Ezra is stuck with Lana again. Having requested a dragon to help him scout out caves along Stonehaven's property, they sent him Lana. Oh well. Mounted on her brown's neck, the young heir peers down off the dragon's side as they fly along the snow covered ground. Up in the foothills, they're right up against the tall peaks that the cothold is nestled into, the mountains rising up sharply from the gently sloping earth - a sharp contrast, and still covered in snow despite the warming weather. Where the weyr had rain, up here still gets snow. "How about that one?" Ezra asks Lana, pointing to a shadow in the mountainside that looks like a promising cavern.

Lana isn't exactly thrilled about this arrangement either. Nor is she sure of why this is something that is happening. Honestly, who thought of herself and Ezra going on a mission into the mountains and thought 'this will end well?' You know, aside from the obvious answer of the leadership. For his part Rauskazeth is actually pretty content with this arrangement. Even if he is moving someone around it probably won't be for long, he gets to stretch his wings, and he can look around the mountains without worrying about rescuing someone. It's definitely a good day for him. The heir's question almost makes her shrug for a moment and want to say that caves all look the same to her. However, she does manage to catch it and respond, "sure. Should I tell him to land?" Nevermind that the brown has been listening to the conversation and is already scoping out a good landing area.

Ezra nods, "Please," he says, grateful for the ride even though he and Lana aren't the best of friends. And there's the matter of his brother. But. He is appreciative for their services. Very much so. Tightening his hold on the straps, he lets the brown find his own way to the snowy drifts, knowing well enough not to try and direct any of their landing. He is, after all, just the passenger.

Lana nods at Ezra's response and Rauskazeth begins to angle downward at a mental cue from her. No, the best of friends defintiely is not an appropriate term for them. Or even friends. More like 'acquaintances on good days'. But as a rider she has a job and when ordered to do a certain part of that job for reasons that are a complete and utter mystery to her she isn't going to just refuse. Soon enough Rauskazeth finds a open patch of land near the desired cave and lands with a flare of his wings. At the action Lana rolls her eyes and murmurs, "showoff." With that she unbuckles herself and slides down, only to pause and raise an eyebrow at Ezra. Her voice is polite and maybe just a little bit amused should his answer be yes as she asks, "need help?"

Ezra dismounts as well, thigh deep in drifts until he wades his way clear of them onto higher ground. Peering up at the mountain above them, he studies the snow covered slopes thoughtfully and then looks at the cave. "Please," he says, offering her a smile smile for the offering. From his satchel he pulls a small glow basket, and begins to walk inside. It's a narrow cavern, not nearly large enough for the brown. He'll have to wait outside. "Just looking to see if this might be a good spot to store feed for the winter, for the herds that would use this pasture. If it's dry, if the water runs in, or out…that sort of thing. Storage, or even a small home…" Mapping. Taking stock of his territory.

Lana's face cracks into a half-smirk as the heir manages to dismount all by himself. Well, at least she isn't going to be forced to associate with someone who's completely inept. As she follows him into the cave Rauskazeth narrows his eyes and lets out an annoyed rumble. Although she doesn't say anything Lana does pat the brown on the shoulder as she moves. She'll be fine, he's just worrying over nothing. While Ezra speaks she nods slightly although she's only half-listening in all honesty. Instead she eyes the walls, eventually wandering over to one of them and running her hand across the side. When small flakes of stone come off against it she frowns. "These walls don't seem very strong," she remarks. "I think this section might be made of some sort of… shedding rock. At least partially."

Ezra has been riding dragons longer than she has, likely. Though not as often. Obviously. Moving with her to the wall, he studies it thoughtfully and then picks at it with the blade of a knife. "Ah. Solid rock underneath though," he remarks, tapping it and listening. Sounds solid. Good. "These mountains are mostly solid granite, so it's sturdy enough." He moves deeper into the cave, lifting the basket of glows. "Bit of a draft though," he admits with a little shiver. "Hmm." Thinking, thinking.

