Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Polana is upset, very upset for a matter of fact. It is horribly clear that she is very upset thanks to the scowl on her face, an expression that she wears all too often. There is a drink in her hand, currently being sloshed around in little circles. She gazes down at it as if trying to decide if she /really/ want to take a swig. After all, she has never been a big drinker. But shards was today stressful! She got a large container of sand, just like Abigail suggested, but Opal still insisted in laying her eggs in some obscure location. It had taken quite a while to get the location out of her, and when she did it turned out that the green had laid her three eggs in someones underwear drawer. She didn't know whos it was, she didn't care. All she knew was that someone now had their underwear thrown all over their room and was probably upset while she had a overdramatic and broody firelizard to look after. Now, to drink or not to drink?

On the other hand, Borodin is in a rather good mood today. He's got a smile as he heads into the lounge, glancing around the tables like he's looking for something… or maybe someone? Well, either way, Polana certainly isn't it, and when he notices her, his gaze travels on quickly and so does he, heading toward a table in the back.

Inri also seems to be in good spirits, especially since this isn't her usual bar — seeing her drinking at Shenanigan's is fairly rare. Maybe she just didn't want to deal with the weather to take her all the way out to the Gemstone, or Kouzevelth wanted to stay here, or — there are, in fact, a million possibilities. She's sitting /near/ Polana, but not close enough to actually yet note a semi-familiar face. Borodin she recognizes, though — because he's Abbey's brother, more than because they stood together, as Polana stood with them too and Inri can't recall a good third of the other candidates at least — and offers up a wave in his direction as he passes by.

She has to do this, it will make her feel better. No fear, no regrets, just down the hatch. Yet Polana hesitates, staring down at the liquid nervously. No, she can't act like this, she just has to get it over with. With a deep breath Polana takes the drink to her mouth and begins to chug, only to realize half way through that alcohol is /not/ her thing. She just manages to set the remainder of the drink on the bar as she coughs and sputters, some of the drink actually coming out of her nose. Somewhere along the was she falls off her stood with a thud, only to force herself back to her feet a moment later, still coughing as she stands.

Borodin has a recognizable sister! Occasionally, this even translates into himself being recognized as well. It's still a little strange when it happens, and he pauses to blink at Inri's wave, bobbing his head to her. "Uhm, hey," he says, before the sputtering and coughing draws his attention to… Polana. Again. Quick glance and back to Inri. "So, uh, how are you?" Quickly! Engage in conversation! Be otherwise occupied.

It's not that Inri doesn't notice Polana; it's that Inri is pretending not to notice Polana, because like Borodin she doesn't actually want to be sucked in to any potential drama. Not yet, anyhow! "Lovely," she tells her friend's brother with a sweet smile. "We got good news recently, in the family, and I'm still pretty happy about that. The Gold Hill thing's settled, too," and that's a definite weight off this goldrider's shoulders, that being her first diplomatic endeavor entirely. It's only after she speaks that she actually glances over to Polana, and inquires, "All right?" Politeness' sake.

Her face is red when she manages to take in a breath and swears to herself that she will never drink again. At Inri's question she holds her hand up in a 'wait a moment' signal, sucking in as much oxygen as she can. Once she feels she can speak again she looks up and murmurs in a slightly tired voice, "I'm fine." With that she gets up and sits by Inri and Borodin, not bothering to ask if they mind. They have caught her attention, they should feel /honored/ to have her. Polana looks at them silently for a moment before curiosity enters her gaze and she asks Inri, "you were there for the whole Gold Hill thing, right? Like in person?"

"Good to hear," Borodin agrees about family news with a smile, hands going in his pockets as he nods… then pauses for a moment before nodding again about Gold Hill. "Good," he says, somewhat more fervently than before. He may have only heard stories… but some of them were from his sister. Not exactly the best thing for having him sleep well at night. His gaze flits to Polana again, and then his hands push deeper into his pockets as she comes over, though he avoids looking at her directly… despite the fact that he seems to have no such concerns about the goldrider.

"I was." Inri does not look too pleased at all about discussing it, though it's a stony expression rather than an actually distasteful one that is returned. She takes a long, slow sip of her drink before speaking again, "Is there a reason you ask?"

