Fort Weyr - Nursery
Where do Fort's littl'uns go? To the nursery, of course! Whether they're here for sleeping, for learning or for playing, the facility is large enough to cater to all the Weyr's children, and staffed by a small army of nannies.
There are several sections to the nursery: one part, curtained off from the rest of the room, is clearly for sleeping - it's filled with cribs and cots for the littlest ones, and bunkbeds at the back for the older children who aren't quite ready yet to move into the main dorms. Another part is the Harper area, where desks and chairs can be rearranged as needed, either in a classroom format or more casually for storytimes, instrument learning and so on. And then there's the very best bit - the play area! Filled with all sorts of fun things, from painting areas through to water troughs with toys and Pernese playdough, this is the best place to be… unless it's tidy-up time, of course.

Abigail has had a rather busy day, and even busier night though not to the point that she slept much. Though that is something that she is honestly use to. Right now she is peeking in a the nursery, arms folded before her while a tired sigh escapes her. She's spent some time with the twins an was really on the way out, though she finds herself unable to leave from the spot she is in at the moment, plenty of things on her mind it would seem.

Ha'ze, of course, has been missing again. Last that was seen of him he was heading off with C'rus bound for… well, he didn't specify where he was going. Kainaesyth has ventured out from his ledge only once in the days between and returned therein to winter dreams soon after. But as soon as Ha'ze had disappeared he's back and tracking Abigail down. When her ledge had held a lack of the woman he turns his feet to the Nursery. In his hands he holds a leather bound book, bits of paper and notes sticking out and tied together with some sturdy twine. In he strides to gather an abrupt SHHH from the attendant. Oops? Waving, he'll try to get Abigail's attention. He doesn't know there is anything different going on… and Kainaesyth hasn't bothered to inform him if Nuim has shared any of Abigail's thoughts.

Niumdreoth has not offered anything to Kainaeyth, in fact any poking might give the bronze the bit of a cold shoulder, though only if anything was asked about his rider. Abigail lets her gaze drit across the room, lingering on her children, plenty of things running through her mind and a faint sigh escapes her. There is a pause at the waving catches her attention and she looks to Ha'ze, whom is only eyed. She's never showed him the side of her which shows she's upset, angery even and right now she is very quiet. Her jaw tenses slightly while she turns heading on towards the entrance of the room. "Evening Ha'ze." Is offered softly.

Sleepy winter Kainaesyth hasn't reached out, and even if he was… he's a storyteller. If someone chooses not to listen, the bronze will not force himself. He is there for when they are ready for wisdom again. Ha'ze? Ha'ze is clueless as he steps in only to abruptly stop, wait, Abigail is leaving. He casts a quick glance at where the twins are sleeping, then down at the book in his hand. No, that's more important. He can come back later. As Abigail exits Ha'ze goes with, reaching down to untwine his work. "I think I found what I've been searching for." Remember that clueless part? It doesn't even occur to him that she's angry.

Abigail won't stop Ha'ze from going into the nursary, though she isn't lingering there it seems. Not with the things that are rolling around in her head. "Oh? That's nice." Is offered while scratching at her neck a moment before she looks over to what her has hold of. "What is it?" She's not really being that warm with him, and she normally is so perhaps he might pick up on that.

Ha'ze is here on work though. The project that's taken him in and out of the weyr for just over a full turn now. The one that has him carrying around a book when it's pretty well established that Ha'ze doesn't read. He holds out the book to Abigail. "It's… rough." Hopefully she can read it? "And there's still one last issue before I bring this to… is everything okay?" He figures out something is different right in the middle of talking and frowns at Abigail, even as he continues to hold out the book.

Abigail knows how important this book has been for him and thta is why she isn't losing it just yet. There is a slight pause, a faint frown before she takes hold of the book and lets the pale tired gaze of hers drifts over the pages. "What issue might that be?" At the question, she doesn't answer him at first, waiting for a answer to her question first.

The book details all of the clues, hints and research Ha'ze has compiled about the arsonist who had set fire to the galleries before. Multiple false trails had been followed and each is laid out in the book. Much of it is difficult to read, given as it is in Ha'ze's late-to-literacy penmanship. Holding on to that frown Ha'ze's answer to her question is uncertain as he tries to figure out exactly what has caused her unhappiness. (It hasn't occured to him she's angry yet.) "I haven't pinned down where his children are at right now, but they're Smith Apprentices, so I should be able to get those records easily enough… have you been sleeping?"

Abigail glances over the scribbling, curious it seems for a few moments. "Ye've been busy." There is a slight pause before she is glancing to him and closes the book to offer it back to him. "Not much recently." She isn't offering much in the way of answers now is she?

Ha'ze reaches out for the book, and folds it in his fingers. "I got a tip via the trader clans I had to confirm… there were a pair of traders up by the Fish Hold who had news of a pair claiming to be Fort riders." The second half of Ha'ze's report is not delivered as confidently as the first part, as he's examining Abigail. She's not particularly gregarious, but even this is less than normal. "What is wrong Abigail?"

Abigail lifts a hand to rub across her eyes a few moments with a soft breath escaping her. "Is that the message ye took from Gabriela?" She questions with a soft tone and glances to him once more. "Just wondering what is wrong with me…" Because that is helpful.

Ha'ze tucks his book under one arm and reaches out the other to Abigail's shoulder. To rub it? Or maybe to just rest it there? A true look of puzzlement crosses his face, "Gabriela?" He honestly doesn't know who she is talking about. "Look, if you haven't been sleeping…" Because that's what is wrong with Abigail?

