Fort Weyr - Lookout Ridge
An open plateau of rock that's nestled on the northern face of the bowl wall, used to provide an ease of access to important parts of the Weyr; traffic here being minimal. Stonecut stairs lead down to the administration complex, while the bridge that adjoins this plateau spans across a gully to get to the central bowl wall, where the wing corridor can be quickly reached. A shortcut is also built up toward the Star Stones, so those without dragon can reach the long since used rocks.
Beyond the pathways and access routes, the view from this terrace is amazing. The eye has a good vantage point of the entire bowl below, from the hatching caverns, to the training complex, to the stretches of the central and southern most bowl. The rise of the mountain and the forest ranges can be glimpsed from here as well, distant images but outlined enough to distinguish where they start and end. Oddly enough there's a bench here, settled back against the bowl wall and angled to give the best view of the world beyond.

A "late" morning by Th'ero's standards finds the Weyrleader out on the Lookout Ridge and having just had a short discussion with the Watchrider on duty before they returned to their post. Velokraeth never roused him for their usual patrol and while not entirely complaining, the bronzerider is confused as to the nature of why. It did mean he was able to wake up and spend a few comfortable and warm, tender moments with Kimmila and for that he is grateful. Very grateful. There was time for breakfast too and now he is out on the lookout ridge, dressed warmly as the winds are up again and cold though the air carries the scent of spring to it. At least the skies are clearing at last and there is a chance for some sunlight. Th'ero does not return to the weyr but remains where he is on the ridge, glancing out towards the bowl below and beyond where the hatching caverns and training complex rest. Waiting, perhaps, to be joined? Or lost to his thoughts.

Kimmila arrives, bundled up against the chill in a thick jacket, boots, heavy pants, sweater…etc. With her hair wrestled back into a runnertail that moves with her movements and the wind, she quietly approaches her Weyrmate with a small smile. "Sorry I'm late," she murmurs. "Greenfield needed an emergency transport, so I had to organize that, and Varmiroth..couldn't reach, so." It was a bit difficult and a bit frustrating.

Th'ero's expression shifts when he spies Kimmila's approach, not so lost to this thoughts that he cannot see her. Stepping forwards, he will offer her his hand or even wrap his arm around her, guiding her to his side in a gentle hug but also supportive. "Don't be sorry, Wingmate. Is everything alright with Greenfield?" he asks and sensing her frustration he will rub his gloved hand along her back, despite the layers of clothing. The gesture counts, right?

Kimmila slips easily into his embrace, but she stands upright rather than leans against him as she looks across the weyr. "Don't know yet," she admits quietly. "One of their kids fell, hurt himself pretty badly, so we had to get a Healer there. Waiting for word on how it's going." Since she has to wait for her rider to reach to Varmiroth, instead of the other way around.

Th'ero will stand close to her, not exactly leaning either but not leaving much space between them. Having lowered his eyes to her as she speaks, he too will lift his gaze and his head again to look out over the Weyr below and his grimace isn't for the wind that gusts then and chills his skin and shifts through his hair. "Shells. I hope the child is alright. Hopefully word will come in soon and that all is well." he murmurs and his other hand comes around to gently rest over her belly. Surely by now she is showing? "And how're you?" Probably not the first time he's asked that morning.

Oh yes, she is showing now, much to the whispering of the aunties. Especially when Kimmila starts drinking tea. Gag. Plus it's hard to hide Elara's beaming and fussing. "I hope he's alright too," she murmurs. "Falling through the ice in this weather…is no small deal." And they can't take him between, so the Healer had to go to them, and hope the hold was warm enough. "I'm feeling alright," she admits, smiling. "A bit uncomfortable but not too bad. Not too tired either. You?

