Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
The chill of winter has iced over the lake shore. One section of the north shore shallows is kept broken up for weyrfolk and young dragons to use, though the freezing waters are not well tolerated by humans for any length of time. It requires constant maintenance to keep this section unfrozen and sometimes is more like wading through slush than water. The deepest part of the lake remains unfrozen, a vibrant pool of icy blue surrounded by frozen white.

The seasons are now on the edge of a cusp, with it being neither quite winter nor quite spring and nestled somewhere between. The mid-afternoon skies are bright and clear for once and the air is warm, causing most of the snow to begin to melt and many may swear that spring is, in fact, just around the corner, even though it's still cold. With the water not so icy, more then a few dragons, with and without their riders, have gathered for a swim, as the sun promises some warmth to dry in afterwards. Velokraeth has picked his usual favorite raised spot by the rock fall to the south of the lake, where the pale bronze can lounge and observe as he sun bathes. Th'ero is also present, but safely on the shore and using his riding jacket as a makeshift cushion as he sits and busily goes about sharpening what seems to be a set of knives, including a dagger. How… friendly? If the Weyrleader was awkward to approach before, some may be intimidated now, though he seems to be in a good enough mood, merely distracted and lost to his thoughts as he works away, keeping the blades not being sharpened well close to his person.

Jaye isn't afraid of the Weyrleader…not anymore at least. Maehwazeyeth and his rider arrive on scene, the shadowbeast of a brown landing easily on the lake's shore and lowering to allow his rider's growing form to slide down his side to the ground. Jaye gives her mount a fond slap on his shoulder before starting to undo his straps, ubuckling them from dark hide and letting them fall to the ground. "There y'go, then, go enjoy." And the shadowbeast is soon off towards the water with a nuzzle to his rider. Jaye stretches a little, glancing around the shore and nodding to those that she knows or that acknowledge her. Th'ero is spotted, and deep brown eyes watch the blade-sharpening, though she doesn't move from her spot just yet.

A few moments after Jaye and Maehwazeyeths arrival, the skeletal form for Rhyrith swoops down for a landing near by the large brown warbling softly to his rider as he dismounts, "I know its cool Rhy I am fine." he shakes his head seems the ex istan still isn't completely use to the weather here." he quickly works and removing Rhyrith straps as well and sends the brown off for his rest before joining Jaye.

With soft steps and a flicking tail, one of Fort's smaller greens comes up the beach, hidle glowing and croon sent out towards the dragons in the area. Ignoring the teeny tiny rider running after her with stuffed animal in hand, Sohnyuoth pads over towards Velokraeth, snuffling at him and tilting her head as she flares her wings. Pouting slightly, Miki eventually gives up her chase, putting hands on her hips and simply watching the green. "Oh since when do /you/ get friendly when you're like that? That's MY job." The stink-eye doesn't remain for long however, because shiny pointy things have caught her eye and Miki heads right over, craning her neck to look over her shoulder. "You going to kill someone? That's not very nice." A joke? Perhaps, she's certainly smiling. Bright blue eyes turn to scan the beach then, and she spots Jaye, the stuffed animal holding hand raising to wave. "Jaye!" And where there's Jaye there's a brown, which means that Sohnyu's attention is flicking away too and she gives another croon, this time to Maehwazeyeth.

Velokraeth tilts his oversized head a little to the side as Sohnyuoth pads her way over and if a dragon could leer suggestively, he'd be doing it. He rumbles in a low and honeyed tone, probably some flattering comment for the little green. And… did he just shuffle a little to give her some room on his prime basking spot? Even though the green's attention is shifting, he does the gesture all the same. The change in his lifemate's behavior has Th'ero pausing in his sharpening to glance his way and the Weyrleader frowns and then gives a soft, exasperated sigh, followed by a muttered curse under his breath. Miki's claim and sudden approach has him glancing up to her, a smirk twisting up along his lips as he props his elbows against his legs, knife in one hand, sharpening tool in the other. "Only if they deserve it." He jokes - or is he? It's hard to tell, by his tone and flat expression. Then Miki is waving to Jaye and his brown eyes follow and instantly recognize the brownrider and then K'drozen who joins her. He at least has a slight smile for them, welcoming, despite the sharp pointy weapons between his feet and in his hand. "And how are you?" The Weyrleader asks of Miki, side glancing back up to her. "Out enjoying the mild weather while it lasts?"

