Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Public Announcement from Thys: The night at Fort has been interrupted not by the dawn chorus of birds that signals the rising of Rukbat, but by the thrumming of dragons announcing the imminent hatching of Rhenesath and Rinxyth's eggs! Come join us for a pre-dawn Hatching and to welcome Fort's newest weyrlings. +go fow, nb, hc, g.

Close Enough Egg gives a little wobble.

Come Away With me Egg wiggles for a few seconds and then does nothing. Nothing at all. Then all of a sudden it lurches in one direction, falls over and rolls several feet.

Furoshiki Egg ripples. Or wobbles. Whatever the appropriate word may be.

Pre-dawn heralds not only the arrival of a crisp, wet spring morning (or it will be morning eventually), but the all-too familiar hum of Fort's many dragons as their voices rise to welcome the hatching of Rhenesath and Rinxyth's eggs. It also means that much of the Weyr has to wake up fast and there's quite the (groggy) scramble to the Galleries. Not to mention in the Barracks as well, when both M'icha and Am'ry show up to give a rather hasty wake up call to the Candidates. No time for dawdling or complaining! Instructions are given swiftly and patience may be wearing thin for the amount of repeating necessary, but things eventually move along as the first of the Candidates begin to step out onto the Sands.

<Galleries> Up in the Galleries Nyalle sits on a purple cushion in the spot usually reserved for Fort's Senior, while Kayeth observes from above. Pushing hair away from her face, the young Weyrwoman sips at a steaming mug of tea and smiles.

Killian looks more than a little groggy as he walks onto the sands in a white robe and sandals. His brown hair is messier than usual and he yawns quickly. Not far behind him is fellow candidate Vira, who gives the the beastcrafter a quick whack on the back of the head. It's enough to wake him up. The two give a quick bow to the dam and sire before moving off to the side.

Rhenesath is surprisingly calm as she thrums her greeting to her soon-to-arrive babies, and to the candidates too when they arrive on the Sands. She's standing proud beside the eggs as they start to wobble, while Thys is there at her feet - looking a little sleepy and with her short hair sticking up as if it hasn't yet been brushed, but at least she's dressed and ready for the occasion. As the candidates file in, she gives them a little wave and a formal salute in response to their bowing.

Trayvel stumbles onto the sands, robe on but he's still scrubbing at his face and yawning since he was snoring loudly a few minutes ago. He's already doing the hot foot dance as he dips a respectful bow to the protective dragons before shuffling around a few eggs, one of them looks to be starting to wake up.

Close Enough Egg's poor wrapping is starting to come apart… look at that huge crack! The gift within can't be long from being revealed now!

Teena didn't have any time to worry, fret or otherwise antagonize over this moment for she's woken abruptly at such an early time. With her robe thrown on hastily, her small brown fire lizard reassured quickly she joins the others as they stumble onto the sands. The sound of the humming seems to come from all around her as her head swivels this way and that way. A quick bow is given before she moves to join the others/

Valeska adjusts her robes, scratching at some wrinkles for a moment while she peers at the eggs ahead. She takes in a deep breath, patiently waiting for her turn to bow to sire and dam before moving amongst the other candidates.

Minimalist Egg does as Minimalist Eggs do. Ie, nothing.

Rinxyth is near to Rhenesath. He's been more or less the picture of calm throughout the entire affair. Clutching, waiting, sharing the sands and putting up with touchings. But now? One can see him shifting from foot to foot in an awkward mirror of the candidates own likely future dance. Except his is with anticipation, not with heat. Ashwin stands nearby, leaning against the brown's left leg. Which also keeps him rooted on the spot — probably intentionally.

Come Away With me Egg lurches once again and continues to roll. A good ten feet from it's companions it pauses there to lie in the sand. Every few seconds it makes a lurching motion as though something was pounding at it from the inside. It's starting to split for sure though no hints of what lies within can be seen.

M'icha will follow the last of the Candidates out, limp quite obvious in his hurried steps and his temper still grumpy despite the occasion. Once on the Sands, he'll shoo some of the stragglers on before taking his place with the rest of his team. Now? The waiting game.