Oh, Polana is so very glad Inri asked that. A grin spreads across her face, the grin of a gossipmonger that just hit a goldmine. She completely ignores Inri's stony expression, instead pouncing on the opprotunity without hesitation. She barely ever pauses to take a breath as she says, "I do have some theories floating around that I was wondering if you could either confirm or deny. Is it true that Unvar and Unevyr were actually having some sort of warped affair with eachother? That they were impostors this whole time, having killed the real Unvar and Unevyr? Were they taken to the south where they were abandoned and left for felines? And finally, do /you/ have feelings for the heir?"

Borodin's hands rest in his pockets, and his gaze sinks lower as Polana starts in in the questions. About halfway through the torrent, though, he looks up at her again, his stare disbelieving. "…and why don't you just leave her alone?"

It's taking a lot of effort for Inri to not cover her face with her hand, but she gives Borodin a grateful look for the interruption and then says, with a completely bewildered smile on her face, "None of the above are true. And I've never even met the man, but I can pretty much guarantee you I wouldn't if we had talked. It's entirely possible I would have kicked him, in fact." Go ahead and spread that one around, she shows no sign of minding.

She doesn't say anything to Borodin at first, instead giving him a blank look before turning to face Inri, looking like she doesn't mind his words at all. Instead she grins at the goldrider, giving a dip of her head before exclaiming, "thanks! I'll be sure to spread that one around, make sure it circulates." Then without warning she whips around, her face twisted in a mask of fury. She aims a slap right at Borodin's face, putting all of her strength and effort into it." Her voice is loud and infuriated as she screams, "as for /you! You /will/ stay out of my business, you will /not/ tell me what to do. She is her goldrider, nothing is private for her anymore, there is no reason for me to leave her alone. If she has a problem with that she should speak up for herself, although she should have known what she signed up for when she impressed."

Crack! The sound of Polana's palm encountering Borodin's face is a sharp one, and his head turns sideways from the force of it. He doesn't make a sound at first, his head slowly turning back to look at her again… oh, but now he's actually looking at her. Mostly at her chin as she screams at him. There's a certain pattern to how chins move in anger. It's got more back and forth than normal talking. His hands stay in his pockets, his posture retaining its slight hunch, and he watches that chin until Polana is done, then turns his head to look at Inri. With her, he's even willing to lift his gaze a trifle further, to the level of her eyes. "Ma'am?" The tone would make it a question. The quirk of one corner of his mouth, the one further from Polana, might make it something else entirely.

It's certainly a question that's immediately being responded to. Inri stands up, eyes narrowing ever-so-slightly as she looks from Borodin to Polana. She has to breathe in and out once to control what she actually wants to say versus what's actually coming out of her mouth, Kouzevelth clearly tempering her words. "People who know me know that I don't tend to be all that pushy about rank," she says, "and I don't tend to mind being called by things like my first name," especially as her mentor, Dtirae, encourages the same thing, "but there are two things that are a little bit /too much/ for me. A drudge attacking someone I care about is one of them — /you/, miss, will not tell /him/ what to do as he does outrank you in this Weyr and you do not actually have the /right/ to scold him, let alone assault him. As for me? My personal life is, actually, none of anyone's business unless I choose for it to be, and you make it sound as if I could select what color I Impressed let alone knew in advance, miraculously, somehow, that there was a gold egg when no one else did. Neither of which is true, and my position at this Weyr does not actually make me /public fodder/. You will apologize to Borodin immediately, of course, as well as to me." She looks angry, but her tone is only snappish; no yelling.

A smirk crosses her lips at the crack that sounds from Borodin, a smirk that is threatening to turn into an all-out grin. In that moment she decided that this man is /weak/. She can destroy him and one day she will, one day her name will be up in lights and he will be dust. Of course Inri has to open her mouth just then, letting her too cents spill in when she could have easily become someone Polana liked if she knew to leave well enough alone. Shame. The smirk does not leave her face as she speaks, saying that he outranks her and she has no right to scold him. Claiming that her personal life is none of anyones business, that she didn't choose the color she impressed, and demanding that she apologize to them. Silently she takes a step forward, looking from Borodin to Inri before whispering in a sweet voice, "no. I don't care what anyone says, I am no drudge, I am so much more. I can destroy him, and I promise you, I can destory you just as easily. So if you have /any/ idea what's good for you you will not stand in my way. Enjoy your time in the linelight while it lasts, I promise it won't be long."

