Kimmila will sleep for a while, giving her body the rest it craves, and when she awakens it's time for paperwork and for an evening sweep before she's back to the weyr. A bath, dinner, some time with her beloved and then more sleep. The next morning it's up, bath, breakfast, and then they make their way to the Healers for her checkup. In no time she's laying on a table with her shirt up over her stomach, while the Healer puts a stethescope to her skin, listening closely.

Th'ero has always been a man of routine. Oh, how he loves his routines at times! But today he will cast them all aside in order to be by Kimmila's side. Skipping his pre-dawn patrols, he will be up with her in the morning and share her bath and breakfast with her before they're off to the Healers. Into the curtained nook they go and Th'ero will take his place by her side, perched on the very edge of an uncomfortable wooden chair. Reaching for her hand, he'll squeeze it gently while the Healer goes to work and when he is not giving her reassuring looks, he'll be watching that Healer. Poor, poor Healer. Talk about pressure, having the Weyrleader all but scowling at you.

Kimmila catches one of Th'ero's scowls and gives his arm a little thwack for it. 'Be nice', she mouths at him while the Healer moves the scope and listens, moves, listens again. "Huh," he says, straigthening. And he's quick to reassure them a moment later. "Nothing is wrong, I hear the heartbeat. I just want to…there might be something…" And he's gone. "What…?"

Th'ero grunts softly at the thwack to his arm and he gives HER a look back. What? He doesn't want the Healer goofing up! He smiles, but it's obvious he is not promising to be on good behaviour. Which is put immediately to the test when said Healer is straightening and mumbles that there 'might be something'. "What do you mean…?" Th'ero begins to protest, only the Healer is speedy and gone by the time the Weyrleader can have half the sentence spoken. Muttering a curse, he'll glance back to Kimmila and though some worry flickers in his eyes, he is careful to keep his heavier concerns concealed for now. Gripping her hand firmly, he leans in close beside her. "They're probably just wanting to confirm everything thrice over. You know how Healers are…" he tries to murmur reassuringly.

Kimmila frowns, rubbing a hand gently over her belly. "Probably," she murmurs. The Healer is soon back though, with not one, not two, but /three/ other Healers. Which has her downright alarmed as they crowd around.

With Kimmila alarmed, Th'ero bristles and would be hovering over her protectively if he could. There's a bed in the way though and he's not about to embarrass her by puffing up and towering over the Healers. Yet she'll be able to see it in the way his posture stiffens and his eyes narrow and harden. He's not happy. He's not liking their lack of warning OR answers. But he keeps his hand held with hers, gripping firm and squeezing tight. It'll be alright! He tries to convey that silently, both through the gesture and the sidelong look he gives her. "What is going on?" Th'ero asks, eyeing all three Healers suspiciously. Well?

All /four/. They pause, look up, and beam. "Sir, ma'am," the main Healer says, "We believe you're carrying twins. We think…we can hear two different heartbeats."

Th'ero was bracing for bad news. Terrible news. Already his mind was steering towards those dreaded words: something was wrong with the baby. It wouldn't survive. There's a mistake. All sorts of terrible evils. So the words coming from the FOUR beaming Healers hit like a tone of bricks for an entirely different reasons. Twins. TWINS!? He blinks, gapes, recovers and… can't find words. He glances down to Kimmila, trying to gauge her reaction as his mind reels into reverse. Twins. Maybe? "And it takes four of you Healers to confirm this?" he snaps to the Healers, not meaning too and he mumbles a hasty apology. Oops? "How… is this confirmable? Can it be know for certain?"

Kimmila is just /staring/ at the Healers, her hand limp in Th'ero's grasp. "What? Tw…what?" This does not compute. How could she have /two/ in there? Nooooo. She squirms, sitting up a bit on her elbows. The Healers laugh softly, nodding. "It's difficult, but you can hear two different heartbeats. They'll become more distinct as they grow, but ma'am," one Healer says, "carrying twins is a higher risk pregnancy. You will really need to take it easy. We wouldn't recommend any more between, even through the second trimester." When it's 'safe'.

Th'ero is also struggling, big time, with absorbing the likelihood that Kimmila is carrying twins. When she squirms though, he is instantly focusing on her, concerned and lifting his hand up to gently grip her shoulder in reassurance. Easy, easy. It'll be okay! Even if he feels like the world just tilted another thirty degrees. Maybe he should sit down? Then the explanation he asked for (demanded?) comes and he does settle himself down heavily beside Kimmila on the edge of the bed as it sinks in a little more. Oh damn. DAMN! His eyes drift closed for a moment when the Healer's mention 'high risk' and barring Betweening and he licks his lips. Of course. Of course there would be a catch! "I see." he mutters to the Healers advice, his eyes opening again to fix them all with an unreadable look. "The heartbeat…beats… they're healthy? Strong?" Suddenly he has a nagging URGE to hustle the Healers out of their own infirmary so he can be alone with Kimmila.

The Healers nod, and Kimmila lays back down again, her eyes closed tightly. Don't panic, don't panic. "Would you like to hear them, sir?" the main Healer asks while the others move back out to the main Infirmary. The Healer then offers out the ear pieces of the stethescope to the Weyrleader. "They are healthy and strong, the right number of beats per minute. Everything sounds good."

Th'ero will ignore the Healers for a moment, even holding up his hand to signal that they (or one of them anyways) wait for a few seconds. Leaning over, he will keep his hand clasped to Kimmila's shoulder as he bends his head down to whisper in her ear. "We'll talk, Wingmate. Be easy. It'll be alright, but we'll talk, okay? Back in our weyr or out in the forests or even the cottage by the glacier lake. It'll be alright." he soothes her, as best he can and with what little time he has before the Healer is offering the chance to hear the heartbeats for himself. Heartbeats! "Ah… can I?" Th'ero straightens, looking to Kimmila first to see if she is willing. After all, she's going to be the one having to sit through it!

Kimmila takes a slow, deep breath, swallowing thickly before she nods. Keep it together. She nods again to his question, though her eyes stay closed. Sure, he can listen.

Th'ero will give Kimmila another lingering look before he allows the Healer to pass the stethoscope over. Even if he eyes the tool with a wary look. "After I listen… would it be possible for her to hear as well? Would you like that, Wingmate?" he asks her softly, waiting on her answer before putting the ear pieces in. So… how does this work?

The Healer nods, but Kimmila shakes her head. As Th'ero puts the ear pieces in, the Healer moves the scope over Kimmila's belly to where they discovered the best heartbeats. And there they are. Two. /Two/, overlapping each other but most definitely two.

