Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Rauskazeth's words are carried on billows of smoke as he speaks, his normal smells and sounds of the forest only to be found in the scent of burning leaves and smell of crackling wood. « Lana's ankle has been injured and her arm is bleeding, the heir is yet to respond for his wounds. He is alive though, she can hear him. We are in the mountains near stonehaven, it has trapped them in a cave. » He then sends an image of the results of the avalanche, a great mass of snow covering the side of the mountain. Shades of light blue, gray, or brown can be seen where a chunk of ice, stone, or wood has broken free. »

Velokraeth's mind ripples and then roils, red darkening and taking on some of the smoke and acridness of Rauskazeth's thoughts. His voice, however, remains smooth in it's usual mellowing rise and fall. Steady, even when his thoughts are anything but. « Healers, then. » he confirms, the command branching out to the necessary minds. Sensing Kayeth there now and Dremkoth. Good. Very good! « Healers, miners, stonemasons… » Snippets now, as the pale bronze forges many links. Rapid fire commands, most echoes from his rider. The Weyrleader is aware now and compelled to action and already calling (literally or through Velokraeth) for his riders to assemble. Thunderbird is already gathering in the bowl, gathering materials or racing out to fetch those they NEED to undergo such a rescue. «Great Faranth's golden ass! » Velokraeth swears when the image is shared and then likely sent out to all who need it again. Not just snow! Stone AND snow!

Kayeth rumbles, withdrawing a bit of her heated thoughts. « Mine will assemble the healers and send for miners and stonemasons familiar with those mountains, » she says, before being distracted again as she relays the orders from her rider.

Rauskazeth seems to relax slightly as the commands roll out for the smell of smoke lessens a bit. However, it is still very much there, just as one might expect from a dragon in this situation. There is the feeling of a faint breeze for confirmation that he understands what has been said before he relays, « the heir's head is bleeding and he is dizzy, mine thinks it may be a concussion. His arm is also dislocated… Lana wants to try and reconnect it. » An extra pinch of nervousness touches his voice at that. It's not that he isn't confident in her… just that she has no in-action experience with it.

Dremkoth's already on the move, having been in his harness already and D'ani, in flight leathers, had come pelting down the stone steps from the administration area. They lift off before D'ani is finished snapping into his straps, « We will transport miners and their whers for digging. And we'll bring firestone too, just in case. » The contact is a dark swirl of starless skies, fraught with an urgency as it fades Between.

Velokraeth is on the move now too but has to wait in growing restlessness for Th'ero to get to the ledge and fetch their straps and gear. Once he's readied though, then he's winging up to the Star Stones and overseeing the last of the preparations. A few more commands are given and then he is reaching for Rauskazeth once more. « We will be there shortly! Help comes. » he assures the brown again. « Keep us informed. » Urgency and concern fuel many and with 'where' they must go firmly in mind, Velokraeth surges up into the sky and vanishes Between.

In the mountains above Stonehaven, along a steep mountainous peak, there is - was - a narrow cave set into the stone cliff face. It's now covered in yards and yards of snow, ice, and stone which tumbled from the rockface above. Though rain has come to the weyr recently, up here, it's still snow. But the slight warming of temperatures has made things slick, muddy underneath the snow, and dangerous.

Rauskazeth can be seen circling above the mess of snow, infuriated hisses leaving him as his eyes whirl shades of red, yellow, and the purple of worry. He has not landed just yet because he does not know if the snow is stable and is unwilling to risk sending more pouring in on his rider. Well, his rider and that boy. As a matter of fact there's a chance that Lana herself warned him of this risk. Yet no maatter how he came to be in the situation the result remains the same, his rider is trapped with the stonehaven heir and anxiety and anger and rolling off him in waves.

Velokraeth will emerge from Between some distance away from the site of the avalanche and where the narrow cave once was and now lays buried under snow and ice and mud. When he lands, he'll wait for Th'ero to dismount before moving aside, his oversized head lifting to find Rauskazeth circling and the pale bronze will try to call to the brown. Land before you exhaust yourself! The Weyrleader looks ahead, his features grim and tense. It doesn't look good even in person. It looks worse. Waiting on the necessary personnel, he'll help organize those who do arrive but leaves most of the planning to the Wingleader of Thunderbird and the riders trained for this sort of thing, as well as the men and women who's Crafts fall into this category. Th'ero's purpose is to keep organized calm and lend support, even if it galls him to not rush headlong into the task. An avalanche, however, is not a weapon wielding adversary. But his concern for both Lana and Ezra make him restless and he only hopes the rescue will not take long.