Lana might not react too well if Ezra says as much to her, the risk of her taking offence being too great. Not that she should be offended, the experience of actually being a dragonrider probably beats using them as transport many times. She nods as he chips through the weaker layers of rock and points out the draft, a thoughtful look on her face. "Storage then?" she suggests. "A draft would probably make it no good for humans or animals, blocking it up would be pricey, but grains and whatnot can't exactly complain. I imagine the outer layer of flakey rock might have to be shaved away though. You know, so it doesn't get on the stuff in storage. That or the grains and whatnot could be covered… which is probably a lot easier come to think of it." Lana really isn't experienced with this whole area scouting thing.

Ezra nods thoughtfully as he moves around the narrow cavern, getting to its end and turning back. "I think that's-" Then he stops, as a sudden shiver runs through the mountain. A rumbling, a shudder, something building, building, building. Ezra looks up, eyes wide in a sudden panic as he yells, "Get out! Get out!" and pushes at her. Her first! Aww, how sweet of him. Unfortunately, the sudden flood of wet snow and rock and ice sliding down the mountain again is going to hit the ground before they can get out.

Lana's eyes widen in terror at the rumbling just as Rauskazeth lets out a loud and sudden bugle of alarm. She's in the search and rescue wing, she knows what that sound means. Icy cold dread washes through her veins just as Ezra starts exclaiming for them to get out. The brownrider snaps back to reality and her training kicks in, reaching out to grab Ezra's arm as soon as it does. "No," she hisses, "it's coming too fast. We should try to go deeper so we don't get hit by any stray…" she doesn't bother to finish her sentense as she's attempting to drag Ezra deeper down the tunnel. Meanwhile Rauskazeth launches himself up into the air, a roar of fury leaving him as the snow descends.

Ezra thinks it's a cave-in, hence his instinct to be /out/. When she grabs his arm he looks at her in fear, eyes wide, fighting her as she tries to pull him deeper. Fighting, wrenching his arm free, he stumbles towards the exit. Only to be pushed back, falling, as the snow hits the ground with a deafening thud. A woosh of air pushes inward, bringing snow, stone, ice flying down that tunnel at them.

This is a perfect example of why this was not a good idea! Not that is makes any difference now, the avalance has come and Lana and Ezra are trapped. Frustration colors Lana's face as Ezra fights, the brownrider momentarily thinking that the heir is an absolute idiot. Considering the weather the chances of it being an avanche are MUCH hight than the chances of it being a rockslide. However, she can't think of it for long though as the snow, ice, stone, and general terror is coming and and knocking them off their feet. Lana goes limp at the impact and for a moment it's just pain. However, one of the blessings of them having been inside is that the majority did not get in and it is over soon enough. Once she manages to get some air in her lungs Lana sits up and calls out, "Ezra! Are you alright!?"

"Lana?" Ezra calls back, fumbling around in the darkness and sitting up, searching for the glows that were knocked from his hand. "Lana? Where are you?" Dizzy, he shakes his head, rubbing his face with a hand. It comes away wet. "I don't know," he admits, fear in his voice. "Where…where are you? Do you see the glows?"

Lana manages to stumble to her feet, although it takes a few attempts. Her right ankle sends bolts of pain through her leg when she puts weight on it and she can feel a trickle of something hot moving down her left arm. A wince forces its way across her face but she grits her teeth as she begins to move forward. "I'm here!" she calls. "I can't see the glows, just… follow my voice if you can move. Rauskazeth has called for help, does anything hurt? Where?" Although she is trying desperately to remain calm a faint edge of panic might be able to be detected.

