Fort Weyr - Moutain Pass - Snowbound Cottage
Upon entering, one is greeted with a broad, wide and open room of wood and stone. High ceilings allow for more illusion of space, the rafters above arranged in an almost artful and tasteful way to accentuate the shape and layout of the room. Large windows have been set into the wall facing the mountains and lake below and high above closer to the ceilings, allowing much of the natural light to fill the room. For nightfall, there are several hanging fixtures of metal rings, each capable of holding several clear containers of glows, along with several alcoves set into the walls within easy reach, leaving any guests capable to adjust how much or little glow-light they prefer. The rest of the decor is simple and rustic, with some of the wall space taken up by a few small paintings of Fortian or northern landscapes.
A large stone fireplace lines the other wall, the mantel decorated with a few tasteful pieces of pottery, the vases holding no flowers save for those placed there by visitors in the warmer seasons. Around the fireplace three low couches have been arranged around each other with various sized pillows arranged for even more cozy comfort. A large woven rug is spread out on the floor and an equally low but dark wood table rests on top of it, perfectly placed for easy access.
One one side of the wall where the fireplace rests, a small archway leads to a winding wooden staircase that leads to the private upstairs rooms and the balcony that overlooks the room below from the long hallway. The other side also boasts an archway, but it leads to another short hallway that opens up to a full kitchen, capable of keeping food and drink cool and a small stove for preparing meals. The cabinets are fully stocked as well with dishes, utensils and cookware.
Back towards those large mountain facing windows is an almost invisible wooden door. Even it's smaller glass windows look to be part of the design, allowing it to blend in so craftily. If one opens it though, it leads out the large and covered raised patio outside. Another staircase leads to the underside of the patio, where another sitting area is arranged for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors and the fire pit not too far away.

Snow falls and falls and falls. The storm hits, bringing with it wind and cloud and snow. Passage of time is noted only with how much the sky lightens and darkens. It is now drifting towards dark, so it's possibly afternoon. An eerie feeling for sure, but in the warmth of the cabin, it's almost easy to forget where one is and how cold and dangerous the weather and snow covered world is outside. Th'ero did not return to the Weyr though there was ample time after he came to visit Kimmila. After snuggling with her on the couch, he drifted off into a light sleep and by then it was too late. Now it's edging towards nightfall and he's beginning to stir, his cramped muscles protesting a bit. "Mhm…" he grunts and then yawning, mumbles sleepily without opening his eyes. "… Wingmate?"

Kimmila shifts against him, murmuring something as his question draws her out of her own doze. "Mmmhmm?" she murmurs, sitting up a bit and rubbing her eyes. The fire has burned low and though the cottage is still warm, it'll chill quick enough unless it's brought back to life again. Glancing at the fogged up windows, Kimmila looks around with a yawn. "What time is it?"

Th'ero will stretch out under and against her when she sits up until a few of his joints crack and he groans in a satisfied way. Ahh, that felt good! Sitting up, he will promptly draw her into a gentle hug as he nuzzles her shoulder as he shakes off the grogginess in his head. "Does the time matter?" he drawls thickly and then opens his eyes a little more, eyeing those fogged windows. "Hmm. Storm is on us. Velokraeth is sleeping. If I had to guess… it's afternoon?" He yawns again.

Kimmila shrugs with a soft chuckle. "No, it doesn't." Getting to her feet, she pulls on her robe and walks over to the window, using the sleeve to wipe away the fog. Peering outside she whistles low. "Faranth. Wingmate, come look at this." Drifts. Drifts and /snow/. Outside is utterly white, with the soft hiss of unrelenting flakes blowing down from the grey sky. Almost nothing is visible, everything cloaked in white.

Th'ero doesn't want to move? At least, that's what his body language, posture and expression are all saying without him uttering a single word. He's comfortable! Relaxed. Happy! He has his quiet, his peace and best of all… Kimmila to share it with. Something in the way she whistles though has him lifting his head and with a stifled groan he rolls off the couch and shuffles his way over. Slipping in behind her, he will lean heavily against her back as he peers out the window from over her shoulder. "… Faranth." he breathes. "They weren't kidding about the storm! Damn. Damn! I hadn't even thought to bring the shovels and equipment from the sheds…" Uh oh?

Kimmila turns a bit to peer up at him. "Surely there are shovels and things here, right? Such an isolated place…there's bound to be shovels at least. Maybe even snow shoes. Not that we've anywhere to go, really." She smiles, leaning back against him contentedly. "Now you /can't/ leave."

