Fort Weyr - Guard Area
Just off the main bustle of the Southwestern Bowl is a large field dedicated solely to the intense training regimen of the Fort Guard contingent. Your average Weyrfolk isn't allowed past the corded off entrance for safety reasons but for the Guards that train here, much awaits their perusal.
To the west, rows of targets are set up for archery practice. Long bow and crossbow alike are used here thoughthe crossbow is certainly more travel friendly.
What lies directly before is an open area of packed earth for the one on one contests of skill, and training for the Guard members. The sight of many bumps and bruises, the expanse of dirt is often dreaded depending on who your next match is against. Skirting the back of this area is a beaten track heading to the north, where another field has been set aside for the purposes of emergency response training, in cohoots with the guards.
And finally over to the East is the dummies for exacting some more.. deadly force upon with out endangering your fellows. There's also a table with the first aid kit and a few skins of water for when a break is necessary to keep running at optimun efficiency.

Kimmila has marched Polana right out of the caverns, a guard scurrying ahead to open the door to the prison. The little windowless building has a front room with a desk and a guard seated on duty (at the moment idly picking his nails with the point of his blade, which he hastily sets aside and bolts to his feet at their entrance), and then several interior cells, lined up together with iron bars across their front and a locked gate in each of them. The one to the left has the door standing open, and it's to this one that Kimmila leads Polana, before she attempts to put her inside with a none to gentle push. Not enough to fling the girl in and certainly not enough to make her fall, but a strong enough motion that says, 'get in there' without argument.

Following a few seconds behind Kimmila and Polana comes Th'ero and the Weyrleader's mood and current state of temper is visible from a distance. His stride is brisk but his body is tense and stiff, resonating frustration and anger as he closes in on the Guard area and with one goal and focus in mind: the prison. The barest of acknowledging nods are given to the Guard on duty and then he's coming to an abrupt stop by Kimmila's side. Th'ero will turn his eyes on Polana then and if the door hasn't been closed already, he orders it done with a gesture of his hand. Notably though, he does not have it locked. Silently then does he just stare at the girl, then side glances to Kimmila briefly before he speaks, his voice flat and controlled. "Best start talking, Polana and explain yourself."

Well, it's this dandy. One wrong turn and she's being dragged down to the brig. That wretched Kimmila woman leads her down, shoving her into a cell. She doesn't trip and it doesn't hurt, but the fact that she did apply a certain amount of force angers her. Immediately Polana whips around to glare at her, only to have the door to the cell shut in her face. She briefly opens her mouth only to close it a moment later, apparently thinking better of it. Of course the Weyrleader is there as well, just like he has been every time she's seen the bluerider. By now she's beginning to wonder if there's something going on between them, not that it's very important to her at the moment. No, at the moment getting out of here is the only important thing. At his question Polana raises an eyebrow and asks, "what do you mean, explain myself? What's to explain?"

Kimmila takes a step back from the cell and crosses her arms, standing shoulder to shoulder with Th'ero as she watches the girl narrowly. "What's to explain is why a gold dragon reached out to mine and said hers was being threatened," she says, her tone flat and steely. "And why Borodin has a red mark on his face."

Th'ero is not intimidated in the slightest by Polana's glaring or attitude, but her refusal to show any regret only fuels his growing frustration towards the girl. So her haughty reply only earns her a scowl from the Weyrleader and a warning look. She best tread lightly with the bronzerider now, unless she's wishing to rile his temper to a breaking point. Standing straight and tense beside Kimmila, he gives a brisk nod to the bluerider's words to back them and show that he shares the same interests. "You need to also explain why you felt you had the right to slap Borodin at all and then go as far as to threaten a junior goldrider, whose rank vastly outstrips your own…" And his eyes dart to Polana's shoulder then, likely trying to glimpse her knot, if there is any. It won't help his grim mood any though when he recalls that the girl is all but a drudge.

