Thys' Weyr
Okay, so I forgot to grab this.

It's early evening in Fort, and Rukbat's setting light casts the administration complex in a golden glow. One ledge in particular, and the weyr behind it, is empty of its dragon inhabitant, Rhenesath being out somewhere within the Weyr at the current time. Thys, however, is definitely at home, as she can be heard singing behind the door to her weyr that's been left ajar. Whatever she's doing, it's accompanied by a series of bangs and clatters that interrupt her tune.

It is SPRING. That means that the snow outside is swiftly melting and it is muddy muddy muddy. It coats Ha'ze's boots as he loudly steps up into the goldrider's weyr, flecks of it on his boots and pants and dug in under his fingernails. He carries a leather bound book with him, fairly bulging with additions and all tied about with thick strings that hold the whole abomination closed. "THYS." Ha'ze is loud as he enters, and hearing the singing, heads in that direction, going to shove the door open.

A hollering like that can only belong to one person, and Thys doesn't need her lifemate to tell her who her guest is. She doesn't have to turn around to look from where she stands in her little kitchenette to greet him. "C'mon in, Ha'ze. What's up?" That banging and clashing was actually Thys's attempts at cooking, something the goldrider is clearly no expert on given the burnt smell that lingers in the air. But she's trying, at least!

Ha'ze leaves muddy bootprints behind him as he leans on the doorway to the kitchenette, eyes flicking from burnt food to the goldrider. A slight smile twitches on his lips, "You know, the food isn't suppose to be black. Unless you're trying to poison someone."

"Are you here to critique my cooking, Ha'ze, or did you come for a reason?" Thys smiles over her shoulder at him… at least until she sees the mud he's dragged in with him. "Oh, Ha'ze. Get your boots off, for Faranth's sake. Look at the mess you're making!" She abandons her cooking to grab a broom, that's handily by the end of the countertop. It's thrust at her guest. "Here. Try and sweep some up, would you? Ralik's coming and I've just tidied up."

"Tryin' to get my boots off Thys? Seems a bit strange to be saying that when your mate is coming soon." Ha'ze smirks at Thys but he does do what she suggests, and kicks his boots off into a corner. The brook gets taken and an eyebrow raised. "Less you were looking for me to be spreading this around more, this ain't going to do much good. B'sides, I got something more interesting." The leather bound book is lifted and shaken, as an eyebrow is lifted invitingly.

Thys swats at Ha'ze with a batter-covered spoon. "You're trekking mud all over my floor! Don't go getting any ideas." But she accepts his point about the brush spreading the mud further, and takes it back with a sigh. "Something more interesting than sweeping? Do tell. I'm intrigued." She's sarcastic, though only slightly so, stirring around batter in a big glass bowl as she turns to look at Ha'ze and the book.

Ha'ze dances back away from the spoon and scoots his boots a little bit further away, and steps around Thys, towards the table. It's been set neatly, for food, but Ha'ze isn't here for that. A glance back at Thys' food, and he smirks one more time. THAT is probably for the best. Ignoring the fact it probably took her time to get the table set just right Ha'ze shoves the plates and other settings out of the way and unbinds his leather notebook. "I got to get a report written for the Weyrleader, but my handwritin' is just this side of readable to me. Usually I'd talk this through with Abigail but she's uh, bit peeved at the moment."

"Ha'ze! I have a perfectly good desk! And it took me ages to set that table…" Thys abandons the batter - poor, never-to-be made cookies, and pads over to the bronzerider, curling an arm through his to tug him away from the table. "Dear Faranth, Ha'ze, you're like a… like a whirlwind of destruction." They head a little way down her weyr's corridor, to where there is, indeed, a little office - and a perfectly workable desk. "Here. Sit." The goldrider nudges her clutchmate towards the desk, while she drags the second chair up against it. "What've you done to Abbey now? And what do you need me to write, exactly?"

Ha'ze has to snatch up the bits and pieces that he'd begun to lay out when Thys grabs him and drags down to the desk. The whole of it gets eyed, and Ha'ze shakes his head. "It's too small for this." The desk that is. Thus…. Turning once he eyes the floor and crouches down. The leatherbound book is opened again and Ha'ze begins to pull out artifact after artifact. Barely legible (and in some cases not at all legible) scrawls of notes, are placed in a growing circle around the bronze rider. No explanation for them, though if Thys looks closely she'll find mentions of sea holds, false riders, and references to fire. Instead, Ha'ze answers her second question, "Idiot woman had to go blabbing about sleeping with me."

Thys's peeking at what's laid out, but not really paying attention. "She told someone she slept with you. Honestly, Ha'ze - you're mad at her for that? You have a baby together. Or are you hoping we all don't know how babies are made?" She sighs, then settles down onto the floor beside him, being careful not to disturb his things. "What've you got here, anyway? What is all this stuff?"

"No," Ha'ze leaves off his work to roll his eyes at Thys, forearms resting on his knees for balance. "The trader woman," he needs to learn her name… "told Abigail she slept with me. Abigail's peeved at me. Probably rightly so." Ha'ze doesn't go into the fact that it's totally true at the moment, but returns his attention to the things and lays out some more items. "Tried to lay them geographically." Look close enough and they cluster around the holds in Fort's area. "I've been tracing that madman who burned down the galleries, trying to figure exactly what made him snap. This," a gesture to the disjointed research process, "Is what I found. There," reaching out he taps at a far away paper, "I got reports of a pair pretending to be riders."