Ezra pushes to his feet, swaying a bit, holding a hand to his head with a grimace. "Shit," he swears, trying to push to his feet only to cry out when his left arm gives way. Shuffling forward, slipping on ice, on snow, stumbling over rocks. Bumping against the wall, he uses that to steady himself. "Are you hurt?" he says, echoing back her words. "I feel battered all over." He caught the brunt of it, being closer to the exit - the idiot. "I think my head is bleeding. Dizzy." He shuffles closer towards her, swearing again. "I think my left shoulder is out of socket…"

Lana considers lying as she moves toward Ezra, saying that she's not hurt at all. That she's absolutely peachey, nevermind the cave-in. But chances are that it really won't help right about now so she calls back, "yeah, I think you got it worse though." So what if her ankle is killing her? She can still force herself to walk and that's good enough for her at the moment. Upon reaching Ezra she holds out an arm to steady him, although it may not be much help, and says, "you may have a concussion." Sweet mother of Faranth, please don't let it be a concussion. "I… could try to help with the arm, I know what to do in theory." Plus, you know, the light is low and everything is dangerous.

Ezra finds her, his eyes finally beginning to adjust to the dim light. "What's wrong with you?" he asks, almost demanding. "Ugh, my head is killing me." And his shoulder. "Try. Just try. Not like you can make it worse, right?" How…thoughtful. He sits down heavily with a grunt, touching his fingers to his scalp again. Yup. Bleeding. "A concussion? Is…has the weyr been notified?"

Lana's going to try and fix a dislocated shoulder then. Of course she is, because things can't just work out the way she wants them to for once? How mad would Rayathess be if she accidentally gets his brother killed? Is it possible to get someone killed while trying to fix their arm? She doesn't know but she is sure he'd be rather mad and so doesn't want to find out. The brownrider squints as her own eyes slowly begin to adjust to the light, attempting to lead the heir into a sitting position as she crouches down herself. Ignoring the blood continuing to drip down her arm and the ever increasing pain in her ankle she says, "oh, you know, I have a cut on my arm and I think my ankle is either badly sprained or broken. It may be in a certain level of shock, as a matter of fact. Isn't it interesting how we keep ending up in this situations? First the iceberg and now this, it's like something has signaled us out for icy doom." As she speaks she feels around his shoulder and attempts to get a grip on it. Maybe this is her way of trying to distract him from the pain? If it is how much it works is questionable. "Alright," she adds, "stay still, grab a stick and put it in your mouth if you see one, and don't move." Taking in a deep breath Lana proceeds to mutter, "one, two, three." With that she will attempt to position the bone back into its socket, which will be painful whether she succeeds or fails. The difference is that success will make is useable again, failure will just be more pain.

Ezra grits his teeth as he turns to present his injured shoulder to her. "Shit. Lana. I'm sorry," he manages. "Icy…" Twitch. Shudder. "I thought it was a cave-in." That's why he ran for the exit. Grabbing the sleeve of his jacket between his teeth (Faranth, his jacket is ripped and torn in all sorts of places) he bites down on it /hard/. When she pushes and pulls, rotates it he screams. No manly grunts here. No, that HURTS and he screams with the pain of it. Especially…when it doesn't want to go back. "Stop stop stop!"

Lana shrugs at the apology. There really isn't anything for him to apologize for, it's not like he could have stopped an avalanche. To him having thought it was a cave-in she murmurs, "it's fine, it makes sense to have thought that. " There are really only tiny differences to look for between the two after all. A cave-in probably would have been louder considering where they are, plus the avalanche was just more likely given the recent snowfall. Then they're working on his arm and the pain Ezra is in is evident. For a moment her own pain is washed away by the fear and concern she finds herself feeling for the heir. Even if they aren't friends this is just… this is awful. At the first stop she thinks she located the joint, at the second she attempts to pop it back into place, and at the third it gets to get and she pulls back. If her last attempt worked or not she does not know but Lana is shaking and pale at a sheet, not that it's easy to tell in the darkness. "I'm sorry," she cries, "I'm so, so sorry. I though I might be able to…" fix it, do something to help. After all, she's the one trained in search and rescue, shouldn't she be able to be at least some sort of help? Yet in this moment she's certain that she only made thins worse.

