from the thin edges, moving in closer towards the /actual/ mass of snow and ice and rock, where they'll need structural supports and time. Always more time, though they are working swiftly. Speed and caution both, carefully balanced.

You know that old adage about first impressions lasting? All D'ani's got to go on is what he knows of Lana from when she was a Candidate. Perhaps someday Rayathess can share his thoughts on the feisty brownrider - or Ezra - when, not if - they get him out - can. Having been trapped with her, he's surely seen a different side of her than D'ani has. He'll wait until Rayathess dismounts, stripping his helmet and goggles and tucking them into the harness pouch for those before sliding down to splash-slog his way over to where Th'ero is and making himself available for orders, doing whatever is required to free Ezra and Lana while trying to keep his anxiety at bay by keeping busy.

Time passes…

Outside: A candlemark. Then two. While Ezra and Lana shiver inside the avalanche, the heir drifting in and out of confused consciousness, outside the Minecrafters and their whers have been working diligently. No one can say they haven’t given this rescue their all. Digging, building, shoring up their narrow little snow passage, packing in snow, removing boulders with the help of rope and dragons pulling them out, they carefully and slowly dig through the mass of snow, ice and rock along the cliff’s face, inching ever so slowly towards the cavern.

It’s a blessing and a curse that the sun is beginning to go down. With temperatures dropping, the slide will freeze and stabilize. But at the same time, no doubt it is very, very cold in that little cavern.

Inside: Ezra twitches, shivers, and groans softly, his eyes blinking open to stare…yup. It’s still dark. Someone is still beside him. “Hey,” he mutters, voice thick and slurred. “Hey. You…” Nudge. Nudge. Nudge.

Outside: One day Rayathess may be more open about discussing what thoughts tumble about in his head. Not today though and so D’ani will find no answers, aside from frustrated and tensed mutterings as he surveys the situation. Somewhere in there, thanks will be given to the Weyrsecond for his and Dremkoth’s willingness to come fetch him from the Hall, but the older Stonehaven brother has only one thing he is focusing on: that cave. That buried cave, lost under ice and snow and rock. Where his brother is and Lana too. The minecrafters will have their work cut out for them for this rescue. They’ll also have Rayathess to deal with and after at least several attempts to “help”, he’s chased back and out from underfoot, told with thin patience that all is being done. Rayathess grits his teeth, cursing under his breath and sets to pacing restlessly when no “work” can be found for him.

And to be certain the Harper Apprentice doesn’t go off and do something stupid, Th’ero’s been keeping an eye on the troubled young man. At least, when he can. The Weyrleader has his hands busy too, dealing with keeping things organized, speaking with D’ani or Thunderbird Wingriders or the minecrafters. If he cannot shadow the older Stonehaven brother, he’ll use another wingrider as his ‘eyes and ears’. Poor Rayathess. Just doesn’t catch a break, does he?

Inside: Lana is awake. Sure, she’s tired, she feels absolutely awful, and she’s pretty sure that her toes are ready to fall off at any moment but the fact remains that she is awake. Which, considering their current situation and the freezing weather it involves, is pretty important if you ask her. However, she definitely isn’t in her best condition and probably would have been poking Ezra to keep him awake quite a bit more if she was. Instead the brownrider settles for just prodding him to ensure that he’s still alive every now and then. However, it seems that it’s the heir’s turn to ensure wakefulness this time as she soon finds herself prodded. Bleary eyes train themselves onto the boy at the gesture. “What’s wrong?” Lana manages to ask in a slightly slurred voice. “Do you hear something?” Sweet Faranth she hopes not, because if the rescue was complete Rauskazeth definitely would have told her earlier and she does not want to be trapped in a real rockfall.

Inside: Ezra shifts, blinking at her through the darkness. “Who are you again?” he asks, his voice low, words slightly slurred in reply. It’s cold. /Damn/ cold, and he shivers with it even underneath the sheet they brought. “Are they almost done? Are…they’re still out there, right? They haven’t forgotten us?” Who ‘they’ are he’s unclear, but his foggy brain seems to recall /someone/ out there digging for them. Or several dozen someones. “Are you hurt?” That makes it over a hundred times now he’s asked that question.

