Somewhere in Harper Hall…

Cala appears at Harper Hall, searching, searching, searching…the queen flitting from one room to the next, searching urgently. With the help of other firelizards she finally manages to locate Rayathess, wherever he is…hopefully he's not in class.

Rayathess isn't in class. He's in that remade old workroom that he and other Apprentices have taken over as a "hideaway". Having just tuned his guitar to play, Cala will find him there and alone. So very unaware that his day is about to crash down around his head… though not in the same way it has on Ezra's!

Cala wings down the stairs to circle Rayathess' head, chittering away in agitation. Reaching out, the young queen opens her thoughts to him, bombarding him with the feeling of fear - terror - and cold. Ice, ice cold. A rumbling, a crash, darkness. The weight of a mountain, pressing down. Darkness and cold, and pain.

Cala's distress is picked up by Rayathess' firelizards, as if it wasn't enough for him to be dealing with the gold. With Gren, Cervena and Neelix's creels and chitterlings added to the din, the young man is on his feet and bellowing for quiet. His mind is reeling from what Cala is trying to share to him and when he finally focuses he tries to hold is harm out to the gold. "Shh, easy girl." Like he's trying to soothe a runner! He projects thoughts of calm and understanding. Okay, so there's danger? "Where? Where's Ezra, Cala?" He won't think of his brother being okay. That panic will only be shared to the gold and he is already hastily gathering his jacket and gear.

Cala flaps her wings, hovering, not landing. She focuses for a moment, her own thoughts scattered with her master's pain, and manages to project. Stonehaven. Or near to it. The images are hazy, watery. Blackness and pain and fear.

Rayathess winces and shies away from the echoed pain coming through Cala and the fear. Gritting his teeth, he'll keep his mind as focused on calm and reassurance as he can. Why must he be privy to it? "Okay. Okay… I'm going! Cala, find…" Shit. Find who? "D'ani. Do you know D'ani?" It's the only dragon rider he can think of and even then he knows it's a long shot. As Weyrsecond, the bronzerider is probably already en route. Still, he projects the image of D'ani and Dremkoth. "Find D'ani, Cala! Tell him to come." If he can.

Cala chirps, and with a swirl of wings she is gone.

Rayathess's relief is brief when Cala disappears. Did she understand? No time. Swearing, he races up those steps, slips, barks his shins which only has him swearing more as he scrabbles to his feet and goes flying down the hallways as though there's Thread chasing him down. Barely is he able to coherently explain to the first Master Harper he finds that there is a situation in Stonehaven and he has a few moments of exasperated frustration when the Master seems to hesitate. Then… the drums. Confirming it. Rayathess moment of smug gloating. See? The watch dragon, confirming it then too. Rayathess rushes outside then to the courtyard and landing field and waits. And waits… Pacing. Tortured with the unknown. What's happened? Happening?

Cala returns with a low chirp, and this time she settles onto Rayathess' shoulder. She fidgets, but she waits. Waits with him for D'ani to come get them.

Cala suddenly shivers and cries out in searing pain.

Rayathess's pacing stops so abruptly he almost topples over into the mud when his boot heel slips. Swearing as Cala cries out, he will try to reach for her and comfort the little gold. "What is it?" he whispers gruffly to the firelizard between clenched teeth. Bracing for whatever the creature will throw at him now. He doesn't want to feel it but he HAS to know.

Cala opens her thoughts to share. Pain. Searing, agonizing pain in the shoulder. Not right. Something is not right and Ezra is in agony.

Sharing is… DO NOT WANT right now for Rayathess but he has no choice. He writhes a bit, trying to fight that feeling that it is HIM who is in pain. Not that it's any better knowing that it's Ezra's pain. Grunting and gasping for breath, he closes his mind partially to Cala. "Alright, alright!" he hisses and then forces himself to calm. Calm, calm. How can be be calm! "Jays, Ezra. What have you got yourself into?" And why is he STILL HERE? His pacing resumes.

Cala flaps her wings and then stills, the pain easing. Whatever it was, it seems that it's done now.

Rayathess almost panics for a second, his heart lurching when Cala stills and the pain eases. His mind immediately jumps to the worse conclusion… only to come crashing back to logic. Sane logic. If Ezra had died, Cala… would not be so calm. "Cala, I wish you could talk to Ezra. Can you?" He starts to project all sorts of thoughts and emotions then to the poor gold. Images too. Of the Hall, of waiting. Reassuring, comforting thoughts. Help is on the way! HE is on the way! He thinks?

