Warning: Heavy Swearing, Some Violence

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Late afternoon as finally arrived at Fort, though by the looks of the weather, it could very well be late evening. Thick stacks of dark clouds cover the skies, a light shower unpending on the poor folk unlucky enough to get caught in the rain. Or in Miki's case, /lucky/ enough to get caught in the rain. Despite a certain amount of chill still clinging to the air, the AWLM seems to be enjoying herself. The tiny woman lets out a playful whoop as she runs to just before the caverns entrance, stopping and tilting her head up to the sky, grin on her face. Fortunately, this seems to be a common occurance, and a drudge is standing ready with a towel as Miki gives a quiet laugh and steps inside. Towel is immediately thrown over her head, and the worst of her dripping pants and shorts dried off before she heads off to the serving tables and stares at the glasses. "Klah or juice. Klah or juice….hmmmmm."

Th'ero's arrival to the living caverns is far more subdued and quiet, the Weyrleader's arrival going fairly unnoticed. He's one of the many unlucky to be caught in the rain, but did not linger long enough for the worst of it to soak through. Still, he pauses by the entrance to shake the worst of the water from his riding jacket, grimacing. His timing has it that he's missed Miki's more enthusiastic arrival and Th'ero lingers for a moment until another joins him. A few words may be exchanged and then the Weyrleader is moving off towards the serving tables. It's then that he overhears some of the Assistant Weyrlingmaster's conflict and with a dry chuckle, adds his opinion. "Klah. Always klah." Or wine. But as this is only the later afternoon…

Kimmila is the other! She steps in after Th'ero, her stride quick to get in out of the rain. "What is it with us and rain," she mutters to the Weyrleader, with a crooked grin. Then she's following after him, casting Miki an amused look and also adding in her vote of, "Klah, for sure."

Miki looks back as she hears a pair of voices, a quick grin coming to her face. "You think so? It's always so bitter though….guess I'll just add milk." Stepping closer to the table then, she grabs a mug, filling it three-fourth's of the way with milk, and the rest with klah. She tilts her head back as far as allowed then, towel slipping down to her neck as she quirks an eyebrow at Kimmila and Th'ero. "Y'all want some too? Something to warm your bones from the rain, yeah?"

"I've no idea. The weather seems to dislike us lately." The Weyrleader muses to Kimmila before he had moved off to the serving tables. Th'ero smirks and tries not to grimace too much when Miki seems to pour more milk then klah. "Or you could use sweetner, you know." He points out while shaking his head. "Mm, I will pass, I think. I've something else in mind." In other words, Th'ero has spotted the wine and is making a move towards it, shuffling by Miki as he does. And rather then just help himself to a glass of it, he takes two glasses and the entire bottle. Can he even do that? Apparently, because no one stops him and he turns to Kimmila, holding the red up. "And you?" he asks the bluerider.

Kimmila nods, "I take mine with milk and sweetner," she admits. "Or I do when I have the chance. I can drink it black." Her grin is a little crooked. Hmm, decisions, decisions! "I'm thinking klah, actually," she tells Th'ero, going to pour herself a mug. "But thanks. Maybe in a bit. How've you been Miki?" the bluerider asks the greenrider then, with a smile.

"Well sweetner too of course, but my tastes aren't really….mature? If I don't add enough milk, the amount of sweetner that needs to be put in is sorta disgusting." Miki makes a tiny face before blue eyes glance over towards the wine, tiny smirk coming to her face. "Getting into the alcohol early, yeah?" At Kimmila's response though, small hands reach out, quickly scooping up another mug, handing it to the bluerider. "Klah it is then!" A bit of sweetner is added to her own mug then, still a bit more than would be considered normal. "Pretty good! Especially with all the rain. Plus Sohnyu's being /nice/ and Aniki gave me my /normal/ wardrobe back. Makes for a happy Miki." Miki gives a quick grin, before nodding over towards a table and beginning to head that way. "And you? Not doing too bad or anything, yeah?"