"There probably is, stored somewhere close. Maybe under the raised patio." Th'ero murmurs and then chuckles low in his throat. "Snow shoes? Have you ever worn a pair of them?" He hasn't. He isn't even sure if he knows how to strap them on properly! Slipping his arms around her firmly, he will laugh softly by her ear as he rests his chin against her shoulder. "No where to go and now you're stuck with me, Wingmate. Not that I was in a rush to leave. One night here won't hurt." Oh, such a fool he is!

Kimmila nods with a grin. "Of course. You haven't? Even with all your turns in Fort? well then. Maybe we should find some and I can give you some lessons," she teases, leaning against him. She laughs. "Happily stuck with you wingmate, for as long as the storm lasts."

Th'ero leans his head back enough to look down at her with a crooked grin. "No, I haven't. Not even with all my Turns here in Fort. Do you think I've had the time?" he teases back. "I'd not mind you teaching me. Who'd be up here to see me flail about and fail at it?" No one. So it's perfect timing! Chuckling, he kisses her cheek and embraces her tightly to him before stepping back. "Have you seen Boo? Wondering if we should feed her… and ourselves." Priorities!

Kimmila smirks. "You have the time for mud wrestling." Touche. Glancing around, she shakes her head. "Not yet." And she clicks her tongue, trying to lure the kitten out of wherever she's curled herself. Probably somewhere warm and comfortable and cozy. "Food sounds good. Good thing you brought all that food earlier, huh?"

"Mud wrestling is NOT anywhere near the same as snow shoeing!" Th'ero scoffs in mock insult. Pfft, clearly there is a difference! Laughing, he'll begin to walk back towards the kitchen, only to swear as he almost trips (and kicks) Boo as the kitten comes bolting out of her hiding spot under the couch at Kimmila's call. "Shards! We need to get her a bell or something…" he grumbles, with Boo oblivious as she peers up at the bluerider. What? "Guess it'll pay off this time that we have a few feasts and leftovers?" he calls from the kitchen. "Any preferences, Wingmate?"

Kimmila smirks. "How would you know, if you've never done one of them?" she fires back with a grin, bending to scoop Boo up into her arms and give her pets. Hi, kitty. "No preferences, whatever's there is fine." There's a pause. "How much do we have?"

Boo purrs and melts into Kimmila's arms, snuggling up to her. Hi. Meanwhile, Th'ero's laughter drifts from the kitchen. "I just know! I know SOME things!" He's totally bluffing. Rummaging sounds can be heard and then his voice, a little closer and clearer as he begins to sort out their meal. "Enough. Plenty from breakfast and then a lot of dried and canned goods that were stocked up here. Found some cured meat too… might be good with some cheese…" Is that an answer?

Kimmila nods as she strokes Boo and walks towards the kitchen, stopping in the doorway. "How long, would you say?" she asks, surveying the area. "How much wood is out there?"

Th'ero frowns as he looks up where he was setting some of the food down on the counter. Some dried, cured and seasoned meat, cheeses, crackers and dried fruit. Not exactly a BIG meal, but a nice snack? "Oh… Uh." He was about to make some wise-ass remark along the lines of 'if we don't gorge ourselves' and then he remembers Kimmila is eating for two. It seems far less funny and it also sparks a small, dark worrisome thought. Suddenly, the food he just inventoried doesn't seem that much at all. "Another day and a half? Storm should blow itself out by then and if not well… we've the firelizards. They don't need to fly outdoors." But neither can they carry THAT much with them! "More than enough wood, Wingmate. Don't worry!"

Kimmila moves forward to sit at the table, looking at the food with a small nod. "Day and a half…" Her eyes flick to the windows and then she nods with a small smile. "Of course, the firelizards." Shaking off her concern, she takes some cheese and crackers to nibble on. "Glad we've enough wood."

Th'ero can't help but snicker in a rare, rare display of immature humour. Snicker, snicker. Wood. "Were you concerned about our food stores, Wingmate?" he asks softly, pushing the platter closer to her while he helps himself. Stacking some of the meat and cheese, he'll slip a cracker beneath it all and then devour it in a single bite. No dainty nibbling.

Kimmila eyes him. EYES him. Did he just? He did just. She smirks, and…makes a jerking off motion. Two can be immature? Wink. She then looks to the windows again. "This is a bad storm, is all. Even if it stopped right now…I doubt we'd be out of here for at least another day, and it doesn't look like it's stopping. We could be here for a sevenday, wingmate. This is a heavy, serious storm."