Considering Zuvaleyuth's penchant for gossip, it is no surprise that the Weyrwoman is entering into the scene. That less than pleasant look on her face? That's the face of an angry, protective, Dtirae. Her lips are a thin line, white from the pressure. And from the looks of it: Jaja has been dismissed just for the occasion. Her arms fold across her chest and her gaze is looking to Polana, waiting for an explanation and doing nothing to announce her presence. And her knot? What knot? The woman is not wearing one right at the moment.

So it seems that the gold couldn't handle a little threat. Well, it's not /her/ fault if she couldn't take it. Not that she says that of course, even if Polana doesn't have the most common sense in the weyr she knows better than to say that. Instead she turns to Th'ero, deciding to completely ignore the bluerider. She is silent for a moment, looking him up and down as she thinks about her answer. There is no knot on her shoulder at the moment, in fact one rarely is, she isn't about to go boasting something she isn't proud of. For a moment she considers being silent or say something that they would doubtlessly consider rude, but the appearance of the Weyrwoman promptly changes that plan. Because, knot or know, she does recognize her. So with a sigh Polana explains, "I slapped the boy because he deserved it. I'm not going to take shit from him, rank or not I'm clearly better than him wherever it counts. As for the goldrider… what can I say? It's not like I meant /physical/ harm, just destroying her credibility and making everyone think awful of her. It's not that hard, you know. Before long she would be thought about like that Jajenelja girl. Does having a gold dragon /really/ mean that she shouldn't have to deal with that, exactly what I would probably do to anybody else?"

Kimmila blinks a few times, and then bristles. "Right now, Borodin is worth ten of you, for the least of which he's free and you're in here. Out of…morbid curiosity though, what did he say to you that made you want to slap him?" And then she laughs, sharp and short. "And what, prey tell, did Inri do to make you want to destroy her so? Not that you could. Jaj is thought of the way she is because she /is/ an idiot. Inri is a very capable woman. And, again," tap tap tap, "not behind bars at the moment."

Th'ero only gives Polana a long look for her once over of him, but says nothing. Briefly he's distracted when movement catches his eye and he glances over his shoulder to see… Dtirae? A brow quirks and then falls back into the previous scowl (not directed to her). All the better she be here, as any punishment dealt can be done and confirmed by her hand, rather than be put on hold while he'd report to her. The Weyrleader turns back to the girl then as she sighs, but her explanation has him only staring at her in complete incredulousness. That is swiftly replaced by a renewed surge of anger as his temper flares and his eyes lock onto her, hard and cold and unsympathetic. "You cannot just slap /anyone/, regardless if they deserve it or not and somehow I am doubting Borodin was even close." He was about to add more, but Kimmila's comments only have him nodding again. "Right now you're behavior says otherwise," he points out coldly, only to have to take a slow inhale of breath to keep him from saying something scathing to the girl. "What," he says in a low, quiet tone and his features darken, pinning Polana beneath his gaze. "Pray tell, has Inri done to earn such ire and a hateful response from you? Have you no sense, girl? No respect?"

Dtirae clicks her tongue once, clearly not pleased simply from that sound alone. She's standing a little straighter. "Slapping anyone is a clear show of disrespect. And don't give me anything about needing to earn it. You're a drudge," she remembers, "and therefore, you show respect. A Weyr is not a place where this can be disregarded. Weyrbrats are taught this respect from a young age, so tell me why you should be so special and not have this time long tradition apply to you?" She's moving in closer now. "As for Inri and Jajen, they are on two different levels. Jajen's disrespect was earned for her own disrespect for ranking and messing with things little girls, like yourself, shouldn't be messing with. Inri is far more capable and I will not tolerate anyone bad mouthing her." But, the Weyrwoman holds her tongue regarding any further comments in order to hear the answer to Th'ero's question. Arms remain folded across her chest, and the woman lingers behind the Weyrleader and the bluerider.

