Who Kezresan, Zahari
What Zahari has a persistent cough.
When Spring-Summer - Month 5 of Turn 2716
Where Central Infirmary, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Night time finds Zahari making her way into the infirmary. She's likely heard well before she's seen - that hacking cough is quite loud and persistant, as is the sneezing that soon follows it. Ugh. Poor miner has that cold bad. With a handkerchief in hand, she steps inside as she's wiping her nose. She's clean, so isn't fresh from the mines, wearing a simple tunic and pair of trousers, her hair brushed out and dry. Uncertain where to go exactly, she bids her time till one of the on-duty healers might notice her.

It is a cough that Kezresan is likely growing accustomed to hearing, though it no-less draws a frown upon the healer's face. There is likely to have been one or two previous patients that day, with similar symptoms. Enough so that, upon hearing the coughing figure coming closer, he's already moving to the shelf and pulling down items that may or may not be useful. So it is that, when Zahari makes her way into the infirmary to stand uncertainly in the entrance, Kezresan is on the way back to the front with a small armful of paraphernalia. The somewhat formal "good evening," may be inaccurate, given that night has fallen, but is at least offered before he's fixing a focused, narrow-eyed look upon his newest patient. "Was that you, coughing?" asked even though he has a pretty good idea that it was, and is already moving towards the nearest cot with a 'come along' sort of gesture.

"Good evening, healer." Zahari offers in return, her voice quieter than normal. Still a little short of breath after the coughing and sneezing spells. With the gesture given to her, she follows Kezresan towards the cot, taking a seat once he gestures to it. "That was me, yes." Carefully does she wipe her nose with her handkerchief before putting it away in the pocket of her trousers. "Can't seem to get rid of this cold, so figured it was time for me to come see the healers." At least she's not like some of those miners he's likely had to deal with who are stubborn as all get out.

A soft grunt of acknowledgement, confirmation and acceptance of her explanation. Kezresan waits for the explanation, arms crossed in a thoughtful manner, a small furrow wrinkling his otherwise smooth forehead. "Are you a miner?" and a second later he seems to realize he's forgotten something rather important, and adds, "I am Journeyman Kezresan," because people are apt to appreciate having the name of their treating physician. It's a very stiff sort of formality, as though perhaps he would prefer to by-pass the pleasantries and get down to the source of this issue: the persistent cold plaguing the weyr and, in this moment, Zahari in particular. "It is good that you came in. I would hate for that cough to develop into pneumonia. May I have your name please? And whether or not you have visiting this infirmary before? In a moment I will go get your chart," or presumably start a new one, if her answer to the second question is 'no', "and then perhaps we can at least find something to alleviate that cough."

"Nice to meetcha, Healer Kezresan. I'm Miner Zahari." That should answer the first of his questions. She'd offer a hand, but considering the fact she was just coughing and sneezing, she doesn't out of politeness, until she can wash her hands. "This is the first time I've been here. I recently came from the crafthall a month or so ago, after the rumblings started." So, he gets to start a chart on her. "I can tell you this, I've never really had any issues with sickness before…" She leans over to pull up the left pant's leg to reveal a scar along her calf, "This is the worse I've had to see the healers for, and this was back when I was an apprentice." A good long time ago. "Besides that, a few burns here and there, but nothing too bad." The comment comes as she soothes her pants back down over her leg and looks up to him again.

Question answered, though Kezresan appears to have anticipated the answer, if just based on the influx of coughing miners lately. "Hm," for the scar, and he's definitely of the mind to peer at it closer out of curiosity, though he refrains from more than that. It is the cough that interests him. "Alright Miner Zahari," and he's not… teasing so much as seriously using her craft as her title, tone and expression politely serious, "I am going to grab a new chart, wash up, and be right back." And without further ado, that is exactly what he does, pulling the privacy curtain closed on his way out. It isn't long before he returns, a box of gloves beneath his arm and a newer looking chart already open with a pen in his hand as he makes notes. A moment later it's flipped closed, set aside, and he's reaching for the gloves. "I'm going to start with a general exam; I would like to feel your lymph nodes," and he lifts a hand to indicate his own neck and where they are located on the body, "then look at eyes, nose and throat, and lastly I'm going to listen to your lungs. If all looks well, then we will end with some questions. If there is anything I find suspicious, we will go from there." He's pulling on the acquired gloves as he seems to consider that his words might be cause for concern, adding, "In most other cases I have found that it is simply a persistent cough, and I can provide you with a general concoction to suppress it." A glance once more to the miner as he asks, "any questions, or additional information to provide, before I begin?"

Zahari doesn't seem to mind the curiosity he shows the scar at all. It was obviously well taken care of by a healer, even though it left a scar. Was a nasty tear-cut, probably from a piece of ore falling along her leg. Would have taken her out for a little while as it healed. But turning back to the present day illness, she nods once or twice as he explains what he's going to do. While he goes to grab the new chart and all, she'll ask to use a sink nearby to wash her hands, and is back sitting on the cot when he returns. A slow nod is given as he explains what he's going to do, a hint of a smile to appear upon her lips, "Nothing that I can think of?" Seems she's all his for the exam.

