Fort Weyr - Centre Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Spring is gradually turning into summer and on this late morning, the Weyr is peacefully trudging along it's usual routine (if you skip the muttering about that shipwreck and the lost crew). So what could possibly disrupt such a beautiful late morning day? Simple. Have one ghostly hued gold appear suddenly above Fort and swoop down aggressively towards the tooth crags where her silvery, icy roar sends a chill as worthy of winter through many. Iaverulth's call is one of furious anger and… loss? What possibly could have brought the rogue queen back north without warning? Jajen is already on the ground, the goldrider storming her way through the bowl, seemingly unaware of the startled looks she receives or the pandemonium her and Iaverulth's arrival have caused. "WHERE is he!?" she demands angrily, eyes blazing and her whole posture tense though most who hear her answer say nothing and are wisely running the other way.

Kayeth, peacefully brooding over her eggs, reacts instantly to Iaverulth's invasion. The Senior queen hastens to the edge of the grounds and glares across the length of the bowl towards the other gold, and roars a challenge. « Why are you here? » she demands, defensive, affonted, insulted.

Abigail is out an about after a day of dealing with sweps, the only thing she wants to do it get a warm drink and just relax off in the caverns. She pauses though as she sees a few people running and blinks as she looks out to catch sight of a certain gold rider. "Hell…" Is mutterd out while she turns and is heading towards Jajen. "Where is who?" Is questioned with a firm tone. Her gaze flick towards Kayeth and then to Iaverulth. Niumdreoth was busy getting a meal, though that is quickly over at the roaring that is pulling the brown's attention towards the bowl.

Who else would Jajen show up yelling about? Ha'ze doesn't appear right away, allowing Jajen to emote over others before showing his face. The bronzerider knows why she's here, and is all sorts of defensive. At the doorway he'll stop, staying in the shadows, and waiting for the woman to calm down. A little.

« To claim what is my rider's from the thief that dare calls himself 'father'! » Iaverulth snaps at Kayeth, not at all swayed by the senior gold's challenge and promptly roars out again in anger. Feeding off her rider, who has now zeroed in on Abigail. Maybe it's for the best Jajen hasn't spotted Ha'ze or Iaverulth focus in on Kainaesyth, if the bronze is within the Weyr. "Ha'ze!" Jajen all bit spits the name in a snarled reply to the Wingleader. "Bastard took my daughter and hasn't come back! So where is he?" She demands again, hands gesturing almost as wild as the look in her eyes as she starts to look around the bowl. "Where is he hiding!?"

Kayeth does not - can not - leave the Sands, but she can hunker down and /glare/. Ha'ze. Of course it had to be Ha'ze. Snarl.

Kainaesyth's thoughts are calm as they sweep up around Iaverulth's, the weight of the air pressing down. « Calm love. » Her anger doesn't impact the steady bronze at all, and physically the bronze moves from the ledge above to settle himself upon the ground before the gold.

Abigail lifts a brow while she just eyes Jajen a few moments. "She is his daughter as well." She points out. Takes two to tango! "Honestly I don't know where he is. When did ye last see 'em?" She questions curiously. Niumdreoth makes his way into the bowl with a sweep of wings as the brown lands with a heavy thud. « We will find what is missing, but this is not the way to go about doing it. Iaverulth you must calm down. »

Pity Kayeth is sand bound as Iaverulth will use that to her advantage as she soars down from the tooth crags and land heavily in the bowl, wings mantled and her posture challenging and irate. She has always been a strong willed queen and now is no different! « Calm? Calm!? Time for calm was shattered when yours chose to do something foolish! » She presses back against Kainaesyth's mind, the icy cold and blackness of her thoughts threatening to swallow his and likewise to Niumdreoth. "That doesn't give him the right to disappear!" Jajen snarls at Abigail, stepping closer to the Wingleader's personal space. "Don't care if Jaze is his too, you don't steal a child and that's what he's done! We had an agreement and he broke it so I'm here to take MY daughter back and make SURE he never sees her again. EVER! Won't leave her in the care of an untrustworthy low-life like him…" And it goes on like that, with the goldrider spitting and raving and tearing into Ha'ze even though the bronzerider isn't there (but everyone else gets to hear! Yay?).

What's all the hubbub bub? A girl's gotta eat! The commotion happening outside the living caverns is enough to draw a curious Gabriela outside. Seriously folks it's quite a show going on out here for some reason! Right about the time she passes through her usual shadow into the out of doors, a pair of small children dart past her on the side. No doubt fleeing into the interior where it's safe. The kids draw her eyes in that direction, so she isn't paying a lot of attention to what's directly in front her. What could possibly be lurking in a shadow anyway? Except perhaps someone hiding which is exactly the case. Gabby slams directly into a lurking Ha'ze. "Hey!"