Killian tilts his head to the side a bit and watches the eggs. "They're moving fast…aren't they." The beastcrafter has a faint grin on his face, though it sports none of the usual cockiness. He lifts up on tiptoes to look at the rocking eggs again. "How long do you think before the first pops out?" This to anyone nearby.

Come Away With me Egg seems to be almost dancing. Every heartbeat the life within is beating at the confines of the shell. Finally! Finally! A brown snout bursts out. And then a bronze tail. Or is it a brown tail? It's so hard to tell. Comically though, tail, snout and one limb exposed the dragonet pushes off and ends up rolling like a ball back into the as yet unhatched eggs. Bumping against one gives the creature the break, no pun intended, that it needs and with a shell-cracking spreading of wings a yuck colored little dragon is on the sands. Only what color IS he?

That Guy at the Club Bronze Hatchling
A carefully cultivated appearance of dignity and rebelliousness somehow worms it's way into everything that this young dragon does. The way he moves is very deliberate to always keep himself in the best appearing angle to as many onlookers as possible. In fact, this constant adjustment of his pose and movement is as much a part of him as his coloration and build and is by far the most memorable facet of his appearance. He is small, even tiny for a bronze and is well below the largest of browns in terms both muscle mass and length. Dark sienna and earthier browns pass over the top of his narrow muzzle and sculpted head, running down the subtle ridges of his spine and tail like a stripe. The bottom half of his jaw and the underside of his neck and underbelly brighten to a very metallic bronze shine and yet the uppermost reaches of his limbs turn darker and darker as they reach hip and shoulder, finally fading out to a dull tarnish that takes on a burnt-wood appearance. It is much like some strange copper alloy, gleaming only under direct light but seeming merely brown the rest of the time. The dark patches spread across his back only to connect up with the darker-yet stripe down his spine. The inside of each limb matches the shine of his underbelly and very bright claws, tinged with intricate swirls of tarnish stand out brightly against very dark hind and forefeet. From below he is the most bronze dragon ever, shining and aglow but from above only an experienced eye would be able to tell what he actually is.

Cracks are starting to form on Furoshiki Egg's pretty patterned surface as it begins to rock. Someone inside wants out, now!

Teena looks around frantically before finding Cedric, a straggler candidate. Breathing a small sigh of relief that her friend made it she edges sideways until she's beside him. "Oh!" a surprised sound emits from her as the bronze hatchling makes an appearance.

Did The Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg just move?

Last Minute Egg's gaudy sides give an experimental quiver. Let's see what this does, shall we?

Trayvel finds himself nearest to Killian, Teena and Valeska among his fellow candidates, giving each a bleary-eyed nod. "Too early for sand dancing isn't it?" Too bad the eggs didn't get that memo. "Bout that long." In response to Killian as a bronzling escapes his shelly prison.

The time has come for Close Enough Egg - from the haphazard decor of his crazy-paved shell appears a sticky blue hatchling!

Garlic Breath for the Goodnight Kiss Blue Hatchling
This dapper young man is all dressed up for the occasion, in flashy tuxedo dark against periwinkle pale. He's handsome, for sure, and has a certain je ne sais quoi that will undoubtedly cause the greens to flock to him when he's older. His perfect head has enviable by-the-book features that would make Blue Steel cry, and his conformation is absolutely on point. It's just a shame, really, that he sorta… stinks. Garlic Breath for the Goodnight Kiss Blue Hatchling is confident from the second he hatches. He's got that jock-like swagger as he takes his first steps, which carry him towards the candidates. Along the line he goes, pausing to consider each of them before him… and causing each of them to recoil a little as he passes them. Then he finds her, that special one, clinging to her twin. His Faelin. Like a true gentleman he bows before her, while she looks utterly shellshocked. Fae peels away from her sister Flinnara to embrace him. "Of course I'll be yours, Daytruindth! But maybe we should get you a bath after you eat?"

There's only so much an egg can take once it's shell is striated with cracks… and the super-cute little Furoshiki Egg has reached it's limit. With explosive force, the shell shatters into tiny shards, leaving a bright young blue sitting on the Sands.

