Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The storm was going to be a large one, that much they knew. But as it darkens outside (even though it's early evening) and the opposite end of the bowl is no longer visible due to the angry hiss of swirling white, people begin to murmur that this is a real blizzard, and hunker down. Alas, Fort's Weyrleader and Kimmila are snowed in in the mountains, leaving Nyalle and Weyrsecond D'ani in charge. At the moment, Nyalle is sitting at the leadership table, a mug of tea in hand as she speaks with a caravan leader. Judging from his irritated expression and her patient one, he's not pleased about the storm and really…there's nothing Nyalle can do about it. Sorry?

Oh, Lana has seen several large storms in her lifetime and she is not happy about the one that is now coming in. More than that is the fact that the Weyrleader and his Weyrmate have managed to be snowed in in the mountains. They aren't the only ones either, which means that the Thunderbird Wing has been stuck in a wild search and rescue frenzy. As she enters the room the brownrider has a dusting of snow on her shoulders and appears to be angry at the world in general. The caravan leader gets a brief glance and a respectful nod before she offers a salute to Nyalle. With that she dives in, "that one nearby cothold that was working on construction has been successfully evacuated." Yes, that is about as formal as she's feeling at the moment. Not to mention how she has no idea why they thought it was a good idea to work on construction on this time idea was a good idea. Now it'll probably only get worse! Faranth, she hopes Ezra thought to do something regarding Stonehaven's current reconstruction status. At least it was a small cothold?

Ahh, weather. It never does what you want it to do! Which is why another comes storming into the living caverns, brushing snow irritably from the shoulders of his jacket. Rayathess is supposed to be back at Harper Hall and would have made it… but had to turn his runner back around when the conditions worsened. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, he strayed a bit off course but was luckily caught on his errant path by an outbound Mr'az and his bronze Zhirazoth. Nursing a bit of bruised ego, Rayathess stalks right to the drink table, only to remember at the last second that he can't drink. He looks fit to just hurl the glass he was holding at the nearest wall but he doesn't. For one, he sees Nyalle speaking to that caravan leader and he's not about to go throwing a childish hissy fit in front of the Weyrwoman. Second… Lana distracts him. Settling for some mulled (nonalcoholic) cider, he'll venture closer to the table. "Evening, Wingrider Lana. Weyrwoman Nyalle." Rayathess will dip his head politely in greeting, his smile small but warm, despite the disgruntled look still lingering in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, sir, there is nothing I can do other than what I've already done," Nyalle says quietly. "I can not clear the pass for you, nor can I endanger my riders in a dangerous venture of flying you and your caravan back down to Boll, wagons included. I'm sorry. Fort extends its hospitality to you and yours, of course, and I'm sure you'll find the rooms we've offered-" "Damn your rooms," the man says, banging a fist down onto the table and making Nyalle jump. "Sir!" she says, rather affronted. Such behavior! Tsk. "Ah, Lana." Nyalle has never looked so relieved to see Lana as she does right now. "Thank you," and she shuffles papers to make a note next to one of them. 'Situation handled - Lana' and signs it. She dips her head to Rayathess as well, and turns her attentions back to the cotholder.

Some of her hatred for the world fades from Lana's face as Rayathess approaches. It might be reminiscent of how she looks when she just finished laughing or someone just made her blush as she offers a small smile, although the current red tone of her face was clearly caused by the cold. "Good evening, Apprentice Rayathess," she offers. The formalities are mostly due to Nyalle's presence this time. Maybe to make up for her drunken mishap? She begins to open her mouth, looking like she might be about to offer something, only to frown as the words 'dangerous venture' leave Nyalle. Oh. So offering to fly Rayathess back to the hall if he needs a lift might not be a good idea then. However, her attention is soon grabbed by the caravan leader by his outburst. Lana gives Nyalle a nod of acceptance at her thanks before zeroing in on the trader with narrowed eyes. Her voice is cool and emotionless as she points out, "sir, there are a great number of people who are in need of evacuation and would be grateful for the rooms. If you are not interested you are free to attempt to find shelter elsewhere and we can offer them to someone interested. However, if you intend on staying I would request that you treat the Weyrwoman, who has graciously offered you food and shelter, with your respect."