Outside: The head Minecrafter walks towards Th’ero, lifting a hand in a tired salute. “Sir. I think we’re just about through, judging from what the whers can tell us. You’ve Healers ready? We’ve got sleds we’ll put them on if they can’t walk out themselves, and have dragons pull them out by pulling on the ropes, same’s we been pulling out the stones. Need Healers, and warm blankets and drinks and all that ready. Hypothermia is a real concern now.”

Th’ero looks up from the Thunderbird Wingrider he was talking to in low, murmured voices and gestures for the Wingrider to stay, while focusing his full attention on the head Minecrafter. His eyes flicker with relief at the news, though swiftly replaced with fresh concerns and his thoughts racing as how best to formulate the next list of tasks. “We’ve Healers on standby, yes. I’ll have Velokraeth relay what you’ve told me to those Wingriders trained and who are to assist those Healers. I’ll have those blankets and supplies readied for you as well.” No doubt that has already come to pass, sent to D’ani and any available hands. The Wingrider next to Th’ero is given orders as well and with a nod quickly departs.

Meanwhile, another lurks close by. Not enough to overhear all the conversation but enough of it. Rayathess is quite used by now to fading into the background or making it that he does. Survival tactics, now used for an entirely different purpose. Of course, one of the worst words for him to overhear is the loudest (to him) of all. Hypothermia? Scowling, Rayathess doesn’t stick around to pester the Weyrleader OR the head Minecrafter. No, he’s going to find a way to slip in with the volunteers reading those supplies and shadowing those Healers. The closer he can get, the better and anyone be damned who tries to stop him.

Inside: Lana looks worried at Ezra’s question, truly worried. While she isn’t exactly feeling like sunshine and rosepetals herself she at least knows who she’s with and where she is. Although she can’t help but think that Ezra at least knows /where/ he is, he’d be well and truly screwed if not even that can be said. She can’t help but let out a hushed curse of, “damn,” before she continues, “I’m Lana, remember? Brownrider, this is the second time we’ve been stranded somewhere horrifically cold together, and I’m pretty sure you have a deep loathing for me?” There’s a pause as she allows this to sink in, or at least tries to, before she forces a grin and continues, “and yeah, they’re still working. If they’d forgotten us Rauskazeth would give them hell to pay, I can assure you. As a matter of fact he says they’re almost done.” Okay, so maybe that isn’t /completely/ true, the brown being too caught up with the worry for his rider to check for sure. But he has let her know that he thinks they’re pretty close and… well there’s nothing wrong with letting Ezra have some hope, right? The injury thing isn’t addressed. There’s only so many times you can repeat the answer to one question before you figure out that they’ll probably forget they ever asked anyway.

Rauskazeth reaches out to Velokraeth, the scent of smoke still blocking out the senses his voice normally carries. There is an urgency to his tone as he rumbles, « Lana says the heir grows delirious, he had to ask who she was and has been repeating things. » Although he doesn’t say anything more one might hear the faint sound of a rumbling stormcloud. Maybe something come to bring relief from the fires of disaster that have been filling his mind with smoke? After all, they do seem close to fishing them out. Or perhaps it warns of a possible danger on the horizon, ready to strike down on the young heir.

Inside: Ezra blinks into the darkness. “Lana. Lana. I…don’t like you.” But he sounds confused. Puzzled, as if he has this feeling of dislike but can’t remember /why/, so is naturally questioning the feeling. “Almost done?” He shifts, hisses, grits his teeth. “Right, right,” he mutters to himself under his breath. “Right. Okay. Yeah. Wait. No. Wait.” And another shiver.

Outside: The minecrafter nods to Th’ero and returns to the avalanche, passing Rayathess with a slight dip of his head before he moves into the tunnel. To the end of it, working with his brown wher, digging cautiously through the snow and ice, testing each inch before they pull it free. And then they’re through. The mental call goes out, as vibrations from a shout might cause the unstable snow pack to shift just enough and bury them all. Healers move in swiftly, carrying sleds with long lengths of rope left outside for the dragons to pull on. And Rayathess…he will be ordered to stay outside by a passing Master Healer as he vanishes into the tunnel.