Th'ero is torn, for a brief moment, when Kimmila shakes her head and her quiet behaviour unsettles him. He can't imagine what is going through her mind right then, knowing how the news affected him. Then the Healer is maneuvering that scope and he can hear the heartbeats and for that span of time, his focus in on that sound. His expression is startled at first and he jerks a bit, only to relax and his features twist to one of awe. When he looks to Kimmila, his smile is loving and warm. "Two." he whispers to her. Duh?

Kimmila opens her eyes when Th'ero speaks to her, and all she can do is nod. Two. Yes. She is tense, stiff, her eyes shifting with an odd brightness to them. Keeping it together. Barely

Talk about special moment buzz kill? Th'ero frowns when Kimmila remains so tense and stiff and his concern outweighs hearing the heartbeats of their unborn children. Returning the scope earpieces to the Healer, he will nod briskly. "Thank you," he murmurs. "Good to know both are strong and steady. As for your instructions…" He'll jump through all the hoops. Polite but reserved. Wanting the Healer gone, so he can tend to his weyrmate.

Kimmila is a /total/ buzz kill. Sorry? The Healer gives instructions and then leaves, and as soon as she's gone Kimmila is yanking her tunic down and sitting up. Her intentions are clear enough as Varmiroth rouses himself with a rumble and begins to stretch on their shared ledge.

Th'ero sighs in relief when the Healer finally leaves and when Kimmila sits up and yanks her tunic down, he is already getting to his feet. Velokraeth is rumbling on the ledge too, curious as to why Varmiroth is rousing. Are they going somewhere? This is, of course, filtered to his rider and though Th'ero doesn't want to assume, his smile is a bit too stretched, his concern not as concealed as it ought to be. "Where are we going, Wingmate?" he asks her softly, reaching for her hand or to touch her shoulder.

Kimmila is stiff beneath his touch, but she doesn't shrug it off. Instead she grips his hand to help herself down from the table, easy and gentle. "The winter lake cottage," she answers quietly. "Bundle up." It's…cold up there right now. And they have to fly straight.

Th'ero is just happy to not have been shrugged off, even if her continued stiffness worries him. He'll take her hand and help her down and carefully, giving her plenty of time to avoid him, he will try to slip his arm around her waist in a loose but gentle manner. Not constraining or clinging. Just a steady reminder that he is there for her. "Alright. Can I grab us some supplies while you get Varmiroth ready? Is there anything you would like? Maybe some of your favourite cider?" Which he has cleverly stockpiled. Sneaky! He'll lead her out of the infirmary then, while he nudges Velokraeth mentally to get up and start stretching.

Kimmila again does not avoid him, but she is still stiff. Nervous. Fidgety and anxious. "Sure. Food, whatever. Blankets…yeah." She nods stiffly and walks alongside him, parting from his side as they reach the caverns. "I'll go pack," she murmurs. Just how long are they staying?

Th'ero tries not to let her fidgety and anxious behaviour get to him, not let his expression slip to show the growing concern welling up inside if him. He smiles warmly to her, stroking his hand gently along the curve of her lower back before she parts ways with him. "Alright, Wingmate. Our gear is stored in the chests and alcoves in the wallow, if you need it." As they should be. How long are they staying? Th'ero doesn't seem to care. Obviously if the Weyr needs him, he'll have to leave but for Kimmila, he'd be alright with her choosing to stay in that cottage for however long she felt was needed. He'll quickly head to the kitchens, curt and brisk with the head Cook and in no mood for the woman's jokes.

Kimmila moves swiftly into their weyr, packing a bag with random items she just grabs from drawers and her closet. How long? She doesn't even know, but she's packing things she thinks she might need. In the wallow, she puts on Varmiroth's straps and stores their gear, taking much of what is in the chests. It's…a lot of thigns that she's packing. Too much. Far too much, but she can't seem to stop herself.

Th'ero returns to the wallow and their weyr, laden with packed goods and food. Not entirely by his choice either, but they both know how the head Cook is and when he let it be hinted that he was taking Kimmila to the cottage, the woman took that as "vacation". Setting it all down by the entrance, he'll be too preoccupied with getting Velokraeth's straps on and buckled into place to notice the overpacking on Kimmila's part. Then he has to go gather his own stuff, which is far less. Maybe that is when he gets an inkling that something is wrong. Strapping on his dagger, he will walk to her side and gently clasp his hand to her shoulder. Will he question her? His eyes do, but his mouth speaks different words. "You and Varmiroth will take lead, Wingmate?" He wants to address the problem but… not now. Not yet.

Kimmila have Varmiroth well packed, and she eyes her shifting lifemate with a frown, gaze distracted. Th'ero's touch has her nodding, snapping out of it as she steps forward to climb into the straps. "Yes," she answers. Varmiroth rumbles softly, some form of discontent, but he's silenced by his rider as she urges him into the cold sky.

Th'ero's breath draws in as he readies to say something more but she is stepping forwards to climb into the straps and he leaves the words unsaid. Instead he goes to check his straps again, bundle up and climb into the saddle as well. Buckling in while Velokraeth moves out to the edge, Th'ero's gaze drifts to the skies and then to watch as Varmiroth takes off. Velokraeth follows, but not before rumbling in soft concern. He heard Varmiroth's discontent or the variation of it and so it should come as no surprise that his mind brushes up against the blue's as he soars up into the sky. « Little brother, is everything alright? They are playing a game of half-truths. » Something he dislikes. « Only pretending that all is well but I will not be fooled. »

Kimmila sits stiff in the saddle though Varmiroth's flying is relaxed and easy. Over the rim of the weyr, and out across the snow-draped forests, the blue's mind reaches gently back. « She wishes to be away. She knows not for how long. » So…this could be bad maybe?

Th'ero isn't so relaxed either on Velokraeth's neck and as the ground opens up beneath them and the Weyr drops behind, his thoughts drift. Normally he'd be idly admiring the beauty of Fort's forests and the territory he now calls home. Not so, right now. Now his thoughts go down a different path. « Mine would understand her need. » Velokraeth informs Varmiroth quietly and from the subtle change in his tone, it's clear he's shielding this from his rider. A private one on one discussion. « And honour it, if she chooses to stay where we are going. » There is a moment of silence and Velokraeth speaks again, quiet as he drifts from thermal to thermal. « It would be very difficult for him, but he cares for yours. She will let him talk to her? Before sending him away? »

Varmiroth is also shielding, though it is odd for him to do so. « I do not know, » he answers truthfully. « She does not know herself. She…is at war with herself right now. She fights it, but…she is still drawn away. » It's hard to explain the push and the pull. The /need/ to be away, to feel free, even though guilt and powerful ties pull her back, which makes her push against them even more.