[DTU/Project] Varmiroth senses that Kouzevelth reaches out suddenly, not /quite/ in panic but clearly not /happy/ about her situation, lightning flashing and thunder crashing as rain pours down in torrents everywhere her mind touches. She's finding one she trusts whose rider she trusts to help, and it is clear that the young gold is quite shaken. « Varmiroth, » she calls. « A girl has threatened mine. In the bar at the Weyr. »

[DTU/Project] Kouzevelth senses that Varmiroth responds with a flash of starlight. « Mine comes. And brings Velokraeth's. »

[DTU/Project] Varmiroth senses that Kouzevelth offers no words in response, this time, but her mental state is clearly a bit more relaxed; between the two of them things will be sorted, and so the lightning tapers off, the rain falling gentle rather than harsh and loud. A thank you. She is grateful.

Kimmila got the message loud and clear, from Varmiroth from Kouzevelth. And so it is that she's storming down into Shenanigan's. Just ignore that her hair is a mess and her tunic is half tucked in, the other half flapping against her hip, and her boots are unlaced. Awkward? She did remember her dagger at least. And with her comes the Weyrleader, because where one goes the other will follow. And there are likely guards on the way as well, from their posts in the Cavern.

Rhyrith sincing trouble had K'drozen descending onto Shanagans as well entering a few paces behind Kammila and Th'ero, the brown rider frown, having just landed from sweeps, he looks tired and very irritated. Glancing about the bar questingly at that the disturbance may be.

There's definitely a quirk to Borodin's mouth as he watches Inri speak, and a certain hardness to his eyes. He may be fat and out of shape. He may be deferring to the junior weyrwoman. His cheek is brightly red, a handprint showing there as he stands with Inri and Polana. He probably wouldn't have called Inri ma'am under other circumstances, though, and as Polana begins to threaten Inri, that quirk of his mouth turns into a definite frown. "No. You want to come after me, fine." His hands come out of his pockets, spreading to the sides. "Go on." Has he seen Kimmila coming? No, actually. He's just confident in the fact that he's been hit worse. Polana's scrawny. Unless she's got a knife… fat makes good padding.

Inri certainly appreciated Borodin's attempt to emphasize her rank, at least. He /tried/. "It's okay," she tells the kitchenworker, reaching a hand out to touch his arm. "Kouzevelth got —" And there they are. She holds her head up, trying to make eye contact with bluerider and Weyrelader, jerking her head in Polana's direction. "This young lady," she says, though Polana is a mere few turns younger than Inri herself, "seems to think she can say things about destroying me and that I should get out of her way if I know what's good for me." Her anger has tapered off, replaced by haughtiness and cool attitude.

Abigail had been with that little group of guards and thus pulled along with the mix, all the while trying to find out what was going on. Niumdreoth seemed stressed over something but didn't pass it along to her. Her pale gaze flicks across the area, head tilting one way and then another as she catches sight of Borodin, Inri and Polana. As for that red mark across her brother's cheek, it is caught sight of and she just blinks. A glance flicks over to Inri as she catches a bit of the conversation that she has wandered in on. "Borodin… ye alright? Her jaw tenses slightly while that pale blue gaze of her's settles on Polana and she doesn't look happy in the least.

It's true, the Weyrleader is not far behind Kimmila as the bluerider storms into Shenanigan's and Th'ero's mood is likewise just as dark and grim, a scowl already in place before he's even seen or heard all the details. Awkwardly the bronzerider also looks hurriedly dressed, though not quite the state that the bluerider is in. Without hesitation, he follows Kimmila right into the thick of things, turning his head only once to see if the Guards have in fact followed as well. His eyes then turn back to the scene, lingering longest on Polana and Borodin before his gaze focuses on Inri. "Is that so?" Th'ero says in a voice too controlled and cold to mean anything good as he comes to a stop not far from where they all stand and he does not need to glare to make his anger known. It's almost palatable at this point, his posture and the tension in his features is sign enough. Best be quick for the explanations!

