Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Hotaru's been back at Fort since not too long after the hatching. After spending some time with her grandparents, she's back at the weyr proper finally. There's only so long she'll be able to escape chores, but for right now it appears that she is chore free. Instead she's enjoying today's sunny afternoon by behind down at the lake. Right now the red head is wading not too far off shore looking a bit zoned out as she enjoys the water. The lake isn't crowded, at least not yet, but there are a few other people milling around in and about the water.

Escaping chores is a fine thing to do… even if it's just for the afternoon. Borodin, having found himself free, is headed for the lake now. He's still in shirt and trousers, but there's a towel draped over one shoulder in admission of the fact that, yes, he might decide he wants to swim. This partly depends on who else is here to watch, and he looks around at people as he approaches the shore, one to the next to… huh. His gaze settles on Hotaru, and after a moment, he hesitantly waves.

Being chore-free certainly was nice. And it means more if you're chore-free for an afternoon, rather than just skipping out on them for several sevendays. After a few moments, Hotaru notices someone waving at her. She waves back, then realizes who it is. She moves out further into the shallows. "Borodin! Come on out the water is nice!" She'll linger for a bit while he settles himself, and then hopefully makes his way out and into the water.

"Uhm. Okay," Borodin says, probably not loudly enough to be heard over the distance. His gaze drifts out to… that's not a clump of ice lingering out by the floating platform, is it? Noooo, surely not. The water's nice! So claims Hotaru. So, Borodin finds a spot to set his towel where (hopefully) nobody will step on it, and takes off his shirt and pants. Underneath, he has a pair of baggy swim-trunks. Another glance at the water, but the sun does feel good, so how bad can it be? That can't be real ice. So he takes the first fateful step into the water! Okay so it's cold. But it's not that cold, so he takes another step. And then another. Nearly to Hotaru! "Hey uh." Pause. "Hi."

It's not that cold! Surely all that ice is melted by now. At any rate it doesn't seem like it's bothering Hotaru. Once she's sure he is actually coming out she retreats back a bit into the water, laying back to let the gentle waves push her along. When Borodin finally makes his way over to her she grins up at him. "Hi Boro! I haven't seen you in like… forever." She stands up then, moving over to give the cook a hug. Okay, so they're not that close and all, but he's Abbey's twin… so he gets a hug. "How have you been?"

Borodin has gone swimming in worse, probably because he grew up near here. Also, he's well insulated. So, despite the initial feeling of brrr, he keeps on going into the water, letting it lap up around him. "Yeah, uhm, I heard you… got searched," he says, and then as Hotaru hugs him, Borodin's ears turn pink and he does the open/close mouth thing for a moment before he awkwardly hugs her back. Hey, it's better than the last time a girl did something unexpected to him! In fact, it makes him smile a little. "I, uhm, I've been okay. I… decided to stay here." He looks away to the side, frowning slightly.

Hotaru has more or less grown up around this area as well, so is used to the cooler temperature of the water. Though she lacks some of Borodin's insulation. She nods to him. "Searched again, yeah. And left standing again. So here I am, back at Fort. I guess we both can't seem to stay away, huh?" She smiles back at him, then flops down to wade through the water a bit. Borodin always seemed to be the victim of crazy girls. Now he's got to deal with Hotaru. "Yeah? Forever and ever?" She chuckles a bit. "I bet the kitchen staff is glad to have you. Abbey, too. You sound kind of disappointed though."

"Oh. Uh. Yeah," Borodin says, as he glances back to Hotaru briefly at the mention of being left standing. He frowns for a moment, then offers a smile. "I guess we can't. I like it here, though." Is there maybe a bit of extra emphasis on the 'I' there? Yeah, maybe there is. There's also a twitch of a frown, one that leaves in the form of a sigh. He wades along after Hotaru, and smiles again. "Well. Maybe not forever. But I guess I'm not a wanderer. Not really." He bends his knees, letting himself sink in the water to shoulder-height. "I think maybe it was a mistake when I got searched. That the dragon just saw something of Abbey." Like Niumdreoth seems to still see in Borodin. Why else would the brown fuss over his rider's twin? "But it's okay. Things… are okay now."