I Got this Lingerie from eBay Blue Hatchling
He might have been cuter, if he weren't daubed in the gaudiest of colours. His hide is patched with cheap cyan and nylon sapphire, with black lace ruffling around his four paws and across his wings. If it wasn't for the offensive colour he sports and his permanent smarmy swagger, he might be considered handsome… but some things are just too hard to overlook, no matter how pretty the packaging. I Got this Lingerie from eBay Blue Hatchling has real swagger when he emerges from his egg, and he takes his first swaying steps immediately in the right direction. He's Faranth's gift on this special day, and he knows who amongst those white-robed Candidates is going to be lucky enough to get him! With increasingly confident steps, I Got this Lingerie from eBay Blue Hatchling walks right up to Flinnara, whose twin Fae Impressed just moments earlier. "Veedayruwinth? I'll be your Flinna." Then they're led off by Am'ry to get the little guy fed.

Killian lets out a soft whistle when the first egg cracks open. He can't quite help himself from leaning forward a bit. He doesn't fall forward at least…mostly because Vira grabs his robe and pulls him back. "Now /that/ is a handsome one." His gaze flicks over to Trayvel and there's a little snicker, "A bit too early, but I guess they don't follow party…—and there's another…and another!"

With a triumphant cry the Garlic Breath for the Goodnight Kiss Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

With a triumphant cry the I Got this Lingerie from eBay Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Valeska shifts on her feet, moving closer to her fellow candidates and she nods to Trayvel drowsily. She elbows Killian lightly on the arm as she watches another hatchling emerge. "Amazing, isn't it?"

Teena offers a fleeting smile towards Trayvel, Killian and Valeska as they are all fairly close to each other. Her attention towards them is brief before it zips towards the pair of blues. Her eyes are widening just a bit as she watches in awe. Cedric shakes his head briefly. "With a name like that she better practice saying it.

That Guy at the Club Bronze Hatchling rolls to a heap of eggshells, shards and yuck. Then he's on his feet as though they were made for him. None of this wobbling about and figuring stuff out. Nope. Not him. That tumble looks intentional. A way to get to his feet in spectacular fashion! Except he isn't fooling anyone. Tat said he's already angling himself so that the side of him that's covered with sand, yolk, yuck and whatever else isn't the one that is facing the candidates. And he's standing there like he's bored, looking over at Rinxyth and Rhenesath, the walls, the sands. Anywhere but at the candidates. It's like they are not even there.

Rhenesath's thrumming amplifies gleefully as her first babies emerge, while Thys, now hugging a mug of something thanks to someone thoughtful, grins over at Ashwin. "Bronze, and two lovely blues! And they chose my nieces!" The latter part is added gleefully as the two blues find their lifemates. "This is going to be a good clutch. I just know it."

M'icha quirks a brow as the bronze is first to Hatch and then two blues hot on the heels of that one. He's not got long to contemplate on that, as he'll have his hands full welcoming the first pair, while Am'ry tends to the second and they're guided off to the side and out of the way.

Minimalist Egg may be cracking, somewhere… can you see anything yet?

Trayvel steps back as nearby eggs spill some blue hatchlings, who both impress quickly to their chosen weyrlings. "It may be early but they seem to be wasting no time." And there go two new weyrlings who won't be getting very much sleep for a while."

Killian nods at the question from Valeska and shoots her a little grin, "It kind of is." His words actually sound sincere, which is odd coming from the beastcrafter. "It's cute that the twins impressed together." His gaze is drawn to the hatchling currently on the sands and one corner of his mouth goes up in a smirk, "Looks like he's already got a bit of an attitude, hm?"

It's hard to see through the blotched mess covering it, but Last Minute Egg's shell is definitely starting to crack! What could be within such a messy little creation?

Teena nods in quick agreement to Killian. "Guess he does't want to look overeager?"

Us Against the World Egg gives a twitch of movement, the first in a long while — or perhaps the first to be visible.

Valeska giggles a bit and peers back at Killian with her own crooked grin on her face. "Sure does," she answers, quickly peering around to the others and back to the eggs. She takes in a deep breath and rolls her shoulders, shifting on her feet.

Red, pink, purple, orange, green… colour matters no more as the muddy mess of Last Minute Egg's glitter-splodged shell is pierced by one egg-goo covered paw. There's a tap-tap-tapping from within - can I come out now? - before a sticky nose breaks through, followed by another paw, then another… and hey look, it's a walking egg! Not really… for once that fourth paw breaks through the egg can take no more. The remains of the shell crumble away, sticking to the hide of the bemused little blue who's now free to face the world.

