North Western Ocean - Off the Coast of Tillek
The water here is choppy, broken up by the long finger of the Tillek pennisula and where the waves crash against it repeatedly. The backwash of the water creates a strong undertow and there are also quite a few known riptides that are carried along the coast here. With the chill permanently in the water, here is a dangerous place to try and swim and those that dive from the pennisula or fall overboard are most often not seen again.

Not even midway through Spring and the season is already proving to be anything but dull. The morning has hardly dawned when Fort Weyr gets the "call" or rather a report in from the early sweep riders: a Fortian ship has been found wrecked on one of the rocky breakers off of the peninsula that borders onto Tillek's territory. Normally it'd be a High Reachian job, but because the ship has Fort's colours… Regardless, it's bad. Bad because they don't know the condition of the ship (or the casualities) and because it could be prickly politically at best. That aside, the Weyr has a job to do, a duty to perform and once the reports are in and plans made, the Weyrleader is out in the bowls to oversee the preparations, leaving most in Thunderbird's Wingleader's hands. Abigail will know what riders to bring, what volunteers to select. Th'ero will be there to lend aid as well and hold off any High Reachian "interest" if need be. Once all is readied, Velokraeth will share the image needed to transfer safely Between and on the command they will take wing and vanish, only to reappear high above the choppy ocean waters. « Not a good spot. » Velokraeth remarks dryly as the bronze begins to turn sharply towards their intended target. « The waters are treacherous here. » No falling in!

The ship itself is in poor shape. Half of it is already submerged and it's tilted almost entirely on it's side. Exploring it will be tricky at best but certainly high risk and dangerous. Faranth only knows just how far the damage goes or whats within the cargo holds. Survivors? Salvageable goods? Which Fortian ship is this, anyhow…?

Kimmila and Varmiroth are there, of course, beside the Weyrleader and his bronze and ready to assist however they can. Saluting towards Abigail, Kimmila mounts up and follows them all between, hovering above and peering down. « Very treacherous, » Varmiroth agrees with a worried rumble as Kimmila peers down, squinting with a frown through her goggles.

C'rus was one of those selected to go on this mission! It's not all that often that his services are required outside of the weyr, but in this case there might be a pressing medical need down there and this is exactly the sort of thing that is left to craft riders. Besides he and Mirinda did have a conversation recently about him getting out and doing a rotation outside of the infirmary to some of the smaller holds now that spring is here and Jai is ready to travel once more. He follows with the rest as the appear where they should. Jaicoureth too looks down at the ship and his thoughts are with any potential survivors, « That's not good at all. » he says. His rider too is looking down at the ship with a certain amount of trepidation.

Abigail knew indeed who to call upon, and the group she has is small but there is a reason behind it. She doesn't want to go charging in with a huge group to start with, though others will be on standby and will come at a moments notice. Abbey offers a salut back to Kimmila, and she lances to the ones she has picked to come now. They known there jobs well so she isn't worried on that matter. Niumdreoth bugles out softly once he is in the air with his rider, the imagen is taken and he is gone following the others between and soon appearing over the area in question. The scene is indeed bad and Abbey mutters faintly while Niumdreoth sweeps to the side to take in the sight below. « We will need to check and see if survivors are within the ship. » Though that in itself will be dangerous, a rider will have to go down there after all..

« I'd advise against any swimming, » Velokraeth dryly comments, adding a touch of sarcastic humour to an otherwise grim and tense moment. « Any ideas, Niumdreoth, as to how we get our riders in there without disturbing that ship? I don't think in it's current state or angle, that it'll handle even the lightest of us landing. » Th'ero is leaning as far in the straps as he can safely do so, staring down at the ship below and though it's hard to see his expression, it's doubtful the Weyrleader looks hopeful. Straightening, he'll make a motion with his hand to signal he's bringing Velokraeth lower. « We will circle around. The rest of you get aboard if you can… »

Varmiroth follows, circling lower after the bronze. « Perhaps if we land around the ship, we can be ready to steady it if it begins to slip… »

Jaicoureth doesn't really get out much to do sweeps or really much of anything all that exciting. This is probably the most exciting thing that he has been a part of outside of the weyr in forever. Though this is serious business and he won't let himself get so excited that he messes anything up for anyone, « I don't think that it would be a great swimming spot no. » he says. Though the humor Velo was going for is largely missed by the blue. He has no idea of how to go about this and he'll leave it to more experience dragonst to make the call. C'rus nudges Jai lower when Th'ero makes the sign, following after the weyrleader.