Polana doesn't want to answer Kimmila's question or even really admit she exists at the moment, so she ignores her for now. Not even so much as glancing at her she keeps her gaze on Th'ero, letting out another sight at his words. Annoyance shows clear on her features, mixed with insolence. It looks a little like she is trying to ignore a pesky little VTOL buzzing around her ear. Unfortunately this is the Weyrleader, not some random female bluerider, and she does have to answer him. So she reluctantly responds, "she didn't as a matter of fact. I was /warning/ her. I was giving her advice, saying that she /shouldn't/ do anything if she wants to stay in my good books. Faranth, I could even go as far as to say I was being nice!" It is clear that she believes what she says, even if only barely. Then Dtirae is speaking, and if she can't ignore the Weyrleader she certainly can't ignore the Weyrwoman. She points out that she is a drudge, says that she is to show respect. For now she doesn't address her words about Inri, instead saying, "you know what? I'm sick off all this rank bullshit. It's not like they hand out chances to move up in rank, you know! Yes, I'm a drudge. Doesn't mean I'm about to worship the ground every idiotic kitchen boy walks on! Let me tell you, if I was the child of some Weyrwoman or Lord Holder I wouldn't have to put up with this. If I was the one to impress that gold, not that girl you all seem to adore oh so much, things would be different. You want to know why I'm special, why the tradition doesn't apply to me? Because I said so, because I am sick of tradition."

Kimmila laughs, again. She might be being ignored, but it doesn't seem to phase her in the least. "They /do/ hand out chances to move up in rank, to those that /earn/ them. Deserve them. And no one says you have to worship anyone, but you can't go around smacking people." Even she doesn't get to do /that/! "You're here not because of your lack of rank, but because of your attitude. Something only /you/ can control."

Not so fast or easy! Kimmila may be willing to brush it off, but another won't let it slide. Th'ero catches on to Polana's tactic and his scowl deepens, "You're to answer to all of us, Polana. Wingrider Kimmila," And he puts emphasis on the rank, not to point out that the bluerider is one but to remind the girl that she's currently in a cell and being questioned by three who vastly outrank her. "Deserves to have her questions answered respectfully." That is his final warning. Dtirae's own words and questions are heeded with a silence from Th'ero, one that is promptly broken by Polana's rantings. He's heard enough and his temper is fraying, dangerously so. His posture stiffens, tensing again and visible in the way his hands clench at his sides. If he was any lesser of a man, he'd have likely backhanded the girl for her insolent mouth or at least shaken her. But for all his anger and frustration, he'd never be so harsh. He allows Kimmila to speak her part of deserving and earning rank, but he has had enough with being kind. "You speak like a Renegade, girl." he snaps at her, only to add in a growled tone, "If tradition so chafes you, I'd be more than happy to drop you in the heart of the wilderness and leave you to their whims. IF you even survive long enough and even then, they might not find you desirable. It's a rather miserable end." He's… not serious, right? Th'ero shows no sign otherwise, but he does regain some rational control and backs down, only to smirk, "Rank can be given, as it was said. So is that the issue, then? All this because you cannot accept your position?"

"Rank bullshit?" Dtirae questions, "it is certainly not bullshit. It is how things are run and how things don't fall around your ears, /girl/." There's a pause and the Weyrwoman nods along with Kimmila's comments on moving up. Holding her tongue for a moment longer, at least to bite back words she may regret. Though, Th'ero steps up for that. "We could drop her out in the wilderness." If anything, she seems a little too pleased at the aspect. Then, she considers Polana. "If you were a Weyrwoman's child, if you were my child, you would know to respect everyone in the Weyr, regardless of your personal feelings for them. You would prove yourself. You wouldn't be handed anything and I would be beating your sorry excuse for a person." And then, she holds her tongue, if only to hear her response to Th'ero's question.

