NOTE: Some mature content within!

Fort Weyr - Mountain Pass - Snowbound Cottage
Upon entering, one is greeted with a broad, wide and open room of wood and stone. High ceilings allow for more illusion of space, the rafters above arranged in an almost artful and tasteful way to accentuate the shape and layout of the room. Large windows have been set into the wall facing the mountains and lake below and high above closer to the ceilings, allowing much of the natural light to fill the room. For nightfall, there are several hanging fixtures of metal rings, each capable of holding several clear containers of glows, along with several alcoves set into the walls within easy reach, leaving any guests capable to adjust how much or little glow-light they prefer. The rest of the decor is simple and rustic, with some of the wall space taken up by a few small paintings of Fortian or northern landscapes.
A large stone fireplace lines the other wall, the mantel decorated with a few tasteful pieces of pottery, the vases holding no flowers save for those placed there by visitors in the warmer seasons. Around the fireplace three low couches have been arranged around each other with various sized pillows arranged for even more cozy comfort. A large woven rug is spread out on the floor and an equally low but dark wood table rests on top of it, perfectly placed for easy access.
One one side of the wall where the fireplace rests, a small archway leads to a winding wooden staircase that leads to the private upstairs rooms and the balcony that overlooks the room below from the long hallway. The other side also boasts an archway, but it leads to another short hallway that opens up to a full kitchen, capable of keeping food and drink cool and a small stove for preparing meals. The cabinets are fully stocked as well with dishes, utensils and cookware.
Back towards those large mountain facing windows is an almost invisible wooden door. Even it's smaller glass windows look to be part of the design, allowing it to blend in so craftily. If one opens it though, it leads out the large and covered raised patio outside. Another staircase leads to the underside of the patio, where another sitting area is arranged for those wishing to enjoy the outdoors and the fire pit not too far away.

Winter is losing it's battle now. Spring can be felt in the air, on most days, and the Weyr is alive with activity as the snow and ice begins to melt and the air grows steadily warmer. It has been a hectic time, in preparing for the renewal of trading with the caravans that will be coming through now that the trails are opening up and other affairs. Weyr maintenance, Wing business, administration duties, preparing for the clutch to be laid by Iaverulth's flight with Niumdreoth as suitor… it all adds up and eats away at the time in the day. Th'ero has been doing his best to keep everything in balance but his time spent at the cottage is waning less and less. He tries — oh, how he tries! Yet there have been a few days where he has only just settled only to have to be called away again. Those are the bad days, usually for whoever was foolish enough in their stupidity to warrant his observation or presence when he's supposed to be away.

Today is one of those days… or the morning of one, anyways. Outside, the snow falls heavy and thick in great big fat flakes. No wind, but visibility is significantly down and going outdoors would be tricky (and not suggested). Yet the cottage is warm and cozy. While Kimmila slept, Th'ero visited in the short, far too short, window of time he had. Yet rather than wake her, which was difficult for him to resist, he instead banked the fires, replenished the firewood stack by the door and left her her gift. He's kept his promise and has brought one (or two… or three) with him on his visits. Little things like her favourite foods or drink, little baubles he's picked up from the holds, scented oils for her baths and even some herbal based salves to pamper herself with. Which… must have been extremely awkward for Th'ero to seek out. Girl stuff. Today though, his gift is in the small kitchen and warming by the fire. Breakfast! Lots of it and partially because he was uncertain as to what she would be hungry for and so… almost brought everything he could think of (and carry).

There's another part of the surprise though and it… or she, rather … is sitting on Kimmila while she sleeps, either on her chest or her legs or…awkwardly on the top of her head. Head warmer! It's none other than Boo, the fluffy kitten who has grown since she first was brought home by Kyzen. Almost all white, she has a few ghostly silvery markings starting to show on her forehead and between her ears and right now her eerie green eyes are closed as she purrs and dozes. Around her neck is a bow and tied to is is a tightly rolled note. Who needs a firelizard when you have a feline kitten?