Just whispering among the aunties? Everyone is probably whispering by now and wisely. Not that Th'ero will angrily deny anything now, if anyone approached him or Kimmila with offers of congratulations. He's proud, no doubt about that but modest about it. No strutting about (yet) for him! "No, that is no small deal. Which reminds me, the Harpers should be teaching the same advisories to the children here, if they haven't already, of the dangers of the thawing ice." he murmurs. "Let's hope the Greenfield child pulls through." Smiling to her, he will guide her over to the bench to sit since it's tucked up in a way that most of the wind is blocked and even he is feeling the chill of it. "Good!" He's relieved to know she's doing alright, minus the discomfort. "I'm well. Spoke with the Watchrider. Not much to report there…" His words trail off as the sound of someone climbing the stairs at a good pace reaches his ears and he's already turning to face the source. A Haast Wingrider comes into view, cheeks flushed by his hurried strides and wind. "Weyrleader Th'ero, sir. Wingrider Kimmila." he greets, almost gasping between breaths. He inhales, steadies and then calmer continues. "… I've some messages here for you. Picked up on relay when I was doing my circuits through the southern Fortian holds. There is one from Xanadu as well, that I intercepted from a messenger already heading to your weyr." Why not kill two avians with one stone? "Hope you do not mind but it saves you discovering it later. Here." He'll reach into the satchel strapped to his thigh and produce two letters, which he hands to whoever grabs them first. Dipping his head hastily, the Haast rider is already backing away. "If you'll excuse me! I've more backlog to tend to. Clear skies!" And off he goes!

Kimmila moves back to sit, nodding. "They should know but yes, it wouldn't hurt to give extra warnings and reminders, especially if children are visiting from other areas…" Quieting when the Haast rider appears, she gives the notes curious glances but lets Th'ero take and open them both, though she'll peer at him while he does it. "What do they say? Xanadu? Your sister?"

Th'ero will take both letters and tucking one away, he'll open the first with the stamps and insignia's that mark it as one from Garan and Kenali. Seems he kept his word and spread the news! Yet after he skims the first few lines he chuckles to himself and hands it to her to read and decide whether or not she wishes to share it. "It's for you, actually." he muses. The letter reads, written in careful and rather cramped scrawl:

Dear Kimmila,
Th'ero came by to visit the other day to give us the good news! A double surprise, both for the pregnancy and the confirmed diagnosis of twins! Kenali is beside herself in delight and wishes to visit with you in the foreseeable future to congratulate you in person. As would I, of course! If Th'ero hasn't already told you, we would love to come by sometime once the snows melt but we do not want to impose by dropping in at random. Let us know? I'll try to keep Kenali from drowning you in gifts too but… no promises.
All our love,
Garan and Kenali

Th'ero doesn't pull out the second letter quite yet, waiting for Kimmila to finish with this one first.

Kimmila smiles as she takes the letter, and as she reads it she both squirms and blushes a bit. It's sweet, but…the attention makes her a bit uncomfortable. "Well…I'm sure we can find time for them to visit. Sooner rather than later." While she's still in a happy enough mood, right? "Gifts? I didn't know she was a gifting person…"

"Weather is still a bit unpredictable, but perhaps later in the month? Just for a day or so." Th'ero murmurs, smiling when she blushes and reaching out the place a soothing hand on her thigh when she squirms. Then he chuckles, "Irondell traditions, love. The gifts will all be practical and likely hand made. Kenali is probably making up for the lost chance she had when you were pregnant with Kyzen." Since she wasn't entirely healthy and there were other factors too. Namely Th'ero being apprehensive about rekindling his relationship with his estranged mother and true father. "Little things. You can always decline, Wingmate, if you feel it's too much." Yet who's to say that is true or just Th'ero trying to comfort her from being uneasy? "Did you want to read the second letter now too? It is from Xanadu. Probably Kiena…"

Kimmila looks a bit startled. "Irondell tradition?" There's a /good/ Irondell tradition? One that is generous and kind and thoughtful? She's stunned. "Of course I can't decline," she says with a little smile. "Sure," she says, opening it, "though what does she have to say that's in a letter? Oooh, maybe she is pregnant too!"