Two can be very immature and after Th'ero recovers from the shock of Kimmila's less than proper gesture, he'll respond with a rather inappropriate one of his own that, surprise surprise, reflects a sexual act. Is it a contest now? Now he does laugh, shaking his head at her wink. Tsk! What would the Weyrwoman or the other weyrfolk think? Th'ero isn't the Weyrleader here. He's just a bronzerider, a normal man. He can relax. Fort Weyr may be under a heavy storm, but he's confident that all was settled before he left. If a true emergency rises… Velokraeth will be roused. But the bronze slumbers on and Th'ero remains oblivious of just how this may backfire. "It can't snow forever, Kimmila. If the winds go down enough, Velokraeth would be able to fly out." My, my. Someone is confident!

Kimmila snorts with a smirk for his return gesture, and…she doesn't do anything in reply, instead looking at the food on the table. "Mm. Perhaps," she says quietly. "But if the weyr is covered in snow, the between point…." Then she shrugs. "It is what it is," and she sits, sipping some tea and nibbling on some crackers, a hand gently rubbing her belly.

"Mhm, yes. The Between Point would change, but I doubt no blizzard on Pern could bring so much snow as to bury all reference points, Wingmate. We've the Star Stones, the peaks… those could be enough and if not, well… another landmark close to but outside could suffice. Or we fly straight, if the winds are down." Th'ero murmurs around a few more bites of food, giving her a reassuring smile as he does. Maybe half of that rambling was to reassure himself too. "How are you feeling?" he goes on to ask, perhaps oblivious to her hand on her belly and a matter of coincidental timing.

Kimmila shrugs a bit to his arguments, rubbing a hand on her belly again. "I'm fine," she says with a smile for him. "A little queasy, but… Do we have some of that herbal tea mix here?"

Th'ero frowns, both in lingering worry for her and for her question. Did he remember to bring any? "There might be. Would you like me to check?" he murmurs, already beginning to push back his chair in preparation to rise to his feet.

Kimmila nods, "Please," she says quietly, offering another smile…but even then, she's leaning back to rub her belly a bit.

Th'ero pushes to his feet and has almost walked around and past the table when she leans back to rub her belly again. Pausing, he steps closer to her and gently rests a hand on her shoulder. "Are they restless?" he tries to joke lightly, even if it falls rather flat. His grip firms a little. "Maybe we should go rest on the couch again, Wingmate. I'll get you some tea and then… maybe a gentle massage? I'm not too horrible at it, I don't think…" She's never complained to him, has she?

Kimmila chuckles softly. "Maybe? I just…am not feeling too great all of a sudden.." She eyes the food. "Some water, maybe? And sure, tea, and on the couch. A massage sounds nice too…" She never has, though now she's going to be much more sensitive.

"I'll get both some tea and water," Th'ero promises and does his best to hide his growing concern. Leaning down, he will kiss her cheek and let his hand slip from her shoulder so that he can briefly wrap his arm around her with his hand now seeking to brush up along the curve of her belly. "Go make yourself comfortable, Wingmate. I'll be with you shortly." Another kiss and then he is slipping away as he steps back and into the kitchen.

Kimmila closes her eyes at the kiss and nods with a smile. "Maybe I just slept wrong," she murmurs, getting carefully to her feet and moving with gentle steps. To the couch she goes, settling down in one corner and drawing her legs up to tuck them beneath her body. Reaching for a blanket, she pulls that over herself as well, a frown creasing her brow.

Th'ero won't be gone for too long and soon join her by the couch. He carries a tray with him, laden with a mug of her tea and a pitcher of water and two glasses. He's brought some snacks too but too painfully obvious that he's selected them for their bland, light nature. Stuff that is easy on the stomach but filling. "Here we are," he murmurs softly, setting it down within her reach.

Kimmila reaches for the water first, taking a few small sips. "Thank you, wingmate," she says quietly, taking a slow, deep breath and letting it out gently. Her hand rubs her belly again and she shifts, shaking her head. "Just don't feel quite…comfortable…"

Th'ero's eyes linger on her, watching her closely in his silent way. His smile hasn't faded however and when she shifts, he'll sit on the couch and gesture for her to come to him. Rest with her back facing his front and he will lay his hands against her back, starting from her shoulders and slowly working lower. "I can't even image what it must feel like to carry one child, let alone two. Could be they're just… moving?" he murmurs. He's still a touch naive about the whole pregnancy bit and some details remain hazy (or missing entirely).

