Fort Weyr - Guard Area
Separated from the guard area by a pocket of caldera, this field is enclosed and devoted to those being trained in emergency response. A noteboard is tacked on the rockwall nearest the entrance into the grounds, where scenarios can be posted up, conditions to be fullfilled and the environmental conditions to be played through described there. Props scatter the wide open area, allowing for the training scenarios to be constructed and staged for greater realism and there is enough space for several dragons to land and take off with ease, allowing for ariel training alongside ground manoevers.

Winter is slowly fading away and there has been a distinct uptick in the temperature. Breath can still be seen, and snow still is shoved up in dirty piles, but if one works hard enough, the overcoat can be abandoned. Ha'ze has reached just that point, his jacket thrown over a fence post as he switches practice from hand-to-hand to bow and arrow. It's a nice bow too, from Abigail, and Ha'ze treats it carefully in the cold, warming up the wood in his hands before he bends it to slip the string on.

Winter has never stopped the Weyrleader from doing his usual patrols but with Kayeth on the Sands with her eggs, Velokraeth remains a doting sire and does not wise to venture far unless he absolutely must. Which leaves Th'ero to do patrols on foot (or bum a ride with a sweep rider — poor, awkward riders). Could be that he's just making his return trip that has him approaching the guard area or could be that someone tipped him off that Ha'ze was here. He'll slow his stride and then stop within view of the bronzerider but out of range of that bow. Nothing is said, just a crossing of his arms while he waits for Ha'ze to finish and at least get one shot in.

Surely Ha'ze wouldn't shoot Th'ero, but regardless, it's probably a good idea that he stands back. Sliding his finger along the string Ha'ze tests it once, then lifts his gaze up to the target. A deep breath, before Ha'ze brings the bow up and begins to shoot. The shots cluster near the middle, one right after the other. It's not that he's… unaware that Th'ero is there. But he is ignoring him.

Th'ero doesn't suspect Ha'ze will shoot him but accidents do happen and given he's not on the bronzerider's good side he won't take any chances. He's grown accustomed of Ha'ze ignoring him too and for once the Weyrleader doesn't pressure him, watching in a seemingly calm manner while he works his way through his arrows until the last is fired and firmly within that target. "Ha'ze? You've a moment? We need to talk." It's half request, mostly an order.

Ha'ze flicks a glance backwards at Th'ero, and almost considers ignoring the weyrleader further. But…. no. A breath is exhaled, the cool air showing the depth of it. "Let me grab my arrows real quick." A pause, "sir." It did sound more like this was an official thing, and while Ha'ze would rally rather go through Abigail first with his news… with her a bit ticked at him perhaps Th'ero is best. He doesn't step towards the target until Th'ero gives the okay.

Th'ero nods his head as a gesture of permission as his arms remain firmly crossed over his chest. Whether or not the Weyrleader is here strictly on duty remains to be seen and he gives no hints for Ha'ze. The 'sir' does bring a slight quirk of one brow. That he did not expect as the last few times he's crossed the bronzerider's path its been far less pleasant greetings. He'll wait until Ha'ze is done before speaking up, his voice level but low. Neutral. "Want to tell me why you played a rather dirty trick with a young woman carrying a message for you?" No names but he figures Ha'ze knows whom he speaks of.

Now THAT was not what Ha'ze expected the Weyrleader to start with and his gaze narrows. There's moments of silence as Ha'ze carefully puts his arrows away one by one. "I'm going to assume you mean that trader in the Gemstone? A trick is what she called it?" See how careful he is with clarifying rather then jumping right into it? Maybe his meeting with Abigail made him wary.

"No, I think she used more colourful language than that but since we're out in the open I figured some… crypticness is in order." Th'ero simply states and now his arms fall back to his sides though his stance is far from relaxed and his dark eyes follow Ha'ze's every movements. "Yes, I mean the Trader… or our newest resident, whichever way you like to put it." Now answer his previous question?

"I offered to buy what it first." Just put that out there, because surely there is no way that Th'ero could misunderstand that statement, right? The arrows are pulled over his shoulder and Ha'ze straightens to look Th'ero in the eye. Much like Abigail the night before, Ha'ze has nothing he will apologize for.

Th'ero does misunderstand it and his gaze narrows considerably. "Didn't think she was the type of woman you buy or that you'd stoop to that level," he remarks dryly, meeting Ha'ze's gaze and not backing down. "Still doesn't explain your choice of lying outright to the woman. You're lucky she didn't think to go to the Guards first but you had her spooked damn well enough."

An eyebrow arches upwards at that, and a half of a smirk ghosts across Ha'ze's face. He clearly doesn't believe he needs to PAY for that. But no. Clearing his expression again, "I offered to pay for the message." Not for the sex. "She was completely willing for the other." Even if she wasn't happy with how it ended. Shifting slightly Ha'ze unstrings his bow and beings to slowly coil the string loosely around his palm. "I have made some contacts who do not know I am a rider. And I have a vested interest in keeping it that way. I needed to make sure I could get at the source before she could report back to them." It was work, see Ha'ze totally has reasons.