Cala croons softly, body shifting a bit. She…kind of can. Reaching across the distance, she shares those thoughts and emotions, passes them along. They're distorted. Watered down. But Ezra knows that his brother is coming. As soon as D'ani comes to get them.

Time Passes…

It's not terribly far as the dragon flies to get to the healer hall but D'ani and Dremkoth *Between* to get there anyway. The landing this time is not the gentle, circling one the bronze had so thoughtfully executed for the whers' sakes. They touch down outside the main courtyard and D'ani unsnaps, throws himself off, then forces himself to slow down and take some deep breaths. He heads at a brisk walk to the main offices to enquire for Ezra's brother. There he's assured there is no Rayathess on the premises. Okay…hm. Where could Cala have…? Welp, it's an even shorter trip to the harper hall - quicker to sprint to that courtyard than to return to Dremkoth and mount up, though he does send a mental 'follow me' to his dragon as he goes. Entering the harper hall courtyard, he slows once more - he needs to catch his breath before heading to the administrative area and appear the cool, calm and collected he is not.

There won't have to be any worrying over having to find Rayathess in the Hall. The Apprentice is already there, prowling in a restless (and near panicked) way along the edges. He spots D'ani easy enough and instantly rushes forwards, his skyward glance one of confusion. How's the Weyrsecond here without Dremkoth? Did… Cala take his muddled instructions too literally? "What's happened?" Are the first words out of Rayathess' mouth, his voice rough and a touch hurried and demanding. Either he has to collect himself or he notices D'ani's lack of breath, but no further words follow. Just a stricken and worried stare. Thanks, Cala!

Cala circles over Rayathess', gliding and chrrring softly, the young gold still sending out subdued thoughts of darkness, fear, cold, and pain. It's no longer overwhelming, but it's still there.

While the footsteps of busy folk crossing the harper hall courtyard ring a steady tattoo that plays a counterpoint to the rhythm of his heart, D'ani's braced a palm against the cool stone of the gate wall, the several deep breaths he's sucked in will have to do and he's just lifted his head and shifted to take that first step forwards when he meets both the question and distraught face of Rayathess. He blinks. How…did…? His gaze rises to the circling Cala. Ah! "Come, there's been an avalanche at Stonehaven," he says as calmly as he can manage. His hand reaches for Rayathess, aiming for his arm, but only to start them both moving back outside the courtyard to where Dremkoth is just now landing. In clipped, quickly-spoken words, he fills Rayathess in, "Ezra is alive, but he's trapped with another rider. And if what Dremkoth got from the dragon is the same thing Cala's projecting, the pain and darkness is about his shoulder."

Rayathess doesn't offer any explanation for how he knew or why he was waiting. In the end, Cala is the link and D'ani puts the whole puzzle together. All the better, as the young man's temper and patience have all but worn thin by this point. He's had too long to fret over what Cala's panicked and agitated thoughts had meant, knowing only the most troubling and upsetting of emotions but nothing else. Nothing but darkness. D'ani's hand will reach his arm and the Weyrsecond may find himself gripped similarly in return. Fiercely. Rayathess doesn't hesitate, only nods his head curtly. Go! He'll follow and his words are just as clipped and terse, spoken through a firm clenched jaw and gritted teeth. "I know about Ezra being in pain. Didn't know of the rider. Who? Cala could only share so much." And his head is still reeling from it, as well as his firelizards upset in response. "Avalanche you said? Why… shards, what was he doing!" That last comes out in a burst of frustrated anger, not entirely meant. Just a bit of heat to blow off less his anxiety over his brother's welfare be his undoing.

D'ani leads the way across the field to Dremkoth - the bronze isn't far, just enough to give him wingspace clearance from that courtyard wall. Oh, there was a reason D'ani hadn't used the rider's name but may as well, he's going to know as soon as they arrive in Stonehaven if the distraught Rauskazeth hasn't calmed down by then. "Lana," he says shortly. It's the sort of 'of all people' tone mingled with regret. What little he knows of Lana… the impetuous girl with the snarky nature who acts before she thinks… "She's trapped with him," he finishes as he's scrambling up Dremkoth's side. He tosses the flight line down to Rayathess, leaning to ready a hand to help swing him astride. "Readying it for holding?" That's the most logical guess he can make as to what Ezra was doing in Stonehaven. Oh, he understands the frustrated anger and allows it to roll through and past. He's barely keeping his own anxiety in check. Dremkoth crouches in preparation to kicking off. "When you're ready," he says after clipping himself in and passing Rayathess his straps. He'll allow Ezra's brother to fasten himself in the traces, but he'll double-check them before his bronze launches.

