Fort Weyr - Smithy Repairs

Off the tunnel leading to the inner sections of Fort Weyr is this small smith shop. The entry area has been separated off from the forge in the back by a U-shaped counter, forming a nice little waiting area for customers. There are a few chairs there for sitting. The counter in front is covered in piles of papers: receipts mostly, standards paperwork, signed copies of things, and other bits of this and that. A plaque on the counter reads: In Living Memory of Jedrek, original owner/operator.
The forge itself is off to the right of the shop, carved right into the stone and has several anvils around it that the smiths uses to shape the metal against. There are a few different workbenches each with their own tools for different jobs, the one that stands out the most is the long one closest to the door. This one is covered in small metal parts and where the smiths usually sit to repair items. The left side of the shop's wall has many machinery parts hanging on it and some larger tools.
Towards the back of the left side of the shop is a staircase leading up into a private living area.

Morning brings nothing but a sky cast with dark grey clouds and though it's cold, there is a dampness that clings to the air. It could rain or snow by the looks of things, but so far neither falls and the Weyr remains dry even if already well into the grips of winter. Even the winds are mild, which make give some the illusion of spring and some of the braver (or stupid) Weyrfolk may be outside without thick winter gear on.
The hour is just past that of breakfast and the Weyr is now beginning to stir into gear for another day of work. Already several Journeymen and Apprentice Smithcrafters are busily settling to their work, but the workshop is otherwise empty. The Weyrleader too has already been up before the rise of the sun on his usual patrols and debriefing with the Wingleaders before all are dismissed to regular duties. Th'ero's business has brought him to the smith's workshop, but not before he stopped by his weyr to gather a few items and perhaps a certain someone too of course. So it's with his weyrmate at his side that he enters, stepping clear of the door as he discusses something low to her while balancing what looks to be at least two swords, one dagger and a rolled piece of tough cloth that could very well hold more knives of various kinds.

Kimmila shrugs as she steps inside the smithy with the Weyrleader, pulling her own dagger and tilting it so it catches the light. "Still, are you sure we can't do this on our own?" Glancing around the room she frowns slightly, almost suspiciously. Truly? She's suspicious of the weyr's own Smiths?

It would seem that being the Weyr's newest Sergeant has it's downside. The lesser and more boring tasks of guard life often fall on Yurolt's shoulders these days. Case in point, he's now leading a small group of young guard trainess into the smithey. Each is laden with a large roll full of various guard weapons. Even Sgt. Yurolt carries a bundle. Damn near kicking in the door, he props himself against it to hold it open for the trainees to file in. The guard orders them to deposit their bundles and get back to the barracks. Only then does he notice Kimmila and Th'ero. Snapping to attention and hastily saluting he says, "Sir, Kimmila. Pleasure to see you." He all but drops his own bundle to the floor in his haste.

"I can sharpen blades, but I cannot mend them or rebalance them," Th'ero murmurs to Kimmila as his gaze darts briefly to the dagger she withdraws when it catches the light. He shifts his weight to one side to balance all that he carries against his hip, but does not complain it seems. "These swords are my practice ones and are long overdue for a good overhaul, but I am not seeking a master's work in it," But what of the rest? "You do not have to take their business, Wingmate" Th'ero is careful to add in a tone low enough only for the bluerider to hear and he only masks his amusment behind a vague smile for her suspiciousness. So far the Journeymen and Apprentices have not acknowledge them, busy as they are with their work though someone always seems to be manning the desk. The Weyrleader's head cocks to the side for a moment and then to Kimmila he murmurs a hasty, "We better move," before he heeds his advice and moves farther inside just as the Sergeant all but kicks in the door and the workshop is flooded with Guards. Th'ero watches the proceedings with interest, but says nothing until Yurolt salutes and greets them. The gesture is not returned, but his excuse is in the fact that he has no real free hand to do it so all that is given is a respectful nod of his head, "Morning, Sergeant Yurolt. A busy start, I see?" For whom? The Smiths have certainly kicked into gear, already approaching in interest to all those bundles. The Journeyman at the desk does give the Guard an expectant look too. What's the order?

Kimmila turns her head and jumps a bit when the door is nearly kicked in, frowning when she sees who did the kicking. "Little quieter, Yurolt?" she mutters, eying the guards as they deposit their items and then leave. Sheathing her dagger, she eyes the Sergeant for a moment and then grins, crooked and wry. "Thanks for the sandwich." Turning her head towards Th'ero, the bluerider sighs and draws her blade again. "I guess it's time this one has some care then, too. It's been well used…" Still, she seems reluctant to part with it, and eyes the Journeyman again. Stare.