Maehwazeyeth does take note of that glowing green oh yes he does, and the shadowbeast does indeed leer at the green. Oh look, he needs to streeeeetch, and he doesn't it like Joe Cool too, flexing large brown muscles and even taking on a brief pose just for the little green's pleasure. He doesn't warble compliment, nor does he take those whirling eyes off poor Sohnyuoth either, he's like the drunkard eyeing a beautiful sexy babe in the tavern. Jaye smiles as K'drozen joins her, sliding a hand into his before Maehwazeyeth's…cockiness…catches her attention. Klah hued eyes travel from her posing brown to the glowing green, and the young woman just grins. Oh yes, she doesn't quite leer like her dragon, but she does watch Miki for a long moment as the greenrider greets her. A wide smile curls the woman's lips, "H'lo there, Miki. You an' Sohnyu are looking…quite nice t'day." Yes, quite quite nice, ahem! When klah hued eyes are finally removed from the greenrider and focused on Th'ero, she gives him a smile as well, though not the exact same kind of smile as Miki gets. "H'lo Weyrleader Th'ero, Sir."

K'drozen chuckles softly and just shakes his head at Jaye and MAehwazeyeth reaction and smiels to Th'ero, "Afternoon sir." he nod to Miki, "Ma'am." having not really be introduced to her as of yet. Rhyrith on the other hand stands tall and proud as he gazes to the lovely creature that has just arrived, Crooning a soft greeting to her.

Sohnyuoth remains standing for a moment, wings flaring and tail flicking in a manner that could be described as nothing less than flirtatious. Her little display done, the green bends down slightly to bumps her muzzle against the bronze's should he let her and then moving over next to him to bask. When yet another brown makes his appearance, Sohnyuoth sends out another warble of greeting giving a pretty little shake of her head to Rhyrith. She's trying to be cute apparently. It's in that motion that the green catches sight of Maehwa's flexing and lets out an appreciative croon, eyes whirling blue as she watches intently.

As for her rider….Miki simply settles onto the sand next to Th'ero, not even bothering to ask permission. "Does that mean if I found someone that deserved you'd do away with him?" The rider actually seems a bit gleeful at this prospect as she straightens out her legs and slips off her shoes to wiggle her toes in the sand. "I'm not doing too bad. It's pretty boring around here lately. And as much as I enjoy the weather….we don't have anymore snowballs!" The greenrider sounds rather heartbroken at this, at least until Jaye's distracting her. What Sohnyuoth's doing Miki could apparently care less. "Really? You think so? I was thinking of wearing something old so I could go play in the nursery, but I guess it's not too bad, huh?" She would get it…noramlly…but when Sohnyu's glowy Miki's not exactly herself either. "MA'AM?" That word does get her attention and Miki's head snaps up, though the movement is accompanied with a warm smile. "Nononono. Not ma'am! That makes me feel so old. Miki. Just Miki, yeah?"

Velokraeth is no fool not to notice that there are other dragons about, many a male to boot, and Maehwazeyeth's little show has the pale bronze's attention for a moment before he chuffs, much like laughter. Rhyrith is also studied and rumbled to, but overall doesn't seem too flustered and in fact seems amused of all things. And of course Velokraeth allows their muzzles to touch, the bronze crooning again in an all to honeyed way. As Sohnyuoth settles next to him, Velokraeth only looks smug but doesn't rub it in too much nor does he try to coddle the green. He simply makes sure she has ample room to move or stretch and goes about observing again… though it's mostly her he watches.

