Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort though the dcor has likely changed time and time again as new leadership comes to fill the offices. The main set up is where the juniors work, three desks settled in the main office that is lined with means to house the old records and reports. Various potted plants are around the office to give a touch of color. From this singular area, the office branches off into two different sections: The Senior's office and the Weyrleader's office. Both furnished to fit the needs of the Weyrleaders along with small flares of personal touch.

Spring is still some time away, but this Winter day is dreary and cold and all thanks to the constant light rain that falls from morning until the evening hour. Now it's as though a wet, clinging mist has settled over the Weyr and many huddle indoors to evade the chill dampness even though the dinner hour should see /some/ traffic in the bowls.
Th'ero is in his office, seated at the desk and comfortable enough with a fire set in the modest hearth and glows abound for lighting. He is rifling through some paperwork, pausing occasionally to read over some information only to then turn his head slightly to murmur in a low voice to the one seated next to him. No surprise either as to who it is! Seated on the other side of the desk is Captain Breshir, who is also leafing through his own set of paperwork and adding a quiet comment or two to the discussion. It's a quiet and rather peaceful atmosphere and the Weyrleader looks to be in a reasonable mood. Moments earlier, a bronze firelizard would have appeared to a certain Guard with a rolled message: a summons to report to the Weyrleader's office. Plain and simple.

Surprise! It's Kimmila! She's there, and quiet (for the moment), just watching and listening to the men talk.

That certain Guard is presently strolling down the corridor that leads to the Weyrstaff offices. He pauses briefly outside the door. One, two, three, deep breath, put on your smile. Aaand he's through the door. However, upon spotting Captain Breshir and Kimmila sitting near the Weyrleader, there is the slightest of pauses in Yurolt's step. Perhaps he's in trouble? He still sports an ever thickening beard, it suits him, although it also adds several years to his face, along with the scar down the left side of his face where no hair grows. A quick snap to, and a full salute to all assembled. Blue and green heads stick out of a pouch worn on his left leg, peering around as the young Guard says, "Guard Yurolt, reporting as ordered sir."

Th'ero's first hint that the message has been received is the return of his bronze firelizard when the young creature Betweens into the office and lands on the desk with an air of triumph. Reaching to stroke the little head, he murmurs to Kimmila. "Mind giving him his reward? In the bowl there to your right." To Breshir, the Weyrleader gives the man a brisk nod. "The message is received." And the Guard Captain nods in return, adding quietly, "Good. We'll keep this brief then." Speak of the devil and he shall arrive! Yurolt's timing could not have been better and as the door is opened, Captain and Weyrleader are rising to their feet for formality sake. The pause is noted by Th'ero but not commented on, as Breshir is saluting the young Guard and the Weyrleader follows suit (though not quite as crisply). "At ease," The command comes from the Captain and only the bronzerider reclaims his seat, gesturing for Yurolt to take the other empty one if he so chooses. The Weyrleader then whispers to Kimmila, while Breshir speaks, "You were called here concerning the matter of the capture and arrest of the heir Unevyr. Belated, though still not lacking in importance. It has not gone unnoticed how you conducted yourself and lead your team to success and with no injuries to any party. Such a record cannot go without reward, though we do not have the time currently for a formal ceremony…" Formal what now?
Th'ero whispers "Bottom drawer. Open it, there should be a knot in there. Watchrider knot, but lacking the braid strand for lifemate color. Take it and hold onto it. Once he accepts, you may give it to him if you wish." to Kimmila.

Kimmila nods to Th'ero, reaching over to get a little bit of jerky to toss at the bronze. Then she also gets to her feet when the men do, looking at Yurolt for a long moment, and then smiling. Then she sits down, tilting her head to listen to Th'ero, and then nods. Bending, she vanishes from view behind the desk, and there's the sound of a drawer opening.

Yurolt was certain he was going to be yelled at for something when he say Breshir, but now he's relaxed and does take the seat. There is a slightly confused look on his face, though he does his best to hide it. Wiping his now sweating palms on his pantlegs he looks around from face to face, hoping to understand what they're talking about. The guard does not at the mention of Unevyr's capture and his tracking team, while muttering thanks for such praise. His eyes widen oh so very little at the mention at a formal ceremony that one would have to be watching quite closely to register the suprise and understanding now coursing through the young man.

Neither Th'ero or Breshir are being so closely observant to Yurolt at the moment, so the man is spared and his surprise and dawning comprehension go unremarked. The Weyrleader keeps his gaze trained on the Guard for the most part, but soon it darts sidelong to where Kimmila has turned to all but disappear behind the desk. His hand will reach to lightly rest against her leg, as if he's waiting for something. Captain Breshir however only clears his throat and continues, his features controlled to a professional neutrality though his eyes are bright and even amused. Surely he's getting some enjoyment in seeing his younger officer squirm a bit. "Ceremonies can be done at any time," he states again, "What matters will be done tonight, here, in this office. Remove your knot, Private First Class Yurolt and set it on the desk and stand at ready." he orders, one corner of his mouth quirking in the barest of smiles. "No longer will you be serving the Guards as that rank." He pauses, lingering almost cruelly that even Th'ero eyes the man to get on with it. "It is with the Weyrleader's and I's agreement that you should be promoted immediately to Sergeant, if you accept. What say you?" By then, the bronzerider has pushed back to his feet now, eyeing Yurolt expectantly.

