Fort Weyr - Council Chambers
A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.

The day is rather bright with a slightly chill wind occasionally blowing around the Fort region. However, the outside weather means nothing to anyone found in the Council Chambers. Here there is a fire to keep the occupants comfortable. The drudges have done their job well in these chambers, not a speck of dust is to be found, not that anyone is looking.

It is here that Sergeant Yurolt paces back and forth. He constantly stops at a table and reorganizes the stack of papers he has brought with him. Often the guard glances toward the door, awaiting someone it would seem. As restless as he currently is, he will have his back to the door when someone finally does arrive.

It is through that door that one finally does arrive. Th'ero steps through the threshold, pausing for a moment to allow his eyes to adjust from the brightness outside to the dimmer interior of the chambers. The Weyrleader is still dressed in his flight gear, looking fresh either from patrols or perhaps returning from some out of Weyr duty. Once he can focus, he takes little notice to the fire already laid in the hearth, but he does take notice of Yurolt standing there. As the Sergeant's back is turned to him, Th'ero is polite enough to clear his throat before stepping further inside. Wouldn't do to sneak up on the young man, after all? "My apologies, Sergeant. You were not waiting long, I hope?" Approaching, his eyes drift to the stack of papers and a brow quirks up in a silently and curious.

Kimmila enters shortly after Th'ero, pushing her gloves into her back pocket and propping her goggles up onto her forehead. Clearly back from sweeps, she looks around the room and grins, walking forward to sprawl in a chair near the fire. "Hey," she says, first to Th'ero and then to Yurolt with a nod and crooked smile.

Dtirae is straggling behind, likely due to making sure that her charge is preoccupied with doing tasks, accurately. It has likely taken her a bit longer than normal due to the fact that she may be crushing poor Jaja in so much information that it would be impossible for her to get it wrong. Regardless, the Weyrwoman enters. "Evening." She greets all present and then moves to find herself a seat, her gaze settling on Yurolt and, of course, the papers.

Yurolt spins around briskly and throws up a crisp salute. "G'devening. No sir, I've only just gotten her myself." This is a lie, he's been here for roughly a hour. "Ma'am, sir, Kimmila, I'm glad you could make it." The guard despenses with formality and quickly hands each of them a stack of papers. "What you have before you is a proposed training schedule. I'm spoken with Sergeant Oannis and Captain Breshir and we are in full agreement. The Guard corps is lacking in several areas. This proposed training addresses the most deficent." His words come out fast and practiced. Clearly he's done this speech many times in his head.

Th'ero nods his head politely and respectfully as he acknowledges Yurolt's salute, though he gives the Guard a long look for his reply. Does he sense the lie? Snorting softly, he doesn't question the man as his attention instead follows Kimmila as she enters in behind him and then takes her seat by the hearth. Dtirae's arrival is likewise met with a curious look and a reserved but welcoming smile as the Weyrwoman also takes a seat. Between them, the Weyrleader remains standing, his arms at his sides though his hands clasp themselves behind his back. He's at ease, or as close to it as he will get. "Lacking in which areas?" Th'ero asks, his eyes lifting to linger on Yurolt for a moment before glancing back to the stack of papers. Slowly, he steps forwards and one of his hands come forwards to lift one of the sheets up to read it. "Normally Captain Breshir does not bring his training schedules to my attention. What is it that you all have proposed that requires our approval?" he asks, intrigued. A quick synopsis, perhaps?

Kimmila tilts her head back and waves slightly when Dtirae enters, eying the Weyrwoman for a long moment before green eyes flick back to Th'ero and Yurolt. "Oh?" she asks, though is otherwise quiet for the moment.

Yurolt nods in response to the comments sent his way. "I understand sir, however, this particular training schedule requires that the guards work directly with Thunderbird wing. Or at least representives from Thunderbird." He flips through his own stack of papers and settles on one. "If you'll turn to page five…You can see that in basic dismounting, using our wooden walls to simulate dragons, guards performed poorly. Seeing as S&R is Thunderbird's main focus with the Guard corps it's essential that we remedy this…And what better way than actual mounting and dismounting, in multiple environments."

"Thunderbird?" Th'ero echoes before falling silent again to allow Yurolt to finish speaking. The Weyrleader will leaf through until he finds the desired page and he frowns heavily as he quickly skims over the written text. It's then that he'll signal both Kimmila and Dtirae, inviting them to approach or likewise gesture if they wish to read the papers. Looking up again to the Sergeant, Th'ero smirks. "Wooden walls would be nothing like a true dragon…" he remarks, but they are not here to discuss the flaws in that. Instead the bronzerider adds, "It'd be best if this could be discussed with Wingleader Nishka and Wingsecond L'da. But if I am understanding the proposal… I'm of agreement to it. With spring approaching, this may be opportune time for some collaborative training." he says thoughtfully, only to glance towards Kimmila and Dtirae curiously.