Ahh, but Velokraeth does understand to a degree. Th'ero's mind is always in a similar battle of warring sides and conflicts. Do or don't, right and wrong, always one tugging and the other resisting and vice versa. The bronze understands and his mental sigh shows as much. « Little brother… » he says and his tone is almost saddened. « We will do what we can to help her, no matter the outcome. He is already preparing himself. »

Varmiroth is saddened. Sad and confused, unsure of how to help. Should he refuse her? It is the same battle he waged while they were in Southern. He just doesn't know what is best. « For? »

Velokraeth is swift to send reassurance and comfort to Varmiroth when he picks up on the blue's sadness, even if he's not entirely sure why. « For any outcome. » he explains softly, while his wings sweep through the air as he follows his companion and ledgemate through the cold wintry sky and onward to the cottage… or wherever Kimmila leads Varmiroth. « He is conflicted. Overjoyed and concerned, delighted but sad. I'd almost say heartsick, because he knows… that this is hard on her. So he is preparing himself. To be by her side, as he promised or to go, should she ask it of him… since he promised that too. »

Varmiroth sighs, mentally, his thoughts twining tightly around his ledgemate's. « I hope she does not ask him to leave, » he says quietly. « It is lonely on our own. » He remembers - or at least pulls memories from Kimmila and calls them his own.

« Mine hopes for the same. He does not want to leave her but he will not cage her either, no matter how much it hurts him. » Velokraeth explains again, his tone gentled and understanding. No judgement, no anger or frustration. Just quiet understanding and reassuring his ledgemate that all will be alright. In time, in time. « I could only imagine of how lonely it would be. She does not have to choose that path, but we cannot force her not too. Even if we know it is the least favourable. » Another thermal is slipped through and the bronze rumbles. « How much farther, little brother? »

Varmiroth mentally sighs again, shifting his wings to glide along the thermals. « Not far, » he says, perhaps a bit surprised by the question. They have all been here before. Then they come around the next mountain, and there is the lake and the cabin. Empty, thank Faranth. The blue circles and lands near the entrance, Kimmila dismounting and looking around. Then she bursts into tears, leaning heavily against her dragon with her arms covering her face.

Velokraeth may have just asked out of habit or a desire to speak of something other than what awaits them all once they land. Th'ero's mood is beginning to break through into the bronze, despite his efforts not to be dragged down by his rider's emotional turmoil. He's also too ashamed to admit to Varmiroth that he is still tired from his abortive flight to chase Iaverulth and thus his stamina is not at full. He knows the cottage well and lands easily on the snow covered grounds and barely has he folded his wings and his rider is dismounting. Th'ero walks slow at first and then hurriedly as Kimmila bursts into tears. "Wingmate?" he calls to her, concern lacing his voice and his eyes drift to Varmiroth. Old habit, that, though he knows the blue would not mind his approach. With a gloved hand, Th'ero will reach out to lightly touch Kimmila's shoulder or her back. He says nothing. What is there to say, that isn't canned or cheap sounding?

Varmiroth croons, low and deep, concerned for his rider and not sure how to help - other than to just stand there still and firm, and give her all the mental love he can. Kimmila continues to sob against her arms, leaning against Varmiroth's side. When Th'ero touches her she doesn't pull away, but she doesn't spin into his arms either. If anything, it makes her cry harder, bending down and then crouching in the snow, back to him as she sobs.

Th'ero's expression twists for a second, a brief glimpse of a stricken look when his touch seems to do more harm than good. As a younger man, he would have withdrawn and slunk to some corner to brood. Now, whether he is wizened or just foolish, he keeps close and as fumbling as it is with thick gloves and their heavy jackets he will stroke her back gently as she cries and sobs. Crouching with her, being there for her but not crowding her. He is silent, but watchful. It's Velokraeth who fills that silence with low croons of his own as he lowers his ugly head down and continues to send comfort and reassurance to Varmiroth and to Th'ero too. He is at a loss as well, since his methods to 'cure' most things is well… quite physical.

Kimmila cries for a few long minutes, almost choking on her sobs until finally - finally - she turns to nearly collapse against Th'ero. And if they both end up sitting down hard in the snow, well…whoops?

Th'ero does land hard in the snow, enough that he grunts but he pays little heed to that. Who cares? He's focused more on supporting Kimmila, holding her up against him, wrapping her in a gentle embrace. Some part of him relaxes, but not all of him. So he holds her, silent but no less loving. If anything, his concern shows all the more with his continued silence. It won't do either of them to be out in this cold though. "Inside, Wingmate. Come on. Let's get you settled in." You. Not 'us'. Her. Carefully, he gets to his feet and he will help her up as well. If she can walk, he will support her to the cottage. If she can't, he will carry her (unless she protests that too). Either way, he seeks to bring her inside no matter how long it takes. Slow and steady.

Kimmila shivers as snow sneaks beneath her clothing and with a muffled sniffle she nods, struggling to her feet. Shaky, she manages to get inside with his help, going to the couch and sitting down in a corner of it, curling her body up and staring vacantly at the empty fireplace.

Th'ero helps her to the couch and if his touch lingers, he tries not to make it too obvious. The temptation is there though and it flickers for a heartbeat in his eyes. How he is so tempted to just sit there and scoop her back into her arms and hold her and stroke her hair and comfort her. Touch her, whisper to her and comfort her. But he makes himself wait and steps back instead, trying not to flinch when her stare is vacant towards the fireplace. "I'll unpack, Wingmate. Alright? It won't take long." He'll be close and here for her. Implied, but unsaid. Stepping away, Th'ero slips back outside and keeps himself busy by unpacking both dragons straps and likely slipping those off too if no protest comes. All of the supplies are brought in, sorted and placed where they should go. Th'ero only realizes then how much Kimmila has packed and his heart clenches and falls, his shoulders sagging a bit as he reads far too much into it. Then he shakes himself sharply. No. No he will not brood and sulk. Gritting his teeth, he will finish with that task and unpack a few of the blankets as he steps out into the living area again. "Here, Wingmate." Th'ero offers them to her, as the cabin is chilly and cold without a fire. Which is his next task, once his hands are free. After checking the hearth, he crouches down and begins to lay wood out to build a large fire.

He won't have to, because when he moves outside Kimmila's old habits, old training takes over and she is off that couch to build a fire. Can't sit, can't sulk, have to build a fire. Warmth, food, shelter. Those are her priorities as she forces everything else from her mind. So by the time Th'ero returns, she's sitting in front of the blazing fire, her face red and hot with the heat of it, eyes closed.

Th'ero will still bring the blankets to her, even if with the fire now they may not be needed. If he's pleased that she moved and built the fire, he shows little of it save for a bare and brief smile. Kneeling, he will leave the blankets at her side and though her eyes are closed, he will look over at her. His voice is low, gruff and yet soft. "I am going to go unpack and store the food and drink. Cook gave… a lot. Would you like anything?" He makes it seem so casual, the way he asks her. As though nothing is terribly amiss or wrong even as he weighs heavily on both of them.