Rayathess's smile broadens to Lana's offered greeting and if he notices the change in her expression he doesn't note it. Never would he have thought to ask the brownrider for a lift back to the Hall and certainly won't now. Not with it so dangerous out there and… already having to be "rescued" by Mr'az. Sigh. Ezra better not catch wind of that, or he'll never hear the end of it. Any pleasantries are forgotten, however, by the outburst of the Caravan Leader. Rayathess frowns, glancing to the Weyrwoman and back to the man. Studying, observing. He doesn't take a seat yet, standing straight with his drink held between his hands. Lana's words will startle him and for a moment his eyes drift closed. Okay, she may have a point but… not a way to go about it? He was really looking forwards to NOT getting involved. "If I may?" Rayathess' eyes open again, drifting from Lana to Nyalle and the strange, rude man but linger longest on the Weyrwoman. This is her territory, after all. "I'm sure no offence was meant." Right? Cue a sharp look to the man, who's probably… how many Turns his senior? "The blizzard has affected many of us but it is of no fault of the Weyr. You cannot control the weather, sir and the Weyrwoman has both our care and those of her riders to consider. Please try to see reason?"

"Well I never," "Lana," "She has the /gall/," "Sir, please, she was only," "If this is the sort of response I get from the weyr," "Sir, she was only-" "And now this fellow," the older man (mid 60's, best guess) looks at Rayathess with a narrowed frown, before ignoring both him and Lana to turn his gaze back to Nyalle. "We /must/ catch that ship to the southern continent, or my business is ruined." "I've already said, sir, that I have sent a message to the docks in Boll and asked for a status update on that ship. It's doubtful it'll be sailing until this storm clears, and when it does, then we would be more than happy to transport you and your wagons to Boll in order to make the ship."

If Lana had been rescued by Mr'az she certainly wouldn't want word to get around! Not only because she once got absolutely wasted with the man either! Does a burst of joy momentarily pass through her and possibly cross her face if she happens to notice how the harper's smile broadens? Maybe. She'll never tell! As she watches the trader's voice the brownrider gets a feeling that she miiiiiight have done something wrong there. Rayathess gets a relieved glance when he attempts to help only for her lips to purse when the man starts to snap again. Lana shoots Nyalle an apologetic look before looking at the man and doing what she does best. Opens her mouth again. "If I may ask, is there a certain deadline you need to meet? There is no telling how long the storm will last but rescheduling may be possible." Not to mention the possibility of a break in the storm. Rayathess or Nyalle might notice a flicker on Lana's face that speaks of her worry that she has worstened the situation. As a matter of fact she seems about an inch away from offering to get one of the sharding wagons there herself if it will make things better for Fort.

Rayathess's frown deepens when the older Trader looks at him and then promptly ignores him. His mouth draws into a firm, annoyed line and his jaw works silently, probably to keep a whole string of unwise words held at bay. Lana isn't the only one who struggles in biting her tongue! Rayathess has had to teach himself control. "Sir, the Weyrwoman has a very good point. Whatever storm is brewing here has likely delayed or stopped all traffic in Boll." Right? Maybe he's stretching it a bit, but he has to try something or risk looking like an idiot as he just stands there dumb and silent. Some Harper he is? Rayathess nods his head in agreement to Lana's suggestion and gives her an approving sidelong glance. Better! And maybe his hand will reach out and lightly and subtly touch her arm. No, no sneaking away!

The trader looks at Lana, blinking and then frowning. "Who /are/ you? Hell yes there's a deadline. We have to make that ship! And this is none of your concern, rider, who is this girl?" he demands, rounding back on Nyalle again. "She is one of my riders," Nyalle says firmly, drawing herself up a bit, "and she is trying to help. Lana, your desire to help is noted. We'll speak of it later. Sir, please. I've other matters to tend to. If you could just make your way down to the rooms we've secured for you…" The trader just scowls, throws up his hands, and turns to stomp off, earning himself some glares from some of the more supportive riders. Those who then give Nyalle sympathetic looks. Which she doesn't notice because she's closed her eyes, hand resting over her forehead with her head down.