Kimmila has relaxed immensely in the cottage, away from the weyr. She has always welcomed Th'ero and always been sad to see him go (but not sad enough to make him feel guilty, she knows he has to work and besides…she /does/ need some time alone), and she has visibly relaxed and brightened with each passing day as the fears of her pregnancy settle into a managable reality. The cottage is neat and tidy, things kept in their proper order, and she's even started a few little craft projects. Painting, mostly, and nothing good. More therapy to move a brush over a canvas than anything worth showing to anyone. This morning though, snuggled warm in bed, she is gently awoken by the purring…purring? She's used to it by now and does not grab for her dagger in feline fear, instead just opening an eye to laugh softly. "Boo."

Boo streeeeetches out in a way only a feline can when Kimmila wakes up and calls to her with her laughter. She rolls, all but tumbling right off the pillow before she awkwardly corrects herself (yeah, she totally meant to do that!) and immediately butts her head against the blue rider's cheek. PET ME! The bow is noticeable then, set in a way to rest on the back of her neck, with the rolled note tied to it and kept at an angle to keep from poking the poor kitten uncomfortably. Maybe it's not petting Boo wants at all, but the bow to be removed. It itches!

Kimmila chuckles softly, scritching those ears with a low sound, before she's noticing the bow and the note. With a soft smile, Kimmila exhales and reaches for it, pulling the bow and the note off, giving the kitten a good neck scratch before she unrolls the note. "He was here, then…" she murmurs. "I worry this is too much for him…"

Boo has no answers for Kimmila. She just looks up at the bluerider with her wide green eyes, still purring though the scratching has come to an end. She'll scratch at her neck with a hind leg when finally relieved of her bow-message, all but melting into a pile of fluff and goop when she's given a neck scratch and if Kimmila isn't careful, that very bow will be pounced upon and tossed all over the bed as Boo takes her "revenge" on it. There are two notes rolled. One is clearly Th'ero's handwriting. The other is beyond obvious to be from Kyzen, unless Th'ero reverted back to being a five turn old kid… or he was very drunk while writing. No, it's a message from both Th'ero and Kyzen, with Kyzen's being the topmost one. It reads (barely) in scrawled, slanted and crooked kid writing:

Here is Boo for you, to keep you company. You have my permission (that word is… horribly misspelled and may take a second or two to puzzle out but he gets brownie points for using Big Words, right?) to keep her as long as you want. She is a good kitten and I don't mind. Just remember to bring her back!
Love, Kyzen

Th'ero's note, thank Faranth, is far easier to read:

He insisted I bring Boo to you. I'm sorry I'm not there this morning. There's been an emergency and I am needed to mediate. I left you breakfast and Boo's stuff is already setup. Weather is supposed to be bad later in the day, according to reports. Late winter snow storm. Be careful. I know you will be. I'll try to be by later mid-morning or afternoon. I miss you.

Kimmila reads both notes and her heart melts a little for the pair of them, before she takes a deep breath and dangles the ribbon, letting Boo chase and pounce on it across the bed before she finally pushes to her feet. "Breakfast, Boo," she murmurs, pulling on her slippers and robe, padding down the stairs to the main room to stoke life back into the fire. Glancing outside, she touches minds with Varmiroth and is pleased to find him sleeping. Having eaten three huge wherries the night previous that he hunted himself, she's no doubt he'll sleep until noon at least. Which means…contacting Th'ero might be a bit difficult. As she sets out Boo's food and puts a kettle on to make tea, she sits at the table to peek at the breakfast he brought for her.

Boo is engrossed in destroying that ribbon and bow, now that her hackles are up and she's in a mood to play (feisty!). She'll be sprawled on the bed, bow clutched between her paws and gnawing away on the edges when Kimmila gets up and begins to pad down the stairs. Which instantly sets the kitten off like a rocket and there's the dull thuds of her tiny feet skittering down the stairs before she's ricocheting across the floor, bow in her mouth and ribbon trailing along with it. Kimmila might want to watch where she walks! Boo is prone to tangling in between feet, not caring if she ends up crossing paths in her wild cavorting all over the floor.

Th'ero has left her… a feast. Literally. There is everything packed in there and more warming by the fire. What is being kept warm is bacon and some small breakfast sausages and in another dish, it looks to be thin crepes for rolling and stuffing with fruit or whatever she desires. Another holds fresh baked croissant like breads. Light, flaky and buttery. On the table there are fresh sliced fruits, grains if she prefers a bowl of cereal instead, yogurt, more bread and some soft, spreadable cheeses… it goes on and on. When in doubt… grab a bit of everything?