Kimmila opens her mouth, and then closes it, just shaking her head. As more tears begin to fall, her head tips forward and she wipes at her eyes with her sleeve before she's shrugging out of her jacket and letting it fall behind her. Hands cover her face again as she takes a slow, shuddering breath. Trying to compose, trying to regroup.

And just like that, her jacket disappears! Not really. Th'ero will just quietly take it and hang it near by, in plain sight. Easily accessible on a peg. He'll shrug out of his jacket too and his boots before coming back to crouch by her side as the tears return. Again, he clasps a hand to her shoulder but this time he leans close and she will feel the warmth of his body brush against hers. Just for a few seconds, long enough to register before he is withdrawing again and on the move. Right into the kitchen, as he said he was going to do. Sounds follow, cupboards opening and closing, things being moved and arranged. When he returns, Th'ero has a kettle in his hand which he sets over the fire before joining her again.

Kimmila was just about to lean against him when he's gone again, which sets her tears anew…though for reasons she can't quite fathom. Not with her logical mind at least, which has utterly deserted her. When Th'ero returns again, she reaches out towards him - his arm, hand, knee, anything.

Oops? Th'ero has no reason now to leave her side, not unless she herself demands it. She is reaching for him then and he shifts from his crouched position to sit and he will let her touch his arm, while the other lifts and is held out. Held in the classic gesture of an open invitation for her to come to him. "Kimmila…" he calls her softly, voice too low to pinpoint the emotions in his tone.

Kimmila shivers as she moves to him, crawling until she's against his body, crouched like a frightened animal. Against his body she hiccups softly, shaking her head as more tears fall. Faranth this is exhausting and she is going to have the /worst/ headache. "I'm sorry," she whispers, tears dampening his tunic.

Th'ero will shift and move so he can be comfortable and also hold her comfortably to him. Supporting her, he shakes his head and lowers it just enough to brush his lips against her hair before resting his cheek against the top of her head. Arms around her in a firm and gentle embrace, he will make a low sound in his throat. "No, Kimmila." he whispers gruffly. "Don't be sorry. Don't be." He knows that this is needed, understanding to some degree even as he struggles with himself, with his own thoughts and concerns and fears. "If this helps, then don't feel bad."

Kimmila shakes her head. "I don't know if it helps," she whispers. "I don't know. This might be making it worse, I don't know. I just…I don't know," she gasps, fidgeting in his embrace to sit up and catch her breath, wiping at her face again. "I feel so trapped," she whispers, her voice tiny. Breathless. Scared.

Th'ero makes another low, soft sound in his throat. A soothing sound, a comforting one without sounding too overbearing and then his arms are drawing back as she fidgets and he lifts his head back, eyes watching her carefully. Too much? Too little? His brows knit and then his expression clears. Not to neutral, but he is cautious on letting too much emotion filter through. "Why is that?" he asks in a quiet voice, offering her a small, but warm, smile. "You are not trapped, love. I know… they said you cannot Between but you and Varmiroth can fly still." Oh, but for how much longer? Some reassurance there and Th'ero seems to realize that by the way his eyes lower and he silently berates himself for being so awful with his words.

Kimmila sighs, shaking her head and pressing her face against his tunic again. "High risk, Th'ero. They said high risk. I shouldn't fly. I shouldn't work. I shouldn't do anything." Trapped.

Th'ero frowns and he begins to protest, wanting to tell her that the Healers only said Betweening. He heard them say it! As for the rest… he suddenly isn't so sure. His mind was so scattered, he could have overlooked those details. Ones that she'd pick up on while his mind reeled. He holds her close to him, hands gripping firm and gently caressing over her clothing as he rests his chin over her head again. At this angle, he hopes she cannot see his stricken expression. How can he keep her happy? He had plans, but many of those fell to the routine that she'd still be mobile until the later months. "We could always try. Find some way…" he tells her. Can't they?

Kimmila looks up and she sees his expression. And…it is not reassuring. She just flinches, shaking her head and burying her face against his tunic again.

Cursing himself several different ways, Th'ero winces when he can feel her flinch and bury her face against his tunic. He hugs her firmly to him, his hands shifting and caressing over her body and without even being entirely aware of what he is doing — he begins to rock back and forth. Very subtle at first and even then it's so slight. He takes a slow, deep breath and when he exhales it's as though he can no longer hold himself back. The words come, brokenly and halted at first, fumbling and then it's just pouring from him, unchecked and unrestricted. "I'm sorry, Kimmila. I'm so sorry I am putting you through this, that you have to feel so trapped and scared. I wish you didn't have to be. The high risk… I didn't even clue in to what that even implied until now. I thought… I thought they meant only Between. You won't be trapped though. I promise you, I promise you… I'll find a way. I'll speak to the Healers…" And it just goes on and on as he rambles, his voice never higher than a low murmur. Any joy he had over the news of her pregnancy is slowly being replaced by fear and concerns born of doubts and anxieties.

Kimmila closes her eyes and rests aginast him, rocking with him - or letting him rock her, rather - as her tears fade and then she's just left with that empty, numb feeling. "It's not your fault," she says quietly. "It's not. This…this is…it's what we wanted…" Right? Wasn't this something they were excited about, once upon a time?

Th'ero continues to rock her and occasionally his hands will move as he shifts his hold on her and his body against her. He tilts his head down just enough to look at her, his eyes searching. They were excited about it and he still is. Deep down, he is still bursting with joy. He's suppressed it, but it flares for a moment and she may see that gleam in his eyes. Or maybe it was firelight? Then he blinks and it's gone but he smiles warmly all the same. "It is what we wanted. We planned it. Just not… twins. Not high risk." Never this. Oh, they planned for the best (a child) and the worst (no pregnancy or loss of). Never this!

Kimmila exhales softly. Then she twists, edging back a bit from the fire and moving so she sits between his legs, her back to his front. "Not high risk," she whispers, moving a hand to her lower belly. "Did they sound okay?" As if she should take his word over the Healer's…and yet she does.

Th'ero eases back when he feels her twist and when she has finished settling herself between his legs, his arms will slip back around her, wrapping loosely over her hips. His chin comes to rest over her shoulder and his body will press to hers. She will feel the gentle rise and fall of his chest, the tension to his body. He's not relaxed and calm only by sheer control, yet he's not so stiff as to be rigid and cold. Her interest in the heartbeats brings a conflicted smile to his lips. One that is happy, both from memory and that she asked, but saddened too. Uncertain. How much of his joy should he show? He isn't sure. It's easy enough for him to go all proud and prideful of the prospect of being a father to two newborns but it's not so easy for Kimmila. She has to go through all the discomfort. "They were strong." Th'ero tells her in the end, almost echoing the exact words of the Healers. "One would be heard and then the other. Almost too close to be discernible. But strong."