Late. Kainaesyth and Ha'ze are late. The dirt clinging to his claws is probably the reason why. It's spring. Planting! He bursts from above, but does not joing the conversation right away, listening.

« Very carefully… What Varmiroth says could work. I will go to one side and Varmiroth and Jaicoureth to the other? » Niumdreoth offers with a low rumble at the idea while he sweeps down to the left side of the ship, another blue with him that is one of the riders from search and rescue that Abbey brought along. « Everyone be careful, anything that seems unstable be ready to move. » Abigail does not see that Kainaesyth and Ha'ze are here, as she is busy pulling out rope from a pack and wrapping it around her so she will have it just incase. Once the dragons are in position then the 'fun' will start.

Velokraeth rumbles uneasily. « But where to land? There is not much ground here… if you can call it that. Just jagged rock and water. Good for us to grip but not friendly to our human counterparts I'm afraid. One good wave and down they go and mine says there's bad undertows here. Riptides. I… do not think we'll find survivors in these waters. » How… enlightening and grim? « I can brace. Jaicoureth and Varmiroth are smaller, no offence, brothers, they could hover close enough for their riders to land on the ship and once done, we will switch places with them. What says yours, Niumdreoth? » When Kainaesyth appears, Velokraeth lifts his head and appears tense and on edge until he recognizes the bronze. Jumpy, much? « Ahh, good of you to come. » Is there a hint of scolding for the lateness? Maybe. Though that could be Th'ero's disapproval and not Velokraeth's.

Varmiroth rumbles softly in agreement and begins to circle down lower, hovering very carefully over the ship. Kimmila unbuckles herself and climbs down the straps towards his shoulder, and when the blue drops low enough she lets go and lands on the sloping deck with a thud, sliding to the edge where she catches the railing and grips it to hold herself steady.

Kainaesyth is likely to make things sink if he was to land anywhere near. So instead he just hovers, taking the movement in long swirls about the sky. No disagreement with the plan as settled. At least they are above water, so landing shouldn't hurt //too/ much. Maybe they should have brought a diving bell of some kind.

Jaicoureth could hardly be offended at Velo stating a fact. He is smaller, and it has never bothered him a day in his life. He is blue and proud. But still a blue, and there are certain things that bronzes will be better able to do than he is. His statement of the doom faced by those that might have fell into the waters catches him off guard though, « Perhaps we will get lucky? » Jaicoureth asks, always the one to try to hope against the odds. Even if in this case the odds are most definitely not in anyone's favor. Especially not anyone who fell into the water. Jaicoureth joins Varmiroth above the ship and watches Kimm land on the deck. C'rus takes a deep breath and unlatches himself. He hates heights as it is and jumping off his dragon's back is certainly a fearful endevor indeed, but there are people to be saved (hopefully) so he too climbs down and then jumps and lands with bang on the deck, and grabs the railing to steady himself. He then lets out the breath he was holding. "Whew."

« That is fine Velokraeth. » Niumdreoth offers to the blues. « We can position ourself on the rocky out cropping next to boat then? » After all they can hold onto the rock as the bronze did point out. Once low enough Abigail is already out of her straps and perched upon her brown's shoulder slightly, once at the right angle she jumps down as well and rolls slightly o she doesn't hit into anything the wrong way in the process. A glance is sent to Kainaesyth and she watches him and Ha'ze a moment before a fant breath esacpes her and she looks to Kimmila and C'rus. "I have some rope, we can tie one end to a point and unroll it as we go down."