Nope. It didn't work. Whimpering, Ezra hiccups on a sob, cradling his arm as he tries to pull himself together. "It's…not your fault…" he gulps, pale and shaking himself. "You tried, you tried. Just…let's just wait. The weyr…they're coming, right?" he asks, whimpering again. "The dragons are coming? This time? This time they'll be here?" He sounds disoriented. Greeeeat.

Lana bites down on her lower lip at her failure and looks as if she wants to scream for a moment. But she does not, this is a situation where she needs to keep her calm. If she freaks out it will help none of them. The brownrider doesn't say anything as she shrugs off her jacket, or at least she doesn't until the heir asks his question. "Yes," she confirms in a quiet voice, "they're coming. Rauskazeth contacted the Weyr and… they're already working on digging us out. We just need to stay put." And stay alive, but that may be something better left unsaid. With that grips the bottom of her shirt once she has gotten her layers of protective leathers off and tears the bottom off. Once that is done she takes the strip of fabric in one hand and, after shrugging her jacket back on, murmurs, "show me your head. We… we should probably put something on it to stop the bleeding."

Ezra groans softly, shifting his weight a bit. He watches her with a frown as she begins to take her jacket off, confused as to why she's doing it. Until the tunic is ripped. "Here," he murmurs, shifting a bit to tilt his head down. He's got a gash near his right temple which still oozes blood. "You? How are you? What's wrong with you?"

Lana offers a murmur of thanks when Ezra moves to allow her to bandage the wound. She does so cautiously in an attempt to keep from inflicting further pain and, once the wound has been covered, ties the cloth in place like some mockery of the stylish headbands she would ocassionally wear when she was younger. The question makes her sigh. "Well I'm alive," she dryly says, "which isn't too bad in this case. But aside from the arm and ankle I'm really not sure what the damage is." She shrugs then, although the movement makes her wince.

Ezra winces, but he doesn't cry out when she bandages his scalp. "Arm and ankle," he says, nodding a bit. "Sit. Sit down, here," he murmurs. "So…they're…the dragons are here? They're digging? I think…Cala…" He frowns, closes his eyes, shakes his head, regrets it, groans. "I…don't feel well," he mutters with a quiet sigh. "You're okay?" Didn't he just ask that?

At his request Lana gives a nod before lowing herself down beside him. As she does she accidentally moves her ankle in an uncomfortable way, causing her to wince and give a sharp intake of breath. Ezra is proving to be a rather good distraction, talking to her takes her mind off the pain. "Yeah," she confirms. They're coming, the Weyr won't leave us here." The brownrider forces a half-grin there in an attempt to lighten the mood as she remarks, "I think Kimmila might have the Weyrleader's head if they did." Even if she wouldn't be the greatest of losses they definitely couldn't afford to lose the heir. It doesn't last long though and Lana is soon frowning. "Definitely concussed then," she mutters. "You're… not feeling tired, right?"

Ezra frowns. "Tired? I…maybe? I feel weak, but…" He makes a small, vague gesture towards the exit. Right. All /that/ just happened. "I thought it was a cave-in," he mutters, slumping gently back against the wall and peering at the exit with a frown. Then he looks up. Around. Frowns again. "I'm tired of being stuck in these mountains," he mutters bitterly.

"Right," Lana grumbles. There's a brief pause as the rider considers what to say, almost as if she's unsure of how to respond. Finally she settles for shaking her head and adding, "well, whatever you do don't go to sleep. If you do you might not wake up, or at least I think I heard that regarding concussions. Real or not it's a risk I really don't want to take." No word on his talking about it being mistaken for a cave-in again. However, she does let out a bark of laughter at his last remark. It is not true laughter, of course, as there is not joy to it. In fact it's just as bitter in his words in many ways. "I'd drink to that," she remarks. And then, "dear Faranth what I'd do for some alchol right now…"

Ezra just /has/ to yawn when she says don't go to sleep. "What? But what else is there to do?" he mutters, stifling another yawn. "When were you stuck in these mountains?" he mutters, shifting again. "Drink? Well…uh. I can't help."