Kimmila smiles softly, nodding her head as she leans back against him. "Well that's something to be happy for," she says quietly. "I feel…so selfish. So silly for running…"

Th'ero supports her easily as she leans back and his chin lifts from her shoulder when she quietly admits that the heartbeats are something to be happy about. His joy and pride and happiness surface again before he clamps down on it. Not all of it though, some still trickles through and he tilts is head to nuzzle her softly. "It is," he whispers against her neck. "A happy thing. They are healthy." She is healthy. Strong. "No, no… Kimmila." His hold on her tightens in a brief hug. "It… was a shock. Unexpected. A lot to take in."

"Are you happy?" Kimmila asks quietly, closing her eyes and lifting her chin to his gentle nuzzle. Then there's another sigh. "I feel…awful."

Th'ero nuzzles her again when she lifts her chin to his touch and goes a little further by brushing his lips against her skin for a few light and almost tender kisses. "Of course I am happy," he tells her honestly. For all his masking and holding back, he will not lie to her. Lying will solve nothing here. "Happy and proud. I am to be a father again, to two newborns." When she sighs, he hugs her closer. "Awful?" he repeats softly.

Kimmila smiles gently. "I'm glad you're happy. Twins, Th'ero. Two more children for us…maybe two boys, or two girls…or one of each. Three children, you'll have. A father of three." And she a mother of four. She stops rambling to nod. "Queasy, exhausted, heart sick and guilty… And I've neglected Varmiroth on top of it all."

Th'ero's smile gradually and tentatively broadens at her words and his hold on her will shift as he moves. Not far, only enough so that he can comfortably turn and lower his head enough to try and draw her into a kiss. Brief, gentle but loving. He almost asks her then if she is happy too, to be the mother of two more of their children but she is elaborating and he is silent to listen. "Did you want some tea?" he says to her queasiness. The rest has his smile fading to a neutral line. Concerned again. "Heartsick and guilty in what way, Wingmate?" Starting a bit, he glances to the door. "And how have you neglected Varmiroth?"

Kimmila sighs, shaking her head. "No, no tea. But could you take his straps off? He's uncomfortable but he doesn't want me to know it." Silly stubborn blue. As for the rest… "I…just…I've hurt you. With this." A hand moves to gesture at the room around them. "I packed for a long time…and I still don't know…" She trails off, sitting up a bit in his embrace.

"Of course, Wingmate." Th'ero murmurs, nuzzling her neck and pausing when she gestures at the room around them. When she sits up, he reluctantly draws his arms back. His features have shifted to a softened expression, his smile gentle. A cautious look, though he hates to wear it. "You've not hurt me, Kimmila. I'm just concerned, that's all and I am wanting to help." he tells her in a soft spoken voice. It's a partial truth. He is concerned, very much so and his foremost thoughts are to helping her and comforting her but it does hurt him to see her like this and to know that in the end, he may not be able to bring her comfort. "I know." Th'ero admits quietly. He saw all her bags, the amount she brought when he dragged everything in. He's no fool but neither is he confronting her about it. Lifting his hands, he clasps her shoulders and squeezes reassuringly before he's drawing away so he can stand. He takes his time in slipping on his boots and lacing them and he talks all the while. "…and there is no pressure, Kimmila. I won't drag you back to the Weyr, kicking and screaming and hold you there against your will. If this is where you need to be then… we will make arrangements."

Kimmila sighs, tucking her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. "I have hurt you." She /knows/. She can tell and she can only imagine how he's feeling right now. For the rest…she can only nod, staring into the flames again.

Th'ero finishes with the last of his laces and reaching for his jacket, he slips it on. Before he fastens it, he steps back to her side and careful not to drip too much water on the floor. "I am just worried and concerned because I love you," he explains in a low murmur as he crouches down and rests his hand against her back to caress in a few slow strokes. "And I am wanting to help. To see that you are… happy, again." He remembers the promises he's made. Leaning in, he will try to kiss her cheek, his hand coming to rest on her shoulder again. "I'll be back." he whispers. "Once I've Varmiroth's straps off and stored."

Kimmila closes her eyes to his kiss. "Thank you," she says quietly, her eyes conveying her gratitude. Her guilt, too, but also her gratitude.
Th'ero smiles down at her as he slowly rises to her feet. "Anything for you, Wingmate." he tells her as he steps back and fastening his jacket he will open the door and slip outside. Moving through the snow, he'll approach Varmiroth where the blue is resting, calling out to him though Velokraeth is probably helping on the conversation side of things. Th'ero will help in undoing the straps and sliding them from the blue's hide, having his bronze ask if there is anything else he needs while he carefully stores everything.

While Th'ero is gone, Kimmila rises and banks the fire so it won't be in danger of causing issue while she moves into the bathroom to start a hot bath. It takes a while for the water to warm up and heat the pipes, but evnetually she does get heat from the tap and lets the tub fill.

Th'ero will turn back to the cottage once he's sure both Varmiroth and Velokraeth are comfortable but he does not enter right away. Instead he moves on to the covered woodpiles and takes as much as he can carry before stepping back inside. He'll set the wood down beside the fireplace, ensuring that there is plenty now to last the rest of the day and well into the night. Dusting off his hands, Th'ero will pull off his jacket and hang it, kick off his boots and then tilt his head to listen. Running water… a bath? Th'ero checks the kettle he left over the fire and he will pour two mugs of the cider within. Knowing full well she's turned down every offer of food or drink, he'll bring both all the same to the bathroom. Pausing at the doorway, he will tap his knuckles against the frame. "All settled, Wingmate." he informs her.

"Come in," Kimmila calls, having closed the door only to trap the heat of the small brazier and the steam rising from the bath as she adds a few drops of citrus oil to the water. "Thank you so much," she says quietly as she steps into the tub, her clothes folded by the door. Sinking low, she closes her eyes with a soft exhaled sigh. "Is the cabin rented out any time…soon?"

Th'ero will balance the two mugs in one arm and then open the door, slipping inside quickly so as not to let out too much of the heat. Once the door closes, he'll step forwards and set one of the mugs down within her reach. The other remains in his hand and he gently blows across the surface before sipping it, leaning against the nearest counter or fixture. "You're welcome." he murmurs. "I brought more wood inside too. Should last until tomorrow." Watching her settle into the tub, he can only shake his head. "I am not sure, Wingmate. That would have to be checked, but I do not think it would be." Th'ero's gaze has turned inward and thoughtful, lowered to stare distantly at the mug he holds between his hands.

Kimmila glances at him before she reaches for her mug, pulling it into the tub with her and taking a slow sip. "Could you check?" she asks quietly, giving no specifics as to how long she thinks she might be staying.