« Luck will be if all get out of this without injury, » Velokraeth's dry humour is in full swing as he swings into position and lends his hold to brace the ship, rumbling as the waters break upon his tail and haunches. He's never shared much love of the ocean but neither does his rider — for good reason. « Well done. » He praises when Kimmila, C'rus and Abigail make it on board. Which means it's his turn now and the pale bronze launches back into the air with an awkward leap, hovering just long enough for Th'ero to slowly climb down the straps and jump, landing heavily and skidding as his footing doesn't quite stick. He'll recover though and the Weyrleader hardly skips a beat. "Ship seems to be wedged and stuck firmly for now. Our being here shouldn't dislodge it. Wingleader Abigail… are we prepared to proceed or do you need anything else?" Velokraeth can't hover forever and so he goes back to his place beside the ship, clinging roughly to the rocks. « Come, Kainaesyth! Your chance to let your rider down is now. Or will you remain on the winds? »

Kimmila holds tightly to the railing on the sloping deck, looking around. "Weird that no one is up here…" she mutters. "Kind of creepy, actually…Did they all get swept overboard? Or trapped below decks?"

Creepy is a great way to describe the seemingly vacant ship, "My bet is that if there is anyone alive here they are trapped below." Given that they aren't on the top deck awaiting rescue, "Maybe the ones that were up here got swept away leaving whatever is left below…I don't know." Because this isn't really C'rus's forte at all. Jaicoureth pulls away and circles the ship, keeping a close eye on everything going on down there. « You are a fountain of hope today. » he comments to Velokraeth. Though he is obviously nervous, this is a precarious situation indeed.

"Not at the moment sir." Abigail offers to Th'ero while nodding that they can get move while she ties the end of the rope to a bit of the boat that isn't broken and steady as it can get at the moment. "Most likely a bit of both Kimmila." She's seen this before. "Though I am surprized that no one is yelling or osmething…" Perhaps they are all hurt, or dead, or gone. Niumreoth is able to keep his spot for the moment, taloned hindpaws gripping at a rocky edge while his forepaws rest against the edge of the ship just slightly. His head twists to the side to take in the area, a low rumble escaping him.

« I do my best, Jaicoureth! » Velokraeth replies in clear and rippling sarcasm. « I don't like this situation one bit. » he admits, reaching out to the others to voice his unease. « Bad enough about the ship but we shouldn't linger too long unless High Reaches actually stirs itself and investigates. » No love there. On the ship, Th'ero braces against the odd angle of the deck, dark eyes scanning the area with an equally troubled frown. "Could be they're trapped below," he agrees. "Or they've all drowned and what bodies haven't been swept into those riptides will be ours to recover." Oh JOY! He grimaces, "No yelling, no signals. Nothing. We best move… Keep your eyes open for anything, anything at all which could shed some light on how this ship came to its fate." Satisfied, he'll motion for Abigail to take the lead, while he'll likely take up the rear as they move slowly towards the opening leading to the lower levels. At least the boat isn't swaying? Hard enough to walk it tilted as it is.

Kimmila takes up the position in front of Th'ero, putting Healer C'rus in front of her as they move. She loosens her dagger in its sheath but doesn't draw it, instead wanting to have both hands free. "Ugh." That's for the thought of bloated corpses down below for them to find.

Yeah. Eww! Bloated bodies floating in creepy sunless lower decks. Lovely thought. C'rus readies himself to follow the group. He has with him his small medical supply kit. If there are any major injuries there isn't going to be much he can do for them here, but first aid in a situation like this is very important and can keep people going long enough to get them back to Fort's better equipt infirmary. He nods his head to the weyrleader, "Maybe they don't know we are here. Maybe we should shout to see if we get a response…" Of course there could be lots of reasons not to be shouting too.

Abigail nods slightly to the fact that she is moving in first and down she does into the depths. A flashlight is pulled from her belt and flicked on, sure glows would be great but this way no worry about them getting wet and such things right? "Just hope no one freaks out if we do run into a floater." She offers softl at the idea, like ou know C'rus, she isn't sure if he has seen such things before or not. The rope is held in one hand an slowly let lose as she walks along, a life line if nothing else.