Kimmila shrugs. "I'm…I don't know. Maybe?" she says, rubbing her belly bump gently. "Faranth. Twins." It's still sinking in slowly. "have you told Tlazio?"

Th'ero pauses in his massage to slip his arms around her again and rubbing his hands over her belly again and even resting his hands over hers if he can before she draws away. "Twins." he whispers softly, his chin coming to rest over her shoulder. It still strikes him all over again at times. Like now. Twins. "…" His answer is silence which is her answer. "No…" he says, drawing it out. Oops? Bad, Th'ero. Bad. "I've… I still would have preferred you with me. He is your brother after all. But I have told no one… though there is likely to be assumptions now." Gossip at least!

Kimmila sighs softly, looking down at his hands covering hers. "You need to tell him," she says quietly. "This…they need to know. So if they don't want twins…" THey can find another foster family. The very idea of which hsa Kimmila sighing again, sinking back against him with her chin on her chest.

"I will, Wingmate. I'm sorry that I allowed it to slip my mind again," Th'ero murmurs apologetically and tilts his head to brush his lips against her neck. Her sighing has him worried again and he will support her comfortably as she sinks back against him. Now he holds her in a gentle embrace. "I'm sure it will all work out, love. Tlazio and his wife already agreed to fostering our next child. We could not foresee or control this…" Right? "I will have to tell Kenali and Garan as well. Kiena. Is there anyone you… don't want me to tell quite yet?"

Kimmila closes her eyes and sighs again, shaking her head. "No, we couldn't foresee or control it. I just hope they're okay with it. And yes, tell them all too… I…no. There's no one I don't think we should tell. Mother needs to know…" And there's no way they'd come up here. Not now.

Th'ero leans back a bit and only so his hands can slide over her sides and around to the curve of her lower back. Carefully, his fingers begin to knead and massage. "When I get back to the Weyr, I'll speak to them. I'll let Weyrwoman Nyalle know as well, so that she's not wondering why I am leaving so often." If she hasn't already begun to grow suspicious! "I haven't forgotten Elara and A'rtomus either." he murmurs with a soft smile. "I will tell them too."

Kimmila tilts forward a bit so his hands can reach, tipping her head forward a bit. "Thank you," she says quietly.

Th'ero allows his hands to work at her lower back, moving slow and cautious as he watches her carefully. Watching for any signs of tenderness or discomfort. "How are you feeling… about all of this?" he asks, his voice almost cautious. "Are you feeling any more at peace about it?" Crypticness aside, he's trying to put out feelers to see if she's any closer to coming home with him. Before it becomes too difficult for her to fly — and not because of the weather.

Kimmila smiles a bit. She knows what he's trying to do. "These last few days have been wonderful. And very needed," she says quietly. "I'm feeling a bit better about all of it. Being somewhere different helps."

Th'ero smiles when she catches on so fast to his little 'game' and lowers his head to brush his lips along the back of her neck in a tender and loving gesture. "Good." And he means it! His hands continue to massage along her lower back. "It has given you time to think?"

Kimmila nods, "It has," she confirms with a gentle smile. "To think and relax and…not feel any pressure about anything. Just….hiding." She turns a bit to smile back at him. "You understand that, right? That need?"

Does he ever! Th'ero laughs softly and will try to lean forwards enough to snare her into a kiss. Gentle but loving, even if brief. "Yes, Wingmate. Yes I do." Very much. "And I am sorry that I reacted as I did… when we first came here. I should have known better." Silly, foolish man.

Kimmila returns the kiss, leaning into it until it ends. She chuckles softly and nods. "It's okay. It…was…" But then she trails off with a sudden flinch, a twitch and grimace that shifts into a groan as she presses her hand to her abdomen.

Th'ero stiffens behind her, instantly on alert and his hands will come up to gently touch her arms as he leans forwards. "What is it, KImmila? Is something wrong?" Please, no. He does well to keep his voice level, swiftly clamping down on the fear that jolts through him, both ice cold and searingly hot. No. No, no. He grips that panic too and wrestles it down.

Kimmila shakes her head. "I…I don't know," she says softly, and there is fear in her voice as she grimaces again with another soft groan, hand pressing into her lower belly. "Th'ero…"

Th'ero refuses to panic. He will NOT panic and let fear rule him again. Setting his jaw, he will keep his expression as calm as possible as he gently slips out from behind her, hands steadying as he grips her shoulders and tries to guide her to lay back against the corner of the couch. "It's alright, Kimmila. It's alright!" he murmurs. "Just lay back. Tell me what's happening?" Reaching up, he will smooth back her hair and cup her cheek with his hand as he settles himself on the edge of the couch beside her, his eyes seeking hers even as he watches her. "Is it… bad pain? Really bad?"