Th'ero only shrugs his shoulders a little as Kimmila passes on the wine, setting the second glass he had acquired down, but still keeps one and the bottle itself for him. "I suppose it's about balance then. But like Kimmila said, I usually opt for it just on it's own." He murmurs in idle talk and then smirks again to the greenrider's comment. "Afternoon is not early and a glass of wine never hurt anyone." The Weyrleader points out a touch defensively, but the vague smile that follows take the real edge from it. Leaving Kimmila and Miki to their klah, he waits patiently; head tilting a little as he also follows their conversation, adding in his own voice only when polite to do so. "Why did Aniki take your wardrobe…?" Th'ero asks, frowning a little in confusion. Surely he knows of Aniki! The Weyrleader then follows along, letting Miki and Kimmila choose their seats first before settling himself next to the bluerider. He's barely settled into his chair before he's uncorking the wine and pouring himself a generous glass.

Kimmila follows Miki over to the table, sitting down and smiling when Th'ero joins them. "And what did he replace it with? Or did you have to go naked?" she asks, smile quirking up a bit in amusement. "One of these days I'll wear the dress he made for me. In public." There's only the slightest pause there, and a wry little grin as she turns to look at Th'ero, a brow lifting at his generosity with the wine.

Th'ero sense Kimmila's leg shifts to press gently against his - a bit of a bump.

"True, it never did hurt anyone. And alcohol's nice. Well the fruity kind is. Thank Faranth the Gemstone can make those drinks. Sadly, they don't make those kind for the caverns." The tone with which Miki says the last bit is perhaps a bit too filled with woe than it should be. Once she's slipped into a chair, the greenrider kicks her dangling legs back and forth, humming some tune from the nursery before blue eyes go back to Th'ero at the question. "He disapproves of my clothing choice. Don't know why he keeps doing it. Maybe he thinks he'll get away with it one day…" Klah mug is brought to her lips, and the greenrider sips at it with a smile at the sweetness before it turns into a smirk. "Would've been better if he let me go naked. Apparently that's not allowed either. Frilly dresses in pinks and blues and all sorts of nonsense. So so flamboyant, it was ridiculous. But you really should wear that dress, I think it'll look great on you!"

"Will you now?" Th'ero muses as he returns that look to Kimmila, only to frown a little at the bluerider. What? Leaving the bottle uncorked, the Weyrleader takes a slow sip of the dark red wine, clearly in no hurry to down the contents. So what if it's just the afternoon! Clearly, he wishes to unwind a little. "Shenanigan's has some fruity concotions if that's your taste," Th'ero remarks to Miki with a slightly crooked smile. "Never been to Gemstone." When the greenrider explains her brother's reasoning, it only seems to puzzle the Weyrleader and he looks down at his wine as he tilts the glass a little from side to side as he mulls over it. "So he tries to force it on you? Sounds… unpleasant." It's a rather light way of putting it and then he grimaces when Miki describes the wardrobe force upon her. "As do I," he agrees with the assistant weyrlingmaster's comment concerning Kimmila, masking his grin behind another sip of wine.

Kimmila's nose wrinkles at Miki's descriptions, shaking her head. "I'd beat him," she says blandly, and it's hard to tell if she's joking or not. Green eyes dart to Th'ero and her brows lift, and she just kicks his foot under the table while innocently taking a sip of her klah. "We'll see. Maybe someday there will be something to wear it to."

"Ohhh, I forgot about that! Shows how much drinking I've been doing lately." Miki gives a small giggle, legs still kicking back and forth. "You should go. It's great. And as for my brother….try as he might to force, I'm the one that wears the pants in the relationship! I'd never beat him though…no need, he listens if I actually get ma…..oh." The greenie's head suddenly pops up then, the giggling becoming even more girlish as she puts the mug of klah down and hopping out of her seat. And the next words that come out of her mouth are more singsongy than statement, "Guess who's going Uuuuuuuup! MINE." And with a girlish giggle, Miki's suddenly throwing the damp towel onto the table and running out of the caverns.

Th'ero gives Kimmila a long lingering look for a moment, either for her comments or perhaps for her kick. Whatever more he was doing to add to the conversation, it's lost the moment Miki begins to giggle in a girlish way. The Weyrleader only watches quietly, almost with a smug or knowing look as he begins to drain the rest of his wine. Called it. "Of course, it has to be in the rain," Th'ero says as he sighs heavily, pushing back his chair and giving the bluerider next to him a strained smile as Miki is suddenly throwing down her towel and making a run for it. "Velokraeth is at the grounds." He tells her, lingering only to see if she'll follow before trudging out into the rain soaked outdoors once more.