Hotaru looks at Borodin. Hey… she's missing her glasses! The world is of proper color! "What, you think I don't like it here? I grew up here! But… I want to impress. So when that E'gin guy asked me to stand I couldn't say no." Hotaru nods. "I'm not really either I guess. I don't have a wanderlust like some people. I don't need to see every weyr or hold or whatever." The red-head blinks at Boro. "Heh, being searched isn't ever a mistake. Even if you never impress, you meet people. Make friends and all. Just because you haven't impressed yet doesn't meant you never will. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself." She sighs a bit. "I'm glad things are… okay."

"What?" Borodin blinks at Hotaru in surprise. "Oh. Uh. I didn't… I wasn't talking about you." He blushes somewhat, and looks aside, out across the water. "I dunno if I want to or not. Impress, that is." He frowns a moment, then shakes his head. "I guess I don't have to worry about it right now, anyway." After all… no dragons came sniffing around at him! His gaze comes back to Hotaru, and he frowns. "Yeah. You're probably right. I mean… yeah."

Hotaru blinks. "Oh." She realizes that maybe the cook is talking about his ex. She'll just keep her mouth shut on that subject. No need to reopen old wounds there! "Why wouldn't you want to impress? Would they kick you out of the kitchens then?" She nods and shrugs about not needing to worry about it. It worried Hotaru. She didn't want to end up just a drudge at the weyr, or standing over and over again until she was too old. She grins and splashes some water at Borodin. "Don't patronize me, Boro!"

And for the closing of Hotaru's mouth on that subject, Borodin is grateful. As for the subject of impressing… he frowns a little. "I don't know. It's just… I dunno if I'm cut out for it. That's all." He shrugs. "I guess-" Splutter. Splash! He gives his head a shake. "'m not." He hesitates a moment, then splashes back.

"Why not? There's got to be a reason you think that. Are you scared of dragons?" Hotaru didn't think Borodin was, but you never know! There were people that were. But riders didn't have to be as confident and assertive as Boro's sister was. Hotaru giggles at him. "No?" After a bit more splashing Hotaru wades over to try and grapple onto Borodin's back. Giddy up!

"What? No," Borodin says. "I like Niumdreoth fine." And there's been plenty of sightings of him scritching his sister's dragon to bear that out. "It's just, riders seem to… they know what they want. How to get it. Like y- yeep!" Hotaru is now a Borodin-rider. She has taken him by surprise, and his attempt to buck is… rather belated and not entirely successful. It's followed by a lumber through the water. Shookashakeshake?

There's a nice big "Yee-haw!" From Hotaru as she hooks onto Borodin's back. The shaking doesn't seem to deter her either. "Woo! Giddy up!" Yes, she thinks it's a ride now. She laughs and wraps her legs around Boro's midsection and her arms around his neck and shoulders. "Don't you know what you want, Borodin? You must have some ideas! Even if they're short term!" And apparently Hotaru intends to torture him unless he tells her what they are.

Borodin snorts, probably because of the water threatening to get into his nose. Ride the Borodin! He shakes himself again, then runs… though not very fast, because water resistance. But there's a Hotaru on his back, so running doesn't do him much good at all. (When has it ever?) "Uhm. Maybe," he says, and tries another shake, leaning back to dunk Hotaru in the water… but only briefly.

Hotaru rides the Borodin! At least… on his back. Nothing naughty going on here! Just two teenagers playing in the water. "Ack!" Is all she can get out before being dunked. She doesn't swallow too much water, and only a little goes up her nose. And since he's not keeping her down, she continues to hang onto him, gasping for air once they've resurfaced. "It'll take more than that to get rid of me! Let me up onto your shoulders. It'll be more fun that way!" For Hotaru. It'll mean Borodin will have to support her whole weight then.