So close! So sharding close. Rayathess is about ready to ignore the Master Healer’s orders when he realizes that they’ve finally broken through and his desire to get to his brother and Lana outweighs common sense. He’d have likely got in there too (or a little further) but he’s halted by the firm grip of someone’s hand on his shoulder. Luckily the one attached to this hand is a Wingrider and Rayathess’ scathing retort is bitten back though he goes stiff and rigid beneath the rider’s grip. It’s an older greenrider that holds him there, giving him a silent but warning look. Don’t do it. Sage advice, given his badge lists him as a Guard-trained Thunderbird rider. Not smart and triple so that Th’ero is somewhere and D’ani too. No pushing riders down the hill. One injured rider is enough! Swearing heatedly, Rayathess will shrug himself free and stalk along the perimeter. He won’t go in, but they won’t chase him away so easily either.

Velokraeth merges his thoughts with Rauskazeth’s, his wine filled mind tainted now by smoke and spice. « I’ve sent that along to those whose riders are Healer or Healer trained and they will pass on the message. I have let mine know too. They know of the urgency. Is yours alright? She… Warn her that the eldest brother is here. He is upset. » For good reason!

Inside: Lana slowly nods, not saying anything at first but reaching forward to place her hand on Ezra’s shoulder in an attempt at comfort. His uninjured shoulder, of course, for somehow she feels like the last thing he needs right now is a surprise blast of pain. For a moment her face actually manages to look /stoic/, which is quite the feat for her. However, a hint of a smile tugs at the corners of her lips as she says, “Rauskazeth says that Rayathess is here.” A frown before, “and he’s upset.” Although it’s really not much of a surprise to her that he’s upset. After all, his brother was just trapped in an /avalanche/. However, those small moments of her lips are absolutely nothing compared to what happens when another bit of news comes to her. The grin on Lana’s face is wide and filled with joy as she exclaims, “they’ve done it! They’ve broken through!” For a moment she cups her hands around her mouth, ready to call out, only to pause. Loud sounds could risk another avalanche, couldn’t it? The problem is solved by Opal, who has been lingering since her supplies run and sends flashes of the location to the minds of the searchers. It’s time to get out of this freaking cave.

Rauskazeth’s mind may seem a little odd this time, the smell of smoke and spices in the air along with the heavy feel of a sky about to break open into rain. Worry and apprehension, resolution seems so close yet so far away. To Velokraeth he says, « she has been alerted. Lana… she is not well but she claims that the heirs condition is more urgent, he should see the healers first. » The tone of his voice, while also making it clear that he isn’t thrilled that his rider is in this situation in the first place, also holds a certain amount of pride in her.

Inside: Ezra twitches at her hand on his shoulder, even though it’s his uninjured one. “What?” he mumbles, sleepy, words slurred. “Raya…? Raya is here? But…” Confused. Befuddled, and he continues to shiver.

The Healers move in swiftly, glows lighting their way as they approach both Ezra and Lana, two Healers for each of them. “We need to get you both out of here now, while the tunnel holds,” the Master says, his voice calm, but not wasting any time. “We need to put you both on a sled, and pull you out, alright? So if you’ll just lay down here, here, let me help…” Warned ahead of time to their inuries, the Healers are very careful not to jostle Ezra’s shoulder too much, but it still brings a soft cry of pain from him when he’s laid down on the sled. Outside, Cora creels softly with it, talons digging into Rayathess’ shoulder. Back within the cave, Ezra is quickly strapped down onto the sled, and then the Healers turn to Lana.

“Ma’am. On the sled, we’ll be careful of your ankle okay? And pull you both out.” Already, Ezra is being pulled to the exit, his eyes closed and head spinning as he groans. Just get it over with already. He’s past the point of caring.

Outside: Rayathess will wince when Cala’s talons dig into his shoulder, his jacket (or this one anyways) not padded there for protection against firelizards. “Easy, easy.” he mutters, absentmindedly reaching up to sooth the gold. Which leaves it to be guessed if he really speaks to Cala or out loud to himself. He has no choice but to wait, likely sending Cala to D’ani though he suspects the Weyrsecond already knows and may be nearby too. For now, Rayathess keeps his eyes transfixed on that tunnel entrance, his body tense and nerves all but frayed. Come on, come on! All the while, that old greenrider hovers nearby and that grates further on Rayathess’ nerves. If he wasn’t so wound up in seeing his brother and Lana, he’d likely be up in arms over being “babysat”.