"Lana?" Rayathess sounds surprised by the name and yet his voice holds a conflicted undertone. Worry and… guilt? Why would that be there? No sense asking now, as he'd like brush it all aside as nothing. His thoughts focus back on the fact that his brother is trapped and so is the brownrider and likely both are injured and in danger. Shards, why'd he get out of bed this morning? "Is she alright? Cala… she shared so much pain…" Here Rayathess' voice wavers a bit before he can tense his jaw and swallow thickly. Not his pain, Ezra's pain but it's still a mental whallop to absorb! "He's to get miners to do that! S'what they're for!" he growls, more frustration bubbling up and cut off by a heavy exhale as he scrubs his hands up through his hair. Grabbing the flight line, he'll haul himself up without hesitation. He's not the most graceful and hopefully Dremkoth will forgive any unnecessary pulling or tugging on the straps (or accidental nudges with hand or boot) and then Rayathess is in his seat and taking those straps. Buckling in takes time, his hands are fumbling more from his shot nerves than inexperience, and if D'ani has to double check, he'll say nothing save for: "I'm ready." Rayathess was ready the moment Cala came to him.

D'ani'll just assume that tone means Rayathess has the same misgivings he holds regarding the Lana's lack of sensibility and volatility - both poor combinations for a crisis situation. His thoughts primarily on Ezra and in getting back to Stonehaven. "I don't…" Ah! Dremkoth steps in and assists his rattled rider's memory and after a hitch he continues, " Rauskazeth mentioned that her ankle and one arm were hurt." The bronze seems unperturbed with any tugs or kicks, merely readying his stance for leaping skyward in a deepening crouch. Why was Ezra doing what miners ought? D'ani can only guess with, "Knowing Ezra… he wanted to be sure they were doing it right. As a good Holder ought." If it was Maoina, he would! The snaps clink metallicly as D'ani tugs on them, then he turn to face front. "Hang on!" is the only warning given as Dremkoth launches and sweeps with his wings to gain altitude. They're barely in clear air when D'ani says briefly over his shoulder, "Transferring!" and frigid darkness envelops them. Three beats later they emerge above Stonehaven, and when they do they're at quite a high altitude. "Avoiding in-coming traffic," he explains, again using few words as the bronze folds his wings and dives in wide curve to continue preventing a collision with other dragons popping in and out of *Between*. The wind whistles, the descent not quite a plummet, but steep and very fast. He'll flare his wings to slow as they approach the landing area, touch down in the ground now-churned to mud.

Oh, Rayathess is probably thinking about the volatility and rather… okay, so maybe his thoughts ARE on the same page as D'ani's but there's more to it there too. The young Harper actually gets along with Lana, somehow and may have begun to consider her a (rare and few) friend. So there is genuine concern for her, though sadly the concern and anxiety for his brother outweighs all. "Shards and shells!" he curses under his breath for D'ani's report on Lana's injuries now too. Now his mind is playing through all sorts of scenarios and worrying for how bad Ezra must be. Cala DID share considerable pain. Rayathess snorts, giving the Weyrsecond a look concerning Ezra's choice of doing a Minecrafter's work. Yeah, he knows. He'd have done the same. But that still won't keep him from venting frustration and anger about the whole situation! All of which he bites back. Time to fly. Talk later. He'll hang on, gripping in a death-like grip to those straps as he hunches his shoulders and braces… Blackness. Then sky. HIGH up and the land so far below. Rayathess takes one look and then decides to focus on D'ani's back instead, swallowing. "Right!" he calls back and maybe on a different day and different circumstances he'd have enjoyed such a steep and fast plummet. As it is, his stomach is in his throat and if he wasn't already rattled enough… that certainly did it.

On both flanks of the avalanche, the miners and their whers have begun to chip away at the mass, scooping snow and ice carefully back from the thin edges, moving in closer towards the /actual/ mass of snow and ice and rock, where they'll need structural supports and time. Always more time, though they are working swiftly. Speed and caution both, carefully balanced.

You know that old adage about first impressions lasting? All D'ani's got to go on is what he knows of Lana from when she was a Candidate. Perhaps someday Rayathess can share his thoughts on the feisty brownrider - or Ezra - when, not if - they get him out - can. Having been trapped with her, he's surely seen a different side of her than D'ani has. He'll wait until Rayathess dismounts, stripping his helmet and goggles and tucking them into the harness pouch for those before sliding down to splash-slog his way over to where Th'ero is and making himself available for orders, doing whatever is required to free Ezra and Lana while trying to keep his anxiety at bay by keeping busy.