Kimmila shifts with a pale expression and a soft groan. She settles into the corner of the couch with both hands on her lower abdomen. “It’s…bad…it’s sharp. And pressure… It hurts, wingmate. It hurts,” she whispers, a cold sweat breaking out across her brow.

Definitely becoming FAR more difficult not to panic! Th’ero’s eyes flicker with that concern that borders on panic as Kimmila groans and elaborates on the discomfort. Nothing reassuring! “Alright…” he mutters, hesitating and fumbling. What now? What does he do now? “Alright. Breath, Wingmate. Slow breaths. Might just be some… some cramps? That’ll pass.” Please let them pass!

Kimmila opens her eyes, looking pained as she meets his gaze. “What if it doesn’t?” she whispers, “what if it doesn’t? We’re stuck here…” She’s trying to breathe but she’s not breathing very well, tending to hold onto her breath in her fear.

“We’re not stuck here,” Th’ero counters as he leans forwards and strokes her hair back again from her forehead. It’s not the truth, they ARE stuck there but, as always, he is trying to work out a solution. Some way out of the situation. He has too, to ward off the ugly, black thoughts now bubbling up in the back of his mind. Grim, awful thoughts. He won’t let them come forwards. “There will be a way to get a Healer here, if we need one, love. We’re close enough to Fort Weyr. Thunderbird, remember? Look at me though,” he murmurs, his voice as steady and soothing as he can keep it. “It’ll be alright. Just try to breath and keep calm, Kimmila. I’m here. We’ll be alright.”

Kimmila shifts, her forehead hot and clammy. She glances at the windows, at the snow falling outside, and she shivers. “Thunderbird can’t fly…” she groans, meeting his eyes. “I’m sorry, wingmate. If…I’m…if something happens…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…” Panic now?

Panic now. “Don’t talk like that, Kimmila!” Th’ero’s voice is a touch sharp, which he quickly remedies by smiling to her. He tries to make it comforting and loving, but it comes out strained and his eyes are reflecting some of the fear now growing stronger by the second. “I won’t let anything bad happen to you, alright? You’re safe here, with me. This might be just a…” He doesn’t have the word for it and so he goes silent, reaching up to touch her forehead again.
Kimmila flinches, leaning into his touch with a small shiver. “Safe…” she whispers. She clings to that, fighting the fear and the pain growing in her. “I…bathroom…” she murmurs, struggling to get up weakly.

“Safe.” Th’ero confirms and likewise fights that fear and pain echoing in him. She’ll be alright, she’ll be alright. He won’t lose her. He will NOT let that happen! No… he’ll do everything in his power to keep his nightmares from becoming a reality. Storm or no, trapped or not, he will not fail her. “Bathroom? Wingmate, easy! Let me help you…” Instantly he is on his feet and slipping his arm around her. Supporting her. Helping her to her feet and then bracing most of her weight on him as he begins to walk, watching her with concerned eyes.

Kimmila is pale and weak, leaning heavily on him with a shiver. Shuffling to the bathroom, she will make him stay outside as she goes in herself. Unless he insists. In which case, well…are they a couple that doesn't close the bathroom door? Because she's headed to the loo.

Th'ero almost follows her in until he realizes she seems to be hinting that she wants to go in alone. Maybe they are a couple that doesn't close the door in some cases. This time, he does but not all the way. He'll also stand a bit away from the door, to give her some privacy but if she calls out for him, he will hear her.

Kimmila is in there for a while. A…good ten minutes at least. Quiet. Doing…things. Time passes…does he get nervous?

Th'ero starts to get nervous around the five minute mark and paces quietly outside the door. By the seventh, he's fidgeting. By the tenth, he speaks up. "Wingmate?" His hand knocks against the door and nudges it open slowly. "Are you alright?"

"Don't come in," is Kimmila's quick reply. "I'm…" On the toilet. "Yeah, wingmate, I'm…I think I'm fine. I think it was just…maybe…something I ate, or…I don't know." Digestive issues. Bad, sudden, painful ones. But digestive all the same.

Th'ero will duck his head down and turn it away, slipping back behind the door a bit when she warns him not to come in. Oops? "Sorry, Wingmate. You were… I just was worried." he mumbles apologetically while retreating. Yet as the door clicks, rather than be embarrassed for barging in on her (he is), he is relieved. Relieved that it wasn't the beginning of his most dreaded fears. Stepping back to the opposite wall, he'll sigh heavily and lean against it, shoulders sagging as his emotions go into full reverse.