Polana is all too happy to continue ignoring Kimmila as if she doesn't exist. After all, other people, people that are actually /important/ are in this room. Why should she pay any mind to some random female bluerider? Unfortunately the Weyrleader catches on to her little game, ordering her to answer her and answer /respectfully/. She almost gives a laugh at this, in fact it is obvious that she is holding herself back. But in a show of restraint she looks at her and says in an even voice, "Borodin was putting his nose in my business and telling me what to do. I slapped him because I wasn't about to let /him/ try to boss me around. Also, let me ask you this. If they hand them out to people that deserve them how did Jajen get a gold?" Now Th'ero speaks, commenting on how she talks like a renegade, threatening to leave her out in the wilderness. The Weyrwoman actually seems to back him up on this. Now, Polana isn't a coward. No matter what life might throw her way she has always taken pride in how she is not easy to scare, well, easy to scare where it count. Tiny creepy crawlies and mud were another thing entirely. In most situations facing someone of rank Polana would laugh in their face, say she isn't scared. But now that isn't true. For a moment, just for a moment, true terror flashes across her face. No matter what she might say about the weyr she does not want to face the wilderness, does not want to be a renegade. But at the same time she doesn't want them to see her fear. So Polana forces a calm look on her face and does not respond to the renegade comment, instead focusing on Th'ero's question about rank and Dtirae's words about children. First she gives a snort and asks the Weyrleader, "what's there to accept? I don't want to be a drudge, I /refuse/ to be a drudge. I'm better than that." She then looks to Dtirae and comments, "your children must have it hard then. Faranth knows my parents never tried to control me like that."

Kimmila arches a brow. "You couldn't just…walk away? Tell him no thank you? You had to hit him?" She glances briefly to Th'ero and Dtirae, but her eyes never stay away from Polana for long. Then she snorts. "The /dragons/ choose, girl. We had no control over Jajen getting gold. And the dragons are never wrong but I'd be lying if I said I didn't question her lifemate's choice." She sees that fear, that flicker of terror even though it's brief, and she nods slightly. "So why don't you try and get a better rank?" Now she just sounds confused.

Th'ero notes the fear even if brief as Polana does her best to hide it. A trait that the Weyrleader could admire, if he wasn't so frustrated and angry at the girl. Right now he is seeing nothing but a hot tempered upstart, much like Jajenelja or even the notorious Queska. Perhaps even worse than those two. The Weyrleader snorts dismissively to Polana's remarks and says nothing to her, aside from holding her under his cold and stony stare for several more seconds. Considering what is to be done with her. Maybe he was serious about dragging her to the wilderness and leaving her there! Kimmila is likewise not the only one confused on the matter of rank, though even in his fit of temper and idea does dawn on Th'ero's mind. Stepping back, he takes the bluerider by the elbow to signal to her to join him and then gestures for Dtirae to do the same once she's finished grilling Polana. The Weyrleader will move them away only far enough so that the girl cannot overhear, but they are still well within eyesight of her. Lowering his head, it's obvious that he is whispering something to them in a hasty council of sorts. Which could only mean one thing: the girl is about to face the consequences of her actions.

Th'ero whispers "I don't think regular punishment will work with her. Nor do I really want to drop her in the middle of the forests, even though I did sense her fear at that. I'm thinking we should give her what she's so haughtily demanding… a job. Nothing glamorous or glorious or too demeaning. Messenger perhaps, errand girl. But to whom? The Weyrwomen? Weyrstaff? Anyone of rank above her?" to Kimmila and Dtirae.

"Our thanks, lass," Mr. Highkeep says as he rises as well. "Here," Mrs. Highkeep pipes up, bustling in from the kitchen with a few wrapped parcels. "No, really, we couldn't - " "Nonsense, take it," "But Mrs. Hig-" "Hush, girl, I'll hear no more protests!" And Kimmila is left holding some goodies for later, looking a bit sheepish. Few people can best her!

Dtirae doesn't say anything to Polana in retort to the girl's comment, her expression carefully schooled. Her gaze briefly drifts towards Kimmila as she questions Polana again. "Exactly. The dragon decides who they will Impress to. We don't have to allow anyone on the Sands, however." Is that a threat? Thinly veiled, if anything. The Weyrwoman turns as Th'ero moves and his gesture to join him and Kimmila. She has no further questions so she moves to join the Weyrleader. Arms shift from across her chest to resting on her hips. She leans in for her own whispered commentary.