Th'ero smirks. "Not all of Irondell is miserable and corrupt, Wingmate. There were a few good things and some that Ilentho permitted. So the women had their own little traditions concerning pregnancies and child rearing. The men had theirs for fishing and boats." So maybe not so thoughtful? Just borne out of a traditional lifestyle that segregates women from men. Chuckling, he leans in to kiss the top of her head. "I didn't think you would decline, but you can." Especially if she's not feeling well enough or in the mood to be fussed over and social. As for Kiena's letter, Th'ero only shrugs. "No idea, Wingmate. And… shells, Kimm!" He nearly chokes, coughing a bit as he gives her a very light nudge to the ribs. Don't even joke about his little sister being pregnant again! Sadly, the letter from the Xanadian Weyrsecond does not have such happy news and is filled with typical Kiena-sarcasm and written on a far more personal level than political:

Kimmila and Th'ero,
Ujinath informed me from Velokraeth that I'm to be an aunt again! Th'ero, you bastard, not coming in person! I forgive you though. I know the timezones are difficult, along with //both our schedules. Kimmila, I hope you are doing well! Welcome to the "joy" of carrying twins. If you ever want a sympathetic ear to rant to, I'll be glad to pop over and lament with you… or we can celebrate. Whichever! Hopefully I can come and see you before the babes are born. At least you know what you're in for! Sorry that it seems our Irondell bloodline means spawning litters.
//On a less happier and teasing note, I feel as though I should update you of a development here. There was another situation regarding Zi'on's lack of disrespect towards me and my rank as Weyrsecond that caught the attention of a friend of mine who brought it to the attention of Weyrleader Ka'el. Needless to say, Zi'on has taken upon himself to limit his interaction with Xanadu Weyr as a whole, much to the complete bafflement and surprise of the Xanadian Weyrleadership and myself. He also refuses to see or speak to me, save by letter. It makes me uneasy but I suppose this is how it needs to be. Consider this my 'heads up' warning, in case any future meetings you have with Zi'on or any of Western's Leadership are "off".

Congratulations to you both and best of luck, Kimmila when your time comes!

Kimmila rubs her belly gently as she reads the letter, though the end has her frowning. "Zi'on…" Headshake. "What do you think, wingmate?" she asks, looking up at him. "Do you think this is a positive development?"

Th'ero reads the letter carefully along with Kimmila and while the first part has him snorting and muttering about his sister's choice of humour the last has any amusement brought by it fading. Scowling, he is silent as he rereads the last paragraph and then exhales in frustration. "It could be? Faranth if I know, but just leave it to Zi'on to overreact to his own mistakes! This… I am annoyed that he has gone to such lengths but Kiena doesn't go into detail as to what was said. Maybe it is for the best. Only I feel some pity for her. That cannot be easy for her…"

Kimmila shakes her head with a sigh. "I don't know…the situation, but. That's got to be rough on her. I wonder how that's affecting the girls, and…are they co-parenting or is she the main parent these days?"

Th'ero can only shrug his shoulders as he lifts a hand to take the letter back. To scan those words again, as if some hidden message is tucked within those handwritten lines. Nothing. He scowls, "Last I heard, they were co-parenting. Half and half. Now though… I suppose this means they stay in Xanadu with Kiena. Or it remains unchanged and Kiena just does not cross paths with Zi'on." Which, would be too obvious to the girls that something is wrong. He mutters a few curses under his breath.

Kimmila sighs, shaking her head once more. "Such a shame. I feel bad for Kiena. And for those girls…" As he curses, she reaches out to rest a hand on his arm. "What are your thoughts, wingmate?" she says softly. "Talk to me…She was joking, is that a good thing or a bad sign?"

Th'ero leans into her touch and will rest his hand over hers, holding tight and firm. "Kiena is strong. She's got a better chance now to heal where she is in Xanadu. It is her girls that I pity most… They won't understand why their parents do not see eye to eye." His thoughts? Are snarled. What isn't new? "Joking? When was… oh, you mean her jokes concerning your pregnancy?" he asks and then smirks with a scoff. "You might have to ask her yourself about that…"

Kimmila smiles a bit, nodding. "Perhaps I will." There's a quiet sigh and a nod. "Perhaps, but…do you think it's better they're with Kiena more often than Zi'on? I do. Despite any oddness with their parents not being together…she's a better parent, I think."

"She'll not follow Irondell traditions, at least? And… maybe she'll discuss her pregnancy with the twins." Th'ero seems to imply some sort of suggestion there. That's what women do, right? Get together and swap notes? He's such a typical man sometimes! "Of course I think it is better that Kiena has the girls! She fosters them and… she seems to have matured in her time in Xanadu. So yes, Wingmate… I agree with you."