Kimmila blinks at Miki's sudden bolting, and the bluerider frowns and reaches out for the bottle of wine Th'ero's left on the table. "Have fun," she mutters, giving him a slightly sullen look. Since Varmiroth NEV- wait. What? Kimmila's head tilts and her eyes unfocus, and her expression shifts to one of surprise. "Damn it all," she mutters, pushing to her feet with a strong shove of her chair. Irritated, she stalks after the others, taking the wine with her. Still, something the Weyrleader says has her grinning, though it's a bit too feral to be anything particularly pleasant. "I like the rain."

Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

Maehwazeyeth had started to land in the bowl, that is until someting else catches his attention and he's landing near the feeding grounds instead. He lowers his shadow of a body and lets his rider dismount, settling to the ground before giving the brown a pat. "Like rider like dragon." A giggle, and she's moving out of the way of any approaching dragons.

Miki might actually look a bit like a weyrbrat gone crazy the way she's dashing through the rain, wide grin on her face and a giggle escaping her mouth every now and then. "Last one there's a stinky wherry!" Not that she seems to be calling this out to Kimmila and Th'ero in particular, the cry is one for the entirety of the bowl and everyone she passes by. Finally reaching the feeding grounds, the soaked woman pulls short at the fence, hopping onto the first railing and leaning over as bright blue eyes focus onto a glowing green in the middle of the grounds. Large eyes whirling with specks of red and yellow, Sohnyuoth throw her head to the skies, giving a primal warble. What was once her resting place next to a sweet little brown is abandoned as she suddenly leaps into the air, coming down on a wherry in mere seconds. "Ohhh, very nice. I give that a 7 out of 10!"

Th'ero has no comment for Kimmila's mention of her preference for the rain and neither does he catch the entirety of Miki's call as he trudges across the bowls his expression set into a neutral mask for now. The Weyrleader's shoulders are hunched against the rain, though whether it's from the weather itself or the scene unfolding on the feeding grounds, it's hard to tell. He stops short of the fence though, brown eyes trained on Miki though he does stare past her once his lifemate rouses himself. Velokraeth had been nearby, no doubt observing and waiting. Now the pale, mishappened bronze is stretching, stunted forarms flexing a little before he launches himself down towards the grounds to make his first kill. He wastes little time and is neat about his work, all the while keeping his whirling eyes on Sohnyuoth. To her primal warble, he only rumbles deep in response before chuffing in his usual odd display of amusement.

Kimmila trudges through the rain after Th'ero, watching as Varmiroth hops over the fence and pauses, his head up and his powder blue, girly hide speckled with mud. Hopping forward, the small blue catches a bolting herdbeast with his talons, raking it along its side until the points of his talons bump against its ribs. The creature falls into the mud, screaming its death and Varmiroth's head tilts, enjoying the sweet music of it as he tears into the animal's gut, pulling out its insides and letting the blood steam in the damp air as he drinks. Kimmila takes a long swig of the wine, stopping beside Th'ero, and then offers him the bottle. "This's bound to get interesting," the bluerider mutters. Resigned already to her loss, she eyes Velokraeth with a mixed expression.

Rather than simply standing on the fence, Miki hops up onto it know, legs once again dangling off the ground in a child-like manner. There's a moments pause as the bronze's chuff, Sohnyuoth's head swinging towards Velokraeth as she lets out a hiss while Miki turns to Th'ero with a surprisingly sweet smile, "Oh he's in trouble!" Giggling, bright blue eyes refocus on the grouns where the blue is also making a kill and Miki lets out a wolf whistle, "8 out of 10!" Sohnyuoth seems fairly pleased with the bloodiness of it all too, but soon she's leaping into the air again. Another wherry goes down, and before long a third. The small green's heavy blooding might continue, but the sudden tenseness in Miki's figure seems to play apart. For a moment, Sohnyuoth's head pops up, staring at her rider. Without any warning then, paper thin looking wings flare, the green leaping into the grey skies above.

Th'ero's mask shifts a little so that surprise is evident for a flickering second when Kimmila stops next to him. Distracted for a moment, his brown eyes drift down to the offered wine and he smirks, reaching for it without hesitation. Taking a long swig, he says once his throat is clear. "Very interesting. Varmiroth is chasing, then?" Obviously. Miki's given his attention then, the Weyrleader turning his head and a little uneasy by the greenrider's sweet smile. "That he is," he remarks dryly and a touch bitterly. Th'ero takes another swig and then the wine is passed back to Kimmila. Velokraeth doesn't seem to heed to the warning hiss, only giving another low rumble that is undoubtably some honeyed and barbed comment directed to Sohnyuoth. Trouble? Ha! The bronze is no stranger to it. Tossing the first carcass aside, he leaps awkwardly for the next and lays into the beast with vigor. He's on his third when the change in the green catches his attention and Velokraeth gives pause to study her and his rivals, wings already beginning to drift open as he settles into a crouch. And then she's up and the bronze is swiftly following - or at least as fast as one his size and build can manage given the lack of warning.