« That has been relayed as well. » Velokraeth assures Rauskazeth, his voice still mellow and soothing in the way it rolls in lowered tones. « Healers are on their way in, if not already by you. They will see to the Heir and to your rider as well. » Soon. Soon they will be rescued and they can all breath a sigh of relief that THAT danger has been overcome. Then they can work on the next stage and see both Ezra and Lana safely home and the mess here cleaned up (or left as it is).

Inside/Outside: Lana nods to Ezra, a soothing tone making her way into her voice as she speaks. “Yeah,” she confirms, “he’s here. You didn’t think he’d leave you in a cave with only me for company and not do something about it, did ya?” Although a playful smile touches her lips it is clear that she is still more than a little worried. That’s when the healers arrive, working quickly and efficiently at getting Ezra strapped to a sled while Lana gets to her feet. A gasp of pain leaves her as she moves her ankle the wrong way, the shock that had been keeping her pain at bay having mostly faded away by now. Yet when the healer wants to put her on the sled she looks like she might argue for a moment. Pride is a powerful thing indeed. However, she does give in within a few seconds, possibly with a few words from Rauskazeth, and lower herself onto the sled. From there she allows herself to be tugged back into the outside world.

Ezra is pulled through the tunnel by the Healers, and once he’s outside, clear of the avalanche, he opens his eyes and stares, confused, at the star filled sky. Opening his mouth, he starts to say something but is silenced when Cala glides down to curl up against his good shoulder and his neck, and Healers descend with blankets. “Possible concussion…need to set his shoulder…numbweed…warmth…” The Healers are arguing above him, trying to decide the best order of events, and the most pressing concern.

Did they forget how fast Rayathess can move or did they ever know? One moment the older Stonehaven brother is there and the next he’s gone, charging ahead well before the old greenrider can even intercept him. By the time he’s caught up, it’s already too late. Rayathess has spotted those sleds being pulled from the tunnel. One holding Ezra, the other Lana and no amount of crowding Healers with blankets and other supplies could keep him from catching enough of a glimpse to know. Without thinking of the consequences or entirely in his right mind, Rayathess wedges himself right between the Healers standing closest to his brother’s shoulder. “Ezra!” he exclaims, his voice thick with mixed emotions but chief among them a surge of overwhelming relief. Some of what the Healers are arguing is overheard and relief lurches to a sickening concern. None of which he voices, of course and instead he looks down at his sibling. “What were you thinking?” he says next, trying to make it seem like some humored jab but it falls flat. Awkwardly, his gaze slides away and then he’ll spot Lana too on her sled and another look of concern flickers across his features. “Lana! You alright?” Sorry he’s not there by her side too but… she understands, doesn’t she?

Lana does indeed understand and doesn’t seem to be upset by Rayathess running over to his brothers side. If it was her sister and she had even half the relationship with her as he does Ezra? She’d probably do the same thing. The brownrider sits up despite the protests of the healers and offers him an odd combination of a smile and a smirk. “I’m alright,” she drawls, “turns out that iceberg was pretty good training after all.” Her, trying to mask any pain or upset she may be feeling under a mask of sarcasm? Never. Yet flashes of pain flicker across her face as she speaks and the healers begin to crowd around her. Along with this she is looking sickly pale and her lips seem on the verge of turning blue. However, whatever is running through her head is cast away at the bugle of a brown dragon. As Rauskazeth makes his way toward his rider, gently nudging any healers that might block his path out of the way, Lana springs to her feet and bolts towards him. Well, attempts to anyway. It’s more like she painfully pulls herself into a standing position and manages to half-dragon herself over to her dragon before he can prevent her from doing so. Upon reaching him she practically crumples, clinging onto one of his legs and she buries her face against his hide. With a croon Rauskazeth reaches down to nuzzle his rider, although he does glance at the healers. It seems like the withheld stress is finally getting to Lana and she could use some help.

Ezra is startled at the sudden arrival of all the Healers, and then his brother. Confused, dazed, out of sorts, he blinks up at Rayathess and reaches up weakly with his good hand. “Raya? What’re you…what’s…wait…” he mumbles, his eyes unfocused and hazy, blinking a lot and frowning. Confused. He is so very confused and starting to get a little scared. What was he thinking? He can’t even comprehend that question. He shivers again, and whimpers when his body’s involuntary motion jars his shoulder.