Th'ero has seen plenty of death in his lifetime and coming from a fish hold, wrecked ships and men lost at sea are nothing new to him. As Abigail takes the lead, he'll follow. "Might be a good idea once we get down there to call out and see if we get an answer before going in too far." Though when they finally do walk down those crooked steps, even the Weyrleader is silent. Listening.

… they're met with an unsettling sight. No, it's not blood and gore. No zombies either (sorry, I had to). There is a distinct lack of, well, anything — or anyone for that matter. Down below, where the sun barely filters through in the gloom and under the ominous creaking and groaning of wood there is nothing but water and floating debris. No bodies and as one looks further down, the water level rises until it chokes out the far end of the ship. If they want to explore everywhere they'll have to go underwater at one point — or just leave that section untouched.

Kimmila isn't going underwater. Nope. No way. "Where the hell is everyone?" she asks, looking around in confusion.

C'rus might not be a rough and tumble as some of the others on this little adventure, but being a healer he has seen his fair share of blood, gore and other rather nasty things. Still that probably doesn't happen as often as it happens for some others in this merry band of waterlogged crusaders. He follows after the leaders and sighs when they get below decks, "Lovely." is about all he can say. Swimming wasn't exactly something that he had been planning, but if he must he must, "Do you think they all just abandoned ship?" There should be some sign of something down here after all, "…Or maybe that they got trapped in a pocket air down below." That is the worst thought.

Abigail just frowns as she looks over the aera that is before them. She mutters out slightly and rubs across her eyes a moment and glances to the others. "Do we know how many were even on this ship… Or anything about it at all?" Like what it was carrying, or just things. As for the comments frm C'rus she gets the feeling someone is going tohave to go swiming, and she'll have to be one of them at this rate.

An answer is a long time coming and from the look in Th'ero's eyes, he's talking privately with Velokraeth and seeing through the bronze's eyes. With a shake of his head, he makes a disgruntled sound. "They didn't. The lifeboats are still in place, for what Velokraeth could show me. Can't see the rest of the ship below the waters…" And he's not about to send his bronze into the ocean. "Cargo ship," he answers to Abigail. "Not sure of it's intended route or crew… perhaps if we find the log books?" Otherwise they'll have to ask Seacraft Hall for the records. Someone MUST have them? Taking a slow, steadying breath, Th'ero will wade deeper into the waters, grabbing hold of anything sturdy to keep himself from sliding too far to one side of the ship. He grits his teeth against the cold water or where his thoughts go. "Keep looking for anything. Any clues." Just ignore the way the ship groans and creaks and… is that something banging in a rhythmic, dull thudding sort of way? Hmm.

Kimmila doesn't like this. Does not like this at /all/. "What's that noise?" she asks, freezing to listen. Rhythmic banging? She shudders.

C'rus isn't so ready to go wading out into the water, especially when he isn't sure what is underneath it. There were all the lectures about not putting yourself in a situation to get yourself stuck or worse. He too pauses to listen. Is that the sound of someone banging below, or is it the sound of the ship moving against the rocks? He hasn't really spent enough time on a boat to tell.

Abigail follows along slowly but surely into that water, pausing here and there while checking things over. Trying to find something that could give them a clue. There is a pause at the noise that Kimmila picks up on and she tilts her had to the side as she takes it in. "Sounds like a slight banging… Perhaps someone is trapped under the water?"

Th'ero apparently isn't as reserved as the others though he moves with a slow cautiousness in his exploration. One step forwards, pause, then another. He strains his ears, listening for anything while his eyes move, studying every little detail and nuance. Nothing. That feeling of unease begins to build and then doubles when the others catch on that rhythmic sound. Th'ero tilts his head, listening and then shakes his head. "No. It's too… perfect. Too steady in rhythm. Too slow. Heavy. Could be the waves are knocking something loose further in the ship against the wood? It looks like the Captain's cabin is over here and open… a log book could be within." That would be the Weyrleader looking for volunteers! As for him? He needs to go further into the depths despite every instinct screaming at him not too.