Kimmila gives him a curious look. "What do you mean, not following tradition? And…uh. Well maybe, when they're older?" She nods. "I agree, yeah. So then…invite her and the girls to visit. She and I can talk and you can spend time with the girls." Se what it'll be like…muahaha.

Th'ero glances back to her and smirks. "Remember what I mentioned of Kenali? Kiena will be the polar opposite, if she does come to visit before our children are born. And… what?" Color him confused! He chuckles. "I meant she'd talk to you about being pregnant with twins. Since she's… experienced it and, uh… all." Right? Shaking his head, when Kimmila offers to invite Kiena and the twins, Th'ero looks… pleased. Very pleased! "Why don't you write to her, love?" he muses, pulling her close against him for a warm, loving hug.

Kimmila /OHS/. "I thought you meant she'd talk to the twins about her pregnancy with them. Discuss…her pregnancy…with them…" She laughs, shaking her head and leaning against him. "Right. I would like to speak with her about it. "I will."

Th'ero blinks for a moment and then laughs as well. Good, deep laughter. "I don't… shells… don't even want to think about that…" he says between chuckles. No thank you? Holding her against him, he will smile as he tilts his head down to kiss her hair and the top of her head. "Good. Let me know when and I'll be certain to make myself scarce so you girls can… do your thing." He'll go… do some manly stuff. Somewhere. Which probably means brood in his office over a glass of wine and some paperwork.

He'll be watching the twins! Kimmila grins up at him, nodding. "Soon. The sooner the better, while I still have the energy for it."
Will he be watching the twins? Or will the girls stay with Kiena and Kimmila for the ultimate girl time (and no sanity and peace)? "You're only in the latter end of the sixth month now, aren't you?" Th'ero asks softly, his brows knit in concern when she mentions her level of energy. A hand comes to rest on the curve of her belly. "Is… it because there are two that you'll have less energy?" Duh?

Kimmila nods, shifting against his hand. She doesn't mind when he touches her belly. She minds when anyone else does. Not that they do anymore. They learned. "Yes," she says, eying him with a little smile. "My body will be growing /two/. I'll be exhausted, no doubt. I do want to hear from Kiena though."

The hand once bitten is twice as shy? Th'ero is not shy, even if Kimmila were to "bite" him for touching her. So his hand remains on her belly and may even begin to very lightly rub back and forth. "It still takes me by surprise that there will be two born and not just one. And you need only to write her, Kimmila. Unless you'd like Velokraeth to bespeak Ujinath?"

Kimmila shakes her head, resting her hand over his. "You're telling me. I wonder if it feels like two labors…" Wince. "I'll send her a letter. Is there a day that works good for you?"

Th'ero's expression twists. While he can't fathom the amount of pain Kimmila (or any woman for that matter) underwent while in labor, just… being witness to it was enough to scar him for life. He'll never, ever forget Kyzen's arrival into the world. He plans to be at her side for this birth… but hopefully with Healers attending too. "Kiena would have answers for you. I… know nothing." At least he's admitting to it? "Perhaps later this sevenday? I do not have much on my plate then." he murmurs.

Kimmila gives his hand a squeeze. "But you try, and you'll be there, and that's important to me." But. Yes. Healers. "Sure, I'll ask if she's free to come then."

Th'ero smiles broadly and leans in to kiss her. Up here on the lookout isn't too openly public, right? "You know I'll be there when your time comes," he murmurs. He wouldn't miss it for the world! It will be better this time, right? Minus the stress of a double birth but… Healers! And Wiyaneth. The safety of the Weyr. "Let me know?" He secretly hopes his sister can make it. "And… have we discussed names?" Now they have two to pick. Boys or girls? Girl and boy? Crud.

Kimmila returns the kiss, leaning against him. Healers, Wiyaneth, the weyr. Time will tell, muahaha. "Ugh, names. No…we haven't…"

Th'ero chuckles heartily and places another kiss on her… but not on her lips. This one goes to her neck and he'll whisper low by her ear. "Would you like to? I'm starting to feel chilled. Why don't we go back inside, while I have a few moments. Write to Kiena. Enjoy each other's company?" Talk and cuddle, he means. "Before my meetings. Our meetings… if you wished to attend."