Th'ero starts a little at her request and he hesitates, his mouth opening and then closing again as his brows knit. Eventually he exhales and his expression smooths and he nods his head. "Of course, Wingmate." he says as he pushes off the counter. Taking a few steps towards the door, he pauses to glance back over his shoulder to her. "I'll be back." he tells her softly and slips out of the door. He's gone but a handful of minutes and on his return he seems oddly distracted. He's left his mug somewhere or he's finished it and he steps back to his previous spot. "I got in touch with the keeper through his firelizard. The cottage is free for the next three sevendays or so. Almost a whole month."

Kimmila didn't mean right this second, but when he leaves she doesn't stop him. She just slouches down and nods her head a bit. "Alright," she murmurs quietly. "Thank you for checking. I didn't mean…you didn't have to check on it right now, but. Thank you for doing it." She offers him a small smile, and then closes her eyes again with a slow breath.

Th'ero blinks and looks a touch confused. "Why not?" he murmurs and then exhales, smiling back to her. "You're welcome." He waits then, as she closes her eyes and settles back into the tub. Unmoving, resting half against the bathroom countertop. The distant look has come back, his gaze lowered save for when he looks ready to talk, only to lose his confidence and drift silent again. Finally, he asks in a very quiet voice. "How long, Wingmate?"

Kimmila opens her eyes to look over to him, her brows furrowing before she sighs. "I don't know," she answers, soft but at least honest. "I…I don't know, wingmate. A few days at least, probably?"

Th'ero appreciates her honesty, even if it weighs a little heavily on him. He dips his head in understanding and starts to straighten again, readying to step out of the bathroom. "I will have it reserved for you for a sevenday." he tells her softly. "And with a note that more time may be required." He waits quietly while looking at her, waiting on her agreement or otherwise before turning back to the door.

Kimmila nods, staring into her mug before she takes another sip. "Thank you," she says quietly, glancing over at him. She'll be quiet, too, watching him go, before she sits up to add more hot water to the bath with a small frown of thought and internal conflict.

Th'ero will look conflicted too and confused, unsure and a little lost. Yet when he catches her glancing to him, he'll give her a small, warm and loving smile, a reassuring smile, before he's slipping out the door to fulfill his promise in having the cottage rented out to her for the next week or so. It should take him only a short span of minutes and yet he does not return. Once the water has stopped running and maybe longer after that, there will be a faint 'thud' like sound from outside. Distant and far, distorted by the thick walls but it'll be obvious enough if one really focuses on it. Th'ero's gone outside… to chop more wood. Nothing like swinging an axe to split wood to relieve some pent up emotion and frustration.

Those steady thuds eat away into Kimmila's attempted relaxing, settling the guilt further into her until she can't pretend to be relaxing anymore. Out of the bath, she dries off and wraps herself in comfortable pajamas and then her robe and shippers, shuffling back out to the living room to settle on the couch and watch the flames. Letting Th'ero work it out.

Whoops? Th'ero is probably unaware that he can be heard or is affecting her relaxing. If he did, he'd have stopped or moved further away. As it stands, he works steadily for a good candlemark or so until it both grows too cold and he is tired and sore. Now there's plenty of firewood, old and new and he stacks it all neatly on the wood pile beside the cottage and closest to the door. The door he now opens and slips inside. He turns almost immediately to close it and he does not see Kimmila on the couch, his head lowered and his eyes too as he begins to peel off his gloves.

"You must be cold, wingmate," Kimmila says quietly, watching him with concern. "There should be more hot water if you wanted to warm up." And clean off, since he's bound to be sweaty after that workout. "Feel better?"

Th'ero pauses and looks up just as he stuffs his gloves into his pocket. "Mhm? No. Not too cold." he tells her with a small smile. A careful, almost guarded smile. His cheeks are flushed from the wind and his work, and some of his hair is damp with sweat. He's not chilled but the promise of some hot water has him glancing back to the bathroom. "You do not mind? I should wash…" His voice drifts as he shrugs out of his jacket and slips off his boots. Stepping close, he will reach out to gently rest his hand on her shoulder. Her question goes unanswered. "I won't be long." He tells her instead and slips away into the bathroom, closing the door with a soft click.

Kimmila shakes her head with a smile. "Of course I don't mind," she murmurs softly. When he doesn't answer her question she frowns a bit, but doesn't press. Settling into the cushions again, she waits.

She won't have to wait as long this time. Th'ero is quick to wash up and when he steps out again, he will only duck briefly into the bedroom to find his change of clothes. The only change of clothes he brought. He tries not to pay attention to the amount of Kimmila's stuff filling the room and tossing his towel with the rest of the dirty laundry he will step out again. "Need anything, Wingmate?"

Kimmila shakes her head. "I'm fine, thank you," she says, turning to watch him. As he emerges again, she lifts a hand towards him in a silent request for him to join her. "Do you?"

Th'ero was on his way to the hearth, where the kettle still hangs and some cider is keeping warm. He'll stop though, when she holds her hand up and his eyes flicker with something akin to desire and happiness, only to be clouded over as his brows knit. Again, he doesn't answer her but his gaze drifts away and to the door. "The keeper said you can let him know as late as the sixth day if you need more time." he tells her softly.

Kimmila holds out her hand for a moment later and then slowly lets it fall. "Okay," she answers, following his gaze to the door. "Do…should I let you go?" she asks hesitantly. Does he want to leave? Does he need to? His look at the door and his not taking her hand have her a bit confused.

Th'ero doesn't want to leave. Of course he doesn't! The look he gives her for her prompting him says as much. He takes a few slow steps towards the couch where she rests. "Only if it is what you desire, Wingmate. I can stay if you wish. Or I will go." he says softly. "I will have to go back… at some point. Maybe. I don't… know." Th'ero looks as conflicted as he sounds.

Kimmila shifts a bit, tucking her legs beneath her and tightening the robe around herself. "I'd like you to stay," she says quietly. "For as long as you can at least. I know…this wasn't planned. I know you have duties, will have duties, and that's okay, I won't be upset when you do have to go."

Th'ero settles himself on the edge of the couch beside her and he leans forwards with his elbows propped against his legs and his hands folded together by his knees. "Then I will stay." he says softly, only to grimace. She may not be upset about it, but he is. Another stretch of silence and then the words are slipping from him before he can stop himself. "Why not come home with me? Where… where I can be with you and you with me? Does being… home… upset you so?"

Kimmila flinches, though it's subtle - more of a tightening around the eyes than anything else. "I just…I…it's…I just want to be here right now," she says, hands twisting into her robe slightly, agitated.

Th'ero can see how her hands twist on her robe, agitated and he immediately regrets his words. "It's alright, Wingmate." he soothes, reaching out to gently rest a hand against her knee. "I'm sorry. It's alright. You'll stay here. And I will stay, when I can or for however long you wish me to…" he murmurs. Again, his eyes drift to that door and there is only sadness in his expression again.

