Who Kassala, Kezresan
What Feeding firelizards and talking about dragons
When Spring-Summer - Month 5 of Turn 2716
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Late afternoon finds the redheaded Jr. Weyrwoman taking a break from the sands. With both Xerosaeth and Wiliyeth standing guard over the eggs, she's been assured by her lifemate that it is fine for her to take a little breather. So after a nice long soak and a change of clothing, Kassala heads to the living caverns to check in and get something to eat. Smiling and greeting people who call out to her, she heads for the tables, filling a plate up with a selection of food, then grabbing a large mug of klah to go with it all. Only then is a table chosen to sit at, one off to the side with no one else at it. At least for the moment. It might be noted that a gold flit sits on her shoulder, the little thing snarky and growly at any male flit that looks her way. "You need to calm down, Goldine.. I swear.. it's enough to think you are proddy or something." A bit of meat is torn off some roasted wherry and held up, fingers snatched back quickly when the food is grabbed so quickly by the flit, "Leave my fingers! How else am I going to feed you!"

The weyrwoman isn't the only one with a demanding pet this afternoon, though Kezresan's green is of the 'just hatched' variety. And shrieking her tiny little head off. Right. In. His. Ear. Which is probably why there is a very, very cross look on the healer's face as he heads immediately for wherever the bowls of prepared meat is kept. Because shutting this girl up is priority number-one for him. Which means that he is not at ALL picky about where he ends up sitting… and so Kassala's table gets another occupant in short order. Sorry-not-sorry? "Faranth, do they ever shut up?" is probably NOT meant to be said aloud but… well. Given the dark circles and screaming firelizard and the influx in cold-and-cough victims… it's likely that Kez is not getting much in the way of sleep lately.

When the healer joins with the loud little green, Kassala looks up, only to grin a little more at the words mistakingly spoken aloud, "Not always, no. My Yarrow? She's a sweety. Calm and peaceful. Goldine here?" A gesture made to the skiny gold on her shoulder, "She is.. quite different." And yet the redhead loves her all the same, even when fingertips get nibbled on. "The way that Goldine is looking at the males, I'm thinking she's proddy… unfortunately." Well, the males aren't the only one getting the serious side-eye from the gold at the moment, for she turns to hiss at the young green, as if the little one might steal all the attention meant for HER.

The little green has no wish to steal attention, just food. THAT food, being offered by her human-pet. The glob of meat carefully pinched between Kezresan's thumb and index finger is hastily snatched by that tiny mouth. There's a brief moment of silence as she swallows, and then he's hastily offering her another piece to stave off the shriek that is sure to come. Brown eyes flash to Kassala, expression briefly surprised to find her sitting there before it smooths to something much more guarded. "My apologies weyrwoman, I wasn't aware this table was taken," because he didn't bother to look. He also doesn't bother to leave, either. "I shall hope that mine takes after your Yarrow rather than your Goldine, then." A glance to the gold on her shoulder, and then back to the bowl of meat in his hands, another piece hastily offered. Keeping up with his feisty pet is going to be a fun game, but currently Kez seems to be winning. "Proddy," he murmurs, and there's a flicker of distress across his features; weariness at the realization, perhaps. "Another thing to look forward too. Delightful."

But that could be her meat as well. It's all hers. Hers! Goldine hisses once more before finding her maw stuffed by Kassala in a quick move that promises no fingertips will be bitten. "It is fine, healer. No worries." At ease is the redhead, far more comfortable as a healer herself of the dragon kind, than the weyrwoman that she is because of the color of her lifemate. "Here's hoping then.." There's a quiet little laugh as she feeds the gold once more, then shooes her off to the roosts above, "Go, girl.. I want to eat in peace. Either stay or go home, hmm?" With one last hiss, the gold blinks between, disappearing from sight, and leaving Kass to breathe a slight sound of relief. "Between her and Xero, sometimes.." AT least her lifemate is far easier to deal with.

Admittedly, she is a gold. So it probably all is hers, in the sense that little Aloe is but a green and would, under normal circumstances, probably comply with that demand. As is… she's starving. In a literal sense of the word. And self-preservation trumps hierarchy in this moment. So more meat, gobbled down eagerly when offered by way of healer-fingers. "How is your lovely queen?" asked by Kezresan when Kassala mentions Xerosaeth. "She's currently brooding, is that right?" a glance, and there's perhaps genuine interest in the subject of dragons, at least.

With the tiny gold gone, Kassala's left able to eat some of the food from her plate as she watches Kezresan fill the little green up with meat, "She is. Seven eggs she's tending now." Which is a load off her mind that her lifemate might actually be a dud as the rumors were suggesting. "Wiliyeth is seeing to her when she doesn't want to leave, bringing her herdbeasts." Awww. "Still a number of months away before they harden to the point that we'll be watching for them to start cracking. "

"A good number, for a first clutch?" is asked somewhat curiously. Kezresan is making a guess, but it's an educated one at least. He certainly seems to have some knowledge of dragons, if meager. And he's getting a pretty good education on firelizards; or at least how to care for a demanding baby green. Another gob of meat and the progression of chew-swallow seems to be slowing. Aloe is a tiny thing yet, and her stomach has only so much space before it's maxed out, after all. A soft "Mm," for mention of the bronze, though he clearly does not recognize the name. "It has been some time since I have witnessed a Hatching."