Ha'ze was HIDING thank you very much. And doing a pretty good job of it, those shadows and his dark eyes fading into the background. But his attention is on the goldrider come to take it out of his hide and he didn't even notice Gabriela coming close until, "shit." The explitative slips from his lips as he is forced into the light. He'd snap at the woman but uh, "Jajen." He straightens himself up, and takes measured steps towards her, just tossing an irritated we-will-talk-LATER look at Gabriela.

Abigail glowers right back at Jajan, one of her hands balls slightly into a fist while she points at Jajen a bit. "Ha'ze wouldn't steal a child, and I have a hard time believing he up and stoll Jaze." As for the rest a faint huff escapes her. "Untrustowrthy… So the kettle calls the pot black." She doesn't see Jajen as beening /that/ trustworth it seems. There is a slight pause and she glances over to the voices, one of Gabriela and the other being Ha'ze. Niumreoth rumbles out sotly in his best attempt to keep himself relaxed, though the added tension in the air right now isn't all that helpful really.

Kainaesyth cannot defy Iaverulth's order, but he can exist under it. Bowing down before the gold Kainaesyth stretches towards here, to brush against her if she will take the reassurance. « Wait for the story to unfold before deciding the end. »

As Ha'ze jerks forward into the light, Gabriela winds up whacking into the wall. At least her shadow is empty save for herself now. The nerve of him! Hiding in her favorite shadow. She arches a brow at the look he gives her. Oh we'll talk. Sure. About how you shouldn't look at me that way mister. Not my fault you're hiding like a child! Never mind the fact that she is now hovering in the darkened space herself. We aren't focused on that. We're focused on Ha'ze losing a piece of his behind.

"Figures you'd not see this for what it is. You're his plaything aren't you?" Jajen sneers at Abigail, wholly tossing rank out of the field. Goldrider, Wingleader, it doesn't matter. The brownrider is promptly ignored however for the sudden appearance of Ha'ze. "YOU!" Fists readied and held at her sides, Jajen wheels and proceeds to storm and descend on Ha'ze. Best start explaining fast! She's spoiling for a fight or maybe an excuse to start venting her anger, fear and upset on the bronzerider — physically (and no, not it in a good way). Iaverulth remains where she is, pacing at first but that is quelled when Kainaesyth stretches towards her. She'll stop and she doesn't lash out against the bronze but her displeasure rolls off in waves, her tail lashing back and forth behind her while talons click and scrape against the stone and dirt of the bowl floor.

Hey whoah! Is Gabriela hearing that woman correctly? "Nope she's not the play thing," she pipes up out of nowhere. "That would have been me. But she," a finger emerges into the light to point at Abigail, "is his woman." Just so we are all clear here on the roles of everyone. "And I am guessing you," she edges fully into the light to gaze at Jajen, "used to be me and got caught with a young'un." In her estimation this Goldriding hussy with a kid complex belongs in her camp and not nice, kind Abigail's.

Ha'ze probably should have stayed inside the weyr. But now he's surrounded by three women he's slept with, each with a reason to be pissed at him. Eyes sweep around to note the three women and he sighs. Hands up, he'll try to calm Jajen. "She had a reaction to some grasses." At least that's what Ha'ze is going to assume was the cause. A glare is sent at Gabriela. SHUT UP WOMAN. "I brought her to the healers here." Of coruse, the fact he didn't intend to bring her back was… immaterial. "She's in the nursery now, sleeping with Galeon and Aleoa."

Plaything…. /plaything/?? Abigail just eyes Jajen thinly and is actually following after her. "What did ye call me?" Is questioned with a sudden thin tone while she makes a grab for Jajen's elbow to try and spin her back around. "Let me explain something to ye.. I'm no one's damned /plaything/ unlike ye, ye little bloody harlet." If Jajen is truely looking for a fight she may have just found one. Has plenty of reason to be upset with Ha'ze, an yet she always has his back through thick and thin, though now Jajen is pointing out her flaw so to speak. A half glance is sent towards Ha'ze to eye him a moment once their children are pulled into the mix.