Right Guy, Right Time… Worst Date EVER Blue Hatchling
Roses are red and this dragon is blue, dressed up to the nines in an indigo hue. Undeniably dapper despite his flaws, his fine-tailored satin hide is a silken smooth suit, shining across the suave curves of his sleek physique. A lustrous glow highlights the thread-fine pinstripes that ripple over his musculature with every step he makes and every breath he takes. The debonair cant of his fine-formed head leaves him dashingly handsome, even taking into account the unusual convexness of his profile, which contrasts the enviable ideality of his just-so headknobs. They are pitch-dark, oil-slicked and shiny, their blackness fading along the faultless ridges that run evenly spaced down his arching neck. The sophisticated shade of his couture hide is broken by a snowy flash on his chest, struck through the centre by an inky silk swathe that runs from breast to sternum - a colour echoed on the sails of his wings, which are not quite exquisitely proportioned for his stately size. Rather, their over-expanse of nightshade blue would seem more at home on a much larger dragon, while their very edges, neat as they are, present ghirardelli whorls to match the wingtip brown of his sizable dark forefeet, the sweetest finishing touch to his elegant ensemble.

That Guy at the Club Bronze Hatchling yawns. It's a decidedly huge thing. Little dragon teeth gleaming bronze against his brownish upper muzzle. It's not that he doesn't want to look overeager it's more like he doesn't give a damn at all. He still hasn't bothered to even look at the candidates. After an irritable rumble from Rinxyth he finally turns his head over to survey them. Finally. Then he sits down to watch their antics for awhile again. Another irritable rumble causes him to look back at his father as though he was pushing him into something he doesn't want to do but he finally gets moving and begins to wander towards the candidates. Oh, is that a VTOL? He stops before he gets very far.

Killian grimaces when Us Against the World Egg twitches. He might actually leaning away from it a little bit. That's when another hatchling pops up and the beastcrafter raises both eyebrows. "Another blue! They've got some handsome ones in the mix." His eyebrows lift at the little bronze hatchling and then there's an outright laugh. "Picky! Man….he looks like he really doesn't want to deal with all this, huh?"

Trayvel looks from the blue pairs to see what the bronze hatchling is up to. He doesn't seem to be in a rush, and when he does start moving, he turns out to be easily distracted. Shifting his feet a bit "Are you sure he's got attitude Killian? He's studying the sand isn't he?"

Teena watches the bronze for a moment, studying it even to try to determine just why he's not yet looking too hard at the candidates. "What if he doesn't find anyone?" she whispers worriedly.

Valeska yawns, "Maybe he wants breakfast like the rest of us." She changes a stretch, shaking out her feet once more. "I'm sure he will, there's all this new stuff about… Those are some fine looking blues, though."

Right Guy, Right Time… Worst Date EVER Blue Hatchling doesn't look overly happy to be in this weird world - he creels grumpily up at his dam, while flopping awkwardly down onto the Sands, legs splayed and wings limp. Do I have to get uuuup, mom? He doesn't look at all like he wants to move, not until Rhenesath lowers her muzzle to give him a bump in the side, encouraging him to get up onto his wobbly legs. Reluctantly he does - then promptly noseplants into the sand. Another nudging from Rhenesath follows, he gets up to try again… and like Bambi on ice, he tries to get at least four of his six limbs working well enough to get him a few stumbling steps closer to the candidates.

Key to My Egg's pastel-soft shell wobbles a little. Soon its treasure will be unlocked!

That Guy at the Club Bronze Hatchling finally gets up and wanders again. He approaches the front row of candidates and sits down in front of a sandy haired youth from Boll. He sniffs him experimentally. You'd swear that he makes a face but his body language is complete and utter rejection. No way in hell. Not nearly good looking enough. Then he bumps a few others out of the way so he can look at a red headed boy from Telgar. He makes the mistake of trying to touch him and the seemingly half-brown bronze just bumps him out of the way with his shoulder and wanders through the line of candidates causing more or less chaos and mayhem in their order. It's not that he's in a hurry, he just doesn't give a damn about who is standing where. So nobody is going to get hurt or anything but it's pretty clear that he is not moving for anyone. He sniffs someone else. Then wanders by Valeska and sniffs her experimentally. A horrible sound comes out of his muzzle as he actually gags. Bleah! Def not that one.