Kimmila nods, taking the wine back and taking another swig. "Yup," she says, grimacing as her blood-flecked pale blue shoves his muzzle into the beast's twitching body and pulls out the heart to chow down on. It's because of this euphoric distraction that he's the last one to rise, starting when he realizes he's the only one left on the ground and kicking off to follow with a trumpet that sends bloody bubbles splattering across his face and chest. I'm commmming! The rain washes the blood along his body, giving him streaks of color against his pale hide. Down on the ground, Kimmila snorts. "Pathetic," she mutters, embarrassed - as always - when her blue chases. Her green eyes settle briefly on Miki, and then frown and look away. Stubbornly /not/ trying to get caught up in the flight emotions.

Sohnyuoth reaches out to the chasers, tiny whirlwinds flowing from her mind as she seems to practically cackle at them. So slow! Coasting in the air, head turns to look over her shoulder as the first males begin to catch up. And apparently the green doesn't find them very agreeable. With a loud warble she pulls in her wings, falling back in between a bronze and brown. It's Maehwazeyeth that gets the first blow, the green suddenly veering into his side and bashing into him. Tiny as she may be, Sohnyuoth's speed and the element of surprise do serve to knock the brown slightly of course, a minor impediment. But she isn't done. Wings flare then, bringing her up above the chasers to disappear into a thick stretch of grey clouds, challenge warbled into the skies. "Awww….can't see her anymore." Wrinkling her nose, Miki glances over towards Kimmila and Th'ero, sweet smile turned almost feral now.

Th'ero has turned his head up, despite the rain, to watch as the once crowded feeding grounds are suddenly vacated as the flight kicks in and the chase is on. Kimmila's comment has him glancing back down though, eyes blinking not only to clear the rain water from them. The Weyrleader is likely already getting muddled in the head and the wine he's consumed is not helping matters. Her comment on her blue earns a frown, though he knows better then to question her now. Above in the skies, Velokraeth keeps to his usual tactics in staying below the pack of chasers but keeping Sohnyuoth well in his sights as he splits attention between green and rivals alike. When the green suddenly veers towards the chasers, the bronze growls, startled by her tactics. As Maehwazeyeth is the first to get hit, Velokraeth veers sharply and backs off a fraction. Oh, so it's going to be /this/ way, is it? Hissing as she disappears, he doesn't answer her challenge and instead is calculating /where/ she may appear. Down below, Th'ero's mood darkens and brown eyes turn from Kimmila to Miki with an almost wary look for that feral-like smile.

Kimmila meets Miki's feral smile with a toothy one of her own, a low sound rumbling in her chest for the greenrider. "What?" she demands, lifting her hands in a 'bring it!' gesture. It's hindered a bit by the wine bottle, but whatever. It's too bad the bluerider's fierceness and wild demeanor doesn't translate to her lifemate, as Varmiroth twirls through the sky. Swerving away at the green's dive, he warbles happily and tips after her, veering through the crowd of chasers as the nimble dragon follows. It's more out of love of a challenge than love of a mate, though, and once she vanishes he's veering off again, distracted by a particularly dark looking cloud.

It's only Miki that can't see. Deep in the clouds as she is, Sohnyuoth seems to be keeping track of her chasers, especially on that bronze, that Velokraeth. It is without warning that she darts out from a cloud behind the bronze. Diving, she flies just beneath them before pushing her way upwards as if to knock him from below. Just before she would make impact however, Sohnyuoth rolls over, extending her forepaws and attempting to rake them across his belly before pulling away. A mocking warble goes out to the bronze before she flits forward, attention now focusing on a certain distracted blue. Harsh cry rises from the green's throat as she darts directly towards him, jaw opening as attempts to nip his tail. On the ground, Miki twists around, hopping off of her fence and giggling as she takes a step towards the rider pair. "Noooothinggggg!" And there it is, her singsongy voice projecting her words in childlike fashion.