Yurolt bends quickly to pick up the swords and such that fell when he saluted. He winks at Kimmila and nods to Th'ero. "Aye, that lot," he motions towards the trainees that have just left, "Have been a real handful, all bleeding day. And glad you enjoyed it Kimmila. I make a wicked good sandwich." He says that last bit with a tone that is somewhere between joking and dead seriousness. Rummaging around in one of his many pockets he half turns to the Smith at the desk. Finding what he wanted he pulls out a sheet of paper and hands it to the man. "Here's Sergeant Oannis' inventory. Everything needs looked at." The guard motions to the bundles and turning back to Th'ero and Kimmila says, "Captian Breshir is really getting into his quarterly inspection..Everything has to be top notch."

Abigail has plenty of reasons to be here though for the moment there is just two reasons for her to be here. She has daggers that need a sharper edge then she can give them, and perhaps looking into some arrow heads for a set of new arrows that she is working on. Once she has made her way onwards she pauses blinking as she sees whom all is here. A soft oh escapes her along with a quick salute given to both Th'ero and Kimmila, even a smile seen. "Hello Weyrleader, Kimmila, Yurolt" The others that are lingering also get a nod as she ponders if she has come at a wrong time it would seem. She pauses where she is near the entrance way, wondering if she should come back later.

Sandwich? Th'ero glances between Kimmila and Yurolt then, though his attention focuses longest on the Sergeant for his joking-but-serious remark. Brow quirked, it's clear the Weyrleader is questioning it, but he voices no such thing. "So that rough of a morning already, hmm?" he remarks dryly, still as reserved and stoic as ever. Give him a few moments, he'll eventually thaw out. When Kimmila draws her blade again and then eyes the Journeyman with a suspicious stare (which goes unnoticed), Th'ero turns his head to murmur again to the bluerider, "If it will be too stressful…" he begins, the rest drowned out as there's a rise in the noise of the workshop as those bundles are unpacked by Apprentices and Journeymen alike and the contents inspected, while the man behind the desk (and clearly one of the more Senior ranked) takes the list from Yurolt and scans it. "As you wish, Sergeant. We'll do our best to get it done swiftly." And then he begins to bellow orders as he moves away to oversee the work. "The Smiths here know their work and do it well," Th'ero points out to Yurolt, but perhaps for Kimmila's reassurance as well. "I've never found fault with them and from what I was told they have serviced the Guards here for Turns with no issues. And the quarterly inspection? Already?" Abigail arrives then and the Weyrleader nods his head respectfully to her and a vague smile follows, "Morning, Abigail. Have you come as well for some sharpening? Seems that today is a very fortunate day to be a Smithcrafter." Did… he just sort of make a joke?

Kimmila chuckles at Yurolt, nodding her head and looking at all the Guard weapons thoughtfully. "That's a lot," she muses. "And yes, I'd expect nothing but the best from Breshir. Any crossbow bolts?" she asks. Odd question? Glancing at Th'ero, she just stares at him for a long moment before shrugging, and then finally smiling. "Yes, well. Seems it would be. Wonder if they'll call in outside help for the job…"

Once again Polana seems to be wearing clothes that are incredibly impratical for the occasion. On her feet are delicate gold colored shoes, covering her body is a gold dress with green trim, and around her neck is a silver necklace. It might seem a little unlikely that someone that has been a drudge all her life would have such extravagant clothes. Most of her clothes had been gifts collected throughout the years or the result of saving every mark she could get her hands on. But a few articles might be things that had gone unclaimed for too long and she had claimed for herself, such as the necklace. But after it sat at the edge of the weyrbowl for a sevenday she felt that it was well within her right to claim it. This was not the only odd thing about her tonight though. For quite a while Polana appeared to have been sulking about, only a few days ago had she really bounced back to her old self. To those that were not aware of this her appearance here might be considered strange. As she walked in two firelizards sat on her shoulders, a brown and a gold-tinted green. Polana made senseless cooing sounds to the green, it might be easy to assume that her reason for being here had something to do with it. The sight of all the other people in the Smith shop clearly caught her by surprise. After a moment of silence she murmured, "oh, erm, hello…"

Yurolt nods thankfully to the desk Smith, "Thank's a ton, mate. I'll have the lads back by in a few days to collect." He waves slightly to Abigail and scratches his head. "Hello Abs…No bolts…I don't believe." His eyes flick over to the rows of gear now being laid out, searching for bolts. "I think most ours are wood for training, and the metal ones…well we tend not to get those back." He shrugs, it's hard to get bolts back once they've lodged into something…or someone. Nodding to Th'ero's mention of the splendid work done in the Smithey, Yurolt says, "I've had a new sword commissioned from this lot. They /do/ do fine work." The sergeant's voice trails off as he notices the dressed up woman entering. His brow cocks slightly as he looks from Th'ero to Kimmila to Abigail, hoping for some explanation.