Kimmila pushing to her feet, the bluerider walks over to join Th'ero, peering over his shoulder to read. "No, they're not," she agrees. "But it can be easy to get off a dragon. Just…not without injury." After all, the fastest way to dismount is simply to fall. "Sounds like an easy enough activity. Does it even have to be Thunderbird? Seems like any dragons will do.."

Dtirae, for the most part, is silent. There's a consideration of Yurolt's idea before her gaze settles on Th'ero. A brief glance towards Kimmila for her statements. "Any dragon would do, however, it could be turned into a training opportunity for both guards and the riders. Thunderbird is our rescue wing, so why not something that helps with search and rescue training as well? I believe the guards could benefit from this as well?" The question is directed towards Yurolt with a glance in his direction.

Yurolt shrugs slightly. "The walls aren't meant to be like true dragons sir, we just don't always have access…And yes Werywoman, I believe it should be Thunderbird. They are afterall the S&R wing, the guards need to be intimately familiar with the dragons and riders they'll be working with in a real emergency. Not to insult anyone, but for the guards, dragons should be as well known as any other tool at their disposal. While many of us were at Gold Hill, that is not the primary intent of the wing."

"It's true," Th'ero murmurs in low agreement after Kimmila's remark on dismounting. "As they say, the fastest way to dismount is to fall. We cannot have Guards falling off dragons in a moment of crisis." The Weyrwoman answers the rest of the bluerider's question and the Weyrleader nods his head to Dtirae, before pushing the stack of papers towards her for her pleasure to read, though they remain in reach for anyone to take. Th'ero's attention is drawn back to Yurolt then, brows knitted in thought. "Strange, now that I think of it. For there are duties that overlap between dragonriders and Guards, especially the Wingriders of Thunderbird and perhaps even Roc and Simurgh at times. But if we are speaking of high risk situations, then that is more Thunderbirds calling." Such as Gold Hill. The bronzerider grimaces then and nods, standing again with his hands clasped behind his back. "No insult taken, though I am beginning to understand the idea behind this proposal. So you are looking to have exercises tailored so that both Wingriders and Guards have an opportunity to drill together?"

Kimmila leans back in her chair and looks around at the others, before studying Yurolt thoughtfully. A slow grin spreads across her lips and she nods. "I like how you think, Yurolt. You think of things I - we - haven't before. I'm all for the idea, and I'd like to participate in the training as well. We always seem to end up in those situations, regardless of our lack of wing."

Yurolt nods to Th'ero's question slowly. "Yes sir. It seems that purpose of the Guard and Thunderbird is to augment each other. I won't go so far as to assign specific guard to dragons, as Oannis and Captain Breshir agree. With the inherit chaos of situations, a guard should be comfortable on any dragon he should happen to ride." He shuffles through his own stack of papers again and nods in agreement with Kimmila. "On page seven are the types of weather we'd like to get our boys to train in. As I'm not a rider, I can only request these environments. For I'm not sure how inclimate weather affects a dragon's flight. However, you can see, sheeting rain, high winds, blizzard and high heat updraft areas are all on the list."

Th'ero turns his head to regard Kimmila curiously for a moment, only to have his mouth quirk up into a small smile. Signal enough that he approves and agrees with the bluerider's comments and offer to join in the training. "No, we won't be going as far as to assigning specific Guards to Wingriders." Not yet, though there is a gleam to the Weyrleader's eyes as he keeps his focus on Yurolt for a moment, head tilted a bit as he listens to the Sergeant's words. "And I do agree with that statement as well. Each dragon and each rider is different. The more exposure, the better. Which is why a full Wing drill and exercise would be best and with rotations." Glancing back to the stack of papers, he will flip through until he finds the page he needs and waiting to see if the Weyrwoman wishes to read it first, he'll then take it to review and offering Kimmila the chance as well. "Hmm. Weather like that can be… unpredictable. In many, many ways. Dangerous. Not something I'd like to see them drilling so soon. Unless there are plans to start with clear conditions first?"

Kimmila clears her throat slightly, brows furrowing. "Blizzard you'd have to be very careful with," she murmurs, though mostly to herself. Nodding to Th'ero, she offers, "I would suggest starting in milder weather and working their way up."