Dtirae whispers "Probably not. But, I don't want it to seem as if we're handing out promotions to brats. So, I say errand girl to the Weyr staff. Headwoman, her assistants, juniors, me, you, Kimmila, Weyrsecond, wingleaders, wingseconds, wingriders, and Craftsmen such as the Journeymen and Masters posted in the Weyr. If it's just anyone with a rank above her own, then she'll feel as if she's got it worse than a drudge." to Kimmila and Th'ero.

Polana is silent when Kimmila talks about Jajenelja, not completely sure what to say. The dragons are never wrong. For a moment she zones off, thinking about search. A dragon did search her, right? And the dragons are never wrong? So there must be something good in her, even if these people can't see it. For a moment she actually feels a little bit better, managing to forget her situation for a moment. Then the bluerider asks why she hasn't asked for a better rank, causing her to sigh and a frown to cross her face. "Who's to say I haven't?" There is a strong note of bitterness in her voice as she asks her question. "Apparently I don't have 'a good enough ear to be a harper' or some rot like that, and it can be harder to find a dragonhealer around here than one might think." Th'ero says nothing to her and thus she pays him no mind, instead looking at the Weyrwoman next. For a moment it might look as if she is going to argue, but her curiosity pushes that aside for the moment. "Surely that cannot be true," she exclaims. "A brown would not choose a girl dead set on gold, no gold would choose a man. The dragon could not truly choose anyone they want." No comment about them not allowing anyone on the sands, odd as it might be. When they walk away to talk she says nothing, instead leaning back slightly and waiting.

Kimmila laughs. "A brown could - and has - chosen a girl dead set on gold. Greens have picked men who were dying to ride bronze. But in the end, they all realized that it was the right thing for them. Sometimes we /don't/ know what's best for us." Then she's being drawn away into the huddle and she ducks her head to reply.

Kimmila whispers "I don't want her as my messenger. I'll leave her in the woods like I did Kiena. But others…sure. Why not try and direct her energies? But let's be clear that if she doesn't show that she can handle it, she will be out of here. Because this is ridiculous. We should not have to put up with this shit in Fort." to Dtirae and Th'ero.

Deep in discussion or not, Th'ero can't help but overhear some of Polana's reply to Dtirae and the girl's words only have him staring at her, baffled and just plain speechless for a moment. "Have you blocked your ears to the lesson and talk around here? Everyone knows, down to the youngest of weyrbrats and oldest aunties and uncles that a dragon always chooses." he points out, right on the heel of Kimmila's laughter and reply. He nods his head in agreement, then adds, "Or you can be left Standing each and every time until you are too old to Stand by the rules. Do you think I /expected/ to Impress bronze?" he drawls and then scoffs, "Hardly. I expected to not Impress and I was fine with that." Then he is drawn back to the whispered council, his eyes looking between Dtirae and Kimmila with a heavy and thoughtful frown. Are they close to a verdict? It seems so.

Th'ero whispers "We're not handing out promotions. This is part of her punishment. Kimmila, you won't be forced to take her as a messenger or errand girl… but Dtirae, I agree. If any of the Weyrstaff or Crafters will want to use her. But it's a start. We give her a direction for this… attitude of hers. Honestly I am tired of it, though I do not wish to really act upon my threat or dump her on someone else. We weathered Jajenelja and Queska, we can weather her too. Knock some sense into that stubborn skull too. As Kimmila said, her promotion comes with a heavy catch: screw up once and it's revoked and she faces harsher punishment than a slap on the wrist and us lecturing her endlessly. I also say she needs to formally apologize to Borodin and Inri." to Kimmila and Dtirae.

Kimmila's words have her frowning, although she does not say anything in response. Then there's Th'ero, basically asking if she's deaf. That the dragon always chooses and the rider never has any say in the matter, not that she believes it. And Dtirae, saying that although she wanted a brown she impressed gold. Polana doesn't really /say/ anything about it, instead crossing her arms and letting out an annoyed huff. It is clear that she doesn't believe them, no matter what they might say. For a moment she is silent, until the weyrwoman loudly announces that she thinks something is suitable. Now she's curious. "What's suitable?" The question is loud but cautious, as if she is afraid whatever they say might trigger an explosion.