No one needs permission to approach or join Th'ero, less he's giving off clear warning signs he doesn't wish to be bothered. And if that were the case… he'd not be in public. "Perhaps. Depends on what the poor man has done." Rather brutal, but it's clear the Weyrleader IS joking now as he chuckles deeply. He then quirks a brow up at Miki, head tilting a little. "Boring? I agree on the dwindling snow. But… boring?" That seems to surprise Th'ero and he gives the greenrider a long, lingering look that lasts even after the greenrider's attention turns back to Jaye and K'drozen. Chuckling again a little over her reaction to titles, the Weyrleader turns his gaze back to both brownriders. "Afternoon to you both," he greets and is probably glad he's not getting any looks his way. That seems to suit him just fine. Then he's back to sharpening his knife, though obviously distracted now.

From above, a powder blue dragon appears and circles downwards, first dipping towards the admin complex but then altering his flight to glide down towards the lake. Skimming over its surface he takes the long approach before he alights a short distance away from the other dragons, making sure his wingspan is clear before he settles. Crouching, he lets his rider dismount and rumbles at her until she removes his straps and he can slip happily into the water. Kimmila removes her helmet and outer riding jacket, tossing them carelessly onto Varmiroth's straps before she starts walking towards the others, and Th'ero in particular. "Hey, Wingmate." The others are given nods of greeting, but as of yet the Weyrleader gets the only verbal hello.

Maehwazeyeth holds that Joe Cool pose for a moment longer, but as the green settles herself against the bronze, the shadowbeast continues into the water, wading out to where he can comfortably soak and yet still keep an eye on the pretty little green. Jaye keeps her hand in the other brownrider's and leads him closer to the weyrleader and greenrider. "Nice blades, Sir." Hey, she like blades, she even has her own double daggers tucked away somewhere most likely. "Who're we killin' t'day, then?" She grins at Miki and Th'ero.

K'drozen chuckles softly at the mention of killing and shakes his head, though he does look down to the blades appricitively. "Yeah those are really nice." he does smiles to Miki and says, "Nice ta meet ya miki." he shakes his head a bit, as is trying to shake off something from his lifemate. Rhyrith for his part lounges near the lakeshore, keeping an eyes on Sohnyuoth.

Sohnyuoth takes full advantage of room she's giving, the glowing green stretching out fully and eyes lidding. There's a soft rumble, almost a purr, as she buries the tip of her tail into the sand. Head does lift when the blue comes winging down, a croon given in greeting. The little green then watches as the browns settle in, while the little rider eyes her lifemate. No doubt there's some sort of silent scolding going on considering the child-like pout on Miki's face, but Sohnyuoth pays no heed, leaving Miki to turn back to the other riders. "Aniki threw me out of his workroom. Want to kill him? You can. I'm perfectly alright with it. Really." For a moment, Miki continues to keep a straight face, though eventually a giggle is let out. At the look from the Weyrleader, the greenie simply looks back and shrugs. "Yes. Boring. Social wise, not work wise. Unless you've happend to found something particularly fun?" The question is asked almost sarcastically before the green looks up at Kimmila and gives a smile. With no verbal greeting given, she doesn't give one of her own, just a wave before turning to Jaye. "My brother. Wanna help? K'drozen can help too." A glance is given towards the other brownrider and she smiles. "You're the one that came to visit Jaye last time, yeah?"