As Lana meets Rayathess's glance and sees his approving nod she can't help but give a small smile. It is brief, meant only for him to see, but it is her way of saying thank you without actually speaking. She could have looked about to dart away, possibly to freak out in private or try and take charge of the trader's caravan herself, or maybe she's just ready to snap at the man. Whatever it is it does lessen at the Harper's touch. If he can stand it she can as well, right? Lana bites the inside of her cheek at the trader hisses at her, forcing herself from spitting venom on the man. Girl!? She is a brownrider and wingrider of the Thunderbird wing, girl is hardly a good title. Despite trying to mask her annoyance and anger a hint of it may just sneak through. A combination of a desire to not get too much trouble, Nyalle, and Rayathess manage to keep her quiet until the man leaves. That is when she sighs and shakes her head. "My apologies, Weyrwoman," she murmurs. "He shouldn't have been talking to you like that… and I probably should not have butted in."

Rayathess stiffens under the increasing and continuing tensions, his eyes narrowing and he struggles to keep his dislike of the Caravan Leader masked and hidden. So it is with relief that he sees the man storm off, his shoulders dropping and his breath escaping him in a low sigh. Well, that was interesting? "You did what you thought was best," he murmurs low to Lana, but he'll leave it at that. The Weyrwoman may have a different outlook on her Wingrider's behaviour. "He'll probably cool down and realize how much of an as… a fool he was." Cough. No one heard that, right? Rayathess' eyes dart about the cavern. No Journeyman Harper? Good. "Are you alright, Weyrwoman?" he asks, when Nyalle puts her head down and closes her eyes. "Can I get you anything?" he offers, which is then extended to Lana as well with a glance.

Nyalle looks up, pushing hair away from her face with a small smile. "No, he shouldn't have been, and no, you shouldn't have." There's another wan smile. "Thank you for speaking up, but…it wasn't helpful to ask him questions at that time. He needed to be heard, reassured, and moved on." Lifting her tea, she takes a small sip and then grimaces. Cold. "More tea would be lovely, thank you…Rayathess, yes? You are Ezra's brother."

Lana's gaze moves over toward Rayathess at his murmur, the corner of her mouth twitching up in appreciation. At his near slip in describing him she can't help but mutter lowly, intended for his ears, "I think an 'as' works better myself." Not that anyone heard that either. If they did… well it would probably take someone that doesn't value their health and safety to try and correct what Lana is saying when a tense situation just passed. "I doubt he'll be happy with himself once he sees that he practically exploded in public," she adds to Nyalle. The Harper's question gets a shake of her head from the rider as she says, "no thanks, but thank you for offering." That is when she nods to Nyalle again. Dealing with people has never been one of her strong points, she should have seen that this would not end well. "He also has an apprenticeship at the Harper Hall," she ends up piping up regarding Rayathess. Which, if you ask her, is probably a better point of recognition than being related to Ezra. It's more indevidualistic in any case.

Rayathess chuckles under his breath for Lana's low muttered comment and he'll give her another sidelong look, eyes gleaming with humour. Her turning down his offer is met with a polite nod and to Nyalle he will lift his gaze and then start a bit. Just a heartbeat and then he's recovered when his logical mind kicks in. Of course the Weyrwoman would know his name. Anyone who had to learn Stonehaven's history would know it. "Yes ma'am, I'm Rayathess Stonehaven, Ezra and Anrila's older brother." he murmurs with a small smile. "I'll go see about that tea." Setting his mug to the table, he's about to walk away when Lana pipes up for him and he pauses, giving her a long look that darts to Nyalle. Sheepish? You bet he is. "Ah, yes. That as well!" Clearing his throat, his smile slips back into place. "I'll be right back." Off he goes! It won't take him long to find some hot, fresh brewed tea. All he has to say is WHO it is for and my, do the kitchen staff jump to it! Much to Rayathess' amusement and something he's still snickering about in his head when he returns with the Weyrwoman's tea.

