Fort Weyr - Southern Continent - Deep Jungle

Unlike the cold and snow covered lands that surround Fort Weyr, this remote location is the complete opposite. Located somewhere in the depth of the Southern Continent, the jungles here are thick and rarely visited by humans. The air is heavy and humid for this time of the season and the sun beats down hot and strong for any unfortunate to be caught out of the shade of the towering trees and thick undergrowth. But the conditions here make the perfect breeding ground for a vast array of plant life, many of which are sought regularly for a wide variety of purposes. Biggest of all would be the Healercraft and in this section of the jungle, one can easily find most of their needed supplies that are otherwise still dormant for the Winter months. Needlethorn grows plentiful, as do several flora and herbal plants.

Despite being remote and unpopulated, there are marked trails, barely visible but there for those who know to see them. A few minor holds and cotholds can be found, but they are some distance away — a good trek by foot but a reassurance all the same should one be a little unsettled with being so far away from civilization. The jungles themselves do not seem too dangerous, the quiet occasionally broken by the call of a wild firelizard or other avian-like creatures and the sound of buzzing wings from various insects. Occasionally, the jungle will thin out into small clearings, but save for the one main large one (and likely cleared by man), there are no other noticeable spots for a dragon to land. So it's no wonder that the largest clearing, seemingly in the heart of this lush jungle, is commonly made into a "camp".

Despite even the best of planning and careful trading, watchful eye on stocks and just a dash of luck, occasionally a few supplies will run dangerously low. The Healer's rely on a variety of plants and herbs of all sorts for their Craft and while some medicinal supplies can be ordered or traded from the Hall or other nearby Weyrs or Holds, it would seem that this Winter season has proven tough on several of the Northern locations. So where does one turn when desperate? Why, South of course! So the call went for able bodied volunteers to come forwards to help with the gathering of needlethorn, various herbs, fellis and dragon's tongue (aloe). Journeymen Healers are paired with some off duty dragonriders (also volunteers from various Wings) and those volunteers that do step forwards (or are volun-told to go) are likewise paired to Journeymen. Moving swiftly, gear is packed and strapped in, then the passengers helped a-dragonback before the small ground takes wing and soar up high into the sky to vanish Between…

… And reappear high above the jungles below. The air here is noticeably hotter and humid compared to Fort and there is no denying they are in the Southern Continent now. Down the group spirals to that large and lone clearing, barely enough room to allow all the dragons to land and clear each others wings. It'll be a snug camp, for sure! But it speaks of a short visit. This isn't for leisure, it's for work, after all! As everyone begins to dismount, there is a familiar bronze among the group. Stunted and downright ugly, Velokraeth is hard to miss but his presence lends an interesting twist. The Weyrleader is present? What for? Just to oversee? Th'ero has his hands full for the time being as he unpacks his bronze's straps and also sees to his passengers, while discussing details with the 'leading' Journeyman.
Kimmila is here as well, Varmiroth landing near his stunted bronze companion and crouching to let Kimmila off. He keeps his straps on and grumbles about it a bit, but the bluerider doesn't relent as she sheds her jacket and heavier riding clothes, tucking them away and making sure she has her bow, quiver, dagger, bags, water skin, etc. Meandering over to Th'ero, she then casts her gaze at the assembled crew, thoughtful.

Rhyrith spirals down from the sky above and comes in for a landing near to velokraeth and Varmiroth. His riders turning to slip down and reach up to help his passanger down. The thunderbird rider looks about warilly at the jungle that surounds them and sahekes his head. From the browns side, as well as removing the required gathering side the brown rider pulls a crossbow and quiver of bolts before moving to join the others perparing. Muttering softly, "I hope there are no felines about.."