"… you what?" Thys snorts with laughter when Ha'ze says he 'tried to lay them geographically'… until she gets what he means. "Oh! Oh, I get it… you mean the papers, not the women…" But what he has to say next has her sitting upright, paying close attention. You have?" She looks over the notes, leaning down to look at them - no doubt trying to read the writing on them. "Why would anyone pretend to be a rider?"

"Could probably do that too.." Ha'ze mutters that under his breath, though to his credit, he doesn't smirk. The writing is nigh on impossible to read. Much of it looks like it was scribbled with charcoal on whatever bit of paper was available, then shoved into that book for safe keeping. "Riders are easy to trust. So if you're looking to get something easy…." Ha'ze trails off as he sets down the last piece of paper, then offers over the actual book.

Thys frowns, crossing her legs so she can rest an elbow on one knee, tucking her chin into her palm. All the better to lean. "So… people are pretending to be riders to get what more easily, exactly? And where does me writing come into this? Am I just copying your notes - which you're probably going to have to dictate to me?"

"Privilege, information, better bargaining, and a shield for whatever. Everyone knows rider's tend to ask for weird things. People don't bat an eye… The Weyr's got a good reputation too." Ha'ze shrugs at what people might gain from the fakery, the why not being as important as the WHAT. "Laris' used it too, so it's got Th'ero worried now. Plus there's the rumors about the ships going missing, and such…" Ha'ze trails off as he reaches forward and gathers up at least one of the pieces. "I got all this-" a gesture towards the mess in front of him. "And it's makin' sense to me. But Th'ero wants it written up. So… yeah. Transcribing. Seeing if maybe you see a pattern I've missed. 'course, If you'd rather not work with me…." He'll just take his mystery away.

"It's all related? Is that what you're saying?" Thys is now looking at the papers with her serious expression on, plucking one up to read it. "Why wouldn't I want to work with you, Ha'ze? This looks… it looks like excellent investigative work. How were you not in the Harpers, with skills like this?" She shakes her head in wonderment, then sets the paper back down where she got it from. "Where do we start writing? And, most importantly, when does Th'ero want it by? Because we could spend a good seven going over all of this together, searching for patterns and more…"

"It's possible. I was searching for the arsonist's motivation." There's a whole pile of shrugging off of his turn's worth of work, as Ha'ze sifts so he's looking at Thys. Her wondering bringing up a ghost of a smile on his lips. It's not the paper he's looking at with that particular smile. Reaching out he brushes a lock of hair back behind an ear. "Because I intend to tease you without stopping while we're working? And 'course, your Ralik might not like you spending that much time cooped up. Seein as all of this," a gesture towards it, "Should probably stay with the weyrleadership."

"Ralik is still based out of the Glasscraft Hall, and our visits are as and when they happen," Thys explains, with a slight frown. "And he appreciates that my job entails some confidential tasks that I can't share with him, even though I absolutely trust him not to go blabbing to anyone. Besides. I intend to ask him to stand at the next clutch; I'm quite positive he'd make a fine bronzerider." She drums her fingers against the floor, then sits up straight once more. "When do we start?"

Ha'ze is about to give a snarky reply when a smell assaults his nose. Sitting up, he casts a glance over his shoulder, back to that small kitchenette. "Something burning?" A half beat, "again?"

Thys sniffs, and shakes her head. "No? There can't be. Nothing's in the oven. I left the cookie batter on the top when you came in… though I should get something for Ralik to eat when he gets here. Do we have time to put this on hold, just for now? And we can work on it in the morning after my meeting?"

"You sure bout that?" Ha'ze arches an eyebrow, doing his level best to try to get Thys to second guess herself. Just for the fun of it. Her question does get answered though, with a shrug. "It's gonna have to. Seeing as you have a date coming in. You two going to be using this room?" His eyes sift around to see what the pair might possibly use it for. Mostly so he doesn't have to pick up his research again.

"Positive, Ha'ze," Thys replies, calling his bluff. "There's nothing cooking at the minute, though there ought to be." Poor Ralik if he has to eat her efforts. "We won't be using this room, so you can keep everything as is. I'll draw the curtain over so he can't see in - not that it'd make sense to him, anyway…" She touches a finger to Ha'ze's scrawl, and frowns. "You should practice writing more, Ha'ze, and then you wouldn't even need me!"

Ha'ze would be insulted at her insinuation that Ralik couldn't read it but… that's the whole reason he's here in the first place. A shrug is given. "I never figured I'd have to make everything organized beyond an oral report." Standing Ha'ze steps back from his work. "I'll catch you… perhaps a little later in the morning. Kainaesyth's been invited out to the east fields, and it'll take me some time to hike back after. Good luck on your cooking Thys, Tomorrow." It sounds more like a promise than a goodbye, but it must count for both, because Ha'ze is already on a lookout for his boots.

Thys gets up to follow him, showing him the way to his muddied footwear. "When you come tomorrow, please leave the mud behind, will you? It's bad enough having to clean once…" And Thys's expression says that she doesn't like cleaning at all. The goldrider frowns at the disarray that is her weyr now, from the disrupted table setting to the kitchen chaos, and sighs. "I've got a lot to do tonight now… so yes. Tomorrow. Have a good night, Ha'ze."