Nyalle gives Lana a bit of a confused look at her clarification of Rayathess' rank. "Yes, I do remember that as well," she says slowly, about Rayathess' rank. "Do you have anything else to report, Lana?" the Weyrwoman asks as she begins to gather up her materials, smiling her thanks when Rayathess brings her tea. "Thank you, Rayathess, I appreciate it."

There's lots of glances going around today it seems! It seems that Lana's bad mood is being actively pushed away by Rayathess. The long look that is shot to her as the harper is darting off makes her pause for a moment though. Sometimes she has trouble telling if a look is a good thing or a bad thing. Honestly it tends to swing either way with her. Either way the sheepishness does make a tinge of amusement pass through her. When he says he'll be right back she can't help but jokingly call out, "don't let anyone make you sing in the hallway!" Then Nyalle has her biting her lower look to the confusion. "Aah," she murmurs. The brownrider then attempts to joke as she adds, "I swear I'm normally not this awkward, you've just been getting lucky moments." Or, you know, the senior makes her feel awkward sometimes. This is followed by a shake of her head and, "no sir, er, ma'am, I mean." Oh how she wants to curse out words and how hard they are right now.

Rayathess is very good at confusing many as to what his true feelings are. It's just how he is and nothing is ever simple or straightforwards with him. He will, however, shoot Lana a look from over his shoulder when she calls out and there's no words needed for it. It's a mocking one, feigning incredulous shock. SHH! Don't give them ideas! On his return, however, he's completely sobered back to his reserved self. "My pleasure," he murmurs to the Weyrwoman, dipping his head low in respect. Once he would have never been so formal or at east around such a high ranking rider. However, Nyalle is all but a stranger to him, he's an Apprentice Harper now and the time of Gold Hill and Laris has passed.
Nyalle gives Lana a small smile, though the Senior is a bit confused by the girl's behavior. "Alright then. Thank you. I will keep you informed if we have need of you, thank you. Rayathess." Then she's moving through the cavern and into the lower areas and vanishing.

Lana can't help but smirk at the look of mockery and shock. Oh, Lana's never been the type not to give people ideas! If she weren't such a naturally nice person poor Rayathess might have been forced into tights by now. To Nyalle her more playful and smirky side fades away though as she dips her head in response. No more words, she's never been very good at talking with the senior and she doesn't want to risk embarassing herself later. Once the goldrider has left Lana can't help but sigh, visibly relaxing at Nyalle not being there. "I swear," she mutters, "Nyalle is nice enough but I always seem to mange to embarass myself around her." Like that time she got drunk and she had to sober her up. Now that was one for the records.

It would be a… very unwise idea on anyone's part to try and force Rayathess to do anything he really doesn't want to do. The consequences would be — not pretty. At all. There are just some people you do not push and he is one of them, though arguably it takes A LOT these days to set Rayathess off into a fit. For now though, Rayathess is in a good and reasonably sociable mood and still playing at being the "gentleman", he'll pull out a chair for Lana and gesture for her to take a seat… if she's not already seated. Rayathess will settle in the seat next to her and he will only smirk to her muttering. "Does she make you nervous?" he asks, giving Lana a curious look.

The door opens, snow blows in around a being, shrouded in it, and then the door closes with a thud (with the help of several other people near the door). Ezra has arrived? It's hard to tell it's him at first though, as the heir begins tugging off all of his layers of clothing, unwrapping layer after layer after layer, moving to hang them all by the hearth - among the other things hanging to dry - so that they can maybe dry before he pulls them back on again. Then it's time for food and drink.