Abigail looks a bit amused at the talk of getting things sharpened. "Well, actually I was Though I can come back later." This said with a soft tone as she seems a bit out of place it seems. A hand lifting to scratch at her neck a moment and soon smoothes out her jacket. She looks over to Polana and offers her a smile and nod. "Hello Polana." As for the looks from Yurolt she has no idea what to say to them.

No outside help will be needed, as it seems the Senior Journeyman has more than enough staff to cover the large workload given by the Sergeant and Guard Trainees. Most of the work is probably very easy maintenance, which more than a few capable Apprentices can manage without a Journeyman looming over their shoulders. The workshop is bustling now though and in short time the man returns to the desk again, eyeing the group lingering by the door expectantly. Next?

Th'ero gives Kimmila a brief sidelong look, "Crossbow bolts?" he inquires curiously. Odd question indeed! The Weyrleader moves forwards then to set his sword, dagger and knives down on the counter, briefly outlining the work he wishes done to the Senior Journeyman. A few more words are discussed and the deal is done, not without obvious surprise on the Smithcrafter's features. Th'ero returns then, in time for Yurolt's answer and he smiles wanly, "Indeed. I have yet to commission anything, but their repair work is some of the best I've seen," he remarks casually as he steps close to Kimmila's side again, only to glance sidelong to Abigail. There his gaze lingers for a moment with a slight frown. "They won't be backlogged for too long, if you are worried on time," Th'ero remarks, only to add a moment later. "How have you been? Niumdreoth is well?" Seems only polite to ask? Then Polana is entering and the Weyrleader is regarding her (and her unusual dress) curiously. Recognition does not quite click though and Yurolt's look is only met with a slight shake of his head. Not sure? "Morning," he greets all the same.

Kimmila turns her head slowly, blinking in surprise at the entrance of Polana. "Are you in the right place?" she asks, shifting her weight and eying the girl uncertainly. Glancing back at Yurolt, her frown deepens, brows knitting together at the mention of metal bolts, and she shifts subtly closer to Th'ero. And she walks forward with him, setting her precious and much beloved silver handled dagger on the counter along with Th'ero's things.

Yurolt eyes the shiny dagger with a sense of well earned respect. The guard has spent enough time around weapons to recognize a good one. However, he frowns too as he see's Th'ero doesn't have the answers on this strange new person. Nonetheless he nods to her and says, "G'day…" He heard Abigail say the girl's name, though it seems rude to use it, having never met. To Abigail he says, "Yeah, no need to worry Abs. Most of the guard stuff is just being checked over. Nothing these lads can't handle. I'm sure they can fit you in." The sergeant wonders at Kimmila's slight movement towards Th'ero but says nothing of it. Instead he turns to see if this Polana IS in the right place.

Polana dips her head in greeting to Abigail although she does not say anything. Th'ero gets a brief nod as well along with her saying, "weyrleader," in greeting. She is walking forward with complete confidence, as if it is completely normal to dress like this when visiting the Smithy. Kimmila gets an odd look for her question as well as a responce of, "yeah, I'm pretty sure I am." A boy she doesn't recognize doesn't get so much as a nod of greetng, instead she steps past him without even giving him a glance. She then walks up to the senior journeyman and says, "I need some firelizard jewlery please. Something lightweight so they can fly around in it, something that will really bring out their colors. Maybe silver for the green, Opal, and red for the brown? Oh, and I need some sort of nametag for the brown before I can forget his name again. He's called Mjolnir." Yes, because firelizard jewery is certainly what smithcrafters are meant for.

Abigail smiles a moment and nods, as to the question about her brown there is a pause and she casts a slight glance behind her as if making sure that dragon isn't following her. His been very clingy lately with his rider for one reason or another. "His doing fine. Starting to get into the swing of things now with the wing. I'm thinking he was a bit more excited over the whole thing then I was." Niumdreoth can be like that at times. "How have ye all been?" Her attention turns back to Polana and she blinks as the girl goes on explaining what she is looking for. A soft ah escape her. "Firelizards are sort of funny with things like that." Her's always figured out a way to get out of things, and so she soon gave up.