Kimmila finishes up and tidies up, and when she steps out of the bathroom she looks sheepish. "I'm sorry, wingmate," she says quietly, her cheeks flushed with color in sharp contrast to the paleness of the rest of her face. "I thought…" She was dying. Whoops?

Sometimes digestive upsets like that CAN feel like you are dying! Th'ero is sympathetic and understanding when she steps out of the bathroom, though some of his fear still lingers despite the obvious false alarm. What if it hadn't been? What if. Shaking off those thoughts while he takes the few small strides to her side he will slip his arm around her. "It's alright." he kisses the top of her head. "Let's go back to the couch and rest. Are you feeling better? You still look a bit pale." Minus her blushing.

Kimmila leans against him heavily, nodding. "I'm exhausted," she admits. "And quivery…" Inside and out. "Thank you. I'm sorry," she says yet again.

Th'ero supports her easily as he leads her back towards the couch and helps her down onto the cushions. He'll stack the pillows behind her back, making it as comfortable for her as possible before he sits beside her, drawing her legs up to rest over his lap. Now they rest close together but if she needs to get up again, they are not so tangled with each other and he can be swift to help her. Yet he still craves that contact. Especially after the scare they both just received! "Kimmila, love… please, it's alright! Don't stress." he reassures her with a soft smile. "I'm just so very glad you're alright. ASide from being exhausted and… quivery, as you put it."

Kimmila leans against him firmly, closing her eyes with a soft exhale of breath. "I'm sorry I scared you…" She saw it. She knew.

"I was scared," Th'ero admits honestly. She saw it. He knows. So why hide it? He sighs and then chuckles softly though with little mirth to his voice. "And you shouldn't be sorry for that either. You can't control what your body does. I was just… yes, I was very afraid, Wingmate. For you. For the baby—babies. My worst fears came to my mind but I wasn't going to let them win. And you see? Everything is alright now…" But? There's always a catch, isn't there?

Kimmila nods. "I was too," she says quietly. "I thought, maybe coming here, not being near a Healer, I was afraid I'd…killed the twins. Or me. Or…and for that to happen, here, and you alone, and this…to have it happen /here/…" Anywhere, really, but here, when she'd isolated herself. "Is it?" she asks, peeking up at him. She hears that 'but' in his voice.

Th'ero shakes his head and makes a low, soothing sound as he leans forwards to gently cup her cheek and try to draw her into a gentle, loving kiss. One he keeps short but no less passionate in nature. She just outlined so many of his own fears and, oddly enough, it comforts him to know that she had similar ones to him. "But it didn't happen, Kimmila and we should take comfort in that. Yes, everything is alright now." And? "But… for how much longer?" He knows that now is the time to be a little more forwards with the honesty. Crypticness and subtle messages will get them nowhere. "I don't want to rush you back to the Weyr, Wingmate but… the time may be drawing closer. May already be here."

Kimmila leans forward into his kiss, gently kissing him back. His words have her sighing, a flicker of stubbornness flaring in her eyes. He's not ordering her back to the weyr already? She fights down her irritaiton though, knowing it's irrational. Knowing he's right, as much as she wants to fight against it. "Not like we can leave now," she mutters, which is…while not agreeing, at least not an argument?

Th'ero was not ordering her back to the Weyr and he's no fool to even try. Not yet, anyways. Right now, it's merely a suggestion and a gentle one at that, despite his lingering anxieties about her being here in the cottage. "No, we can't leave right now and even if we could, I'd not ask you to go right this second. I was only… voicing my concerns, Wingmate." he smiles softly and then glances away and out to the window where the snow continues to fall. "It did bring back memories of Kyzen's birth though. Not that I am saying his birth is a bad memory…" It was just a wee bit traumatic? "… not all of it, anyways. But we were so lucky, love, that nothing went awry."

Kimmila sighs, shaking her head. "I know, I know," she mutters. "We'll go back soon. Probalby when the storm breaks." She glances to the windows with another sigh, shfiting. "But not now. I like it here."

Th'ero chuckles softly. "We can't leave yet, Wingmate. Not with the wind and snow as it is." he murmurs, his hands reaching for her and seeking to draw her carefully into his arms. "We'll wait it out here." Even if it makes him extremely nervous and on edge to do so. Someone won't be sleeping well during the night!