Kimmila moves carefully, chuckling and smiling, not realizing until this moment how much she was missing the little kitten. The sight of the breakfast spread has her gasping and then exhaling softly, shaking her head just a bit. "Oh, wingmate," she whispers, pouring herself some tea and sitting down at the table. For a moment she just stares at everything, sighing again. "You do too much for me…" There's the guilt again, but she pushes it back. No. No guilt. And she begins to sample a bit of this,a bit of that, and even toss Boo a few pieces.

She shouldn't feel guilty in the slightest. Th'ero loves doing this for her. Sure, it adds more time to his day and at times he is rushing to find the 'perfect' thing to surprise her with but he enjoys it. Never would he consider himself a romantic type but with her… he seems to have developed the trait. He WANTS to spoil her. It brings him pleasure, as he's come to learn. Boo is all too happy to accept a few scraps and while content to take them tossed to her on the floor, in the next instant she's leaping to the table top. Have some cat fur with your breakfast?

Kimmila scoops Boo off the table and down to her lap, where she'll try to get her to settle with the promise of one hand petting her at all times. Glancing at the window again, Kimmila then rises. "We need to get some wood inside before the storm hits," she murmurs. "Upstairs, Boo." She doubts the cat actually understands but it's nice having someone to talk to, especially while Varmiroth sleeps.

Boo gives a little mewl of protest when she's lifted off the table but will flop into Kimmila's lap. The petting works on keeping her settled… but only for a little bit. Soon the kitten is squirming and wiggling, bent on making a game out of anything! She'll never scratch or bite Kimmila, but she'll grapple her hand with her legs and even try to wrap herself around the blue rider's arm. Ha! Boo will drop from her lap when Kimmila rises, blinking up at her only because of the sounds. She doesn't understand the words, but sounds are sounds. Her tail flicks and she begins to wander off, but not to the stairs. Probably seeking something to entertain herself with. Outside, the snow continues to fall in heavily. No winds, no sign of any storm. It's probably quite beautiful out there, if one can get over the cold.

Kimmila moves up into the bedroom to change, returning bundled up in warm clothing from head to toe. Boots, gloves, scarf, hat, all are gathered before she opens the door and moves outside, taking Boo with her if the kitten wants. Stopping on the porch, Kimmila breathes deeply of the world, watching the flakes fall with their gentle, soft hiss. Then she's down towards the wood pile, taking the basket with her.

Boo will come as far as the door and then scrunch her face up in disgust at the snow. Nope! Tail flicks up and she'll promptly turn away and stalk off back into the cottage. She'll stay indoors and in the warmth, thank you! Plus, a white kitten in snow? Is just bound to disappear. The wood pile isn't far from the front door and Th'ero has made sure to keep it well covered. Everything seems and even sounds strangely muffled out here. Beautiful and serene. Calm and peaceful. Isolated. The snow is falling so heavily now that it's hard to make out the trees in the distance and even the mountains seem to blur and fade in so much grey and white. Will this weather even allow flight?

Time will tell, as Kimmila peers up into the sky with a small frown before she bends to lift the cover and wiggle out some pieces of wood. They're damp but not soaked, and will dry just fine near the fireplace before she has need of them. Looking into the sky again, she reaches out for her dragon's sleepy mind. « Varmiroth? » The blue rouses slowly, with a shiver and a rumble. Wow, he's covered in snow. « Could you call to Velokraeth? » With a wuffle, the blue stretches and yawns, shaking the snow from his body and eying the trees above him. Not good enough, and he scoots back further into the woods. « Brother, » he calls, stretching his thoughts as far as he can, reaching for the familiar thoughts of his ledgemate.