Th'ero makes a low sound his throat as well when Kimmila begins to challenge Miki, yet the Weyrleader makes no move or gesture of his own. He just stares at the greenrider, his expression neutral and calculating, his mouth drawn into a thin line as his mind becomes all the more muddled. In the skies above, Velokraeth lurks as he glides when and where he can, rain pelting him and going unnoticed as the pale bronze reserves his strength and leaving the fancy flying for his smaller (and perhaps more foolish) kin. So focused he is on finding Sohnyuoth or catching a glimpse of the glowing green that he doesn't expect her to dive down behind and beneath him. Only when one of his rivals alluring calls tips him off does he realize she's closing in and for a moment he's smug, thinking the game is done and won and the green is his. Until, that is, her talons make contact with his underside and with a snarl and roar of surprise, hurt and anger, Velokraeth sweeps his wings and twists himself away, but not before some damage is done. Dropping down below the pack, he isn't out but he's certainly biding his time for revenge. Which he promptly takes out by snapping at a nearby brown who taunts him, teeth flashing inches from the rival male and sending him screeching off. Below, Th'ero's reaction is much the same to Velokraeth's, only human. Snarling, he throws a few choice curses at Miki, stumbling back a few steps and eyeing the greenrider with renewed apprehension despite the continuing onslaught of flight emotions.

When teeth close around his tail, Varmiroth is forcibly *yanked* from his pleasant dance through the clouds by a searing pain and jolt of fear. It's not a horrible bite, to be certain, but it's one that'll scare the crap out of the blue, coming so unexpectedly through the dark clouds. He squeals like a kicked puppy and twists, swerving sharply through the sky and trusting his natural born instincts to keep him aloft as he tries to seek out the source of the bite. More skittish and prey-like than predator, Varmiroth looks to put some distance between himself and the green, drops of ichor falling to mingle with the rain. But on the ground, things are decidedly different. "You fucking /bitch/!" Kimmila shouts, and she lunges at the greenrider, hands out as if she's going to grab (and possibly throttle) Miki.

Sohnyuoth gives a disdainful snort at the blues reaction, teeth snapping menacingly as he moves away, but no attempt is made to actually bite this time. Instead, she flies in a quick circle around the blue. It's then when another bronze attempts to catch her, claws reaching out for her. At the last minute she swerves though, claws raking across her back as she lets out. But the pain seems far in her mind, anger replacing it as she swerves next to Orionth, tail flicking out to hit him just under his muzzle and sending the newly dazed bronze of course. Pulling up short then, the green swerves, suddenly turning to watch her chasers, snarling as they come closer. Miki smirks at the Weyrleader, "He found her amusing." And apparently this was all Sohnyuoth seemed to be giving as justification. At Kimmila's sudden shout, Miki whirls towards her. Her own small hands reach out, attempting to make a grab at the bluerider's wrists. But the rider doesn't fight back, not like her lifemate does, instead she seems to almost purr. "Not paying attention…" Even as the words leave her mouth, Miki begins to blink in confusion, as if not understanding, bright blue eyes rising to look at the cloud filled skies.

While Velokraeth regains his composure, Th'ero is down below and seething now as not only his bronze falls victim to Sohnyuoth's tactics, but Varmiroth as well. The Weyrleader isn't too sluggish though from wine and flight addled thoughts not to see or hear Kimmila's reaction. So as she lunges, the bronzerider is leaping in right behind her but not to her aid. In fact, his aim seems to be to either harshly nudge the bluerider aside or at least wedge himself between her and Miki. "Not /now/," he says, the words almost hissed and growled through his clenched teeth. "Sort this out later, damn it!" And if that doesn't calm either of them enough to back off, Th'ero will use his hands to forcibly keep them apart for as long as he's within his own senses. In the skies above, Velokraeth hisses as the rain strikes at the long cuts along his underside. They're not deep, but they bleed and likely sting the bronze in more ways than one. Whirling eyes keep a much tighter watch on the skies now and never does he stay in one spot. It will eat at his stamina and strength, but the bronze is willing to sacrifice a little if it means he can get his revenge on the green. His rivals are completely ignored, his attention solely on keeping her in his sights and perhaps snaring her the next time round or at the very least getting a chance to strike at her. Below on the ground, in the mud and rain, Th'ero's temper flares and he snaps at Miki, "Then /control/ her." He tosses back at the greenrider, mouth twisting into an almost mocking smirk though he seems to grimace in the same instant, brown eyes carrying a disorientated look.