They should take everyone that ever tried to force Lana to do something she didn't want to do and put them in a room with everyone that tried to do the same to Rayathess. They can destroy them together. Teamwork! And something that would go down in history without a doubt. While Lana still has a noteably short fuse she has gotten better at lengthening it. Well, that or pouring water an what would be an explosion. Rayathess's acts of gentlemanlyness get a grin before she ends up shrugging regarding Nyalle. "Not really," she admits. "I'm not the nervous type most of the time. It's more like she's all proper and I'm… well… not. Me trying to act proper around her when she does things as per the good Weyrwoman code generally doesn't end too well." There's a frown before she whispers, "plus last time I ran into her I may or may not have been smashed. I still think Mr'az and I lost Abigail in the bar." See, not proper! The arrival of Ezra makes curiousity appear on Lana's face before she chuckles at his shedding. "I think that's one of the more accurate representations of an egg hatching that I've seen," she remarks.
Rayathess tilts his head and his brows knit together as he mulls over Lana's answer. "So it's more like… a clash of personalities then? The Weyrwoman is proper, reserved and you… are not?" he tries to puzzle it out, only to grimace. No, that doesn't sound quite right. Shrugging his shoulders, he smiles crookedly. "Why try to act so differently? You could… maybe reign yourself in a bit but it's far more difficult to act falsely." Quirking a brow, he has to stifle his laughter next at her whispered words. "I'm sure you've been forgiven for that oversight?" Rayathess drawls in a lowered voice of his own. When the door thuds shut, he will look up and over to it, only to spy the bundled form. There's a snort for Lana's observation and then he's blinking, squinting and… oh. "Ezra!" Rayathess calls to his brother, grinning and waving him over.

Is she calling him a chicken? Ezra's name is called and he looks up, startled and then grinning widely when he sees his brother. "Hey!" he says, grabbing a mug of klah and walking over, nodding to Lana and offering his brother a hug before he takes a seat. "I didn't know you were here. Now you're stuck here, ha." There's a shiver, and then he gives his attention to his klah. Warm. Blessed warm klah.

Lana ponders the suggestion for a moment, her head tilting to the side as she does so. Eventually she ends up nodding before responding, "I think you may be right. It just feels like it's more appropriate to act differently around her… kinda. I mean it's harder but it certainly feels like it makes things a tad less risky." Lana can't help but let out a snort of laughter at his next remark. "I should hope so," she says, "it wouldn't be much fun to have a wingleader out for revenge on me." Ezra gets a wave as he approaches before she grins deviously at his comment to his brother. A smirk crosses her face before he teases, "you never know, maybe there'll be a break in the weather and some kind, generous, oh-so-sweet soul will take him back to Harper Hall. Or Ista where he can bask in the miracle that is sunlight while you get to perfect your snow-creature act."

"Well, you do have to act with some respect and, uh… tact?" Rayathess admits with a sort of half-smirk quirking one corner of his mouth up. He rubs at the back of his neck, clearly at a loss of how else to explain it. There was a time that he struggled too with the whole social aspect, but not quite in the same vein as Lana. Snickering, he flashes her a quick grin. "No, I'd imagine not, huh? So… what DID you do anyways to warrant losing a Wingleader in a bar?" he asks. Will he regret asking? Maybe. Turning back to Ezra, he'll return his brother's hug and then try to give him a swift punch to the arm for teasing him about being stuck in the Weyr. "I'll have you know that be being HERE, that means I have to crash your room, right, brother?" HA! So there! "How're you, Ezra?" Glancing to Lana, Rayathess then scoffs in a teasing manner. "So I guess that means it won't be you, huh?"

Ezra glances at Lana, and then to Rayathess. Then back to Lana with a little smile. "Well, I'm sure we could find /someone/ who fit that description." Ouch? He's trying to joke, honest, but…that probably fell a little flat. Or maybe not, since Rayathess had the same thought! Brothers unite! In bad jokes. "You know you're always welcome on my couch," he says with a grin. He means it too. He likes company! "I'm good. Freezing, worried about the stock up in Stonehaven, but D'ani can't (won't) take me until it clears a bit." Safety, pfft. "The canines are good though, just checked in on them. Warm, snug, there's a few beastcrafters staying out there to make sure everything is okay."