Kimmila stops still in the room and looks around, her eyes on Inri for a moment before they go to that mark on Borodin's cheek, and then settle on Polana. "Right then. This way, Miss Polana. We're heading to the brig." And she steps forward, putting a firm hand on Polana's upper arm and ushering her towards the exit, while one of the guards hurries ahead to ready a cell in the brig. "Abigail, get statements from everyone. I want /records/ of what happened here." Can she give orders like that? Glancing to Th'ero, she jerks her head for him to come with her, just in case Polana gets out of hand.

Borodin ducks his head to Kimmila and Th'ero, but he doesn't speak to them. Inri has the explanations handled for the moment. His hands lower, hanging against his sides, and as Abigail speaks, he nods to her. "Fine," he murmurs softly. Just a stinging cheek. He's had worse. As Kimmila takes Polana away, a brief smile of satisfaction crosses his face, before he glances to Th'ero again, his expression turning neutral as he says, "Sir," before putting his hands into his pockets and looking back to Inri. "Sorry," he says, apologetic now. "I should have known you didn't need me."

K'drozen closes his eyes and shakes his head and mutters soflty, "I am going to kill her…." before turning to exit the bar.

"Don't be silly," Inri tells Borodin, calming down some as Kimm takes Polana away — she wasn't actually perceiving the drudge as any threat, but the entire situation was just offensive and making her hackles rise. "You were a big help, I just didn't want her to /keep/ hitting you, and Kouzevelth had already started fussing. Consider yourself needed, silly." She's not going to allow him to think anything otherwise, after all, because it's Borodin getting her smiles. Then again, so are Abigail and Th'ero, now that they're here too. "She hit him and threatened me, basically, Abbey." What, she wants more details?

Well, technically Kimmila can't but Th'ero allows it and gives his approval by way of a curt and brisk nod. Consider it official then and the Weyrleader leaves it to the bluerider to gather Polana, though he's giving the girl a lingering and warning glance. Don't try anything funny! "I've sent word to the Headwoman as well." he murmurs in that same controlled and flat tone as he turns his gaze towards Inri. "She should be on her way shortly. Abigail, be sure that the Headwoman receives a report and the statements as well?" he asks, only to catch the signal from Kimmila then. But he lingers on a moment longer, his attention drawn to Borodin as the kitchenworker addresses him. "Are you alright?" Is there… genuine concern there? Hard to say, since Th'ero's face is still a stony mask of barely controlled anger. He'll wait for the answer and once satisfied that the Healers don't have to be dragged into this, he'll hastily excuse himself and turn to follow Kimmila.

Abigail does have concern for Inri, though her gaze lingers on her brother for a few moments, mostly to keep her from glaring at Polana it would seem. At the orders from Kimmila she nods. "Yes sir, ma'am. I'll have a report to ye all in a few hours of what happened." There is a pause before she turns her attention to both Inri and Borodin once the information starts to be cold. "What started her off this time, someone look at her wrong?" Seems she has a little bit of a past with that certain drudge. She is a bit worried about her brother, though he does seem alright. The information given is thus tucked away so she can make the report. The part from Inri about Polana possibly hitting her brother more than once makes her tense slightly, eyes narrow at the thought.

"Yes sir," Borodin answers Th'ero promptly. The handprint is still nicely red… but it's just a slap, and the color is starting to fade. There's something of satisfaction to his expression still, because, yes. Borodin hides behind women and lets them do his fighting for him. Speaking of women, he smiles back to Inri. "It's okay," he says to her. His hands are in his pockets now, and as she explains the situation to Abigail, he nods his agreement. Yep, that's what happened. As for why? "I asked her why she was bothering Inri."