Kimmila closes her eyes and lifts he chin, exhaling softly. "Do you have any ideas?" She shivers a bit too and nods. "Sure, let's. And it depends on what the meetings are about?"

"None, Wingmate. Only that… how do we do this? Pick, uh… four names?" Th'ero tries not to wince at the thought. They could barely decide on Kyzenviro! To choose four that they both agree on and like? "Should it be six, just in case when the babes are born… the first few don't fit? And… oh shells. Boy or girl? Boys? Girls?" TOO MUCH to decide! Standing, he will offer Kimmila his arm and with a sigh, he again tries not to pull too much of a face when she inquires on the meetings. "One with Nyalle and the rest of the administration staff. Another with the Wingleaders. You know…" Those meetings. Dull, talking, meetings. All blah blah blah and no action.

Kimmila winces, taking his arm to stand. "I…guess?" she says with a sigh of his own. "Sure, I'll join you for a few, but I can leave right?" If she needs to go pee or something.

Th'ero smiles warmly to her. "Of course you can leave, Wingmate. We won't hold you prisoner there." Only if she weren't pregnant! But she is and no one is about to get in her way if she says she has to leave. With her on his arm, he will carefully navigate the stairs down to the admin complex, one slow step at a time. "So…" No escape! "… for the names? Why don't we start with a letter? Are we going to remain with a 'K' or just go with whatever sounds good? I… can't even begin to fathom how we'll blend our names again."

Kimmila sighs. Naaaames. "I'm not set on K, no." So…that narrows it down not at all. "We don't have to blend, either."

Th'ero breathes a sigh of relief. Not sticking to a 'K' definitely helps. "I suppose we do not have to follow any of the traditions, do we, Wingmate? That may help us considerably. And…" He will wait until he's lead her back inside their weyr before he continues. Less anyone overhear how much of a soft romantic he is at heart. "… remember what I said in the caves? About Kyzen being our child by sun and forest? They will be ours by stars and moon. Could … shells, do any words even work? Our Moons have… obvious names." And he does not want to name their children by them.

Kimmila smiles at him, gentle and loving at his words. "I do remember that, wingmate. And you're right. Kyzen is our sun, these…the moon and stars. Complete, now, our little family." Because this is IT, right? No more? "Uh…I'm not sure, but I'm sure we could find books about astronomy. Look for other names."

This is IT. No more, after the twins. They have their family and Th'ero could be no more proud than he already is. Which is very much, even if he doesn't show it (yet). "Astronomy? I suppose we could see if the Starcrafters has anything in the archives. Even if we don't take a complete name, we could splice…" Make their own name. A secret name for their offspring.

Kimmila nods, "Sure, we can always splice." Her egg spliced! Or…however that twin thing works. "I'll go find some books tomorrow," she promises.

Don't look at Th'ero for answers! He knows nothing and even less about… bodily things. Pregnancy things. "I almost wish I did not have the meetings today. I'd say that we go now to the Archives and see what we could find. But…" Priorities. He knows better than that.

Kimmila leans against him and offers him a kiss, stifling a yawn. "It's okay, wingmate. I'm tired now, so I'll go take a nap and maybe afterwards." Guess she's not coming to the meetings after all?

Th'ero leans back and returns her kiss and adds another to the top of her head as he hugs her close. "We'll see how the day goes, Wingmate. Come on. Let's get you settled then." he murmurs. Doesn't seem that way and if he's disappointed, he hides it very well. Her well being is his first priority and he will gently lead her into the bedroom and while part of him wishes to hover over her and see to her every comfort he knows better than to shadow her so closely. He will however murmur a few loving words and tell her (needlessly) that Velokraeth will be alert and listening should she need anything and to just have Varmiroth call. A few more kisses and lingering caresses and then he's leaving. Time for his meetings and despite wishing to make time later in that day for their trip to the archives in the Weyr, it will not come to be. A Weyrleader's duty is never done and though his day started slow, it picks up and he will not escape until the evening hours. Only enough time to treat Kimmila to a peaceful and quiet dinner and then sleep again. Tomorrow… will hopefully start quiet.