Wait, who is this? Jajen focuses in on Gabriela, eyeing the woman and though she sneers again it's not entirely directed at her. "So he got you too, huh?" All the more reason for her to dislike the bronzerider! Only her 'fight' with him is on hold as Abigail catches up to her and she'll promptly try to yank herself free of the brown rider's grip. "Don't touch me!" she snarls and is echoed by Iaverulth's roar of protest, the gold once more irate than calming. "I am no harlot!" Jajen protests, affronted (and okay, that's a half truth!) and glaring heatedly at Abigail. "You need to take a better look at him! Looks like I'm not the only one he's tumbled behind your back. Wonder how many more are lurking about?" Take that! Jajen whirls back on Ha'ze, eyes narrowed and hard and she does not seem to take his story entirely to heart. "And for some reason you just fail to tell me this, fail to show up with her, fail to keep me informed?" she snaps back at him, only to smirk and almost triumphantly at that. Now that she knows where her daughter is? "You're still a rotten bastard, Ha'ze…" And off she goes! Where? RIGHT for the nursery unless she's stopped.

Gabriela certainly has a reason to be angry with the lying asshat who calls himself Ha'ze today. Oddly though she is in Abigail's corner right about now. Probably because the woman hadn't smacked her when she'd discovered the truth in such a bad fashion. Right this second though she isn't certain Abigail isn't going to wallop on this other woman. Seriously she needs to get a name from someone. The glare from Ha'ze earns him a snort from her. Oh yeah RIGHT! She's not about to shut up dude. He's lucky there isn't a basket around or she'd try to brain him again. "Yeah he did. Had to lie to do it. But he managed," she responds to Jajen with a shrug. It rolls right off her back too. She doesn't much care at the moment. Wait where is the interloper going? Stepping to the left she blocks the woman's path. "Hold up. Trying to steal a kid back isn't the way to go about this is it? Isn't that damaging to it or something?" Screaming adults can't be copasetic for small children.

Ha'ze's temper is a slow thing to rise. But it's bubbling as Jajen directs the attacks more personally then they had been before. One thing for her to backstab him (at least he deserves it? A little?), but another for her to go after Abigail. He steps forward to get between the two women, but it's not Jajen he attempt to stop, but instead Abigail, reaching out to put an arm around her. "Leave it Abigail. She's mad. For reason." A glare over a shoulder at Gabriela. LATER WOMAN. LATER. "Look, I have to go calm her down. Don't… do anything." Not that Ha'ze should give orders. Over there, Kainaesyth is attempting to work some magic on Iaverulth, sliding up to attempt to slide a wing over her in a comforting gesture.

Abigail smirks thinly as she hears Jajen and is actually pulling back her hand a moment. "What ye gona do about it?" She /did/ touch Jajen, oOoOo. Though the rest is heard and she glowers at Jajen about to say something else, or even follow after her, she is still pissed to say the least. "Spoiled little brat!" Is called out after the leavng Jajen, the only thing that /did/ stop her is Ha'ze. Leave it… How does she leave /that/? A glance is sent to Ha'ze watching him a moment now and she frowns a bit but she doesn't continue to poke at the mad goldrider. "If she wakes /our/ daughter up I'm going to be pissed Ha'ze." She is rather potective of her children, she does understand Jajen's thought process on this matter honestly didn't help. "What could I possibly do?" Jajen isn't near her right now after all. Her hand fainly presses against Ha'ze's arm giving it a squeeze before she'll be turning to head over to where Niumdreoth is.

Gabriela has nothing at all to say to Ha'ze. In her opinion he's getting what he deserves! So he in general is ignored like the pimple on the butt he is. Seeing that he's taking Abigail to arm makes her feel slightly mollified toward him. She actually likes the woman, and has thus far kept her promise of distance from her. It can't be helped that she'd stumbled into this mess. And while she's defended Abby she hasn't directly said a word to her. Thusly keeping her promise still.

Jajen will brush right by Gabriela with nothing so much as a sneer and a condescending look. Don't get in her way! At least she doesn't shove the woman? Maybe if she was still a Fortian junior that held some "rank" within the Weyr she'd be a bit more of a bully but right now the goldrider is focused on ONE thing: her daughter. Everyone else be damned Between. Even Abigail's taunts are ignored, though perhaps that flippant wave of her hand has a certain… one fingered salute. Hmm. Not very goldrider-esque of her, was that? Granted, NOTHING about Jajen is "your typical goldrider". Ha'ze… is rightly ignored too as Jajen starts to storm her way through the living caverns and most of the weyrfolk don't dare cross her path. Iaverulth remains agitated but no longer so visibly so. She seethes quietly, allowing Kainaesyth to extend his wing over her though at the moment no comfort will come until her rider has calmed down.