Nope. There is nothing naughty about Hotaru clinging to Borodin with arms and legs and riding him. Not at all. "What? But-" Why would he do a thing like that? He gives himself a side-to-side shake, and then takes another few bounds through the water. "What makes you think you can just…" climb all over him? Other than the well-established historical precedents for it, he means.

Nope, nothing naughty at all! "Tell me what you want so bad! Tell me why you're too afraid to ask for it!" Bound bound bound. "Let me onto your shoulders!" Hotaru lets go of him, finally. First with just her legs (probably choking him slightly), then with her arms. She wades around in front of him. "Wanna have a race?" Borodin is never going to hang out with Hotaru again after such traumatic water play."

Oh, sure. Ask Borodin questions and then strangle him! That'll definitely get you your answers. At least he doesn't keel over and slump into the water. Bright side! Once he can, y'know, breathe again, Borodin takes a deep breath, and then his gaze settles on Hotaru as she comes around. "…because it never works," he mutters. "Because if they know you want it, they can take it away." And then his ears turn pink and he looks away, casting his gaze about for something, anything. A distraction. A race? "Sure. To the platform." Racing means no talking. "One two three go." Talking is over. Swimming!

Hotaru looks at Borodin quizzically. "Who is 'they'? Also that's no answer, you didn't tell me what you want!" Technically it was an answer, just a very vague answer and not at all to Hotaru's liking. "Who took something from you?" Hotaru doesn't even really have time to respond to his offer of the race before he's counting down and swimming off toward the platform. "Hey! Cheater!" Hotaru dives forward into the water though, confident that she can make up the difference. Off they go!

So maybe it's not a very good answer, but it's all the answer Hotaru's getting! …for now, anyway. Borodin is busy avoiding things! Also swimming for the platform, cheatery or not. He's an okay swimmer. Not a great one. Hotaru lurking in the depths can likely catch up pretty well, as Borodin swims along the surface.

Hotaru is an okay swimmer as well. She's probably actually gotten better at it since coming to the weyr. She can only stay submerged for so long though, then she has to come up for air. Once she's at the surface she checks to make sure she's still heading in the right direction, then goes about doing the breaststroke. Where is that Borodin? She doesn't much care, instead she's focused on getting to the platform. She can always say he cheater anyways.

Either Borodin loses, or he cheated so it doesn't count… … …yep, that sounds about right! He keeps on swimming himself, and while he's quite good at the floating bit, he's not quite as good as the propulsion one. At least, not relative to his size. Sooo yeah, Hotaru's pulling ahead. Not that he's paying too much attention to that either, just swimming along as the platform looms closer until he can give the final kick and catch an arm against it.

Poor Borodin. He's too sweet for his own good. He really shouldn't let Hotaru bully him around. Once she's at the platform Hotaru hoists herself up onto it and sits there huffing and puffing. She's beaten Borodin, narrowly though. "Boro!" She exclaims as he touches the platform. "I'm cold. I think I'm going to swim back and lay in the sun a while. Are you staying in the water?" She kicks her feet a bit, waiting for his response.

Borodin catches the edge of the platform, staying down in the water and looking up at Hotaru. He does a few huffs and puffs of his own, legs moving slowly but mostly just holding on to the platform. Is he going to stay in the water? Well. It is cold. But. "I dunno." He looks down, away from her. Out over the water. "Maybe not."

Once Hotaru's caught her breath, the hops back down into the water next to Borodin. She looks him in the eyes at a close distance for a few moments while he gives her his answer. "Well, I'll be out laying on my towel in the sun for a little while!" She ducks under the water and starts the swim back. This time though, she takes it pretty easy. So if Borodin wants to he can probably catch up and keep up. Once she's near shore, she wades out of the water and starts the search for her towel.