Velokraeth's observation of the little green is broken as Varmiroth arrives and lands, the misshappened bronze rumbling warmly to the familiar blue. Oh, a lovely afternoon this is /indeed/. The bronze then does his weird chuffing again, which is his closest mimick of laughter before he settles to silence, whirling eyes focusing equally between Sohnyuoth by his side and the others in turn. Th'ero gives an awkward smile to the attention given to the knives he's sharpening, coughing a little as he ducks his head down to tuck the one he was working on away. "Thanks," he murmurs. "I've had these for awhile. Served me well when I was a Guard in the Emerald Isles region." As Kimmila joins them, the Weyrleader's expression seems to brighten a little and he gestures for the bluerider to settle herself. "Wingmate," he echoes back with a vague and crooked smile. He seems ready to ask her more, but his attention is pulled back to Miki first and Th'ero frowns a little. "I'm afraid I don't get involved in sibling issues." He muses and then sobers within seconds, despite the greenrider's sarcasm. "Fun? Not particularily fun, no… only grim, I'm afraid." Then to Jaye and K'drozen, he chuckles softly, shaking his head as he tucks the now sheathed blades underneath the edge of his jacket that he is not sitting upon.

Kimmila walks up and crouches down beside Th'ero, giving the blade he just put away a curious look before she sits. She wears, as always, her blue and silver handled knife on her right hip. "What's everyone up to?" she asks, the Western rider inviting herself into the group and the conversation. "Aniki? Don't kill him, he does good work even if he's nuts," she says, absently picking a bit of lint off the red v-neck sweater she wears. "Hey, Jaye," she says to the woman with a smile, before she gives K'drozen a curious look. "Hey. Who are you?"

Jaye gives Kimmila a little smile of greeting. "H'lo Kimmila. This is m'weyrmate K'drozen. Kal, Kimmila." There, now that that's taken care of, she'll tuck her head against the brownrider's chect lightly. "Y'wanna sharpen mine too, Weyrleader Sir?" She'll let him if he wants, ayup. Maehwazeyeth still watches the other dragons and their riders, keeping his distance yet staying close enough to watch everything going on.

K'drozen smiles to Miki as she remembers him and nods, placing a hand lightly on Jayes, begging to swell belly, "That I am, recently transfered and joined thunderbird." to Kimmila he nods and say, "K'drozen, Brown Rhyriths rider." he extends his hand before looking back to the weyrleader, "Ya can never be to careful. And you don't know when a good knife will come in handy.

Miki rolls her eyes and flops back on the sand. "I know, but if everyone goes around acting grim it's going to be a sharding unhappy Weyr, yeah? How bout you just do my part of being grim too." Eyes close then and the greenrider makes a face, scrunching up her nose and sticking out her tongue for a few seconds. "YOU try living with him. Swear it won't matter how amazing his clothes are then." There's a grin shot towards K'drozen then, "Well welcome then! Though you've probably heard that often enough." As for Sohnyuoth…well apparently the glowing green's just as fidgety as her rider and with a dragonish yawn gets to her feet, tail swishing as she moves into the water.

"You've… oddly got a point there, Miki." Th'ero reluctantly admits and then chuckles in actual genuine amusement, though he grimaces a little at her next suggestion. "Eh, I suppose I could." He says, almost sounding serious. The dagger that Th'ero normally always wears is likely among those tucked under his jacket at the moment. "Enjoying a bit of warmth and just doing some sharpening to unwind." The Weyrleader says in answer to Kimmila's question, before giving her an almost amused look. "And yourself?" And as the bluerider crouches down beside him, he slips an arm around behind her or he could just be doing it to brace himself as he shifts his position a little. To Jaye's remark, Th'ero grins faintly and shakes his head, "I'm afraid I've barely the time to do my own," he muses, before his gaze flicks between K'drozen and Kimmila as the greetings are exchanged. The brownrider is then given a long, thoughtful look for his comment and the Weyrleader gives a subtle nod of his head. "Indeed," he murmurs. "It's sound advice." And one he already follows though doesn't always visibly wear his dagger. Again, it's the whole approachable image, right?

Kimmila blinks as she settles down onto her rear end, leaning back against Th'ero's arm. It's a nice back-brace! "Oh, you lived in Ista, right?" she says, glancing at K'drozen and then over to Th'ero, a brow lifted curiously. Reaching out, she gives K'drozen's hand a firm shake. "Congratulations on your transfer," she says, darting Th'ero another look. Then she grins, and there's something other than good humor in her smile. "You never know," she agrees. Smirking at Miki, the bluerider shakes her head. "I wouldn't want to live with him. Ever. I could barely stand being in the same room with him while he was fitting me." It's all said with a bit of twisted humor, though. In the water, Varmiroth swims in circles and doesn't seem to notice Sohnyuoth's arrival. Paddle, paddle, paddle…and watch the ripples. "Just visiting," she says with an absent shrug.