Fewer eggs about and Us Against the World Egg figures it must be time to move along with this process. Rocking steadily, cracks begin to form and marr the once seamless shell. Not much longer to go now!

Teena shuffles her feet absently as her brown eyes flicker from dragon to dragon. Momentarily she watches the creeping, grumpy looking blue. Frowning she turns full focus on him and none on the bronze who wouldn't be coming for her anyway. Caleb makes an unhappy sound, taking a half step forward towards the nose planting blue.

Minimalist Egg has been understated this whole time, but now? //Now is it's chance to take centrestage. The egg gives an almighty quiver, the scarlet shell splits into precise pieces, leaving a hatchling in its place.//

Feel Free to Inflate Your Girlfriend… Dammit, Autocorrect! Brown Hatchling
This guy's small for a brown, and his scrawny little body is a sunlessly pale shade of beige - but that's because he's spent all his life locked away in his bedroom - I mean shell. Right? There are no freckles on his hide, no splotches or melanistic marks, other than a handful of red dots erupting across the narrow bridge of his too-long nose. Feel Free to Inflate Your Girlfriend… Dammit, Autocorrect! Brown Hatchling kicks away the eggshards closest to him, just so that he can plonk his skinny tush down on the Sands and creel pitifully at the Candidates and his dam. Hey, mum, get the white things to come to meeeee. Except things don't work that way, and Rhenesath won't have a lazy baby. With a rough but loving bump from his mother's nose, Feel Free to Inflate Your Girlfriend… Dammit, Autocorrect! Brown Hatchling gets to his feet and makes his unsteady way towards the grouped youth, checking out each one as he passes them. Not you. Not you. You're gross. Not y-… hey wait. Pale skin. Long nose. Acne scars. Feel Free to Inflate Your Girlfriend… Dammit, Autocorrect! Brown Hatchling finds his ideal match in Ursula, thwumping his head into her belly, loudly demanding attention, food, and affection. "Ok, ok, Imeantinviteth! I'll be your Ula!" The pair are then led off by the weyrlingmasters.

Valeska snorts and begins to rub under her nose with an exaggerated look of disgust on her face towards the bronze. "Well, you didn't smell so great either!" She peers over to Killian, "Some nerve." Snerk.

With a triumphant cry the Feel Free to Inflate Your Girlfriend… Dammit, Autocorrect! Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Killian can't help but stand there snickering when the bronze starts moving down the line and sniffing people. "Hey, I smell amazing. Not my fault no one else has a good nose." The beastcrafter trails off, when the brown appears and his eyes settle on it. "That one went by quick. Congrats!" This one

M'icha is certainly being kept busy! Though he may be sending his assistants to do more of the running for the newly paired weyrlings. He'll skulk about, keeping a sharp eye on the Candidates who remain and the hatchlings still wandering.

Trayvel looks around to focus on the newest cracking sound, watching the blue a couple of minutes. He even winces a couple of times when if noseplants and just barely manages to get most of his limbs to work together. It's hard to miss the bronze bullying his way among the white robes, and he manages ot not snicker at the reaction Valeska gets. "Maybe he just doesn't like our morning breath."

Us Against the World Egg shatters apart after one final push from the hatchling within and what slithers out onto the sands is something of nightmarish details. It's definitely a hatchling, a dark blue hatchling, but he won't be winning any comments over how adorable he is, that's for certain. The cold look he gives the lingering Candidates with red whirling eyes doesn't help, as he straightens himself out and prepares to go on the move.