Cough first, leg scars and burn history later; but no doubt Kezresan is likely to ask about all of it after his initial exam, if just to complete that new chart he's started. At the moment, he is every bit the studious healer; expression focused and business-neutral. Bedside manner? Perhaps lacking *just* a touch, though he's not intentionally rude. There is at least a flicker of a smile (a vague sort of upturn to the sides of his mouth) in answer to Zahari's own. Is it meant to be reassuring, or just a result of a social-construct that dictates he ought to provide some form of response? Who knows. But it's there at least; that touch of smile and brief meeting of gaze before he's focused on the task at hand. Firm fingers probe at the sides of her neck briefly, massaging at the sight of lymph nodes as he asks, "How long have you had this cold? Were there any other symptoms aside from the cough?" Hands drop, and he's quickly moving on to those other aforementioned general check-up items (namely, eyes and ears, since presumably she is using mouth and nose to talk). It may be that Kez comes across as very business, focused and driven by the medical issues rather than overly concerned with being personable or friendly (though he's not intentionally brusque). He at least keeps an eye on whether or not his patient appears relaxed or nervous.

If she notices the somewhat lack of a bedside manner, ti doesn't show. Seems she's the sort that doesn't need it. Pretty straight-forwards herself. Zahari will talk when she can, head lifted as he feels out her lymph nodes before going into checking all the other areas. "Been sneezing, runny nose. Tired. Just the cough gets to me more than the rest. Feel like I'm trying to hack up a lung or something at times." Her gaze follows him, taking note of his facial expressions at times, but otherwise, she's calm as can be. "I cough more if I do a lot of talking. Or laugh. Or when I lay down to try and sleep."

So far at least, there is nothing that has been said or discovered that seems to have Kezresan overly concerned. He certainly doesn't look surprised, or startled, or unduly concerned with anything so far, expression more or less that studious 'healer' type look. Though whether that is because he has a great poker face, or because nothing is terribly out of the ordinary…? But there is a somewhat slow nod of his head that may suggest he is not surprised by her list of symptoms. "Hm. I will ensure you leave with a cough suppressant to assist with that, at the very least," he assures her. "It should allow you to sleep better, as well. And if you have the opportunity to sit in the hot springs, the steam might assist with any congestion, though from what you say it sounds mostly post-nasal." Done with the ears and eyes bit, it's back around for a quick look in her throat, a typical "Open your mouth and say 'ah'" approach along with a gentle tongue depression if necessary. It's pretty quick look, and again whatever he finds seems to line up with what he is expecting, a soft, "mm," that is more acknowledgement of this than surprise or concern. "I am going to listen to your heart and lungs, but yes. From what I can tell you have the same thing that has been sweeping the Weyr lately." This is to say, he's not terribly concerned that she is inadvertently a harbinger of a deadly plague. The stethoscope around his neck is collected, buds placed in his ears before lifting the drum to warm against his hand. It's habit that does this, as he means to place it over clothes rather than under them, at least for the initial listen. The drum is placed to her back first, a murmured "Breathe in deeply and let it out slowly, please," given just after.

The fact that he doesn't seem overly concerned is subconsciously a relief to the miner before him. Zahari is quiet once she's said her spill, moving this way and that as needed. Mouth opened, and the 'ah' given as directed. Assurance that he'll give her something for the cough has her smiling, "That would be great, sir. Sleeping a little better would be nice. It's kept me up the last night or two." Hard to sleep or stay asleep, when any change in your sleeping position has you coughing! Sitting straighter as he places the drum of the stethoscope against her back, she proceeds to take in the slow, deep breaths as requested, letting each one out just as slowly before taking another.

Further reassurance is likely to come once Kezresan has finished his exam, provided he finds nothing new between now and then. The drum of the stethoscope moves in a careful pattern, firmly pressed to various locations along her back as he listens to both sides. It falls away after about the fourth breath, and he swings back around, removing the stethoscope from his ears to drape around his neck once more. "As I suspected, and as you have noted yourself, you seem to simply have a persistently stubborn cough and a bit of a cold," offered as he pulls off his gloves, dropping them into a pocket of his coat for later disposal. "I will provide a mixture of herbs that can be brewed into a tea that will help with the cough — I brought some up to the counter as I suspected this when I heard you in the hallway. Hopefully, this will clear up on its own in due time. Try not to over exert yourself in the mean-time, and if anything should change — you get worse or develop new symptoms — please come back to be seen." Arms cross, though it isn't inherently meant to be defensive, simply a common way of resting himself as he stands and converses. "Do you have any questions of concerns, other than those you have already listed?"

Each breath is taken and released, slow and steady, though with the last, she tries to hold back on a cough that comes whether she wants it to or not. Not pleasant or fun. She's nodding her head once she finally catches her breath again. "Anything that will help with the cough, I'm all over, Healer. Thank you." She'll take whatever he's got, listening to the directions, and bobbing her head once again, "Trust me, I'll be back if anything else comes up, or if it doesn't go away anytime soon." Being kept from her work is no fun at all!

Kezresan's murmured "you're very welcome," does, at least, sound genuine and heartfelt. Healing is what he does, after all. Instructions and medication handed over, he tucks the chart beneath his arm and pulls the curtain open, intent on walking her back to the front. Or, at the very least, they are both headed that direction. "Enjoy the rest of your evening, Zahari. Take a bit of the tea before bed, and you should sleep better," are his final parting words, Kez heading for the desk with the look of someone about to get down to some serious note-writing.

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