Th'ero only subtly leans closer to Kimmila when she moves, his hand resting hidden but lightly against her lower back. He still seems a bit puzzled for her question on the bolts, but says nothing more now. Then she's moving forwards to place her dagger among his things and then they're all swept up together by the Senior Journeyman, once he's received the bluerider's order. The Weyrleader seems a bit reluctant too to see that dagger vanish. It must have some value then! Of the sentimental type. Formalities done, Th'ero's gaze only follows Polana for a brief moment before his attention is drawn back to Abigail and the Weyrleader nods, "I hear that can sometimes happen, but it would seem to work in your favor then? I am glad to hear that you are both doing well and adjusting to your new Wing." he replies, a touch formal but he at least keeps a slight smile on his features. "I have been well, though more busy than naught lately." Th'ero blinks then, overhearing some of Polana's request to the Smithcrafter and he just looks baffled and surprised as his gaze darts from Kimmila, to Yurolt, then Abigail and back to the desk.

The Senior Journeyman does his best to keep his expression straight and professional, but in the end the man can't help but laugh at the poor girl's request. "Firelizard jewelry?" he says, still chuckling with mirth. "That has to be the strangest offer I've heard yet in my Turns here. 'Fraid we don't dabble in the finer metalworks and even if so, metal is too precious as it is for many Smith's to warrant the use on 'em. Most folk don't adorn firelizards, save for paint to band their forelegs to mark where they call home. 'Less there's been some uprise in a fad or somesuch…" He shrugs his shoulders then helplessly to Polana, "'Fraid I cannot help you, miss."

Kimmila doesn't seem to want to let her dagger go, but she does in the end and glances to Yurolt. "How is your rank suiting you?" she asks. Then her eyes are drawn to Polana, widening slightly and blinking. "Uh…who /are/ you?" Tact, thy name is /not/ Kimmila. "Been doing just fine, Abigail, thanks. You and I still need to have that archery contest." Will it ever happen? Or are they both avoiding it in the fear that they'll lose? Her hand goes to her hip, absently gripping the hilt where her dagger always is. "I feel naked," she mutters..

Yurolt doesn't even try to hide the look of utter bewilderment on his face. He just sort of stares a Polana brushes past him and places her…order. "Is she serious?" For one, he's not as cocky as he once was, but he's a sergeant and Kimmila and Th'ero are…well pretty important people. He's just a stickler for formality in cases like this. Furthermore, firelizard jewelry? Still staring incredulously at Polana he answers Kimmila, "Aside from the bitc…I mean…lesser duties. I'm enjoying it, and hopefully doing a good job at it." The guard looks to Abigail to see if there will be an archery contest anytime soon.

Polana shrugs when Abigail says that firelizards are funny with things like that and responds, "it really depends on the firelizard and how well the thing fits. My Opal adores shiny things, I imagine she would be pretty good with jewelry. Her gaze is suddenly ripped back to the journeyman at the sound of him laughing. As he speaks her eyes narrow into a glare and the moment he finishes speaking she takes a step forward. Her voice is simple, like she's just stating a fact, when she says, "you're wrong. You make metal shoes for runners, you make human jewelry, I think some metal is even used in making instruments for harpers. If you can spare the metal for that you most certainly can decorate my flits." Her voice takes a almost sickly sweet tone as she adds, "after all, it wouldn't take /much/ mutter, would it? They're only tiny things. and I would be ever so grateful." As she speaks she leans forward, batting her eyelashes in what she assumes is a sweet fashion. Kimmila's question reaches her ears, to which she quickly responds, "Polana, the name's Polana. Or lady Polana if you prefer."

Abigail grins at the talk of the archery lesson and chuckles softly. "Well I'm up for it whenever ye wish Kimmila. Just have to make a date an time." She doesn't have a problem doing it at all, and if she loses well she loses, it'll still be fun, right? A nod is seen and she looks back to Th'ero. "Aye it is, an we're both happy." Very much so! Her gaze turns back to Polana and she lifs a brow while peering at the other. "When did it become Lady Polana.. Or ye trying to old trick again like when I first met ye?" She totally remembers Polana an how she went around trying to make everyone think she was well, something she wasn't. It didn't impress Abs then, and it doesn't impress her now if indeed Polana is joking around once more.

"All will be fine," Th'ero mutters back to Kimmila when she starts to absently grip at where the hilt of her dagger should be. Then he's glancing curiously between his weyrmate and Abigail, showing interest as well along with Yurolt for the response. Clearly, the Weyrleader is still keen for such a contest to unfold! For now, any lack of tact towards Polana's arrival or her request go unchecked, though Th'ero is keeping a cautious eye on the girl while the Senior Journeyman deals with her. But his attention is divided and Yurolt's fumbling correction has him smirking and snorting dryly, "Get used to it. Unfortunately the higher ranks deal with… both sides of duties. It's not all glory." he tells the young Sergeant, but there's a hint of amusement to the man's tone. Th'ero's attention is drawn again then to Polana, partially because of Abigail's response but also the snippets of conversation heard. Lady? Trick? That brings a disapproving frown, when the Weyrleader spies no knot confirming this, but for now he holds his tongue. For now.