There Are No Second Dates Blue Hatchling
Oppressive twilight presses down against this blue's form until he gathers it to himself and uses it to rise above the rest. Dark hues cling to his hide like invisible cobwebs or filaments of fate, curving and crisscrossing in a subtle streaked dapple pattern that caresses his neck and shoulders before vanishing into pools of the ocean's freezing depths of his underbelly and legs. Already his size and power is foretold, despite the long, lean look to his body. Disproportionate to most dragons', his head hangs, too large for his neck, his tail longer to compensate and give him some semblance of balance. It is angular and stark, chiseled from stone by the harsh whip of wind and the beating of sand. His head knobs are angled forward alertly, the swirl of rainclouds against a dark sky giving the appearance that they are twisted, when in reality there is nothing amiss - it is all an illusion. Sharp, angled ridges rise and fall from his neck and along his spine like the distant, foreboding crags of the northern reaches' mountain ranges, daring any to approach at their own risk. Hind legs are long and angled, most often pushed more erect than most dragons do, causing the angle of his back to be tipped forward rather than straight or upright, and perhaps it is necessary due to the size of his head and the length of his tail. Ripples and waves of poisoned flotsam flow sluggishly down his long, narrow tail to its fork, where the hues fade away into darkness. Wings extend at least another quarter size longer than they should be, stretching on and on as he unfurls their sails and reaches with his spars into whatever space he might occupy, claiming the air beneath his wings as his own even when he's on the ground. His talons are flecked with steel blue and veins of black, gathered from the paths he has walked through the nightmares of the universe.

That Guy at the Club Bronze Hatchling stops dead in his tracks and gives another yawn. Sitting down, he looks around again. Then he starts wandering again. Passing all of the way down the line. It seems like he's smelled just about everyone. He actually begins to wander back towards his eggshells and looks imploringly up at Rhenesath and Rinxyth. Can he just go back in there for awhile while these ones cook some more? They aern't ready. Then? His body language changes suddenly. He sniffs the air. Ah-ha. Turning, he makes a beeline towards an angular faced, dark-haired youth. He can't quite get his brakes on in time and he digs all four feet into the ground but in a spray of sand he'll make his first ever pass at someone and likely sweep them right off of their feet. Nobody's getting hurt, but nobody's staying standing either and there's going to be one heck of a tangle of limbs.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the That Guy at the Club Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Right Guy, Right Time… Worst Date EVER Blue Hatchling pauses so that he can watch what's happening - like with that brown who's totally overtaking him to find his lifemate, and his bronze brother who's taking his sweet, sweet time in doing things. Not that Right Guy, Right Time… Worst Date EVER Blue Hatchling is any faster about things! The blue gathers his feet under him once more to go lurching towards the nearest knot of white-robed folk. His wibble-wobbling steps send him careening head-first into one older lad, who offers hands to steady him and set him on his way once more. Where oh where can his person be?

It's being quite subtle about it, but The Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg starts to show signs of cracking.

Valeska does a double take at the new blue emerging on the sands. She straightens up, rubbing at her eyes briefly before taking another look. "Aw, it's all dark and spooky. So cute!"

Key to My Egg begins to crack. It starts around that antiqued bronze heart-shaped blob, and rapidly spreads outwards across its pastel shell.

Teena offers this. "Or maybe he smells a stinky blue dr….ooh." hastily she steps away from the bungling bronze. "Careful!" she utters a belated warning.

Thys has free hands now that she's finished her drink, so that she can clap in applause whenever an Impression is made. "Faranth, but they're going fast…"

If there was ever such a thing as an egg cracking //politely, then The Un-Plain Brown Wrapper Egg is it. It splits neatly into shards that fall delicately to the Sands, leaving a bemused little green to get to her feet.//

Death Metal Tickets for the Pop Princess Green Hatchling
The daintiest of little ladies, this green is everything a pretty girl should be. With a build that a prom queen would envy, she wears her stunning spring green in the sweetest of ways, from the saccharine curve of her so-cute face, to the sensual sashay of her wide hips. Everything seems so perfect about her, until you get to that one spot that's just… well, wrong. Right there, broad as daylight on her flank, is the scritch-scratchiest hash of black that looks almost like a skull. What's a pop princess doing with such an out-of-place sigil? Death Metal Tickets for the Pop Princess Green Hatchling is so dainty as she steps from the shards of her egg, each delicate little paw given the perfect shake to rid it of excess goo. Everything about her is just girly. And she looks so happy with herself until she turns her head just slightly, enabling her to see that out-of-place black mark on her side… which makes her panic and bolt towards the Candidates. How dare someone ruin her special day with such an inappropriate gift?! Even Rhenesath's calming clucks don't quite ease the helter-skelter run of the little green, but despite her new-baby wobbliness she does at least seem to know where she's going - right to Vira, who she barrels into and knocks to the Sands. Amidst calming embraces, V'ra says, "Calm down, Britneyth! I would've given you something way cooler than that skull-thing on your butt." … which does nothing to soothe the green, who wails anew at her chosen lifemate until she's led away for food.