Th'ero's expression slips from his usual neutral stance and looks almost… annoyed? Frustrated? Difficult to say, but he does exhale and lift a hand to briefly pinch the bridge of his nose. "Regardless, you owe it to Abigail to keep your sexual escapades outside of Fort territory if you can't keep yourself controlled." Did the Weyrleader just imply that what Ha'ze does (or who he does, har har) outside of Fort is none of his concern? Maybe. His hand lowers and he snorts, "So you used your old name? A traceable one?" Not a smart move, to judge from his tone.

Wait wait wait. Ha'ze's gaze narrows abruptly at that. "My relationships are not your business Weyrleader." There's more than a bit of terseness there, as he clips off the last word precisely. "It's enough of a cover in most circles, and It needs to be something I can respond to without thinking."

"Your relationships ARE my business when it concerns whether or not I'll have a completely focused Wingleader," Th'ero fires back, not at all cowed by the terseness coming from Ha'ze. "I could care less who you choose to take to your bed but for Faranth's sake keep it away from home!" He shakes his head again and smirks, "You play with fire using your pre-Impression name."

"Abigail can take care of herself. She knows," or at least, she knows now, "how I work." Ha'ze finishes his deliberate coiling of the string and fishes out the leather pouch he keeps the waxed sinews in. The pouch is stuck into a pocket before Ha'ze returns his gaze to Th'ero. The smirk is met with dead seriousness. "I realize that. It's a calculated risk. But it's worth it. That woman's," no, Ha'ze never asked her name…. and he wasn't paying attention when Abbey mentioned it, "information was important. I've gotten two separate reports of strangers acting like Fort riders."

Th'ero frowns, "Funny. She didn't seem too pleased when she learned of your 'trick' from Gabriela herself. Nothing like having that sort of stuff just aired out in the living caverns… Real good for morale and for a Wingleader." he points out before making a soft sound low in his throat that is half snort, half frustration. "Figure out another way to get your damned information. The risks are too high." All issues aside, the Weyrleader focuses sharply on the last few words from Ha'ze's mouth. Forget everything else. "… what is this?"

This… is not a battle that Ha'ze is going to win. He opens his mouth to argue it… then snaps it shut. Stubborness is written across Ha'ze's features, but verbablly he doesn't disagree. (Though he is rather pointed in NOT agreeing either.) "That woman," Ha'ze makes a mental note to one of these days learn her name, "brought a note from a trader clan, who had word from one of the holdings out by the edge. Two men were wearing Fort colors and knots, but no one ever saw dragons with them. Not unheard of," note, Ha'ze himself, "but it's not the first I've heard of it."

Th'ero won't argue it further with Ha'ze either, satisfied that he's made his point and displeasure known whether or not the bronzerider agrees or disagrees. Slowly the Weyrleader is learning that sometimes it's best to just let it go for awhile with Ha'ze. Besides, there's a more troubling topic on hand than who Ha'ze has decided to tumble between the sheets. "Anyone have any descriptions of these individuals besides wearing Fort's colours? Sketches, perhaps?" Long stretch but one can hope, right? Th'ero looks away and for a moment, from that angle… he looks uneasy. "Last time I heard of false-riders and counterfeit knots was back when Laris was still at large and had his claws firmly gripped in the south."

Ha'ze hesitates, then shakes his head. "Not yet. The note was just an invitation to go meet someone because they heard I was looking. I haven't met anyone who has seen them in person." It's all in Ha'ze's notes… which are in need of another pair of eyes. And probablly a spell check and someone who doesn't have terrible penminship. (At least he can read them?) "I've been looking into the background of the man who burned the galleries, and this came up from it."

"So you'll be getting the details on these men then?" Th'ero clarifies and has no idea that Ha'ze has already gathered extensive notes. Right now, the Weyrleader's mind is churning with many thoughts and many of them dark. "The arsonist? You think this is all connected…? No, that's right. That man had claimed Fortian riders had approached him…" He remembers now and makes another disgruntled sound low in his throat. "You think any of this has to do with the reports we have coming from the coastal Holds? Lack of fish, lost cargo, lost ships…" They may be in the Guard area, but Th'ero is keeping his voice rather low.

Ha'ze isn't exactly open about his searchings- though he's shared with Abigail along the way and trusted that she would relay up if something important came along. Of course, everything has to go through Ha'ze's own definition of important first, and there's little about the almost-twenty-year-old that isn't just slightly twisted. Ha'ze watches Th'ero's face and the slight shift in his expression and that exhaled breath. "Maybe." Ha'ze runs a careful finger along an arrow point which he pulls from his quiver. He matches Th'ero's tone, quiet and reserved. "I was hoping if I found the man's son's that they might be able to tell me more. I'm waiting to hear back from the Smithcraft."