D'ani and Dremkoth won't appear for some time - it takes awhile to get the miners and their slow-moving whers, eye shields in place loaded. The petite bronze materializes over the valley, making a curving, gentle descent despite the need to rush - avoiding the agitated Rauskazeth circling in the airspace - as he seeks to keep the whers snugly cocooned to his side in cargo nets from being any more disoriented than they probably are. His landing is near Velokraeth's, the touchdown done as carefully as if he's carrying eggs and his croon of reassurance to those whers carries across the snow. D'ani busies himself with unclipping riding straps and helping miners slide down, then turns to lowering those nets to be opened by their partners. He'd like to keep his hands, thanks! "Report to Abigail unless otherwise directed," he says and then turns to offload sacks of firestone. Later they may need it to melt ice…

The miners and their whers move forward towards the avalanche, circling it, talking, making notations, arguing…working things out. Then one of them, a tall and lanky man, approaches the leadership. "How critical is the situation inside? How much time do we have?" he asks, calling out to both men.

Velokraeth rumbles in restless concern, his eyes whirling at a rapid pace as he observes Dremkoth landing with the miners and the whers. The firestone. That brings an approving shuffled-growl. Good thinking! Meanwhile, Th'ero strides over to D'ani's side, offering to help those miners or set aside any supplies. He too will… leave the whers to there handlers. Ahem. "Looks bad." he mutters to his Weyrsecond, careful to keep his voice pitched low. No sense blurting that outloud for all to hear? "Healers are on their way. I asked Kimmila to organize her riders too. See if we can get some local," Is anything local to Stonehaven? "help. I see you brought firestone. Has anyone else?" Or is that something he needs to relay through Velokraeth too? Stepping back as some of the miners call, the Weyrleader casts a brief look to D'ani and then answers. "Two injured from what we can gather!" he calls back. So, critical enough! "Can't give an exact time, but I'd say we've not got much behind us!" When do they ever?

Those sacks fall with resounding thud-thud-thud-thuds as D'ani unfastens them and allows gravity to assist the off-loading. He follows them down, sliding down Dremkoth's side and begins pitching them to whomever will take them, not exactly surprised to find Th'ero being one of them. He'll save the salute for another time, troubled brown eyes sweeping up over the tumbled mass of snow, ice, rock and mud. "Aye, it does," he agrees tightly, containing the concern for the ones trapped. Ezra! The last known place his best friend had been was Stonehaven Hold. The muscles in his jaw tighten as Th'ero speaks of two injuries and he nods mutely about the healers then turns to grab another sack of firestone. "I brought all that the miners had sacked," he answers after a moment, his voice rough. It looks like thirty or so sacks. "Would you like more? I could get Coatyl Wing on that." He's tense, he needs to do something, even if it's to grab a shovel and start digging!
Cala, Ezra's firelizard, appears out of between to circle above the men, chittering in agitation. Sweeping down, she attempts to briefly land on D'ani's shoulder and then lift off again, chirping at him some more. The queen exudes waves of pain and fear, and flickering glimpses of darkness and then the Healer Hall courtyard.

The miner dips his head, turning to look. "It's a tough avalanche, and see up there?" he points, "more ready to come down on us if we do things wrong. Think we're gonna go in through the sides, dig along the wall and prop things up with timbers as we go, boards, where the snow doesn't hold. Hopefully there's some stone in there that can help too. Just have to start digging and see what we can find, but it might be a while. Candlemarks, really…at the fastest. Y'all know if they've got any supplies in there?" Hint: They don't.