“We need to get them both somewhere warm,” the Master Healer says, pointing south. “We should move them to Stonehaven. It’s closest. Fly straight. Let’s get them both bundled up, and strapped to a dragon.” He looks around. “Weyrleader,” he calls, “would you like to transport the Heir?” AKA: Would you like the responsibility of carrying a damaged Ezra to the cothold? It’ll either be Th’ero or D’ani, whoever steps up to take the job.

Meanwhile, other Healers are rushing after Lana, though they eye Rauskazeth with concern and trepidation. Scary brown dragon. “Rider,” they call, “please, we need to get you warm, and get you to Stonehaven. Let us just wrap your ankle, put blankets on you, you can fly to the cothold and rest,” one of them calls.

Rayathess smirks for Lana’s attempt at some sarcastic humor but it is short lived. His attention is soon drawn back to Ezra and he scowls when his brother behaves so confused and dazed. “It’s alright, it’s alright!” he tries to soothe, already regretting asking him a question he likely half forgets ever asking. His thoughts are beginning to scatter, pulled in too many directions at once as he struggles to keep his composure. “You’re hurt, Ezra. We’re going to get you home and safe.” he mutters, wincing when he whimpers and continues to look so confused and frightened. “What’s wrong with him?” Rayathess hisses to the Healers closest to him, his narrowed eyes suddenly flashing with heated anger and accusatory. WHY aren’t they doing more to help him? What is everyone waiting around for? Never mind that Rayathess is rooted to the spot. That is, until Rauskazeth comes for his rider and Lana lurches to her feet and half-drags herself to him only to crumple. Alarmed, he is half rising out of his crouch, only to freeze as his eyes linger guiltily towards the brownrider and back to his brother. By then, Lana is swarmed by Healers and Rayathess sinks back to kneeling by Ezra’s side.

Th’ero makes his way over, both by the Master’s summons and for his own need to see to Ezra’s current state and more pressingly to his injured rider. “Agreed.” he says, though his mouth is set in a slightly disapproving line. He’d rather have Lana (and Ezra) brought back to the Weyr or even Healer Hall where more personel and fascilities are are their disposal but he cannot argue against the Master’s logic. Right now, both need to be stabilized and the longer they hem and haw about the details at this stage, the more danger they’re put in. “I can see to Ezra’s transport. Velokraeth will aid in any necessary modifications to the straps.” Already the pale bronze is lumbering and waddling his way over, eyes whirling in a still anxious shade and speed. Th’ero’s dark eyes settle momentarily on Rayathess as well and his mouth draws into a tight line. “I’ll see to it that the older brother comes with him.” That or D’ani will transport him if time and circumstance won’t allow Rayathess to mount up with the Weyrleader. “Excuse me a moment.” He’ll leave the preparations in far more capable hands, trusting that the Wingriders shadowing the Healers will be sure Velokraeth’s straps are rigged correctly. Stepping over to where Rauskazeth hovers beside his rider, Th’ero will slip his way between the Healers. “Lana? Are you alright? Your injuries… you shouldn’t have moved yourself.” he chides gently and yet… does not seem at all irate for her lapse in judgement. Maybe that lecture will come later. “But I am glad you are alright and Ezra too. We need to get you out of here, though. To Stonehaven.” If she hasn’t already overheard. “You cannot mount up though. Rauskazeth, you’ll allow us to transport her?” Not that either of them have much of a choice.

Lana completely ignores the healers pleas as she fails to move, or perhaps she just doesn’t notice them. It seems the trauma of what happened has sunk in and she has been left less untouched than what may have originally been thought. Thanks to Rauskazeth none of them get too close to her or touch her against her will. The brown himself feels torn between growling at them to keep their distance and actively requesting help. He can tell his rider needs a healer no matter what her priorities might be at the moment. Besides, she isn’t exactly in the best state of be making decisions right now. Th’ero’s arrival manages to snap her out of it for a moment though. Looking up at the bronzerider Lana murmurs, “I… I’m alright.” Nothing is said regarding moving for the moment, maybe she isn’t entirely sure what to say. How does one explain that they just couldn’t stay still when their dragon was so close, after they had been trapped for so long. Instead she focuses on the matter at hand, moving. Her lips purse slightly as she beings to protest, “I can ri-” only to be cut off by a rumble from Rauskazeth. If she was about to disagree it probably wouldn’t have held much weight to it, not with how she currently looks. She’d probably get lost between before she got anywhere near Fort.