There's a nod of Kassala's head when asked, "Fairly good. Seems about average these days, though I have heard of some here only having a couple, and others having like a good dozen or more. Certainly not as many as the queens had back when Thread was a threat." Her gaze takes in the little green, "She's filling up. Soon she'll be out like a light. At least the first week or so is only that - hunger and sleep." Taking note of the healer's tiredness, she wonders, "Not getting much sleep here lately?" A pause, and then she holds her hand out to him, "I'm Kassala. I think I've seen you around, but haven't had the pleasure of actually meeting you yet."

"Well. Congratulations then," is offered when the confirmation of clutch-size is made. It is genuine, if a bit unemotionally said. Perhaps it's just the exhaustion. A low "mm," for having Aloe go out like a light, as though that was indeed the goal. The mention of the first week of this nightmare, along with the question of sleep, gets a brief tightness of his gaze, a grimace of sorts, and then a sharper look toward the redhead. "No," is all he really says about his nightly habits, however, and the dark-circles definitely speak for themselves. Kassala is indeed correct. "They need me in the Infirmary," offered by way of explanation, lest she inquire further, "with the cough going around." Short staffed? Perhaps. At the offer of her hand, there's abrief moment of hesitation before he hastily wipes his fingers on a napkin that he (thoughtfully) brought with him and the bowl. A squeeze of his hand, soft skin but firm grip, and an answering, "Kezresan. Journeyman healer," in return. "You have been busy," and so has he, for why they have not met yet.

"Thank you." Kassala answers, continuing to watch healer and green before offering her hand over, "It's nice to finally meet you in person then, Healer Kezresan." As for the cough, and the reason he's likely not getting much sleep, she frowns a little more, brows to furrow, "I had heard that it's been a problem in some ways. Is there anything to be worried about you think?" The question put forth by the young woman as she nibbles on some food. "I know if such was going around the dragons, we'd be worried. I understand some of the candidates are dealing with it as well.."

"Pleasure," offered back with enough pleasantry to be socially acceptable but, clearly, it is a social convention that he struggles with. That genuine delight at meeting a new person; it is not conveyed in his tone, though Kezresan is certainly not trying to be rude. And true to previous statements, the final bite of meat is taken before sleep becomes preferable to muching, Aloe drooping against his shoulder until Kez lifts his now-clean hand and scoops her up, letting her curl into the crook of an arm instead. "Not at the moment," for being concerned of the cough. "It presents as a seasonal cold with a persistent cough, but otherwise there are no unusual signs or symptoms. The general suppressants work well enough to combat the effects, though it does seem to linger over-long." A frown, both thoughtful and a touch concerned, though his worry has more to do with a healer's desire to solve all things than actually being worried about this becoming a new pandemic. "So far, I have treated several miners and a few candidates, yes."

If there is anything that they might have in common, is that each of the two of them are healers - he of people, she of dragons. And so that look that crosses his face is understood, the redhead reaching out to pat his arm, "I'm sure you and Miranda will handle it. If there's anything you all need, let me know? Supplies that might be low? I'll get them brought in. I seem to have a fair amount of paperwork to handle being on the sands and not able to really get out." Oh, how she longs for those days again! "Also, if you think those candidates need to be seperated or given lighter duties, let me know as well?"

The pat of his arm is met with stiffness but begrudgingly accepted, a glance down to the hand where it touched him, and then up to the eyes of the weyrwoman. "Thank you," offered with genuine gratitude. "I will check with her," presumably the Weyrhealer, "to see if we might need to replenish our stock. We have been careful in dolling out what we have but…" he's not about to let someone suffer needlessly for the sake of inventory control. As for segregation? "I don't think that will be necessary just yet. It doesn't seem to be highly contagious, which is part of the frustration…" why do some people get it, and not others? "However, until the cough leaves, it may be best to keep them inside and with only moderate amounts of physical exhertion. The cold may exacerbate it, and I wouldn't want anyone to develop pneumonia." But talks of healing aside, there is a green in his arm that has him shifting and glancing downward, brow furrowed. And then a sound of resignation; somewhere between an exhale and a sigh. "
She needs oiling," offered in explanation for why he is now standing. The bowl is grabbed, keeping the unfinished portion for dolling out in the inevitable moment that she awakens once again. "Enjoy the rest of your day, weyrwoman," offered in parting. "Please give my respects to your queen and her mate."

The touch is light, and doesn't last overly long before Kassala withdraws her hand with a smile, "Please, do. Send me a list as soon as you might, and I'll make sure it's ordered and restocked." Listening, she hmms, pondering this sickness a little herself now, "I'll make sure the headwoman and staff know to keep them on light duties until the cough abates then." Wanting to make sure the candidates - her first candidates - are well taken care of! The smile broadens a little as he makes his excuses, "She's a cutie. Take care and … get some sleep while you can, hmm?" A nod is given as she watches him go, returning to her own meal.

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