The Smith Journeyman isn't so fooled though and his brows lift in an incredulous manner as his gaze gives Polana the once over. For real? Really? "Well, miss," he stresses, not seeming to be wooed by her "charms" either as he crosses his arms stubbornly over his chest. "Aside from the human jewelry, all you mentioned are practical things. This is a smith workshop. We do not dabble in baubles, we dabble in tools and weapons." he states briskly and straight to the point. Her attempt to sweeten him fails too and he only snorts, "All the more reason the work is difficult! Tiny does not make it easier, it makes it trickier! I'm sorry miss… Polana, but I'm 'fraid you're in the wrong spot and looking to the wrong Smiths!" At least he's being honest? While this all unfolds, the other Apprentices are already bringing back some of the Guards bundles, each marked and tagged and if they tarry too long to overhear, they're swiftly called back to task.
In contrast, if Kimm loses it'll be devastating. So here's hoping she wins? Turning to Yurolt, she gives him a look of disbelief that only widens to something akin to alarm as Polana speaks. "Lady Polana? From where?" And then Abigail talks, and Kimm's eyes narrow in on the young woman. "You're not /pretending/ to be a Lady Holder, are you? And I hardly think putting jewelry on /firelizards/ is the same as making runner shoes and instruments."

Yurolt is not as aghast as Kimmila appears to be, rather he's taken on an amused look now. Laughing he says, "I get it now. She's absolutely insane." Pern's version of a crazy cat lady it would seem. Hoping to help the Smith get back to work, the sergeant steps over to the counter and leans in to talk to the Senior Journeyman. Smiling at both the Smith and Polana he says, "Surely it would be a waste of everyone's time for /this/ shop to craft something as your 'lizard jewelry. However, good sir, perhaps /you/ could point her to someone that might…shall we say, cater to her request?" In all honesty, Yurolt thinks flit jewelry is crazy, but maybe this will help both parties.

At Abigail's words she gives a small snort. As much as she would have liked to ignore the question Kimmila asks if she's pretending to be a lazy holder, something very similar to something she did once before. Deciding that it would be best for her to address this she gives a wave of her hand before saying, "please, Abigail, give me some credit. I don't make the same mistake twice." She pauses to give a small shudder before adding, "Faranth, I swear I still have herdbeast dung under my nails. No, I added the lady simply because I felt it should be there." With that she looks back at the Journeyman Smith, taking what she hoped was a threatening step closer to him. However, before she can dig herself into a hole the guard steps forward, asking if he can possibly direct her to a place where she /can/ get firelizard jewelry. At this she casts him a grin, and just like that he has gone from nothing on her radar to someone in her good books. Before the Journeyman Smith can say anything Polana exclaims, "oh! And I almost forgot, I'm applying to be an apprentice dragonhealer, I will need some tools for that. There are metal things used in dragonhealing, right? Like tweasers?" She pauses for a moment to bite her lip before adding, "I'm /really/ new to it."

Abigail smirks while she just watches Polana a few moments, a brow lifting and she shakes her head a moment. "After the last time I was just making sure." She lifts a brow, eyeing Polana, she is about to say something before just stopping and clamps her mouth shut figuring that is the best choice. "Dragonhealer?" Well that is a new one to her, not that she is going to knock the other's wishes at trying something new. "I do imagine they use such things. Good luck to ye with that Polana."

Sensing Kimmila's alarm, Th'ero reaches to firmly grip her arm with his hand in a gesture that appears to be reassuring. Or is he making sure she can't reach Polana? "She is not a Holder," he murmurs low and almost under his breath, likely to be heard only by the bluerider and perhaps Yurolt and Abigail. "The name is vaguely familiar, however." But the Weyrleader cannot make the pieces of the puzzle fit, no matter how hard he tries. But he's eyeing the girl now almost warily, still frowning heavily and grimacing a bit as everyone's responses pool in. It's Polana's though that he focuses on and now Th'ero steps in at last, "You cannot simply use that rank title because you feel it should be so. It's disrespectful." Blunt, but harsh truth? "It'd be as insulting if say… Sergeant Yurolt here decided he'd parade around as Weyrleader or Lord Yurolt or Abigail or Kimmila taking Weyrwoman or Lady as title. It just does not work that way." There's an apologetic look given to everyone then for more or less throwing them all under the proverbial bus. Sorry?