Maybe they should look into building proper covered wallows for the dragons. Something to pitch to the caretaker, some day! Varmiroth will find Velokraeth's presence after a moment or two of searching. Dim but there and it's a snarled mess. Not necessarily anything to be alarmed about, it just means the bronze is preoccupied and distracted. The moment he becomes aware of who is trying to reach him, his thoughts smoothing out into a velvety rush of dark red wine. « Little brother! Is everything alright? »

Varmiroth is concerned at the mess of the bronze's thoughts, sending reassurance without hesitation. « What is wrong? Are things amiss at the weyr? » There's a pause. « All is well here, mine is wondering about the weather. It is snowing thick now, here, and she knows yours wanted to come visit… »

Velokraeth absorbs those reassurances without pause and sends some back in return to Varmiroth as he solidifies and strengthens the bond. « Oh, what isn't amiss! » The pale bronze grouches irritably. « There are preparations for this storm to come. The winds are rising here now and you would think the sky is falling! Thunderbird is on standby of course and Haast is recalling their riders and mine is caught in making sure all is done as it should be. Of course, NOW some of the cotholds call for aid and riders have been sent but there are concerns there. And Iaverulth has been insufferable. You would think with her closer to her time on the sands, she'd be mellow but she has turned into quite the bi… Ahh. Apologies, brother. I'm rambling. » Venting. « Tell yours we will be there shortly. Promise. »

Varmiroth is sympathetic, shifting a bit. « I am sorry we are not there to help, » he says, quietly. Privately. « So long as it is safe. We are secure here, so if there is risk… » Do not take it.

« Don't be, brother! This is nothing that we cannot handle. It is just frustrating that it is happening all at once but there is a silver lining to this. We will set all to order, but the storm will guarantee that we are free until it passes. Mine is certain of it and he is determined to come. » Velokraeth explains, his voice low and rich and rippling with an undercurrent of amusement. He will sober a little in the next breath though. « We know the risks. » Which means… they'll push it.

Varmiroth shifts a bit, uneasy and blocking it from his rider. « If you or yours are hurt, » or worse, « getting to mine, she would never, ever forgive herself. » No crypic remarks there. He lays it all out.

Velokraeth wouldn't have minded if Varmiroth was cryptic. He'd have seen through it but laying it all out takes a certain boldness that the bronze can appreciate and values far more. « Brother, you wound me. » he says in a half-joking tone. « We would not endanger ourselves and thus put unnecessary stress on your rider. Mine loves her too much to risk that. The winds are not too strong. I can still fly in weather like this and we are not flying straight. All I need is to get high enough to clear Between… and done is done! We will be there and mine can lavish yours in all the attention she desires. Did she enjoy her gift? »

Varmiroth does not intend to wound. He intends to protect. « She did, very much. The food, and she was very happy to see the feline. She worries she puts too much strain on yours though, being here. »

Velokraeth's mind ripples again as his amusement sobers further to seriousness. « She shouldn't worry, brother. I won't let him run himself ragged. If I felt he could not handle it, I would simply not fly. He cannot get to the cottage by land and I can have Kayeth bar him trying to get another to fly him in. I've my own tricks. » he assures smugly. The link fades abruptly and it is several long minutes before Velokraeth returns, apologetic but sounding bright and eager. « We are done here. We fly! The winds are strong but not terribly so. I will launch from the Star Stones. We are careful and cautious, brother. We will be safe. »

Right, because /that/ would go over /so/ well, someone trying to keep Th'ero from getting to Kimmila. Varmiroth rumbles though, a mental nod before he retreats to wait.

Okay, so that plan would SO backfire in everyone's faces! Give Velokraeth some credit for trying? Varmiroth won't have to wait long. The heavy snow fall will muffle most of his arrival but as he circles lower, his wings will kick up a lot of the loose snow before he's landing heavily, his bulk making short work of any drifts that have gathered in the landing field. Swinging his head around, his eyes partially lidded against the falling snowflakes, he'll whuffle and warble a call of greeting. « We're here! What'd I tell you? Safe and sound. Where have you holed yourself up, brother? The storm is coming. » he informs the blue, while Th'ero unbuckles himself and dismounts, fumbling through his gloves to get Velokraeth's straps unbuckled and off so they can be stored and not damaged by the cold and snow.

Varmiroth moves out from his spot in the trees to welcome the bronze with a wuffle. « I do not know where we can shelter, » he admits. « My spot in the woods is not large enough for you, brother. » In the cottage, Kimmila steps out with a smile that is clearly relieved, waiting for him on the porch in her winter gear, bundled and warm.