A gasp of mock hurt leaves Lana as tact comes out as a question. Placing her hand over her heart in an overdramatic gesture she cries, "you hurt me, Rayathess! I'm hurt. And I'll let you know that I am full to the brim of tact. There was that… time that I did that… thing… and everyone came out all fine and non-insulted!" Okay, so maybe she's not the queen of tact. As a matter of fact she could probably give Jajen a run for her many. At least they make for fun stories? Sometimes. Generally not. The question actually makes Lana blush slightly before she answers, "we lost a goldflight in Eastern." As in all three of them. It certainly wasn't Fort's proudest day. How she apparently fails to meet the description by all accounts makes the brownrider roll her eyes. "You're right, I'll probably abandon you in some long forgotten jungle somewhere. Or, I don't know, trade one of you to High Reaches for a skin of wine. I hear they need more payed hooligans." See, she can make bad jokes of her very own! Bad and possibly awkwardly executed.

"Knew I could count on you," Rayathess drawls to Ezra and then gives his brother a frank look. "And with good reason he won't fly you up there! You heard the reports, didn't you?" The very ones he didn't heed and almost got himself lost as a result! "Glad your canines are safe though and you as well!" As for Lana's overly dramatic reaction, Rayathess just rolls his eyes and chuckles low in his throat, smirking. He's not buying it! "That… one time you did that thing? How… descriptive of you!" he teases her, only to tilt his head and then cough as he clears his throat. "Ah. Uh… I see. Goldflight." That explains it all, apparently? At least the part about the bar. "Wait. An Eastern gold flight? Why… how'd you end up THERE? Duty?" Talk about bad timing, in Rayathess eyes. And good thing Nyalle isn't around to hear Lana joke about High Reaches! Rayathess just snorts, eyeing Ezra and now takes his turn to look offended — in a mocking way, of course! "I'd think we'd be worth MUCH more than a single wineskin! At least five and of the finest Benden vintages the region has to offer."

"Wait, why am I going on this hypothetical journey? I live /here/," Ezra asks, a bit confused as he peers at Rayathess and Lana over the rim of his steaming klah mug. "Raya, you're worth at /least/ five skins of wine /and/ a runner. At least." There's a little smile.

Lana snorts at the incredible lack of detail. "I know," she responds, "there's so much information there that would could probably write an epic ballad about it." Yes, a goldflight. There's nothing like a mass goldflight loss to make people want to visit a bar! A goldflight in a foreign territory at that. Speaking of foreign territory there's that question that she probably should have been expecting. "Wanderlust," she simply says. "Sometimes I get a bit restless seeing the same things so I like to travel during my freetime. Eastern was pretty much chosen and random and well… it turned out to be bad timing." The talk of the wineskins makes Lana raise an eyebrow as she silently listens to them bartering over their souls. Finally she looks at Rayathess and remarks with a half-smile, "I'll let you know that I meant a wineskin filled with molten gold." The words are oddly soft and kind for the brownrider. To Ezra, however, she jokingly says, "but you just got downgraded to two cups of Bitran grog."

Rayathess wrinkles his nose. "When you actually have to write a ballad, you won't joke so much about it! You've any idea how difficult it is to get words to rhyme or follow some form of rhythm and still make sense?" he mutters with a crooked smirk to Lana. He nods his head to her explanation as to why she was in Eastern and he does not pry much further. "Must be nice, to have that freedom to travel on a whim on your free time." he teases the brownrider again before flashing a grin at Ezra. "We're a pair, that's why! Traded only as a complete set. So… if I'm worth five skins of wine and a runner, then that'd make you worth the same. So that's ten skins and two runners!" Snickering, his attention drifts back to Lana and he'll seem a touch puzzled by her kind spoken words. "Or gold glitter?" he asks with a wry smirk. The brownrider would know what he means. "Oh, hey now… Bitran grog? That's harsh. He's my brother!" Be nice… even if this is all in good fun! "And as much as I'm enjoying this, I really should go hunt down the Weyrharper here and get a message to the Hall. So they're not worrying that I'm lost in the wilds or something…" Priorities. His are a bit backwards!

Ezra blinks at Lana, and then snorts. How…kind of him. "Molten gold?" Really? That's…wow. That was awkward. He /eyes/ his brother and nods. "Come by the room when you're done? I've something to show you." Plaaaaans.