Kimmila sighs. "It's not alright," she says, some heat in her voice. "I'm…this…it's…" Exhale. "I'm hurting you, wingmate…"

Th'ero's drift back to Kimmila when she gains that heated voice and his expression softens again from sadness to warmth and loving. "Kimmila," he begins in a gentle tone as he reaches for her hand. Unless she pulls away or resists, he will hold it between his and then lift it up to his cheek, his head tilting to her fingertips. His eyes drift closed and he exhales softly. "I'm trying. Trying not to let it hurt. I know this is needed and I know it will make you comfortable and happy. I just… I worry. That's all. I worry and my reasons are selfish."

Kimmila curls her fingers gently against his cheek, exhaling softly. "Please don't be hurt…it's…I… I'm not going to Southern?" That's a good thing, right? "It'll only make me happy if it doesn't hurt you or damage us…but it is needed…"

Th'ero turns his head to press his cheek a little more against her fingers, a silent gesture for the desire of her touch. He flinches but recovers and his eyes open just enough so that he can see her, across from him. "No. You are still close, in Fort." he agrees quietly, only to have his expression slip a bit. "I am trying to understand your need to be here and not home… with me. Which is selfish of me. I just worry…" he repeats again and his voice remains quiet and murmured low and thick. "… always worry. What if something goes wrong and I cannot reach you? It would be like my nightmare. Would BE my nightmare. And I am at a loss of how to fix things… to make it so you are happy enough to come home. What must I do, to make it desirable than this… this self isolation?"

Kimmila strokes his cheek gently, then moves her hand up to his curls, exhaling softly. "Don't worry," she says quietly. "I will be careful and Varmiroth is here. And..I need this isolation, wingmate. I've been…I've been around people for a long, long time now. I guess, I just…the twins…I need time. To process it. Time with myself, with Varmiroth. And with you, when you can visit. I'm not shutting you out, wingmate. I just need…I need some me time."

Th'ero doesn't move away from her touch, lowering his head and moving just that much more closer to her and almost tentative. Her words bring both comfort and conflux, torn and warring with himself. She said she'll be careful and he believes that. Part of him knows she'll be fine, just fine. That this is good, this is needed for her and he always values her happiness. His other half, however, is haunted by his nightmares, his worries and his fears. He feels hurt, selfishly so, but he's hurt. "Would it have been different then, if it had not been twins?" he says in that same low, quiet tone. He sighs softly, "What do I tell the others, Wingmate? What do I tell Kenali and Garan or your family or Kyzen when they ask or if they ask?"

Kimmila considers for a moment and then nods. "I think so," she says quietly. "And tell them I need time. I need time and I need to relax. This…this is the last selfish thing I'll do, this pregnancy. The only one I /can/ do. High risk, Th'ero. That means…that means nearly bedridden for the last few months. I need to be /out/ before I no longer have that choice," she whispers, her tone begging him to understand.

Th'ero 's brows knit into another frown and he opens his mouth to speak the many other questions that have popped up. Questions and protests and pleading of his own but in the end he silent and the words die on his lips. He exhales, shoulders dropping and his eyes close again. "And this will make you happy, this time alone to yourself?" he asks in a near whisper.

Kimmila curls her fingers gently through his hair. "It will," she whispers. "Please, Th'ero. Please understand, please don't be upset by this…"

"I'm trying, Kimmila! I really am. But you have to understand how this… feels for me too. Don't you?" Th'ero asks her softly, lifting his eyes again to look at her and his expression is unreadable. Guarded and protected before he gives himself a slight shake, struggling with himself.

Kimmila frowns when his expression closes off. "Don't," she whispers, "don't do that. I…I know it's hard. Please.. Please, wingmate…you promised…"

Th'ero sighs and his guards drop, his expression shifting back to a saddened one and hurt, which he is trying to keep from her, to keep her from being upset. Yet doing so upsets her too and he is at a loss. He did promise and he is not going against it. "This should be a happy time," he says softly and there is no smile to follow. "But it isn't, is it?"

Kimmila closes her eyes, dipping her head down with a small shiver. Her hand stays in his hair, but it is still for the moment. "It will be," she says quietly. "It will be. I promise. I just…I need time. To sort things out." Then she flinches, almost visibly. "I'm not running away." Firm, that, though if for him or her is uncertain.

Slowly, so very slowly, Th'ero comes around. He understands her need, he knew this could happen even with just a normal, run of the mill, pregnancy. Yet it still stung and stings even now though he's shaking it off. His trust in her wins out, his stubborn resolve not to be controlled by his fears adding to it. Last of all, he truly does want to see her happy and will sacrifice — in this case, it's self sacrifice. He will not be selfish. Something in him finally snaps when she flinches and her firm resolve not to run. Th'ero will reach for her then, if she doesn't evade him and he will gather her to him in a fierce embrace. It may not be what she wants, but he needs that contact and he will clutch at her and hold and grip like he IS losing her despite the reassurance. "You will have all the time you desire." Th'ero whispers gruffly against her skin, partially muffled against her neck as he rests his head over her shoulder. "… and I will look into what can be done so you are not bored and trapped if…when… you return. I will speak to the Healers at the Hall…"

Kimmila is drawn into his embrace with a soft, hiccuped gasp, more tears leaking from her eyes as she holds him tightly. Eyes shut tightly she holds him and lets him hold her. "Thank you," she whispers. "Thank you."

Th'ero holds her close and tightly, drawing her up into his lap as his fierceness turns to protectiveness and possessiveness. He will start her nuzzle at her neck and shoulder, his hands stroking her back and when she begins to cry again his voice is soft and gently soothing. "It'll be alright, Wingmate. You'll see. We'll both see… it'll be alright." Taking a slow, deep and steadying breath, his mouth quirks into a slow and tentative smile and briefly does his usual self peek through. "In fact, I may have an idea to sweeten my visits. To make the times when I must leave you a little less difficult…"

Kimmila melts into his embrace, some of her tension ebbing now that he seems okay. Better at least. "It will be," she whispers, before taking a deep and steadying breath, and then giving him a curious look. The sight of the smile on his face, tentitive or not, has her smile blooming, expression brightening and lightening. "What?"

Th'ero supports her easily and with pleasure, delighted even to have her relaxing in his arms. In turn, when her smile blooms, his becomes wider, genuine and bright. Emboldened, his mood shifts further, eager to leave the darker emotions and thoughts behind and he becomes playful. Turning his head, he will nuzzle her again and seek out a few tender spots, well known to him by now. There he will nibble, almost tender and teasing, playful and light. "Mhm." he breathes, a low and gruff chuckle following. "Don't know if I should say, Wingmate. Wouldn't it be better as a surprise?" he muses but she should know that if pushed just a little more he'll of course spill it all.