Lana rewards Ezra with a look at his yawn and question. "Not die," she tartly remarks. "And from what I understand going to sleep if a good way to reach the land of death for someone in your current positions." She falls silent for a moment them, probably considering his question of what to do. After all, he can't sleep and if he can't go to sleep he probably needs to find something to do. "Talk," she finally suggests in a tone that suggests it may not be the best idea. "We could… talk. At least there would be no falling asleep then.

Ezra frowns at her. "What? I'm not going to die. Why would I die? I'm not…wait. Am I dying?" Great, way to set off some panic. "Am I dying? Lana, don't lie to me. Don't lie, am I dying?"

In that moment Lana looks for all the world like she wants to slam her head into a wall. "No!" She hurries to exclaim. "I mean… I don't think so? I have no idea how to know for sure but you shouldn't be dying. You're just hurt and in a cold cave and whatnot. So… there are plenty of ways that you could die, like hypothermia, but I don't think it's an immediate threat. Just… don't go to sleep. Because of the hypothermia and whatnot." Lana really is rather talented in the art of soothing people, isn't she.

Ezra shifts his weight a bit, exhaling long and drawn out. "I won't go to sleep," he mutters, promising something he's not quite sure he can follow through with.

"I won't let you," Lana states in a matter-of-fact voice. As she does so she cranes her head to peer at the heir through narrowed eyes. "Seriously, if you start to doze off I won't let you sleep come hell or high water. I have teeth and I'm not afraid to use 'em." Okay, so she's threatening to bite him in a certain situation but… she's doing it in a kind way? A bite to save a life. Or something like that.

"Are you doing to /bite/ me?" Ezra says, a bit taken aback by that threat. "Why do you like my brother?" Helloooo, subject switch?

Lana shrugs, a playful grin tugging at her lips. "Well, if it keeps you alive and therefor keeps you from having to face the unknown I'm willing to try it." Not that she actually enjoys the idea. For some reason she just can't imagine that Ezra would taste good. Which… could possibly be seen as an insult. Or a compliment, depending on how he views the whole scenario. However, anything she may or may not have been considering saying is cut off by the surprise subject change. Lana lets out the surprised and slightly alarmed sound of someone stuck talking about their crush with their crush's brother and literally no way to escape. However, she manages to get over it soon enough and begins, "he has a sense of humor that isn't incredibly dorky or cheesy or anything, he can be fun but isn't utterly ridiculous, there's… there's something special about him. I like the way he treats me, and although I'm not really important to him when something is important to him he really cares. You… you can tell. He cares about you, about his hold, about his sister." There's a small quirk of her lips before, "his family seems to mean a lot to him." Are you sure this is a conversation you want to be having, Ezra?

Ezra yawns again, but keep those teeth to yourself, Lana, he's not asleep. He does gingerly touch his head though. Ow. "I love my brother," he says quietly. "Family is everything to us. Everything." He looks at the exit, and then back at her. "Are you hurt?"

Lana gives a small nod concerning the bonds between his family, a musing expression on her face. "I've never been very close to my family," she quietly admits. "Mother's started to travel, father isn't around much, and Oatile… Oatile actually transferred out about a sevenday ago." There is a slight undertone of hurt to her voice at that last line. However, she quickly brushes it off to refer to Ezra's repeated question. "You already asked that," she quietly points out. "I'm alright." Not true but… she doesn't want to repeat the injury list.

Ezra frowns. "I did?" This confuses him, and he's quiet for a moment as he tries to sort out his muddled and painful thoughts. "Oatile? You…should be close to your family. You never know when one've them is going to die." Blunt. Harsh. But true, as Ezra shifts again with a muffled curse when his shoulder moves against his wishes.

