Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealer’s trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

Being gone from an infirmary for five days is, in fact, a big deal when it's your infirmary. Mirinda had, for sure, been hoping to avoid the various hiccups that come from the Weyrhealer's lack of presence;she carefully left instructions for everything, she made sure her mentees had task lists or sent apprentices back to the Hall as well for exams, she made sure that it was all arranged just so … it's still the first time in her short tenure as Weyrhealer that she's actually been gone that long. Now she's standing at her desk — standing, which there is no reason to be doing when there's a perfectly good chair available — and paging through piles and piles of pages that seem to not be in any particular order.

It could be said of C'rus that he does have a very organized mind. He keeps a mental list of all the things that need to be done and carries out those tasks. What could /not/ be said of C'rus is that he keeps his files organized. He's always had a rather bad habit of taking a file and then just putting it down as he got called away to do something else. Leaving him in an infirmary for any length of time will likely leave the place a disaster. Everyone will get well taken care of for sure, but otherwise…He's been fortunate in some assignments to have apprentices that took care of these things for him. He passes by the desk and offers her a salute, "Greetings. Welcome back. Hope you had a good time." he offers pleasantly enough.

The apprentices, of course, did a bad job. Everyone did a bad job. That, or one specific person did a bad job, but either way Mirinda doesn't look exactly pleased with the confusing mess in front of her. Either she's frustrated or has a headache (both, most accurate option). None of it is getting taken out on C'rus, who gets a weak smile — but a smile! — in response. "I had," she says, and pauses, and tries to find the right words, and concludes, "A time."

It's entirely possible that C'rus is responsible for a good chunk of the mess, but of course he'd not see it as a mess either, "That sounds like it was interesting at least. One of the reasons why I try to stay away from that place when I don't absolutely have to be there." He'd much rather be in his home infirmary here doing what he knows he needs to do, "They take eternity to get anything done. Too many barriers in the way." If its one thing C'rus hates its an over abundance of red tape…and most of the tape at the hall is definitely red, "At least you are back and you are here in one piece. Thats a sucessful trip."

Mirinda has always been fond enough of the Hall, though she's certainly become more comfortable with Fort's infirmary than anywhere else when it comes to working. Teaching outside a classroom … she struggles a little. "Yes," she agrees, "to both points. In that I and my daughter made it back here and no one else died, and — that things can take far too long to get accomplished. Too many cooks. Things also far too easily getlost." Another glare, shot toward the disorganization of her desk.

"No one dying on the trip is a definite plus…that does tend to overcomplicate things. And no one died while you were away…yet another bonus." C'rus says with a chuckle as he looks down at the pile on her desk, "I don't really think anything is lost. Looks pretty good to me." Of course anything would look good to him, "Just what exactly are you looking for?" he asks, because if its there and he was the one that put it here he can probably find it easily enough again, "I'm sure the trip was fun for your daughter." he adds with a smile.

"Yes, she was glad to see the majority of her family," Mirinda agrees easily enough, as talking about her child is always simple and pleasant, and that is the truth: Taimri was essentially overjoyed just about every minute except for the part where her mother left to go stand annoyedly over apprentices searching through endless stacks of files. "And I'm not so much looking for anything as — some of these are completely mismatched, the first page is for one patient and the second page is for a different one."

On the other hand, she definitely appreciates that no one died while she was away.

"I'm glad to hear it." C'rus says in reply. Kids are indeed wonderful and certainly very easy to talk about. He hmms as he looks down at the papers, "Oh yeah. That happens sometimes." he says completely not bothered by it. In fact he might even be a little surprised, "No one put them back. Huh." he says with a shrug. Because you know files just magically go back where they are supposed to go and in the right order besides, "Oh well. I'm sure someone will get to it eventually. Probably got busy or something."

"I'm getting to it now," Mirinda points out, because in fact that is what she's doing: going through every page and making sure that things are in the proper order, and for instance page seven follows six and eight is the next one. "Because I can't actually work like this, and this is my desk, that things end up on, I need to be able to actually read them. I'll also have to be the one to sort them, so be it — at least none of the plants are missing."

Ahh the joys of not being at work. People drop things on your desk and things just pile up, "Yeah. I know what you mean." No he really doens't. He is probably the least anal retentive person in the infirmary when it comes to things like that, "I remember a time when I was working over in Xanadu that I came into the infirmary and it was a complete mess and it was all on my desk. People can be such slobs sometimes." What really had happened was that he'd made the mess and Kera hadn't worked that day and so none of it got taken care of like usual, ahh the joys of being oblivious, "I'm sure it will get set right soon enough. At least you didn't really miss very much. Mostly just normal injuries and issues. With spring coming we should be moving into the clear with alot of the winter bugs going by the wayside."

Mirinda is, at least, not pointing that out. She knows most of the idiosyncracies of her staff, and so does she think that he really and truly knows what she means? Probably only in a literal 'understanding the words that come out of your mouth' sense. "No, I had hoped I'd hear if I'd missed anything particularly monumental. And now we'll only get," a brief, as usual inappropriately-placed pause as she reorganizes a few more pages, "the exciting spring injuries."

Ahh yes. The joys of spring! "Yep. People and dragons will be out and about once more. Hopefully no one will do anything too terribly stupid to themselves this turn." There will always be a few, "I know that Jai always gets the travel bug this time of year so we'll see where he whisks me off to when we don't have to be in the weyr. So much out there left to see…" he says with a grin, "Hopefully you'll get the chance to get out and travel a bit too. Now that your business is concluded at the hall."