Kimmila isn't volunteering to go anywhere alone. Have fun with the Captain's cabin, C'rus and/or Abigail. She's going to stick close to Th'ero. "We're not going underwater." That's hissed, firmly, at the back of his head.

C'rus is less interested in the log book and more interested in the question of if there are any yet living people on the ship that might need some sort of medical attention. He's going to go with the guess that if anyone lives here they are going to need lots of medical attention. Still not everyone can go to the same place, and while he isn't excited about wading through the water…neither is he a coward. He just shrugs and mentally prepares himself for a moment beofre he too wades off toward the captains cabin, maybe they will be lucky enough to find the book or even the captain him or herself. That would answer far more questions than any book every could.

"I'll go to the Captain's cabin." If C'rus wants to come with he can. A faint breath escapes her while she moves on towards the cabin in question and is looking inside with the use of he flashlight. Once a glance around is taken she pushes futher into the cold waters and on to try and find anything that could be important within, like a foating….book not a body a BOOK.

"We have to explore everything," Th'ero replies in a low, almost growled tone to Kimmila. He's not thrilled at the idea either and he's trying very hard right now not to lose his calm. The Weyrleader loathes deep water and being in the belly of a ship with Faranth knows what waiting for them… he's not exactly in a Happy Place right now. Hard for a man who has almost drowned to be comfortable in water. "Especially whatever is making that noise. You can stay here, as lookout." Yeah, he's totally going. Maybe it's to reaffirm with himself that he can conquer his fear?
In the Captain's cabin, Abigail and C'rus will find little out of the ordinary… at first. Plenty of things are floating. Sodden ledgers, hides, papers, other lightweight tools and items one would expect to find in a Captain's workplace. Maps are still pinned to the wall, marked. Trade routes, perhaps? It remains silent save for the usual sounds they've experienced so far. If they explore further, something will eventually bump into Abigail's… behind. Something that feels strangely like — fingers? A hand!? Definitely not C'rus' hand. So that means…

Kimmila grits her teeth. "Well, make them do it then." Nice. Real team player, Kimmila is. "You're not going." See? That's her firm voice.

C'rus moves along the wall of the cabin to see what he can make out in the dim light. There doesn't appear to be anything of use in here, at least that he can see, "Book….book book…" he says softly to himself as he looks round for the log book which should be somewhere nearby. He doesn't see these fingers or hand, otherwise he might have called out a warning to Abby. Unfortunately for her it seems she will be making that discovery on her own.

Abigail picks up one of those floating ledgers to page through it slowly. "Find anything C'rus?" She questions to him while pausing to read over some scribbling on a page she has turned to. Ther is a moment, a pause and sheblinks as something touches her. A glance is sent to where C'rus is and as he is not near her, this means her heart is now dropping like a rock and she turns slightly to try and figure out what it is. Perhaps just a book? She can wish it seems. A half yelp escapes her at the hand, flashlight and book goes flying into the air and she is scrambling for a moment to try and escape the 'grabby dead floating' hand and in the process slides on something in the water and thus goes under the cold waters right next to said hand… Which she is guessing has a body somewhere just waiting to greet her at this rate. Niumdreoth lets out a deep bugle of concern while tilting his head to try and look into where his rider is.

Nope. No body. Just the hand is there with most of the forearm. Delightful, no? Either it was once attached to a body and was… parted from it's owner by whatever lives in the ocean that would enjoy nibbling on dead human or there's something more sinister at foot (or would it be hand? Get it?). It's definitely harmless though and simply bob away even after Abigail's panicking to disappear into the depths somewhere. They may just want to grab some of the soaked ledgers and hides floating and that map off the wall and call it quits…

Meanwhile, Th'ero is having a staredown with his weyrmate. "I have to go, Kimmila. One of us has to…" he protests, only to be cut off by Abigail's half-yelp. Thank you timely distraction! "Go and see what's happened!" He orders Kimmila, giving her a firm look that says he won't have her balking on that too. He's got his own business to attend to…

Kimmila glares back at Th'ero. "What, so you can dive under the water and get trapped and drown while I go check on Abigail? No deal." Two can be stubborn! "C'rus is with her."