Killian is certainly /not/ paying attention when the bronze makes a beeline for the candidates and soon he's receiving unintentional punishment for it. The hatchling hits him with full force and the beastcrafter ends up on the sands with legs twined with wings and a tail wrapped around an arm. "Wha- -" COUGH. COUGH. HACK! The candidate's eyes are watering as he begins wiping at his nose. "Is that /you/?" Who is you? "A'ki? Really? Oh come /on/ I'm kind of handsome. In fact I'm super handsome as far as humans go." Right. "Gyn- - -Gwyngyrgogoth." Killian turned A'ki says the name hesitantly as he pushes to his feet and then a long laugh escapes him. "Ok ok, we'll get you food….but man, you're wearing some sort of scent. I kind of like it." And then with a flick of his tail, Gyngyrgogoth is leading A'ki off the sands. Food time!

There Are No Second Dates Blue Hatchling is on his feet but he doesn't go racing ahead like his other siblings. No, he'll bide his time for a moment while he fans those overlarge wings of his, his eyes ever locked on to the sea of white robes some distance away. Well, well, at least there is some selection left? His tail flicks and a sound much like nails on a chalkboard his voiced from his throat. Figures that that wouldn't be any prettier than his physical looks.

Valeska takes a deep breath and sighs, mouthing her congrats to A'ki before turning her eyes back to the sands. She chances a glance at her remaining fellow candidates and rubs her hands together. "Looks like this is it, it's almost over."

Right Guy, Right Time… Worst Date EVER Blue Hatchling has a new blue brother on the Sands… competition for him! He creels over at his creepy-looking sibling, then tries to get a wiggle on so that he can claim his lifemate first. Only where is he? She? It? What is a lifemate, anyway? He sits down, takes stock, looks along the row of waiting folks… and sets off. Past boys, past girls, past that horrible Holder kid who no-one likes… right to a girl with black hair and brown eyes. He tumbles towards her, ending up in a clumsy pile at her feet. But that sound he makes when he does so? It's complete bliss. So that's what you look like!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Right Guy, Right Time… Worst Date EVER Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Trayvel hears Teena's warning and spins around to see the bronze hatchling barreling towards their white cluster. Jumping back, his feet get tabled in the robe and down he goes, probably a bronzling speedbump now. When he manages to crabwalk back a few paces, he sees Killian throughly pounced. Well that's a mouthful. "Congrats Killian!" He didn't seem to catch the new name yet.

With a triumphant cry the Death Metal Tickets for the Pop Princess Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Thys reaches over to Ashwin, grasping the brownrider's arm. "… did I just see that bronze choose Killian? Oh, Faranth's fancy bits… that's going to spell trouble." Rhenesath, however, couldn't care how much trouble any of them are - she's practically bursting with pride as she continues to thrum encouragingly to her babies.

Teena is all smiles for Killian once it's certain he's okay and the bronze is okay. Watching them a moment she turns her attention away just in time to see one of the blues tumbling so that he ends up at her feet. There's no time for congrats towards A'ki as suddenly she's bending down to wrap her arms around the Right Guy, Right Time…worst date ever Blue hatchling. With unfocused eyes she communicates for there first time with /her/ blue hatchling. Finally after an undetermined amount of time she looks up. "His name is Ystavanth!"

The lock is broken, the shell cracked, and Key to My Egg crumbles away to reveal the gift within.

Wasn't This Your Ex's Mixtape? Green Hatchling
A cute little lady, this green clearly takes after her dam with her stocky build and her homely looks. She's a sooty shade of emerald, dark and sweet with a honey-flecked complexion and plenty of light-and-shade dappling across her broad back and wide wings. There's a look on her face that means business, though - like this girl was born with a chip on her shoulder. Once she's free of her egg and has as much egg-goo flung off her as she can manage, Wasn't This Your Ex's Mixtape? Green Hatchling steps away from Rhenesath's encouraging nose-bumps to begin walking the line of candidates. She's steady on her feet for a newborn, and looks absolutely determined - if not even a touch angry. A boy here is sniffed, a girl there is head-butted… and then she comes to Cedric. Eyes whirl red until he pays full attention to her, and then she leaps at him in an awkward, clawing attempt at an embrace. C'dri falls to the ground, apologising profusely despite the fact that she's the one who sunk claws into him. "I'm sorry, Exth! I'll make it up to you, I promise!" Those candidates next to him might be wondering what he's got to apologise for, as the weyrlingmasters and healers step in to help the pair off the Sands.