Rauskazeth reaches out to Velokraeth, the smoke fading from his mind as the crisis reaches it’s end, chased away by a winter wind. « Please tell yours that I am alright with it, » he says. Swift and too the point, he is beyond stopping for pleasantries right now.

Ezra’s hand fumbles for his brother’s again, seeking it. Don’t leave him. Shivering again, he groans when a Healer tucks a blanket around him, then another, and puts a hat on his head after quickly checking that head wound of his. Then the Healer is gesturing to Th’ero. “He’s ready. Let’s get to Stonehaven, quick as we can, and get them settled.” Poor Gerald is about to get quite the surprise.

The Healers approaching Lana step back when Th’ero approaches, dipping their head. “Sir. Ma’am. We just need to get to Stonehaven. Once you’re inside and warm, we can do more. The cold is the most dangerous thing right now. Please.” Let’s move, is what they’re saying, as they move to their own Fortian dragon mounts. « No between, the Healers say, » one of the greens says, reaching out to all the others. « Straight flight. »

No explanation is necessary. At least, not to Th’ero. The Weyrleader can understand Lana’s need to be with Rauskazeth, after all that she’s experienced and if it could have been arranged he’d have allowed the brownrider to remain where she is for the time needed to collect herself. Sadly, the cold and winter season are working against them and he can only grimace, his eyes softening to a near apologetic look. “You’ll have to be transported too, Lana. Your injuries will not permit you to fly, even straight, but Rauskazeth can follow and we’ll be certain that he remains close.” And that somehow in Stonehaven, they’ll find room or a way for them to remain reasonably close. He promises little to nothing however. Glancing to the protective brown, Th’ero will add. “Let the Healers see to you Lana and do their duty. We need to move out.” As he’s being reminded! Eying the Healer who did just that, the Weyrleader smirks. “I’m aware.” he says in a slightly brisk tone. “Once she is secured, we will go.” That done, Th’ero will give Lana one last look. Don’t disobey? And then he’s gone, wandering back down to oversee the last of the preparations for Ezra’s transport.

Rayathess will take Ezra’s hand and grip it firm, ignoring the Healers as they work around his brother. “It’ll be alright.” he assures him again, trying to smile along with it and failing as it slips and falters. “We’re going back to Stonehaven, alright? So we can all warm up and get out of this shardin’ cold. I won’t be far. Won’t go anywhere. Promise!” The last of this is said hurriedly, since he can see the Weyrleader’s approach and beyond that Lana being tended to still by Healers at Rauskazeth’s side. He hasn’t forgotten her or the guilt he has for not going to see her too. Later, later. Now he’s being gestured to impatiently by Th’ero and Rayathess has to force himself to move. Hating every second of it, but at least he will be close by. Not foisted to some other dragonriding pair or worse yet, left to travel by ground. “Hang in there, Ezra. Almost over.” Rayathess tell his brother while backing away, then turns before his resolve fails completely. Up the straps he climbs, buckled in and leaning as far as they’ll allow to peer down to where his brother remains in his specially rigged setup. « Straight flight! Healers orders and they shall be followed! » Velokraeth’s authority weighs heavily in his tone as he backs up the orders given by the green. Th’ero has mounted up now and buckled in, waiting for the ‘all clear’ signal from the Healers by Rauskazeth and the ones down by Ezra before he sends Velokraeth aloft

Lana listens to Th’ero, frowning and looking at multiple points like she’s going to argue. But arguing takes effort and… to be frank she’s a little too far gone for that. Instead she gives the Weyrleader a nod before going about doing as the healers tell her. Yeah, yeah, she won’t disobey this time. Her relief is tinged with exhaustion as the long flight to Stonehaven is started. One more story to tell and frighten future candidates with.

The flight starts, dragons lifting off one by one for the flight to Stonehaven, where they will all be settled in by a startled Gerald. Lana will get a room all to herself as well, as will Ezra, and the Healers will do their work as the evening progresses on into night.