Th'ero would argue (surprise?) with Ha'ze that this is information that HE needs to know immediately and not wait for it to be filtered through Abigail. If it ever comes about that he gets into severe enough trouble and something Abigail withheld from reporting resulted in them finding out too late… well, the fall out wouldn't be pretty. Luckily for all, the Weyrleader is oblivious for now or only assumes that Ha'ze isn't sharing everything. "I thought the whole family was killed… or was our arsonist truly mad and delusional and forgot about this Smithcraft son?" he asks.

(So much surprise. If only they knew! They could bond!) Ha'ze thumbs that arrow head again, before abruptly shifting to shove it back into place. It makes him look worried. He straightens and shrugs. "Twins. Maybe he didn't know?" Ha'ze didn't meet the madman. It's hard to say.

"Something on your mind?" Th'ero can tell when another is worried and while he risks getting a classic Ha'ze response, he's going to try all the same. He smirks, "Could be or… in his madness he forgot." There's an implied shrug though he stands still, having hardly moved from his original spot. Now though, he scrubs along the side of his jaw with his hand, looking momentarily exhausted. "You said this contact is up by the coasts? South or north?"

"No." It's a kneejerk response from Ha'ze, the response he's use to giving to Th'ero. As soon as Ha'ze clips off the word though, he's shaking his head. "It's just twisty. Maybe I haven't heard back because the kids are dead. North-east." The answer to Th'ero's question blends seamlessly with his own musings, and Ha'ze's hand almost twitches towards that arrow again. No. Firmly he loops the thumb into his belt.

Th'ero's frown returns with that knee-jerk response but he'll hold his tongue and be rewarded for once by not immediately snapping at Ha'ze. "North-east… Fort Sea Hold? Or the smaller holds, like Keystone and the rest of the backwaters?" he asks, again keeping his voice lowered. It may mean he has to step closer to the bronzerider but only by a bit. He knows better than to crowd in on Ha'ze. "Doesn't bode well that we've suspicious activities there and down in Southern Boll Hold too though so far Br'enn has reported nothing terribly amiss. Perhaps…" Th'ero seems to hesitate, lower jaw working silently as he mulls something over in his head. "… We will need to touch base with Jajen. See if she hasn't heard anything from the holder folk in that end of the world."

"The outer holds. I don't do much with the main hold." There's more chance he'll be recognized. Ha'ze straightens up from a slight slouch that has come as they've spoken. They're getting curious glances from the guards, though they know better than to come close when Th'ero has that face on. "I can give you everything I have found. But it's disjointed right now." Twisty for Ha'ze's twsty mind.

For once, Th'ero is in agreement to Ha'ze's methods. No main Holds, just the outer ones. Good! Some common sense, then. The Weyrleader doesn't care if the Guards are getting curious. Most of them know far better than try to get close enough to eavesdrop. "Is there any chance you can make a copy…?" he asks. Disjointed is better than nothing.

Common sense? No. Self preservation. Lots of it. There's a slight twitch of Ha'ze's lips. "It'll take some time." Which is not an outright no, but more a bit of self-conscious coming through. "If I had someone who could transcribe for me?" It would go faster. Ha'ze hesitates for a moment, "Maybe Thys?"

"Thys? If she's willing. You could ask a Weyrharper too." Th'ero suggests as he inclines his head to show his agreement to Ha'ze's mention of 'time'. He's willing to be patient, this time, for the bronzerider.

"I'll speak to Thys." Ha'ze will keep his poor writing skills firmly to himself, rather than broadcast them to those outside his small group of friends. He relaxes his grip on belt loops when Th'ero isn't demanding his notes right now. It's a chance to get everything from the last turns worth of work straightened out and set into place before having to show it to the weyrleader. "I'll get it all to you."

Th'ero has no idea that his insistence on Thys looking at his note work has to do with his handwriting. He figures it is an issue of trust and so, being one who can understand 'trust', doesn't push Ha'ze further. "Good. You do realize I will be sharing it, eventually, with Nyalle as well?"
A hitched shoulder is Ha'ze's initial reply. "So long as I don't have to talk to her about how I got the information…" Ha'ze trails off and steps back from the Weyrleader. This conversation has come full circle and Ha'ze has little more to add to it.

A hitched shoulder is Ha'ze's initial reply. "So long as I don't have to talk to her about how I got the information…" Ha'ze trails off and steps back from the Weyrleader. This conversation has come full circle and Ha'ze has little more to add to it.

Th'ero shakes his head, "You won't unless she asks you directly. Knowing the Weyrwoman, she won't if there's enough information." Also helps if it's too impolite to question the bronzerider further. He smirks and sensing that there is little more he can press Ha'ze for, the Weyrleader will gather himself, a sign he's preparing to depart again. "… thank you." It's said a touch hesitantly but genuine none the less. "For giving what information you can for now. Just be cautious… and remember what I said." Not that he expects Ha'ze to follow that order and with one final incline of his head, Th'ero will turn and walk back the way he came and further into the heart of the Weyr.