Kimmila straightens a bit and takes a small step away from Th'ero and Dtirae, the bluerider slipping her hands behind her back as if she's standing in casual parade rest. She'll let Th'ero deliver this verdict.

Th'ero gives Polana another long, wary look when the girl goes so silent on them. Even from where he stands, he does not need to take a guess at her stubborn stance in her believes. But that will be another challenge for another day. It's at the Weyrwoman's agreement, followed by Kimmila's that the Weyrleader steps forwards and by an ironic stroke Polana will ask her question then. "Your punishment," he intones gravely and his features remain stoic and unreadable. No sympathy, no pity. With Kimmila at his one side and Dtirae at the other, Th'ero takes a slow, deep breath and on the exhale begins to deliver their verdict to Polana. "As the first half of your punishment, you will be formally apologizing to Borodin and Inri for your behavior. No exceptions." He pauses her to fix her with a hard look then, one that warns her not to protest. "The second half will be that as of dawn tomorrow, you are no longer a drudge but to be a messenger and errand-girl for the Weyrstaff and posted Crafters of the Weyr. You will answer to them, no matter the task they give. You will be respectful and heed your duties. If you so much as step out of line, your position will be revoked and you will face much stricter consequences than you are now. We will not be so lenient twice. Do you understand?" So there is her chance for a promotion of sorts, but with a heavy catch.

Dtirae is falling into position at Th'ero's side, more than content to let the Weyrleader hand out the punishment. She's a little more focused on Polana's expression and reaction than anything else.

Polana straightens up as Th'ero walks over, looking him in the eye as he gives his verdict. He shows no expression or emotion as he speaks, something she both notices and is interested in. Is he trying to hide something? Maybe some feelings of anger, annoyance? Whatever it is she most certainly wants to figure out what it is, but not now. At the moment she has more pressing matters to deal with, such as what torture they have whipped up for her. By now she is beginning to wonder if they are going to send her out into the wild. Maybe life with the renegades really won't be so bad, at least she won't have to answer to any of these people ever again. Before her mind can wander too far the Weyrleader speaks, saying the she must apologize to both Borodin and Inri, which really doesn't surprise her. Doesn't mean she /likes/ it but it doesn't surprise her. With a slight huff at his look she waits for him to continue, not about to protest. It's the second half that really catches her by surprise. Messenger and errand girl? Not a drudge any more? That, that actually sounds like a promotion! For a moment she is silent and her face shocked, completely unsure of what to say. Once she finds her tongue Polana stammers, "t-thank you…"

Kimmila crosses her arms over her chest and watches Polana keenly as Th'ero delivers their decision. "It's a promotion, girl, but take care you don't lose it."

"If there is one word of you badmouthing /anyone/ in the Weyr, hitting, or showing disrespect to anyone in the Weyr, there will be no second chance." Dtirae reaffirms, "you will be punished accordingly and I am not so lenient on the second time. So, do your best. And if you want to move up from there, earn it by showing how you can be respectful and showing that you can do your work without complaints." The Weyrwoman says nothing more as she pins the young woman with a single look.

Trying to decipher Th'ero's emotions is quite the undertaking and the Weyrleader does not make it easy. What is clear is that he seems a little wary and uncertain of Polana's stammered thanks. Was he suspecting something different from the girl? Haughtiness? Demands for a loftier rank? Who knows, but his eyes narrow slightlly before his features relax and he steps back. "Kimmila speaks wisely. Don't make us regret giving you this chance to… prove yourself." he replies with a twisted smirk, only to turn his head as Dtirae begins to speak. Letting the Weyrwoman say her piece, Th'ero steps quite close to Kimmila's side, looking as though at any moment he will slip an arm around her and yet they remain stiffly at his sides.