Velokraeth peers into the trees and exhales gustily. « No, the trees would not do. Comfortable for you, but I'd get my boxy rear end wedged in there something fierce and we'd not want anyone to have to come dig me out, eh? Spare my dignity. Are their any covered wallows or overhangs perhaps in the lower portions of the hills or the mountain base? » Surely there is something! Already he is shaking the gathering snow off his body, which earns a curse from Th'ero as the movement sends him toppling backwards into a snow back and… buried under straps. "Thanks for that!" he snaps at Velokraeth, who only turns his ugly head around to whuffle. His bad? Struggling in a comical manner, Th'ero will haul himself free both of straps and snow, brushing himself off and then properly shouldering them as he walks off to store them in the shed. Onwards to the cottage! Th'ero will spot Kimmila on the porch and lifts a gloved hand to wave, trying to hurry his steps through deep, fresh snowfall. Shuffle, shuffle?

Varmiroth eyes the sky, white with snow, and the mountains which he can barely see. « I do not know, » he admits, moving forward and spreading his wings before he surges into the sky. « We should look now, before the storm gets worse. » Kimmila watches her lifemate take off with a sharp and worried frown, no doubt swiftly calling him to task - but he does not heed her. He wants to /fly/, and so he does. Her gaze turns then to Th'ero, slogging through the drifts, and she smiles. "It's nice and warm inside. Plenty of food for…however long we're snowed in."

Velokraeth is surprised too when Varmiroth surges into the sky, but the pale bronze will follow. « I agree! Here, brother. I thought I saw something over here…» And he will veer towards the back of the cottage, where the ground grows rockier and rises up. Promising! Th'ero slogs his way over and when he reaches Kimmila, he doesn't answer her. Not because he's in a mood — well, he is but it's not in anger or brooding. He reaches out, snares her in his grip and hauls her body to his. Who cares if they've winter gear on? Th'ero is pressing as hard as he dares against her, careful to keep it mostly off her belly and his silent treatment is caused by him kissing her. Deep, hard and passionate, drawing it out until he has to draw back for a breath. "Good." Th'ero's voice is gruff and thick. Good that they have food or… good kiss? Who knows. He's trying to draw Kimmila with him now towards the cottage. Hi, I missed you?

Varmiroth turns, flying after Velokraeth, mindful of the winds. Always. Forever, in the back of his mind, is Wiyaneth. Because always, forever, it's in the back of Kimmila's mind. On the porch, Kimmila is startled by Th'ero's greeting, though she leans into it and kisses him back. "Well then. Hello. How are you? What's gone on at the weyr?"

Velokraeth is mindful of the winds too. Maybe not with the same memories, but he is no fool. They won't have to go far until the bronze spots something. A break in the rocks. It's a slanted ledge, but it offers some shelter from the wind and if they don't mind being squeezed too close together, both bronze and blue could fit and most of their bodies be kept warm and dry. « What about here, little brother? We're still in good distance from the cottage, though we'll be a touch cramped. » Beggars can't be choosers? Th'ero will wait until he's drawn them both inside, shutting the door behind them and turning to face Kimmila. He's put her back to facing the wall and while he doesn't push her, he is well into her personal space. His hands lift, pushing back her hood if she was wearing it up, gently working on unfastening her jacket. Maybe he expects her to do the same to him? "Lots. I will tell you." he murmurs and yet doesn't seem inclined to start. "I'm… much better now that I am here." he admits truthfully.

Varmiroth wobbles a bit in the wind and then lands, rumbling softly as he moves into the space. « I am fine with it. » He doesn't mind cramped. Not with Velokraeth at least. In the cottage, Kimmila turns, leaning against the wall and lifting her hands to undo the fastenings on his jacket. Her eyes search his, brows furrowed slightly. "Was there a flight?" he asks, since he usually isn't /this/ forward when he comes home.

Velokraeth will land after Varmiroth, his talons scraping and scrabbling a bit as he struggles to find his balance and not accidentally squish the blue. « Good. We'll rest here then. » the bronze rumbles, finally getting his wings folded to his sides as he moves to settle in beside his ledgemate. Ahh, much better! Back inside the cottage, Th'ero will shrug off his jacket and hang it before moving to help her out of her own. "No. No flight." he muses, giving her a slightly puzzled look before he's edging forwards again. "I am…" he begins, head lowering as he moves in, attempting to nuzzle at her neck, breathing in slow and deep. "… pleased to be here. With you. It has been a long, stressful morning. My thoughts were often on you." His hands will go to slip around her then, if she hasn't tried to evade or push him away. He's very forward, very bold and rather needy. "Did you enjoy your gifts?" Th'ero murmurs against her neck, chuckling low and thick in his throat.