"She was asking me a bunch of nosy questions about Gold Hill — down to whether I was personally romantically involved with Unevyr, or some rot like that," because honestly Inri did not commit the entire thing to memory, really, "and then when Borodin asked why she was being so nosy and said maybe she should just leave me alone, she hit him and said that because I ride gold everything I do is public business or — again, something along those lines, I couldn't recall exact words. Also said I knew what I was signing up for when I Impressed, as if I was the one who caused my Impression and I /decided/ to be a goldrider, something like that. It was incredibly presumptuous and — you know I'm not that fussed about rank but the /audacity/ of it just rubbed me the wrong way and I /know/ the other weyrwomen wouldn't allow that kind of talk, so I didn't allow it either. And then she told me she could destroy me and I should stay out of her way if I knew what was good for me." As a not-quite-retired information hound, Inri's report really isn't too bad.

Abigail takes everything in quietly, her arms folding in front of her to keep her hands busy more than anything at the moment. "Polana likes to assume a lot of things from what I've learned of that girl." There is a slight shake of her head. The bits on Gold Hill, and that Inri wanted that rank make her smirk a moment. "Aye I know Inri." Is said with a soft tone and she shakes her head a moment. "Ye alright after all this?" She questions with a glance over to the gold rider, she gets a feeling that she knows the answer but has to ask.

It's a better report than Borodin could have given! He nods at intervals, and at the end, he offers to Inri, "You should be careful. If she'd say that to your face… she might do something else stupid, too."

"I'll watch my footing," Inri agrees, apparently not putting it past Polana to set booby traps and come out of nowhere trying to attack her. While she doesn't seem afraid she does still seem put-out. "I'm all right, just — inconvenienced. And angry. I mean, really, what right does she have? What right would anyone have to say those things to anyone else? Rank has absolutely nothing to do with it; I'm just lucky I had the ability to make threatening me such a big deal, because I'm pretty sure it counts as treason. I'd have been just as offended without the gold dragon."

"She's been stuck on his 'rank' bit for the past seven-days I have ta say." Abigail says with a slight shake of her head seen. "I don't think it matters if'nn ye ride a gold, blue, bronze she has a problem with anyone having some bit of authority over her. She doesn't feel that she deserves ta be a drudge from what that I can recall from past encounters with her." A glance is sent over to Borodin and a soft smile is seen. "I don't think Polana will be able to do anything for a short while. Once allowed out I get the feeling she will be kept on a short leash too."

Borodin's lips twitch, uncertain whether to smile or frown. There's satisfaction to be had that Polana's actions may indeed count as treason; on the other hand, there's the frown that it's because of what she said to Inri, not him. If Polana had just waited to find the dark corner of the caverns to slap Borodin, she probably could have gotten away with it just fine. Borodin would be unlikely to say anything… unless of course Abigail got it out of him, but once the red mark fades, there won't be much evidence. "The ones that have a right usually don't," he says, and shrugs. "It's the ones that want a right."

"So she should try to get a sharding promotion, not take it out on authority figures," Inri grumbles. Because of course people who have problems with authority won't take it out on authority figures. And also will enter into a promotion track in the lower caverns with some great ease. "She really will be a drudge forever with an attitude like that unless she Impresses, and I don't know that a dragon would want an attitude like that either — imagine what M'icha would do."

Abigail will be having a few words with Polana thanks to this whole mess, she isn't about to just let the fact that the girl smacked her brother and not comment on it. It is a good thing she wasn't there when it happened or she would have for sure gotten in trouble if she heard firsthand what was told to Inri. "Shells If she was to impress with that attitude I think I might take up post elsewhere. I can barely stand the girl now; don't want to think about her with a dragon at her beck and call so ta speak. Which is something she truly wants, she wants to be on a gold." A slight shake of her head is seen. "She doesn't understand that it doesn't work like that." There is a pause and she glances to Inri at what M'icha would do. "I'd feel sorry for him that's for sure."

Borodin hehs at the thought of Polana angling for a promotion. He can't help it; he pictures her faced against any of the head cooks of the kitchen, and… yeah, that doesn't go well. There's a reason he just does what they say. As for the talk of her with a dragon, he glances to where Polana was hustled away, and then back to Inri. He considers for a moment, then asks quietly, "Who says who's allowed to stand?"