So it is a promotion, the strongly willed bluerider confirms it. Of course the weyrwoman comes and spoils it slightly, saying that even one word of her badmouthing anyone will get much worse results with no second chances. The corner of her mouth twists down slightly at this but she does not say anything, thinking it would be smarter for her to reamin silent. Once they have finished speaking Polana gives a nod, still looking a little stunned, and says, "I won't let you down, I promise." From there she feels like she should say more, /knows/ that she should say more. Yet the words just don't want to come to her mouth. In a desperate, slightly awkward attempt at conversation she asks Th'ero, "so, you and…" here she pauses, looking at the bluerider as she attempts to remember her name before exclaiming, "Kimmila! You and Kimmila, are you together? I mean every time I've seen one of you it's with the other. But then again you might be siblings or something. Just like to keep my head all organized and whatnot."

Kimmila stares at Polana. Blink. Blink blink. "Wait," she says, holding up a hand. "We just…you just got…what you wanted…and you're in a cell…and you're interested in…" Her hand jerks between herself and Th'ero in an abrupt gesture. "In if we're together? Or…/siblings/?!" She looks up at Th'ero, rather incredulous, and then laughs. "You're nuts, girl." But it's not said as an insult. No, Kimmila almost sounds admiring. Still, she doesn't answer her question.

It seems enough for Th'ero, who now looks too eager to just be done with all this and let Polana go free. They she's bringing his relationship to Kimmila into the light and just like the bluerider he can only blink and stare, stunned again into a brief silence. What? Is she… serious? Eyeing Kimmila's abrupt gestures, the Weyrleader then snorts but confirms it all by simply putting his arm around the bluerider. Proof enough? "I figured that was common knowledge by now," he drawls with just a bit of sarcasm to his tone. They are not a very openly loving couple in public, that is for certain! "We are not siblings," he remarks dryly next and shakes his head. Are they really having this conversation? Figures that Th'ero would balk at something so simple. He can lecture a young girl but when it comes to talking about his personal life, he's suddenly claming up.

Dtirae laughs quite loudly at Polana's comment. "That's great." She grins widely at Kimmila and Th'ero but, there's no further commentary from the woman. Laughter subsides into soft chuckles before she's waving a hand in a sort of farewell before making her way out and back to her previous activities before Zuvaleyuth mentioned the commotion. At least she leaves in a better mood than when she entered.

Kimmila seems rather surprised at her question, stammering and making hand gestures. Polana nods, a grin on her face. If there's one thing she's good at it's detecting relationships between other people and prodding them into the light. A small giggle leaves her when the bluerider calls her nuts. Yes, she actually giggles. "Not nuts," she comments. "Just curious." Then the Weyrleader, who is rather quiet all of a sudden, confirms that they are together, or at least he says that they aren't siblings. Either way, it's close enough in her mind. Dtirae laughs and leaves, bringing her back to her current situation. "So," Polana asks, "am I free to leave now?"

Kimmila leans subtly against Th'ero when he puts his arm around her, and then she's stepping forward. And if Th'ero doesn't object, she'll pull open the unlocked door to Polana's cell. "Report to the Headwoman in the morning for your knot. And remember, now that you have rank, it can be taken away just as easily. Be careful with it."

Th'ero does not protest when Kimmila steps forwards to pull open the door to Polana's cell. As Dtirae laughs and passes him, he will give a respectful nod to the Weyrwoman as well as a pointed sidelong look. No doubt they will have reports to look over soon enough. Oh joy, more paperwork! "She gives sound advice," The Weyrleader points out right after Kimmila speaks to the girl, his gaze returning once more to face the cell where she stands. "We'll be keeping watch. Now go on. We're done here." And he dismisses her then, stepping aside to allow her to pass. Run while you still can?

Polana nods and grins, going as far as to give a little curtsy before leaving. It would be hard to tell what she meant by it as she is gone moments later, moving rather fast for a girl that is generally rather lazy. Oh sweet, sweet freedom!

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