The poor Journeyman looks too relieved when Yurolt approaches, casting the Guard a look that could read like 'sweet Faranth save me' or perhaps it's more of 'can you believe this?' The man cants his head towards the Sergeant and a few words are exchanged, as more of those bundles are brought forwards. Swift work indeed! Then another Apprentice comes forwards with Th'ero's swords and daggers and things, signaling their readiness. Kimmila's dagger should be there too. "I suppose I could…" The Journeyman drawls hesitantly. Does he want to unleash Polana on some other poor Smith shop? Hmm. Yes, yes he does if it means peace for him. "Could try the Trader caravans that come by in Spring here or in Fort Hold. They often have Smith trained tinkers who dabble in trinkets and finer jewelry. Otherwise…" He falters and coughs, "Well, I can't go suggest /that/ area no more." he mutters. No guesses for Yurolt or the Riders to what he's hinting at? At the mention of Dragonhealing, the man nods. "If you get orders from your superiors, something can be arranged."

Kimmila shakes her head at Yurolt, though it's apparent that she agrees with the Guard's assessment. Blinking at Polana, Kimmila leans forward to peer at her. "Are you for real?" she asks suddenly, a grin curving her lips. "Or are you just having us on? C'mon. You're not…I mean… /C'mon/." She's joking, right? Ha ha ha? Then their things are there and she reaches towards Th'ero's bundle, flipping it open. "Where's my dagger?"

Yurolt nods gratefully to the Smith, knowing it must be hard to pass Polana onto anyone you may know. However, he stands up all the straiter when Th'ero uses him as an example. Perhaps he should have called the girl on her lack of tact? No, he stands by the method he tried to defuse the situation. Eyeing the bundles be brought out the sergeant sighes a bit, he didn't expect them to be done so quickly. Stepping a little away from Polana and the others he scrawls something on a piece of paper and whistles. A tiny green head pops out of the pouch on his leg and Yurolt gives the flit the note. "Pond, take this Oannis." With a chirp the lizard flutters off and pops between. Turning back he eyes Kimmila as he hears her ask about her dagger. Uh oh…

Then there's the weyrleader, ruining her fun simply because it's 'rude'. The beginnings of a scowl cross her face as she looks at him, but she soon forces it away. No, she can't act out toward the Weyrleader, there's no telling what this man might do to her. So she dips she head slightly and grudgingly mutters, "fine." When the Journeyman suggests that she talk to a trader she flashes him a grateful smile and says, "thank you! See, that wasn't so hard, was it? And I'll get orders from my superiors shortly, as soon as I figure out exactly who my superiors are." She was actually entering a rather good mood, only for it to be ripped apart by Kimmila. Polana whips around and sets her fiercest glare on her, her lips actually curling back into a snarl. Her voice is furious and slightly feral as she exclaims, "/excuse me/!? What exactly do you mean 'are you for real? You little worthless scrap of…" Her words trail off when she notices the Weyrleader once again, the Weyrleader, who would probably be mad if she slaps a rider. So in the end she takes a step back, not having noticed that she had moved forward in the first place, and says in a cool voice, "I assure you that I most certainly am 'for real'."

Abigail sends a faint glance over to Kimmila and smirks. "Oh she is so being for real." The rider says with an amused tone. "Ye have no idea." There is a pause and her pale gaze flicks to Polana whom she just stares at wondering if this girl has a death wish or something. "Are ye joking with me now?… Did ye really just open yer mouth and that stupidity spill out of it?" The once guard is a bit stiff though she doesn't make a move towards Polana, oh no she is rather sure Kimmila would rather do the honors so to speak. "I just have to know something, what gives ye the right to do or say any of that? Yer acting just like a spoiled little brat ye know that?"

Th'ero tugs again at Kimmila's arm and now it seems more like a warning. But he seems to agree with what his weyrmate says, or at least seems curious as to what Polana has to say. Eventually he will look up to Abigail and motion for the brownrider to approach him and when she does, the Weyrleader will ask her in a low tone, "You know her?" he asks, keeping their conversation as private as possible. Then his bundle is set on the nearby counter and as Kimmila goes to inspect he, he leaves her to it. That is, until her comment and that has Th'ero turning his head abruptly and he steps forwards to reach past the bluerider and sort through. Two swords, his dagger, his hunting knives… No other dagger. "I'm sure they are still working on it," Th'ero goes to murmur, just as a (not so helpful) Apprentice pipes up with a nervous, "It should be there, Ma'am." Uh oh.