Ooh, looking in the eyes. That's like Borodin's nemesis or something. His get all shifty and turning away, then making little darts back, then looking away again, and then he sighs. He stays where he is for a moment after Hotaru's left, hanging off the platform, and then he heaves another sigh and starts back after her. He's not going very fast, though. Not very fast at all, and so even with her leisurely pace, she beats him back to shore. He stands up and drips for a moment, drip, drip, drip, then goes to find his own towel. Oh, hey. There it is. Complete with his clothes still being there, even. Bonus!

Hotaru didn't mean to make him uncomfortable. At least not -that- uncomfortable. Boys. Hotaru it seems, doesn't have has much luck as Borodin. She's found her clothes and her glasses, but no towel. "Hey… Someone took my towel! Who the heck did that!?" Probably some weyrbrat having a laugh. Or someone else who forgot theirs. It wasn't like it was a special towel, just one of the ones from the bathing caverns. Generic and white. She sighs a bit, pushing her glasses up onto her face.

Borodin has luck? Okay, yes, but also, no. He picks up his clothes and towel, then pauses at the sound of Hotaru's plight. Oh. Uh. He hesitates a moment, then walks toward her, shoving his (as yet unused) towel in her direction. "Here." His clothes are in the other hand, and he's not particularly looking at her. "I don't need it."

Hotaru is mumbling profanities to herself when Borodin offers his towel to her. "What? No, Boro that's your towel, not mine. You're as wet as I am." She gently pushes the towel back towards him. She sighs. "I'll just… head back to the caverns like this I guess. Or maybe to the bathing caverns to get another towel before I drip all the way to my cot."

"So?" Borodin says. The towel is outthrust once more. "I'm not cold." He has insulation! "Besides, we can both sit on it. And talk or something." Yes, because she didn't get nearly enough of a chance to interrogate him and his motives before. He's thought this through so very well!
Abigail has connected.

Hotaru and Borodin were out swimming! Now they're done and going to dry off, but Hotaru's towel has mysteriously disappeared. The choking? Well.. that came earlier in the water. On accident! Hotaru peers at Borodin suspiciously. "Well… okay…" She takes the towel and uses it to dry off a bit, then she hands it back to him. "Thanks, Borodin." She smiles at him. "You should dry off a little, then we can sit down." Hopefully the towel was still dry enough for him to use as well. Hotaru tosses her clothes down. She can put them on later when she's drier.

Drip, drip, drip. Hey, if the towel's not dry enough, Borodin can just drip himself dry, right? He smiles to Hotaru as she accepts his towel, then nods as he takes it back. "Yeah." It's vaguely dry-ish, still. Good enough! He does the brief version of patting himself to 'just damp' instead of 'lake wet', then spreads the (also damp) towel out on the ground. Okay, sunlight! Your turn. Prove it's summer and get with the heat drying. So Borodin sits down, perching carefully so as to take no more than a third of the towel.

He could just drip himself dry, if he wanted to. It's just… colder that way. Hotaru lacks Boro's insulating properties. Once he's settled, she sits next to him on the towel, leaving the last third off one end. That's for Abbey! Should she join them. Hotaru adjusts her bathing suit a bit so she doesn't have a wardrobe malfunction in front of Borodin. His head might explode or something. "So anything fun happen while I was away? Did you find a new girlfriend?"

Borodin is at least half dry now, so it works. There's a distinct lack of both wardrobe malfunctions and exploding heads, too! Added bonus. He tilts his head to the side to look at Hotaru. "Oh. Uhm. Fun… uh, no. No girlfriend." He blushes, but only a little bit. Because, well, there's no actual girlfriend involved. "I've just been in the kitchens." A pause. "And… other places. I might not be in the kitchens as much, anymore." He brings up one knee, resting his arms around it. "I might be learning brewing, instead."