With a triumphant cry the Wasn't This Your Ex's Mixtape? Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Valeska peers over to Teena and grins, "Looking good, Teena! Congrats!" She moves closer beside Trayvel and begins to crack her knuckles nervously. Almost over…

There Are No Second Dates Blue Hatchling makes his move as more of his siblings Impress and he moves surprisingly quick for those awkward limbs of his. Yet he seems to know exactly where he wants to go! Only someone is dumb enough to get in his way and that mouthy, brat of a Candidate that had been a pain in so many of his peers sides will learn NOT to mess with a determined hatchling. He'd have been knocked aside, if There Are No Second Chances Hatchling didn't get tangled with him and go down. With a shriek that is nightmarish of itself, the blue roughly untangles himself, leaving the Candidate behind… and for the Healers and Weyrlingmasters to deal with. Such RUDENESS! Then it's off again but he doesn't have far to go. He'll just slither up to his intended, a much more pleased sound rumbling in his throat as he seeks to catch her off guard.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the There Are No Second Dates Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Ashwin is too busy gaping to notice at first that his arm is grabbed. It comes like something distant? And he has to laugh, momentarily putting his hand over Thys's. Everyone it seems looks surprised … except for Rinxyth who looks about as smug as a brown possibly cloud. "Killian." He repeats, out loud. "Or, A'ki now I suppose." Then he shrugs, smiles like everyone else and pats Thys's hand before placing his waterskin in her hand instead of his arm. Hydrate, there! "Glad I'm not Weyrlingmaster." He confesses, with the smile staying fixed.

Trayvel gets to his feet, brushing sand of where he can and hi stepping alot to try cooling burning toes. He nearly walk right into Teena, but stops as he realizes her attention is completely taken. "Congrats Teena. He's adorable!" And still more eggs ar splitting and hatchlings roaming and choosing. The choises are dwindling and he sidesteps ove to Valeska. "You're right, this is going quick….Congrats C'dri!"

Rhenesath croons as the last of her eggs hatches and the little green finds her lifemate with a little encouragement… and then there's an extremely chuffed bugling as, finally, all of her babies have found their partners with the last blue having chosen one for himself. Thys laughs, giving Ashwin's arm a pat before withdrawing her hand. "Me too… but there's some good ones Impressed as well! That Teena's got a good head on her shoulders… and a lovely blue too, even if he's a bit unsteady."

Valeska just stands there completely slackjawed and dumb founded. What is this?! Sneaky! Soon that look upon her face completely melts away and is left with a look of pure adoration. She quickly hugs the blue, "His name is Mecahisth! Alright, let's get us some food! We're starving!" Off they follow in the direction of the others.

And just like that, it's all over! With shards littering the Sands and Rhenesath waiting just long enough to see the last of her babies escorted towards the barracks before heading towards the Pens for a good feed, the excitement is through. Thys steps forward and beckons to the remaining Candidates, inviting them towards her. "Thank you all very much for your commitment, your hard work, and for your dedication to Fort during your candidacy. We're very sorry that your lifemate wasn't here today, but please be assured that you will be more than welcome to remain with us to try again for our next clutch, as you wish. Ladies and gentlemen," and now she's addressing the galleries, too, "breakfast will be served presently in the living caverns! Please feel free to join us in celebration. Thank you for coming!" And with a look at Ashwin to see if he'll follow, she makes her way out into the blissfully cool morning in her lifemate's wake.

<Galleries> Neyuni sighs and leans back in her seat as the sands fall quiet. She waits as others herd out clogging the exit briefly, in no particular rush herself. As far as the results one can only be pleased although there is a hint of something sad as a candidate she was rooting for is again left standing. Well, perhaps another time?

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