Kimmila lets him hang her jacket as well, and she slips her arms around his body when he returns to her, closing her eyes and lifting her chin for his nuzzling. "What happened?" she asks, again. "My…yes, wingmate. You brought enough food to do Cook proud. And I love having Boo here. She's around somewhere…"

Th'ero will nuzzle her firmly when she lifts her chin and go as far as to trace a few light, almost teasing nibbles along the curve of her throat. Then he will shift and he will kiss along her shoulder, his hands caressing the curve of her lower back. He smiles, mischievous like almost to her compliments. Inhaling slow and deep, he goes to answer her, only to have the words stick in his throat and come out in a strangled half-yelp. "… yeah, she's here." Th'ero grunts, body twitching and his hips suddenly grinding against hers as his knees bend as if to evade something. Not… at all how he intended his 'reunion' with Kimmila to go but the reason is apparent soon enough. Boo is shimmying up his leg, claws dug in GOOD. She WANTS HUGS TOO! HI. Or maybe it's the longer end of his belt that's drawn her, since she bats at the hanging strip of leather, still digging in with three paws of claws. Ow.

Kimmila gasps softly when he grinds against her, only to…"Oh. Boo, no," she says, moving away from Th'ero so she can grab the kitten and attempt to pry her loose. "You…well. At least she didn't go up /between/ your legs?" she offers with a faint smile.

Boo will let go in favour of snuggling up to Kimmila for a moment before wriggling and squirming free and jumping back to the ground. With a flick of her tail, she's off again! Th'ero scowls at the kitten but there is no real heat to his eyes. Chuckling dryly, he will step back to Kimmila and slip his arm around her. Now… where were they? "Mhm. Fortunately." he murmurs and lowering his head again, he whispers huskily by her ear. "Why don't you reach down and check to be sure?" Sneaky! He grins wryly.

Kimmila sends Boo off with a roll of her eyes, leaning back into Th'ero with a laugh. "What's got into you, wingmate?" she teases, reaching down between his legs to do just that.

"Do you disapprove?" Th'ero teases back, grinning wryly as he nibbles at her neck again and when she reaches down between his legs, he will grunt low in his throat and press towards her fingers. He's rather… aroused and more so now at her touch. He nuzzles her, shivering. "I've missed you." he repeats. "It's been.. a frustrating day and I was thinking of you and…" He sighs, chuckling. "In simple terms: I am a male. Plain and simple. And for some reason, seeing you there… waiting… excited me." Guilty as charged.

Kimmila strokes him with a low laugh. "No, I do not disapprove," she reassures him, hissing softly at his nibbles. "Ahhh. Well then." She gently lets him go, hands on his shoulders, and pushes him back. "In that case. Wait one moment." And she'll move away from him, holding up her hand in a 'stay' position before she's turning and moving swiftly up the stairs.

Th'ero laughs throatily as he's pushed back and he glowers playfully at her for her 'stay' gesture. FINE! He'll behave, though he'll try to crane his head to follow her movements up those stairs. What is she up to?

She's up to something, that's for sure, as a few minutes later she calls him up to the bedroom. And the firm closing of the door behind him suggests just /what/ they're up to in there. Forget the storm outside, they're warm and safe and cozy inside, enjoying each other's company.

Don't come a'knocking if the cottage is rocking? Let the storm outside rage. Th'ero's mind is preoccupied and elsewhere, focused on the company he shares with Kimmila behind closed doors. Moments later, an appetite of a different sort is nagging him and he will reluctantly slide out of the bed and dress. "Join me?" he'll ask Kimmila, though he'd not blame her either for wanting to stay and doze in the bed.

Kimmila grins up at him, sated and sleepy, pushing hair away from her face. "Of course, wingmate," she murmurs. "Really though…that was a surprise. Why were you so…" Randy? "Frisky?"

Th'ero will find some of her clothing and politely offer it back to her, grinning back. Slipping his belt on and looping it after fastening the buckle, he will chuckle throatily. "Does there need to be a reason, Wingmate? I desired you, wanted you. Maybe my frustrations made me… frisky. Or the storm. Or maybe you just bring it out in me." All of the above?