Hotaru stretches her legs out in front of her. "No? I thought you were popular with the ladies, Borodin. It didn't take long for you to take up with what's-her-face." She wiggles her fingers like that will help her remember Zap's name. "Ah. No?" Hotaru blinks then, perking up at this last bit of information. "Ooh! I want to learn to brew! Can I come learn? Or you can teach me afterwards. I was thinking of taking up with the vintners actually. Maybe learning spirits and all. That seems cool, distilling things and fermenting them."

Spring! The time of fun, the time of swimming, the time for thawing out more likely. Niumdreoth is swooping down through the sky, heading towards the water, his wings pulled close and he dives into the water with a great splash that sends some waves towards shore. Abigail is moving along the shore with a yawn escaping her s the goes. Voice are heard and she starts to head on towards them. "Hey guys." Is offered once she catches sight of them.

Okay, now there's a little bit more of blush. "She. Uhm. Zapallie." That's-her-face, and Borodin looks away from Hotaru and out at the … ground. Yay, ground. "She was the first girl I was ever with." Also? The last. At least so far. "Anyways. She was the one who started it. I dunno why." His arms go a little more tightly around his leg, and he lowers his chin to rest it against his knee. He's quiet for a moment. "That's sort of what I'm learning. I mean… spirits. Beer. It starts the same way. Ianco says the first trick to any proper drink is the mash." His gaze drifts up at the sound of sploosh and Abbey's voice, and he gives a little bob of his head. "Hi."

"Right! Zapallie. That was her name. She started it because you're sweet, Boro. Though it might get you into trouble being so nice down the read. People always want to take advantage of other people who are nice it seems." Hotaru leans over to nudge him. "That's what I want to learn. I've got some books on it. They usually start with some kind of starch and then mix it with water and yeast." Hotaru looks up as well at the sploosh, and sees… Abbey! "Abbey!" She exclaims, getting up to run over and give the brownrider a hug. Hopefully not hard enough to bowl her over, but still, it's pretty excited.

Abigail glances towards the water while the brown is swimming along under it's surface, she smirks a moment before letting her attention turn back to the pair. Her eyes widen and a half squeak escapes her as Hotaru is running into her and hugging her. She is at least not bowled over. A soft laugh escapes her and she hugs the girl back. "Hotaru!" For a moment she is quiet, if her friend is here that means she didn't impress, she caught word that the Xanadu clutch had hatched but didn't have the time to find whom all impressed. "I'm glad yer home Hotaru. I've missed seeing ye bother D'ani." She gives Hotaru a tight hug before letting her go. "How ye both doing tonight?"

Borodin turns his head to look at Hotaru. Him? Sweet? "I guess," he says. This is foreign territory to him. The motivations of girls: inscrutable. Even though Hotaru is kind of trying to scrute them for him. Her reasons for doing so remain inscrutable, at least. So! About that brewing. "It's sort of like making porridge," he says of the mash. "Like… taking grain, and boiling it. And letting it sit, then boiling it again. So I guess that part isn't very much like porridge." At least not good porridge that people would actually want to eat. "The fermenting comes after. And then the distilling after that." He pauses a moment. "I… guess you could come with me to see Ianco." He ducks his head a little, after saying it. Oh, look. There's that ground again. Nice to see you again, ground. It's been so… not very long at all. Hi. "'m good," he tells the ground… oh, no, Abbey. His eyes do lift a little to see her.

Hotaru gives Abbey a squeeze back. She can tell the brownrider all about her disappointment later. Right now Hotaru is just excited to see Abigail. She chuckles. "How's being a rider been? I haven't seen anyone yet really. Besides Boro here. I was off with my grandparents for a bit. I'm doing okay. Did you come to swim, or just your dragon?" Borodin is sweet! Whether he wanted to admit it or not. She nods to him. "And everything has to be sterilized or the brew goes bad I heard. When are you going next, I'd like to come!" Even if she has trapped Borodin into inviting her. "Woo! So is Ianco your teacher or something? Like are you an apprentice?"