The call came out and there was one rider and dragon pair that was quick to sign up to help, that being Abigail and Niumdreoth. The brown is rumbling out while gear is strapped into place, along with a few passengers which she seems alright with, still his wings twitch and tail flicks about showing the young brown is rather eager to get this started. Abigail makes sure everyone and thing is strapped into place so there will be no falling. With her in place and strapped in she waits for the others to take off and is quick to follow. The trip *between* is quick and soon they are soaring over the Southern Continent, a soft bugle escaping Niumdreoth while he moves downwards and is soon settled upon the ground, wings tucking close and form lowering so items and people can get off. With everything off and set up to be grabbed by the passengers Abbey is getting out of that thick flight jacket, the weather is warmer that is for sure. Her bow is picked up along with that quiver she got as a gift slide over her shoulder while she picks up a few things to carry on towards where most seem to have gathered.

Polana jumps down from Rhyrith, grateful for the help K'drozen provides. When her feet touch the ground she stretches, going up onto her tipoes and putting her hands in the air briefly. As she lowers her arms she comments, "felines shmelines, I'm just glad to be someplace /warm/." She pauses for a moment before realizing that the rider might really be concerned about feline attacks and adding, "besides, I don't think any would risk coming over with this many dragons about." At this she glances around with narrowed eyes, taking in the dragons and riders around her. Of the riders she recognizes there is only one that she hasn't recently gotten into a fight with, one of which she was actually supposed to apologize to. Not that she is about to do /that/. No, it would be better off to just avoid that awful bluerider.

Velokraeth cocks his head to Varmiroth's grumblings, only to rumble in a way that sounds reassuring or encouraging to his blue companion. Then the others being to arrive and the bronze slides closer to Varmiroth, so that Rhyrith and Niumdreoth, as well as another green can make their landing. Th'ero looks up as Kimmila approaches, giving her a faint smile before he's slipping out of his heavier riding gear and storing it away. Dressed in a sturdy short sleeved tunic and pants, as well as thick boots, he's armed with his usual dagger, hunting knife and his sword. It's no secret that the Weyrleader cannot use a bow or crossbow. "Glad you could make it," Th'ero murmurs to his weyrmate, before shading his eyes to see who else is approaching. "and join me to oversee this. Ever been on one of these foraging trips?" K'drozen's question earns a long look from the bronzerider and the man only snorts, "There are not. We were assured that this area is clear and has been for some time." When he spies the passenger dismounting from Rhyrith, Th'ero inwardly groans while keeping his features neutral and frowning. Not her? "We are perfectly safe," He stresses, eyes darting between Polana and K'drozen, before he spies Abigail as well and waves her over.

The Lead Journeyman Healer is likewise busily gathering his fellow companions as they go over a few last minute details. After a moment, they gather a few storage containers and gathering tools, before calling everyone's attention. The riders for the most part seem to be only assurance and backup, though they are offered their own tools if they wish to help. Everyone else is expected to do their part though! "If you're not sure of the plant you're set to pick, just talk to your nearest Healer! We'll set you right. This is the South jungles. Keep your wits about you and common sense! Lots here that can do harm if you're not smart enough to avoid it." Oh fun times? "Alright folks, let's move out while we have light and before the Vtols get too nasty!" And off the Healers go, at a slow pace and one easy to follow as one by one all disappear into the shadows of the jungle.

Kimmila scans the group and eyes that crossbow that K'drozen has, twitching subtly as she stares at it for a long moment. Forcing her eyes away, she notices Abigail and her expression eases, nodding slightly to the brownrider, and then she sees Polana. Her expression hardens briefly, and then smooths out once more. "We won't be staying around the dragons," she says, meandering towards her and K'drozen. "So stay alert. Just in case. You know how to use that?" she asks, fixing K'drozen's crossbow with a long stare. Then she moves back to Th'ero's side to listen to the Healer, nodding slightly.

Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth . o O ( Mine does not like that Rhyrith has one of those. She remembers her dream too well. )

Abigail catches looks around to see whom all has come out to help it seems, a wave is sent towards K'drozen, though as for Polana the girl gets a slight look as she ponders what she is doing around. Her attention moves towards Kimmila and Th'ero, catching the wave over from the weyrleader she moves onwards towards the pair. A salute given along with a smile. "Hello Weyrleader, Kimmila." She catches that question from Kimmila to K'drozen and she looks over curiously, well she figures he can use it or he wouldn't have the weapon, right? Along with her bow and quiver there are a pair of daggers at her belt so she is well ready for this outing if trouble should happen. Niumdreoth shifts about and gives himself a shake now that everything is free from him. The brown then settles down near the other dragons curiously looking around the place that area in.

People are looking at her. She doesn't catch all of the looks, she doesn't have any proof, but she almost immediately assumes they are looking at her. How could they not be after what happened the other day? Polana is determined to ignore them, only for the wretched bluerider to come over and point out that they won't be staying around the dragons. Apparently they have to stay alert, /just in case/. She casts a nervous glance down at her hands, suddenly all too aware about how she had no weapons and doesn't know how to use any. Combine that with her current lack of firelizards and she suddenly feels exposed, weak. But she can't let these people know that, can't let them see her weak. So she meets Kimmila with an even gaze and says, "don't worry, I'll be /very/ alert." Yes, very alert indeed.

Th'ero is distracted while the Journeyman goes about organizing his fellow Craftsmen and the other volunteers, the Weyrleader taking note of numbers and ranks to commit a quick list to memory. "Unfortunately aside from this spot, there are no others wide enough for the dragons to land," he adds in a low murmur to Kimmila's first statement, though his tone is preoccupied. Gathering some supplies, he slips a rucksack onto his back and takes one of the gathering sacks from a passing Healer with a brisk nod. Seems Th'ero is set for work? Reaching over to gently clasp his hand to Kimmila's shoulder, he gives her a brief and sidelong look and then murmurs something to her. As Abigail approaches, Th'ero nods politely, "Hello again, Abigail. Good to see you here as well. Ever been this far south before?" he asks and then the Healers are heading off. The Weyrleader gestures for them to do the same, motioning for K'drozen to take point ahead of them, then for Abigail to follow in line behind him while the he and Kimmila file behind her. "Good," Th'ero says to Polana as he overhears her 'promise' to the bluerider. "Best go on ahead then, between K'drozen and Abigail. We'll take the rear. Follow the Healers and the paths they take."

Once they enter the jungle, the air doesn't get much cooler as it's humid even in the shade, if not even more so under the canopy of leaves and dense growth. The Healers move along paths near invisible and slowly but surely the clearing vanishes behind them. Here there are only the noises of the native wildlife and the sound of the group moving through the jungle. Eventually the trees begin to thin and there is more variety of plant species abound. A call is raised, the Healers announcing their first stop: needlethorn. Sure enough, several tall, heavy laden bushes are there and ripe for the picking. Without pause, the Healers set to work, offering advice for those new to such tasks but focused on their work.

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth's reply is delayed, but only because the bronze seems to be mulling over his words. When he speaks, he is concerned but there is a confidence behind his tone. « His would be a damn fool to try. I do not think Rhyrith's has the spine. All hot air and spark, but no fire or bite. He will be watched. Niumdreoth's is here too. And plenty of Healers! » Pause. « I am more concerned of the young hotheaded girl. »

Kimmila flashes Abigail a little smile and nod, before her gaze is drawn to Polana. "Good," she says, her smile not entirely innocent or kind. Tilting her head, she listens to Th'ero's low words and nods her head slightly, waiting for the others to go ahead before they follow along behind. "Hey Abigail," Kimm calls, "maybe today is our archery day." When they get to the needlethorn thicket, she pulls on the thick gloves and begins to carefully help with the harvest.

Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth . o O ( He would be, but he is. And yes, that one…mine is both angry and dismissive at her. )

K'drozen nods to Th'ero and moves to take the point position and say softly, "I impressed down here so.." he keeps a cautious eye out as he begins to move into the jungle, "Just keep an eye out and we should be just fine. Most things will avoid this large of a group of humans."

Abigail casts a faint glance back towards Niumdreoth making sure it seems he does try to follow after, there isn't enough room for him after all! Her gaze turns back to Th'ero. "No sir I have not. Read up some of the area but that doesn't help one until they get to experience it for themselves after all." She tucks a few gathering bags her pack so have for different items and checks to make sure she has her gloves before nodding to whom she is suppose to follow after. Once they are at the needlethorn thicket she pulls n her gloves before listening in on how to pick the stuff the right way. Hearing Kimmila she chuckles softly. "Sure Kimmila. I'd be up for that."

For a second, just one second, her eyes widen in fear at the weyrleader's words. Ahead, ahead like in the front? Between K'drozen and Abigail? K'drozen is fine but /Abigail/? Soon enough the look of fear is cast off her face though, replaced with a narrow eyed glare. Then there's Kimmila again, giving her a smile that speaks of wicked things. Polana looks her in the eyes, staring her down with a solid glare. Without a word she moves behind K'drozen, forcing herself to not look at Abigail. Every now and then her eyes travel to the side as if trying to look behind her though and her posture is tense. It is clear that she doesn't exactly trust the girl behind her. She remains silent as she chimes in to her connection with her flits, calling Mjolnir over to her. Although it is normally Opal that she has by her side the pregnant green had recently stopped betweening so today she will settle for her brown. The firelizard pops out from /between/ with a little chirp, flying over to perch on her shoulder. A small smile crosses her face at this, at least there is someone out there she can trust. When they reach the needlethorn she pulls her cloves out of her pocket, for she is actually wearing pants today, and crouches down to begin picking.

"This will be good for experience then. Southern can be… tricky and the books I find do not cover it well enough," Th'ero replies to Abigail as he moves to follow along with the rest of the group, keeping pace and holding his position just a bit behind Kimmila. From here the Weyrleader keeps an eye on all and everyone, alert on the jungle and the interaction between everyone present. He's aware of some lingering tensions, especially for Polana's easy to read glaring and posturing, but the bronzerider keeps his comments to himself — for now. At the mention of archery, Th'ero snorts and a brief and slightly amused smile curves one corner of his mouth upwards, "Lets hope that if it is an archery day, you are all shooting us some lunch and not something dangerous," Someone knock on wood for luck? "Didn't you Impress from Ista, K'drozen?" Th'ero asks curiously as he overhears the brownrider's comment, only to nod. "Safety in numbers," he murmurs with a smirk. Joining Kimmila, he begins to harvest some of the needles, though he's not exactly the best at such delicate work and he breaks several before getting the knack of it.

The Healers and their volunteers seem content to stick to their own business, working steadily through the needlethorn, while another group branches off to disappear over a small dip in the ground to begin hunting down and harvesting some of the trickier herb and medicinal plants that only trained eyes would be able to pick out. All is going well though and at this pace, it promises a swift finish and likely to the relief of many used to Fort's climate. Here even in the jungle the humidity gets to one /fast/ and many are pausing to wipe the sweat from their brows or call for a waterskin to be passed about. Vtols and other annoying insects begin to close in, but despite it the jungles seem calm and quiet. Where'd those avian calls go?

Velokraeth projects to Varmiroth . o O ( He will be watched very carefully. It seems the hothead brat takes quite the dislike to yours. Foolish, if you ask me. )

Kimmila whistles softly to herself as she works, her focus on the needlethorn, though she grins a bit. "We'll see how the day progresses then," she replies to Abigail, before nodding slightly. "Lunch? We could possibly do that." Glancing at Polana and K'drozen, she watches them both for a moment, and returns to the needlethorn.

//Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth . o O ( Anyone disliking mine is foolish. She is wonderful )

K'drozen nods to Th'ero as he takes up a position near the edge of the needle thorn grove , instead of picking, he keeps a wary eye out on the jungle and says, "yes sir i did." spending his time watching out for the myrids of dangers that the jungle can provide. He does mutter softly to Polana though, having tried to take the young girl under his wing recently, "Calm it down a bit Polana, won't do no good ta get in a fight out here. Keep your mind on business."

Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth speaks now in a gentle and honeyed tone, smooth and sincere (but for others it would mean he is toying with them). « Of course she is. Anyone with a lick of sense could see that! I am glad she is here. »

Abigail nods as she hears the bit on the area. "I find it is sometimes better to find out for one's self instead of believing in a book." There is a pause at the talk of shooting up some lunch and she grins before looking over to Kimmila. "I'm up for it if ye be Kimmila." Should be fun, or at least interesting if nothing else. As for Polana? She doesn't give her that much of a look while she is busy working it seems. A faint snicker escaping her as she hears K'drozen speak to the girl. "Good luck there K'drozen." So much for keeping her thoughts to herself.

Her voice is low as she murmurs, "I know, I'm sorry. These people… it's complicated. Stuff and stuff and more stuff." The words are only meant for K'drozen, though it is possible for others to hear if they have keen ears. If they hear they might notice that her voice doesn't have any manipulation, snottiness, or any of her usual rudeness in it. She sounds like a relatively calm girl, talking to a friend about a stressful topic. Abigail's words reach her ears and she does visibly stiffen, but following K'drozen's advice she doesn't say anything. Instead she focuses on her needle picking, forming a pile on the ground beside her. A surprised and scared squeak leaves her all the sudden and she pulls her hands back to reveal a black beetle-like insect. She bites her lip with nervousness as she attempts to flick it away, only to let out a small scream when it climbs onto her finger, mostly muffled by her lip. All of a sudden she's frantically flapping her hand in an attempt to get it off her.

Th'ero tilts his head a bit as Kimmila begins to whistle and then ducks his head back down to focus on his work. But it hides his wide smile well and when he speaks his tone is level, "We'll see how long this takes. If the Healers end up tarrying too long, we'll probably have to go scrounge up some food." he murmurs, both to his weyrmate and Abigail as well. Just as the bluerider glances up from time to time, so does he. The Weyrleader won't be letting his guard down so easily, though K'drozen's remark to Polana earns his attention for a lingering spell. A brow quirks up, but he says nothing save for a slight smirk. Maybe he shares Abigail's opinion of 'good luck'? Muffled scream or no, Polana's little outburst is enough to have Th'ero on alert and his abrupt movement to seek out the source has his arm jabbed by a few of the needles. Stifling several choice curses, he picks them free of his skin before growling something under his breath and stepping out past Kimmila to level Polana with a narrowed stare. Notably too, his other hand has instinctively gone for his sword hilt, clutching it tight though relaxing once he realizes what's occurred. Exhaling heavily, he shakes his head, "Shards, girl. You'll have us all out of our skins with fright if you keep on like that." he remarks dryly, none too impressed but what more can be done?

Sure enough, some of the Healers have paused abruptly in their work to peer over towards them, frowns mixed from concern to annoyance to just idle curiosity. Sensing nothing amiss, they turn back to their tasks. And it makes for the perfect moment, with both sides distracted and no one aware of the silence of all the local wildlife. A silence that is broken by a shriek of alarm, followed by a shriek that is… decidedly not human. Sounds echo then, of the hurried and reckless crashing of several Healers running back to the main group and the panicked voice of someone babbling on about a creature of some sort chasing them. Instantly everyone is on alarm, including the Weyrleader, who barks out orders for the riders to fan out while drawing his sword. "Polana, get to the center with the other Healers and volunteers! Abigail, Kimmila and K'drozen, you've got better range of fire with your bows. Take positions!" As for him? He steps more to the center, though places himself between the jungle and the now clustering and huddled group of frightened Healers (some of which have drawn small daggers of their own, though hardly weapon worthy).