Kimmila chuckles, taking his hand as she rises, and then she'll dress, before leading the way down to the kitchen where the food was tucked away. "I suppose I should be happy with that." Just surprises her, is all. "So tell me about your day…"

Th'ero helps her to her feet and will follow her down into the kitchen. "You suppose so?" he drawls, giving her a funny look. "… was it too much, Wingmate?" Oh great. Now he's having doubts! What was he hoping would happen? Oh right, his day. He owes her that explanation and Th'ero sighs, slipping into a chair at the table. "My day? Shells, Wingmate. It's not even lunch yet and I feel like I've worked a days worth. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. That storm, for one thing, was the root of all of the problems!" he grumbles.

Kimmila shakes her head quickly. "No, no it wasn't too much. Just…not what I'm used to, is all. It wasn't." She glances to the windows and nods. "Looksl ike it's going to be a bad one, too. The weyr prepared? Grounded?"

Th'ero tilts his head as he begins to unpack some of the food. Predictably, he'll go for most of the fruit and some of the yogurt and he will try to see if there is any of the bacon or sausage left. "You… did you like it?" he asks softly, still unsure. His eyes drift briefly to the windows and he grimaces. "That's what they say, but we'll see. A few hours, at best, is what I predict." And he just jinxed them all! "As prepared as it can be. I had to oversee that Haast had itself grounded. Thunderbird is on standby. We were delayed when some of the cotholds that usually do not ask for aid suddenly WANTED it. Figures!"

Jiiiiiinx! Kimmila waits for him to take what he wants, and she'll pick from what's left. "I liked it, wingmate, I did." She was just surprised, is all! She nods as she listens, smirking ab it. "Isn't that how it always goes though? No help is wanted until it's needed, and then…it can't come fast enough."

Th'ero is finally relieved by her answers and begins to eat from his plate of food. Always a good sign, knowing his habits! Most of the fruit is gone first and then the rest, bit by bit. At last, he is left only with one of those soft croissant like breads and he picks at it slowly. Bite by bite. "Seems that way, doesn't it, Wingmate? It was frustrating. For everything I saw completed, three more things popped up. I feared I would never get free or escape before the storm hit. The Weyr is in good order though. And… shells, I hope Iaverulth will settle once she has clutched. She and Jajen both have been insufferable!"

Kimmila eyes him, frowning a bit. "How so? Are they just…more themselves than usual?"

Th'ero shrugs his shoulders and begins to shred the pastry rather than eat it. "Not sure. Jajen seems to have reverted back to her old habits and Iaverulth is just… restless, I guess? Could be the storm getting her on edge and maybe it's affecting Jajen. No idea, but the girl is meddlesome!" he mutters.

Kimmila nods, a thoughtful frown on her lips. "She needs a project. Something specific, just for her. Something to keep her occupied so Iaverulth doesn't feed on her restlessness. And what of Abigail's brown? Is he doting?"

Th'ero quirks a brow. "A project? Are you so certain on that, Wingmate? Jajen hasn't exactly proven to be… reliable or responsible in the past." he drawls with a smirk and the last of his pastry is left to fall back to his plate in disinterest. "I believe so? Seems that way, at least from what little Velokraeth will tell me." he admits with a shrug of his shoulders.

Kimmila waves a hand. "A minor project. A simple one. One that'll keep her occupied but doesn't /really/ matter." Busy work! "And who knows, maybe she'll surprise us. And that's good, at least she's getting attention from that. That should help, hopefully."

"Define simple," Th'ero teases Kimmila. He knows full well what she means but he cannot resist yanking her chain a bit. Just a little! "Perhaps. It's worth a shot, anyways. And if it gets her to settle down, then all the better. I can only tolerate her so much and I don't want to be snapped at when I get short with her and make her cry…" Again. Done with his meal, he'll push back his chair and stand, offering his hand to Kimmila. "Why don't we go settle on the couch by the windows? Watch the snowfall." Cuddle. How romantic?

Kimmila snorts, rolling her eyes a bit before she's getting to her feet and taking his hand. "That sounds perfect," she murmurs, drowsy and content. Cuddle, yes, and perhaps a nap. More food, more talking. A perfect time as the snow falls, and falls, and…falls.