Jaye would've let him sharpen her daggers, really, if it wasn't for the fact that, apparently, something dons on the brownrider and she makes some odd face. "Shards! I've t'go…I'm late fer m'checkup with th'healers." And, with a quick wave for Th'ero, Miki, and Kimmila, and a quick kiss for K'drozen, and the round-bellied rider is hurrying off towards the weyr proper.

K'drozen smiles as he watches Jaye depart before looking back to the group, "Yeah I am really liking it here though I am totally not use to the cold yet." he grins. "This warm day for you all is still cool for me."

"Or you could not. Just give it to my brother, he could use the toning down. You need less grimmness in your life. Seriously." A quick grin is shot Kimmila's way then and Miki nods in agreement. "You've no idea. I can usually control him though, thank Faranth. Miki suddenly sits stock straight then, as a loud warble comes from farther out on the lake. For a moment, the greenrider watches, mouth dropping open as she watches Sohnyuoth chasing a rather timid brown around the lake. "Excuse me for a moment…" Jogging up to the shoreline, the rider places hands on her hips and glares over towards her lifemate. "Sohnyu! You leave him alone or I'll….I really will send Aniki back home." While Miki's yell is more out of anger than any real attempt to be heard, Sohnyuoth seems to receive the words mentally, immediately pulling up short and crooning pathetically at her rider. "Yeah yeah, I know. Just games. But he's not having fun, yeah? C'mon." Fingers beckon the the green and Sohnyuoth makes her way to shore, daintily shaking off before following behind Miki. "You'll get used to it eventually K'drozen. And you'll love it, especially the snowballs!" Miki and her snowballs. "Anyways, I'll see you all later, yeah? Time to go visit the nursery." With a wave, she heads off then, Sohnyuoth giving a departing croon as well as flare of paper thin wings as a final flourish.

Sure, it's a back-brace! Th'ero catches Kimmila's darting looks and turns his head slightly to give the bluerider a look in turn, though his seems a little puzzled. What? "Just visiting?" he muses in almost a teasing manner to the bluerider, before his attention turns back to a now retreating Jaye and the Weyrleader gives a brisk wave of farewell. Focusing then on K'drozen, he smirks a little though his tone remains amused. "It takes awhile to get used to. I'm originally from Western and arrived here in the thick of winter. It was a bit of a shock." And in more ways then one but he's obviously adjusted now since he's sitting outdoors with his jacket as a makeshift cushion and nothing but a mid-sleeved, thick fabric tunic and his riding pants and boots to warm him. His attention, along with Velokraeth's, is then drawn to Miki and Sohnyuoth respectively as both rider and dragon prepare to leave as well. Th'ero can only smirk and shake his head a little, though the bronze seems both amused and disappointed as he rumbles a farewell to the little green. With a parting wave to Miki, the Weyrleader's attention then turns back to Kimmila and K'drozen. "You've been adjusting well then?" he asks the brownrider, while not so subtly shuffling a little closer to the bluerider's side.

Kimmila shrugs, "You know the patterns my visits have started to take," she teases him with a little grin. Watching the other women flee, Kimmila turns her head to sniff surreptitiously at her arm. "It might take a while, but it's well worth it," the native Fortian says with a fond smile cast about for the weyr. She's dressed in a long sleeved red tunic and her riding trousers, but looks more than comfortable. "What're you doing hiding your knives?" she asks Th'ero, grinning when he scoots closer. She leans back more against his arm, using it as a back brace.

K'drozen nods to Th'ero and says, 'I am, Jaye is helping alot with that." he grins, "And the trainin and snow rescue is sorta a throw the baby in thew ater and see if it will swim situation for getting use to the cold.