Inri bites her lip, because she certainly doesn't want to be the one to say whether someone can or can't: "Whoever's clutch it is, as well as the Senior and the Weyrleader if it isn't their clutch, pretty much. Craftmasters and parents of young children can also refuse it, I'm pretty sure. My parents had to consent for Se'ras, he's only twelve." She wrinkles her nose. "The thought of her as a goldrider, though — the idea that she could /actually/ be my boss by a matter of timing? Yeah, I would move too."

Abigail nods slightly to what Inri says on whom has the say in whom stands. "The… dragon's also have some sort of say in it to a degree as well in whom's searched but the rest is what Inri's said." There is a slight pause and she takes in a soft breath. "Maybe she'll grow out of it?" Well stranger things have happened! The thought of Polana on a gold still makes her quiver.

Borodin nods to the answer given. He doesn't pursue that further - he's not about to go claiming anything in that regard, personally. He's well aware that he's just working in the kitchen here! Not even a rider, but he nevertheless frowns at the idea of Polana being on gold. As for her growing out of it, well, he just shrugs.

"One can only hope," says Inri, who then gathers her bag to her and says, "Well. I'm off back to my weyr to — not /hide/, but I think I could use a long bath and a nap after all of that. I'll see you two later?" She waits only a moment before waving and heading off, though she /does/ actually intend to do just that.

Abigail nods as she hears Inri. "Of course not wouldn't dream of you hiding in the least." This said with an amused tone and smiles to the other rider. "I'll see ye around later." She glances back to Borodin and nods outside. "Niumdreoth wants ta make sure yer ok. Going to come let him see yer in one piece or let the poor dear start wailing out in sadness?" She's joking, really!

Borodin nods to Inri. "See you," he says, and smiles. He'll probably bring by cookies or something to her Weyr later, too. Just a little tray left by the door. He looks back to Abbey, and frowns. "Of course I will. Niumdreoth shouldn't worry. I'm fine." But he says it ready to head out the door. There shall be no brown dragons wailing through the bowl today!

Abigail smiles and nods to Borodin, she gives his arm a slight poking. "Come on, his expecting ta see ye now for sure." Niumdreoth is indeed settled outside the caverns, causing a slight back up in traffic, and a few yells and who knows what else until he finally moves. Nium is quick to greet Borodin's, nosing and giving him a great big dragon slurp.

Borodin gives those complaining people some awkward looks of apology, and hustles for Niumdreoth. "I'm fine," he informs his sister's dragon, putting an arm around the big brown head in something like a hug. "You don't have to worry. Why were you worrying, anyway? I've had worse." He glances over to Abbey. Is she the one who's been worrying Nium on his behalf?

Abigail ahs softly and just eyes the people, there is muttering about how such a dragon is allowed to do such a thing, and she just glowers after those few people. "He does it with me too Borodin, so it's not like I've been telling him crazy things." Niumdreoth rumbles out and nuzzles Borodin, clearly glad to see the cook. "He knows Polana's given me problems, an now ye so he dan't like it none."

"But you're his rider," Borodin says to Abbey, scritching along Niumdreoth's head ridges as he does. "He's supposed to worry about you." His gaze returns to the brown. "You don't have to worry about her. You can just sit on her, okay?"

Abigail smiles to Borodin. "Aye that I know, but he cares about ye just as much Borodin. Thinken cause we're siblings." Well it is a possibility. Niumdreoth rumblepurrs out at thos scritchings, and perhaps a bit amused over the thought of sitting on Polana. "Hey, ye want ta go see me Weyr?" Niumdreoth shifts about on his paws and crouches down, head lowering enough so that Borodin can get on it seems for the short jump to home.

To that, Borodin has no answer, and so he just gives Niumdreoth another few scritches before looking back to Abbey. "Ah… all right," he says. He scrambles up onto Niumdreoth, awkward about the motions - it's not like siblingness transfers the physical capabilities back and forth. Nor temprament, either. If it did, there might have been a rather different report about that incident tonight.

Abigail smiles and nods to Borodin before she follows after to sit behind Borodin. "It isn't that much, but.. Sort of nice." She ponders that. "Need to get some stuff for the place still actually." Either way Niumdreoth is off, large wings opening and he jumps skywards, heading on towards his ledge.

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