"No…I haven't really found anything yet…" C'rus says to her as he continues to look, though when she yelps he turns around quickly to see the source of the issue, and he spots it soon enough. Now that is gross! And it does make him wonder what else might be floating underneath the water, "You ok Abby?" he asks softly before he calls out to the others, "We found a…….hand." he explains, "…minus the owner." Though it does make a person wonder what has been happening here.

Abigail sputters a moment and gives herself a shake while she stands after a slight scramble. "Sharding shells…" A few other choice words are heard as well for that muh. "Yeah I'm fine… Grab the hand will ye?" She on the other hand goes about pickig up the book she dropped and she'll go about grabbing that map to in the process.

Th'ero's good with glaring right back at Kimmila when she disobeys a direct order. They'll discuss that later! When C'rus calls out what they've discovered, the Weyrleader's eyes widen. "Damn it," he swears out loud and before any more seconds can be wasted just lingering there, he'll gather his strength of will (or stubbornness) and plunge under those waters. Sorry, Kimmila! You can be as furious as you want later. He's gone for under a minute and resurfaces not far from where he'd disappeared, a hand reaching up to push his hair out of his face. "Too dark for me to see clearly, but whatever cargo was being carried is there. Couldn't make out the labels and I was right about that thudding. Water's come in from a breech in the hull. Have you found anything else?" Th'ero will call for C'rus and Abigail. If not… it's time to leave.

Oh yes, they'll deal with it later. Kimmila glowers where Th'ero vanished, standing there waiting for him even as she calls back towards the others. "A hand? Like…cut off or eaten off?" So, so gross. She looks over when Th'ero emerges again. "Glad it's not someone banging for help… So why would everyone just vanish, but the cargo still be here?"

Ahh the joys of being the lowest ranking person here. You get left holding the bag…or in this case the severed arm of a fellow human being. Healers dream about this sort of thing sometimes. At least it isn't the first time…true story. C'rus moves over and gingerly picks up the arm and lifts it out of the water. Not really sure what to make of the injury. They will probably be able to figure out more when they get it back to Fort if the decomposition of the wound isn't too bad. He follows Abby out of the cabin and holds it up for Kimm, "Your guess is as good as mine."

"I'm not sure about the cutting or bitting bit.." Abigail offers to Kimmila while they move out from the cain, she grumbles a bit and gives her head another slight shake as she is now dripping wet. She glances to where Th'ero is. "Some books, a map and a few hides… Along with a hand and arm too." This said while she points over to C'ryus.

"Storm? Could be they were swept… or sucked out to their doom. Waters here are bad. Choppy, rough and prime for undertows and riptides. Even if you did manage to bail the ship, they likely drowned somewhere out there…" Th'ero points to the outside of the ship with a dark, grim look. "Whatever took this ship down happened too fast. Maybe they ran foul of some rocks too… Won't know until we can get some sort of information. Ship name, crew…" Shaking his head, he'll wrinkle his nose as C'rus and Abigail confirm their grisly discovery. "Creatures of the sea, fish included, aren't against nibbling flesh…" he replies dryly and then has to stop. "We've found all that we will, I think, for now. We should return to the Weyr…" He'll give the signal to move out and try not to look to eager to leave this ship and the eerie feeling of it behind.

It doesn't seem that they will be finding anyone alive here today, which is sad. Though in a situation like this its to be expected. If there is quick and catasrophic damage to a ship people wouldn't have much time to do anything but..well…die, "That sounds like a good idea to me Sir." C'rus for one is ready to get off the boat and head back to the infirmary and give the arm to Mirinda to look at. She can perhaps determine what happened to its owner. At worst they can at least get some information from it. Mirinda will be so pleased. Nothing quite like the presents healers give each other. Not to mention the one heck of a story he'll have to tell anyone that asks.

Abigail nods at the idea of leaving, she is carrying the items still so they can go through them back on dry land and the like of course. "Out of here is ok with me." She offers while making he way back up to the deck, and to her dragon that is waiting and glad to see them all up and out from the watery depths of the ship.

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