And in the middle? Ha'ze is left with one woman walking that way, the other walking this way, and the last just standing there. At least he takes ownership of the mess and he waivers between making sure that Abigail isn't about to head off after Jajen and going after the goldrider herself. He's poised with not-quite-sure-ness, before he turns and paces after Jajen. Not running, though he might catch up with her right before the nursery and reach to grab her arm to slow her down. "Look, calm down before you go in."

Abigail isn't going after Jajen, no… Not into the nursery though right now she wants nothing more then to follow after the 'goldrider' and teach her a few lessons in respect. At the moment though she will hang back with Niumdreoth, the brown is attemping to calm her, though it is not working well with the Wingleader.

Jajen will yank her arm away from Ha'ze, eyes flashing with warning and anger both. For a woman who used to go seeking attention and physical touch, now she seems dead set against ANY contact — or is it just Ha'ze's? "Calm!?" she hisses at him, her voice strangely lowered even if she was screaming moments before out in the bowl. Her eyes dart to the cavern, as if expecting Abigail to be following but she'll watch as a few more weyrfolk wisely give her and Ha'ze a wider berth. "I've ever right not to be calm right now, Ha'ze! So what is it you want to tell me? I doubt it's a damned apology, so just spit it out so I can get to my daughter!"

If she wants spit and fire from Ha'ze, she's going to have to try to give it to him when they're not so near sleeping children. Ha'ze modulates his voice down to a low growl, so Jajen can hear, but no one else. "She needs to be near other kids Jajen. Kids who get havin' rider parents. We're doin' her a disjustice allowin' her to be raised in isolation."

"And you don't think I was socializing her?" Jajen scoffs and for a moment her voice raises out of frustration but she's quick to lower it again, head lowered so she can glower up at Ha'ze, not afraid to be right in his personal space (but avoids physically touching him). "I take her to the settlements where there's young families or they bring their children up if they've work in the area! She's too young to care or understand if her parent's are riders or the lowest of drudges! And I've half a mind to keep her as far away from ANY Weyr!"

"I know you are." Once the months of winter had faded and Kainaesyth's ventures out of the weyr were less of a chore, Ha'ze had gone to Drake's Lake. Most people don't find the bronzerider chatty, but he'd made a point to make sure he knew the people around his daughter. "She needs our kind of people. Shit just, be silent and look." He steps away from Jajen, and opens the doorway to peek in. He won't let it though till Jajen agrees to be silent though.

Jajen snorts again, "Your type of people, you mean! THESE people," She'll gesture sharply outwards towards the caverns but to no one in particular. "Were all too happy to see the backside of me! They are not my people and never were. A Turn in Drake's Lake taught me that. I get more respect from the workers there than half of what I was ever given here." All her rambling is done low and hissed under her breath and she'll glower at him again when he tells her to be quiet. For the sake of a chance to see her daughter, she'll hold her tongue.

"Our type." Ha'ze stands firm on the point, but falls silent as he pushes open the door. The nursery workers are use to Ha'ze sweeping in, taking his children, then sweeping off again, but Jajen gets more than a few startled stares and at least one mutter of "…. banished… why?" from woman to woman who oversee the babies. Ha'ze steps lightly enough towards the cradles that hold the children, and stops at a far one. Inside Jaze, dark haired and slightly pudgy, sleeps with one thumb in her mouth. The other hand is curled inside the much smaller digits of Aleoa, the little girl clutching tightly to her half-sister's finger.

Jajen wants to argue with Ha'ze but she's going to keep her mouth firmly shut (for once). The goldrider's eyes flash again as they dart to that woman's muttering, hardening as she bristles with her hands curling into fists but she'll wrestle her temper down. A temper that vanishes the moment she sees Jaze and her whole posture relaxes as she quietly picks her way over to where her daughter sleeps, crouching down and with surprising tenderness reaches out to touch the back of her fingers to her child's cheek. She does not attempt to pick Jaze up and does not disturb Aleoa though it troubles her to see Abigail's daughter so close to her own. Possessive? You bet she is. For good reason. Still quiet, Jajen looks up with a heavy frown bordering on a scowl at Ha'ze. Well? What is it that he wanted her to see?

Ha'ze finds a wall to lean against, where he can watch Jajen interact with the children. Whatever he was hoping for, doesn't come across and he sighs as he shakes his head slowly. "I want her to come to the weyr. More than just a little. This is her home as much as that lake Jajen."