Abigail gives Hotaru's hair a friendly ruffle. "It's been good. Busy with sweeps as of late." She offers softly, smiling before she looks over to Borodin. She catches him watching the ground, really, this again? A soft breath escapes her before she moves onwards to sit next to her brother once Hotaru has released her. "Ye get into the wine making then?" A soft smile seen. No she won't ask what is going on it would seem.

"Yeah. Uhm. The yeast has to grow, but you have to make sure it's just the yeast and not other stuff." So he's still washing dishes! …ish. "I, uhm… tomorrow, probably. In the afternoon." Borodin's chin lifts a little from his knee. "Ianco is… he's a journeyman. Of the vintnercraft. He, uhm… well, I'm not an apprentice." Not officially, anyhow. …but, uh, what else do you call the guy who goes and does what a journeyman of a craft says and gets told how things work in exchange? You call him Boro, apparently. "But… yeah. He's the one who's showing me stuff." Borodin looks up at Abigail, and gives his head a little shake. "Wine is grapes. Or… other fruit. Not grains."

There's a bit of a grunt from Hotaru as Abi musses up her hair. She smoothes it back out again. "Someone's got to keep the weyr safe." And Abbey was a good person to do that. Was Borodin not allowed to look at the ground anymore? What if he trips? "I'd like to get involved with them." Hotaru nods to Borodin. "I'm good at washing dishes. Okay! Tomorrow afternoon then. Where do you guys meet? In the kitchens?" Hotaru will be begging to be an apprentice officially. With the title and the chores and everything. Boro will get to lay witness to it all. "I'm really interested in spirits. The distilling and all. That's what I want to learn." Heat and temperature and chemicals? Woo hoo!

Abigail doesn't care if Borodin looks at the ground, it just makes her wonder what all has happened to make him start eyeing the ground again. She brushes her shirt off a bit. "Yeah well, grapes, grains both start with a 'G'. Though the beer or whiskey does taste better I'll admit." A soft smile is seen as she hears Hotaru. "That's more Nium's job then mine." After all who would want to tangle with a large brown dragon?

"Uhm, no. It's… uh…" Borodin frowns. "It's probably easier if I just take you there." Fort? A tangled mess of tunnels? …yeah, just a little bit. "We could meet at lunch." Borodin and the ground have a long and illustrious relationship! Why's Abbey got to go messing things up between him and one of his oldest friends? He smiles a little. "Uhm, well, yes, they both do, but… that's not really… uh. So does glue." And he doesn't want to drink a beverage made from that! "Ianco mostly does whiskey. And beer, some."

Hotaru is here in her bikini. It was like looking into the sun. It makes Borodin want to look at the ground. "Yeah, whiskey! Hey… I can drink again! Also I can play pool! Yes, I can make some marks!" She chuckles and nods to Abbey. "I bet." Then she looks back to Borodin. "Okay, we'll get lunch tomorrow and then go see your Journeyman trainer guy, Ianco." That makes it sound a little like a date. "I heard glue was made from like… runner bones. Isn't that gross?"

Abigail smiles and nods to Hotaru. "I haven't played pool in a while. We should do that sometime." She offers before a soft laugh escapes her. "Well, yes your right there." This said with an amused tone. A soft hum escapes her and she nods a moment while listening to Borodin. "Sounds to be interesting. If ye need any help with the trying it out let me know." Yes well, she does like whiskey, plus she knows a Harper so that is good too, right?

"It, uhm, it'll be a while before any of it is ready. And it gets aged, too." For the good stuff, it gets aged more years than Borodin's been alive! "But, uhm… yeah," Borodin says to his sister, then nods to Hotaru. "Yeah. I'll meet you at the caverns? For that lunch?" Good thing it's not a date, or that'd be awfully cheap of him. "I, uhm, yeah. I don't think he'll mind." Better hope he doesn't! Or Borodin's non-apprenticeship may be over before it even got started. "I wouldn't want to be a tanner." He wrinkles his nose.