There's a muffled bang and a soft curse as Kimmila hits some part of her body against the desk, straightening hastily and uncoiling the new knot she holds in her hand, grinning crookedly at Yurolt as she waits for his answer, holding out the knot if he accepts his promotion.

What would you do in this situation? Of course he's going to accept, and quite happily. No words escape, even though Yurolt does open his mouth as he removes his shoulder knot. If he's opposed to no ceremony he's not showing it. Smiling brightly he simply nods to everyone and stands to attention.

Th'ero winces subtly when Kimmila curses. Did he forget to mention to mind the desk? It bites. So he will give her a brief and concerned look when she straightens, though he nods in approval when she holds out the knot. At Yurolt's silent approval and acceptance, the Weyrleader chuckles dryly, "Congratulations. It's well deserved. See to it that you do this new rank justice. It's all I — we — ask of you." he says, while Captain Breshir only stands at attention though perhaps with some pride. Th'ero shifts closer to Kimmila's side then, slipping an arm gently against her lower back while Breshir adds, "Anything you would like to add, Sergeant Yurolt?" Sinking in yet?
Kimmila holds out the knot until Yurolt takes it, and then she's rubbing one of her hands with the other, leaning subtly against Th'ero's side. "Congratulations, Yurolt. You deserve it," she chips in, with a smile.

Yurolt fastens the new knot onto his shoulder and smiles again. "I want to say thank you all, so very much, for having such faith in me. I will not let /anyone/ down." Though his gaze sweeps Breshir and Kimmila he focuses on Th'ero for moment. He's managed to put the ruins interview and today's promotion together and greatly appreciates it. With the sergeant's knot now attached he stands to again and asks, "Are there any immediate orders, Ma'am, gentlemen?"

Th'ero is crafty that way, which is why one must learn swiftly to be cautious (or equally as sneaky) about what they mention in front or in earshot of the Weyrleader. Yurolt's honest report some time prior in the forest ruins did work in the Guard's favor it seems though. Clearing his throat slightly, the bronzerider dips his head in a respectful nod, a touch awkward perhaps for the whole exchange. "I have no orders." he says with a vague smile for the eagerness and his eyes shift to the Captain. Breshir shakes his head, chuckling dryly. "None at the moment. Enjoy the night, Sergeant. Celebrate as you choose! You will report in the morning though." So perhaps wanton drinking and a early morning hangover may best be avoided? While Breshir speaks, Th'ero whispers again to Kimmila before facing the two Guards once more.
Th'ero whispers "Thank you, Weyrmate… What did you do to your hand? Are you alright?" to Kimmila.

Kimmila laughs. "Make me a sandwich," she says, blurting the first thing that comes to mind. Though she's kidding. Right? Probably. Tilting her head a bit, she just shakes her head at Th'ero and murmurs back.
Kimmila whispers "Just banged it. I'm fine." to Th'ero.

Yurolt just kind of blinks at Kimmila. Does she really want a sandwich? He nods to Th'ero and Captain Breshir. The guard gives the Captain a sly grin, apparently his like of drink is well know in the Weyr. "Aye, sir, I shan't over indulge." Yurolt makes a slight move toward the door, he wonders what kind of sandwich Kimmila wants.

The abrupt request from the bluerider has Breshir regarding her with an incredulous look just as Th'ero turns his head to also stare at her, while voicing in a low and not wholly scolding tone as his chuckle ruins it. "Kimmila! Don't abuse the new Sergeant before he even has a day to enjoy his rank." In the end, Breshir's look eases to one of amusement though the Captain doesn't outright laugh. Lifting his head then, Th'ero looks across to Yurolt and nods his head, a farewell and dismissal in both. "Take care and best of luck to you," he adds and then nods to the Captain as well, as Breshir seems to be taking his leave as well as the older man moves towards the door.

Kimmila grins crookedly, giving the older men an innocent and mock surprised look. "What? He asked!" Lesson #1, be careful who you ask for orders. "See ya', Breshir," she says cheerily and not very formally.

Yurolt realizes that perhaps Kimmila was being funny…Maybe. However, he'll take the easy out with the dismissal from Th'ero. Saluting crisply he nods to everyone and moves to follow Captain Breshir out the door. Over his shoulder he says, "Thank you again, Kimmila, sir." He winks slyly at Kimmila as he exits. After he's been gone for roughly ten minutes a young weyrbrat will knock on the door carrying a large roast wherry sandwich with a side of fried tuber. There is a small note on the plate, it reads, 'Here's that sammich. SGT Yurolt. ;)'.

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