Kimmila shivers at the nibbles, but then she's leaning back to /eye/ him, a brow lifted. Oh really?

Th'ero eyes her right back, ready to stubbornly battle it out with her. He lasts a whole five seconds before he's sighing and his smile becomes crooked. "Ah, I see there is no pleasing you with surprises?" he teases her, nibbling along her jaw and gently shifting on the couch, aiming to push her back. He will follow of course, unless she stops him or protests, and his fingers will toy with the belt of her robe. "I still don't know if I should share my plans," he drawls softly, his lips brushing against her neck again and lightly along the curve of her throat. "But when have I ever been able to resist you?" Never. "If you must know, my idea was along the lines of gifts. Little things, big things. Anything I can find, with limited time. Things… with meaning."

Kimmila lays back, and the combination of his touches and his words have her cheeks flushing and smiling, eyes shining with utter adoration. "Oh, love," she whispers on a soft exhale, breath catching. "That…would be so wonderful…" It would make her feel so /loved/.

Th'ero returns that adoring look as he hovers above her and he drinks in her response. His fingers work the belt of her robe free and he will slip them beneath the soft fabric, brushing against her skin as he slowly nudges the edges of the robe aside. Just a little, giving her time to speak up but half to savour the moment of 'unwrapping' her himself. He lowers himself down, after his eyes have roamed over her and leaning in, he will brush his lips against hers in a featherlight kiss. "Only for you…" he whispers. "… only for you, love."

Kimmila leans her hips up into his touch, her body alive and responding eagerly to him as always. She returns his kiss, gentle and tender, blushing darker. "Only you…" Only /her/. Her arms slip around his shoulders and she pulls him down, a moment of her own fierce possessiveness. "Mine." Even with everything she puts him through.

Th'ero growls softly when she leans her hips up and responds so eagerly and lively to him. He goes down willingly as her arms slip around him and when her fierce possessiveness comes through he will find a particularly tender spot to nip and draw her close as his body curves and leans to press to hers in matching possessiveness. "Always." he whispers gruffly. Even with everything she puts him through and in all fairness he does his OWN share to her…

… time passes and they will share an intimate moment in which they reconnect and comfort each other in a way only possible between them…

…"Wingmate," Kimmila pants, after their kiss ends and his continued attentions send more jolts of pleasure throughout her body. "I love you. So, so much, I love you…"

"I love you too," Th'ero whispers thick and gruffly against her neck, breath hot against her skin as he continues to catch his breath, his body beginning to go slack as he lowers himself down further, turning just enough to avoid crushing her under his weight. He'll slip free of her with a groan and shiver, but he is not about to let her go quite yet. Resting with his back to the couch, he'll draw her against him, curving his body to spoon hers as his hands continue to explore her body, familiar and now changed by her pregnancy. He is not shy where he lets his fingers roam, be they along her chest and the sensitive tips there or down along the curve of her belly or lower again to brush against where she is still sensitive.

Kimmila turns, nestling back against him, squirming a bit as he caresses her. Leaning into it, she exhales softly with low, pleased sounds, shivering and then relaxing. Stifling a yawn, she snuggles now, contented and comfortable.. "Thank you."

Th'ero's touch will gradually slow, turning almost idle before his hands finally come to rest and his arm is wrapped around her, the other pulling back to help prop up his head behind her shoulder. Snuggling back against her, he exhales heavily but in a happier and sated manner. "Mhm. Thank you, Wingmate. For loving me as I am… even with all my faults."

Kimmila exhales softly, a sigh that's almost a chuckle. "Wingmate, I'm the one with the faults today."

"A perfectly understandable fault that isn't entirely one, if we really look at it, love." Th'ero murmurs by her ear, his mouth still drawn up in a smile and his expression still blissful as he basks in her warmth and the glow of their lovemaking. "I am sorry my fears caused so much unnecessary upset." he goes on to say quietly.

Kimmila nods, "As am I, for my own," she answers softly, closing her eyes and nestling back against him. His warmth against her back, the fire's against her front, and she is cozy, contented and happy. Finally, /finally/ beginning to relax. For now.

Th'ero will relax as she does, settling deep and comfortably into the couch and keeping her close. Soothed and comforted by her presence, his eyes slowly close and he begins to doze, exhausted from the tumultuous emotional overload over the last few candlemarks. "I love you, Kimmila." he whispers quietly. A stretch of silence and he speaks up again. "Can I stay here with you? Until Velokraeth and I are summoned back?"

Kimmila nods. "Of course you can," she says quietly. "Of course…"

Th'ero smiles against her shoulder and for a moment or two he is silent again. Then with a quiet chuckle, he begins to caress her side and shift against her. "We should move to the bed then, love. Where we can stretch out comfortably."

Kimmila nods, shifting to stand and stretch, and once the stretch is complete she sags a bit. "I'll bet it's cold up there though…"

Th'ero laughs when she stretches and sags back and he will sit up just enough to kiss her, his hand caressing over the curve of her belly. "Let me take care of that then, so you do not have to suffer a brief stint of chill air." he muses, lightly teasing. Carefully he will slip out from behind her and gather his clothes… just his undershorts and his tunic, though that last is almost an afterthought. He's lazy when in his sated and afterglow state and even his steps seem to carry a certain relaxed edge to them. Off he goes into the bedroom, humming under his breath as he goes to light a fire in the little hearth there and truly get the cottage up to full heat.

Kimmila smirks. "You know how I hate cold sheets," she mutters in self-defense. She snuggles back into the couch as he goes, relieved beyond measure to see him so relaxed. She didn't mess it up after all. Didn't break them.

"I know!" Th'ero replies and there is laughter in his voice. How can he forget that? Everything seems back as it should be. Nothing is broken or out of sorts. That may change, when he is faced with having to return to the Weyr without her but for now he can forget the world. He has her, she loves him and that is all that matters in the end. "Wingmate? Your bed awaits, dear lady." he calls, trying not to snicker over the last few words.

Kimmila will snicker for him - or, rather, snort - as she rises and grabs her robe, pulling it on as she moves with light steps up the stairs to the bedroom, diving beneath the covers. Shiver. "Thank you, kind sir," she teases, grinning playfully at him.

Th'ero will be a proper gentleman and bring her a few more blankets, spreading them out over the already thick, plush sheets. "Anything for you, love." he teases back but there is sincerity there too. "Comfortable?"

Kimmila smiles, nestling deep beneath the warmth. "Almost," she answers, reaching an arm up towards him and pulling back the covers with the other in clear invitation.

Th'ero laughs low in his throat at her clear invitation. He'd be a fool to refuse her and he won't. Without hesitation, he is under those covers and sliding to her, nestling and snuggling in close. "Better?" he muses.

Kimmila smiles, snuggling back with a yawn. "Perfect," she whispers, and with that simple, satisfied word, she's away into sleep.