"No." Jajen gives her answer without hesitation and while her eyes linger on Ha'ze, there's a flicker of something more than anger there. Fear, maybe? She'll look back down at her daughter again, gently stroking her hair before withdrawing her hand. Her original plan of just swooping in to take Jaze goes on hold. For all her brashness and temper, she's not about to wrench her away while her hand is curled around her half-sister's and she is by far not foolish enough to snare Abigail's daughter too. Reluctantly, Jajen will stand and glare at Ha'ze as she moves away. What she has to say isn't fit to be said in the nursery and she doubts her ability to keep quiet much longer. She'll wait until they're back in the lower caverns before she starts in on the argument again. "If she comes to the Weyr, she's as much as lost to me and I'm not about to roll over and let that happen! I tolerate visits — or tolerated. Don't know how much I can trust you now with what you've done and this talk you're bringing up."

There is wisdom in avoiding the pair, and almost everyone is going to do it. The news will spread like wildfire and some will avoid the lower caverns, while others gather at the edges while pretending to be engaged in some SUPER INTERESTING activity. "Fine. Not to stay. But for checkups. And an over-night or two. I don't want her to grow up an outcast like us." The words are out before Ha'ze can bring them back, as Jajen is still an outcast.

"Two nights at most and if I don't get updates from Kainaesyth or by firelizard, I'll consider the agreement null and void and deny your visits," Jajen fires back in a low, almost snarled tone. Yes, she's an outcast. For that she scoffs and just rolls her eyes at him. "You'll make her an outcast by keeping her here!" Idiot. "They all know who she is and they will not let her forget it, just as they wouldn't let me forget who I was once. Fort is not her family, no matter how much you want it to be and if I could, I'd make it so YOU are not her family either and she grows up knowing her father for the man he truly is."

"Done." Ha'ze knows that he's not going to get much else out of the goldrider, and doesn't even try. Instead, he'll nod. "They'll accept her. Not because she's ours, but because Galeon and Aleoa will accept her as their sister. I'll bring them out," um, maybe Ha'ze should run this by Abigail first, "and they'll be siblings. No matter what happens with us."

Abigail wouldn't be very happy right now if Ha'ze did that seeing how Jajen thinks she is but a plaything at the moment! Ha'ze best talk to her first give the conversation that just happened.

Jajen just shakes her head and gives him another dark look. "You're a damn fool, Ha'ze." she mutters, not buying it for a moment that her daughter won't be singled out, half-siblings or not! Crossing her arms over her chest, she hasn't budged far from the nurseries even though she knows her time here is running shorter by the second. Kayeth may be on the Sands but even the senior gold's tolerance will break at some point. "I don't think bringing the twins to Drake's Lake will work just as much as Jaze being here would." For reasons… that Jajen doesn't explain. She'll look at the nursery again and then back at Ha'ze, visibly torn and growing angrier by the second for it. "She better be back home with me the moment she's well enough to Between!"

"Maybe." Ha'ze isn't about to admit that he's not a fool. It's not the first time, and it probably won't be the last time either. Instead he picks up a hand and points a finger at Jajen. "It'll work. Somehow. This stigma can't stay with us forever." He takes in a deep breath and then lets it out ago. "The healers say tomorrow. We'll be there as soon as she's awake." A promise given. Not that it means much to the goldrider. Burned bridges and everything there makes it hard for the water to actually go under them. He doesn't wait for a formal good bye, but instead pivots on a heel and will try to get to the bowl and get Abigail away before Jajen can start a fight with her. Kainaesyth will stay though, cooing gently to the gold, soothing.

Abigail won't go looking for said fight, as long Jajen goes without a word she will stay by Niumdreoth. The brown is a bit torn, though he will stay near his rider and leave Kainaesyth to deal with soothing the gold all the while.

Jajen is still tempted to grab her daughter and make a run for it but the only thing keeping her from doing so is the risk to her health. Damn it! "It can for some of us. I don't see you exiled, so don't you go whining about stigmas and unfair treatment." she snipes at him before brushing past him. She'll tolerate his "promise" but if he's so much as a few minutes late that morning all hell will break loose. Jajen won't go picking fights, not with Abigail or anyone else. Iaverulth has been calmer under Kainaesyth's soothing, but the gold will become increasingly restless and then agitated, likely having something to do with Kayeth's influence. Intruder that she is! So the goldrider will hurry to her lifemate and mount up, the pair leaving as soon as safely to do so and vanishing back to Drake's Lake.

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