Lana chuckles at Rayathess's unpleasant description of writing ballads. No wonder he prefers things like law and records to that aspect of harpering! Lana would probably choose to focus on music making herself if she were a harper but clearly she isn't. Too many people to rescue for that stuff! She feels none of the awkwardness Ezra seems to be enduring and grins at the mention of gold glitter. "Oh," she teases, "you don't want me to get my hands on more glitter." There's no telling what would happen. Well… it would probably end in someone covered in glitter. There's a long sigh before she gives, "fiiiiiine… Benden grog. Several steps up and better than Bitra's finest wine." Another playful grin corsses her face at this. She nods when Rayathess announces his leaving before giving Ezra a sidelong glance at his question. Yes, molten good. Don't judge her!

"Sure Ezra. Shouldn't take me long, unless you wanted to tag with?" Rayathess offers to his brother and his eyes will hold a curious gleam to them. "Oh?" Well, even if Ezra doesn't tag along, that'll certainly have him dropping by after he's had his messages sent to Harper Hall (somehow). Few would know that although Rayathess has three firelizards, none of them are reliable to carry messages. Lana's teasing 'threat' of more glitter earns a mock shudder from Rayathess. "No, I don't actually!" Since she's already succeeded in covering him (partially) in glitter! Which was… totally his fault. Stupid booby trapped diary. There's a laugh as he begins to stand, "Better, but still not the best." he drawls and leaves it at that. "Was good to talk with you again, Lana. Clear skies and if you do have to go out into that mess of a blizzard… best of luck. Stay safe." With that he'll nod his head in polite farewell and lingering only to see if Ezra is following before he's mustering the courage to face the snow and wind outside.

Ezra isn't following. Not yet, anyway. He watches until his brother is gone before leaning back to look at Lana for a long moment. "You have a crush on my brother." Statement. Not question.

Lana grins at Rayathess and waves as he departs. Her words are sincere as she says, "you too, be sure to stay warm." Then it's just her… and Ezra. Who seems to be giving her a long look as if pondering something. Is something awkward about to happen? She has this dreadful feeling that it is, a feeling that is confirmed by Ezra's statement. For a moment she is silent as she takes in his statement. "If it's any consolation," she ends up saying in a quiet voice, "I'm not entirely sure that he's noticed." She doesn't even try to deny it. What's the point? Even she's willing to admit that Ezra isn't an idiot and certainly isn't blind.

Ezra shakes his head. "He hasn't, even though I've told him a few times." His jaw works for a moment. What does he do? Tell her to stay away from him? He doubts that'd do anything but piss her off, and that's something he doesn't want to do. Hmm. "Just…be…" Gentle? Nice? Compassionate? This is /Lana/. "Don't be mean to him."

Lana is quiet as he confirms her suspicions. Another time him having told his brother may have amused her but… somehow this feels too important for her to be grinning or joking right now. Not pissing off Lana is a wise thing to do, yet she still seems a little surprised at him not telling her to stay away. Surprised and… maybe a little happy? It's a light sort of happy though, more like quiet and somber contentment, rather than her normal smirking and laughing. Her voice is quiet, little more than a whisper, yet manages to speak of more honesty that can usually be found in Lana's voice as she says, "I wouldn't be. I… I promise. I won't."

Ezra frowns a bit into his klah mug. "Not saying I'm giving you my blessing," he mutters. "Just. He's been through enough already without another girl messing with his head."

Lana gives a small nod before murmuring, "I didn't think you were." She didn't think he was and a rather large part of her really doesn't expect him to. Nothing is said for a moment, the blonde looking at her feet as she ponders her words. The brownrider looks up to meet Ezra's gaze and she says, "I haven't asked too much about his past. I know… I know that a lot happened, just the general stuff that everyone knows, and if he wants to talk to me about it then I'm willing to listen but it's not my place to pry. But messing with him and hurting him any farther is the last thing I would want to do."

Ezra looks down at her and finally nods. "Good," is all the young heir says, before he's turning and dropping off his klah mug and going to check on the status of his clothing.

Lana doesn't say anything in return, instead giving a small, only just noticeable nod before moving off toward her Weyr. It seems that she has quite a few things to think about tonight. So many things and not nearly enough time to think about them.