Kimmila shifts closer to him, relaxing a bit into his embrace when he takes her into his arms. "Alright," she murmurs. She won't tense. She's trying not to tense. It's going to be okay. She's…well. She is trapped but she's not.

Th'ero holds her close and will rest his head next to hers. Comforting, warm and safe. Silent for a short time, when he speaks again, his voice is almost hushed in the quiet stillness of the room. "I'll still bring you little gifts back in the Weyr, you know. You… like it, don't you? And I am still trying to arrange some… options for you. So you can have your freedom — even if within the Weyr." It will be tricky. So tricky.

Kimmila nods her head a bit, eyes closed as she leans into his embrace. "I like the gifts," she says softly. "I do. And I know. Thank you." What else can she say? It's still hard.

Th'ero isn't looking for her to say much or anything at all, but her thanks and reassurance that his attempts in looking into her comfort and the gifts are appreciated is worth it. She is worth it all. "And you will tell me if you are unhappy?" he asks softly. "Or if you do not like what is arranged…?"

Kimmila nods, "Of…course I will, wingmate." She hesitated. She hesitated!

She did hesitate and Th'ero caught on to it and he causes him to frown and hold her under a lingering look. One that may look a touch hurt. Why would she lie to him? "Please, Wingmate? I… know it may be much to ask but I want to know if you are unhappy or feeling trapped… so that I may have a chance to help you…" Again, he glances out to that window and curses the timing of that storm.

Kimmila sighs. "But it'd hurt you," she says quietly. "It'd…if I felt trapped. It'd be like this, only…" Maybe worse, because she might feel /really/ trapped and utterly stuck.

Th'ero frowns as his eyes linger on her and he struggles, again, to understand the subtleness to her answer. "You'd feel smothered? If you told me and then I did everything to make you comfortable?" Is that it? He grimaces about being hurt and leans in to gently nuzzle her. "It may hurt me, yes. But it would hurt more to know that you are lying to me to keep me happy." he tells her.

Kimmila shakes her head a bit. "No. I'd feel bad telling you that whatever you did wasn't working, or wasn't enough, or…" She sighs. "Your life shouldn't revolve around /me/, wingmate."

Th'ero tilts his head as he leans against the couch. "Why would you feel bad, Wingmate? I need to know so that I can stop or ease up or not do it again. Like when I took you into those caves… You liked the cave itself but not how I had us enter it." Nothing like plunging through darkness and rock into water below! Stupid man. He should've known better! "My… life?" he blinks. "It doesn't. You are a very big part of it, but — well, we know that Velokraeth is central. And then the Weyr. But I always make time for you, love. Because I want to and it makes me very happy to do it."

Kimmila sighs softly, tucking hair behind her ear. "I just don't want to be a burden. Eventually. I /know/ you like taking care of me. But I don't ever want to be…too much. Get to be too much. Too demanding."

Th'ero abruptly bursts out into soft laughter. "Too much or too demanding?" he repeats and his smile is gentle but so very fond and loving. He tries to stroke her hair or draw her close to him, nuzzling again at her shoulder and neck. "Never. I don't think you've to worry about that, Wingmate. You are not a burden, alright? You are my weyrmate, my beautiful, strong, fierce and loyal and very much pregnant weyrmate and mother of my children and an irreplaceable rider. Not a burden."

Kimmila exhales with a soft huff, leaning into his body and being held and nuzzled by him. "I…" Feel guilty about it. "Okay."
Th'ero shakes his head and grimaces. "Not okay, Wingmate. Please. Talk to me? What is troubling you?" he presses her gently.

Kimmila shakes her head too, with a mirrored grimace to his own. "Nothing. It's…I'm not making any sense. My head is jumbled and I'm /tired/, wingmate. I don't know what I mean. I just want you happy. I don't want to be a burden and I don't want to be an irritation."

"Do you want to move to the bedroom?" Th'ero asks her softly as he gives her a reassuring and soothing look and smile. "It's alright, Wingmate. It's alright. And I am happy. Honest! I am. You're no burden or an irritation. There may come times when I won't be able to shower you with gifts or as much attention or flit off on a whim like I have now to be with you here at the cottage and… that's okay too. We've been through times like that and rougher times. Never have you been a burden on me."

Kimmila exhales, leaning against him and resting her body to his. "Okay," she whispers. "I believe you." And she does. As hard as it is for her to believe it, she does believe him.