Hotaru laughs a bit. "I don't know if you want to play pool with me, Abbey. I get pretty competitive." In fact, that's how she earns all her marks. Hotaru laughs at Abbey. "I'll get that in mind. I want to come see your weyr now, you've got more furniture in it right? Plus I can tell you all about my candidacy." And maybe complain a little about not impressing. She'll save the crying for Yurolt. "Aged, yep! In wooden barrels usually, right?" She nods. "Caverns for lunch. I got it." Hotaru doesn't mind cheap. It's not like she has many marks either. "Okay! I dunno, being a tanner would be okay I think."

Abigail smirks at this. "An what makes ye think that would scare me off Hotaru?" This questioned with an amused tone and she grins a moment before chuckling. At the question on her Weyr a soft ah escapes her. How does she explain that? "I well… No I haven't really gotten anything in it." This said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, a glance is sent over to Borodin and she nods with a smile seen. "Oh I know."

Borodin doesn't play pool, so he won't be playing with either of them. …unless someone tells him to, in which case he probably will. But anyways. He smiles a little at the mention of Abbey's (empty) weyr. "It's got… uh… understated elegance." So understated, there's practically nothing there! "Yeah," he says to Hotaru. "Uhm, oak, usually. For the barrels. But different woods give it a different… thing." Technical term of art, that. He nods about the lunchtime caverns. "See you there."

"Because. I'm also really good at pool. I played a lot when I was a kid against my grandfather." Hotaru grins to Abbey. "But we can play. We can play as a team against everyone else." Borodin could fetch the drinks or something! She blinks at the news about Abigail's weyr. "Shards, Abbey. We need to get you some furniture. Where am I going to sleep when I come to hide up there with you?" She chuckles. They'll have to work on getting Abigail's weyr fully furnished. "Right, oak. I know that's what whiskey goes in usually." Hotaru gets up and stretches out. "Anyways. I should go change and present myself to the headwoman. Tell her that I might be off to join a craft and all."

Abigail likes pool, she hasn't played in a while though. A slight shrug is seen at the talk of getting her place furniture. "Why? What I have works.. Just need a chair and a place to sleep really." Wasn't like she was inviting people over after all. "Anyway, I haven't played pool in a while so I'll have to practice some before we go playing teams an so forth. Don't want ye to lose on accounts that I forgot how ta play."

Borodin can so fetch the drinks. That's like one of the primary duties of a vintnercraft non-apprentice. "I'll, uhm, watch." What? He's actually volunteering to show up at a social event? And after what happened the last time he went there? …oh, yeah, he probably wants a guard or three for it. "All right. I'll see you tomorrow," he says to Hotaru, and waves.

Hotaru laughs. "I dunno. Don't you want it to feel cozy? Get some nice plush rugs, a big couch, klah table. You know, homey." The red head chuckles. "Don't worry, we'll play some practice rounds for fun before we start betting." At least as a vintnercraft non-apprentice Borodin will know what is good and what isn't, right? "You can play if you want, too, Boro! I can show you how." Hotaru picks up her clothes and gives the siblings a wave. "Alright, I'll see you guys later! Bye!" And off she runs back towards the caverns.

Of course Borodin will know the good drinks. If he doesn't, they'll kick him out of the craft that… he… technically isn't even in. Okay so whatever. He gives a sort of smile to Hotaru as she offers to teach him pool. "Maybe." Hey, at least it isn't no, right? For Borodin, that definitely counts as progress. "I, uh, should get back too. I've got something I'm supposed to do tonight." He gives Abbey an awkward hug, and heads off.

Abigail smirks as she hears Hotaru and shakes her head slightly. "We're talk about it later." This to the talk of adding things to her place. Which yes could use some stuff for sure, not that she has given it much thought. Now Borodin is leave? Well alrighty then! A hug is offered back to her brother before she waves to him as well. "See ye all later then." This said with a yawn escaping her and she is soon off, wandering the shoreline, Niumdreoth is soon following along at her side so she isn't alone on her walk.

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