"Of course," Th'ero murmurs back to Kimmila, just as teasing but there's seriousness there too, despite the grin he flashes back. He catches her little gesture too and has to stifle a little laugh. Instead his "back brace" of an arm just slips all the closer to her. "I'm not hiding them," The Weyrleader points out, using his free hand to pat the jacket under which they rest. "Just wanted to put them somewhere safe. Seemed… odd to be idly chatting with a weapon assortment out and in the open." So basically, he is hiding them? K'drozen's reply catches Th'ero a little off guard and the Weyrleader snorts sharply and then gives a bit of a sharp, but soft laugh. "Heh, now that is one way of putting it." He muses, before giving the brownrider a slight smile. "Glad to hear that you're adjusting well."

Kimmila gives Th'ero's knives a quick look, and then grins at him. "Why is that odd?" asks the always-armed bluerider. She shifts a bit to lean more against him, smiling over at K'drozen. "Ha! That's kind of the way of it, isn't it?" she asks, amused. "So what made you decide to transfer?" she adds, giving him a thoughtful and curious glance.

K'drozen smiles and says, "Family reasons." he grins, "I met a young lady while I was a weyrling and fell hard for her….then well she went an impressed before I graudated…Well we met up later and one thing lead to anothere and well we are expecting our first in a could of months now."

"It's not very open and friendly, now is it?" Th'ero says as he grins back to Kimmila, knowing full well that she is always armed and so is he, he just tends to be subtle about it usually. As K'drozen answers Kimmila's question, the Weyrleader listens, but not without giving the bluerider a bit of a knowing look and he has to tuck his head down to hide is slightly amused and faint smile. "As I told Jaye when she informed me of the news, congratulations."

Kimmila smils a bit at K'drozen as he tells his lovely tale, but the bluerider shifts a bit, a little uncomfortable with such touchy-feely talk. "That's sweet," she does say, glancing to Th'ero and clearing her throat, looking away once more. "What wing are you in?"

K'drozen smilgs to Th'ero, "Thank you again." he grins, "Thunderbird, I was sapphire wing at ista, Search and Rescue." he grins to the weyrleader, "depends on whom you are welcoming, me and Jaye…Well we like knives, I am carrying afew on me…" though only his belt knife is visable at the moment.

And as Kimmila shifts uncomfortably, that "back brace" tightens and Th'ero is obviously now practically sitting right next to the bluerider, subtle still but supportive all the same. The Weyrleader dips his head in a polite nod to K'drozen's thanks, before grinning faintly again. "So it seems we all share that in common," he says, chuckling. "And I'd hope as a Search and Rescue rider that one would have a knife or two. Just seems practical." So perhaps he shouldn't "hide" his knives then?

Kimmila nods, "It's a good wing," she says. "Yeah? I carry this one," she says, drawing the blue and silver hilted one, holding it out for K'drozen to look at. It's a nice blade, well crafted. "I've got some others I use when I hunt. As well as my bow," she adds, turning to give Th'ero a little smile. She doesn't move away from him, but she's not draped over him or snuggling or any of that PDA stuff either.

K'drozen shrugs and says, "Or three or four…but whos counting," he slips his sleave up to reveal and arm sheath with a pair of throwing knives." he take Kammila blade and smiles checking the balance on his fingers and smiles, "Very nice." as he examines the edge before passing it back.

"That it is," Th'ero chimes in on the topic of Thunderbird being a good wing. "They've been exceptional in their response and duties given our current situation." He murmurs, knowing full well that both Kimmila and K'drozen know that he speaks of Stonehaven and nothing else. As the blue and silver hilted knife is held out, Th'ero gives it an approving look but has seen it all enough before. The Weyrleader echoes Kimmila's smile and then he's chuckling softly over another comment made by the brownrider. "Well said. Who is counting, after all?" When the hidden knives are revealed, Th'ero looks both surprised but nods his head in approval. "Mhm, it is a nice blade, that one." He says, though whether he's meaning K'drozen's or Kimmila's, it's hard to say. Perhaps it's both?