Varmiroth squeals again when the crazy green circles him, folding his wings and diving in an effort to get AWAY. He's out of this flight, winging down towards the ground as fast as his wings will take him. On the ground, Kimmila is shoved aside by Th'ero's intervention and she stumbles, turning to glare angrily at him. Green eyes then flick to Miki and she lifts a hand to point a finger at the greenrider. "Fuck you!" she shouts, before she's turning to run, aiming to meet Varmiroth where the blue is landing - on Wiyaneth's empty ledge.

Miki steps back easily as she's shoved aside, stumbling backwards and clinging to the fence. There's no response from the green rider as she watches the blue pair. Instead, bright eyes turn to Th'ero and the greenrider growls, "I /know/." Suddenly, her face turns upward, scowl drawing at her lips as another warble echoes through the air. Head snaking from side to side, she watches and hovers in the air as the males begin to veer towards her. But as many as she may have injured, the green has not escaped either. The scratches across her back drip ichor that is continually washed away by the rain and she slowly begins to falter. But she'll not simply fall like the others. Instead, her attention focuses on a pale bronze, wings suddenly flaring before they fold. A charge is made towards Velokraeth then, almost a dive. Miki tenses as she senses the change, fingers clutching more desperately at the fence now, gaze shifting between the sky above and riders below.

Velokraeth is ready this time and when Sohnyuoth charges towards him, he roars in challenge to her and likely those rivals who swing in to try and snare the green for themselves despite the danger. Pouring what strength he has left, the bronze sweeps his wings in powerful strokes as he angles up to /meet/ the violent green, propelling himself forwards as fast as one his size can manage. And just when the last moment comes, he'll veer sharply to one side, stunted limbs outstretched and talons extended, to snare or to kick (or possibly both). Either fate will favor Velokraeth and he'll somehow catch the green or perhaps he'll foul her up enough to send her into the embrace of another. Regardless, the bronze seeks to /end/ it and does so with a snarl and a few harsh and sharply sarcastic and blunt remarks to the green. Below, Th'ero glances sharply upwards the skies, though he can see little to nothing through the rain. But he knows and he tenses as well, his features twisted into a dark look that he focuses solely on Miki now, lips drawn back in an almost human-like snarl.

Sohnyuoth catches the kick on her side, talons tearing her hide. But the blow seems only glancing and the green doesn't veer of course, instead continuing in her crashing dive. The sarcastic remarks are met with disdainful taunts of her own which suddenly quiet as she finds herself falling into the outstretched limbs of the pale bronze. Sohnyuoth twists in protest as mouth snaps at empty air, and a final warble is cried into the skies before fatigue takes over completely, the green finally caught, unable to fight. Simultaneously, Miki's muscles suddenly relax, a strangled groan coming from the rider's mouth as she sags fully. There is no fight in this rider, fatigue the only mirror to her lifemate. Face turns towards Th'ero then, bright blue eyes focusing on the snarl though her own expression remains strangely blank and free of emotion. Finally she pushes off the fence, waiting and watching warily for his reaction.

Velokraeth has much to be smug about now. One because he got his revenge for the earlier clawing to his underside and two, because Sohnyuoth winds up being caught by him in the end. Her snap is met with a low hiss, but the pale bronze doesn't balk or relinquish his hold, only tightening it as the fight goes out of her. With the danger passed, the bronze uses the last of the strength to carry them off to claim what is his. In the same heartbeat, Th'ero's demeanor changes as well and the snarl and dark look disappear as he closes his eyes, grunting a little as it becomes clear then how the afternoon will end. When he opens his eyes, they lock on Miki and his features are once again oddly blank but not because of lack of emotion - more like too much and all at conflict. As she pushes away from the fence, the Weyrleader moves to block her path and reaches out to grip her arm in a firm but not painful grip. "Move." Is all he mutters at the greenrider, before leading her away or at least getting her moving from the feeding grounds.

Miki watches as the Weyrleader moves to block her, the tiniest hint of fear creeping into her features. She winces as he takes her arm, expecting to find pain and instead sighing a quiet breathe of relief when there is none. Shuffling along with small steps, she follows behind him then with a nod. There is no fight in her voice nor any hint of the childishness from earlier, only a simple, "I'm coming," as she's ushered away.

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