Who Abigail, Nyalle
What Summary line if you want.
When Day 25 of Month 2 of Turn 2712; Winter
Where Centre Bowl, Fort Weyr


Centre Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Winter closes its icy grip around Fort - still - and most are tiring of the constant snow and storms. Nyalle and Kayeth are two of those, the autumnal queen's hide lacking a bit of its luster. Or maybe it's the stress of Jet still missing, and the barracks still under construction. Nyalle paces while Kayeth watches, the queen's eyes whirling with orange.

Abigail is making her way through the bowl while Niumdreoth is slowly lowering down to land a slight distance off. A soft greeting from the brown is offered to Kayet while Niumdreoth tucks his wings to his sides. A faint glance is sent towrads the barracks that are still be worked on before the movement of Nyalle catches Abigail's attention and she turns heading that way. "Afternoon… Weyrwoman." There is a slight pause while she tucks her hands nto her jacket. "Any news at all on Jet?" Well she would hope someone would tell her something but, perhaps not.

Nyalle ceases her pacing to look up when Kayeth offers a soft greeting to the brown. Nyalle's focus then shifts to Abigail, and the Senior frowns. "No," she says shortly. "None at all. We should…know /something/ by now…shouldn't we?" Stomp, stomp, fret.

Abigail is quiet as she ponders this it seems before a slight nod is seen and she glances over to Niumdreoth before looking back to Nyalle. "Are there any leads on which direction?.. If I had something to attempt a area to search at least." Sure she isn't with Search and Rescue anymore, but far be it from her to not want to be out there in the thick of it.

Nyalle waves a hand. "No, we've no idea where she is…or where to look, or even how far away she might be. It's…" She sighs. "It's so frustrating. This poor class has had a heck of a time…I just want them to have it /easy/. Or at least not /this/ hard."

Abigail nods slightly and a faint breath escapes her as she is clearly unsure what to do or which direction to go. "I've went searching a bit after everything.. I didn't find anything though." Which bothers her greatly. "Anything from Jet's past that could have caused this to spring up and someone to want to hurt her?"

Nyalle looks, momentarily, helpless. "I don't know… Th'ero, and the guard…" This isn't a Weyrwoman's place, investigating, and for the first time it's seem to have stuck in Nyalle's craw about it. It's made her grumpy.

Abigail peers at Nyalle slightly. "Yer the Weyrwoman If ye have questions ask them. May not be yer place but ye have as much right to know what may be going on Nyalle." She offers with a soft tone. Let's face it Abs has alays been a bit outspoken, this is the same. "I want to help anyway possible. I know ye do as well."

Nyalle fidgets with her coat, fingers pulling at the lining. "I know, I know," she mutters.

Abigail nods slightly and takes in a soft breath. "So If'nn ye want to speak with Th'ero on the matter I'll back ye over it." The two have never fully seen eye-to-eye on seme things, but she is willing to put that aside to help with thematter at hand.

Nyalle looks thoughtfully at the Weyrsecond. "You don't…you don't think he'd deny me that, would he? He's always tried to include me in things…"

Abigail looks a bit surprized at this question. "I hardly feel Th'ero would do such a thing. His a good man, even better Weyrleader. He knows ye wish ta help just need ta ask."

Nyalle looks perplexed. "But you said you'd back me. I thought…" She thought Abigail thought Th'ero wouldn't allow it, and Abigail was going to support Nyalle in getting what she wanted. "I wonder when I should ask him."

Abigail peers at the other. "I will. Still have to ask Th'ero what is going on. I don't know either so we could both ask?" A faint shake of her head is seen. "I can't answer for him, but I don't see why he would keep it from ye if ye asked either."

Nyalle nods, turning and moving towards his office. "I'm going to go ask him now, then."

Abigail glances after Nyalle slightly and blinks. "Ah… Do ye want me ta come with ye or.. I'll just find out later?"

Nyalle gestures a bit. "You can come if you want."

Abigail nods at this and will follow after Nyalle on towards the nice warm offices for such talking things.

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