Yurolt smirks a little and quickly coughs to cover it. "Of course. We wouldn't jump right into a blizzard. If you'll turn to the last page there is the proposed schedule. We have several weeks of calm weather flights, starting with landed dismounts. After that we'll move to stationary hovering dismounts, then minimal pause dismounts. Et cetera, et cetera. Once the lads have mastered all the calm weather, stationary and moving we can move on to light rain and so forth." As he speaks he points to each event on the calendar, showing that it will be several sevendays at the very least before any sort of inclimate weather is scheduled. "We're going for a crawl, walk, run, fly strategy." The guard ends his speech with a grin and looks around the room, taking comfort in the enthusiasm shown thus far.

Th'ero replaces the first sheet back to the stack of papers before going to find the schedule that Yurolt brings to mention and while keeping one ear on the Sergeant's explanation, he reviews what is written. The Weyrleader nods his head, looking rather impressed by the organization and not seeming to hold any reservations or doubts towards the proposal. He'll share the schedule sheet with Kimmila then and once the bluerider is finished reviewing it, he will be certain that it goes to Dtirae next. There is a nod given to Kimmila and then Th'ero is speaking up again, "We may not be in season for blizzards much longer, so that one may have to be reserved for later in the Turn." Or they go further north and hunt one down. "Fort will be in Spring soon, which means the storms will be coming. Ample opportunity for training under wind and rains. But I definitely approve of the strategy to approach this." He pauses then to give Kimmila and Dtirae a curious look. Their input?

Kimmila takes the schedule when Th'ero offers it, and she listens and reads with slow nods of her head. "Yes, this all looks excellent," she says, giving Yurolt a look that is rather impressed. "Someone who knows what they're doing, thank Faranth. We need more of you in this world, Yurolt."

"There's always next winter." Dtirae notes to Th'ero's assessment about the blizzards. She may not be making much commentary, but she is listening. There's a few more moments of silence as she considers, but, apparently there is nothing further to state as she's content to simply nod her approval.

Yurolt sighs in relief at what he assumes is approval for his proposal. He shuffles and restacks his papers and says, "Well, I had assumed that with the obvious draconic abilities we weren't confined to training only in the Fort region. However, with the storms coming it is rather important that we begin training as quickly as possible. The unpredictablity of the season cannot be taken lightly. I'm sure we all remember the flood through Boll last Turn." The sergeant shifts his weight onto his left leg, stretching the right slightly. His look is a hopeful one, as he is eager to begin this training cycle.

Th'ero chuckles softly in response to Kimmila's remark to Yurolt, before nodding his head towards Dtirae. "We may not be able to go into other regions and territories for training. It would require permission, though I am certain it could be arranged if there is no other option or the training cannot wait until the change of the seasons." he says, only to grimace and nod. The Weyrleader remembers. Th'ero glances to the Weyrwoman again, then to Kimmila and feeling that there is little else to discuss, he straightens his jacket slightly and smiles faintly, "Well, it would seem we're in agreement. This report will have to be delivered to Wingleader Nishka of course for her review but consider it approved."

Kimmila nods, "I'm all for it," she says brightly, grinning at the others as she pushes to her feet. "And count Varmiroth and me in, too."
"Wonderful." Dtirae smiles brightly and looks to Yurolt, "I'm really glad to seem some initiative. I hope that you can rub some of that off on some of the others around the Weyr." And with that, the Weyrwoman pushes to her feet. "I'm looking forward to seeing the results." And then, she departs with a salute of farewell.

Yurolt smiles and grabs up his stack of papers. He moves to Th'ero and hands him the sheets. "I prepared these for the Weyr records so Nishka can go through them at her leisure." Stepping back he pops a salute and moves for the door. Before he exits he turns and says, "Thank you for hearing my proposal, I'm sure the lads will enjoy the training. As will I."

Th'ero accepts the stack of papers with a respectful nod of his head to Yurolt, "Excellent, thank you. I'll see that she reviews this as soon as possible." he murmurs, turning to step alongside Kimmila. Dtirae's comments earn her a sidelong look from the Weyrleader, but he is amused of all things by her remarks. With his free hand, he salutes her as she steps out and then likewise to Yurolt as he goes to take his leave. "Of course! Thank you for approaching us with the idea. I am eager to see this unfold and perhaps will come to observe a few of these exercises." But for now, there are other duties to attend to and with a gesture to Kimmila, Th'ero turns to also slip out of the council chambers but not without a murmured, "Clear skies, Sergeant!" before he's gone.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.