Kimmila watches K'drozen with her knife, and when he hands it back she puts it into its sheath and buckles it in, giving it a fond pat. Then she frowns with a small nod. "Indeed," she murmurs. "Still no other clues?" she asks the Weyrleader, before her eyes flick to K'drozen as he reveals his throwing knives. "How good are you with those?"

K'drozen says, "Good enough." he says, "But I practice ever day, you never know if your life will depend on a skill." he does look to the weyrleaer, his own sweeps having revealed nothing so far.

"None," Th'ero shakes his head, his voice taking on a slightly frustrated tone as he replies to Kimmila. "Though not for want of searching. They're crafty, this lot, to avoid both Weyr and Hold for as long as they've managed." He knows that K'drozen's sweeps, along with the other wingriders, have yielded little. Nishka has been reporting to him regularly, along with Captain Breshir. But, seeing as the day is bright and the mood on the lighter side, the Weyrleader turns back to the topic of knives for now. "Another good point." Th'ero agrees, giving the brownrider a nod even as he side glances to Kimmila with an all too knowing look.

Kimmila snorts softly, "That's true enough," she mutters to K'drozen, a frown creasing her brows as she looks out at the lake for a long moment, a darker mood briefly settling upon her. And that seems to be all she has to say about that, leaving the boys to pick up the thread of conversation.

K'drozen sighs and says softly "there is something about this that is nagging at me but I don't know what." he growls frustratedly, "We will find them and we will take them done." no talk of bringing them to justice though..

Th'ero blinks a little as Kimmila's mood shifts and now it's clear when the Weyrleader's arm slips around her to give the bluerider a reassuring, but very brief, hug. If that wasn't enough, he turns his head to murmur something low and privately to the bluerider, before clearing his throat slightly as he turns to glance back to K'drozen, smiling a little awkwardly for the slightly impolite gesture. "You share the same frustration of many," he tells the brownrider grimly and then frowns a little. He doesn't chide K'drozen though, not directly. "Yes, we will find them. And then they shall be brought to justice." And Th'ero stresses the last few words with a faint and crooked smile.

Kimmila glances at Th'ero and briefly leans against him, giving his whisper a slight nod. Then her green eyes lift to K'drozen once more. "Any theories?" she asks him quietly. Then her frown overtakes her features again, and she snorts, but says nothing about justice - or not.

K'drozen says, "Just ghost of ideas, I know folks wanna say rennigades, but they aren't the only bad people out there. Hell not all of them are bad folks really, some where just born there.

Th'ero makes a low noise in his throat and it's his turn to glance towards the lake, squinting a little as the sun reflects off the water. "Mhm, I'm still hesitant to say its renegades for sure. It doesn't add up right. I know many are thinking it, but it just…doesn't make sense when you truly look at the matter." The Weyrleader remarks, sounding a little frustrated in the end. Velokraeth rumbles abruptly from his basking spot and with a stretch to flex the stiffness from his stunted limbs, the bronze suddenly takes off for the feeding grounds to hunt. Th'ero follows his lifemate's movements and then with a soft sigh, slips his arm from around Kimmila and begins to gather his knives as he slowly pulls himself to his feet. Gathering his jacket with his free hand, he shakes it out before also draping it over his arm. He would offer a hand to the bluerider, but he does gesture with a nod of his head. "Care to join me?" he murmurs softly, perhaps only for her ears to hear. With a polite nod to K'drozen, Th'ero then excuses himself and begins to trek slowly back to his weyr, perhaps already expecting Kimmila to follow him.

Kimmila pushes nimbly to her feet and also gives K'drozen a faint smile and a nod of farewell. "Sure," she tells Th'ero, gathering Varmiroth's straps and slinging them over her shoulder before she trudges after the Weyrleader.

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