Cue awkward tension? Two fires are sparking it seems and Th'ero is suddenly turning on Polana. No, slapping a rider would not be a good idea. Doubly so considering Kimmila is his weyrmate. Insulting her though is enough to rile his temper — insulting any rider or anyone of rank is likely to bring on his anger. So poor Polana is fixed with a cold and penetrating stare under a scowl and grim set expression, "You," he says in a voice that is spoken firm and commanding, ringing though he does not raise it to yelling, "are out of line, young girl. Best mend this now and apologize, so we can all go about our business again," he warns, eyes flashing. "Or else you will be explaining yourself to the Headwoman." Abigail is given a warning gesture too with his hand, though he does not reprimand the brownrider for the scolding she gives. Don't feed the fire? As for the Senior Journeyman, he's only just staring at all this unfolding, incredulous and baffled. In fact, the whole workshop seems to have half-paused to gawk. Oh great. Gossip fodder!

Kimmila blinks at Polana again, and then she stiffens, starting to draw herself up. "Call /me/ worthless?" she asks, her temper rising fast into her snarled tone. "How about jewelry for a /firelizard/ for something that's worthless?" Hold her back, Th'ero, because she's advancing on the girl. "You best mind your tongue, missy, unless you've got more fight to back up those words." Rank be damned. "That's /not/ it!" Kimmila says, voice sharp as she rounds on the Apprentice. Whoops? "I had a dagger. Blue and silver hilt. It went in, it has not yet come out so you'd better find it or find someone who will." Someone touched a nerve. Or three.

And once more into the maw goes Sergeant Yurolt. Quickly he puts himself between Kimmila and Polana. Shards, he doesn't want to have to fight Kimmila off this girl. He's positive that's how it will go too, Kimmila stomping this rude girl. Lucky for Yurolt, it seems Th'ero is taking commmand of the situation. Maybe he'll go talk to the Journeyman instead. He steps over and begins whispering quick and quiet trying to find Kimmila's dagger before she kills someone.

Suddenly it feels like the world is spinning even though her feet are firmly planted on the ground. Everyone is ganging up on her for not just standing there and letting that rider insult her, even when she managed to stop herself before it really gets bad. Abigail, who she had naively began to consider something vaguely similar to a friend, asked if that stupidity really came out of her mouth. Th'ero, the man whos dragon searched her, demands that she apologize. And that wretched rider continues to insult her, threatening to fight. Then all around her she hears people asking what right she has, what rank she has. Polana is silent and still, refusing to say anything until she gives the entire group a careful look and whispers, "you know what? I'm beginning to think that 'rank' is just another word for 'judgement'. If one listens carefully they might just be able to pick up the hurt on her voice. Without another word she turns around and storms off, moving as fast as her legs can take her without breaking into a downright run. She makes no sound, fails to show her feelings except in the form of a couple tears silently sliding down her face.

Abigail catches sight of the looks from Th'ero and slips quiet for a few moments. She nods a moment her head lifting just a bit but that is it. She clears her throat watching as Polana offers her last few comments, which gets a roll of her eyes and thus makes her smirk. Really?… Wasn't it Polana that started all this mess? She waits for Polana to leave before speaking up. "When I first came to Fort Weyr she pretended to be a Holder's daughter and was rather rude to a Harper. I thought she has gotten over everything and was well, growing up somewhat." Doesn't really seem that way now does it?

Never a dull day in Fort Weyr, that's for certain! Th'ero's head is already aching with the efforts it takes to hold his temper at bay, while simultaneously dealing with the issue of Kimmila's missing dagger and then trying to keep the bluerider from pouncing Polana and an all out fight breaking loose because the girl could not keep her tongue in check. The Weyrleader does take hold of his weyrmate, gripping her arm just above the elbow and rather fiercely. Surely it'd pinch a bit? Not to be cruel, but perhaps to snap her out of it, get her to focus rationally. "Back down, Kimmila." He growls in a low whisper by her ear, his tone just as commanding to her as it would be to anyone else. Then he says something more that is unheard among the din in the workshop. Polana storms out then, her parting remark having Th'ero following her retreating form with a sharp glare. The Weyrleader then exhales heavily, swearing under his breath and when Abigail gives her past accounts of meeting the strange girl, he shakes his head. "I'll have the Headwoman speak to her later." he mutters.

The Apprentice only pales and stammers his apologies to Kimmila, bobbing his head and promising, swearing! it'll be found safe. Then he flees and a few other Smiths are suddenly /elsewhere/. Searching, right? Or running while the running is good? The Journeyman Smith joins Yurolt then, as the Sergeant is at least sane and rational and the man can be heard discussing with him, "Dagger is here, mark my word as an honest man! We've never lost an item. Bound to be here! You lot!" he barks, gesturing to some of his Apprentices, "Check to be sure the last bundles for the Guards don't have the dagger. Be quick about it!"