Abigail gives his hand a slight shove while looking to him now. "The girl ye slept with at the Gemstone." She offers with a soft tone. Perhaps he didn't get her name but that isn't the point right now. "I've missed many days of sleep over the past turns Ha'ze. I'll be fine with that."

The first bubbles of understanding roll up in Ha'ze's eyes and he allows his hand to drop slowly. He straightens, and allows that book to drop into his hand. "She had a clue I needed and wouldn't take the payment I offered for it." So, plan B? Sleep with her.

Abigail just watches him a few moments with a soft breath escapes her. "Is that how you get yer information then?" This questions softly. She is really trying to wrap her head around this, cme to a reasonng behind it all..

"Sometimes." There's no softness in Ha'ze's voice. He hasn't lied to Abigail before, and as hard as this is, he's not going to start now. His eyes are on her in the dim light of the hallway as his hand tightens around that book. "There's fewer women who have what I want. You never asked." Wasn't that a part of their deal?

Abigail knows it was part of the deal but she's never had to deal with it talked about before her. "Ye scared her Ha'ze, made her fear for her life." This is said softly while she does not look at him. "I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that.. That ye would cause someone such fear after what ye have been through."

Ha'ze likes Abigail.. he cares about her, but…. this is who he is. His back is rail straight and he's on the defensive now. He's not looking away from her, even if she refuses to look at him. "Fear keeps people quiet. I gave her Kainaesyth's name and where to go. Th'ero would have set her to rest soon enough and it wouldn't get back to the trader she got the message from that I'm a rider."

Abigail knows this is how Ha'ze is, she does understand it to some degree… But having to see it, having to hear it her gaze justlingers on Ha'ze for a few long moments. "Aye, ye did." Is offered softly after a moment. Her hands move to settle into her jacket pockets and she is struggling for words right now. "Ye can put yerself into the job so easily, ye can be with me and act one way and then with someone else and act another." She is still crazy about Ha'ze, she doesn't want to lose what they have gut right now, she isn't sure what to do it seems.

"I've never claimed to be anything but what I am to you Abigail." Ha'ze's tone is deep, and serious. No reaching out now, his hand is clenched on his notes and the other hangs stiffly at his side. "I don't give a damn about most people. I'll use what I need to get what I need. If that means lying, threatening, or… seducing," okay, so he does pause on that last word, "I'll do it."

"Would ye do that to me as well then?" Abigail questions with a soft tone, she needs to know and she is watching him clueles at that. She's never seen him work before so well it might be an interesting sight, especially seeing how she knows him one way.

There's a moment of hesitation there, as Ha'ze's eyes finally drop away from Abigail's. A shifting of his feet as Ha'ze gives real thought to her question. "I can't think of a reason why I would need to."

Abigail does indeed catch that hesitaton from him, which there is a moment where she frowns. Was he thinking about possibly doing it, or a reasn why he might need to? A soft tired breath escapes her and she lifts her hand to rub at her eyes, covering her face a moment. "I'm going home to sleep.. Go spend time with the twins." She isn't sure what else to say, but right now it feels like everything is falling apart around her with this relationship.

"Abigail," Ha'ze steps forward again, and reaches out for her hand, to try to grab it, to keep her from walking away right at this moment… like this. "You mean a lot to me. But I won't change who I am. I spent too many years not being me."

Abigail lets him take hold of her hand is quiet for a few long moments, her gaze resting upon his for a few moments. "I don't want ye ta change who ye are Ha'ze." She hasn't asked him to change, and she still won't. "I just… Wish ye would think about things a bit more." She points to them both. "Like ye are now with me." She leans close to give his cheek a soft kiss. "I still care about ye Ha'ze, I always will. I'm just upset." The simple fact that she isn't yelling at him should prove something."

"I haven't broken my promise to you." Unless the Gemstone is too close to the weyr for Abigail. Ha'ze knew it was pretty much right on the boundary… but he was working. And it was a tip he needed, though Abigail doesn't seem as interested in what he ended up finding out. Not right now. "Do you want me to stay away?" Except for when he needs to talk to her as Wingleader. Which, uh, probably he'll need to. Soon.

Abigail isn't interested in the tip at all right now.. Hello feelings here and her's are sore. "No.. I don't want that." For some reason, for some strange reason she doesn't want Ha'ze out of her life like that.

"Tell me what you need Abigail." His hand curls more strongly around Abigail's- he's not willing to let her go just yet. Not that he's big on the feelings thing but… he does care… in a slightly strange way? about Abigail. "I won't make a promise I can't keep."

Abigail presses closer tohim, even leans up to give his ceek a soft kiss. "I honestly just want ye." Though she knows that isn't going to happen. "But… I won't ask ye ta change who ye are. So what I can ask is that ye think before letting some idea take hold and run with it." Well hey, its a thought.

"I'll think about it." Usually. What he doesn't think about are the consequences about other people, mostly because he doesn't care who gets hurt most of the time. A slight squeeze on Abigail's hand and Ha'ze releases it. "I'll get this written out proper," Ha'ze holds up the book, as he steps back again. "And get it to you Wingleader." Until that soreness of hers is smoothed out… perhaps that address is best. Let her make the first move. Without a goodbye Ha'ze turns and heads back into the nursery, tucking that book of his into a satchel.