Th'ero chuckles softly and supports her against his body and in his embrace. "Thank you, Wingmate. For believing me." he murmurs and then with an amused half-smile, he adds in a quieter tone. "If you had been a burden, you know, I wouldn't have let you stay here in the cottage alone while I returned to the Weyr. I trust you though and love you and knew it was the best for you. So rather than tie you up and drag you back to Fort Weyr in a barbaric fashion and keep you under lock and key…" He smirks. "I let you stay here. Even if it meant I could not be with you always, because of my duties to my Weyr and to Velokraeth. It meant I'd be late or not present at times… but it was alright. Wasn't it?"

Kimmila is quick to nod. "It was, it was. I don't…I need my quiet time too," she admits, darting a nervous glance at him. Does that sound terrible?

No, it doesn't sound terrible at all. In fact, Th'ero is grinning at her. Ahh, there's the answer he was seeking! Chuckling heartily, he gives her a reassuring smile. "And you will get your quiet time too, love. Here and back at the Weyr. I promise." Glancing away, he looks back towards the door. "In fact, I did bring some roster paperwork with me. … did you need some quiet time now? I can go work on it. Unless you wanted to take a look and I'll… make myself busy?"

Kimmila snorts. "Roster paperwork? No. I need to rest. You're welcome to join me, or not. Whatever you'd like, wingmate."

Th'ero laughs and gives her a swift but firm hug. "Damn. I'll have to work on my tactics for pawning off my paperwork a little more, I think." he teases and kissing her, he will slip to his feet and then offer her his hand. "I'll join you… and do my paperwork. I'm not quite tired yet but neither am I wishing to part from your company so soon. Not… that I could go far." There is another glance to the large windows.

Kimmila looks to the windows again with a small smile. "Right," she agrees, taking his hand and getting to her feet. "This place is sturdy, right?" she asks, peering upwards at the ceiling. "That's going to be a lot of weight up there…"

Th'ero looks up to the rafters and the high ceilings with a concerned frown. "I'd imagine that this place was built to withstand the worst of Fort's winters." he admits as he takes her hand in his and squeezes it firmly. Looking down at her again, he smiles. "But if the snow doesn't let up much by morning, I'll go out to be sure it doesn't… build up." Wouldn't that just be their luck? And the place being almost brand new!

Kimmila nods, "Or maybe Velokraeth could just gently brush some of the snow off the roof…" Rather than Th'ero going up there with a shovel. Taking his hand, she squeezes it and makes her way towards the stairs.

"I doubt Velokraeth would mind. Would Varmiroth want to help with it too?" Th'ero asks as he follows her up the stairs, breaking away only so he can grab the bound folio containing his paperwork and tuck it under his arm before joining her again. Up he climbs, keeping close to her side.

Kimmila nods, "Sure he would, though I'm not sure he's tall enough to get everything." Up to the bedroom, she shivers as she climbs beneath the covers, curling up on her side.

Th'ero chuckles softly. "They could work together on it. Might be good for them to get out and stretch. Velokraeth is sleeping right now, but I had the feeling earlier that the shelter they found is… rather tight. Not that he minds Varmiroth being so close." Cramped is still cramped! Setting his paperwork aside, he will slip in beside her after he strips off a few layers of clothing and kisses her shoulder and then her hair. "Comfortable?" he muses.

Kimmila nods, nestling in close beside him. "Very," she murmurs. "When the storm lets up a bit they'll work on it." Snuggling, she smiles gently. "I love you."

Th'ero nestles back against her and nods his head. "Then that's settled," he muses and smiles back. "I love you too, Wingmate." Kissing her, he'll draw it out slowly and his hand will slide down to the curve of her belly as he hovers over her for a lingering second or two. "Rest, now. I'll be here."

Kimmila smiles up at him, loving and gentle. "Thank you," she whispers, before she closes her eyes and relaxes into the bed. In no time, she's asleep.

Th'ero gently strokes his hand over her head and through some of her hair as he returns her loving and gentle smile. He will prop his back against a few pillows, sitting up with his back to the headboard and his head turned to watch her drift asleep. To some, it'd be unsettling but for him it is habit. Assured that she is deeply asleep, he will sigh heavily and glance to the doorway, his thoughts going out to the falling snow and how they are at the mercy of this storm. How he is not in his Weyr and… will have to answer for that when they return. Eventually, he will grab that folio and begin to work on the paperwork within. Nothing too taxing and rather mindless. Within a few candlemarks, he's throughly bored of it and finished for one night he will set it all in order and aside before joining Kimmila and stretching out under the covers to sleep against her side.