Kimmila hisses, clearly letting her temper get the best of her for a few moments. Watching Polana storm out, Kimmila takes a step back and straightens, gently trying to pull her arm from Th'ero's grasp. And all she can do for the moment is catch her breath and glare, her hand flexing by her empty dagger hilt.

Yurolt nods to the Journeyman saying, "I believe you mate. Don't you worry none." He turns around as Polana storms off and shakes his head. To the others he says, "What a strange person…" At that moment the door opens slowly and a few of the guard trainees peek in. "You lot, get in here! Help these lads look for a blue and silver dagger in our bundles," Yurolt bellows to the trainees. Pond flits in behind the trainees and lands back in her pouch. An angry chirp is heard as the blue Doctor sticks his head out, upset that the green landed on him. The sergeant looks towards Kimmila, praying that she'll be able to cool down after the girl and the dagger being lost…Misplaced.
Abigail nods slightly as she hears Th'ero. "Yes Sir." She is rather ok with the idea of that girl getting a talking too. As long it isn't her having to do the talking then everything is fine, right? Her pale gaze follows after Polana, her eyes narrowing once more before she shakes her head. A glance is sent back to Kimmila curiously as she catches sight of that glowering and she makes it a point to not ever want the bluerider made at her. "I'm sure there fine it soon." Maybe too many people here were a bad thing after all.

Th'ero won't let go of Kimmila right away, though his grip will ease back a but when she straightens. With Polana now gone, his hand pulls away, though he turns his head to give the bluerider a long, lingering look. His anger is held in check (barely), but he does not seem to correct her on her earlier outburst on the girl. Not here, anyways. Instead, he's turning now to the Senior Journeyman and standing to his full height. One fire out, one more to go. He nods stiffly to the man, "Be sure that it is found, please. The dagger is irreplaceable." Hint. Hint. Warning given, Th'ero turns back to Kimmila and whispers a few more low words for her ears alone. Then he gives Abigail another nod, perhaps in thanks for the information she shared or for the remark she makes.

The Senior Journeyman nods distractedly to Yurolt, caught between returning the Weyrleader's glance and trying not to look too troubled by what the bronzerider cryptically hints at. When the Guard Trainees arrive, the man does not protest the aid in the search. In the end, it's another Apprentice who finds it after the fourth or fifth bundle is finally undone. He's just finished exclaiming about it when the Senior Journeyman stalks over and takes the dagger from the boy. Turning, he inspects it and finds no flaw, before he's walking right up to Kimmila. No fear, no hesitation, despite witnessing the bluerider's temper and anger. "My sincerest apologies, Wingrider." he murmurs as he holds out her dagger and even bowing slightly, which looks a tad ridiculous on a heavy-set (though mostly muscle) man such as himself.

Kimmila finally regains her composure, giving Yurolt and Abigail fleeting smiles. If she's embarrassed at her outburst she does not show it. Not an inch of it. Turning, she nods to Th'ero and then eagerly reaches out to accept her dagger back. "Thank you," she says to the Smith, muttering something to Th'ero before she nods to the others once more and sweeps out of the room.

It would appear that there will be no blood shed…at least not here, right now. Sergeant Yurolt orders the trainees to gather the bundles and scurry back to the armory. He gives Kimmila a smile in return and watches as she rushes out of the shop. Turning to Th'ero and Abigail he sighes dramatically. Wiping fact sweat from his brow he says, "That went well…Sir." With that he gives a salute and waves to Abigail. The guard turns to the door and excuses himself quickly. Lest anything else awkward comes through that door.

Abigail is rather fine at the fact that there was no blood shed tonight, not that she doesn't truely mind it an so forth. A nod is sent to both Th'ero, Kimmila and Yurolt while she waits now to get her few daggers and the likes sharpen it seems. "Have a good day." Is offered out to the ones that are leaving.

“Indeed,” Th’ero remarks dryly and perhaps with sarcasm as well, though the Weyrleader is struggling to maintain composure now as well. The morning is starting off to a wonderous start, indeed! Not even long after breakfast and a headache is already settling in. Nodding to the Yurolt, he gives the young man a faint smile, “My thanks for your help and level reasoning,” he says and genuinely too. Abigail is given the same nod, though his look is more apologetic for the brownrider, “You as well, Abigail. Clear skies and hope the rest of your day is… peaceful.” Anxious to follow Kimmila, now that the bluerider has swept out of the workshop, Th’ero lingers only to gather his items and pay, as well as having a few low spoken words with the Senior Journeyman. Then the Weyrleader is following the same path as his weyrmate, walking briskly from the room and back outside, while he can still keep his mood in check.

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