Th'ero does not seem to notice the lack of salutes. Now is not the time and there are larger things to be focusing on. Namely: the two trapped up in those caves and just how they're going to get them out! More dragons arrive, straps filled with supplies or carrying various passengers. Over the sound of wings, of dragon's rumbling and warbling and the calls of men and women back and forth, the Weyrleader tries to keep tabs on them all while engaged with D'ani. "We'll get them out. Safe." he assures the bronzerider, noting the tenseness. He's been there before and the Weyrleader isn't exactly calm right now himself. He's just mastered looking like he is. "Good. It'll be a start, if it's required. That'll be for the miners to decide. Coatyl Wing? Best leave that to M'icha and his Assistants to organize, but go ahead and have Dremkoth bespeak Aycheth and inform him we may be of need of more firestone." Or just any help, for that matter. Put those Weyrlings to work! Th'ero will attempt to reach out to clasp D'ani's shoulder then, brief but a reassuring gesture all the same. His hand will jerk back though when Cala appears and Th'ero may not be the only one who winces and flinches from the pain and fear being broadcast. Even if not on the level of a dragon… it's enough. "Someone calm her down!" he barks, only to have Velokraeth answer by crooning sweetly to the little gold, his eyes whirling in an anxious shade and manner. Easy, little cousin. « Dremkoth, can you make anything of her? I see darkness and then Harper Hall. » Distracted, Th'ero's unable to clue in to his bronze's findings, having to now turn his attention to the miners. More grim news? "Is there any way that would be swifter? And still safe?" Stupid question? He has to know though, be certain that this is their only option. Supplies? "I… no. I don't think they do. And if so, it's very little. I don't think they were prepared for a long term visit…"

D'ani manages a ghost of a smile at the reassuring shoulder-squeeze, "Aye, we will." He'll believe that until events say otherwise. His head makes a sharp movement, a singular nod and his eyes unfocus to bespeak Dremkoth. The last of those sacks are trundled off to wherever they're stacking them and he shifts restlessly, about to say something else when Cala appears and instead he watches her erratic behavior. He wasn't there when Ezra impressed her (too bad, that'd have been amusing!) but he recognizes her. He makes soothing sounds as she lands on his shoulder. Dremkoth's answer is « I see the same. » "I… easy Cala, we've got healers on the way. Shhh. We'll get to him."

Cala fans her wings a bit, hovering before the two bronzeriders. She chirps again, pushing out the image of the courtyard, and…is that Rayathess? It's hard to tell with her image so watery, but it kind of looks like him? She chrrrs softly and focuses on D'ani again.

The miner watches the gold for a moment, and then turns attentions back to Th'ero and D'ani. "We'll go as quickly as we can, sir, but we can't go too fast or we'll lose our own. And if they've got firelizards that can take them supplies, I'd suggest they do, if…that can happen." He's not big on dragons or firelizards. Does it being dark matter?

Th'ero will believe the same until events say otherwise as well. For now, he is optimistic but not exactly raining it down on everyone's heads. Optimistic but realistic! Things seem… stable for now but the Weyrleader always carefully keeps himself readied for the worst. Ready for the situation to change again, learning from past mistakes to wait until the very end before moving on. "Who's firelizard is this?" he asks of D'ani, when he can hear the Weyrsecond trying to soothe her. That she landed on his shoulder has him curious… and then it snaps into place. "Ezra's?" To the miners, Th'ero nods his head briskly. Damn! He figured that'd be the answer and it only has his mind reeling with more possibilities. "I know we cannot risk your men or anyone who goes up there. Go. Work as quickly as you can and keep us informed. More supplies and personnel are coming in and we will direct them to whoever is Lead in this. Wingleader Abigail will oversee her riders." And he will oversee all, helping where and when he can. "We'll see about the supplies too." But if it's dark inside… can it be done?

If it's not Rayathess, the fuzzy image is enough to remind D'ani that Ezra's brother would want to be here. He nods simply, if a touch grimly to Th'ero's question. "Yes Sir, Ezra's." He can't… say more than that, his throat is too tight and besides Dremkoth is in both his mind and reaching for Cala's and… he sways slightly with the effort. "I don't know if she can help direct someone to nearer where they are in there, but…" He strokes the gold firelizard gently. "I can go get his brother. I can get Rayathess-" a flick of brown eyes towards that landslide, "for him." Cala may remain or come with him, but he does murmur to her, "Try to get to Ezra, eh, Cala? I will get Rayathess. Tell Ezra-" He cuts himself off and hauls himself up Dremkoth's side, speaking to Th'ero as he clips himself in. "I'm going to look at Healer Hall first." Dremkoth springs into the air with a powerful kick, rising on a downsweep of wings. "I'll bring… a healer…also," he calls down as they beat upwards. He's trying to keep a lid on his emotions, but it's telling that he doesn't explain just what he means by that: a Master Healer. Maybe THE Masterhealer. Because… because it's Ezra.