Not a moment later a creature does come charging out; two of them in fact and they both give wavering cries of alarm when they're met with such numbers. The foolish Healers running had sparked an instinctual urge to chase, but now they are hastily scrabbling their forward momentum to attempt to turn tail and flee. They are too small to be watchwher, though resemble them and their firelizard kin. Some would say they are canine-like almost, flightless for the fact that their wings are half-formed and useless. Uncommon, not many have seen these creatures but someone among the group speaks up. "Whersport! They're whersport!" Regardless of what they are, Th'ero deems them a threat and he signals the command to the three riders: fire at will.

Kimmila jumps a bit at Polana's outburst, but then just rolls her eyes and goes back to picking needles. Frowning in concern at Th'ero when he jabs himself, she waits to see if he needs help and then stiffens at the sudden screams. Cursing, she slings her bow from over her shoulder and drops to a knee, drawing an arrow and notching it, her movements fluid and well practiced. Taking aim, she hesitates just long enough to make sure she's got a clear shot before she lets her first arrow fly, catching the scrambling creature in the throat. It shrieks and stumbles, as Kimmila draws a second arrow to aim at the other creature.

K'drozen glances down at the critical moment of Polana's outburst and chuckels soflty as he spots the bug. The moment distraction is all it can take to spell disaster. The large brown rider though, was aleart for something luckilly, Spining he rapidly lifts his crossbow and looses a bolt int he Whersport dirrection, As he tries to yank back the string to fit another bolt he attempts to urge Polana back into the group with his leg, 'Get in the middle now Pol!"

Abigail lifts her pale gaze to eyes Polana and eyes her a few moments as she is freaking out, over a bug. "Really?…" Is questioned with an unsure tone, not sure if she should really take this girl seriously or not. A soft laugh escapes her and she goes back to picking adding the right pieces into her bag. The voices and cries get her attention and she blinks while looking up watching as the healers come running back. The bad is dropped, her bow is pulled free and an arrow knocked as she is quick to aim at the area behind the fleeing healers. It takes her a few moments but she soon sees the whersport running towards them, and also sees the animals doing the mad scramble to try and stop and flee. There is a half frown, she is suppose to fire and the animals are fleeing? She fires though her arrow is aimed for the whersport's tail to hopefully keep the animal scrambling to escape.

The one whersport falls to Kimmila's shot, laying unmoving where it fell. As for the other, it gives a maddened shriek and hiss when Abigail's shot breezes by it, only to give a strange warbling scream when K'drozen's bolt follows suit and clips it's primitive wing. Snarling and chattering in it's weird way, the creature makes its escape, followed by a few angered firelizards bold enough to give chase, including the brown that looks to Polana. Thankfully the girl had sense to heed both K'drozen and Th'ero's commands and she remains safe in the huddled cluster of Healers. The Weyrleader keeps his posture defensive and alert, sword raised and ready. But the jungles are quiet again and slowly the sounds of those avians return — a natural signal that a predator and danger is gone. Warily, cautiously, Th'ero straightens and then with a grim look, orders the Healers back to the camp where the dragons are. "Enough has been gathered for now. What is short, we'll borrow from the Holds and Weyrs here. Take tally and start packing things. Greenrider Roni here will see to it that everything is set to order for the straps." Veraiconth's rider had been in among the Healers, quiet until now until the order is given and she's leading them away. Th'ero watches them for some time, before he's signalling for Kimmila, K'drozen and Abigail to approach. "Good shot," he says approvingly to the bluerider, "And good response. All of you. Now…" What /were/ those things? The Weyrleader is curious, though still wary as he turns to slowly approach the prone body of the one whersport. He nudges it with his boot. "I've only ever heard rumors of these…"

Kimmila straightens when the creature is gone, though she keeps her arrow notched and a hand on the string. "Why'd you guys let it go?" she asks, frowning at K'drozen and Abigail, moving slowly and cautiously forward to see the one that her arrow killed. "Never seen one either," she admits with a frown and furrowed brows. "Everyone okay?"