"You can always actually take circuit work," Mirinda suggests, finally sitting down; it's not something she's done, but something her mother did, and it was the sort of thing that she always thought healer-riders were for. "While I can't imagine there's a huge amount of call for mindhealers to go to small remote holdings, I know you are capable of tending to bodies as well, and you never know. There may be some mental wounds in need of attention as well. Getting lists of areas that don't have regular Healer coverage, and checking in — that would give your Jaicoureth new places to see, and not distract from your craft." Dragons in and of themselves are a bad enough distraction. At least make them useful. As for her: "I don't think this place can handle me departing again anytime soon. Look what happened in under a sevenday."

The idea that she suggests is met with a thoughtful hmmmmm, "I'd never really considered something like that. You're right though. It would give him a chance to get out and stretch his wings a bit after a long winter. He could see new places and meet new people. It might not be a bad idea at all. I'll certainly think about it. Maybe pick his brain a bit and see if he'd be game." He does chuckle though because he already knows what that answer will likely be, "You know mindhealers are needed most places. It isn't just all about severe emotional trauma or the like…it's about helping people through the little things too. I still get grabbed occasionally for chats around here." Mindhealers are good! Despite the stigma he's noticed. He glances around the infirmary, and sees nothing wrong. As far as he is concerned everything went great, but Mirinda is a good boss and clearly needs to feel needed and so, "…Yeah. Things don't flow as smoothly as when you are here."

Mirinda can stay gone for two weeks next time and everyone will be wading through piles of paper, and it will still be completely fine. Wait. No. But she's not one to dwell, and so the fact that all of the paperwork did get disorganized? Is something that's established and now she can just deal with re-organizing it. Go with the flow. "I think it would be a good idea, though it can be hard to get people to come out of shells and actually speak. And children, I am sure young children can always use guiding minds to help them through … aging, I suppose. Aging is stressful when you're, say, twelve. I'll put a word in with the Hall if you'd like me to?"

Paper pool! Everyone can swim through the files! C'rus nods his head in agreement, "I think that would be fine. Certainly would be fine for the spring at least. I don't think I'd be interested in doing it full time, especially during the winter but who knows." He lifts a hand to gently scratch his chin, "Yeah. It's hard sometimes, but not as difficult as you might imagine. People really want help by the time they are coming to you and so opening up is pretty easy and kids are just great.." he says with a warm smile, "…I certainly hope to have some some day. But I don't need to tell you about the joys of parenting."

Maybe there can even be boating. "No, strange as it sounds, parenting is what keeps me sane most of the time." Mirinda's daughter is six. That is, indeed, a very strange proclamation. To C'rus it surely also makes sense, but the idea that a six turn old is the sane part of the day? "And I don't think anyone should be riding a circuit full-time, but it's something to do. If your lifemate favors travel, sounds like you're a good match for the job." She looks very satisfied now — with the conversation, which has distracted her from how annoyed she was at the paper disaster. That was his plan all along, right?

Umm…sure that was the plan. Because C'rus spreads joy whever he goes, "I don't think it sounds strange in the least. Family is the most important thing in the end. Being six is amazing. So many new things for her to learn about herself and the world around her, and so much growing up yet to do. You'll have your work cut out for you, but from what you've told me she's just a wonderful little girl. Sure to bring her mom lots and lots of joy." And certainly Mirinda deserves all the joy she can get, "Yeah. I'll give it a shot. We can pop over to wherever might be needed. I like to help."

"You'll have to send notes back, let us know how you're doing — I suppose dragons can do that." Mirinda, get used to dragons; you've lived in a Weyr for just about three turns now. "Taimri also loves to travel, perhaps she'll end up liking your dragon." She hasn't even heard that he sings yet. Not that Mirinda doesn't know, just that she hasn't mentioned it to the child who will be bereft when she can't hear him talk. "That's why we go places for her turnday, anyway. Familiar places usually. We went to Xanadu once. And this year we skipped Landing — never thought I'd say I missed computers, but sometimes." The pile gets another look.

C'rus just sort of blinks when she talks about dragons delivering notes, "I can send notes back and forth with my lizards if you wanted. But I assume that even if I was traveling during the day I'd come back at night to sleep in my own bed. One of the joys of traveling by dragon is that it doesn't take long." In fact it takes just a few seconds, "I'm sure that Jai would be happy to meet her. He's social and likes meeting new people and dragons." Jai has never really had any difficulties with talking to other people and dragons. He'll talk to anyone who is willing, even if he has learend that it is uncomfortable for some people, "Xanadu is a nice place to travel…lots of other nice places around too really. If you both ever need a ride somewhere all you have to do is ask." When she mentions computers his face brightens, "We should get one for the infirmary here. It is the way of the future after all. It would make things alot easier." Because technology is definitely cool.

"Of course." Right, dragons travel very fast. Good job, Mirinda, who is still used to circuit healers being mostly on runnerback. There are things she just never adapts to, and apparently despite having been between many a time now? That's one of them. Even when riders ferry her around. "I'll definitely keep that in mind, I appreciate — no." Her face does fall ever so slighty, but it's still a quick refusal, "I don't think that Fort of all places would want computerized records. Actually I think Fort is probably the very last place to consider it. It might be a boon, certainly, but … some people will be afraid of what the computers might do to their information." Never mind that Fort has maybe four or five other computers used for Weyr purposes … Yhri does most of the actual computering, and Mirinda doesn't want patients yelling. The germ of an idea is planted, though.

We both had to do actual WORK at this point, seeing as how this was midday-at-work RP, but the rest of the log will be here ASAP.

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