Lana slowly nods to Ezra, a bit of worry leaking into her expression. Yes, he has indeed asked that question before. Recently. And more than once at that, as a matter of fact it seems to be becoming a bit of an anthem for him. Instead she focuses on the conversation at hand, even if it is making her feel a little sucky. Well, making her feel worse anyway, because she hadn't exactly been feeling good in the first place. "I know," Lana responds with a sigh. "I tried to talk her out of leaving but… she wouldn't have it." Not fun topic is not fun.

Ezra shifts again, stifling another yawn. "Why did she leave?" he asks, touching his forehead again. Dizzy. He's dizzy and has to lean back and close his eyes for a moment. "I don't feel well."

Lana frowns, carefully tracking Ezra's movements. One move to hint that he's getting too drowsy and she'll be all over him with demands to return to the waking world. But he doesn't look like he's fast asleep quite yet so she'll leave him be for now and settle for continuing the conversation. A bitter and thin-lipped smile begins to tug at the corner of one of her lips as she dryly says, "apparently I cast a bit of a shadow. She said she needed to go and find herself. Get away from what she claimed to be her 'reputation of nothingness." Her lips purse at this. It is clear to see that she isn't exactly happy with the event. However, it is shoved aside in favor of Ezra's remark. She reaches over to place her hand on his leg in what is meant to be a comforting gesture as she assures, "you'll get out of this, I promise." Maybe they aren't friends and doesn't exactly have any nice feelings shared between them but she will not let Ezra die on her watch.

Ezra's leg twitches in surprise at her touch, and then he relaxes again. "I…did I meet her? Your sister?" he asks, turning to look at the avalanche. A frown tugs at his lips. "We /are/ going to get out, right?" There's a little shiver then. "It's getting cold in here, don't you think?"

Lana just nods at first in response to his question, apparently not feeling very comfortable answering. However, she does eventually say, "yeah, I think so. She was with us for a little while the day of the downpour… and I think she may have seen you once before then. I'm not sure though, she just said that she talked about her heritage with a holder at one point." There's a shrug then. His next question gets a slow response of, "I… yes. It is." Maybe Ezra can tell that she's blatantly lying, maybe in a way to keep him feeling comfortable. Or maybe she's just warmer due to extra layers. Either way Lana peels off her jacket and offers it to the heir.

Ezra ohs, nodding a bit. "You sure?" he asks, but he still reaches to take the jacket and huddles into it, letting it cover his front. Shiver.

Lana nods at his question before confirming, "I'm sure, you probably need it more than me." Never mind that the air seems to be quite a bit colder without that jacket, somehow she can't help but think that the boy with the concussion needs it a bit more than the girl with a possibly broken ankle. Just as she begins to shiver Opal pops out of between and lands on her bonded's shoulder. A small smile crosses her face as the green rubs against her face and lets out a little croon. Maybe she and Ezra don't exactly get along but being trapped together is certainly better than being alone.

Ezra huddles into the coat and shifts a bit, leaning his good shoulder against her. He jumps though when the firelizard appears. "Oh. Your…your firelizard can get to you. Mine can't." Probably because his head is broken. "Supplies?" he asks quietly, with another yawn and shiver.

Lana honestly didn't know that Opal is capable of reaching her until just now. The brownrider gives a jerky nod before answering, "right." With that she clicks her tongue, a tick she's formed when ordering her flits, and the green launches herself back into the air and vanishes between. A little while later she appears back in the cave dropping a sheet upon the pair. Immediately Lana begins to straighten it out before spreading it out over them and murmuring, "this may take a while." At her words Opal vanishes once again. A little green can only move so much at once after all!

Ezra murmurs a few words that are impossible to understand as he scoots closer to the brownrider. Snuggling. He's snuggling, instinctively searching for warmth in the growing cold of the cave and his dropping body temperature.

This is the kind of thing that will happen and then must never be spoken of again. Lana herself moves closer to Ezra as Opal continues to deliver supplies. Searching for heat is instinctive and really should be nothing to be ashamed of. However, once the brownrider and heir have been freed and warmed up some it may not be seen that wait. At least they might like each other a little better after this whole experience? It might just be a possibility.