K'drozen frowns lightly and looks to Kimmila, "Bad shot really, lost my footing trying ta get that young lady moving. This isn't my perfered weapon.." he pats the heavy bladed shortsword on his hip, "It was just a precausion." he shake his head, crossbow loaded once mor he move to join Th'ero, "Maybe we should set up a litter and carry this thing out….beast crafts maybe could use to study it.."

Abigail pulls another arrow and has it ready just in case as she watches the one animal run off it seems. "It was fleeing." This is her answer to Kimmila. She shifts back a few steps and is looking through the forest to make sure the one that escaped doesn't come back around towards them at a different angle it seems. She listens to the orders that are given nodding slightly in the process. Her gaze settles on the one that is dead and she hums softly. "No clue, but it is possible that the beastcraft may be interested in it, or even able to tell us what it might be."

"They did the best they could," Th'ero remarks to Kimmila, his gaze then sliding to Abigail and giving her a slight nod. "And they were. They seemed easily intimidated. Not at all like whers or other predators…" Such as the felines who roam these lands. The Weyrleader lowers his sword, but only to use it to push back one of the primitive wings as he tries to study the whersport closer. "That's because they're uncommon. I heard tales from folk coming to port on the Isles. Always figured they were maybe seeing a sickly wherry or something of the sorts." he murmurs with a grimace, stepping back to resheath his sword and glance up to his weyrmate. His gaze sweeps the others as well, frowning. Relief is obvious when no report comes in of injuries and he exhales again, "Good idea, both of you." he points out to the two brownriders. Crouching down, he grasps the tail of the whersport and lifts it, only to grunt slightly in surprise, "It's… not that heavy. If any of you are not squeamish, it can be carried. Or I could do it. One of us should bring this to the Beastcraft for the Masters there to identify. And we best get back to the camp. Roni had Veraiconth tell Velokraeth that the Healers and volunteers are growing restless."

Kimmila doesn't offer to help carry the thing. No, she's going to keep her hands on her bow with an arrow notched, likely until they're airborne. She just nods to the talk of taking it back, glancing at K'drozen and Abigail for a moment before she shrugs and looks towards the woods again.

K'drozen sighs and nods, "I can get it." looking non to happy about relinquishing his crossbow in these woods, he kneels to attempt to get a good grip onto the creature, "Just keep a good watch our for more, or nastier critters.."

Abigail watches Kimmila a few moments, a faint frown seen before she glances back to the forest eyeing it a few moments. A faint sigh escapes her and she turns following after the others. A glance is sent towards the beasts and she then peers at K'drozen. "Ye want the honor?" Because like Kimmila she wants to keep hold of her bow and that is what she wants to hold onto incase they come back. "I got that." She may not of wanted to kill the fleeing beast but she isn't about to allow it to come up and hurt anyone here either.

Th'ero will help in handing the whersport over to K'drozen, his features set in a grim and distracted frown. "My thanks," he says, stepping back once the brownrider has the creature secure. Stepping back then, he keeps his hand on his sword hilt and joins Kimmila at her side. "You two keep alert. Though I'm sure the beast has well and truly fled." he murmurs, glancing towards Abigail and signaling for the brownrider to take the other side. Gesturing, he allows K'drozen to take point again. "Let's move then. K'drozen, you take Rhyrith straight to the Hall. The rest of us will see the Healer's back to Fort. Be sure to ask that the Masters send us a report of their observations, if they can." The Weyrleader wants to know if these truly are weyrsport or… well, hopefully not something else. Once everyone takes their places, Th'ero signals for them to move out, following the same path back to the clearing where their dragons wait and a group of very anxious Healers.

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